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drone System and Padrone Banks, Bull. No.
9, U. S. Dept. Labor; Le Regime de l'Alcool
aux Etats-Unis, Revue Politique et Parle-
mentaire, Paris, June, 1898. Address: 784
Beacon St., Boston.

KOST, Frederick W., landscape painter;
b. New York; studied at Nat. Acad. Design;
hon. mem. Paris Exp'n, 1900; Asso. Nat.
Acad. Design; mem. Soc. Am. Artists; Soc.
Landscape Painters; Brooklyn Soc. of Arts
and Crafts; Artists' Fund Soc. Residence:



558 5th Av.

Studio: 146 W. 55th St., New

Kill VT/,, John S., ins. and real estate; b.
Richfield, Lucas Co., O., March 25, 1846; s.
Michael and Helen K. ; common school ed'n;
m. 1st, Sept. 21, 1868, Sarah Jane Hadnett,
Kalamazoo, Mich, (died, March 11, 1876);
2d, June 4, 1879, Agnes Jane Denniston, To-
ledo, O. Enlisted Sept. 30, 1861, as drummer,
37th Ohio vol. inf.; lost left leg at battle of
Missionary Ridge, Nov. 25, 18G.'i; awarded
medal of honor for distinguished gallantry;
treas., 1872-4, recorder, 1875-7, Lucas Co., O.
Comdr. Dept. Ohio G. A. R., 1881-2: comdr.-
in-chief G. A. R., 1884-5; sec. and historian
Vicksburg Nat. Mil. Park Comm'n, apptd.
March 1, 1899. Residence: 327 12th St. Office:
12 Produce Exchange, Toledo, O.

KRAfKE, Frederick; J., asst. comm'r of
agr. of N. Y.; b. New York, July 11, 1868; ed.

i at collegiate high school; in produce busi-
ness with father in Washington market until
1896; since then asst. State comm'r of agr.
for dist. embracing the counties of New
York, Kings, Queens, Suffolk and Rich-
mond, and half of Westchester Co., N. V.
Office: 23 Park Row, New York.

KRAEMER, Henry, botanist; b. Phila.,
July 22, 1868; s. John Henry and Caroline
K. ; parents died when he was 3 yrs. old; ed.
Girard Coll., 1877-84; grad. Columbia, Ph.
B., 1895; grad. Phila. Coll. Pharmacy. 1889;
Ph. D., Univ. of Marburg, Germany, 1896;
m. Asheville, N. C, Dec. 26, 1894, Theodosia
Ernest Rich. Instr. pharmacognosy, Coll.
Pharmacy of City of New York, 1S90; prof,
botany, School of Pharmacy, Northwestern
Univ.. 1896-7; prof. Phila. Coll. Pharmacy,
1897-1900; editor Am. Journal of Pharmacy,
1898-1900; mem. A. A. A. S., Am. Pharm.
Assn., Am. Philos. Soc, Soc. Am. Natural-
ists; collaborator of Pharmaceutical Review.
Has written papers in Bulletin Torrey Bot.
Club; Journal Am. Chern. Soc, Am. Journal
Pharmacy, Pharm. Review, Science, Bot.
Gazette, Proc. Am. Pharm. Assn., Proc. A
A. A. S. ; etc. 'Residence: 424 S. 44th St. Office:
145 N. 10th St., Philadelphia.

KRATZ, Henry Elton, supt. of schools
Sioux City since 1891; b. nr. Smithville, O.,
Oct. 14, 1849; grad. Univ. of Wooster, 1874
(A. M., Ph. D.); m. July 19, 1876, Lizzie M.
Deal, Bucyrus, O. Taught as high school
principal several yrs.; supt. city schools in
Ohio, Mich, and S. Dak. about 8 yrs.; stud-
ied in England 2 yrs. ; prof, pedagogy State
Univ. of S. Dak., 1889-91. Organizer and
pres. Iowa Soc. for Child Study; v. -p. Child
Study Dept., Nat. Edn'l Assn., 1896-7; (v.-p.
1900-1) ; hon. fellow Soc. of Science, Letters
and Art, London, Eng. Residence: 805 Doug-
las St., Sioux City. la.

