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tion of Mathematical Formula, 1899 E6. Nu-
merous articles, monographs and papers in
tech. and popular publications. Residence:
The Lansdowne, N. 41st St. and Parkside
Av. Office: Crozer Bldg., Chestnut St., Phil-

KENNEY, Richard Roll ami. lawyer; b.
Sussex Co., Del., Sept. 9, 1856; j. Samuel
and Hettie (Short) K. ; admitted to bar, Oct.
19, 1881; practiced law, Dover; State libra-
rian, 1879-86; adj. -gen. of State, 1887-91;
mem. Dem. Nat. Com. since 1896; elected
U. S. senator, Jan., 1897, for remainder of
term expiring March 3, 1901. Address: Do-
ver, Del.

KENNICOTT, Cass Langdon, chemist,
v.-p. and gen. mgr., Kennicott Water Soft-
ener Co.; b. Chicago, Feb. 25, 1871; j. Ran-
som K. (U. S. A.); ed. Chicago public
schools and Case School of Applied Science,
Cleveland, O. ; m. June 6, 1894, Mary E. Bar-
stow, Cleveland, O. For 5 yrs. chief chemist
Municipal Laboratory, Chicago, now chief
chemist The Consumers' Co., Chicago. Sec.
sect, chemistry, Chicago Acad, of Science;
mem. Am. Chem. Soc; fellow Chem. Soc.
London; mem. 111. State Micros. Soc. Author:
Dust Explosions: Chicago's Milk Supply;
Ice; Water Analysis; Food Adulterations;
etc. Residence: -218 W. 65th St. Office: 3567
Butler St., Chicago.

KENNISH, John, lawyer; Republican nom-
inee for att'y-gen. Mo., 1886; voted for by
"anti-Kerens" Republicans of Mo. legisla-
ture, 1899, for U. S. senator; State senator
1st dist. of Mo., 1893-1897; Rep. nominee for
att'y-gen. Mo., 1896; Rep. nominee for Con-
gress, 4th dist., 1900. Address: Mound City,
Holt Co., Mo.

KENNY, Albert Sewall, paymaster-gen.
U. S. N.; b. Van Buren Co., la., Jan. 19,
1841; s. Sewall and Mary (Strong) K. ; grad.
Univ. of Vt., 1861; commissioned as asst.



paymaster, U. S. N., March 19, 1862; pay-
master, March 9, 1865; pay insp., July 81,
ism ; pay dir., Sept. 26. ls;i7; paymaster gen.,
May 5, 1899; served in S. Atlantic blockading
squadron, 1862-3; N. Atlantic blockading
squadron. 1S64-5; present at both attacks on
Ft. Fisher. After Civil war, service on
west coast of Africa. San Francisco, Calif.,
In cruising ships, at Naval Acad, and at
New York navy yards. Residence: 1102 Chop-
in St. Business .hid rcss: Navy Dept., Wash-

KENT, Alexander, Independent clergy-
man; 6, Truro, N. S., Nov. 27, 1837; s. James
and Sara (Archibald) K.; ed. Truro, 1843-
54; began preaching in Universalist Ch., in
Iowa; studied Lombard Univ., 111., part of 2
yrs. ; student 2 l i yrs. Canton, N. Y., Theol.
School, St. Lawrence Univ. ; left, 1SG5, and
settled over Universalist Ch., Halifax, N.
S., until 1867; pastor Universalist Ch., Port-
land, Me., 1867-9; State missionary in Minn.,
part of 1869; in Baltimore, 1869-77; part of
time out of health and out of ministry; in
Washington, 1877; pastor Universalist Ch.
there 12 yrs.; built ch.; for over 10 yrs.
past, pastor of undenominational People's
Ch.; liberal, independent, progressive; m.
Washington, Jan. 24, 1878, Carrie E. Gove.
Numbers of his sermons and addresses have
been published. Address: 930 St., N. W.,

