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Publication Number Seventeen





Illinois State Historical Society


Thirteenth Annual Meeting, Springfield, 111.,
May 23 and 24, 1912

Springfield, III.

Illinois State Journal Co., State Printers

19 14




Editorial Note VII

Officers of the Society, May, 1912-May, 1913 V

Committees of the Illinois State Historical Society, May, 1912-May, 1913 VIII

Record of Official Proceedings 3-11

Business Meeting of the Society 3

Report of the Secretary 6

Report of the Genealogical Committee 11

Program of the Annual Meeting, May 23-24, 1912 XIII


Papers Read at the Annual Meeting 14-158

William E. Dodd— The West and the War with Mexico 15

William Henry Lee — The Calumet Portage 24

Charles B. Johnson, M. D. — Every Day Life in IllinoisNear theMiddle of the Nineteenth Century 44

M. L. Fuller — The Climate of Illinois. Its Permanence ; 54

Mrs. K. T. Anderson — Some Reminiscences of Pioneer Rock Island Women 63

Captain J. H. Burnham— flwtorj/ of the 33d Vol. Inf 77

C. M. Thompson — Genesis of the Whig Party in Illinois 86

Mrs. Josephine Gillespie Prickett — Joseph Gillespie 93

M. M. Quaife — Was there a French Fort at Chicago'! 115

Mrs. Minnie G. Cook — Virginia Currency in the Illinois Country 122

F. I. Herriott— Senator Stephen A. Douglas and the Germans in 1854 142


Contributions to State History 159-20

Proceedings Attending the Admission of the Name of James Nicholas Brown to the Illinois

Farmers' Hall of Fame, January 25, 1911 163

W. D. Barge— uld Towns of Illinois 193

Eva Munson Smith— Sangamon County, IllinoiSj Ladies Soldiers A id Society, 1861-65 198

Index 207


Hon. Clark E. Care Galesburg

First Vice-President.
Hon. L. Y. Sherman Springfield

Second Vice-President.
Hon. Smith D. Atkins Freeport

Third Vice-President.
Hon. Richard Yates Springfield

Board of Directors.

Edmund J. James, President of the University of Illinois


J. H. Burnham Bloomington

E. B. Greene, University of Illinois Urbana

Jessie Palmer Weber Springfield

Charles H. Rammelkamp Jacksonville

Hon. J. 0. Cunningham Urbana

George W. Smith, Southern Illinois Normal University. . . .Carbondale

Hon. W. T. Norton Alton

Hon. Wm. A. Meese Moline

Dr. Otto L. Schmidt Chicago

Richard V. Carpenter Belvidere

Edward C. Page, Northern Illinois State Normal School DeKalb

J. W. Clinton Polo

Hon. Andrew Russel Jacksonville

Walter Colyer Albion

Secretary and Treasurer.
Mrs. Jessie Palmer Weber Springfield

Honorary Vice-Presidents.
The Presidents of the Local Historical Societies.


Following the practice of the Publication Committee in previous
years, this volume includes, besides the official proceedings and the
papers read at the last annual meeting, some essays and other matter
contributed during the year. It is hoped that these "contributions to
State History" may, in larger measure as the years go on, deserve their
title, and form an increasingly valuable part of the Society's transac-
tions. The contributions are intended to include the following kinds
of material :

1. Hitherto unpublished letters and- other documentary material.
This part of the volume should supplement the more formal and exten-
sive publication of official records in the Illinois historical collections,
which are published by the trustees of the State Historical Library.

2. Papers of a reminiscent character. These should be selected
with great care; for memories and reminiscences are at their best an
uncertain basis for historical knowledge.

3. Historical essays or brief monographs, based upon the sources
and containing genuine contributions to knowledge. Such papers should
be accompanied by foot-notes indicating with precision the authorities
upon which the papers are based. The use of new and original material
and the care with which the authorities are cited, will be one of the main
factors in determining the selection of papers for publication.

