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Legends of Florence (1st and 2d series) ;
Songs of the Sea and Lays of the Land;
One Hundred Profitable Arts; Meister Karl's
Sketch Book; Etruscan-Roman Remains;
The Gypsies; Algonquin Legends; Anglo-
Romany Songs; Legends of Virgil; Have
You a Strong Will?; and many other works
on the minor arts, 22 in all. Address: Care
Baring & Co., 8 Bishop Gate, London, Eng-
land, and Hotel Victoria, Florence, Italy.

LEMLY, Henry Rowan, capt. U. S. A.,
retired April 20, 1899; b. N. C, Jan. 12, 1851;
s. Henry Augustus and Amanda Sophia
(Conrad) L. ; grad. West Point, 1872; apptd.
2d It. 3d cav. ; transferred to 3d arty., Oct. 7,
1878; 1st It., Feb. 23, 1880; capt., March 8,
189S; in Spanish-Am. war, commd. light
Battery C, 7th arty., in Puerto Rico cam-
paign. Took part in Indian combats on
Tongue River, Rosebud, Slim Buttes and
Belle Fourche. Mentioned in Gen. Orders,
Dept. Platte, for affair with horse thieves
and their capture. Many yrs. dir. Nat. Mil.
School, Bogota, Colombia, with local rank
of col.; comm'r-gen. for Colombia at the
World's Columbian Exp'n; m. Dec. 1, 1874,
Katharine Palmer. Author: Who Was El
Dorado?; Among the Arapahoes; The Story
of Feather-Head; Santa Fe de Bogota; A
West Point Romance; Padre Anselmo; Un-
cle 'Man; A Queen's Thoughts; and other
mag. articles; also Spanish translation of
Upton's "Infantry Regulations"; and of a
French "Manual of Strategy"; Ejercicios
Gimnasticos; El Heli6grafo; etc. Address:
War Dept., Washington.

LEMLY, Samuel Conrad, judge advocate-
general U. S. N.; b. Salem, N. C, March
14, 1853; grad. U. S. Naval Acad., 1873; en-
sign, July, 1874; master, Feb., 1880; junior
It., March, 1883; It., Jan., 1886; served on
various stas. and duties until apptd., June
5, 1892, judge-advocate-gen. ; reapptd. for 4
yrs. from June 4, 1896, and again, June 4,
1900-1904. Office: Navy Dept, Washington.

I.DMMON, John (.ill. botanist; b. Lima,
Mich., Jan, 2, 1832; I, William and Amila

(Hudson) L. ; ed. common and private
schools and Mich, state Normal School;

