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111.; edited State edit, of same, 1874; has
since edited 14 edits.; originator of the
great Chicago drainage canal scheme; au-
thor Torrens Act of 111. for registration of
land titles; also of Juvenile Court Act of
111., April 22, 1899 (now also enacted in Pa.
and other States) and producing revolution
in treatment of juvenile offenders. Residence:
1572 Ridge Av., Evanston, 111. Office: 99
Randolph St., Chicago.

HURD, Henry Mills, supt. Johns Hopkins
Hosp. since 1889; b. Union City, Mich., May
3, 1843; j. Theodore C. and Eleanor Eunice
(Hammond) H.; grad. Univ. of Mich., 1863
M. D., 1866 (A. M., 1871; LL. D., 1895); supt
Eastern Mich. Asylum, Pontiac, 1878-89
prof, psychiatry, Johns Hopkins, since 1889
pres. Am. Acad, of Medicine, 1896; sec,
1892-7, and pres., 1898-9, Am. Medico-Psy-
chol. Assn.; editor 3 vols, of its proc; ed-
itor Am. Jour, of Insanity since 1897; of
Johns Hopkins Hosp. Bull, and of Johns
Hopkins Hosp. Reports since 1890. Author:
Hints to Hospital Visitors (with Dr. John
S. Billings), 1895 L5; also editor (with same)
Hospitals, Dispensaries and Nursing, 1893
Jl. Address: Johns Hopkins Hosp., Balti-

HURLBUT, Jesse Lyman, M. E. clergy-
man, editor; b. New York, Feb. 15, 1843;
grad. Wesleyan, Conn., 1864 (A. M., 1867;
D. D., Syracuse, 1880); m. 1867, Mary M.
Chase. Pastor M. E. chs., 1865-79; agt. Sun-
day School Union, M. E. ch., 1879-84; asst.



editor Sunday School Literature, 1884-8; ed-
itor Sunday School Literature and sec. Sun-
day School Union and Tract Soc, 1888-1900;
pastor Morristown, N. J., since 1901. Gen.
supt. Chautauqua Literary and Scientific
Circle. Author: Outline Normal Lessons;
Studies in the Four Gospels; Studies in Old
Testament History; Revised Normal Les-
sons; Manual of Biblical Geography. Ad-
dress: Morristown, N. J.

HVRLL, Estelle M., author; b. New Bed-
ford, Mass., July 25, 1863; d. Charles W. and
Sarah S. H.; grad. Wellesley Coll., 1882 (A.
M., 1892). Unmarried. Teacher of ethics,
Wellesley Coll., 1884-91. Author: Child Life
in Art, 1895 P3; The Madonna in Art, 1897
P3; Life of Our Lord in Art, 1898 H5; also
(in Riverside Art Series, H5), Rembrandt,
1899; Michelangelo, 1900; Millet, 1900; Reyn-
olds, 1900; Murillo, 1900; Greek Sculpture,
1901; Titian, 1901. Editor: Mrs. Jameson's
Art Works. Address: 41 Morgan St., New
Bedford, Mass.