KRAUS, Adolf, lawyer; b. Bohemia, 1850;
s. Jonas and Ludmila K. ; ed. Rokycan,
1855-65; m. Jan. 7, 1877, Mathilde Hirsh,
Chicago. Came to U. S., 18G5; admitted to
bar, 1877. Mem. Chicago school bd., 1881-7
(pres., 1884-6); corporation counsel, Chicago,
1893; resigned when Mayor Harrison died;
pres. Civil Service Comm'n, 1897-8. Residence:
4518 Drexel Boul. Office: Unity Bldg., Chi-

Ml \l S -BOELTA, Maria, prin. of Kraun
s< in. lor Kindergartners; b, Mechlenburg-
Schwerln, Germany, Nov. 8, 1836; </. JJudgi
J. L. Ernst Boelte, LL. I).; ed. by private

tutors; was pupil of Krobcl's widow ami
Dr. Wichard Langc, Hamburg, Germany,
and received full course of kindergarten
training; also student In Teachers' Sem.,
Hamburg; began active kindergarten work
in London, 1860; exhibited (with associates)
kindergarten material and work at London
Iuternat. Exb'n, 1862; studied in Kensing-
ton School of Art; went to Hamburg, 1867,
taught in Frobel Union; established and
conducted a kindergarten, connecting
classes, training classes for kindergartners
and nurses in Liibeck; returned to England,
1870; came to U. S., 1872; established kinder-
garten and mother's class in New York
under auspices Henrietta B. Haines; m. 1873,
Prof. John Kraus (died, March 4, 1896).
With husband established Sem. for Kinder-
gartners, Oct., 1873; added connecting class-
es, and class for nurses, 1880. Has lectured
and explained kindergarten methods at
many edn'l meetings; pres. Kindergarten
dept., N. E. Assn., 1899-1900; established
Kraus Alumni Kindergarten Assn., 1896.
Author: (with John Kraus) Kindergarten
Guide. Has also written numerous mono-
graphs, addresses and articles on kinder-
garten subjects. Address: Hotel San Remo,
Central Park, West and 75th St., New York.

KRAUSfi, Lyda Farring-ton ("Barbara
Yechton"), author; b. 1864. Author: Chris-
tine's Inspiration, 1892 P12; Gentle-Heart
Stories, 1894 P12; Ingleside, 1893 C7; Little
Saint Hilary, 1893 W3; Two Knights Errant,
1894 W3; A Matter of Honor, 1894 W3;
Scaramouche, 1897 W3; Toinette, 1897 W3;
We Ten: or, Story of the Roses, 1896 D3;
Derick, 1897 D3; A Lovable Crank: or, More
Leaves from the Roses, 1898 P3; A Young
Savage, 1899 H5; Fortune's Boats, 1900 H5.
Address: Care The Churchman, New York.

KRAUSKOPF, Joseph, rabbi, lecturer,
author; b. Ostrowo, Prussia, Jan. 21, 1858; 5.
Hirsch K. ; came to America, 1872, and
worked as clerk at Fall River, Mass. ; grad.
B. A., Univ. of Cincinnati, 1883; also as
rabbi from Hebrew Union Coll., 1883 (D. D.,
1885) ; soon after graduation accepted call
from Hebrew congregation, Kansas City;
rabbi of the Reform Congregation Keneseth
Israel, Phila., 1887; founded Jewish Publica-
tion Soc. of America; founded, and pres. since
organization, Nat. Farm School, in which
Jewish boys are trained in practical and
scientific agr. Apptd. as one of sp'l Relief
comm'rs to Cuba, 1898, of Nat. Relief Com-
m'n; sent by U. S. Agr'I Dept. to Paris
Exp'n, summer of 1900, as sp'l comm'r to re-
port on exhibits of agr'l schools and to visit
European agr'l schools in general and report
to dept. Author: The Jews and Moors in
Spain (lecture); Evolution and Judaism;
and various other works. Address: 122 W.
Manheim St., Germantown, Philadelphia.

