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ermore, Me., Aug. 24, 1837; s. Moses Green-
leaf and Rosilla Haines Haskell; ed. Kent's
Hill Sem., Me.; m. Readfield, Me., Aug. 29,
1861, Celia Hill. Entered Portland (Me.) Ad-
vertiser office, 1854; went to Boston, 1856;
became reporter on Boston Journal, 1857;
changed to Boston Herald, March, 1860; pur-
chased interest in Herald, Oct., 1865; editor
Herald, 1862-87; still retains interest. Also
owns interest in Minneapolis (Minn.) Jour-
nal, St. Joseph (Mo.) News and Los Angeles
Express. Residence: Auburndale, Mass. Office:
The Herald, Boston.

HASKELL, Mellen Woodman, asso.
prof, mathematics, Univ. of Calif., since
1894; b. Salem, Mass., March 17, 1863; 5.
Augustus Mellen H. (Unitarian clergyman) ;
ed. Roxburv Latin School, Roxbury, Mass.,
1873-9; grad. Harvard, 1883 (A. M., same,
1885; Gottingen, Ph. D., 1889); unmarried.
Instr. mathematics, Univ. of Mich., 1889-90;
asst. prof, mathematics, Univ. of Calif.,
1890-4; dean Coll. of Social Sciences, same,
1899-1900; dean coll. of letters, same, since
1900. Has contributed to Am. Jour. Mathe-
matics and Bulletin of Am. Math. Soc.
Address: 2029 Durant Av., Berkeley, Calif.

HASKELL, William Edwin, editor and
propr. Minneapolis Times; b. Charlestown
Mass., June 18, 1862; grad. Harvard, 1884
half owner Minneapolis Tribune, 1884-8
part owner Minneapolis Journal since 1885
editor and gen. mgr., 1894-1900; propr. since
May 1, 1900, Minneapolis Times; mem. per-
sonal staff of Gov. A. R. McGill and 2 terms
on staff of Gov. W. R. Merriam with rank
of col. Address: Minneapolis, Minn.

HASKI1VS, Caryl Davis, elec. eng'r, au-
thor; b. Waltham, Mass., May 22, 1867; .?.
John F., mech. eng'r, and Helen P. (Davis)
H. ; ed. in U. S. and England, including sp'l
work in London Univ., tech. ed'n in eng'r-
ing, especially elec. eng'ring; elec. eng'r
with Ferranti, 1888; dept. mgr. Gen. Elec-
tric Co., since 1892; invented auto-dirigable
torpedo, 1893; volunteered for Spanish war



aud placed 2d in charge of submarine min-
ing operations in Boston dist., comdg. vol.
electric corps, Boston battalion, 1898. Mem.
Am. Inst. Elec. Eng'rs, U. S. Naval Inst.
Author: Transformers (tech.), Lynn, Mass.,
1892; For the Queen in South Africa, 1900
L6; some 20 papers on elec. subjects, and on
coast defense and torpedo warfare, in tech.
journals; also prose, fiction and verse in
various mags, and periodicals. Address: 246
Union St., Schenectady, N. Y.

HASKINS, Charles Homer, prof. Euro-
pean history, Univ. of Wis., since 1892; b.
Meadville, Pa., Dec. 21, 1870; grad. Johns
Hopkins Univ., 1887 (Ph. D., 1890); ad-
vanced study at Johns Hopkins, univs. of
Paris and Berlin; unmarried; instr. in his-
tory, Johns Hopkins, 1889-90; instr., 1890-1,
asst. prof, history, 1891-2, Univ. of Wis.;
lecturer on history, Harvard Univ., 1899-
1900. Has contributed various articles on
the Vatican archives, medieval student
life, the study of history in France, the
teaching of history, etc. Address: Madison,

HASKINS, Charles Waldo, public ac-
countant; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 11, 1852;
j. Waldo Emerson H. ; ed. public schools
and Polytechnic Inst., Brooklyn; m. 1884,
Henrietta Sherman, d. Albert H. Have-
meyer. Expert under joint comm'n, 53d
Congress, to revise methods of business
exec, depts. of U. S., 1893-5; dean New
York Univ. School of Commerce, Accounts
and Finance, since 1900; examined accounts
of Havana and Island of Cuba, for U. S.
govt, at close of war; examined accounts
of City of Chicago, 1901. Has written many
papers on accountancy, published by learn-
ed socs. and others. Residence: 317 W. 14th
St. Office: 30 Broad St., New York.

