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Washington, 1892); m. Oct. 15, 1885, Georgi-
anna B., of Titusville, Pa., d. Charles Henri
Ames of Keesville, N. Y. Asst. in physical
laboratory, Wurzburg, 1881-2; physicist, U. S.
Geol. Survey, 1882-91; prof, physics, Corcoran
Scientific School, Washington, 1884-6; prof,
chemistry and toxicology, Nat. Coll. Phar-
macy, 1889-92; asst. in charge, Astro-phys-
ical Observatory, Smithsonian Inst'n, 1891-
2. Mem. Philos. Soc, Washington; fellow A.
A. A. S., New York Acad. Sciences; has
published many scientific papers. Residence:
417 W. 118th St., New York.
HALLOWELL, Anna Davis; b. Phila.,
April 21, 1838; d. Edward M. and Maria
(Mott) Davis; m. Oct. 26, 1859, Richard
Price Hallowell, Phila. Author: Life and
Letters of James and Lucretia Mott, 1884
H5; Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Lydia
Maria Child, 1900. Address: West Medford,
HALLOWELL, Richard Price, wool
mcht., author; 6. Phila., Dec. 16, 1835; s.
Morris L. and Hannah P. H. ; ed. Haver-
ford Coll.; m. Oct. 26, 1859, Anna C, d. Ed-
ward M. and Maria (Mott) Davis, Phila.
Moved to Mass., 1859; since then in busi-
ness in Boston ; apptd. by Gov. Andrew of
Mass. sp'l agt. to recruit negro regts. ; later

v.-p. New England Woman Suffrage Assn.
and treas. Free Religious Assn. Author:
The Quaker Invasion of Massachusetts; The
Pioneer Quakers. Address: West Medford,
HALLSTEAD; see also Halstead; also Hal-

HALLSTEAD, William P., retired ry.
mgr. ; b. Benton, Pa., March 22, 1836; com-
mon school ed'n; m. June, 1858, Mary E.
Harding. Entered ry. service, 1852; entire
service with D. L. & W. R. R. ; was brake-
man, conductor, dispatcher and asst. supt.,
1852-72; supt. main line, Buffalo to New
Hampton Junction, and Utica & Bloomsburg
Div. same road; gen. mgr., June, 1886- July,
1899, was also 2d v.-p. and pres. Lacka-
wanna & Montrose R. R. Address: Scran-
ton, Pa.
HALSALL, "William Pormby, marine
painter; b. England, March 20, 1841; 5. John
P. and Mary H. ; went to sea for 7 yrs. and
was in U. S. navy during part of the Civil
war; since then has painted marine pic-
tures, including First Fight of Ironclads:
Monitor and Merrimac (now in Senate
chamber, Washington) ; The Mayflower (in
Memorial Hall, Plymouth, Mass) ; Sheeted
Ghost; Niagara Falls. Married. Address:
620 Atlantic Av., Boston.
HALSEY, Charles Storrs, educator; b.
Cambria, N. Y., Dec. 20, 1834; s. Rev. Her-
man and Sophia (Woolworth) H. ; grad.,
with valedictory honors, Williams Coll.,
1856 (A. M.); m. April 11, 1859, Maria A.
Lippincott. Prin. Macedon Acad., 1856-8
and 1862-5; Newton Collegiate Inst., N. J.,
1859-61; Canandaigua Acad., 1865-72; High
School, Burlington, Vt., 1872-5; Union Clas-
sical Inst., Schenectady, N. Y., 1875-97.
Author: Genealogical and Chronological
Chart of the Rulers of England, Scotland,
France, Germany and Spain, 1873 Gl; Ety-
mology of Latin and Greek, 1882 Gl.
Residence: 151 Remsen St., Brooklyn.
HALSEY, Francis Whiting, editor on
staff New York Times since 1880; b. Una-
dilla, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1851; s. Gaius L. H.,
M. D.; studied Unadilla Acad.; grad. Cor-
nell, 1873; m. Dec. 18, 1883, Virginia Isabel
Forbes (died Jan. 13, 1899). On editorial
staff New York Tribune, 1875-80. Has ed-
ited since it was started in 1896, New York
Times Saturday Review. Delivered anni-
versary address massacre of Wyoming in
July, 1898. Lectures on The Hudson Val-
ley in the Revolution; Good Books as an
Inspiration in Human Life; Journalism in
New York: How it Had to Rise, and What
it Stands For; and The New York Indians
and Their Famous League. Author: Two
Months Abroad, 1878 XI; The Old New
York Frontier: Its Wars with Indians and
Tories, Its Missionary Schools, Pioneers and
Land Titles, 1901 S3; Virginia Isabel Forbes
(memoir of his wife), 1900 XI. Contributor to
Harper's Weekly, The Independent, Book
Buyer and other periodicals. Residence: 146
W. 119th St. Office: The Times, New York.
HALSEY, Frederick A., asso. editor of
American Machinist since 1895; b. Unadilla,
N. Y., July 12, 1856; 5. G. L. Halsey, M. D. ;



