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akle to aoouKo tliat the toxtatrix iBtonded to give t^o eame attouxit

to eaeh of hor daH£hter«-in*laY ao a token of her affeotion*

defeud«»t*s argu»<snt reate largely en the ue« of the tera

*traet fuad* in tho ^aragrai^h of the will uh^mt oonei^eratioa, aad

tt i« eaid that these vords i»ply not e«ly tho IHOCO prinoipal but
tbe a«e^aml«ted ineone thereon. By the irill the exeeutors aad
traote^o werw givoa *the »vm of tea thoaeand dollars in trust for
tiM followiag puroosoo.* 0& th^i i&arriage of either ofher two soas,
thOB aaaarried, tho trustoet were direeted to pay *ta his wife oae*
half of aaid trust fuad aad the b«fcl«ineo to the wife of the other
son when ho ahall have aarried.* the words "trust fund* rdfer to
t^o epeciried fund of 110,000. Biroa without these words the trueteo
eoald only hold this sua i» truoi and tho sun would be a trust fuad.
She arsutt«nt to «ipport dof^daat's oonteatioa soe^s to rest upon



l^»»jxf!l ^Xf>iu»M j>Xiit»« *i&^ ^sujm 9»tsx«X «t »vi»sd'V bilir^ift ^Mw riii.#«t
4^«Ei,;oki« as srifra-^T iiLw>^ itu^l km^txnM ojt^v h0« mii ito »tl« gui&l #«jti^

f'-x-a ^€«€-«^$ »vjt<09«^ i£u9il^ fttiv •*^Yttf£A d'Ailff •3LIX« mxbtlide 'V^d
."••••'-' '•'*■- ■•-' - ' .■^- , ■ w!VS; t^^^^'-^Jl **'<?«* •«i:*ftr'' ■•" ■^■»-'

:*&4 i«f5i;®j»i..t, «•,'.-. *• %im» ^©ffl i?,i:i!sr«tt wl^-sflwr ^m^^i ..-

...... c . ., . ^.'S5jJ»»iil?> tt:*« «ai*j»»i*^i »afc* , he it team? a*i^

t«j»):<'^; . - .^- ':vi;^ «<j »titmlm4 •Sit ^m^ k&i^l itt«tJ kl0ti 1e timd.

di» tr*iiv-^ **ai.«*i r«M»ir*' «fe'J#* *.?<'J ",'•>!- i-si** »t4f:A IXj^e.^i »tt utn^ ae«

th« falla«tou» mnttmaptinn that »«r«ijr b*««iua« th* worda "trust
fand* mr* uBsd* tn«t ««(nuiu;iAt*4 Inoos* Is ia«lud«4, w« do net
HAdarattiBd that thea« w«r4» ^ivt • largftx* inftanliig to th« «u« of
MMiojr* 110, OCO, bOqUOAtllAd.

tfe« provision of ths will In quostlon oontalna no vrorAt
tottohing any aootmulAtions ftl' ino«B&s. thti nolo boqittftSt is tho •wn
•f Ho, 000. Wo find, i3ow«v«r, in iHuragra^ph *«*, b«(iu«*t'tinK to
the i1aught«>3>*ia-l«o &l«a<}or« #SOi>0, • «i»«eifl« airoetlon for th«
I>a3fa«at of ifit^rost, |irovl4otf «ao ahouli) Uttt rooolvo tho boquast
Vfitll aft9r 060 yoojr fr«m. th« ilftto of t«rotAtrlj(*a d*»tii, when
oils would bo «r<itltlo4 to latorost. I>ar«grft|»h 'f* eo»taijis no
laagttag* touohlng latorost*

Aaothor ««»iiol(lorfttio8 is, laftt tho «ill oontttlos T^jrieus
l^rovloiona for tho mxif«sa4i%\AV by th« «a«eators and trustors of
tho iaowio frfim tho ootato, li^o aaiatsiiBifig a hoieo for her soas,
tayij^g a heu»«3coepor*a etaiiry, *w«t«rlals, |»jr0Vielo)a)» aadl othor
thiag*;" also taxas aad Issuraaoa. iimi99 y»o testatrix «s>eoifi-
•ally ipirovl4i«4 (par. 12) that if a* any ti»# th« ine^ao sae»l<1 bo
lBOuffiei«Rt for th«so purposes thon tho oxemitors a&d trustooo
*«ay ttso so Bttcil) of tho principal m»m as nay b« a«ade<l tharofor.*
Cloarly, tlt«se fr»Tisioa«oont«;rj^l%t« that tha trusteas should
rooolvo tha <»ktlro iBOMk* frcw any aad all of tho trusts eroatod
by tho will.

