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Chi Omega Cook Book

Edited by

The North Shore Alumnae of
Chi Omega


Xi Chapter House Fund

Northwestern University



815 Lake Avenue


afyr (CoLlrgiatr JJrrua





Thanks are due to the mothers and friends
of Chi Omegas for many of the rec-
ipes appearing in this book


TN this day of the mounting cost of living, the problem is to so
A spend the dollar as to bring the best results. The complex
demands of modern life are a challenge to the intelligence and
foresight of the college-bred woman to use her budget so as to
provide her family with the most adequate diet obtainable. It is
her duty to build up the physical and the nerve force of the
new generation, to build up resistance to fatigue and to disease.
Thanks to scientific research, we have learned that calories
alone do not build up energy, that unless certain properties
known as vitamines are present in the food, force is lacking.
Indeed, the role of vitamines in the body has been compared to
that 01 cement to bricks or stones in a house. At present, three
vitamine elements have been isolated. They are known as fat
soluble A the anti-ricketic, found in animal fats, especially in
milk, thus an indispensable factor in early life; water-soluble B,
the anti-neuritic, found in the germ of cereal seeds, in the eggs
of animals and in the cellular organs such as the liver; and C,
the anti-scorbutic, found in the juices of fruits, especially in
lemons and oranges, also in most vegetables. Unfortunately,
this property is partially destroyed by high temperatures such as
those used in canning. This anti-scorbutic vitamine is impor-
tant in helping the body to utilize the minerals, especially calcium.
Indeed, the leafy vegetables, such as spinach, cabbage, and let-
tuce, supply in largest amounts the vitamine necessary to promote
growth, protect against disease, and give vitality; they give the
ability to use the calories supplied by cream, sugar, and cereals,
tor instance, the daily consumption of a quart of milk, egg yolk,
leafy vegetables, and fruits with certain calories, would furnish
a well-balanced diet. In order to make it possible for the users
of the cook book to balance their diet, we are furnishing a table
of vitamines found in the commoner foods, as well as a table of


Beverages 13

Soups 17

Meats and Fish 23

Eggs 41

Vegetables 45

Breads and Hot Breads 57

Cookies and Doughnuts 75

Cakes 85

Icings in

Sauces 115

Salads 121

Pies 145

Desserts and Puddings 157

Frozen Dainties 183

Candies 191

Relishes, Jams, Jellies 201

Suggestions for Luncheons and Sunday Night Teas. . 215

Sandwiches 233

Household Hints 239

Table of Vitamins

As Given in the Journal of the American Medical Association

Apples *

Bananas *?

Bread (Milk) *

Bread (Whole

wheat) milk. .... **
Barley (whole) ... *
Corn (yellow) .... *

Oats *

Meat (lean) *

Beef fat *

Mutton fat *

Oleomargarine ... *

Liver **

Kidney **

Sweetbreads *

Fish (fat) *

Fish roe *

Milk (fresh) ***

Milk (condensed) . ***
Milk (skimmed) . . *

Buttermilk *

Cream ***

Butter ***

Cheese **

Eggs **

Almonds *

Coconut *

Hickory nuts /

Peanuts *

Walnuts /

* contains vitamin.
** good source of V
v variable.



** ?

** _

** _

*? *?





















/ /

* /

* /

** /

** 1/

** /

Tomatoes (raw or

canned) **

Beans (kidney) . . /
Beans (string,

fresh) **

Cabbage (fresh

raw) *

Cabbage (cooked)
Carrots (fresh


Carrots (cooked) .

Cauliflower *

Celery /

Cucumber /

Eggplant (dried) . /

Lettuce **

Onions /

Peas **

Potatoes (boiled 15

min.) /

Potatoes (baked) . /

Sweet potatoes . . . **

Spinach (fresh) . . **

Squash (Hubbard) **

Turnips -?

Grapefruit /

Lemon juice /

Orange juice *

Prunes /

Raspberries /

*** excellent source of vitamin
- no appreciable amount of v.
? doubt as to presence of v.
/ evidence lacking.


























List of Calories

The average business woman requires 2500 calories of food
per day.