grad. Cornell Univ., 1878; sp'l ed'n in mech.
eng'ring; m. Unadilla, N. Y., May 12, 1885,
Stella D. Spencer. Eng'r Rand Drill Co.,
1880-90; eng'r and gen. nigr. Canadian Rand
Drill Co., 1890-4; still consulting eng'r both
above cos. Mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs;
Sigma Xi. Author: Slide Valve Gears, 1890
VI; The Locomotive Link Motion, 1899 L19;
The Slid Rule, 1899 VI. Inventor of the
"premium plan" of paying for labor, and
author of a paper bearing that title, read
before Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, 1891. This
plan is being widely discussed and has been
adopted by some leading mfrs. in Europe
and America. Residence: 356 W. 120th St.
Office: 218 William St., New York.

HALSTEAD; see also Hallstead; also Hal-

HALSTEAD, Albert, newspaper corr. ; b.
Cincinnati, Sept. 19, 1867; grad. Princeton,
1889; served 4 yrs. as col. and a. d. c. on
staff of William McKinley, gov. of Ohio.
Was Washington corr. Cincinnati Commer-
cial Gazette, 1891-6; editor Springfield
(Mass.) Union, 1896-9; Washington corr.
Brooklyn Standard-Union, Nashville Ban-
ner, etc., since 1900; m. Dec. 8, 1896, Aline
Wilcox, Washington. Residence: 1509 20th
St. Office: 509 14th St., Washington.

HALSTEAD, Murat, journalist; b. Ross
Tp., Butler Co., O., Sept. 2, 1829; .?. Griffin
and Clarissa (Willets) H. ; reared on farm,
attending school winters; attended select
school 1 term; taught school 2 terms; grad.
Farmers' Coll., nr. Cincinnati; m. March 2,
1857, Mary Banks, Cincinnati. Began news-
paper work on a literary weekly; joined
staff of Cincinnati Commercial, March 8,
1853, bought interest, 1854; head of firm,
1865; later consolidated with Gazette
as Commercial Gazette, of which he be-
came editor-in-chief. Nominated, 1889, by
Pres. Harrison as minister to Germany; re-
jected by Senate because of articles he had
written about the purchase of senatorial
seats. Later edited Brooklyn Standard-
Union; during past few yrs. sp'l corr. and
mag. writer. Went to Philippine Islands
during war with Spain. Author: The Con-
vention of 1860; The White Dollar; The
Story of Cuba; Life of William McKinley;
The Story of the Philippines; The History
of American Expansion; Our Country in
War; Official History of the War with
Spain; Life of Admiral Dewey; The Great
Century; The Boer and British War; The
Galveston Tragedy; etc. Address: 643 W.
4th St., Cincinnati.