Tho boquosto uador eoasidoratloa are soatingsnt both as to
tho tl»« aad tho ovant apoa w^Uoh ^oy shall taka of foot, and as
to tho Idoatity of tho bauofiolarios. Thora is abuhdant authority
heldlag that la suon a caoo tho latomadit^to i&eamo is ciot a pari
•f tho gift byt boloago to tha residuary ostato. aattdfard ir. aiaka.
48 li. 3, Xq. 347, inTolTod tho i^uoatioa whothor tho inoono fro» oao*
half of tho aswuat bo«|uoatho4 wHlch aeoruad frm^ tho doath of tho
laot surviiriag brethor aad ttatll tho doath of tho testator ♦« cistor

t^Ktl -T-.-i^jm" ,\]imlMvt **•*'>;'.• .,aJ!«.«e

-Ills?- .■Sij'W:-'SCt.;*i;ri ^':>'

'lit T<f

.& 4^/^ .. __^„,.-„. . .- STiW?* ■

■hould eoeur, bvlong^d to hntr tM r««idutury l»gttt««, or t« teor eisiild*

roa, «riBMi &ik4 beooaw (mtitXod to th« cerptto ei' th» l'«md la dof&ult of

apoolntiBOBt uador h»r loot vill. It "wat &oId that tiio lBo«tt« p&»»*d

iwdor tho ro«i4u«rj olauoo of tiao «1I1« tli.« ««mrt saying that a,8

Uio laoon* was ^i^on to tho testator'* lire brothoro tuid tho •urvlTor

to b«
•f th«« darlait XtfOf imsI ttio prlR«lpaj;/l>aid to %h9 >^iX<xr«R upion tho

dootja. of th« «i8t«r, 'thoro b«lii4 bo dirftotioao for tJao aoouaul^tion

of ificono to liior«%B* t>i« ^,% ygiiji^.f ot tk« fond, %U% iiaoono ocerulng

botwooji tho dooth of tho ourvlYlac Xifftoi^iutt and the dootii of

Sl^onor ( th» alf^ter) to ia»41nfoeod of o»d folio into iho r«8i«!ao.*

JjuratwB OR Will* ( sth «4.) Vol. I, 9* 75€» eaya;

*A rtalflttary gift ©f p«jr«f,asai eotat* oarriwo not onXy OT«ry»
thing not In t«rme 4i»s98s*s(j of, but eirerjithlng tiiAt ifi tiie OYont
tuma out to %o not woll ilsftaeo*^ of. a |>xosaiai^tiea %rlaoa [email protected] tho
reoidiuary i»g;atoo »g«iinst evefry ono «at.o«»pt the piurticuliiJr i.efea.t««;
for « toatator la oufpoeod to gl^o hla peraoniiltjr ammy i'r&m tho
fonti«r only for ih« »hk?> of tia© Ifttter, it Jwr ho»>« aaiti, that, to
ioko a bo^ttoat of th« roalduo out of tho gonvroi rulo, Tory 0|»«eifl^
vordo f»ro ro^ulrod, aR4 aocerdiiit^ly o re»lduary bequoot of fr&pertf
*BOt ai>oeifiaiilly ^iron,* following v^urioue e^ooiflo and g«i)oraJL
log&oloa, will ineludtt l»peod isp«clfic Xe«;£E,ciea»''

Xb Utioin^AR V. ayii'tfto^ W fc. Y. 14», tho toatator bootto»thod
to hia olator tho i«c(omo frojo $2{im, t^nd wa^u U^v doeeaao tho fSOOO
«aa bo^uomtaod to *iho l&iffttX h»lr*** of tht [email protected]«tator'f brother t tho
brothor aurrlTod both tho t«Rt«to}° ^4 tho giater. It waa hf^ld ttiai
«o tho Iwoful ho Ira of tho brother oottld only bo ieiio^m at hi a do«th«
tho gift w«a thoroforo oonting^nt, a&d tho Ixiterost on tho '^iSQOO
aoorulng bot«o«m tho dooth of the alitor ond th« foat^i of tho brother
boXoaged to the roolrtuary Xojgatoo. I» l|j»rjri» t.. ^loyd . i Turnor k
Bttoooll (Sag, Oa.) 910, wher'^- a oum of amu&y laras i»ft in trast, for
tho b«a#flt af » entld or ehlldron of tho t«atektor*s eon, who «t tho
tlno of tho te«totor*a deoth h^ no '^ll<Sron« it waa hold thokt taatiX
thoro tteould bo a o>illd tho l<»t«tr«at uj^oa the 9uai ohould fall into
tho roeidue, the eourt eaying that •ohoro there 1» aa interval l«
tihiah tho lBter<«>«t la not dl3®>oaod of eajireoely by tho will, befcro