HURST, John Fletcher, M. E. bishop
since 1880; b. Dorchester Co., Md., Aug. 17,
1834; grad. Dickinson, 1854 (D. D., LL. D.,
Asbury) ; studied theology at univs. of Halle
and Heidelberg, Germany; entered Meth-
odist ministry, 1858, in Newark conf. ; instr.
Methodist Mission Inst., Bremen, Germany,
1866-8; Frankfort-on-the-Main, 1868-71; trav-
eled, 1869-71; prof. hist, theology, 1871-80;
pres., 1873-80, Drew Theol. Sem., Madison,
N. J. Has visited all parts of U. S., much
of Mexico, Europe, India and Western Asia.
Chancellor American University, Washing-
ton. Author: Why Americans Love Shake-
speare, 1855; History of Rationalism, 1866
M4; Martyrs to the Tract Cause, 1872 M4;
Outlines of Bible History, 1873 M4; Outlines
of Church History, 1874 M4; Life and Lit-
erature in the Fatherland, 1876; Our Theo-
logical Century, 1877 HI; Seneca's Moral
Essays (with H. C. Whiting), 1877 HI;
Bibliotheca Theologica, 1883 S3; Short His-
tory of the Reformation, 1884 C32; Theo-
logical Encyclopaedia and Methodology (with
George R. Crooks), 1884 M4; Short History
of the Early Church, 1886 C32; Short His-
tory of the Mediaeval Church, 1887 C32;
Short History of the Modern Church in Eu-
rope, 1888 C32; Short History of the Church
in the United States, 1890 C32; Indika the
Country and the People of India and Cey-
lon, 1891 HI; Short History of the Christian
Church, 1893 HI; Journal of Captain Wm.
Pote, Jr., 1896 D3; History of the Christian
Church (2 vols.), 1897 M4 Has also trans-
lated several works from German. Address:
1207 Connecticut Av., Washington.

HURTY, John N., M. D. ; grad. Central
Coll. Phys. & Surg., Indianapolis, 1881; sec.
Ind. State bd. of health; mem. Am. Med.
Assn. Address: 15 E. 11th St., Indianapolis,

HUSS, Henry Holden, musician; b. New-
ark, N. J., June 21, 1862; s. George John
and Sophia Ruckel (Holden) H.; grad. Roy-
al Conservatory, Munich, Bavaria, 1882;
teacher, pianist and composer; has appeared
in concert, at New York Philharmonic, Bos-
ton Symphony concerts, Washington and
elsewhere. Prin. compositions: Piano Con-

certo, Violin Concerto (both with orchestral
accompaniment); "Sanctus" and "Ave Ma-
ria" for chorus and orchestra; "Cleopatra's
Death," for soprano solo and orchestra;
Trio, for piano, violin and 'cello; Sonata,
for violin and piano, etc. His compositions
have also been performed in Paris, Ham-
burg, Munich and other European cities.
Unmarried. Address: 318 E. 150th St., New

HUSS, Hermann Carl Otto, prof. Ger-
man, Princeton, since 1880; 5. Ernst and
Emma (Loewel) H.; b. Eichenberg, Saxony,
Jan. 4, 1847; grad. Univ. of Jena (Ph. D.,
1869). Author: Lehre vom Accent der
Deutschen Sprache, 1877 F5; Das Deutsche
im Munde des Hannoveraners, 1879 F5; Con-
versation in German, on a grammatical
basis, 1884 H4. Editor: Sesenheim (from
Gcethe's Dichtung und Wahrheit, with in-
troduction and notes), 1886 H2; La Chute
(from Victor Hugo's Les Miserables, with
introduction and notes), 1889 H2; A German
Reader, with an introduction on English-
German Cognates, 1900 H2. Address: Prince-
ton, N. J.

HUSTON, Henry A., chemist Ind. U. S.
Agr'l Expt. Sta. and prof, agr'l chemistry,
Purdue Univ., since 1888; b. Damariscotta,
Me., April 20, 1858; j. Albion G. and Sally
(Woodward) H. ; grad. Bowdoin Coll., 1879
(A. M.); sp'l studies chemistry, Bowdoin
Coll. and Purdue Univ. ; grad. Purdue
Univ., A. C. (analyt. chemist); m. Lafayette,
Ind., Nov. 22, 1899, Alice Brownson Cooke.
Asst. chemistry and physics, Bowdoin Coll.,
1879-80; science teacher and prin. Lafayette
High School, 1880-4; prof, physics, Purdue
Univ., 1884-8; dir. Ind. Weather Service,
1884-96; asst. State chemist of Ind., 1884-6;
State chemist of Ind. since 1886; author of
present fertilizer law of Ind. Author: Re-
ports of Indiana Weather Service, 1884-96;
Reports Indiana State Chemist, 14 yrs. Has
furnished numerous papers on agr'l chem-
istry, research work in Bulls, of Ind. Agr'l
Expt. Sta., Bull, of Chem., Div. U. S. Dept
Agr. and Ind. Agr'l Reports. Address: La-
fayette, Ind