taught village schools 8 yrs. and was 4 yrs.
BChool supt.; entered Univ. of Mich.; left
bi hue graduation to enter 1th Mich, cav.,
June 8, 1862; took part in 36 engagements In
Ky., Tenn., Ala. and Ga. ; captured, Aug.
24, 1864, and remained in Andersonvllle
prison to end of war; m, 1880, Sara Allen
Plummer. In Calif, since 1866, as hot. ex-
plorer, collector and writer; specialist in
forestry; was botanist 4 yrs., Calif. State Bd.
Forestry; has added many species of plants,
iiii lading several kinds of trees, to accepted
classifications. Councilman, City of Oak-
land, 1900-01. Author: Recollections of Reb-
el Prisons, 1S74; Reports of the Locust
Scourge in California, 1878 U8; Ferns of the
Pacific Slope, 1884 Lll; 2d and 3d Biennial
Reports, Calif. Bd. Forestry, 1888, 1890;
Handbook of North American Cone-Bearers,
1895, 1900 Lll; also numerous contributions
to mags., etc. Address: 5985 Telegraph Av.,
Oakland, Calif.
LEUMON, Reuben C, gen. grand high
priest, Royal Arch Masons in U. S., since
1897; b. Varick, Seneca Co., N. Y., May 12,
1825; ed. Granville, O. ; studied law; admit-
ted to Ohio bar; practiced in Toledo; over
20 yrs. past has been judge Court of Com-
mon Pleas, Toledo. Masonic record: Raised
Toledo Lodge, No. 144, Toledo, 1855; exalted
Ft. Meigs Chapter, No. 29, 1856; acknowl-
edged Toledo Council, 1860; knighted Toledo
Commandery, No. 7, 1857; received various
grades A. A. Scottish Rite, 1875, at Cleve-
land and Cincinnati; crowned with 33d de-
gree, Sept. 16, 1890. Grand Master Grand
Lodge Ohio, 1880-1; grand high priest,
Grand Chapter Ohio, 1875-6. Address: 2712
Collingwood Av., Toledo, O.
LEMMOIV, Sara Allen Plummer, botan-
ist, artist; b. New Gloucester, Me.; s. Mica-
jah S. and Elizabeth (Haskell) Plummer;
became a teacher in New York; m. 1880,
John Gill Lemmon, botanist. Together they
have botanically explored the Pacific coast
from Mexico to British Columbia; was art-
ist, 1887-91, Calif. State Bd. Forestry; has
written and illust. books and articles upon
various branches of botany; apptd. chmn.
on Forestrv for Calif. Federation of Wom-
en's Clubs', 1900. Author: Marine Algae of
the West; Western Ferns; also a brochure:
Some Hints Upon Forestry, published by the
State Federation, 1900. Address: 5985 Tele-
graph Av., Oakland, Calif.
LE MOYSE, Wiliam J., actor; b. Boston,
1831; 1st professional appearance as First
Officer in Lady of Lyons, Portland, Me.,
May 10, 1852; played with G. F. Marchant,
E. L. Davenport and others until Civil war
began; It., capt. Co. B, 28th Mass. vol. inf.;
wounded at South Mountain and left the
service; returned to the stage and has
taken leading roles in many dramas, notably
old man parts. Address: 128 E. 34th St.,
New York.
LENIHAN, Thomas Mathias, R. C. bish-
op of Cheyenne; b. May 12, 1845; ed. Bards-
town, Ky., Ecclesiastical Sem., Cape Girar-



deau, Mo., and St. Francis Sem., Milwau-
kee. Ordained priest, Nov. 19, 1867; pastor
St. Benedict's, Decorah, la., 1868-70; Corpus
Christi Ch., Ft. Dodge, la., and adjacent
missions; built many new chs. ; established
new parishes and was made irremovable
rector and dean until consecrated bishop,
Feb. 24, 1897. Address: Cheyenne, Wyo.

LENSKI, Richard Charles Henry,

Lutheran clergyman; b. Greifenberg, Prus-
sia, Sept. 14, 1864; 5. William J. and E. Fred-
ericke (Pittlekow) L. ; common school ed'n
at Jackson, Mich.; grad. Capital Univ., Co-
lumbus, O., 1885 (A. M.); grad. German
Theol. Sem., Columbus, 1887. Pastor Balti-
more, 1887-8; Trenton, O., 1888-92; Spring-
field, O., 1892-9; Anna, O., since 1899; m.
Feb. 1, 1888, Marietta Young, Columbus, O.
Author: Biblische Frauenbilder (The Women
of the Bible), 1895 L14; His Footsteps: Stud-
ies for Edification from the Life of Christ,
1898 L14. Address: Anna, O.

LENTZ, John Jacob, ex-congressman,
lawyer; b. nr. St. Clairsville, Belmont Co.,
O., Jan. 27, 1856; s. Simon L.; grad. Nat.
Normal Univ., Lebanon, O., 1877; attended
Univ. of Wooster 1 yr. ; grad. Univ. of
Mich., 1882; grad. Columbia Coll., LL. B.,
1S83; m. Albany, N. Y., June 14, 1884, Bertha
Moeller. Admitted to bar at Columbus,
1883; has since practiced there. Was apptd.
trustee of Ohio Univ. by Gov. McKinley;
elected nat. pres. Am. Insurance Union,
since Sept., 1896; mem. Congress, 1897-1901,
12th Ohio dist. ; Democrat. Prominent as
advocate of armed intervention in Cuba in
debates preceding war of 1898. Address:
Wyandotte Bldg., Columbus, O.