HALSTED, Byron David, prof, botany,
Rutgers Coll., since 1889; b. Venice, Cayuga
Co., N. Y., Jan. 7, 1852; s. David H. : grad.
Mich. Agr'l Coll., 1871, M. S., 1873 (Sc. D.,
Harvard, 1878). Mng. editor Am. Agricul-
ist, 1880-5; prof, botany, Iowa Agr'l Coll.,
1885-9; pres. Bot. Soc. of Am.; ex-pres. Soc.
for Promotion of Agr'l Science; mem. A.
A. A. S. Asso. editor Torrey Bulletin, Flora
of N. America, etc. Author: A Century of
Agricultural Weeds; The Vegetable Gar-
den; Farm Conveniences; also papers in
mags, and expt. sta. bulletins. Address:
New Brunswick, N. J.

HALSTED, Georjte Brnee, prof, mathe-
matics, Univ. of Texas, since 1884; b. New-
ark, N. J., Nov. 25, 1853; s. Oliver Spf-ncer
and Adela (Meeker) H. ; grad. Princeton,
1875 (A. M., same; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins,
1879); fellow in mathematics, Princeton;
twice fellow Johns Hopkins; m. Maggie
Swearingen. Instr. in post-graduate mathe-
matics, Princeton; intercollegiate prizeman
in mathematics. Pres. Tex. Acad. Science;
mem. of all math. socs. in the world.
Author: Mensuration (Metrical Geometry),
1881 Gl; Elements of Geometry, 1885 W9;
Elementary Synthetic Geometry, 1892 W9;
Pure Projective Geometry, 1895 W9; Non-
Euclidean Geometry for Teachers, 19U0; also
many papers in higher mathematics.
Address: Austin, Tex.

HALSTED, William S surgeon; grad.
Coll. Phys. & Surg., City of New York,
1877; fellow Deutsche Gessellschaft fur
Chirugie; prof, surgery Johns Hopkins; sur-
geon-in-chief Johns Hopkins Hosp. Address:
1201 Eutaw St., Baltimore.

HAM, Marion Franklin, Unitarian cler-
gyman; b. Harvey sburg, O., Feb. 18, 1867;
s. George W. and Marcia E. H.; ed. common
schools; became connected with the press
in various literary capacities; entered min-
istry, 1897, since then pastor All Souls'
Unitarian Ch., Chattanooga. Best known
as writer of verse, notably the poems Bob-
white, The Army Mule and A Fading
Type. Author- The Golden Shuttle (volume
of poems). Address: 20 Mabel St., Chatta-
nooga, Tenn.

HAMAKER, Winters D., physician: b.
Schellsburg, Pa., Sept. 21, 1859; s. A. P. and
Sarah J. H. ; grad. Washington and Jeffer-
son Coll., 1880 (A. M., 1883); Univ. of Pa.,
M. D., 1884; resident physician Presby'n
Hosp., 1884-5; Univ. Hosp., Phila., 1885-6;
since 1886 in Meadville, Pa. ; specialty of
gen. and abdominal surgery. Since 1895
mem. Pa. State Bd. of Med. Examiners;
has been pres. Crawford Co. Med. Soc. ;
mem. Am. Med. Assn.; Med. Soc. of Pa.;
Pathol. Soc. of Pa.; m. 1887, Lizzie, d. Rev.
D. W. Townsend, D. D. Address: Mead-
ville, Pa.

HAMBIDGE, Jay, artist: b. Simcoe, Can.,
Jan. 13, 1867; 5. George and Christina H.;
m. Council Bluffs, la.. Jan. 1, 1889, Cordelia
Selina DeLorme. Pupil of Art Students'
League, New York, and William M. Chase.
Exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 1900. Residence:
Amityville, L. I., N. Y. Studio: 53 W. 24th
St., New York.