HUSTON, Joseph Waldo, lawyer; b. at
Painesville, O., April 10, 1833; ed. public
schools, Willoughby, O. ; m. 1st, July 5, 1855,
Lucia Wilder, Kalamazoo, Mich. ; 2d, Dec.
28, 1864, Frances Collister, Willoughby, O.
Went to Kalamazoo, Mich., Oct., 1845; stud-
ied law; clerk U. S. Treasury Dept., 1855-7;
admitted to Mich, bar, 1857; It. 3d Mich, cav,
1861-2; maj. 4th Mich, cav., 1862-3; U. S.
att'y for Idaho, 1869-78; asso. justice Su-
preme Court, Idaho, 1890-1900. Republican.
Address: Boise City, Ida.

HUSTON, Thad, judge Superior Court of
Pierce Co., Wash., 1901-5; b. Washington
Co., Ind., April 15, 1846; 5. William A. H. ;
ed. at Macomb, 111.; served in Union army
in Civil war, 1864, in Co. C, 137th 111. vol.
inf., as 1st sergt. ; severely wounded in ac-
tion at Memphis, Tenn., Aug. 21, 1864; m.
Tacoma, Wash., June 20, 1900, Rose L. Ken-
rich. Admitted to bar, March, 1868, at Ma-
comb, 111.; Republican. Address: 816 N. K
St., Tacoma, Wash.



HUTCHESON, David, supt. reading room,
Library of Congress; b. Paisley, Scotland,
Jan. 15, 1843; 5. Thomas and Margaret
(Smith) H. ; ed. there and at Working Men's
Coll., London. Engaged in bookselling in
Glasgow and London; spent 1 yr. in study
in Germany. Came to U. S., 1874; connected
with Library of Congress since Jan. 1, 1875.
Address: Library of Congress, Washington.

HUTCHINS, Charles Lewis, P. E. clergy-
man, musical editor; b. Concord, N. H.,
Aug. 5, 1838; 5. George and Sarah Rolfe
(Jucker) H. ; grad. Williams, 1861 (A. M.,
1864); grad. Gen. Theol. Sem., New York,
1865' deacon, 1865; priest, 1865. Asst. Ch.
Holy Communion, New York, 1865; rector
St. John's, Lowell, Mass., 1865-9; asst. St.
Paul's, Buffalo, N. Y., 1869-72; rector Grace
Ch., Medford, Mass., 1872-90. Asst. sec,
1871-4, and since 1877 sec. Ho. of Deputies
in Gen. Conv. of P. E. Ch. Editor: The
Church Hymnal, 1870, 1872, 1880, 1894 A7;
Sunday School Hymnal, 1871, 1875 A7; An-
notations of the Hymnal, 1872; Sunday
School Hymnal and Service Book, 1880 A7;
Voices of Praise, 1883; 100 Short and Easy
Anthems, 1883 A7; Parish Choir Psalter,
1890; Chant and Service Book, 1894; Morn-
ing and Evening Canticles and Psalter, 1896
(12 copies only printed) ; Church Psalter,
1897; Pointed Prayer Book, 1896; 20 vols, of
Parish Choir Weekly, 1874-1900. Address:
Concord, Mass.