LEONARD, Abiel, P E. bishop of Salt
Lake; consecrated, Jan. 25, 1888; b. Fayette,
Mo., June 26, 1848; grad. Dartmouth, 1870;
A. M., 1873; grad. Gen. Theol. Sem., 1873 (S.
T. D. there; also from Griswold and Beth-
any colls.); served in ministry of P. E. Ch.
in Mo. and Kan. until 1888; m. Oct. 21, 1875,
Flora T. Thompson, Sedalia, Mo. Address:
Salt Lake City, Utah.

LEONARD, Ail ii a B., M. E. clergyman; 6.
Berlin Tp., Mahoning Co., O., Aug. 2, 1837;
s. John and Nancy L. ; grad. Mt. Union
Coll., O. (D. D., New Orleans Univ.; LL. D.,
Mt. Union Coll.); m. Pleasant Valley, la.,
Feb. 19, 1861, Caroline Amelia Kiser. En-
tered Methodist ministry, 1860; candidate for
gov. Ohio on Prohibition ticket, 1885; corr.
sec. Missionary Soc, M. E. Ch., 1888; re-
elected, 1892, 1896, 1900. Address: 203 Van
Buren St., Brooklyn.

LEONARD, Albert, pres. Normal Schools
of Mich, since 1900; b. Logan, O., Dec. 21,
1857; s. John and Mahala L. ; prep, ed'n
country schools, Hocking Co., O., and Ohio
Central Normal School; grad. Ohio Univ.
(A. M., same; Ph. D., Hamilton Coll.); m.
Athens, O., July 13, 1887, Frances Wright.
Prin. High School, Dunkirk, N. Y., 1888-93;
High School, Binghamton, N. Y., 1893-7;
dean Coll. Liberal Arts and prof, pedagogy,
Syracuse Univ., 1897-1900; mem. Nat. Edn'l
Assn., Am. Hist. Assn. Editor: Journal of
Pedagogy, and frequent contributor to other
edn'l journals. Address: Ypsilanti, Mich.

LEONARD, Arthur Gray, asst. State ge-
ologist, Iowa Geol. Survey, since 1900; b.
Clinton, N. Y., March 15, 1865; 5. Rev. D. L.
and Mary L. L. ; grad. Oberlin Coll., 1889
(A. M., 1895); studied geology Johns Hop-
kins, 1891-3 and 1897-8; (Ph. D., 1898); un-
married. Sp'l asst. Iowa Geol. Survey,
1893-7; prof, geology and related science,
Western Coll., Toledo, la., 1894-6; asst. State
geologist, Iowa Geol. Survey, 1896-7; asst.
prof, geology, Mo. State Univ., 1899-1900;
mem. Geol. Soc. of Washington; Nat. Geog.
Soc. Wrote: Report on Lead and Zinc De-
posits of Iowa, Iowa Geol. Survey, vol. vi,
1896; Geology of Dallas County, Iowa Geol.
Survey, vol. viii, 1897; Origin of Iowa Lead
and Zinc Deposits, Am. Geologist, 1895.
Address: 1068 6th Av., Des Moines, la.