***? <^i^« -

t<^ JM« ,


^^luiS .vufOftd I^Xw«ito


■ •;?».'3*V * ^'ftWl'M^r 7,;. ■ ~ :?■

ii<itJl.,;i» lo r;»£0'i!

i /•>"'i

the persons com« Into ttxiat«R«« «uo &r« to tiMta ike cHpitaX, the
Intdrest i'tklls tAto the residue. * The qaestion is stated in BUkle* j

latates i'uture Xnterests, (Sad «d. ji » p, SI4, nwsxmXy, *What theti le |

te l^eooKS of the renin «n<i |)r<>fit« er ljnteri!ifie«liai.te income prior te
the tine the gift ai'ter the isetix ef A {ttm t«tstator) teis^ee effeoif* • j

«Bd seye (seo. 303), *lf the sul^Jeet aatt«r ol' the de-vise he speeifie ;

Ift^ds er epeeifle p<t»r8&n«l pro^orty, there is «» Intestjiiey or the

resldusry dnrisee or let^atee ie efitltied,* oltlo^ oases.

We de net ute^erst«nd that J^roirt^ t. frife:^t. isa m&sa. 50«,
•ited %7 ditfefident, Is eentrAr^ to what f^9 have Just said. In j

that o»Be it was h%lA thst the s«i of the testator should reoelT* |

•nly the laeome of a si>«oified sua porsuant te direoiions in the j

will Bu4 not In&oae aecruing ft^m the 1»a3.«nee of the estate. Ifelther
Is lt%Ve V. »ill>ei^. 4« ii. J. Sq. 33, i» point, fdjr there the fcestm-
tor s^eeiiicAllj [email protected]«d that the interest ehoulil follow the l«f»oy.

JHelther ere deelsiens .in foiat where the t«e%Ator he^ue».thed
Ib trust e speelfled Bta» for the henefit of a nsm«»d person witho'tat
Rentionini^ the income fr<m this fund. Msnifestly, uR4er sueh eondi*
tlont th9 testator el early intended th%t the JUaowee trwt the Ve*
«iuesthed SUK should %<n p«ld to the legatee.

We do not gl-ve weight to the nripu^«nt th«t the purpose of the
testetrlz "with reepeot to the hti|uests in t^aestion was to induoe the
seas to marry, and that to pitt the InooiKe In the residaary estate
wbieh ^oes to th«K t<a>de to defeat the induottia«Bt to mfirry. As we
have said h'sfore, the gift vas int<mded as a tolcim ©f affeettoa to
the wItos of the testatrix *8 eons, 'fhere is foroe in the statettent
of oou&sel for the oemplalnttnt that the snail annual inoome to «»aoh
sen of the |10,yCK} bequeathed would hstrdly be an lnduoem«Bt to post*
pone marriage.

There is no merit in tli* point that to deprive the wives of
the Aoe^suma&ted income would produee iaetiuality. Xhis ari^uB)«Qt is



9rl*»fn ttLi>atit} %oAj»f«»# tssii '>« noa «£i:r iMii$ htJfd ««iw ?l «»«o iMdt
mat at am.iDli^^'x. .iAfo«-iwqr aw^s- •:■ •••flOiR.