HAMBLEN, Herbert Elliott, ("Frederick
Benton Williams"), eng'r, author; b. Ossip-
pee, N. H., Dec. 24, 1849; .?. Andrew H. and
Mary Susan (Small) H. ; common school
ed'n in New York went to sea, boy to
chief mate, 1864-78; railroad eng'r, 1880-94:
since then stationary eng'r; now employed
by New York City aqueduct dept. Began
writing in 1896. Widower. Author: On
Many Seas, 1896 Ml; The General Manager's
Story, 1897 Ml; Tom Benton's Luck. 1898
Ml; The Story of a Yankee Boy, 1898 S3;
We Win, 1899 D5; Yarn of a Bucko Mate,
1899 S3; etc. Residence: 521 W. 161st St.
Address: 104 W. 98th St., New York.



HANBLETON, Thomas Edward, bank-
er; b. New Windsor, Carroll Co.. Md., May
17, 1829; grad. St. Mary's Coll., Baltimore;
m. Sept. 15, 1852, Arabella, d. Maj. Dixon
Stansbury, U. S. A. Was formerly in mer-
cantile business; now senior mem. Ham-
bleton & Co., bankers. Office: 9 South St.,

HAMER, James Henry, M. D. ; b. Skip-
pack ville, Pa., Oct. 1, 1847; .y. Dr. James and
Caroline A. H. ; grad. Hahnemann Med.
Coll., Phila., 1875; demonstrator of chem-
istry, 1889, and, 1892, prof, of chemistry in
Hahnemann; mem. leading homce. med.
socs. ; m. May 15, 1879, Flora Hunsicker.
Address: Collegeville, Pa.

HAMERSLEY, James Hooker, writer;
b. New York, Jan. 26, 1844; grad. Columbia,
1865 (A. M.); Columbia Law School, LL. B.,
1867; m. April 30, 1888, Margaret Willing
Chisolm. Practiced law; retired to man-
age family property; delegate Rep. State
conv., 1877; nominated for legislature, 1877,
but withdrew in favor of William Waldorf
Astor. Many yrs. dir. Knickerbocker Fire
Ins. Co. ; mem. N. Y. Hist. Soc. ; New York
Law Inst. ; Am. Geog. Soc. ; pres. Babies'
Hosp. ; pres. Knickerbocker Bowling Club;
mem. St. Nicholas Soc, Sons of the Revolu-
tions, Officers Colonial War Soc, exec,
com. Y. M. C. A. (23d st. branch); inter-
ested in many charitable and philanthropic
instns. Author: The Seven Voices, 1898 P2;
also contributor of poems, and articles on
finance, history, religion and politics to va-
rious publications. Residence: 1030 5th Av.
Office: 71 Broadway, New York.

HAMERSLEY, William, asso. judge Su-
preme Court of Errors, Conn., since 1894; b.
Hartford, Conn., Sept. 9, 1838; s. William
James Hamersley; ed. Hopkins Grammar
School, Hartford, and Hartford High
School; grad. Trinity Coll., 1858 (LL. D.);
at Harvard Law School, 1859; m. 1st, Cyn-
thia, d. Henry Williams, Painesville, O.,
Oct. 19, 1870; 2d, Jane, d. John Allen of
Old Saybrook, Conn., Oct. 25, 1882. City
atty., Hartford, 1865-8; state's atty., 1868-
88; judge Superior Court, 1893-4; Democrat.
Address: Hartford, Conn.

HAMILTON, Allan McLane, M. D.; b.
Brooklyn, Oct. 6, 1848 (g.s. Alexander Ham-
ilton) ; grad. Coll. Phys. & Surg., New
York, 1870; practices as specialist in ner-
vous diseases; testified for gov't as expert
in trial of assassin Guiteau; prof, mental
diseases, Cornell Univ. Med. Coll.; mem.
leading med. socs. ; fellow Royal Soc. of
Edinburgh. Author: Clinical Electro-Thera-
peutics; Nervous Diseases; Medical Juris-
prudence; also many articles in med. jour-
nals. Address: 44 E. 29th St., New York.