LEONARD, Charles Henri, physician; b.
Akron, O., March 28, 1850; s. Charles A. and
Ann S. L. ; prep, ed'n Hiram Coll., Ohio
and Genesee Coll., Lima, N. Y. ; grad. Union
Coll, 1872 (A. M., 1882); grad. med. dept,
Wooster Univ., Cleveland, O., 1874; did post-
grad, med. work in med. colls, and hosps.,
New York; m. Chagrin Falls, O., 1872, Cor-
nelia S. Williams. Prof. med. and surg.
diseases women and clin. gynaecology, De-
troit Coll. of Medicine, since 1880; editor
Leonard's Illustrated Med. Jour, since its
establishment, about 20 yrs. ago; mem. De-
troit Library Comm'n since 1896 (now pres.
same); mem. Mich. State Med. Soc; ex-
pres. Wayne Co. Med. Soc, Mich.; mem.
Am. Med. Assn. ; mem The Pan-Am. Med.
Assn.; Republican. Author and publisher:
Pocket Anatomist; Reference and Dose
Book; Manual of Bandaging; The Hair and
Its Diseases; Materia Medica and Therapeu-
tics; Physicians' Account Books (series of
5); Over 1,000 Prescriptions. Address: 18-20
John R. St., Detroit.

LEONARD, Charles Ransom, lawyer; b.
Iowa City, la., Dec 3, 1860; 5. N. R. and
Elizabeth H. L.; grad. State Univ. of Iowa,
1881 (A. M., LL. B.); practiced law at Cres-
tcn, la., 1883-90; at Butte, Mont, since 1890;
defeated for legislature, 1892; State senator
since 1894 from Silver Bow Co.; mem. for
Mont, of Rep. Nat. Com.; m. Aug. 10, 1887,
Alice Sample, Carthage, 111. Address: Butte,

LEONARD, John William, editor, au-
thor; b. London, England, June 6, 1849; .r.
Howard James and Mary Ann (Smith) L. ;
academic ed'n; traveled in Europe, Africa,
E. Indies, Australia; engaged in journalism;
came to U. S., July, 1868; m. May 21, 1884,
Georgiana Mix, of Rochelle, 111. Admitted
to Texas bar, Nov., 1870, at Beaumont;
practiced in Texas, Ark., Ariz., and 111.;
held various local offices; edited daily and
weekly papers; contributor to reviews and
mags, on sociol. themes; literary critic; ed-
ited The Social Forum, 1899-1900. Organizer
and 1st sec. Territorial Dem. Com., Ariz.
1877-8; Dem. nominee for Congress, 8th 111
dist., 1898, 1900; mem. bd. ed'n, Wheaton
111., since 1899; lecturer on natural sciences
Christian sociology and economics; v.-p
Christian Socialist League of America
Editor: Brehm's Life of Animals, 1895 M2
Best Things by Chauncey M. Depew, 1898



M2; Who's Who in America, 1899-1900, L901 2,
M2. Author: Centennial Review <>f Cincin-
nati L888; Centennial Review ol Pittsburg
and Allegheny, lssu; Gold Fields of the
Klondike, 1897 M2; also many pamphlets and
monographs. Residence: Wheaton, ill.

LEOXAHD, Jonah P. R. f nominee for
President U. S. ( United Christian Parly,
1900; b. nr. Waynesburg, Greene Co., Pa.,
Dec 10, 1832; s. John and Hannah (Rein-
hart) L. ; ed. common schools Greene Co.,
Pa. ; graduate Chautauqua Literary and
Scientific Circle; m. Washington Co., la.,
March 20, 1870, Margaret A. Sands. Lived
in Bureau Co., 111., 1853-6; went to Kan.,
1866; enlisted under Jim Lane in the Kansas
war for free state; was in numerous skir-
mishes; lived Chase Co., Kan., 6 yrs.; was-
co. surveyor, co. supt. schools and justice
of peace; went to Bureau Co., 111., enlisted
Co. C, 93d 111. vols., in Civil war; mustered
out, 181)5; slightly wounded at Vicksburg;
went to Ainsworth, la.; mem. M. E. Ch.;
was 1st abolitionist, then Republican, Pro-
hibitionist, now of United Christian party,
which he helped to organize at Davenport,
la., March S, 1898; was candidate It. -gov., la.,
1899; now mem. Nat. Com. same. Address:
Ainsworth, Washington Co., la.