■ 1 W T *

1. ©»t,C I . . .

i": !'^ ,■■■■■■-■ :_ • '■ ■

ftl liwijaiira's- • }i.£&i)p<»ai »&ubnxq bXwo!:-' ^ffif»;?iii i^;«3*\i -♦^^

'bftffM on thtt provlalQin in th« irill th«t Jilcfun^r B. a*lt was te r«*
••lir« Int^reat on h«r l>«<iu«8t, «m4 txieral'ur*, it in SAltf, 4«f«R4*
Mit «l«o «houl<! r«e«lr« Internal. ^leAser w9lt'« lega«]r «»« «lu«
suaA payable to h«r o&« jtsit eSt^w %h^ d«aiii •!' tat t«^»t»trtx and
1bit« will proYtd*^ that if it ««» not mmi paid «;a<t aiiAiJad r«e«lv«
iat«r«st frott that flat*, lo int«!r««t v&» t« 1»« i»ai<l h«v prior to
tho 4u« 4»t*. tht ifift to def^niftjat was Jiot i»«i,>«1»lo oiitiX tho
<4tttp of h»r »«rirlag« tm4. tr«ui p«i4 om iuat t^ate.

It ie also ffki^ that if thft tontatrix int«n<l*d th« incotto
•f tilt truot fundi to gQ to tlao rosldaj^ry loi{at««« oh« woiil.4l b&TO
•aiil «e in h«r «ili. THo will appointt tru»to«« of &1.1 tho tnioto
«r«atft4 aiU'i! fiirfleip t)ioat 1m»« to tt»« tlio ir««oi«« taorofrom without
Aiotiftgttlfiiifig !s«itw*»p the truoto, Koroovor, it the t^ot-^tris:
iot«n-io<l the iaeoKO of thla truet fua4 to ^& to th« fre«p«etivo
diauKhtora»lB«>2.av, vhy wao it not ao pxevldod iu tiio «>1I11' «o think
tho will vaa Arave an it wa« havij^lS ia mind that a liift ol' a Of^ocifio
logaoy to tako effeot is th« faturt ttpoa a eoi&tingonoy wnieti nny
Boiior bappoB, tlo*8 not earry wltiti it ih« intext^o^iato istToot «M«ro
th« will eontalaa « rt8i^ar:i>' ei%u«o, unl«%a ih«> t«c»tt».t«}r othffrwii^o
apooifioally pr«Ti4t8,

to laivni ocmaidoro^ ta«t othe»r poir^ta ^ozitaiBAi i& th.« ft)>io
briof l»y eouiasoi for ilio <lof«(»>5«Bt but th^jro le notisia^ prei«nt«d
vhioh poraua4«a us fron t&o eonolu»lo& tl»at t^« t^atatrlx ia%0tni%4
that hor reopootivo 4aught«r»-tn«Xav »kouX4 roeoivo |5uO& lun^ b«
■or*, and tJhcat the iMoomo trttm tho truat futi.4 i& queatioja ahouI4 so
into tho r«».st«^uftry *otat«^.

i^or the ladiicat«^ *o holft that the decree of the
^a&ooller in propor, mad it ia affixw«4i.

©♦eoBRor, ?», f. , an4 Xatohott, J., eoncur.

-i..l{als^^ ,.

/Xay!>:; iijk'.i.

k& imiii


^-^:^,.<^4,Ji};■y /.. JSO>;5ji ^ i i>

-. .« or: ,1 ;/ ? -^ p. f= t\i i(»« - rt0;» illw V^Ci
. ,fj * fci ▼© t«l X t tM9 1 1 1 9I» 99

' *vi*(.>fe« ^i*^s^wte wAit*i«l •■tt»#.?^ii<wK& #irl>«!»<ja»ii tmii ^/aniM

.•J uoi^^t

viio^ft^ S»«t




ft e«irperfttiou,

..P.XX... ) 279 I. A. 62 7^

»« ^sTXOt M«auia].Y mLvmm nm o^xsiic^ o^ mi oiMm^

Jflttistiff brou(^t « itult lid ajemixopsit to r<»oev«r $9^037.00,

tien atoek whleh it.t o«« tiiMi ii«4 b«<in i|9l«4g«4 trlth <l«]'#n'ii«tnt as eol-
luterftl to a loatn; «1a«n th« XoAn wag yal'iS rjift«« eh.^rt»s wtmr* n«t r*-
turnftd to pXalntlfl'; uj>»a trlai by « Jury th» rtrAlot waft fei* t*i«
4«f«a<ittnt «ui4l plaintiff app»aXi fv^vk th« jadju^t that «h<* ta}c«

ftAaila that at an* ttua it ii«tXd t^« axiar«i9 of »took in queation »a
V«rt of iha aolXat^r&l t{» » Xoan »«u3« te plmixitiff bat aay« that
tjfiaaa aha.raa w«r« tam«(! orar t« JMKea i^llina, defeadaxtt *e oaahlar
vbA Yie«*^raai4«Kit, s'or hie personal u»«, witM tiie coaatet and Mtx^mr
t^« airectiona el tha ]»Xalntiff , arvi |»Xade«A by C&Xlina ^^ith tha
C«i3tlxt«ntaJ iXXinois Baxik vax^ ^ru«t vomitnny on ita loan te hin «Bi
aoX4l by that bsuolc.