The average housewife requires 1800 calories of food per day.
The reducing diet calls for 1200 calories of food per day.


Beefsteak — av. helping. . 185 cal.

Tenderloin — av. helping. 285 cal.

Roast beef — av. helping. 150 cal.

Roast chicken — av. help. 180 cal.

1 frankfort 100 cal.

1 large chop 100 cal.

1 slice bacon 25 cal.

1 pork chop 160 to 300 cal.

Boiled ham — av. helping. 250 cal.

1 sausage 60 cal.

Turkey — av. helping 250 cal.

Lean fish like halibut. . . . 120 cal.

Salmon — av. helping 200 cal.

1 sardine 25 cal.

1 oyster 8 cal.

Lobster — av. helping. ... 90 cal.

Crabmeat — av. helping.. 100 cal.


Asparagus — 1 stalk 5 cal.

Beets— 2 H. T 30 cal.

Baked beans— 3 H. T. . . 150 cal.
Baked beans — home made 300 cal.

Lima beans— 3 H. T.... 130 cal.

String beans— 2 H. T.. . . 15 cal.

Cabbage— 3 H. T 5 cal.

Carrots— 3 H. T 18 cal.

Cauliflower— 3 H. T 8 cal.

Celery — 6 stalks 15 cal.

Radishes — 6 15 cal.

Cucumber — 10 slices 10 cal.

Lettuce — 1 head. 33 cal.

Spinach — y 2 cup 25 cal.

1 cup cream sauce 145 cal.

Turnips — 2 H. T

25 cal.

50 cal.

100 cal.

100 cal.

Corn— 2 H. T

100 cal,

100 cal.

Onions — 2 large

80 cal.

100 cal.

200 cal.

145 cal.

2 H. T. mashed potatoes

110 cal.

100 cal.

70 cal.

Tomatoes— 2 H. T

15 cal.


Apple — small 50 cal.

Banana 100 cal.

Berries — 1 cup 100 cal.

Cantaloupe — x /z 90 cal.

Cherries — 1 cup 100 cal.

Grapes — 1 bunch 100 cal.

Grapefruit—^ 100 cal.

Lemon 30 cal.

Orange 100 cal.

Peach 50 cal.

Pear 90 cal.

Pineapple — 2 slices 50 cal.

Plum 30 cal.

Prunes — 4 with sauce... 100 cal.

1 olive 10 cal.

1 almond 10 cal.

1 pecan 20 cal.

1 walnut 25 cal.

1 sweet pickle 25 cal.

2 T. rhubarb 130 cal.

List of Calories


1 H. T. jelly 100 cal.

1 fig 60 cal.

Raisins— 10 80 cal.

Honey— 1 H. T 100 cal.

1 tablespoon mayonnaise 100 cal.


Ice cream — 1 tablespoon 100 cal.

Rich cake 200-300 cal.

3 cookies 100 cal.

Gelatine pudding 70 cal.

V^ cup pudding 170 cal.

1/6 pie — 2 crusts 350 cal.

1/6 pie — 1 crust 250 cal.

1/3 cup custard 100 cal.

V, waffle 100 cal.

1 ginger snap 20 cal.

1 graham cr?cker 35 cal.

1 soda cracker 25 cal.

1 slice bread 100 cal.

1 muffin 125 cal.

1 pancake 100 cal.

1 lady finger.. 35 cal.

Av. helping — means' average helping.
H. T. — means heaping tablespoon.
T — means tablespoon.

1 macaroon. 50 cal.

1 tablespoon thick syrup 100 cal.

1 ball butter 120 cal.

1 cube cheese 100 cal.

1 glass milk — skim 80 cal.

1 glass milk — whole 160 cal.

1 tablespoon cream 50 cal.

1 tablespoon whipped

cream 100 cal.

1 egg 80 cal.


Cream soups 125 cal.

Consumme . • 15 cal.

3 T. thick gravy 100 cal.

1 T. catsup 100 cal.

Yz cup rice 100 cal.