HAMILTON, Braddin, P. E. clergyman;
b. Stratford, Ontario, Nov. 20, 1861; s. Jus-
tice James Hamilton; prep, ed'n Hellmuth
Coll. and Huron Coll., London, Ont. ; grad.
Trinity Univ., Toronto, 1882; Trinity Coll.,
Cambridge (B. D., D. D., Western Univ.,
London, Ont.); m. Phila., June 24, 1896, Au-
gusta R. Stevenson. Apptd. select preach-
er at Cambridge Univ. Club, England, 1882;
one of founders of Toynbee Hall, East Lon-
don, England, 1882; was made the young-

est D. D. in the Episcopal Ch. in U. S. A.
in 1890; apptd. public minister for the City
of New York, in Dept. of Charities and
Corrections, 1891; now pres. Episcopal Pub-
lication Soc, New York; Rep. leader
of the 7th dist., 29th ward, New York, 1900.
Author: The Family of Hamilton, 1898 E10;
Sermons Preached at Newport, F10. Wrote:
Errors of Society, Smart Set, , Oct., 1900.
Residence: 61 E. 55th St., New York.

HAMILTON, Edward John, prof, phil-
osophy, State Univ. of Wash., since 1895; b.
Belfast, Ireland, Nov. 29, 1834; s. Rev. Wil-
liam H. (D. D.); grad. Hanover Coll., Ind.,
1853; Princeton Theol. Sem., 1858 (S. T. D.,
Wabash Coll., 1877; D. D., Monmouth Coll.,
1877); m. 1867, Eliza Hume. For 5 yrs.
Preby'n pastor; for 2 yrs. chaplain 7th
N. J. vet. inf. in Civil war. Prof, mental
philisophy, Hanover Coll., 1868-79; acting
prof, ethics, economics, politics and logic
Princeton, 1882-3; prof, philosophy Hamil-
ton Coll., N. Y., 1883-91; definer and re-
viewer Standard Dictionary, 1891-4; prof,
philosophy Whitworth Coll., 1894-5. Author
of a complete system of metaphysical phil-
osophy, entitled "Perceptionalism," which
has been widely adopted. Author: A New
Analysis in Fundamental Morals, 1870 S3;
The Human Mind, 1883 H9; The Modalist,
1883 Gl; The Perceptionalist, or Mental
Science, 1899 H9; various review articles.
Address: 312 W. 122d St., New York.

HAMILTON, Edward La Rue, congress-
man, lawyer; b. Berrien Co., Mich., Dec. 9,
1857; .s. Edward L. and Margaret (Jameson)
H. ; ed. in public schools; admitted to bar,
1884; since then active in politics; mem.
Congress, 1897-1903, 4th Mich. dist. Repub-
lican. Home: Niles, Mich.

HAMILTON, Grant E., artist; b. Youngs-
town, O., Aug. 16, 1862; grad. Yale, 1880;
m. 1882, Lydia E. Hilker, Pittsburg, Pa.
Residence: Bath Beach, L. I. Studio: 110
5th Av., New York.

HAMILTON, Hamilton, artist; b. in Eng-
land, April 1, 1847; brought to U. S. in in-
ancy; self-taught in art; began as portrait
painter in Buffalo, 1872; went to France,
1878-9; settled in New York, 1881; asso.,
1886, academician, 1889, Nat. Acad. Design.
Specialties: Landscapes and genre paintings
in oil and water-colors. Address: Baldwin's,
L. I., N. Y.

HAMILTON, Jamin Hannibal, M. D. ; b.
Berkshire, Vt, Feb. 29, 1836; ed. Franklin
and Derby Acads., Vt. ; grad. Vt. Acad.
Medicine, Castleton, Vt., 1859; since then
in practice at Richford, Vt. ; post-graduate
course med. dept., McGill Univ., Montreal,
1872; m. 1st, 1860, Ellen M. Goff (died, 1876);
2d, 1876, Mary A. Smalley of Waterbury, Vt.
Mem. Am. Med. Assn. ; sec. Vt. State Bd.
of Health. Address: Richford, Vt.