HASKINS, Kittredgre, congressman, 2d
Vt. dist., 1901-3; b. Dover, Vt., April 8, 1838;
ed. public schools; studied law in offices;
admitted to bar, Windham Co., April, 1858;
m. July 1, 1860, Esther M. Childs, of Wil-
mington, Vt. Enlisted Co. I, 16th Vt. vols.,
Aug., 1862; elected 1st It.; resigned March
23, 1863; entered, May, 1863, office asst.
q. m., U. S. vols., Brattleboro, as clerk;
served until May, 1866; has since practiced
law at Brattleboro. Apptd. col. and a. d.
c. on staff Gov. Washburn, 1869; has been
State's att'y for Windham Co.; U. S. att'y,
dist. Vt., Oct., 1880-June, 1887; admitted to
bar Supreme Court U. S., Jan., 1885; mem.
gen. assembly, Vt., 1872-3, 1896-7, 1898-9
(speaker, 1898); senator, 1892-3 (chmn. ju-
diciary com.); delegate gen. conv., P. E.
ch., 3 terms; 33d deg. Mason; Grand Com-
mander, Knights Templar, Vt., 1891-2; Grand
Master Grand Lodge Vt., 1895-7; mem. joint
comm'n which established, 1893, boundary
between Vt. and Mass.; Republcian. Home:
Brattleboro, Vt.

HASSAM, Childe, artist; b. Boston, 1859;
ed. Boston public schools; art study in Bos-
ton and Paris; mem. Ten American Paint-
ers, New York; Societe National des Beaux
Arts, Paris; The Secession, Munich; Am.
Water-Color Soc, and New York Water-
Color Club. Medals, Paris, 1889; Munich,
1892; Chicago, 1893; Phila., 1894 and 1899;

Pittsburg, 1899; Paris, 1900. Prizes at Bos-
ton, 1890 and 1895, of the Boston Art Club;
Cleveland Art Assn., 1896; Webb Prize, Soc.
Am. Artists, 1895; Pittsburg, Carnegie Inst.,
1899. Address: 152 W. 57th St., New York.

HASSAM, John Tyler, lawyer; b. Bos-
ton, Sept. 20, 1841; .?. John and Abby (Hil-
ton) H. ; grad. Harvard, 1863; A. M.,
1866; 1st It. 75th U. S. colored inf., Dec. 8,
1863, to Aug. 1, 1864, taking part in Red
River expd'n; studied law; admitted to
Suffolk bar, Dec. 13, 1867; gen. practice
several yrs. ; of late yrs. principally con-
veyancing; m. Feb. 14, 1878, Nelly Alden, d.
Dr. John Henry Batchelder of Salem, Mass.
Interested in hist., geneal. and antiquarian
research; mem. New England Historic Gen-
eal. Soc, Mass. Hist. Soc, Am. Hist.
Assn., etc.; apptd., 1884, by Superior Court,
one of comm'n to supervise indices in the
Registry of Deeds, Suffolk Co. Has writ-
ten many monographs and contributions on
geneal. and hist, subjects; was 1st mem.
of Suffolk bar to advocate Torrens system
of land transfer. Address: 47 Court St.,

HASSLER, Elizaheth Emily, author; b.
Batavia, 111., Jan. 27, 1865; d. Orrin B. and
Emily (Potter) Hall.; m. June 27, 1882, Dr.
Ferdinand A. Hassler. Since 1883 engaged
as writer of short stories for mags, and
newspapers. Address: 509 E. 1st St., Santa
Ana, Calif.

HASSLER, Ferdinand Augustus, au-
thor; b. nr. Norfolk, Va., March 6, 1844; .r.
Charles W. (U. S. N.) and Anna J.
(Nourse) H. ; M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1866
(Ph. D., 1872); m. June 27, 1882, Elizabeth.
Emily Hall. Page, U. S. Senate, 1856-62;
prof, materia medica Lincoln Univ., 1873;
teacher W. Phila. Med. Inst., 1872. Author
of numerous papers on scientific subjects
and general literature, poems, children's
stories, etc., since 1866; was principal writ-
er of Med. Register and Directory of the
U. S., 1873. Mem. Acad. Natural Sciences,
Phila.; Philos. Soc, Washington; Biol.
Soc, Washington; for yrs. corr. of the
Datavya Bharata Karyalaya of Calcutta.
Invented and patented a word register for
typewriters. Address: 509 E. 1st St., Santa
Ana, Calif.