LEONARD. Mary P. Author: The Story
of the Big Front Door, 1898 C7; Half a
Dozen Thinking Caps (juvenile books), 1900
C7; also short stories in mags. Address: 1057
3d St., Louisville, Ky.

LEONARD, William Andrew, P. E.

bishop of Ohio, consecrated Oct. 12, 1889; b.
Southport, Conn., July 15, 1848; s. William
Boardman and Louisa (Bulkley) L. ; ed.
Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; St. Steph-
en's Coll., Annandale, N. Y. (D. D. ; also
D. D., Washington and Lee); grad. Berke-
ley Divinity School, Middletown, Conn;
deacon, 1871; priest, 1873; asst. Holy Trinity
Ch., Brooklyn; rector Ch. of the Redeemer,
Brooklyn; St. John's Ch., Washington; was
chaplain 23d regt. N. G., S. N. Y. Author:
Via Sacra, or, Footprints of Christ; History
of the Christian Church; Church Club Lec-
tures; A Faithful Life; reviews, essays, ser-
mons, charges, etc. Address: 840 Euclid Av.,
Cleveland, O .

LESLEY, J Peter ("J" is mere signature),
geologist; b. Phila., Sept. 17, 1819; grad.
Univ. of Pa., 1838 (LL. D.); asst. geol. sur-
vey of Pa., 1838-41; studied at Princeton
Theol. Sem., 1841-4; licensed to preach by
Presbytery of Phila., 1844; studied at Univ.
of Halle following winter; employed by
Am. Tract Soc, 1845-7; pastor Cong'l Ch.,
Milton, Mass., 1848-51. His theol. views
changing, left pulpit; settled in Phila.
as professional expert in geology; sec.
Am. Iron Assn., 1855-9; prof, geology and
mining and dean scientific faculty Univ. of
Pa., 1872-8; emeritus prof, since 1886; chief
geologist in charge of complete resurvey of
Pa., begun, 1874; has made extensive re-
searches in coal, oil and iron fields in U.
S. and Can. Original mem. Nat. Acad.
Sciences; sec. and librarian, 1858-85, Am.
Philos. Soc; pres. A. A. A. S., 1883-5; U.
S. comm'r to Paris Exp'n, 1867; m. Feb. 13,
1849, Susan Inches, d. Hon. Joseph Lyman,

Northampton, Mass. Author: Man's Origin
and Destiny from the Platform of Selena .
Coal ami lis Topography; The Iron Manu-
facturer's Guide; Paul Drelfuss, His Holi-
day Abroad; etc. Address: Milton, Mass.
LESLEY, SiiMiui Inehem b. Northampton,

Mass., (I. Judge Joseph Lyman; . Feb. 13,
L849, Prof. J Peter L. ; was long actively
identified with work of organized charities

in Phila. Author: Memoirs of Mrs. Annie J.
Lyman (2d edition entitled "Recollections
of My Mother"). Address: Milton, Mass.

"LESLIE, Amy"; see Brown, Lillie West.

LESLIE, Htm. Frank, editor, publisher; b.
(Miriam Florence Follinc) New Orleans,
1851, of a French Creole family. Married to
Frank Leslie, New York publisher (died,
1880). Succeeded to his business, then badly
involved; personally managed it and put it
on a paying basis. Leased her business to a
syndicate and made extended European tour.
On her return, syndicate having been un-
successful, business was put into company,
she being pres. and editor of the Popular
Monthly, which increased 200,000 copies in
4 months; severed her connection with pub-
lishing co., which bears her name, 1900; now
preparing book for press and will soon be-
come editor of a new literary enterprise;
mag. contributor. Residence: The Chelsea,
222 W. 23d St., New York.