HAMILTON, Jo, lawyer; b. Barren Co.,
Ky., April 16, 1830; went to Calif., 1859;
elected dist. atty., 1860, 1862; Dem. presi-
dential elector, 1864, 1872 and 1896; elected
att'y-gen. of Calif., 1867; defeated, same,
1871; re-elected atty. -gen., 1875; defeated
same, 1879; voted for on Dem. ticket for U.
S. senator, Calif., 1899. Address: Auburn,



HAMILTON, John McLnre, artist; b.
Phila., Jan. 31, 1853; j. George H., M. D. ;
ed. Phila., Antwerp and Paris; settled in
London, 1878. Specialty, portraits. Lead-
ing works: Gladstone (in Luxemburg Gal-
lery), Cardinal Manning, Watts, Leighton,
Tyndall. Address: Stone Hall, Wolf's Cas-
tle, Pembrokeshire; Murestead, Grove End
Road, London N. W., England.
HAMILTON, John Taylor, Moravian
clergyman; b. Antigua, W. I., April 30,
1859; j. Rev. Allan and Jane (Taylor) H. ;
prep, ed'n Moravian boarding school, Ful-
neck, England; grad. Moravian Coll., Beth-
lehem, Pa., 1875; Moravian Theol. Sem.,
Bethlehem, Pa., 1877; m. Phila., June 7,
1886, Cecelia Elizabeth Beck. Teacher Naz-
areth Hall, 1877-81; pastor 2d Moravian Ch.,
Phila., 1881-6; resident prof. Moravian Coll.
and Theol. Sem. since 1886. Asso. editor
The Moravian, 1883-93; sole editor, 1893-4,
1897-9; elected mem. administrative bd. Mo-
ravian Ch. N., 1898, for 5 yrs; sec. Soc.
for Propagating the Gospel, 1886-98 (v. -p.
since 1899). Author: History of the Mo-
ravian Church in the United States (Am.
Church History series), 1895 S3; A History
of the Moravian Church during the Eight-
eenth and Nineteenth Centuries, 1900 Lll; A
History of Moravian Missions, 1901 Lll.
Wrote: Moravian Activity in New Sweden,
Trans. Moravian Hist. Soc, vol. 4, 1891-5;
The Confusion at Tulpehocken, same; also
articles for encyclopaedias, etc. Address:
Bethlehem, Pa.

HAMILTON, John William, M. E. bish-
op since May, 1900; b. Weston, Va., March
18, 1845; grad. Mt. Union Coll., O., 1865;
Boston Univ., 1871 (A. M., Wesleyan Univ.,
Conn.; D. D., Baker Univ., Kan.); m. 1st,
Dec. 24, 1873, Julia Elizabeth Battelle, Cov-
ington, Ky. (died Jan. 31, 1883); 2d, Dec.
18, 1888, Emma Lydia Battelle, Buffalo, N.
Y. Admitted to Pittsburg Conf. M. E. Ch.,
April, 1868; ordained deacon, April, 1868;
apptd. to Newport, O. ; transferred to New
England Conf., April, 1868; ordained elder,
April, 1870. Founder and for 9 yrs. pastor
People's Ch., Boston; mem. Gen. Conf., M.
E. Ch., 1884, 1888, 1892, 1896, 1900; mem.
Meth. Ecumenical Conf., Washington, 1891;
fraternal delegate to chs. in Ireland and
England, 1898; elected, 1892, corr. sec. of
the Freedmen's Aid and Southern Ed'n
Soc, 1892-1900; mem. exec, corns. Meth.
Ecumenical Conf., London, England, 1901.
Author: Memorial of Jesse Lee and the Old
Elm, 1875; Lives of the Methodist Bishops,
1883 M4; People's Church pulpit, 1884; Amer-
ican Fraternal Greetings, 1899 M25. Editor
The Christian Educator, 1892-1900. Address:
435 Buchanan St., San Francisco, Calif.