KENT, Charles Poster, Woolsey prof, of
Biblical Literature, Yale Univ.; b. Palmyra,
N. Y., Aug. 13, 1867; grad. Yale, 1889 (Ph.
D., 1891); Berlin Univ., 1891-2; m. July 9,
1895, Elizabeth Middleton Sherrill. Instr.
Univ. of Chicago, 1893-5; prof. Biblical lit,
trature and history Brown Univ., 1895-1901.
Author: Outlines of' Hebrew History, 1895 PI;
The Wise Men of Ancient Israel and Their
Proverbs, 1895 S6; A History of the Hebrew
People, the United Kingdom, 1896 S3; A His-
tory of the Hebrew People, the Divided
Kingdom, 1897 S3; A History of the Jewish
People; the Babylonian, Persian and Greek
Periods, 1899 S3; The Messages of the Ear-
lier Prophets, 1899 S3; The Messages of the
Later Prophets, 1900 S3. Editor: The His-
torical Series for Bible Students; The Mes-
sage of the Bible: Library of Ancient In-
scriptions; all S3. Contributor to mags.
Address: New Haven, Conn.

KENT, Charles W., prof. English litera-
ture, rhetoric and belles lettres. Linden
Kent Memorial School of English literature,
Univ. of Va., since 1893; 6. Louisa C. H.,
Va., Sept. 27, 1860; j. Robert M. and Sarah
Garland K. ; prep, ed'n Locust Dale Acad.,
Va.; grad. Univ. of Va., M. A., 1S82; took
sp'l training in Germany for professorship
of English language and literature; m.
Univ. of Va., June 4, 1895, Eleanor A., d.
Prof. Francis H. Smith. Joint founder and
head master Univ. School, Charleston, S. C,
1882-4; licentiate in German and French,
Univ. of Va., 1887-8; prof. English and mod-
ern languages, Univ. of Tenn., 1888-93. Lec-
turer on Am. and English literature, South-
ern poets, etc. Ph. D., Leipzig Univ. in
English, German and philosophy; mem.
Exec. Council Modern Language Assn. of
America; on exec com. Va. Hist. Soc,

pres. Poe Memorial Assn.; medalist Jeffer-
son Literary Soc, Univ. of Va. .J

Teutonic Antiquities In Andrea:-, and ESlene
(Leipzig doctor dissertation); Shakespeare
Note itook, 1897 01; Graphic Represent

tions of English and American Literal on,
1898 114. Editor: Cvnewulf's Elene, Library
of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, 1888 01; Idyls of
the Lawn, 1899, Selected Poems from Hums,
Hull SH; Tennyson's Princess, 1901 J8; Poe
Memorial Volume, 1901. Wrote: A Study
of Lanier's Poems; Use of Negation m
Chaucer; etc. Address: Charlottesville, Va.

KENT, Jacob Ford, brig. -gen. U. S. A ,

maj.-gen. U. S. V.; b. Phtla., Sept. 14, 183
s. Rodolphus and Sarah (Deily) K.; m. June
3, 1885, Mary M. Eaton. Entered army 2d It.
3d inf., May 6, 1861; promoted 1st It. and
bvtd. capt. and maj. for gallantry at
Marye's Heights; capt. 3d inf., 1864; bvt. lt.-
col. for gallantry at Spotsylvania and bvt.
col. for faithful services in the field; pro-
moted after war in regular army, becoming
col. 24th inf.; made brig. -gen. U. S. vols.,
May 4, and maj.-gen. U. S. V., July 8, 1898;
comd. 1st div., 5th corps, in Cuba; pro-
moted brig.-gen. U. S. A., Oct. 4, 1898; re-
tired, Oct. 15, 1898, on his own application,
after over 40 yrs. of active service. Residence:
154 1st St., Troy, N. Y.