Bid platfitirf araaaiit that OoXXlna oaald use tno ahar«s of
•teaJi Tor hla own priirata luid ikaraonaX uaai? It vouXiS toe aaeh
X«asth«ri th.ia opinion to narrAta all ti»« detaiXa tcueiilng tba trjaiia-
aetiofi. Plaintiff vaa a |)[email protected]«aeietial muraa ^ut wme siXao ac aetire
A«liX«r is Btocka; «6at of hwr banking tr^Aeaetiona ««ra witn tha da*
faodaut bank; ^^a purehaaod atooka on th« adivlcn of frit^n^a at&dl
•aen^a to hava baen wall pestad aa to Talu^a; eh^ wae tiia owier of
quita a list of vaXX knetru Bteeka,


Y29 .P^A 0V2


m0nit'^W& tmihtmii turn »Mitf«ft4> anta^i ta n^'msixt 0iXl 't# nuiMr tt*^»l£m #itt
im mm 9tmfcti*.'i*fi a^t'^ b9%t»tfi tm^ ftA<i mtit ooo #« ««>lf!w ji«ot« i»M9r^

*A1 %9t HAW #&J;j^»T •Jl? v«U5t A T<^ £|»H^ fto<^tf ;11iJ«ii.«i|l •# fc*mnt
Mbit Aiil^ /•«# tiii»fll^l>»t t»^;r aot't kXmic(M» ttilni«i«t ]lka« tfmfcml^t

to lAAWo " '' ;i»uXfiir Hi »« |}«^«o« j;x»w »««tf •▼*!( •# aiM»««

0«i«¥«r I, 1930, «h« •••d <i*r<»id«tfii $SK>,000, with 600 ahar**
•f Union C«r\>i.i« an<l C«rbeH Cor^orAilon tt^^k |iX«ii|;ed us «eIlAt«raI
9««arity{ Kost of h«r <l«faittg« »t th« 1>anlc v«r« with Collin*, a
neighbor whon oho h>nA known for olN»ut thirty jrf'ftro; ■.« hoi Uo«» «»'»
|iloyo4 by dof^ndaint b«inlc olnoo X90'Ji tu&d in 19 3U h«t4 a«quiro4 46
oharoo of (l«f»n^!Mit htmk oteolt. h% this ti«o h« w^o iciid«);t*4 t»
t«lA&o BolmoB OK hio n^to for $XS,€iit<i, emd oho h«14 ooiRO of i^llino*
Voidi otook «o eellatorol; in iiov<mh<»r, 1930, Kro. Bokmaa rt«liir«rod
thio not* vltn the eoil%t«!ro,l to Quj £«leon, tm tutslot^jut oa«ii>l«r of
dofmnAftBt'o 1»a«i^, for the ipttri»ooo of eoXioetlng it fro* Coil in »• CoX-»
lino know ono 6i tho rio«-]pr«ol4«nto of tho Gontln^Kta^ lilinDio
Mmnk sda4 truot Oom^onj^^ 084 wroto to nis-., a»klng tho Continontol hunk
to lOfid hl» -113,000 for iho purpem of rof in«j^aing hia obli^^tien to
itro. JBkklERoat ^* off«roiS to (lo9o»it fto ooXlmtorol th«oo ohsiroo of otoftlc
4»f tho 4of«a4ant hifdalt, ana aloe s&id ho odulS "probofc^ly ho »ia.o t«
«4d 100 ohAroo ynioa Ciorbido »hd Carbon Corporation;** to thio tho
ContinontAl ba&h r«pli«>«i, oii lioTHBobor 17, I'&^t that thoy would bo
Cl*d to miftko tho loau& of |1S,0C^, oeoarod by tho sharoo of otook of
tho d«f«»di»Kt bank ond 100 o^aroo of Union (2i»rbiao ot^ek,

October I, 19 3^ ^ plointiff had ronowod htiT loim with d«f«e«d-
ont bank; oho »«4o o note for |19,80a nmA lletod dOO st'joro* of Union
6«rbido otook *o oceurity; ^^t the »m^m ilj«o defindoJT't Aftdo (»iit nlkot
i» oollod o oollftt4»raJi rogi«tttr oord, which io ttoftd to koofi a roeord
of euotosoro* oollatoraX; thio eord alno listed 600 oharto of &nioa
e«rbi4o etook in tho n«ato of pltdLntiff.