4. Bibliographies.

5. Occasional reprints of books, pamphlets, or parts of books now
out of print and not easily accessible.

Circular letters have been sent out from time to time urging the
members of the Society to contribute such historical material, and
appeals for it have been issued in the pages of the Journal. The com-
mittee desires to repeat and emphasize these requests.

It is the desire of the committee that this annual publication of
the Society shall supplement, rather than parallel or rival, the distinctly
official publications of the State Historical Library. In historical
research, as in so many other fields, the best results are likely to be
achieved through the co-operation of private initiative with public
authority. It was to promote such co-operation and mutual undertaking
that this Society was organized. Teachers of history, whether in schools
or colleges, are especially urged to do their part in bringing to this
publication the best results of local research and historical scholarship.

In conclusion it should be said that the views expressed in the
various papers are those of their respective authors and not necessarily
those of the committee. Nevertheless, the committee will be glad to
receive such corrections of fact or such general criticism as may appear
to be deserved.


SOCIETY— MAY 1912 TO MAY 1913.

Publication Committee.

J. McCan Davis, Chairman Springfield

Jessie Palmer Weber Springfield

George A. Dupuy Chicago

Solon J. Buck Urbana

George W. Smith .' Carbondale

Stephen L. Spear Springfield

John L. Cooper Fairfield

Walter Colyer Albion

J. N. Gridley Virginia

J. B. Oakleaf Moline

John M. Lansden Cairo

Farlin Q. Ball Chicago

Joseph E. Paden Evanston

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Program Committee.

Jessie Palmer Weber, Chairman Springfield

E. B. Greene Champaign

J. H. Burnham Bloomington

Otto L. Schmidt Chicago

E. S. Willcox Peoria

Wm. A. Meese Moline

J. A. James Evanston

Paul Selby Chicago

Mrs. Katherine Goss Wheeler Springfield

Charles P. Kane Springfield

Mrs. Isabel Jamison Springfield

F. J. Heinl Jacksonville

Clinton L. Conkling Springfield

Charles H. Eammelkamp Jacksonville

Logan Hay Springfield

W. G. Edens Chicago

Mrs. Martha K. Baxter Pawnee

J. H. Collins Springfield

Charles G. Dawes Chicago

J. . Seymour Currey Evanston

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg


Finance and Auditing Committee.

Andrew Russel, Chairman Jacksonville

E. J. James Urbana

Jessie Palmer Weber Springfield

0. L. Schmidt Chicago

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Committee on Legislation.

Andrew Russel, Chairman Jacksonville

Win. A. Meese Molme

0. F. Berry Carthage

Samuel Alschuler Aurora

R. V. Carpenter Belvidere

Henry McCormick Normal

Charles E. Hull Salem

B. S. Tuthill Chicago

Ross- C. Hall Oak Park

Lee F. English Chicago

David Felmley Xormal

Wm. A. Vincent Chicago

0. A. Harker Champaign

E. L. Merritt Springfield

Campbell S. Hearn Quincy

H. J. Patten Evanston

Clark E. Carr, ex officio • Galesburg

Special Committee to Mark Route of Lincoln's Army Trail from
Beardstown to Mouth of Rock River.

William A. Meese, Chairman Moline

Robert H. Garm Beardstown

John S. Bagby Rushville

Dr. W. T. Burrows Ottawa

Henry S. Dixon Dixon

0. M. Dickerson Macomb

James Gordon Oquawka

E. E. Nicholson Beardstown

James M. Johnston Milan

1. F. Edwards Dixon

Dr. Homer Mead Camden

Jacob C. Thompson Macomb

J. B. Oakleaf Moline

John Richmond Prophetstown

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Committee on Local Historical Societies.