HUTCHI1VS, Frank Avery, sec. Wiscon-
sin Free Library Cornm'n since 1895; />.
Norwalk, O., March 8, 1851; 5. Allen Sabin
and Henrietta Curry H. : ed.Wayland Acad.,
Beaver Dam, Wis., and 2 yrs. in Beloit
Coll., class of '75; librarian Dept. of Ed'n,
Wis., 1891-5. Unmarried. Address: Madison,

HUTCHINS, Harry Burns, dean dept. of
law, Univ. of Mich., since 1895; b. Lisbon,
N. H., April 8, 1847; s. Carleton Brown and
Nancy W. (Merrill) H. ; grad. Univ. of
Mich., Ph. B., 1871 (LL. D., Univ. of Wis.);
m. Dec. 26, 1872, Mary L. Crocker. Asst.
prof, history and rhetoric, Univ. of Mich.,
1872-6; prof, law, 1884-7; prof, law, Cornell,
1887-95; acting pres. Univ. of Mich., 1897-8.
Revised and annotated 5 vols. Mich. Sup.
Ct. Reports, under appmt. Supreme Court,
1882-3; edited Am. edition Williams on Real
Property; contributes to legal periodicals.
Address: Ann Arbor, Mich.

Hl'TCHINS, Stilson, owner, editor and
publisher Washington Daily Times; b.
Whitefield, N. H., Nov. 14, 1838; s. Stilson
and Clara (Eaton) H. ; ed. public schools,
Hopkinton, N. H., and Dana Prep. School,
Harvard Coll. Began newspaper work in
Boston on the Herald in 1855; founded the
St. Louis Times, 1866, and the Washington
(D. C.) Post, 1877; present owner of the
Washington Daily Times. Has served sev-
eral times in Mo. and N. H. legislatures;
Democrat. Residence: 1603 Massachusetts
Av. Office: 10th and D Sts., Washington.

HUTCHINSON, Charles Lawrence, bank-
er; b. Lynn, Mass., March 7, 1854; s. Ben-
jamin P. and Sarah M. H.; has lived in
Chicago from boyhood; grad. Chicago High
School, 1873; became grain mcht. and later

banker. Has been pres. Chicago bd. of
trade; was dir. and churn, fine arts com.,
World's Columbian Exp'n; now pres. Art
Inst, of Chicago. Also v. -p. Corn Exchange
Nat. Bank; dir. Northern Trust Co., State
Bank of Chicago; treas. Auditorium Assn.;
treas. Univ. of Chicago. Residence: 2709
Prairie Av. Address: Corn Exchange Nat.
Bank, Chicago.
HUTCHINSON, Ellen Maekay, see Cor-

tissoz, Ellen Maekay Hutchinson.
HUTCHINSON, John Corbin, prof. Greek
language and literature, Univ. of Minn.,
since 1891; b. Kirk Michael, Isle of Man,
Great Britain, May 11, 1849; 5. of Richard
and Christiana (Corrin) H. ; came to U. S.
with mother, after father's death, 1867;
early ed'n at Peel, Isle of Man; prep. Univ.
of Minn., 1870-2; grad. Univ. of Minn.,
1876; m. Champlin, Minn., Jan. 1, 1876,
Lura D. Hinkley. Tutor Greek, 1873-6;
instr. Greek and Latin, 1876-8; instr. math-
ematics, 1879-82; asso. prof. Greek and
mathematics, 1882-90, Univ. of Minn. Be-
came citizen of U. S. May 23, 1883. Mem.
Am. Philol. Assn., Phi Beta Kappa and Psi
Upsilon fraternities. Address: 3806 Blaisdell
Av., Minneapolis, Minn.
HUTSON, Charles Woodward, prof, of
English and history Agr'l and Mech. Coll.
Tex., since 1893; b. McPhersonville, S. C,
Sept. 23, 1840; 5. William Ferguson and So-
phronia (Palmer) H.; grad. S. C. Coll.,
1860; m. July 5, 1871, Miss M. J. Lockett;
private Hampton legion inf., 1861-2; Beau-
fort arty., 1862-5; prof. Greek La. State
Univ., 1869-81; prof, modern languages
Univ. of Miss., 1881-9. Author: Out of a
Besieged City, 1887 A16; The Beginnings of
Civilization, 1888 A16; French Literature,
1889 A16; The Story of Language, 1897 M5.
Residence: College Station, Tex.
HUTTON, Frederick: Remsen, professor
mech. eng'ring Columbia; b. New York,
May 28, 1853; 5. Mancius Smedes H.; grad.
Columbia, 1873 (E. M., 1876; Ph. D., 1882);
m. 1878, Grace Lefferts. Sec. Am. Soc. Mech.
Eng'rs since 1883; trustee Collegiate School,
New York, since 1885; asso. editor Engin-
eering Mag., 1892; asso. editor Johnson's
Encyclopaedia, 1893. Author: Mechanical
Engineering of Power Plants, 1897 W9;
Heat and Heat Engines, 1899 W9; Machine
Tools (U. S. Census, 1880). Address: 319 W.
107th St., New York.
HUTTON, Laurence, author, essayist, jour-
nalist, lecturer; b. New York, Aug. 8, 1843;
5. John and Eliza Ann H.; ed. private
schools (A. M., Yale, 1892; Princeton, 1897);
literary editor Harper's Mag., 1886-98.
Author: Other Times and Other Seasons;
Plays and Players; Artists of the 19th Cen-
tury (with Mrs. Waters) ; Literary Land-
marks of London; Literary Landmarks of
Edinburgh; Curiosities of the American
Stage; From the Books of Laurence Hut-
ton; Portraits in Plaster; Edwin Booth;
Lester Wallaek; Literary Landmarks of
Venice; Literary Landmarks of Florence;
Literary Landmarks of Rome; Literary
Landmarks of Jerusalem; Edwin Booth:
Boy I Knew; also other works, making 48
in all. Residence: Princeton, N. J.