2 H. T. spaghetti 90 cal.

2 H. T. spaghetti with

cheese 200 cal.

Y*. cup. popcorn 100 cal.

3 cubes sugar 90 cal.

2 H. Teas, sugar 100 cal.

2 1 /? teasp. peanut butter 100 cal.


Grape Juice Lemonade
4 large lemons 2 cups sugar

1 quart water 1 orange

1 quart grape juice

Method :

Boil the sugar and water for ten minutes. Cool and stir in the
grape juice and the lemon juice. Cut the orange in thin slices,
then in small pieces and add the beverage.

Ethelwynn Magee Tidmarsh, XL

Mint Cordial
large bunch mint 1 pint water

juice 2 lemons juice 2 oranges

1 cup sugar 1 cup pineapple juice

Method :

Wash and pick mint leaves. Crush slightly and place in bowl
with the lemon juice and let stand for two hours. Boil the sugar
and water for ten minutes, and pour the mixture, boiling hot, over
the mint and lemon juice. Chill, strain, and add the orange juice,
pineapple juice, and more water if necessary. Serve in glass with
crushed ice and place a sprig of mint in each glass.

Ethelwynn Magee Tidmarsh, Xi.

Fruit Cup
% cup green tea salt

juice of two oranges 2 cups loganberry or other juice

1 cup sugar 2 cups ginger ale

juice of \Yz lemons 2 tablespoons mint leaves

Y2. cup water cut fine

Method :

Boil sugar and water one minute and add to other ingredients.

Serve with chipped ice. , T ,,,. ~ v .

^ Harriet Wilson Davy, Xt.

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Chi Omega Cook Book

Angel Tip

sweet grape juice
i tablespoon sweetened whipped cream

Method :

Fill ice tea glass one-third full of crushed ice. Fill with grape
juice and whipped cream and top with sprig of mint.

Lelia Harwood Smith.

^ Cream Eggnog

i tablespoon sugar 2 eggs beaten separately.

Yz glass (1/3 cream, 2/3 milk) salt
Method :

Add sugar to beaten yolks and add liquid. Add one-half of
whites and vanilla and put other whites on top of glass.

Helen Shurtleff.

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Beverages 15

A Refreshing Drink
juice of four oranges
juice of two lemons
4 or 5 tablespoons of juices of five fruits

Method :

Mix and put in a two-quart pitcher. Fill with water and

PP ^ ' Julia Pitkin Davenport, Xi.


I teaspoon chocolate grated — per person
1 teaspoon sugar per person
1 cup milk per person
1 speck butter

Method :

Mix sugar and chocolate with a little water and bring to a boil.

Add milk and heat, but do not boil. Remove from stove and beat

with an egg beater.

Gladys Mars Becker, a*.

Cocoa Paste

1 pint boiling water 1/3 teaspoon vanilla

8 tablespoons cocoa pinch of salt

Method :

Let all come to a good boil and cook about five minutes. Keep
ir cool place.

Hazel Russell, Xi.

Iced Cocoa

3 teaspoons cocoa paste, or more crushed ice

sugar to taste whipped cream

milk to fill glass vanilla

Method :

Put cocoa paste into a glass, gradually add milk, sugar, vanilla,
and crushed ice. Mix thoroughly. Top with whipped cream.

Hazel Russell, Xi.

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16 Chi Omega Cook Book

Syrup for Iced Chocolate

6 squares bitter chocolate 2.y 2 cups sugar

6 tablespoons cocoa 5 cups water

Method :

Boil together ten minutes.

Add one teaspoon cornstarch moistened in a little water.
Boil three or four minutes longer. Beat with egg beater three or
four minutes. Add one-half teaspoon vanilla.

Put one or more tablespoons ful in glass, fill glass with milk.
Put whipped cream on top.

Lelia Harwood Smith, Xi.

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Southern Potato Soup

2 medium sized potatoes, diced

tablespoon butter

rivels (heaping tablespoon butter moistened with i beaten

}4 pint milk
% pint cream

Method :

Cover potatoes with boiling water and add salt and butter.
When this comes to a boil add rivels which should be prepared
before putting the potatoes on to cook. When potatoes are tender,
add milk and cream. Stir frequently until it again reaches the
boiling point, without cover on kettle. Season to taste and add

Mary Love Collins (Grand President).