HASTINGS, Charles S., Ph. D., prof,
physics Sheffield Scientific School, Yale;
mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences; fellow A. A. A.
S. Address: 248 Bradley St., New Haven,

HASTINGS, Daniel Hartman, capital-
ist; b. Salona, Pa., Feb. 26, 1849; common
school ed'n; reared on farm; practiced law,
1875-88; largely interested in coal mines and
banking; adj. -gen. of Pa., 1887-91; had
charge of the relief measures at Johnstown
flood, 1889; delegate at large to Nat. Rep.
Conv., 1888, and placed John Sherman in
nomination for President; chmn. Pa. dele-
gation Nat. conv., 1896, placing M. S. Quay
in nomination for President; gov. Pa.,
1895-9. Residence: Bellefonte, Pa.

HASTINGS, Francis William, real es-
tate operator; b. Portland, Ore., Nov. 12,
1848; s. L. B. and Lucinda H. ; ed. Port
Townsend and Seattle; Washington Univ.,



1866; in. Port Townsend, Wash., May 14,
1872, Mabel Littlefield. In real estate busi-
ness since 1885; State senator, 30th dist.,
Wash., 1891-5; co. comm'r, 1st dist., Jeffer-
son Co., for term 1898-1902; chmn. bd. ; elect-
ed mayor of Port Townsend, Dec, 1899; re-
elected, Dec, 1900; elected presidential
elector, Nov., 1900; Republican. Address:
Port Townsend, Wash.
HASTINGS, Hugh, State historian, N. Y.,
since April 25, 1895; b. Albany, N. Y., July
22, 1856; ed. public schools and Albany High
School; m. April 5, 1883. Learned print-
ing trade; went to New York, March, 1874;
filled every position from reporter to man-
aging editor on Commercial Advertiser; was
chief political corr. on New York World
and New York Times until apptd. to present
position. Has officially edited and pub-
lished 2 vols, of Colonial Records and Mus-
ter Rolls; also 1 vol. Military Papers of
Gov. Daniel D. Tompkins; 4 vols, of Pub-
lic Papers of Gov. George Clinton; 2 vols.
of Ecclesiastical History of New York; 1
vol. of Records of the Council of Appoint-
ment of New York. Residence: 132 State
St., Albany, N. Y.
HASTINGS, Thomas, architect; b. New
York, March 11, 1860; 5. Rev. Thomas S. H. ;
grad. ficole des Beaux Arts, Paris, 1884;
since then architect in partnership with
John M. Carrere; firm are architects New
York Public Library, etc. Residence: 11 E.
41st St. Office: 28 E. 41st St., New York.
HASTINGS, Thomas Samuel, professor
Union Theol. Sem. ; b. Utica, N. Y., Aug.
28, 1827; 5. Thomas and Mary (Seymour) H. ;
grad. Hamilton Coll., 1848; Union Theol.
Sem., 1851 (D. D., N. Y. Univ.; LL. D.,
Princeton; -L. H. D., Hamilton Coll.); was
pastor Presby'n Ch., Mendham, N. J., 1852-
6; West Presby'n Ch., New York, 1856-81;
prof. Union Theol. Sem. since 1881; was
its pres., 1888-97. Address: 27 W. 46th St.,
New York.
HASTREITER, Helene (Signora Burgun-
zio), operatic singer; b. Louisville, Ky.,
Nov. 14, 1858; studied in U. S. and under
Lamperti, Milan; debut in Italy, singing in
Milan, Trieste, Rome, etc. Returned to U.
S. and appeared as dramatic soprano in
American Opera Co. Went to England, 1888,
and has since sung in concert and opera; m.
Dr. Burgunzio, an Italian physician. Ad-
dress: Via Biella, Cossilla, Italy.
HASWELL, Charles Haynes, civil, ma-
rine and mech. eng'r; b. New York, May 22,
1809 (English parentage); grad. Collegiate
Inst, of Joseph Nelson; entered engine
works of James P. Allaire; designed en-
gines and boilers for U. S. steam frigate
Fulton; was 1st chief eng'r and eng'r in
chief U. S. N., 1836-51; designed and oper-
ated 1st steam launch; first to introduce
zinc in marine boilers and in bottom of iron
vessels to arrest oxidation of the plates;
mem. navy bd. that designed 6 steam fri-
gates; retired and began private practice;
built merchant vessels; designed and con-
structed ballasted crib, Hart Island; was
eng'r health dept., Dept. Charities and Cor-
rection, trustee New York and Brooklyn
bridge; since 1898 consulting eng'r bd. pub-