HUTTON, Mancins Holmes, clergyman
Ref. Ch. in America; b. New York, Oct.
13, 1S37; 5. Mancius Smedes and Gertrude
(Holmes) H. ; ed. private schools, 1846-54;
grad. Univ. of New York, 1857; grad. New
Brunswick Theol. Sem., 1860 (D. D., Rut-
gers Coll.); m. Mt. Vernon, N. Y., Oct. 8,
1879, Mary Eleanor Clark. Pastor Ref. Ch.,
Mt. Vernon, N. Y., 1864-79; 2d Ref. Ch.,
New Brunswick, N. J., since 1879; chap-
lain N. Y. State Soc. of the Cincinnati
since 1880; chaplain-gen. Gen. Soc. of the
Cincinnati since 1897; pres. Bd. Foreign
Missions, R. C. A., since 1896. Has con-
tributed to Presby'n and Ref. Rev., The
Treasury, Christian Intelligencer, and oth-
er lesser periodicals and mags. Residence: 26
Union St., New Brunswick, N. J. Office: 25
E. 22d St., New York.

HYATT, Alphens, curator Boston Soc. of
Natural History and asst. Museum Com-
parative Zoology, Cambridge, Mass. ; b.
Washington, April 5, 1838; academic ed'n
at Yale; grad. Lawrence Scientific School,
Harvard, S. B., 1862 (LL. D., Brown, 1898);
m. Jan. 7, 1867, Andella Beebe, Valatia, N.
Y. Served in Civil war, becoming capt. ;
has been officer in the Essex Inst, and Pea-
body Acad., Salem, Mass.; also prof, zool-
ogy and paleontology Mass. Inst. Technol-
ogy; mem. Nat. Acad. Sciences; foreign
mem. Geol. Soc. London, Am. Acad. Arts
and Sciences; etc. Author: Observations on
Fresh Water Polyzoa; Genesis of Planobis
at Steinheim; Genesis of the Arietidae Phy-
logeny of an Acquired Characteristic; also
other scientific essays on the laws of evo-
lution and some works for teachers, such
as guides for science teaching. Address:
Boston, Mass.

HYATT, Charles Eliot, pres. Pa. Mil.
Coll.; b. Wilmington, Del., Nov. 27, 1851;
grad. Pa. Mil. Coll. (civ. eng'rs), 1872; m.
July 6, 1880, Kezia West, d. John G. Dyer,
Chester, Pa. Address: Chester, Pa.