KENT, Waller Henry, chemist and asst.
prof. Brooklyn Coll. of Pharmacy; b. Le-
vant, Chautauqua Co., N. Y., March 29,
1851; s. Ara W. and Lucy A. (Neate) K.;
grad. Cornell, B. S., 1876 (M. S., 1880; Ph.
D., Gottingen, Germany, 18S4). Instr. chem-
istry Cornell, 1877-81; prof, chemistry Drake
Univ., Des Moines, la., 1881-2; student at
Gottingen, 1883-4; chemist Brooklyn Health
Dept., through a civil service exam., 1885-
94; chemist New York Navy Yard, 1895-99.
Unmarried. Author: Untersuchungen iiber
Milchziicker und Galactose (his doctorial
thesis); also contributions to Journal Amer-
ican Chemical Society and annual reports
Brooklyn Dept. of Health. Mem. Am. Chem.
Soc. and German Chem. Soc. Residence: 292
Clifton PI. Office: 329 Franklin Av., Brook-
lyn, N. Y.

KENT, William, consulting eng'r; b. Phil-
adelphia, March 5, 1851; j. James and Janet
(Scott) K. ; grad. Central High School,
Phila., 1868, A. M., 1873; Stevens Inst, of
Technology, M. E., 1876; m. 1879, Marion W.
Smith. Editor American Manufacturer and
Iron World, Pittsburg, 1877-9; held posi-
tions as mech. eng'r and supt. in iron and
steel works, steam boiler business and Tor-
sion balance scale factory, 1879-90; consult-
ing eng'r (office practice) since 1890; asso.
editor Eng'ring News since 1895. Mem. Am.
Inst. Mining Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs
(v.-p., 1888-90); fellow A. A. A. S.; mem. N.
J. State Comm'n on Pollution of Streams,
1S98-9. Contributor to Appleton's Cyclopae-
dia of Mechanics, and Johnson's Universal
Cyclopaedia. Author: The Strength of Ma-
terials, 1S79 VI; Strength of Wrought Iron
and Chain Cables, 1S79 W9; The Mechan-
ical Engineer's Pocket Book, 1895 W9;
Steam-Boiler Economy, 1901 W9. Residence:



Passaic, N. J. Office: 220 Broadway, New

KEXTON, Frederick; Conrtland, editor
on Expt. Sta. Record, Dept. of Agr., since
1897; />. Hartford, Conn., Nov. 22, 1867; 5.
Sylvester C. K.; grad. Univ. of Neb., B.
Sc, 1892; unmarried. Fellow in biology,
Tufts Coll., 1893-5, A. M., Ph. D., Tufts,
1895; fellow in biology, Clark Univ., 1895-6;
asst. mng. editor American Naturalist, 1897;
mem. A. A. A. S., Am. Naturalists Soc. ;
Am. Morphological Soc. ; Nat. Geographic
Soc; Biol. Soc, Washington. Entomol. Soc,
Washington. Wrote: The Morphology and
Classification of the Panropoda, Tufts Coll.
Studies, 1895; The Brain of the Bee, Amer-
ican Journal of Neurology, 1896; The Optic
Lobes of the Bee's Brain, American Natur-
alist, 1897; In the Region of the New Fossil,
Daemonelix, same, 1894. Address: Dept. of
Agr., Washington.

KENYON, James Benjamin, M. E. cler-
gyman, poet; b. Frankfort, N. Y., April 26,
185S; s. Delos M. and Nancy M. (Piper) K. ;
grad. Hungerford Collegiate Inst., 1875 (Litt.
D., Syracuse Univ., 1893); studied theology
and entered Methodist ministry; in. Jan. 2,
1S78, Margaret J. Taylor. Author: (Poems)
The Fallen, and Other Poems, 1876 01; Out
of the Shadows, 1880 L5; Songs in All Sea-
sons, 1885 01; In Realms of Gold, 1887 CI;
At the Gate of Dreams, 1892; An Oaten Pipe,
1896; A Little Book of Lullabies, 1898;
(prose) Loiterings in Old Fields, 1901 M4;
also numerous poems in leading mags, and
articles in literary criticism and biography
in Methodist Review. Address: 911 Harrison
St., Syracuse, N. Y.