lic improvements New York, and eng'r in
charge extension and improvement Riker's
Island, L. I. Sound. Mem. 1855-8, pres., 1858,
New York Bd. Councilmen. Mem. Am.,
Boston and Phila. Socs. Civ. Eng'rs, Inst.
Civ. Eng'rs and Naval Architects (England
and U. S.). Author: Mechanics' and Engin-
eers' Book, 1842 (66th edition, 1901); Me-
chanics' Tables, 1854 HI; Mensuration and
Practical Geometry, 1856 HI; Bookkeeping,
1860 A2; Reminiscences of New York from
1816 to 1866; Reminiscences of an Octogen-
arian, 1895 HI. Residence: 324 W. 78th St.
Office: Park Row Bldg., New York.
HATCH, Francis March, lately Hawaii-
an minister to U. S. ; b. Portsmouth, N. H.,
June 7, 1852; s. Albert R. H. ; grad. Bow-
doin Coll., Me., 1873; was active in the
movement leading to the dethronement of
Queen Liliuokalani, and represented Ha-
waiian govt, at Washington, taking active
part in measures for annexation. Address:
Honolulu, H. I.
HATCH, John Porter, col. U. S. A., re-
tired Jan. 9, 1886; b. Oswego, N. Y., Jan.
9, 1822, descendant in 7th generation from
Thomas Hatch Freeman of Mass. Colony,
1635; mother was Hannah, d. Otis Reed, Sa-
lina, N. Y. ; grad. West Point, 1845; served
in Mexican war; bvtd. 1st It. and later capt.
for gallantry; capt., Oct. 13, 1860; brig. -gen.
vols., Sept. 28, 1861; took part in many bat-
tles; twice wounded; reached bvt. rank of
brig.-gen., U. S. A., and maj.-gen. vols.;
apptd. maj., 4th cav., at end of war; col.,
3d cav., 1881-6; m. June 14, 1851, Adelaide,
d. Christian J. Burckle, Oswego, N. Y.
Residence: 202 W. 103d St., New York.
HATCHER, John Bell, curator, dept. of
vertebrate paleontology, Carnegie Museum,
Pittsburg, Pa., since Feb. 1, 1900; b. Coop-
erstown, Brown Co., 111., Oct. 11, 1861; 5.
John and Margaret C. H. ; grad. Yale Univ.,
1884, sp'l studies in natural history, more
especially geology and vertebrate paleon-
tology; m. Ainsworth, Brown Co., Neb.,
Oct. 10, 1887, Anna M. Peterson. Asst. to
Prof. O. C. Marsh on the U. S. Geol. Sur-
vey, July 1, 1884; asst. in geology, Yale
Univ., 1890; curator of vertebrate paleon-
tology and asst. in geology, Princeton
Univ., 1893; conducted 3 scientific expd'ns
to Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego for
Princeton Univ., from 1896 to 1899. Mem.
Am. Philos. Soc, Geol. Soc of Am., Nat.
Geog. Soc, Geog. Soc. of Phila., etc. Wrote,
in Am. Jour, of Science, Geology of the
Ceratops Beds of Converse Co., Wyo., 1892;
Recent and Fossil Tapirs, 1895; On the Ge-
ology of Southern Patagonia, 1897; The Sedi-
mentary Rocks of Southern Patagonia, 1900.
Residence: 3200 Elsinore Sq. Office: Carnegie
Museum, Pittsburg.
HATFIELD, James Taft, prof. German
literature Northwestern Univ. since 1890; b.
Brooklyn, June 15, 1862; s. Robert M., D. D.,
and Elizabeth Ann (Taft) H.; ed. Chicker-
ing School, Cincinnati, 1871-3; Rugby Acad.,
Phila., 1873-6; Northwestern Acad., Evan-
ston, 111., 1877-9; grad. Northwestern Univ.,
1883, A. M., 1886; Johns Hopkins Univ., Ph.
D., 1890; m. Baltimore, March 13, 1890,
Maude Hollingsworth Wilson. Traveled and