HYATT, John Wesley, inventor; b. Star-
key, N. Y., Nov. 28, 1837; common school
ed'n and 1 yr. at Eddytown Sem. ; re-
moved to 111. at 16 and became a printer;
subsequently gave whole attention to in-
venting; first patent, 1861, a knife-sharp-
ener; composition billiard ball, 1865; new
style of domino, 1869; discovered method
of dissolving pyroxylin under pressure;
removed to New York and established mfg.
at Newark, N. J. ; began mfg. of school
slates, 1875; discovered "bonsilene," 1878,
used in mfg. billiard tables, knife-handles,
buttons, etc. ; discovered water purifying
system, 1881, now in use in 1,000 places in
the U. S. Has received about 200 patents.
Address: Newark, N. J.

HYATT, Nathaniel Irving, musical com-
poser; b. Lansingburgh, N. Y., April 23,
1865; 5. Eugene Hyatt j ed. Troy High School
and Lansingburgh Acad. ; studied and
grad. Leipzig Conservatory (Germany),
1887-91; m. Syracuse, N. Y., 1889, Ethel J.
Embury. Prof, piano and theory, Syracuse
Univ., 1896-1900; head of music dept., St.
Agnes School, Albany, N. Y., since 1900;
composer of songs, choruses, piano music,

etc. Address: St. Agnes School, Albany,
N. Y.

HYDE, Amini Bradford, prof, languages,
Univ. of Denver; b. Oxford, Chenango Co.,
N. Y., March 13, 1826; s. Asahel J. and
Mary O. (Hinckley) H. ; prep, ed'n Oxford,
N. Y. ; grad. Wesleyan Univ., Middletown,
Conn., 1846 (M. A., same; S. T. D., Syra-
cuse Univ.); m. Utica, N. Y., July 20, 1850,
Mira Smith (now deceased). Was in ser-
vice U. S. Sanitary comm'n, entered M. E.
ministry; has taught in several colls.; In-
dependent in politics; mem. Am. Oriental
Soc. Am. Philol. Soc, Sons Am. Revolu-
tion, Phi Beta Kappa. Author: Essays,
1884; The Story of Methodism. Fifty yrs.
contributor to Methodist Rev., New York;
has furnished 1,500 continuous Sunday
School notes, weekly, and other articles to
Pittsburg, Pa., Christian Advocate. Address:
University Park, Colo.

HYDE, Edward Wyllys, mathematician;
b. Saginaw, Mich., Oct. 17, 1843; s. Rev. Har-
vey and Julia Dwight (Taylor) H. ; grad.
Cornell, B. C. E., 1872 (C. E., 1874); m.
Sept. 11, 1878, Sarah J., d. James Rowe. In-
str. civil eng'ring Cornell, 1871-3; prof,
mathematics Pa. Mil. Acad., 1873-4; asst.
prof., 1875-8, prof, mathematics since 1878,
Univ. of Cincinnati; was dean, 1892-3,
chmn. of faculty, 1894-5, and again dean,
1898-1900. Served in Civil war as It. 33d U.
S. colored troops. Author: Skew Arches,
1875 VI; Directional Calculus, 1890 Gl; A
Portion of Higher Mathematics, 1896 W9;
besides many papers in math, journals.
Address: 814 Lincoln Av., Cincinnati.

HYDE, James Nevins, physician; b. Nor-
wich, Conn., June 21, 1840; s. Edward
Goodrich and Hannah Huntington (Thomas)
H. ; ed. Andover, Mass., Acad., 1856-7; grad.
Yale, 1861; A. M., 1865; grad. med. dept.
Univ. of Pa., 1869; asst. surgeon U. S.
N., 1863; passed asst. surgeon, 1865; re-
signed and engaged in private practice; m.
July 31, 1872, to Alice Louise Griswold.
Author: Early Medical Chicago; Diseases
of the Skin (Hyde & Montgomery) 6 edit.,
1901 L12; Syphilis and the Venereal Dis-
eases (same), 1900 S15. Residence: 2409 Mich-
igan Av. Office: 100 State St., Chicago.