KRAUSS, William Christopher, B. S. ;

physician; b. Attica, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1863;
grad. Attica Union School, 1880; Cornell,
1884; Bellevue Hosp. Med. Coll., 1886; Univ.
of Berlin, Germany, magna cum laude, 1888;



m., Sept. 4, 1890, Clara Krieger, Salamanca,
N Y. Mem. 4m. Neurol. Assn. ; pres. Am.
Micros. Soc, 1898; pres. Buffalo Micros.
Club, 1891-2; fellow Royal Micros. Soc, Lon-
don; pres. Med. Assn. of Central and West-
ern N. Y., 1897-8; mem. State Med. Soc. N.
Y., sec. Buffalo Acad, of Medicine, Asso.
editor Buffalo Medical Journal and of Neu-
rologisches Centralblatt, Berlin. Author of
95 papers on medical subjects. Address: 371
Delaware Av., Buffalo, N. Y.
KRAUTHOFF, Louis Cliarles, lawyer;
b. St. Louis, Feb. 18, 1858; ed. at Jefferson
City, Mo.; admitted to bar when 18 yrs.
old; asst. att'y-gen. Mo., 1877-81; mem. Mo.
Gen. Assembly, 1883; in Kansas City, 1886-
99; since then in Chicago as gen. counsel Ar-
mour & Co. Author exhaustive discussion
of Malice as an Ingredient of a Civil Action
before Am. Bar Assn., 1898; was mem. Nat.
(Gold-Standard) Dem. Nat. Com. for Mo.
Residence: 2131 Calumet Av. Office: Room 809,
205 La Salle St., Chicago.

KREHBIEL, Henry Edward, musical
critic; b. Ann Arbor, Mich., March 10, 1854;
ed. in public schools of Mich, and Ohio;
studied law in Cincinnati, 1872-4; musical
critic Cincinnati Gazette, 1874-80; musical
critic New York Tribune since 1880; mem.
Internat. Jury of Awards, Paris Exp'n, 1900;
received decoration, Chevalier of Legion of
Honor of France, Dec, 1900; m. April 25,
1896, Marie "Van. Author: An Account of the
4th Cincinnati Musical Festival, 1880; Notes
on the Cultivation of Choral Music, 1884;
Review of the New York Musical Seasons, 5
vols., 1885-90 N4; Studies in the Wagnerian
Drama, 1891 HI; The Philharmonic Society
of New York, 1892 N4; How to Listen to
Music, 1896 S3; Music and Manners in the
Classical Period, 1898 S3; etc. Translator:
Carl Courvoisier's The Technics of Violin
Playing, 1880. Editor:. Annotated Bibliog-
raphy of Fine Arts (dept. music), 1897,
Music and Musicians, by Lavignac Address:
66 W. 88th St., New York.

KREMERS, Edward, prof, in school of
Pharmacy, Univ. of Wis. ; b. Milwaukee,
Wis., Feb. 23, 1865; s. G. K. ; grad. Univ. of
Wis., 1888; studied pharmacy Phila. Coll.
of Pharmacy, 1884-5, Univ. of Wis., 1885-6
(Ph. D., Univ. of Gottingen, Germany); m.
Milwaukee, July 6, 1892, Laura Haase. Mem.
A. A. A. S., Am. Chem. Soc, Soc. Indus-
trial Chemistry, Am. Pharm. Assn., Wis.
Acad. Science, Arts and Letters, Wis. Hist.
Soc, Wis. Pharm. Assn. Author: (English
edit.) Gildemeister, Hoffmann, Kremers':
The Volatile Oils. Editor Pharmaceutical
Review since 1895; editor Pharmaceutical
Archives since 1898. Address: Wingra Park,
Madison, Wis.