Sooo£ber 1, l^^jj^plaitntiff testified, oho H^Mt a odhvor-
•At ion with Collino. a» Collins woo dead ett ih« date of tho tri«l«
fklaintiff io tho only living witnees to thio ^ron-vertsation. ^o sayo
@dlline AM.Hi hor *if ho oould aoo 104) ehareo of t^ Union Cax^ido
for a short tine;* oho replied thot 8he di^o*l like to do it ao oho
liood the unioft aorbidd itook for oollhtoral on Her own loan; tisat

c^# %»frl (Jt fecus tOV£ •«ttlfi tsm4 imm»n»\ith ^tf %itx*l9

>* 3jiiji#»t>jt£«» to 9«<Mri0<t Mi^ ^<»t ,^u»«r m*im^mtita^

^ $«i^«<« , will 0^ •#ot«» ^tm tMifM»& ^««nrT im» ^mI

}i»«jrA te •»tA^« «>«#di j>«»#.*ii&o lift #la«Nf»j> «^ l4>tfTi» ttA |4uual«t .»*iai
•i «Xi^« •« fjUir«Dr«\q* t3j;jtfov <»tf &!«(» (mix* Jtem ,|[MMf #m^iMil»* •il^ t«

:^ X*^^ ^^^^ ,c^ti; «f it «i»ifo»v<»a «t« ,lH»ll««'Y -i-wk^ tm$ammi$mtl^

US'. iftlflC t9 it*i«i<t 001 Ami iiwdf ^j^ti^miliift •lt#»U wmii *am» 11.; tfino^ft •« )i9«#« •fttifiMO

;!«:: x»ii& <i>'^ ft«^»li ««i« in«9 siit$ ;|jKit«#«li«d < «in»tB«i4aiM» t«

♦•ts7;va;> • isiikil •»*.« ,fe#i . al»«ii*Xi?V: ;««>•♦•«

ClillinB thm v%14, "ths t»ftnk t«JK«ia oar* «f i&ft An4 thoy iiiead b^ek ckf
B«. X haud nothing to f»(Ur vh«it»eftT«r (hbout my vtoelc.* Ao^iurciaitiy
plaintiff atdAritfld to tHi« rtt^a««t iw4 CoXlla« vrot* oat « rnomipt
for thlo stooJc, iiigt.lng :^lii own &a«i«. It r«oitft» tJittt h<i bao r«»
o«iY«^ froa olaintiff XOO tneirftt UnloB Carbido eicak ''with ^ow«r to
hypo otoot: powttr - to b«» retum««l to i^^Ar (ns t«i» <lfty»* notlo*.* Ti!iic
r«o»ipt was «sW«B to ^li»iAtll'f Mui Has b«ttR i)» ksr pos!i»«ecil«»Ki slnot
tli«R. At tht sa»« %im9 %h» «ollikt.«raX r««j;iet«r Oftrd listing pl«in»
tiff's e6rtiflc&t«« of stock In iho UbIoik Cftrtolnio »n4 t^miFh&a &or»
f>« ration, pl«ilge4( «.» c®li.*t«ri»l to toor loan frtm th« l&arOr, »&««•
thftt iplnlntiff sli^:ROd on the siift* dmy a #ith4r»w»3. r0e«>lf»t for ICiO
•hftr*»t of L'nlon Garfcl*!® atook, Pialatiff m€»i%9 sfee slgweS tnlii.
On th« •«»• 4lsi.y ttlttlettlff ftlv^ ^i^nmi. a 9a|»tr eHlleiS "O'imwr*! eon*
•oist,* rbloh Is s prlBto^ font »A(^Te»R««l In eoesr^ieuous ty9» to
*Contln«»ntal tllinela Bank am4 fmst Gm^:p9J^-y of C^.leafo;" It w&*
t>ierlxt4 Jsusios Collins to kj,>>etH«o%to, ^l«4g« mnd «i«llvttr tht esouri.-
tlos 'l^serllaefi, t^oloa^liag to tteo ujadorslgnodi, ( th« :;>laiintlff ) ^Bd
aK7««<l th«t whoQ so li3r»oti:i«as.t»d «ueh ooIifttorsO. sh.uli b# htieli to
toouro imj iRdabto^noss owing fey tk« d#btor (CoillJas) t^ tho Coetl*
a«nt«l 'b'^ak, anl t^mt e4l4 soeuri tl«« 9Un.ll 1i« subjtot to .11 «'^o » 1 1 loi»
in tteeord»no« ^ith tbo t«f«is fta4 o^a^litlons of the In^truisikonta 9t1*
itnoing suoh l&d«bt«<Sii«so. Th« oolliitoral sooartty wrltton In 409*
«ribos tho o«rtli'icAto for 10© shares of %h« Onioa Cairbido Con^or*-
tlott, Plaintiff %4R.lti«'l a'h<9 »lgR«4l thl« conaoat.