HYDE, Joel Wilbnr, M. D. ; b. West-
brook, Conn., March 20, 1839; 5. Rev. Will-
iam Albert and Martha (Sackett) H. ; grad.
Yale, 1861; Yale Med. School; m. 1861, Mary
E. Richardson, of New Haven, Conn. Staff
officer and later surgeon Conn, vols., 1861-5;
brigade surgeon Nat. Guard, N. Y., 1872-79;
Loyal Legion, New England Soc, Hamilton
Club; also has practiced in Brooklyn since
1865; has held important positions in Long
Island and St. Mary's hosps. ; mem. Am.
Assn. of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists,
and many med. socs. ; specialist in obstet-
rics and gynecology, and author of numer-
ous papers in this specialty. Address: 215
Schermerhorn St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

HYDE, John, statistician U. S. Dept. of
Agr. since July 1, 1897; editor-in-chief Nat.
Geographic Mag. since Oct. 1, 1895; b. Sta-
lybridge, Lancashire, England, Dec. 16, 1848;
ed. at Stamford Acad., Ashton-under-Lyme,
with sp'l studies at Owens Coll. (now Vic-



torja Univ.), Manchester; m. 1874, Emily, d.
William Watson. Began life in English
country bank, devoting ample leisure to
study of statist, and economic questions;
published results of researches into eco-
nomic effects of contagious diseases of cat-
tle, 1876-8; extended his investigations into
U. S. and Canada, 1882-3; asso. editor
Prairie Farmer, 1884-5, of Bankers' Month-
ly, 1885-6; made systematic investigation of
agr'l conditions and capabilities of U. S.,
personally visiting every State and Terri-
tory, 1886-90; expert sp'l agt. 11th Census
in charge of agr., 1890-4. Fellow Royal
Statist. Soc, London, since 1893; Washing-
ton sec. Am. Statist. Assn. ; mem. council
Nat. Geog. Soc. since 1891; mem. Washington
Acad. Sciences; v. -p. -elect, 1901-2, A. A. A.
S.; mem. many other U. S. and foreign sci-
entific socs. Author numerous reports and
mag. and newspaper articles on statist.,
economic and geographic subjects. Private
library contains valuable collections of au-
tographs, manuscripts and early printed
books. Residence: 1458 Euclid PL, Washing-

HYDE, Mary Caroline, author; b. Plain-
field, Vt.; d. Col. Breed Noyes H., of Hyde
Park, Vt. ; privately educated; unmarried.
Author: Guy and Gladys; Goostie; Under the
Stable Floor; Yan and Nochie of Tappan
Sea, R5, L6; also serials Hollyberry and
Mistletoe (St. Nicholas); The Pink Dia-
mond; Karoama, an Egyptian mummy sto-
ry; Grit; and many short stories. Address:
Mill Creek Road, Pottsville, Pa.

HYDE, Solon, merchant, author; b. Rush-
ville, O., Nov. 12, 1838; s. Simon Hyde, M.
D. ; ed. Rushville public schools and La-
Fayette Acad., West Rushville, O. ; studied
medicine; taught in public school (during
winters); served in U. S. vols., 1861-5; m.
East Orange, O., Sept. 13, 1865, C. H. Hyde.
Author: A Captive of War, M16. Has con-
tributed to various newspapers on hist, sub-
jects. Address: San Jacinto, Ind.

HYDE, William De "Witt, pres. Bowdoin
Coll. since 1885; b. Winchendon, Mass., Sept.
23, 1858; s. Joel and Eliza (DeWitt) H.; ed.
public schools and Phillips Exeter Acad.,
1872-5; grad. Harvard, 1879 (D. D., Harvard;
LL. D., Syracuse); m. Nov. 6, 1883, Pru-
dence M. Phillips. Author: Practical Eth-
ics, 1892 H4; Social Theology, 1895 Ml; Prac-
tical Idealism, 1897 Ml; The Evolution of a
College Student, 1898 C7; God's Education
of Man, 1899 H5; The Cut of Optimism, 1900
C7; etc. Address: Brunswick, Me.