KRIEH1V, George, lecturer on art history
and civic improvement; b. Lexington, Mo.,
April 19, 1868; grad. William Jewell Coll.,
1887 (Ph. D., Univ. of Strassburg, Germany,
1892). Instr. history Johns Hopkins, 1892-4;
prof, art history Leland Stanford Jr. Univ.,
1894-9. Author: The English Rising in 1450;
English Popular Upheavals in the Middle
Ages; The English Social Revolt in 1381.
Address: 5146 Jefferson Av., Chicago.

KROEGER, Ernest Richard, teacher of
piano and organ composition, etc. ; b. St.
Louis, Aug. 10, 1862; j. Adolph E. and Eliz-
abeth B. A. (Curren) K. ; ed. St. Louis;
musical studies in St. Louis; m. Oct. 10,
1891, Laura A. Clark, Lebanon, Mo. Has
composed orchestral works, chamber and
piano pieces; songs, church music, etc. Dir.
Coll. of Music Forest Park Univ. for
Women; concert pianist;- pres. Music
Teachers' Nat. Assn., 1895-6; pres. Mo. State
Music Teachers' Assn., 1897-9. Residence:
Webster Park, Webster Groves, St. Louis
Co., Mo. Office: The Odeon, St. Louis.

KROEH, Cliarles Frederick;, prof, lan-
guages Stevens Inst. Technology since 1871;
b. Darmstadt, Germany, March 28, 1846; 5.
Karl August and Sophie Katharine (Oss-
mann) K. ; came with parents to U. S.,
1848; grad. Phila. High School, A. M., 1864;
in. 1872, Julia Phillips, Pocomoke City, Md.
Passed examination for professorship chem-
istry and physics same in competition, 1864;
was also asst. prof. German; lecturer on
chemistry, 1865, mfg. chemist, 1866; asst. ed-
itor Phila. Democrat, 1866-8, selecting and
translating English news into German;
instr. French and German, Lehigh Univ.,
1868-71. Dir. School Modern Languages, 1894;
chancellor Summer Schools of Long Island
Chautauqua, Point of Woods, 1895. Origi-
nated method and has made specialty of
teaching pupils to think directly in a for-
eign language. Author: The First German
Reader, 1875 A2, 01; Die Anna-Lise, 1882 01;
Living Method for Learning How to Think
in French, 1893 AT; The Pronunciation of
French, 1884 A7; The French Verb,
1885 A7; How to Think in German, 1893 A7;
The Pronunciation of German, 1884 A7; How
to Think in Spanish, 1892 A7; The Pronun-
ciation of Spanish in Spain and America,
1888 A7; Three Year Preparatory Course in
French, 3 vols., 1897 to 1899 Ml; Descrip-
ciones Cientificas, 1893 A7. Wrote series of
articles on Modern Bee Culture, Scientific
American, 1881; also various contributions
on literary and other subjects in North Am.
Review and other publications. Translator
of numerous scientific reports and patents.
Residence: Orange, N. J. Address: Stevens
Inst, of Technology, Hoboken, N. J.

"KRON, Karl"; see Bagg, Lyman Hotch-

KRONBERG, Louis, artist; b. Boston,
1871; s. Marks and Toby K. Pupil of Jean-
Paul Laurens. Benjamin Constant and Ra-
phael Collin, Paris; also of the Art Museum,
Boston. Silver medal, Mass. Charitable
Mechanics' Assn., and Longfellow Traveling
Scholarship. Exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 1900.
Represented permanently at Pa. Acad. Fine
Arts, Phila., by the painting entitled "Be-
hind the Footlights." Address: 12 West St.,

KROBT, Caroline Virginia ("Caroline
Brown"), author; b. Crawfordsville, Ind. ;
d. Robert K. and Caroline (Brown) Krout;
ed. in private, and public schools; unmar-
ried. Author: Knights in Fustian, 1900 H5.
Wrote stories: Under the Shadow of Tyburn
Tree, Cosmopolitan, Aug., 1896; George o'
Green, St. Nicholas, Sept., 1896; Feast in



the Forest, St. Nicholas, Sept., 1890. Address:
Crawfordsvillo, 1ml.