KEOGH, Thomas Bernard, lawyer; b.
Utica, N. Y., Nov. 26, 1840; .j. Bernard and
Mary K. ; ed. Milwaukee, Wis.; studied law;
admitted to bar, Milwaukee, Wis. ; in. Hol-
ly, N. Y., Oct. 25, 1865, Harriette A. James.
Register in bankruptcy, apptd. by Chief
Justice S. P. Chase, 1867; U. S. marshal,
apptd. by Pres. Arthur, 1882; delegate Rep.
Nat. Conv., 1868, 1872, 1876, 1880, 1884, 1888,
1892; chmn. Rep. State Com. of N. C, 1874
to 1880; sec. Rep. Nat. Com., 1880; one of
the "306" who voted continuously for Grant
in Nat. Conv., 1880; pres. Bd. of Trustees
Agr'l and Meeh. Coll., N. C, 5 yrs. ; apptd.
by Pres. Harrison National Comm'r Colum-
bian World's Fair, and served on Commit-
tees of Organization, Classification and
Ceremonies. Republican. Address: Greens-
boro, N. C.

KKPHART, Cyrus Jeffries, clergyman
U. B. Ch. ; b. Clearfield Co., Pa., Feb. 23,
1852; 5. Rev. Henry and Sarah (Goss) K. ;
grad Western Coll., la., 1874 (A. M., 1877);
grad. Union Biblical Sem., Dayton, O. (D.
D., Lebanon Valley Coll., Annville, Pa.,
1895); m. Dec. 4, 1873, Sallie S. Perry. Pres.
Avalon Coll., Avalon, Mo., 1878-85; 2 yrs.
prof, mathematics Western Coll., la.; 8 yrs.
in U. B. ministry; 1 yr. pres. Lebanon Val-
ley Coll., Pa.; 3 yrs. gen. sec. Pa. State
Sabbath School Assn., until 1897; pres. Ava-
lon Coll., Trenton, Mo., 1897-9; pastor Sum-
mit U. B. Ch., Des Moines, since Oct., 1S99.
Author: Public Life of Christ, 1892 R3; Jesus,

the Nazarene, 1894 Ull; Life of Jesus for
Children, 1894 Ull. Address: 912 University
Av., Des Moines, la.

KEPHART, Ezehiel Boring, U. B. bish-
op since May 12, 1881; b. Decatur Tp., Clear-
field Co., Pa., Nov. 6, 1834; 5. Rev. Henry
and Sarah (Goss) K. ; reared on farm; later
cut and floated lumber on Susquehanna
River; afterward pilot on that river; earned
money with which to go to coll.; m. Nov
4, 1860, Susan J. Trefts, Johnstown, Pa. At-
tended Dickinson Sem., Pa., and Mt. Pleas-
ant Coll., Pa.; grad. Otterbein Univ., 1865
(A. M., D. D., same; LL. D., Lebanon Val-
ley Coll.). Entered ministry, 1857; lived 25
yrs. in Iowa; pres. Western Coll., la., 1868-
81; State senator, la., 1872-6; traveled ex-
tensively in Africa, Egypt, Palestine and in
Europe. Author: Manual of Church Disci-
pline, 1896 Ull; Authenticity and Interpre-
tation of the Holy Scriptures, 1889 Ull
Address: Annville, Pa. (Western Address-
Dayton, O.).

I \? PHART ' Horace, librarian St. Louis
Mercantile Library since 1890; b. E. Salem
Pa., Sept. 8, 1862; .s. Isaiah L. and Mary
(Sowers) K. ; ed. Iowa public schools; grad
Lebanon Valley Coll., 1879 (A. M., 1882)-
post-graduate studies at Cornell, Boston

Z" ?? d , Yale; m - Apri i 12 > 1887 > Laura
White Mack, Ithaca, N. Y. Asst. Cornell
Univ. Library, 1880-4; in Europe, 1884-6-
asst. Yale Univ. Library, 1886-90. Address':
Mercantile Library St. Louis.