■^hllft on the etitni pl^latiff, adsjittlng thai «h«) «is»«4 feoth
the wlttedr!iT»al re>eelpt oa tfeo oolXatorai r#^i«t«!ir o«r4 aK«s tht ©^nor**
eonsont authorlslja;? Sollias to hyj»otriooat.« h«r C%loo e»rbi4o stook,
att«spt*<S to tlirow soao 4ott1»t as to the ti»o ^«n a^ie nl^iriod tn«s#
T>M>«r«, <wa taatlflod «h» 41(5n't eoo the priBt«d n^n^Ukng oa the
««Bsr*a oona«»rit papor, a<l<!r««ffle-c! to ths eoBtlnoTital h-mk, HowoYor,
tho Jury '♦as fttlly ^aatlflert Ik boiiovlng that she oigned these

'>rjs •««.*-:! t^s 9-s 'i(* fti,-/.'* »»j£*^ -imi »rft* »t'l»B -HftJl* talXltfV
•.ji^is i^*i>i'im<»f,^oii X'^a ai tm9^ *MJi> haw Xiitmtsi^ ts? tmrl^ ««« i^t«»#t

'lie JUtY*l4!!Uoa M«u« fr*l4l»«UllM|Xli "Ml 09*^ $mdi h»9%m

•'tan '0 OifilJ &.me Irfe-ft ■-' t. iia'i.d4i:aiaa ii. : ■. tarranT'ii: ..

.^aiTdwdH .alaii:<i Xtt^n»fa^*t<i» ait? «/ R*»«»«jSfeAi ,r«»':'T«e yj»»PfiK>e »*t»»wo

ptkptTB on th« <lMt« t)x«y b«ar, tHat ah* ««« fully eonTursAt^t with th«

un %kil« »«tt« dait«, Ji;i«««Kto0r 1, lt5g« ysit itottX ecrtifleftt*
in qtt«»1;le&, pursaant to tb« eoAsoni^ oi' pJLa^intlfl,w&» 4«liY*r«d by
A«f«a4JUit ift«MiiK to uollloo.

:i'tok*fi i'oXiovtd « noKiiOX' of ^ooick««plng irauoikQtions ivnioh It
io imneoesAary to neto in dot^iX. laey r«isult«4 Ln tho Centinontal
toftak roe«JLving Coixino* ciet« tov #i3,4kiti^, tO||«t;u«r vlth th* oollAt-
•rnl lohioh ineXa^M th* I<^ idanros of ynlon &ftrtii4« otook CoiXint
had ol^tftifiod with th« eon«««t of t^laintiff, and tho pgiyvumt , ok tho
• tlior hand!, of €«XIint* noto oayabXe to Mr«. So^d^^^. Mospotstivo
eoioUfiooX hairo sot fortli thoso etoj^o Qult« fiilSty, «ub4 from tJtiom i^lAiA-
tiff »tt«Mpts to ottpForl h%r elatM tiiftt <lof«n4ast himM ftrcffltod 1^
tlio tranoAOtion. fh« ovidonoo 4e«« »ot 4^«tlfy thin claks.