KROUT, Mary II.. journalist; b. Craw
(ordsvllle, Ind., Nov. 3, 1867; d, Robert K

and Caroline B. Krout; ed. by parents at
home. Taught, 1872-87; asso. editor Craw-
fordsville Journal, 1881; editor Torre Haute
Express, 1882; 10 yrs. on staff of Chicago In-
fer Ocean; staff corr. in Hawaii, 1893-4; in
New Zealand and Australia, 1881; staff corr.
in London, 1895-8; Republican. Author: Ha-
waii and a Revolution, D3; A Looker-on in
London, 1899 D3; Alice in the Hawaiian
Islands, 1899 Al; The China of To-day, 12.
Writer of syndicate letters to Boston Tran-
script, New York Commercial Advertiser,
Pittsburg Dispatch, Indianapolis Journal;
sp'l letters to New York Tribune from
China, Sept., 1899, to May, 1900 ; papers in
Chautauquan, Aug. -Sept., 1900; sp'l articles
for The Interior, Chicago. Address: Craw-
fordsville, Ind.

KRIELL, Gustav, artist; b. Dusseldorf,
Germany, 1813; 5. Ludwig and Fran/.iska K.;
in. Stuttgart, Sept., 1868, Clara Kuehn. Pupil
of R. Brendeamour, Dusseldorf. Awarded
honorable mention Exp'n Universelle, Paris.
1S89; medal at World's Columbian Exp'n,
Chicago, 1893. Exhibited at Paris Exp'n,
1900. Mem. Soc. of Am. Wood Engravers.
Address: 42 S. Maple Av., E. Orange, N. J.

KRUTTSCHNITT, Ernest Benjamin.
lawyer; b. New Orleans, April 17, 1852; ?.
of John and Peninah (Benjamin) K. ; ed.
Washington Coll. (now Washington and Lee
Univ.), 18G7-70; studied law, same (LL. D.,
1898); admitted to bar, Feb., 1874; unmar-
ried. Mem. since 1881, pres. since 1890, bd.
dirs. of public schools of New Orleans;
mem. and pres. Constitutional Conv. of
La., 1898; chmn. Dem. State Exec. Com.,
1892-6; since then chmn. Dem. State Central
Com. Residence: 1423 1st St. Oflics: Hennen
Bldg., New Orleans.

I\ i ltl',1.. Stephen Joseph, chief engrav-
er U. S. Geol. Survey since Feb. 14, 1890; b.
Washington, April 2, 1858; .?. Edward and
Josephine Kiibel; ed. public schools and
Gonzaga Coll., Washington, 1872-4; studied
music at Washington, and at Seharwenka
Conservatory of Music, Berlin, Prussia; m.
Berlin, Prussia, Germany, July 5, 1R4,
Louise Griffith of Delaware. Studied cartog-
raphy and map engraving, 1874-8; in Hy-
drographic Office, Navy Dept., 1878-83; in
cartographic div. Prussian gens, staff, Ber-
lin, 1883-5; returned to Hydrographic Office
U. S. ; has been organist in prominent Cath-
olic chs. in Washington since 1880; mem.
Nat. Acad. Science; Am. Acad. Science;
Washington Acad. Science; Nat. Geog. Soc.
Residence: 628 E. Capitol St. Office: U. S.
Geol. Survey, Washington.