KEPHART, Isaiah Lafayette, clergy-
' m L n ' ? dit T The Religious Telescope since
1889; b. Decatur Tp., Clearfield Co., Pa,
Dec. 10, 1832; j. Rev.Henry and Sarah (Goss)
K. ; reared on farm; ed. country schools and
various sems. (A. M., Otterbein Univ ; D
p., Western Coll.); licensed to preach, 1859,
by Allegheny Conf. U. B. Ch. ; ordained
1863; m. 1861, Mary E. Sowers, Brush Val-
ley, Pa. Was in pastoral work, 1859-63;
chaplain 21st Pa. cav. vols., 1863-5; resumed
preaching until 1867; prin. public schools
Jefferson, la., 1867-9; supt. schools, Greene
Co., la., 1869-71; prof, natural science,
Western Coll., la., 1871-6; actuary U. B Aid
Soc. of Pa., 1876-83; prof, mental and moral
science, San Joaquin Valley Coll., Wood-
bridge, Calif., 1883-5; pres. Westfield, 111
Coll., 1885-9. Author: Biography of Rev.
Jacob S. Kessler; Evils of the Use of To-
bacco by Christians. Address: Dayton, O.

KEPPLER, Emil, publisher, artist; part-
ner in Keppler & Schwarzman, publishers of
Puck. Residence: 214 E. 95th St. Office: 39
E. Houston St., New York.

KERENS, Richard C, capitalist; b. in
Ireland. 1842; came to U. S. in infancy; in
Union army, 1861-5; lived in Ark. after war;
became mail contractor, controlling manv
frontier routes; later removed to St. Louis
and acquired large railroad interests; active
in politics; since 1892 mem. for Mo. of Nat.
Rep. Com. ; comm'r at large from Mo. to
World's Columbian Exp'n, 1892-3; voted for
as Rep. candidate for U. S. senator in Mo.
legislature, 1899. Residence: 36 Vandeventer
PI. Office: 319 N. 4th St., St. Louis.



KKRLIN, Robert Thomas, prof. Eng-
lish, Mo. Valley Coll., 1890-4, and since
June, 1900; b. Newcastle, Mo.. March 22,
1866; f. Thomas L. and Nancy J. K.; grad.
Central Coll., Fayette, Mo., 1890 (A. M ,);
studied Johns Hopkins, 1889-90 (history and
English), Univ. of Chicago and Harvard;
traveled in England and Scotland, studying
places of literary interest; in active minis-
try M. E. Ch., South, 1895-8; chaplain 3d
Mo. vols, in Spanish-Am. war, 6 months,
1898; student ch. history, Harvard, 1898-9;
unmarried. Author: Mainly for Myself: The
Lyrical Diversions of a Village Parson, 1897
H15; The Camp Life of the Third Kegiment,
1898 H15. Wrote: St. Anselm of Canterbury,
1900; William Cowper, 1900; Dante and His
Times, 1901; all in Methodist Review, Nash-
ville, Tenn. Address: Marshall, Mo.

Ki:ii\, John Adam, prof, practical the-
ology, Vanderbilt Univ., since 1899; b. Fred-
erick Co., Va., April 23, 1846; s. Nimrod and
Eliza K. ; prep, ed'n Winchester, Va., 1857-
61; grad. Univ. of Va. (in moral philosophy);
D. D., Washington and Lee Univ.; entered
ministry M. E. Ch., South, 1866; m. Harri-
sonburg, Va., Jan. 25, 1875, Virginia Esk-
ridge. Prof, moral philosophy, Randolph-
Macon Coll., 1886; v.-p. same, 1893; pres.
same, 1897-9. Author: The Ministry to the
Congregation: a Work on Homiletics, 1897
B16. Address: Nashville, Tenn.