€ftXXlfi»* olojeetlTtt «&« to ooouro fumcu to laoot hio noto hoXd
!iy lirs. i^olB^a^i. ^or t/^lo ^arpooo ho $e®uro4 o Xo«tfi froa tho Coisti*
aontoX l^ftok, l»orrovlng fron pXaiatlff h«r ettrtifio%t« of union C«r»
bido otook to bo ut«(l »• ooXXsit<»roX oa Ma Bot« to the ConitSciontal
boAb, vhicii iBo4« tho loan irhioh paid kra. Boks^^a. fho S^ry oj>u1^
9ro|i«rXy eonoXado that thio «AtiTo tremnm^tl^r* waa j^rivstto sjni
9*r««iaX botwooa !»XaiBtiff, CoXli»e, tho <;iontim«Bt<ia ^<mk and l^ro.
Bokman.anH that 4«feii<l)Mnt bai:ili <fia »ot profit fre^ it»

January S, 193X, plaintiff o^range^ with am aaaistimt tailor,
Jlriovitx, to rrnaem nor loan vlth dof«fitant hmk*, Erlewlta vroto citat •
B«» neto, 0!»o«ifyl8g only Si)0 shares of Union Ciarlalio otooh ao ool-
Ifttor&l, lK0tea4 of 600: ilriowitt t«s«tlflo<l that plaintiff Xooh«4
it o-vor and 8lgn«d it vithont oaying a&ything about XQ^ aharos
boiaft aiiooin^. Plaintiff novor in^ulrod of acyono about hnr Union
Garbido atoeh until OoXlina* doath, whloh oceurrod iiar^i IS, 1951.
tt&« tootlfiod aho vaa aatleflod to hold hi» r«««ipt for h«r otooJt,

A day or two Aftfrr CoXXlno* doath oho ahowod hia reoolpt to
fimy lioXaos, a ▼le««{ir«8l<l«nt of defoxidant, and aakod how oho o uld

1 ,..,. l-.!.*.

,i'l*?>VZi *-«,V »7 •

4 ■•' T* V- *. i ■ 4 U

,,.... ,>»-^i.., :.-.v . ^ .-«*' ,^A*... ^■•.M.jf, «^.*»., :*«-»j;j «br':'-''- '*^ - ♦w««i XAtttfirof

■ - 'i-* -• - ' ,,_:tft«^t«..

«i .1 j« ', f


g*t her cartlfldatt for tht 100 thKroi of Union C«rbt')e »t{>o)i:, %nd
«»• told hs ho4 no kBO«rl«<d£« oT It but wn^ult? S)»#«ic t« Mre. Oolllno
ooneornitt^ li{ thoc folXowo4 lnt«n(ri««rs with ^r»« ColXint in ^i>AfM
UffXu&n aooort»tn»'t the fmoto. i^r«. Colllne tn41eAt#<3 a willlngnoo*
to 4o «rv*ryt^l«g i)o*«lbl« to ««vo |)lAintiff *o otoc*, lj«t oho horoolf
woo without ouffielont funds for this purr^oao* At nnm tisio iKoloen
flaooo«4o(l in a plan whvrotsy Mro. Oolli»o, out of hmv iitourojooo mcsnty,
e9Ul.-l p«y off a Xo»n wkio}! voiilf! rel««ffo oortain siharoo of otoek bold
»o eollutartfcl, |trovid04 tJao ContinentMl t>«r.k voulrS (%oo«nt «aia shoroo
oo Additional Boeurlty to Collino* neto, th** «vidono« ohowo that
although tho Centinont&X hmik %t oii« tl«« ogrofl^ to thlo tJhioy U^f not
go through with It, l>la.intlff lia« Ini^rviovB with liiro. CoIIIbo i» on
att«spt to arrivo at oo»« axroagnmont w^«r«l»;f r^laiutlff eoul^S roci^Tor
hor o^areo of Union Car^l^o ^took.

^uly 16, 1931, tiio CoRtin«Ktai VoMk mtfXi th« lOO oiiaree of
{inioa @ar1»iilo etock for 18041 mn^ orftdit«d C;olli»e* note "ifith thlfl.
B«f«ni«il«fit l&anir. 4ld »ot rocoive any of tho ^rocosda of this »alo.

In tho tt««fitiffiO plfelfitlff oositiituod to traridafit 1>[email protected]«e9' vltk
dofendant %»anfc; ofeo t««Ufl*id It wa» Kot ujctil Aft#r the CentiiJOfital
tunk had oold tho Union ©jtrbldo otocis- tftat sl^e flrot ha^ tho Ido*
that «h«* would try to hoi;* dofimdant Isanlt for tJalo otook,

Tho oa»« want to th« S^r;^ i» two oounto, milch are lu au-
oui!|»«lt, tho first of th«!^80 alltg^lng that tho eortiflcate wao de*

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