KUHXS, Oscar, prof, modern languages,
Wesleyan Univ., since 1890; b. Columbia,
Pa., Feb. 21, 1856; S. William K. (descend-
ant of George Kuntz and John Herr, pioneer
Swiss settlers of Lancaster Co., Pa.); early
ed'n Brooklyn; grad. Wesleyan Univ., 1885;
studied Univ. of Berlin, 1885-7; also Paris,
Geneva and Rome (A. M., Wesleyan); m.
Fitehburg, Mass., April 6, 1892, Lillie B.
Conn. Mem. Modern Language Assn., Sous

of Revolution. Pa., German Soc; Repub-
lican; Methodist. Author. (Selections from

Alfred He Mussel, IN'.C, CI. CUOT6. by He
AmlclS, 1896 HI; The Treatment of Nature
in halite's Divina Commedia, 1S!)7 F5; Re-
vised Edition Of Cary'S Translation of
haute, IS!),' ("7; French Reader, lK!t!l III, Cy

rano de Bergerac, L899 hi, The German at <i

Swiss Settlements of Colonial Pennsylvania:
A Study of the So-Called Pennsylvania

Dutch, 1! HI. Address: Wesleyan Univ.,

Middletown, Conn.

KfMMEl,, Henry Barnard, asst. State
Geologist of N. J. since 1899; b. Milwaukee,
Wis., May 25, 1S67; s. Julius M. F. and An-
nie Barnard K. ; grad. Beloit Coll. (valedic-
torian), 1889; (A. M., Beloit, 1892; A. M .,
Harvard, 1892; Ph. D., Chicago Univ., 1895);
m. Painesville, O., June 20, ls!i'.i, Charlotte
F. Coe. Instr. Beloit Coll. Acad., 1889-91;
asst. geology, Harvard, 1891-2; fellow geol-
ogy, Univ. of Chicago, 1S92-5; asst. geologist,
N. J. State Geol. Survey, 1892-8; asst. prof,
physiography, Lewis Inst., Chicago, 1896-9;
asso. editor Journal of Geography since
1897; fellow Geol. Soc. of America. Wrote:
Lake Passaic: An Extinct Glacial Lake
(with R. D. Salisbury), Annual Report State
Geologist, N. J., 1893; numerous tech. pa-
pers on the Newark or Triassic rocks of N.
J., in Annual Reports of the State Geologist
of N. J., 1896-7-8, and Jour, of Geology,
1898-9; etc. Residence: 917 Edgewood Av.,
Trenton, N. J.

KlINATH, Oscar, artist. Address: Grand
Av., San Francisco.

KUXZ, George Frederick, gem expert;
b. New York, Sept. 29, 1856; s. J. G. and
Marie Ida (Widmer) K. ; ed. public schools
and Coooer Union (hon. A. M., Columbia)";
m. Oct. 29, 1879, Sophia Hanforth. Sp'l agt.
U. S. Geol. Survey since 1883; in charge
dept. mines Paris Exp'n, 1889; World's Co-
lumbian Exp'n, 1893; Kimberley Exp'n, 1892;
hon. sp'l agt. of mines, Atlanta Exp'n, 1895;
Omaha Exp'n, 1898; on sp'l investigation U.
S. Fish Comm'n on Am. Pearls, 1892-8; hon.
sp'l agt. to Comm'r Gen. U. S., Paris Exp'n,
1900; delegate from U. S. to Internat. Con-
gress, Paris, 1900; pres. N. Y. Mineralogical
Club; v.-p. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs. Mem.
many Am. and foreign socs. ; decorated of-
ficier de 1'Academie by French goy't, 1889.
Author: Gems and Precious Stones of North
America; and over 135 papers on gems, min-
erals, meteorites, folk lore, etc., in mags,
and reviews. Business Address: Care Tiffany
& Co., 15 Union Sq., New York.

KUNZE, Ricliard Ernest, physician,
pharmacist, naturalist; b. Altenburg, Sax-
ony, April 7, 1838; .s. John Jacob and Ade-
laide K. ; grad. Eclectic Med. Coll. of New
York, 1868; practiced in New York until re-
moving to Ariz, a few yrs. ago; pres. New
York Therapeutical Assn., corresponding
sec. Eclectic Med. Coll. of New York; now
making studies and investigations in the
med. botany and insect fauna of Ariz. Wid-
ower. Author: Cereus Grandiflorus and
Cereus Bonplandii, 1876; Cardinal Points
in the Study of Medical Botany, 1881; Ger-
mination and Vitality of Seeds (Torrey Bot.
Club); etc. Address: Phoenix, Ariz.