KERN, John Worth, lawyer; b. How-
ard Co., Ind., Dec. 20, 1849; grad. Univ. of
Mich., 1869; reporter Supreme Court, Ind.,

' 1885-9; State senator, 1892-6; city att'y In-
dianapolis, 1897-1901; unsuccessful candidate
for gov. of Ind., 1900. Democrat. Address:
Indianapolis, Ind.

KERJiOCHAN, Joseph Frederick, law-
yer; b. New York; 5. Joseph and Margaret
(Seymour) K. ; grad. Yale Coll., 1863, and
law school, Columbia Coll., 1865; engaged
in practice of law; m. 1869, Mary Stuart
Whiting. Address: 44 Pine St., New York.

KERR, Charles Volney, prof. mech. en-
g'ring, Armour Inst. Technology, Chicago,
since 1896; b. Miami Co., O., March 27, 1861;
S. George W. and Nancy Kerr; grad. West-
ern Univ. of Pa. (Ph. B., with honors in
philosophy), 1884 (Ph. M., 1888; Ph. D., 1898) ;
grad. mech. eng'ring, Stevens Inst., 1888.
Private tulor and instr. in chem. laboratory,
Stevens Inst., 1887-8; instr. mathematics and
science, Pratt Inst., Brooklyn, 1888-9; asst.
prof. mech. eng'ring, Western Univ. of Pa.,
1889-91; prof, eng'ring at Ark. Industrial
Univ., Fayetteville, Ark., 1891-6. Wrote:
Moment of Resistance, Proc. Am. Soc. Mech.
Eng'rs, vol. 18, p. 314; Moment of Inertia,
same, vol. 20, p. 177; Berthier Method of
Coal Calorimetry, Jour. Western Soc. En-
g'rs, Dec, 1898; Technical Schools of Amer-
ica, Cassier's Magazine, vol. 5, p. 405;
Stresses in Fly Wheel Arms, Am. Machinist,
Aug. 8, 1895. Residence: 3321 Armour Av.,

KDItlt. David Ramsey, pres. Univ. of
Omaha, Neb., since 1891; b. Cadiz, O., March
2, 1850; s. James and Julia Ann (Carrick)
K.; grad. Franklin Coll., New Athens, O.,
1874 (D. D., Univ. of Omaha, 1891; Ph. D.,
Bellevue Coll., 18S9); . June 12, 1879, Mar-

tha S. Hill, Stouhenville, O. Pastor Mercer,
Pa., and Omaha, Neb., L876-90; pres. Belle-
rue Coll. since L890. Address: Bellevue, Neb.

K Kit It, .lumen, surgeon; b. Porlstiw.irt,
Co. Derry, Ireland, Dec li, 1848; t. Abraham
John and Isabella K.; prep, ed'n Coleralne
Academic Inst'n; rad. Royal Univ., Dublin,
Ireland, 1870; grad. Queen's Coll., Belfast,
M. D., M. Ch., 1^70; m. Brantford, Ont.,
Can., July, 1X76, Laurie 1. Bell. Surgeon
Royal Canadian Mail Service, 1871-3; sur-
geon to H. M. Transport No. XII, Gold Coast
Expd'n, 1873-4; chief surgeon Canadian Pa-
cific Ky., L882-8; Burgeon Canadian Militia,
Riel Rebellion, 1885; was pres. and prof,
surgery, Manitoba Med. Coll.; now prof.
surgery, Georgetown Med. Coll., Washing-
ton, D. C. ; mem. Washington Acad. Sci-
ences. Contributes articles on surgery to
current med. literature. Address: 1711 II
St., Washington.

"KERR, Orpheus C."| see Newell, Robert

KERR, "Walter C, mech. eng'r; b. St.
Peter, Minn., Nov. 8, 1858; s. Aaron H. and
Elizabeth (Craig) K. ; common school ed'n
there; grad. Cornell, B. M. E., 1879; m. Dec.
27, 1883, Lucy Lyon, Ithaca, N. Y. ; asst.
prof. Cornell, 1S80-3; since then mech. eng'r
in the Westinghouse interests; now 1st v.-p.
Westinghouse Machine Co., and v.-p. West-
inghouse, Church, Kerr & Co. ; trustee of
Cornell since 1890; etc. Residence: Dongan
Hills, Staten Island, New York. Business
Address: 26 Cortlandt St., New York.