Cream of Potato Soup

(0 (2)

3 cups potatoes diced 6 tablespoons butter
6 slices (thin) onion 3 tablespoons flour
3 stalks celery 3 cups milk

6 teaspoons crisco 1^2 teaspoon salt

6 cups water pepper

i l /i teaspoon salt


Cook potatoes, onion and celery in crisco a few minutes, add
water and cook until very soft. Sieve and add part 2, the thin
white sauce.

Esther Leas, Xi.

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18 Chi Omega Cook Book

Croutons for Soup

Cut bread into inch slices, remove the crust. Butter the bread
and cut into half inch cubes. Brown in oven.

Ruth Rose Smith, Xi.

Oyster Stew

i pint oysters butter, salt and pepper

i pint milk

Method: ' SI

Wash oysters, let milk come to a boil, add butter, salt and
pepper and then add oysters. Do not boil again.

Frances Pitkin Allen, Nu and Omicron.

Cream of Chicken Soup with Oysters

2 quarts rich chicken broth I quart milk

i quart oysters

Method :

Add the oysters to broth and milk. Bring to a boil and
season with salt and pepper. Will serve twelve.

Ruth Rose Smith, Xi.

Cream of Spinach Soup

% peck spinach I heaping tablespoon flour

i quart milk Salt and pepper

2 tablespoons butter ^ pint whipped cream

Method :

Clean and cook spinach in salted water for twenty minutes.
Then chop fine or rub through a strainer. Boil milk and thicken
with flour and butter rubbed together. Season to taste and
add the spinach and let come to a boil. Just before serving add
half pint cream whipped.

Ruth Rose Smith, Xi.

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Soups 19

Canned Pea Soup

1 can of peas Yz teaspoon salt

1 tablespoon butter 1 pint milk

Method :

Put peas through a sieve or fruit press. Add butter, salt and
milk. Heat together thoroughly and serve with toasted crackers.

Lois Goltra Heren, Xi.

Split Pea Soup
liquor from a ham bone A little onion .

y pound split peas


Soak peas over night, cook in boiling water until soft. Drain
off water and add ham liquor and onion. Cook for half hour and
serve with crackers.

Julia Pitkin Davenport, Xi.

Creole Soup
1 quart brown stock

1 pint tomatoes

3 tablespoons chopped green peppers

2 teaspoons grated horseradish '
2 teaspoons chopped onion

% cup butter cayenne

salt and pepper y cup macaroni rings

1 tablespoon vinegar y cup flour

Method :

Cook pepper and onion in butter five minutes. Add flour, stock
and tomatoes. Simmer fifteen minutes, strain and rub through a
sieve. Season lightly with salt, pepper and cayenne. Just before
serving add horseradish, vinegar and cooked macaroni cut in

Ruth Wallis Wagner, Chi Alpha

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20 Chi Omega Cook Book

Spanish Soup

i quart chestnuts I pint milk

2 or 3 stalks celery i cup cream

Yi teaspoon salt ^ cup stock if wished

Method :

Remove the shells from the chestnuts, immerse for a minute in
boiling water then slip off the inner skin, place the chestnuts in
boiling water, add the salt, and boil for twenty minutes, drain
off the water and rub the nuts through a puree strainer. Mean-
while boil the celery which has been cut into strips, drain the
water into the chestnut stock, add the soup stock and combine
with the heated milk. It is best to whip the cream and add to the
soup when serving, with a dash of paprika on top, but cream that
is not thick enough to whip may be added to the soup. The milk
should be heated in a double boiler and the soup should be cooked
till it is very hot. Some people prefer to thicken the soup with a
teaspoon of butter rubbed together with a teaspoon of flour and
added to the hot mixture. If bouillon cups are used this amount
will serve six persons.

Eleanor F. Lewis, Xi.