Richard V. Carpenter, Chairman Belvidere

J. H. Burnham Bloomington

E. M. Bowman St. Louis

W. H. Fay DeKalb

J. Seymour Currey Evanston

George W. Smith Carboudale

E. P. Lovejoy Princetun

J. O. Cunningham Urbana

Mrs. Charles A. Webster G-alesburg

J . N ick Perrin Belleville

Horace Hull Ottawa

Mrs. Mary Turner Carriel Jacksonville

L. J . Freese Eureka

Gen. John I. Kinaker Carlinville

Miss Anna B. Silver Philo

Miss Eouise Maertz Quincy

Judson D. Metzger Moline

J. W. Clinton Polo

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Committee ox Membership.

Judge J Otis Humphrey, Chairman Springfield

Charles L. Capen Bloomington

Dr. Hauiel Berry Carmi

John M. Rapp Fairfield

Mrs. i. G. Miller Springfield

Mrs. C. C. Brown Springfield

Dr. William Jayne Springfield

George E. Dawson Chicago

A. W. Crawford Hillsboro

Mrs. E. M. Bacon Decatur

William M. Fowler Aurora

Andrew L. Anderson Lincoln

Smith D. Atkins Freeport

Sumner S. Anderson Charleston

S. W. Baxter East St. Louis

Mrs. Inez J. Bender Decatur

Charles Bent Morrison

Mrs. George D. Tunniclifi Macomb

Win. R. Sandham Wyoming

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Committee ox Marking Historic Spots in Illinois.

Francis G. Blair, Chairman Springfield

Mrs. Matthew T. Scott Bloomington

Harry Ainsworth Moline

John E. Miller East St. Louis

John S. Little Bushville

Charles B. Campbell Kankakee

Miss Lottie E. Jones Danville

Terry Simmons Marseilles

1 1. S. Sicks Eockford

Miss Sarah M. Gough El Paso


Lewis M. Gross Sycamore

Mrs. Lee J. Hubble Monmouth

Mrs. Leroy Bacchus Springfield

Mrs. G. H. Huntoon Moline

John H. Hauberg Moline

J. W. Houston Berwick

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Committee on Genealogy and Genealogical Publications.

Miss Georgia L. Osborne, Chairman Springfield

John C. Foote Belvidere

Mrs. E. S. Walker Springfield

Mrs. Thomas Worthington Jacksonville

Mrs. John C. Ames Streator

Miss May Latham Lincoln

Mrs. George K. Hall Springfield

Mrs. E. G. Crabbe Corpus Christi, Texas

Mrs. A. W. Sale Springfield

Mrs. G. W. Leaverton Springfield

Norman G. Flagg Moro

Bichard V. Carpenter Belvidere

Oliver R. Williamson Chicago

Dwight E. Frink Bloomington

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Committee on Archaeology.

Professor Frederick Starr, Chairman Chicago

J. H. Burnham Bloomington

J. V. N. Standish Galesburg

Dr. Wm. Jayne Springfield

W. T. Norton Alton

"Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Special Committee to Confer with the Commission Appointed by

the Last General Assembly on the Constkuction of

the New Building for the Histoeical

Society and Library.

William A. Meese, Chairman Moline

Charles H. Bammelkamp Jacksonville

Otto L. Schmidt Chicago

Bichard V. Carpenter Belvidere

Special Committee on the Special Meeting or the Society to be
Held December, 1912, at Springfield.

Otto L. Schmidt, Chairman Chicago

Charles H. Bammelkamp Jacksonville

Clinton L. Conkling Springfield

Jessie Palmer Weber Springfield

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg


Special Committee to Represent the Historical Society at the
Centennial of Madison County, Edwardsville,
September 14, 1912.

Paul Selby, Chairman Chicago

D. C. Smith Normal

Hon. Richard Yates Springfield

Mrs. E. S. Walker Springfield

Miss Alice Orendorff Springfield

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Special Committee on the Edwards County Centennial Celebra-
tion, Albion, III.