studied in Japan, China, India and Egypt,
1883-4; prof, classical languages, Rust
Univ., Holly Springs, Miss., 1884-5; prin.
McCormick School, DeFuniak, Fla., 1886;
grad. student and tellow Johns Hopkins
Univ., 1887-90; prof. German language and
literature, Northwestern Univ., 1890; stud-
ied at Berlin, Weimar and Oxford, 1896-7;
served in Spanish-Am. war as capt. of 5-
inch gun on U. S. cruiser "Yale," entering
as ordinary seaman and discharged as chief
yeoman, June-Aug., 1898; chosen one of
three Am. members Internat. com. for erec-
tion of monument to Goethe in Strassburg,
1898; contributing editor Americana Ger-
manica. Mem. Am. Oriental Soc. since 1884;
mem. Modern Language Assn. of America
(sec. Pedagogical sect, same, 1895-6, pres.
Central div. same, 1901) ; mem. Hilfs-Com-
ite fur Litteratur of Deutsch-Amerikan-
ische Historische Gesellschaft von Illinois.
Author: Elements of Sanskrit Grammar,
Lucknow, 1884 01; Index to Gothic Forms
in Kluge's Wbrterbuch, Baltimore, 1889 01;
A Study of Juvencus, Bonn, 1890 Ol; Frey-
tag's Rittmeister von Alt-Rosen, 1894 H2;
Materials for German Composition, 1896 H2;
Goethe's Hermann und Dorothea, with in-
troduction and notes, 1899 Ml; German
Lyrics and Ballads, 1900 H2. Wrote: The
Aucanasadohutani, Jour. Am. Oriental Soc,
1891; William Dwight Whitney, The Dial,
June 16, 1894; Poetry of Wilhe'lm Muller,
Meth. Rev., July, 1895; John Wesley's
Translations of German Hymns, publ. Mod-
ern Language Assn. of America, 1896;
James Russell Lowell, address at Lowell
Commemoration Architektenha-us, Berlin,
Feb. 19, 1897; Church Music, Meth. Rev.,
Nov., 1897; Earliest Poems of Wilhelm Mul-
ler, publ. of Modern Language Assn. of
Am., 1898; Goethe, Meth. Rev., Sept., 1899.
Address: 617 Foster St., Evanston, 111.

HATHAWAY. Warren, pastor Cong'l
Ch., Blooming Grove, N. Y., since 1866; b.
Milton, Saratoga Co., N. Y., Nov. 10, 1828;
studied, Lockport, N. Y., and Oberlin, O.,
1848-53 (D. D., Merom Coll., Ind.); m.
March, 1877, Miss E. M. Miller, non-resi-
dent prof, homiletics in Christian Biblical
Inst. Author: A Faithful Pastor (biography
Rev. John Ross) ; Lectures on Living Ques-
tions, F2; Studies in Nature and Grace; a
vol. of sermons and more than 30 dedica-
tion discourses. Address: Blooming Grove,
Orange Co., N. Y.

HAICK, Minnie (Mme. von Wartegg),
prima donna; b. New Orleans, 1853; sang in
concert before going to Europe to study;
operatic debut in Vienna, as Violetta in La
Traviata; 1st appeared in London as Amina
in La Sonnambula; later returned to U. S.,
where she has since appeared in many lead-
ing roles; best known in title role of Car-
men; m. Chevalier Hesse von Wartegg.

HAUGEN, Gilbert N., congressman; b.
April 21, 1859, Rock Co., Wis.; common
school ed'n; at age of 14 entered business;
at 18 purchased a farm in Worth Co., la.,
continuing his studies at Decorah, la., and
finishing with a course at Janesville, Wis.
Held various township offices, and was
elected treas. of Worth Co., 1887, serving 6

yrs. ; elected to la. State legislature, serving
in 25th and 26th general assemblies; in 1890
was one of the organizers of the North-
wood Banking Co., now operating banking
institutions in Northwood and Kensett, la.,
of which concern he is pres. ; has large real
estate holdings in la., Minn, and the Da-
kotas; mem. Congress, 1899-1903, 4th la.
dist.; Republican; m. Oct. 25, 1885, Bertha
Elise Evensen, Winneshiek Co., la. Home:
Northwood, la.