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Soups 21

Mock Bisque Soup

Yx can or 2 cups tomato 2 tablespoons butter

1 pint milk Y* tablespoon cornstarch

1 teaspoon salt J /i teaspoon soda or more


Method :

Cook tomato till soft. Scald milk with salt and pepper in
double boiler. Make thickening with half the butter, all of the
cornstarch and part of the milk and add to rest of milk. Put in
the other tablespoon butter and cook ten minutes, stirring con-

Add soda to tomato, until gas ceases to come from it. Have
it and the milk hot. Then strain it into the milk, first taking out
the upper part of double boiler, to prevent curdling.

Hazel Russell, Xi.

Chicken Soup

1 large Spanish onion 3 tablespoons flour

1 quart chicken stock 1 bottle cream

grated cheese and green pepper

Method :

Fry onion in butter until soft. Pour on chicken stock and cook
half hour. Strain and thicken with flour. Season, add cream,
sprinkle grated cheese and chopped green pepper.

Ophelia White Russum, Psi

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General Rules for Meat :

Meat when it comes from market should be removed at once
from paper in which it is wrapped, weighed, put in cold place
until used. Before cooking it should be trimmed if necessary, and
wiped with damp cloth.

Only tender cuts of meat should be broiled, pan broiled or
roasted. When meat is to be cooked by any of these methods, it is
to be first seared then the temperature slightly lowered. By sear-
ing the albumin the outside of the meat is hardened and the meat
is cooked in its own juices.

For roasts of beef weighing less than eight pounds, allow ten
minutes to the pound and ten minutes extra. From eight to
twelve pounds allow twelve minutes to the pound and twelve
minutes extra. Over twelve pounds allow fifteen minutes to the
pound and fifteen minutes extra.

For roasting mutton or lamb allow twenty minutes to twenty-
five minutes for each pound and twenty minutes extra. Baste
every fifteen minutes. For roasting veal or pork, allow twenty-
five to thirty minutes for each pound and twenty-five minutes
extra. Baste every fifteen minutes.

Ruth Wallis Wagner, Chi Alpha.

Home-Made Chop Suey
1^2 pounds lean beef cut into small pieces
i pound fresh pork cut into small pieces

Method :

Brown in butter in large frying pan. Then add one or two
bunches of celery cut up, three large onions which have been
sliced, and browned separately, salt and pepper, two cups toma-
toes, mushrooms if desired. One-half bottle chop suey sauce.
Put a cover on the pan and cook very slowly about two and
one-half hours. It may be necessary to add a little hot water.
When nearly done thicken a little.

Harriet Wilson Davy, Xi.

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24 Chi Omega Cook Book

Chop Suey

y 2 pound each of lamb, veal, and pork

6 good sized onions

i cup celery

i^ large tablespoons of molasses

i large cup mushrooms.

Method :

Take one-half pound of each lamb, veal and pork. Cut in small
pieces. Take six good sized onions, cut fine and fry in deep fat
until light brown. Remove onions to a side dish, then fry meat
in onion juice a little while. Add onions, one cup of celery, one
and one-half tablespoons of molasses and one cup mushrooms,
Barely cover with water, add salt and pepper. Simmer slowly
and carefully for forty-five minutes. Serves six people.

Louise Vater, Xi.

Spanish Stew
i pound hamburger red pepper

2 onions }i cup cooked rice

I small can tomatoes i green pepper

Method :

Cook hamburger for one-half hour, add onions, tomatoes, rice
and green pepper and cook for one more hour. Add red pepper
and salt to taste.

Wanda T. Bowman, Lambda.

Swedish Meat Cakes

i pound round steak, ground twice

i tablespoon flour Salt and pepper to taste

i well beaten egg \y 2 cups milk

Method :

Take the meat, mix the other ingredients well into it. Drop
tablespoon fuls into heated fat (dripping or lard) and brown
quickly. Then put into one quart of boiling water and simmer for

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squeezing lemons

Meats and Fish 25

one hour. Thicken gravy and pour over cakes on platter. Add
mushrooms or peas to gravy.