Walter Colyer, Chairman Albion

George W. Smith Carbondale

F. W. Potter Springfield

Hon. L. Y. Sherman Springfield

Judge C. C. Kohlsaat Chicago

Hon. John P. Hand Cambridge

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg

Special Committee to Consider What Can be Done to Insure the

Preservation of the Great Cahokia Mound,

Madison County, III.

Hon. W. T. Norton, Chairman Alton

0. L. Schmidt Chicago

J. V. N. Standish Galesburg

Mrs. John C. Ames Streator

J. Nick Perrin Belleville

Hon. Norman G. Elagg Moro

Clark E. Carr, ex officio Galesburg


SOCIETY, MAY 23 AND 24, 1912.

Order of Exercises.

Thursday, May 23, 1912.
8:30 o'Clock A. M.
Directors' Meeting in the Office of the Secretary of the Society.

10:00 o'Clock A. M.

Business Meeting of the Society.
Reports of Officers.
Reports of Committees.
Communications and Letters.
Election of Officers.
Miscellaneous Business.

2:30 o'Clock P. M.

Literary Exercises.

Address — "The Calumet Portage" — Mr. Henry W. Lee, Editor Calumet
Record, Chicago.

Address — "Every Day Life in Illinois Near the Middle of the Nineteenth
Century" — Dr. Charles B. Johnson, Champaign, 111.

Address— "The Climate of Illinois" — Mr. M. L. Fuller, U. S. Weather
Bureau, Peoria, 111.

Address — "Some Reminiscences of Pioneer Rock Island Women" —
Mrs. K. T. Anderson, Rock Island, 111.

Thursday Evening.

8:00 o'Clock.
Song — "Illinois."

Annual Address — "The West and the Mexican War" — William E. Dodd,
Ph.D., University of Chicago.

Friday Morning, May 24, 1912.
9:30 o'Clock.

Address — "The Thirty-third Regiment Illinois Infantry in the War
Between the States" — Capt. J. H. Burnham, Bloomington, 111.

Address— "The Genesis of the Whig Party in Illinois" — C. M. Thompson,
A.M., Urbana, 111.

Address — "The Know Nothing Party in Illinois" — Mr. John P. Senning,
Champaign, 111.

Address — "Joseph Gillespie, a Pioneer Lawyer of Southern Illinois" —
Mrs. Josephine G. Prickett, Edwardsville, 111.


Friday Afternoon.
2:80 o'Clock.

Address— "Was There a French Fort at Chicago?"— M. M. Quaife, Ph.D.,
Lewis Institute, Chicago.

Address — "Virginia Currency in the Illinois Country" — Mrs. Minnie G.
Cook, Milwaukee, Wis.

Address— "Senator Stephen A. Douglas and the Germans in 1854" —
F. I. Herriott, Ph.D., Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.

Friday Evening.

8:00 o'clock.

Historic Places and Scenes of Illinois— With Stereopticon Pictures —
Hon. William A. Meese, Moline, 111.
Reception in the State Library.


Record of Official Proceedings, 1912.


The Illinois State Historical Society met in its thirteenth annual
session, Thursday morning, May 22, 1912.

The session opened with its annual business meeting, President
Clark E. Carr, presided. ,

Dr. Schmidt moved that the action of the State officials and the
Legislature in regard to the beginning they had made upon the plans
for a new building for the State Historical Society and allied interests
be recognized and a letter of thanks from the society, signed by the
president and secretary, be sent to each member of the Legislature, the
Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Secretary of State.

Motion seconded and carried unanimously.

Capt. Burnham moved as it is the sense of this meeting that
there should be a special meeting of the State Historical Society called
sometime between this and the next Legislature, provided the president
approves it, that the special meeting be called for the 3rd day of
December, 1912, Illinois Day, or as near that day as practicable.

Motion seconded and carried unanimously.

Mr. Paul Selby talked on the prospects for a new building.

Mr. Norton moved that the invitation of the Centennial Committee
of Madison County to the State Historical Society be accepted.

Motion seconded and carried.

Capt. Burnham moved that the chair appoint a committee of
five members of the society, as well as the officers to represent the society
at this meeting.