HYDE, William Henry, artist, painter; b.
New York, Jan. 29, 1858; s. John James H.;
grad. Columbia Coll., 1877; studied paint-
ing in Paris under Boulanger, Lefebvre,
Doucet and Harrison; m. New York, Dec.
19, 1894, Mary Potter; mem. Soc. of Am.
Artists; Asso. Nat. Acad. Design. Address:
105 E. 61st St., New York.

HYER, Robert Stewart, regent South-
western Univ. since 1882; b. Oxford, Ga.,
Oct. 18, 1860; .?. William L. and Laura H. ;
early ed'n at Atlanta, Ga. ; grad. Emory
Coll. (A. M.); m. Feb. 24, 1888, Maggie
Hudgins. Elected prof, in Southwestern
Univ., 1882. Wrote monographs, The Law
of Hypnotism, Tex. Acad. Science; Meas-

urements of Electric Waves. Address:
Georgetown, Tex.

HYLLESTED, August Frederik Fer-
dinand, concert pianist, composer, teach-
er; b. Stockholm, Sweden, June 17, 1858; .r.
R. M. H. ; ed. Copenhagen, Denmark; grad.
Royal Conservatoire of Music, Copenhagen,
1875; studied under Franz Liszt, 1879-82;
concert tours through Europe, 1883-5; came
to U. S., 1885. Address: Fine Arts Bldg.,

HYLTON, John Dunbar, M. D., author;
b. West Indies, March 25, 1837; removed to
N. J. ; practiced medicine and later engaged
in business pursuits. Author: (verse) Be-
trayed, a Northern Tale; The Bride of Get-
tysburg, an Episode of 1863; The Heir of
Lyolynn; Arteloise; Above the Grave of
John Odenswurge; The Sea King; etc.
Address: Palmyra, N. J.

HYSLOP, James Hervey, prof, logic and
ethics, Columbia; b. Xenia, O., Aug. 18,
1854; s. Robert H.; grad. Wooster, O., Univ.,
1877 (Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1887); m. Oct.
1, 1891, Mary Fry Hall, Phila. Taught in
Lake Forest, 111., Univ.; Smith Coll., North-
ampton, Mass.; Bucknell Univ., Lewis-
burgh, Pa., and Columbia. Author: Ele-
ments of Logic, 1892 S3; Ethics of Hume,
1893 Gl; Elements of Ethics, 1895 S3; De-
mocracy, 1899 S3; Logic and Argument, 1899
S3; Syllabus of Psychology, 1899; also ar-
ticles in reviews, mags, and proceedings of
Soc. for Psychical Research. Residence: 519
W. 149th St., New York.

HYVERNAT, Eugene Xavier Louis
Henry, prof. Oriental languages and arch-
aeology, Catholic Univ. of America, since
1889; b. St. Julien-en-Jarret, Loire, France,
June 30, 1858; 5. Claude and Leonide (Mey-
rieux) H. ; ed. Petit Seminaire de St. Jean,
Lyons, France, 1867-76; grad. Univ. of
France, Lyons, Bachelier-es-Lettres, 1876;
studied divinity, Seminaire de St. Sulpice,
Issy, 1877-9; same, Paris, 1879-82 (D. D.,
Pontifical Univ. of Rome, 1882). Chaplain
St. Louis of the French, Rome, 1882-5; prof,
interpreter of Oriental languages for Propa-
ganda, Rome, 1885-9; prof. Assyriology and
Egyptology, Roman Sem., Rome, 1885-8; en-
trusted with scientific mission in Armenia
by French gov't, 1888-9; chief dept. Semitic

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