KURTZ, Charles Lindley, State insp.
oil of Ohio since 1896; b. Albany, O., May
4, 1854; common school ed'n. Newsboy and
bookseller, 1868-81; mem. Ohio legislature,
1880-4; private sec. Gov. Foraker, 1886-90;
delegate Rep. Nat. Convs., 1880, 1888, 1896;
mem. Rep. State Exec. Com., 1885-90; con-
tractor public works, 1890-5; ehmn. Rep.
State Exec. Com., 1895-6; State delegate Nat.
Irrigation Congresses, 1897, 1898, 1899; Ohio
mem. Rep. Nat. Com., 1896-1900; interested
in numerous business enterprises. Address:
Columbus, O.

KYLE, D. Braden. physician; grad. Jef-
ferson Med. Coll., 1891; clin. prof, laryngol-
ogy, same, chief laryngologist St. Agnes
Hosp. ; bacteriologist Phila. Orthopathic
Hosp. Address: 1517 Walnut St., Philadel-

KYLE, Thoa. P., mem. 57th Congress, 7th
Ohio dist. Home: Troy, O.

LACEY, Edward Samuel, pres. Bankers'
Nat. Bank, Chicago; b. Chili, N. Y., Nov.
26, 1835; moved with family, when 7 yrs. old.
to Eaton Co., Mich.; ed. public schools and
Olivet Coll.; became clerk, at 18 yrs., in
gen. store at Kalamazoo, Mich. ; after 1857
lived at Charlotte, Mich. ; one of founders,
1862, of private bank which became, 1871,
the 1st Nat. Bank of Charlotte, of which he
was cashier and later pres. Registrar of
deeds, Eaton Co., Mich., 1860-4; trustee State
Insane Asylum, 1874-80; delegate to Nat.
Rep. Conv., 1876; chmn. Rep. State Central
Com. of Mich., 1882-4; 1st mayor of Char-
lotte; mem. Congress, 1881-5; unsuccessful
candidate for U. S. senate, 1886; comptroller
of the currency, 1889-92; resigned to be-
come pres. Bankers' Nat. Bank; m. Jan. 1,
1861, Annette C. Musgrave, Charlotte, Mich.
.Residence: Evanston, 111. Address: Bankers'
Nat. Bank, Chicago.

LACEY, John Fletcher, congressman,
lawyer: b. New Martinsville, W. Va., May
30, 1841; s. John M. and Eleanor (Patten)
L. ; removed to Iowa, 1855; academic ed'n;
in Union army, private, corporal, sergt-
maj., It. and asst. adj. -gen., 1861-5; m. Mar-
tha J. Newell. Mem. Iowa legislature, 1870;
mem. of Congress, 1889-91, 1893-1903, from
Gth Iowa dist.; Republican; chmn. Com. on
Public Lands in 54th, 55th and 56th Con-
gresses. Author: Lacey's Railway Digest;
Lacey's Iowa Digest. Home: Oskaloosa, la.

IiACHAUME, Aime. pianist; b. in Paris,
France, Dec. 13, 1871; ed. Conservatory, Par-
is, taking 1st prize, 1889; 1st public appear-
ance at the Concerts Colonne; went to New
York and toured the U. S. with the Belgian
violinist, Eugene Ysaye; has composed sev-
eral pieces for the pianoforte. Address: 114
N. 34th St.. New York.