Peanut Loaf

1 cup stale bread crumbs J^ teaspoon salt

1 cup chopped celery % teaspoon pepper

1 cup chopped peanuts % cup melted butter

1 small onion chopped fine
enough hot milk to mold into a loaf

Method :

Mix breadcrumbs, peanuts, celery, salt, pepper, and onion with
enough melted butter and milk to mold into a loaf. Place in
oblong buttered Pyrex dish or loaf tin. Bake in a moderate oven
for an hour, basting often with hot water and melted butter.
Turn from mold to a hot platter and serve with a white sauce.
Serves four persons.

Eleanor Lewis, Xi.

1 Y\ pounds hamburger 1 stalk celery cut fine

1 can kidney beans 2 large onions

1 can tomato soup


Sear meat well and add other ingredients. Cook for two hours.
Serve with boiled rice. Will serve four.

Bobbie Shurtleff Cole, Xi.

Flank Steak and Potatoes

Pound flour into flank steak and place in bottom of casserole.
Salt and pepper. Add sliced potatoes to cover, salt, onions and
one can of tomatoes. Bake for two hours slowly. Will serve
four generously.

Julia Pitkin Davenport, Xi.

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26 Chi Omega Cook Book

Flank Steak
Wash, dry, and dust with salt, pepper and flour. Then brown
in frying pan in butter. When brown cover meat with boiling
water and simmer for one hour or more. Add one tablespoon
catsup, or one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce or bay leaf.

Gladys Mars Becker, X*.

Braised Flank Steak
Take two flank steaks (or cut one in two). Between them
put one stalk celery, two medium sized onions chopped fine,
add salt and pepper. Pour one quart cooked tomatoes over this
and bake in slow oven at least one hour.

Harriet Davy, Xi.

Spanish Steak
i l /i pounds round steak i cup tomatoes

2 small onions i green pepper

Method :

Cut steak in serving pieces and cut flour into each piece. Place
plenty of lard in spider and brown steak in hot lard. Add as much
water as you wish for gravy. Add onions, pepper and tomatoes
one-half hour before taking up. Cook a good hour altogether.
Add salt and pepper.

Wanda F. Bowman, Lambda.

Pigs in Blankets

i pound raw beef run through a grinder

% pound raw pork run through a grinder

i teaspoon pepper i green pepper

2 cups boiled rice i head of cabbage

i onion

Method :

Mince and brown the onion and the pepper in a teaspoon ful
of butter, add to the meat, seasonings, and rice, fill cabbage leaves
with the mixture, tie the leaves together with stout white thread,

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Meats and Fish 27

immerse in a large kettle of boiling water and boil for half an
hour. Drain off the water, place in a buttered pan in a hot oven
and brown for twenty minutes. A teaspoonful of brown sugar
may be sprinkled over each cabbage blanket. To be eaten out of
the blankets.

Eleanor F. Lewis, Xi.

Swedish Meat Loaf

1^2 pounds beef 1 pound veal

y 2 pound salt pork 3 eggs

2 cups milk 4 thick slices stale bread

Method :

Have the meat put through the grinder at least twice. Mix
in the eggs and then the bread which has been soaked in the milk
and mixed until all soft. Add salt and pepper to taste and also the
juice of an onion, if desired. Beat the whole mixture until very
light, about ten minutes, and then place in buttered pan and bake
in a very slow oven for two and a half hours. This serves ten

Dorothy Wilson, Xi.

Meat Loaf

2 l / 2 pounds of beef (round steak preferred)

Y$ pound of pork chops

2 cups of bread crumbs moistened with

1 ^ cups hot milk (cool) 1 pinch ginger

1 egg 2 teaspoons salt

1 small onion minced Yz teaspoon pepper

Method :

Mix thoroughly, form into a square loaf and bake about one
and one-half hours. Put a little water in the pan and bits of butter
on top before putting into the oven. Baste occasionally.

Gladys Carlson Scott, Xi.

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28 Chi Omega Cook Book

Meat Loaf

2 pounds round steak — ground

i cup cracker crumbs 2 level teaspoons salt

1 cup strained tomato juice 1 level teaspoon sugar

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