KERR, William Jasper, pres. Agr'l
Coll. of Utah since 1900; b. Nov. 17, 1863; at-
tended Univ. of Utah, 1882-5, taking normal
course; also attended Cornell Univ., 1890-1,
and summers, 1891, 1S92, 1893; m. July 8, 1885,
Leonora Hamilton, Salt Lake City. Taught
school Smithfield, Utah, 1885-7; delegate to
constitutional conv., Salt Lake City, 1887
and 1895; instr. physiology, geology and
physics, 1S87-8; instr. mathematics, 1888-90
and 1S91-2, Brigham Young Coll.; prof,
mathematics and astronomy, Univ. of Utah.
1892-4; pres. Brigham Young Coll., 1894-
1900. Mem. Am. Math. Soc. since 1892;
founded, 1893, and since pres., Utah Math.
Soc; pres. Utah State Teachers' Assn.,
1S97-8. Address: Logan, Utah.

KERR, William Watt, physician; grad.
Univ. of Edinburg, Scotland, 1881; prof. clin.
medicine, med. dept. Univ. of Calif.; visit-
ing physician, City and Co. Hospital; also
Children's Hosp. Address: 1200 Van Ness
Av., San Francisco.

KERR, Winfield S., congressman, law-
yer; b. Monroe Tp., Rockland Co., O. ; s.
Alexander and Ursula K. ; grad. law dept.,
Univ. of Mich., 1879; m. Susie E. Barr. Mem.
Ohio State senate 4 yrs. ; practices law,
Mansfield, O. ; mem. Congress from 14th
Ohio dist., 1895-1901; Republican. Address:
Mansfield, O.

KESSLER, Harry Clay, bvt. brig.-gen.
U. S. V.; b. Phila., March 18, 1844; s. John
K., Jr.; ed. Phila. until 1861; m. Pittsburg,
Pa., Nov., 1876, Josephine A. Dilworth. En-
tered Union army, 1S61, as 2d It. 104th regt.
Pa. vols.; promoted 1st It., Jan., 1S63; served
iu Army of Potomac; discharged, Sept.,



1863; went to Mont, Jan., 1875; engaged in
mining; identified with Nat. Guard from or-
ganization; commanding col. 1st Mont, inf.,
U. S. V., April, 1898; served in the Philip-
pines; bvtd. brig. -gen. U. S. V., March,
1899; discharged, Oct., 1899. Address: Butte,

KESTER, Paul, dramatist and author; b.
Delaware, O., Nov. 2, 1869; s. Franklyn
Cooley K., Colonial, Dutch and English an-
cestry; ed. private schools and tutors; un-
married. Author: Tales of the Real Gypsy,
D5. Plays: The Countess Roudine (with
Minnie Maddern Fiske), prod, by Mme.
Modjeska; Zamar, prod, by late Alexander
Salvini; The Student of Salamanca, prod,
by same; Nell Gwynne, prod, by Mile. Rhea;
What Dreams May Come, prod, by Janau-
schek; Meg Merrilies, prod, by same; Eu-
gene Aram, prod, by Walker Whiteside; The
Cousin of the King (with Vaughan Kester),
prod, bv Whiteside; Sweet Nell of Old Dru-
ry, prod, in England by Miss Julia Neilson,
in America by Miss Ada Rehan; also a
dramatization of When Knighthood Was in
Flower, prod, by Miss Julia Marlowe. Also
other plays, adaptations, articles and poems.
Address: 100th St. and Riverside Drive, New