LACHMA1V, Arthur, prof, of chemistry,
Univ. of Ore., since 1897; b. San Francisco,
Dec. 4, 1873; 5. Abraham and Marie (Laz-
arus) L., natives of Germany; grad. Univ.
of Calif., 1893; sp'l studies chemistry, phys-
ics and other sciences (Ph. D.. summa cum

laude, Univ. of Munich, 1895); m. San Fran-
cisco, June 28, 1898, Bertha Nathan. Asst.
chemistry, Univ. of Mich., 1896; instr. same,
1896-7; mem. German Ghem. Soc. (Berlin),
since 1894. Author: The Spirit of Organic
Chemistry, 1899 Ml; also tech. papers in
chem. journals, etc. Residence: Eugene, Ore.

LACK A YE, Wilton, actor; 6. Loudoun
Co., Ya. ; studied law 1 yr. ; stage career be-
gan with Lawrence Barrett in Francesca da
Rimini, Star Theatre, New York, 1883; his
prin. roles have been Prince Saviana, in
Jocelyn; Don Stephano, in Featherbrain;
Jefferson Stockton, in Aristocracy; Solomon
Strong, in The Idler; and Svengali, in Tril-
by; m. Sept. 25, 1896, Alice Evans. Address:
Lamb's Club, 70 W. 36th St., New York.

LACOMBE, Emile Henry, U. S. circuit
judge, 2d circuit, since June, i887; b. New-
York, Jan. 29, 1846; 5. Emile Henry and
Elizabeth Edith (Smith) L. ; grad. Colum-
bia Coll., honor-man, 1863; (LL. D., 1894);
grad. Columbia Law School, 1865, prize con-
stitutional law; practiced law, New York;
in law dept., New York, 1875-84; corporation
counsel, New York, 1884-7. Address: Federal
Bldg., New York.

LADD, George Edgar, director Missouri
School of Mines and prof, mining and geol-
ogy; b. Haverhill, Mass., July 23, 1864; s.
George W. and Eliza A. (Priest) L. ; grad.
Harvard, 1887 (A. M., Ph. D.); studied 2 yrs.
at German univs. ; m. May 24, 1889, Mary O.
Hammond, of Bradford, Mass. ; has been
employed as expert by gen. Gov't and by
the States of Texas, Mo., Mass. and Ga.
Address: Rolla, Mo.

LADD, George Trnmhnll, prof, philos-
ophy, Yale Univ., since 1881; b. Painesville,
O., Jan. 19, 1842; j. Silas T. and Elizabeth
(Williams) L. ; (descendant through father's
mother from Elder William Brewster and
Gov. William Bradford) ; grad. Western Re-
serve Coll., 1864; Andover Theol. Sem., 1869
(D. D., 1879; LL. D., 1895, Western Reserve;
LL. D., Princeton, Sesquicentennial, 1896);
m. 1st, Dec, 1869, Cornelia A., d. John Tall-
man, Bellaire, O.; 2d, Dec, 1895, Frances
V., d. Dr. George T. Stevens, New York.
Preached Edinburg, O., 1869-71; pastor
Spring St. Cong'l Ch., Milwaukee, Wis.,
1871-9; prof, philosophy, Bowdoin Coll., 1879-
81. Lecturer on ch. polity and on systemat-
ic theology, Andover Theol. Sem., 1879-81;
several times lecturer, and conducted Grad-
uate Sem. in Ethics (1895-6), Harvard; pres.
Am. Psychol. Assn. 1893, Lectured at Dosh-
isha and in Summer School in Japan, 1892
and 1899, on invitations from Imperial Edn'l
Soc. and Imperial Univ. of Tokyo; made
hon. mem. Imperial Edn'l Soc; admitted
to audience with Emperor of Japan and dec-
orated by him with 3d degree, Order of the
Rising Sun. Lectured on philosophy before
Univ. of Bombay, India, 1899-1900, and on
philosophy of religion at Calcutta, Madras,
Benares, etc. Author: Principles of Church
Polity, 1882 S3; Doctrine of Sacred Scrip-
ture, 2 vols., 1884 S3; Lotze's Outlines of
Philosophy, transl., 6 vols., 1887 Gl; Ele-
ments of Physiological Psychology, S3 L4;

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