HAMILTON, Kate Waterman, author;
b. Schenectady, N. Y. ; d. Farwell H. and
Ruth A. H. ; ed. chiefly at Steubenville, O.
Author: We Three, P6; Vagabond and Vic-
tor, 1879 P6; Rachel's Share of the Road,
1882 H5; Tangles and Corners, 1882 P6;
Dr. Lincoln's Children, P8; Wood, Hay and
Stubble, 1886 P6; The King's Seal, 1887 P8;
The Hand with the Keys, 1890 P6; Parson's
Proxy, 1896 H5; The Kinkaid Venture, 1900
P8; How Donald Kept Faith, 1900 P6; etc.
Address: Bloomington, 111. *

HAMILTON, Peter Joseph, lawyer, au-
thor; h. Mobile, Ala., March 19, 1859; s. Pe-
ter and Anna M. (Beers) H. ; grad. Prince-
ton, 1879; took mental science fellowship,
and later attended Univ. of Leipzig; also
law courses at univs. of Va. and Ala. ;
practices at Mobile; has been city atty.
there. Author: Rambles in Historic Lands,
1893 P2; Colonial Mobile, 1897 H5. Compiled
Ordinances of Mobile, 1897; assisted com-
pilation of Code of Ala., 1886, and 3 Brick-
ell's Digest Ala. Decisions, 1888. Wrote
chapter on Mobile in Historical Towns of
the South, 1900 P2; also various hist, arti-
cles in Publ. Ala. Hist. Soc and Southern
Hist. Soc Residence: 1008 Government St.
Office: 58 St. Francis St., Mobile, Ala.

HAMILTON, Schoyler, soldier; b. New
York, July 25, 1822; s. John Church H. ; g.s.
Alexander H., the statesman; grad. U. S.
Mil. Acad., 1841; served on frontier as It.,
1st inf.; was asst. instr. tactics, West Point;
served with distinction through Mexican
war, especially at battle of Monterey and
at Mil Flores, where he overcame a num-
ber of Mexicans in hand-to-hand encounter,
winning praise in official report, of Gen.
Scott; was a. d. c. to latter, 1849-54; retired
from service, engaging in business in New
York. Entered Union army as pvt., 1861,
but soon after was on staff of Gen. B. F.
Butler; later mil. sec Gen. Scott, until lat-
ter retired, Oct. 31, 1861; promoted col. and
asst. chief of staff to Gen. H. W- Halleck;
brig.-gen. vols., Nov. 12, 1861; took leading
part in campaigns of armies of the Tenn.
and Cumberland; for services at Island No.
10 and at battle of New Madrid, promoted
maj.-gen. vols., Sept. 17, 1862; comd. reserve
at battle of Farmington, but Feb. 27, 1863,
retired because of failing health. Was hy-
drographic eng'r, dept. of docks, New York,
1871-5. Has recently lived in retirement
because of ill health. Author: History of
the National Flag of the United States,
1852. Address: 24 W. 59th St., New York.

HAMILTON, Stanislaus Murray, archi-
vist; b. Washington, May 15, 1855; ed. Gon-
zaga Coll., Washington; Coll. Sainte Barbe,
Paris, France; m. Washington, Sept. 29,
1880, Katharine, d. Rev. Mark L. Olds, g.d.
Nathan Sargent ("Oliver Oldschool"). Asso-
ciated since 1880 with the records of the
Continental Congress and kindred hist, rec-
ords in U. S. Dept. of State. Corr. mem.
R. I. Hist. Soc. ; mem. Va. Hist. Soc
Editor: The Writings of James Monroe, P2
(the 1st collected edit.); Letters to Wash-
ington, being the inauguration by The Soc.
of the Colonial Dames of America of the
printing of hitherto unpublished manu-
scripts, H5. Home: Silver Springs, Md.
Office: Dept. of State, Washington.