Motion seconded and carried.

Suggestion was made that two of the five members of that com-
mittee be women.

The next subject taken up was that of the State securing and
preserving the Great Cahokia Mound.

Capt. Burnham and Mr. Norton spoke upon this subject.

Dr. Schmidt moved that the chair appoint a committee of three
or five for the purpose of working up this matter, and presenting a
report at the next meeting, and that that committee be empowered to
call a meeting of Illinois Historical Society, with the consent of the
president, in case that they should deem it necessary.

Motion seconded and carried.

Dr. Bammelkamp moved that the secretary of the society be
appointed a committee of one to prepare a message expressing the sin-
cere sympathy of the society with Mrs. Wheeler of Springfield in her
accident and continued ill health.

Motion seconded and carried.


Dr. Ramrnelkamp moved that the secretary of the society extend
an invitation to the members of the House of Representatives when in
session to attend the meetings of the society.

Motion seconded and carried.

The report of the secretary was read and accepted, and it was voted
that it be printed in the quarterly Journal of the society.

Treasurer's report was read.

Eeport accepted and placed on file.

Report of Committee on Genealogy read by Miss Osborne, chairman.

Report accepted and placed on file.

Capt. Burnham and Col. Carr spoke on the subject of finding the
burial places of revolutionary soldiers in Illinois.

The chairman of the Committee on Local Historical Societies was
not present and no report from this committee was read.

Capt. Burnham and Mr. Moore, members of the committee, spoke
on the work of the societies.

Mr. Moore moved that the society recommend to the State Super-
intendent of Schools that the children should be taught to recognize the
flag and that whenever they meet a soldier, wearing the G.A.R. button
they should salute him.

Mrs. Miller, Capt. Burnham and Dr. Rammelkamp spoke on the

Dr. Rammelkamp amended Mr. Moore's motion by moving that a
committee of two be appointed by the chair to confer with the Superin-
tendent of Public Instruction on the advisability of having Mr. Moore's
suggestion carried out.

Motion seconded and carried.

The chair appointed Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Weber.

Report of the Publication Committee, of which Mr. J. McCan
Davis is chairman was read and accepted.

Report of the Program Committee was made by the secretary.

Dr. Schmidt moved the chair appoint a nominating committee of
three to nominate officers for the coming year.

Motion seconded and carried.

The chair appointed Mr. Clendenin, Mr. Moore and Mrs. Miller.

Moved that a committee of five be appointed by the chair to co-
operate with the Edwards County organization in their centennial cele-

Motion seconded and carried.

The secretary read a letter from John W. Black, son of the late
George X. Black, offering to the society as a gift from him and his
sister, his father's books, if the society can assure them of a permanent
and suitable place for them.

Mr. Catlin moved that the society through its secretary acknowledge
receipt of the letter and express its thanks for the offer and say that at
such time as we can assure them of a permanent place to properly store
and care for the collection, we will thankfully receive it.

Motion seconded and carried.

Mr. Clendenin offered the report of the Committee on Xominations
and moved its adoption.

Motion seconded and unanimously adopted.
On motion meeting adjourned until 2 :30 p.m.


Whereas, The Illinois State Historical Society in annual meeting
assembled, has learned with regret of the continued illness of Mrs. Kather-
ine Goss Wheeler, one of the founders of this society, and one of its most
faithful and valued members, and

Whereas, The society desires to express to Mrs. Wheeler its deep sympa-
thy for her in her sickness and discomfort, and to express also to her the
fact that at this annual meeting che members of this society miss her
genial, graceful presence, and her kind words of greeting; therefore be it

Resolved, That a copy of this resolution and its preamble be spread upon
the records of this society, and that the secretary be instructed to send a
copy to Mrs. Wheeler.