HAUPT, Herman, eng'r; b. Phila., March
26, 1817; s. Jacob H. ; grad. West Point, 1835;
entered army but resigned, Oct., 1835; prof,
civil eng'ring, Pa. Coll., 1844-7; chief eng'r
on various railways, 1847-61; col., brig. -gen.
and chief of bureau, U. S. Mil. Rys., in
Civil war; gen. mgr. Piedmont Air Line,
1875; later eng'r Tide-Water Pipe Line Co.
and gen. mgr. Northern Pacific R. R.
Author: Hints on Bridge Building; General
Theory of Bridge Construction; Plans for
Improvement of the Ohio River; Military
Bridges; Street Railway Motors. Address:
The Concord, Washington.

HAUPT, Lewis Muhlenberg, civil eng'r;
b. Gettysburg, Pa., March 21, 1844; s. Gen.
Herman and Ann Cecilia (Keller) H. ; ed.
Lawrence Scientific School, Harvard; grad.
U. S. Mil. Acad., 1867; lt.-eng'r in lake sur-
veys, 1868; eng'r officer 5th mil. dist. Tex-
as, 1869; resigned; prof, civil eng'ring,
Univ. of Pa., 1872-92; practices his profes-
sion in Phila. Mem. Nicaragua Canal
Comm'n, 1897-9; Isthmian Canal Comm'n,
since 1899; pres. Colombia-Canea Arbitra-
tion, 1897; chief eng'r survey for ship canal
across N. J. ; consulting eng'r Lake Erie &
Ohio River ship canal, etc. Edited: The
Am. Eng'ring Register, 1885-6. Author: En-
gineering Specifications and Contracts, 1878;
The Topographer His Methods and Instru-
ments, 1884; Physical Phenomena of Harbor
Entrances (prize essay Am. Philos. Soc),
1887; Special Report on Railway Plant of
Paris Exposition, 1889; Canals and Their
Economic Relation to Transportation, 1890;
A Move for Better Roads, 1891. Also a
number of pamphlets and other contribu-
tions to eng'ring. Address: 1420 Chestnut
St., Philadelphia.

HAUPT, PanI, prof. Semitic languages and
dir. of Oriental Sem., Johns Hopkins, since
1883; b. Gorlitz, Germany, Nov. 25, 1858; s.
Karl Gottlieb and Elise (Hulse) H. ; grad.
Gymnasium Augustum, Gorlitz, 1876; Univ.
of Leipzig, Ph. D., 1878; post-graduate
studies univs. of Leipzig and Berlin, and
British Museum; m. March 8, 1886, Minna
Giede. Tutor Univ. of Gottingen, 1880-3;
prof, extraordinarius Assyriology, same, un-
til 1889. Hon. curator Div. of Historic
Archaeol., U. S. Nat. Museum, Washington.
Editor: The Polychrome Bible, 1898 D3; New
Critical Edition of Hebrew Text of the Old
Testament, 1893 Jl. Co-Editor: The Assy-
riological Library, 1881 F5; The Johns Hop-
kins Contributions to Assyriology and Com-
parative Semitic Grammar, 1889 Jl. Author:
Akkadian and Sumerian Cuneiform Texts in
British Museum, 1881-2; The Babylonian
Nimrod Epic, 1884, 1891; The Cuneiform
Account of the Deluge, 1880; The Akka-



dian Language, 1883, all F5. Numerous
papers on Biblical and Assyrian philology,
history and archaeology, comparative Semit-
ic grammar, Sumerian, etc. Address: 2511
Madison Av., Baltimore.

HAUSER, Samuel Thomas, miner, bank-
er; b. Falmouth, Ky., June 10, 1833; ed. as
civ. eng'r; eng'r on Mo. Pacific Ry., 1854;
prospector along upper waters Mo. and Co-
lumbia rivers, 1862; opened bank, with part-
ner, at Virginia City, Mont., 1865; since
1866 pres. 1st Nat. Bank, Helena, Mont.;
built 1st smelter and 1st silver mill in
Mont.; prominent mem. Vigilance Com. in
pioneer days; gov. Mont., 1886-8; Democrat.
Address: Helena, Mont.