HAMLIN, Alfred Dwight Foster, archi-
tect, adjunct prof, architecture, Columbia,
since 1891; b. Constantinople, Turkey, Sept.
5, 1855; s. Rev. Cyrus H. (D. D., LL. D.),
missionary, pres. Robert Coll., Constanti-
nople; ed. Constantinople, private schools
and prep, classes, Robert Coll.; grad. Am-
herst Coll., 1875, A. M., 1885; studied ar-
chitecture, Mass. Inst. Technology, 1876-7;
Paris ficole des Beaux Arts, 1878-81; m.
Hartford, Conn., 1885, Minnie F. Marston.



Sp'l asst., 1883; asst., 1887-9; asst. prof.,
1889, Columbia Coll., New York; mem. Ar
chitectural League of New York. Author
A History of Architecture, 1896 L4. Con
tributor to many architectural periodicals,
also to Johnson's Cyclopaedia, and to Stur-
gis' Dictionary of Architecture, 1901 Mi-
series of papers in Am. Architect, on Ar
chitectural Shades and Shadows, 1889-93,
series in Am. Architect, on Evoloution of
Ornament Motives, 1898-1901. Address: 1285
Columbus Av., New York.

HAMLIN, Augustus Choate, retired sur-
geon; b. Columbia, Me., Aug. 28, 1829; s.
Elijah Livermore and Eliza Bradley
(Choate) H. ; brother Hannibal H. (v.-p.
of U. S., 1861-5); grad. Bowdoin, 1851; Har-
vard, M. D., 1855; in. 1857, Helen A. Cut-
ting. Raised co. at own expense, 1861; asst.
surgeon 2d Me. inf., May, 18G1; brigade sur-
geon, April, 1862; med. dir. 11th corps,
1862-3; apptd. Feb., 1863, lt.-col. and med.
insp., U. S. A. Served in Army of the Po-
tomac, Army of Western Va., Army of the
South, Seige of Fort Wagner, and Army of
the Southwest on staff of Gen. George H.
Thomas; mustered out, Nov., 1865; prac-
ticed medicine in Bangor; now retired;
made chevalier Order of St. Anne by late
Czar of Russia, 1878; comm'r of Me. York-
town Centennial, 1881; surgeon-gen. Me.,
1882-6; twice mayor of Bangor; has been
dept. comdr. Me. G. A. R. and chmn. Pen-
sion Com.-, Nat. G. A. R. ; mem. various
scientific socs. Author: Martyria, or An-
derson ville Prison, 1866 L3; The Tourma-
line, 1873; Leisure Hours Among the Gems,
1884; Jackson's Attack at the Battle of
Chancellorsville, 1896 A7; History of Mt.
Mica, Me., 1897 A7; also med. treatises on
Salmotoma, 1856; Transfusion, 1868; Na-
tional View of Alimentation, 1868; Tetanos,
1868; and Transmission of Disease, 1870, all
A7. Address: Bangor, Me.

HAMLIN, diaries, lawyer, veteran sol-
dier; b. Hampden, Me., Sept. 13, 1837; .y.
Hannibal H., v.-p. of U. S. ; grad. Bowdoin,
1857; m. Nov. 28, 1860, Sarah P. Thompson,
Topsham, Me. Admitted to bar by Su-
preme Court of Me., 1858; early in Civil war
engaged in recruiting service; became maj.
18th Me. inf. (afterward 1st Me. heavy art.),
Aug., 1862; left the defenses of Washington
to enter active service in field as actingadj.-
gen. of 2d div. 3d corps, Army of the Po-
tomac; took part in -battles of Gettysburg,

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