Whereas, In the sudden death on April 17, 1912, of Charles R. Coon,
the Illinois State Historical Society has lost one of its most useful employees,
and faithful members, and

Whereas, The sociecy desires to show its appreciation of his faithful
service in the Library, and his many kindnesses to the society, and to
express our deep sorrow for his loss and our sincere and heartfelt sympathy
to his bereaved family; therefore be it

Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be placed on file in the records
of the society and a copy be sent to the family of our deceased friend and


May 20, 1912.
Mrs. Jessie Palmer Weber, Sec. Illinois State Historical Society, City.

My Dear Mrs. Weber— Seeing the item in the paper in reference to an
appropriation for a permanent building for your library, now before the
General Assembly, reminds me that my sister and myself have as yet made
no disposition of my father's collection, and we have been awaiting the out-
come of this legislation, with the idea in view of donating such books as you
might select therefrom, to your society, in memory of my father, your
former secretary, provided we could be assured of a room for their perma-
nent safe keeping. If you can give us some assurance along this line, we
will be pleased to keep them until the matter can be satisfactorily arranged.

Awaiting your advice in the matter, I remain with kindest personal


Yours very truly,

J. W. Black.

MAY, 1911— MAY, 1912.

Springfield, III., May 23, 1912.

To the Board of Directors of the Illinois State Historical Society:

Gentlemen — I beg leave to submit to yon the report of the secre-
tary of the Illinois State Historical Society for the year ending May 22,

The year has not been marked by any unusual activities, but the
work of the society has been growing in every line.

The number of members of the society has increased largely
though the relative increase is not as large as in some previous years.
The reason for this is that in the enumeration of the members I have
not counted a number of members from whom we have not heard for
some time. In several cases the publications have been returned., and we
can find no trace of them. We carry such names on our card catalogue,
but no longer send publications. In many such cases we may hear from
the persons when they are again located. This we have never done be-
fore, and the elimination of these names accounts for the slight apparent
increase in membership for the gain has been quite as large as usual.

The society now numbers 25 honorary members, 9 life members,
19 Illinois Press Association members, 12 library or institution mem-
bers, and 1,288 active members, a total of 1,383 members of all classes.

We have lost by the hand of death since my last report the follow-
ing named members of the society :

Hally Haight, Naperville, 111., May 3, 1911.

Mrs. Harriet Rumsey Taylor, Springfield, 111., May 15, 1911.

Guy I. Colby, Melrose Highlands, Mass., July 11, 1911.

Gen. Benjamin H. Grierson, Jacksonville, 111., Sept. 3, 1911.

John E. Hunt, Chicago, Dec. 20, 1911.

Victor Georg, Springfield, 111., Aug. 14, 1911.

Abner P. Woodworth, Robinson, 111., Nov. 12, 1911.

Hon. Ogden H. Fethers, Janesville, Wis., 1911.

Emil Manhardt, Chicago, 1911.

John H. Loornis, Chicago, 1912.

C. Gilbert Wheeler, Chicago, 1912.

Necrological reports are given in the Journal and so I will merely
give a list of names.

I again ask the members to notify the secretary of deaths in our

I have to report the death of Charles E. Coon, for many years an
assistant in the Illinois State Historical Library and the devoted friend

of this society and its members. Mr. Coon died at his post of duty in
the library on Wednesday morning, April 17, 1912. He was a good,
true and loyal man and the society and the library has lost a faithful
and devoted member of its staff.

The matter of greatest interest about which I have to speak to the
society is the commission which will report to the next General Assembly
on the plan for a new building for the Illinois State Historical Library
and Society, the State Department of Education, the State Museum of
Natural History, and possibly other departments. The last Legislature,
as you all know, appropriated $5,000 for the expenses of a commission
whose duty it is to prepare plans for a new building, and make recom-
mendations as to a site and possibly secure an option on a piece of land
for that purpose, and to consult with the State Architect as to the plans-
for the building, after conferring with persons in charge of the depart-
ments interested.

The commission consists of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor,
Secretary of State, Superintendent of Public Instruction, president of

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