HAVEMEYBR, Henry Osborne, sugar
refiner; b. New York, Oct. 18, 1847; .?. Fred-
erick Christian H. ; ed. public and private
schools. Mem., 1869, and a few yrs. later
mgr. Havemeyers & Elder, sugar refiners.
Organized, 1891, and ever since pres., Am.
Sugar Refining Co. (capital now $75,000,000),
uniting the large sugar interests of the U.
S. Presented public school-house, costing
$250,000, to Greenwood, Conn. Residence:
Greenwood, Conn. Office: 117 Wall St., New

HAVEMEYER, John Craig, mcht. and
sugar refiner; b. New York, 1833; 5. William
F. and Sarah A. H.; clerk wholesale store,
1851-2; traveled in Europe, Syria and
Egypt, 1852-3; clerk in sugar refinery, 1854-
6; established sugar refinery, Brooklyn,
1856; partner Havemeyer Bros. & Co., 1871-
80; dir. in several railroads and other cor-
porations; m. 1872, Alice Alide, d. John M.
Francis, U. S. minister to Greece. Writer
and speaker on political, moral and relig-
ious topics; wrote monographs on The Re-
lation of the United States to Armenia;
Why I Vote for Hancock; etc. Residence:
Yonkers, N. Y.

HAVEMEYER, William Frederick;,
banker; b. March 31, 1850; s. Wm. F. and
Sarah Agnes (Craig) H. ; ed. private
schools; m. New York, April 3, 1877, Joseph-
ine Harmon. V.-p. and dir. Nat. Bank of
N. America and Queens Co. Bank of Long
Island City, and dir. in numerous other ry.
and banking corporations. Mem. Century
Assn., Nat. Acad, of Design, etc. Residence:
10 E. 57th St. Office: 25 Nassau St., New

HAVEN, George Griswold, banker; pres.
and dir. Metropolitan Opera and Real Es-
tate Co., and Worcester, Nashua & Roch-
ester R. R. Co.; v.-p. and dir. Nat. Bank
of Commerce; dir. A., T. & S. F. Ry. Co.,
Audit Co. of New York, Bank of America,
Bank of New Amsterdam; trustee Mutual
Life Ins. Co., New York, also many other
corporations. Residence: 24 E. 39th St.
Office: S2 Nassau St., New York.

HAVEN, William Ingraham, sec. Am.
Bible Soc. since Jan. 1, 1899; b. Westfield,
Mass., Jan. 30, 1856; s. Gilbert and Mary
(Ingraham) H. ; ed. Boston Latin School,
Maiden High School and Wilbraham Acad.,
grad. 1873; grad. Wesleyan Univ., 1877 (A.
M., D. D., same); studied theology Drew
Theol. Sem., Boston Univ. School of The-

ology, grad. latter 1881; ordained to M. E.
ministry; m. Newton Centre, Mass., April

25, 1894, Minnie G. Speare. Prof. Latin and
Greek, Claflin Univ., Orangeburg, S. C. ;
pastor Eggleston Sq., Boston; Newton Cen-
tre, Mass.; 1st Ch., Boston; Saratoga St.
Ch., Boston, and St. Mark's, Brookline,
Mass. Pres. Young People's Christian
League; one of founders Epworth League;
2d v.-p. and 1st v.-p. Epworth League;
pres. Epworth League in New England.
Residence: 73 New England Av., Summit, N.
J. Office: Bible House, Astor PL, New York.

HAWKINS, Alvin, lawyer, ex-gov. ; b.
Bath Co., Ky., Dec. 2, 1821; s. John M. and
Polly G. H. ; family removed, 1826, to Maury
Co., and, 1828, to Carroll Co., Tenn. ; did
farm work and assisted his father in black-
smithing, but procured a good ed'n; taught
school; read law; admitted to bar, 1843; m.
1847, Justina M. Ott. Mem. general assem-
bly, 1853; elector on Bell and Everett tick-
et, 1860; elected to Congress as a Unionist,
1862, but irregularities in election debarred
him from seat. U. S. dist. att'y, Western
dist, Tenn., 1864-5; apptd. U. S. consul-
gen, at Havana, 1868; soon thereafter re-
signed; judge Supreme Court Tenn., 1865-8,
and 1869-70; lay delegate to Gen. Conf. M.
E. Ch., 1880; gov., 1881-3; defeated for en-
suing term; Republican. Address: Hunt-
ingdon, Tenn.

HAWKINS, Hamilton Smith, brig.-gen.
U. S. A.; b. S. C, 1834; entered army April

26, 1861, as 2d It. 6th inf.; promoted 1st It.,
May, 1861; bvtd. capt., July 2, 1863; com-
missioned capt. 6th inf., Sept. 20, 1863; bvt.

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