KESTER, Vaughan, writer; b. at New
Brunswick, N. J., Sept. 12, 1869; ed. in
common schools, Mt. Vernon, O., and un-
der tutor at Cleveland, O. ; m. Mt. Vernon,
O., Aug. 31, 1898, Jessie B. Jennings. Held
position staff of Cosmopolitan Mag. and
the International, Literary and News Syn-
dicates, Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y. Has
done miscellaneous literary work, short
stories published by the various mags.,
songs and two plays; one of dirs. of The
Course of Modern Plays, given in Boston,
New York and Washington, season 1899-1900.
Address: 100th St. and Riverside Drive, New

KETCHAM, John Henry, congressman,
farmer; b. Dover, N. Y., Dec. 21, 1832;
academic ed'n; engaged in farming. Town
supervisor, 1854-5; mem. N. Y. assembly,
1856-7; State senator, 1860-1; served, col.
150th N. Y. vols., 1861-5; promoted brig.-
gen. and bvt. maj.-gen.; comm'r of D. C,
1874-7; mem. Congress, 1865-73, 1877-93, and
1897-1903, 18th N. Y. dist.; Republican.
Home: Dover Plain, N. Y.

KETCHAM, William Ezra, M. E. minis-
ter, editor Preacher's Magazine; b. New
York, Feb. 19, 1837; s. Ezra and Jerusha K. ;
ed. 'City Inst., New York, and Amenia Sem.
(D. D., Univ. of Omaha, 1894); m. March 18,
1858, Selina Bowers, New York. Mem. N. Y.
Conf. M. E. Ch., since 1858, and has filled
various pastorates; solicited large amounts
for chs. Mem. New England Meth. Hist.
Soc, Boston; Meth. Hist. Soc, New York;
Geneal. and Biog. Soc, New York; Quill
Club, New York; Hist, and Library Assn.,
Yonkers, N. Y. ; and other literary socs.
Author and editor of several books; Funeral
Sermons and Addresses; Thanksgiving Ser-
mons and Addresses; also contributor to re-
ligious papers. Residence: 19 Quincy PI.,
Yonkers, N. Y.

KETCHAM, William Henry, acting dir.
Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions since
1900; b. Sumner, la., June 1, 1868; s. Alonzo
and Josephine (Shanafelt) K. ; early ed'n
private schools Willspoint and Hubbard City,
Tex. ; grad. St. Charles Coll., Grand Coteau,
La.; studied divinity, Theol. Sem., Mt. St.
Mary's of the West, Cincinnati, O. ; or-
dained priest in Pro-Cathedral, Guthrie,
Okla., March 13, 1891; apptd. missionary to
Creek and Cherokee Indians, with residence
at Muskogee, Indian Ty., 1891; apptd. mis-
sionary to full-blood Choctaw Indians, with
residence at Antlers, Indian Ty., 1897.
Address: 941 F St., N. W., Washington.

KETCHUM, Alexander Phoenix, law-
yer; b. New Haven, Conn., May 11, 1839; s.
Edgar and Elizabeth (Phoenix) K. ; grad.
with honors, Coll. City of New York, 1858
(M. A.); tutor there, 1858-9; grad. Albany
Law School, 1860, and admitted to bar; m.
New York, June 10, 1870, Clara McFarland
Dwight (now deceased). Served in Civil
war in Dept. of South, and as staff officer
of Gen. Rufus Saxton, mil. gov. of S. C. ;
transferred to staff of Maj.-Gen. O. O. How-
ard, 1865; served as A. A. A. G., in Charles-
ton and Washington; resigned from army
Sept., 1867, with rank of bvt. col.; apptd.,
1869, assessor Internal Revenue, 9th dist.,
N. Y. ; later collector same; gen. appraiser
and chief appraiser Port of New York, 1874-
85; has since given entire attention to prac-
tice. One of founders, and 1st pres. Mt.
Morris Bank; 2 yrs. pres. Presby'n Union,
New York; prominent in Y. M. C. A.; was
for 4 yrs. mem. bd. ed'n; pres. City College
Club, and mem. Mil. Order Loyal Legion,
State Bar Assn., Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha
Delta Phi, N. Y. and Atlantic Yacht clubs,

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