LESLIE, Preston Hopkins, lawyer, ex-
gov. ; b. Wayne (now Clinton) Co., Ky.,
March 2, 1819; ed. in neighborhood schools
until 1837; 5 months in Co. Acad., Colum-
bia, Ky. ; admitted to bar, Oct. 7, 1840; 2
terms in lower house and 2 terms (8 yrs.)
Ky. senate; was speaker of senate; gov.
Ky., 1871-5; circuit judge, 1881-6; active
mem. Bapt. Ch. from Sept., 1838; gov. Mont.
Ty., 1887-9; established law practice at Hel-
ena, Mont.; U. S. att'y, dist. of Mont,
1894-8. Address: Helena, Mont.

LESTER. Charles Smith, lawyer; b. in
Worcester, Mass., March 15, 1824; ed. Wash-
ington Acad., Salem, N. Y. (A. M., Yale);
admitted to N. Y. bar May, 1845; has since
resided and practiced at Saratoga Springs,
N. Y. ; m. Sept., 1849, Lucy Louisa Cooke.
Has been pres. of village of Saratoga
Springs; co. judge and dist. att'y, Sara-
toga Co., and is associated with his sons,
Charles C, Willard and Col. James W. Les-
ter, in active practice at Saratoga Springs.
Was att'y Alexander T. Stewart, who had
large investments in Saratoga, and after his
death, Saratoga att'y for Stewart's estate.
Address: Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

LESTER, Rnfns E.. congressman, lawyer:
b. Burke Co., Ga., Dec. 12, 1837; s. Ezekiel
and Mary (Lewis) L. ; grad. Mercer Univ.,
Ga., 1857; admitted to bar, 1859; served in
C. S. army, 1S61-5; resumed law practice
after war; State senator, 1870-9; pres. State
senate, 1876-9; mayor Savannah, 1883-9;
mem. Congress, 1889-1903, 1st Ga. dist.;
Democrat. Home: Savannah, Ga.

LETCHWORTH. William Pryor. phil-
anthropist, author; b. Brownville, N. Y.,
May 26, 1S23; .j. Josiah and Ann L. ; mfr.
and mcht., Buffalo, N. Y., 1848-69; retired
from all business about 30 yrs. ago; has



since devoted entire time to charitable
work; mem. State Bd. of Charities, April,
1873; v.-p. same, June, 1874; pres. same for
10 yrs. succeeding March, 1878; resigned
from bd., 1896; pres. Nat. Conf. of Chari-
ties, Sept., 1883; pres. 1st N. Y. State Conf.
of Charities and Correction, Nov., 1900;
(LL. D., Feb. 9, 1893, Univ. of N. Y., "for
distinguished services to the State"). Se-
cured passage of N. Y. law providing for
removal of children from almshouses and
other pauper establishments; also devoted
much attention to the care of the insane
and epileptics, and other reforms. Author:
The Insane in Foreign Countries, 1889 P2;
Care and Treatment of Epileptics, 1900 P2;
also numerous papers and reports on sub-
jects relating to social science. Address:
Glen Iris, Portage, N. Y.

LiEUPP, Francis Ellington, journalist;
b. New York, Jan. 2, 1849; s. John P. and
Emeline M. (Loop) L. ; grad. Williams, 1870
(A. M., 1873); LL. B., Columbia Law School,
1872; m. Ada Lewis Murdock, New York,
Oct. 13, 1874. Asst. editor New York Even-
ing Post, 1874; editor and part owner Syra-
cuse Herald, 1878-85; Washington staff con-
tributor New York Evening Post, 1885;
charge Washington bureau since 1889, New
York Evening Post; editor Good Govern-
ment, official organ Nat. Civil Service Re-
form League, 1892-95; mem. U. S. Indian
Comm'rs under Cleveland; resigned, 1897.
Author: Bagby vs. Bagby, 1895 P5; How to
Prepare for a Civil Service Examination,
1898 H9. Editor: Memorial volume to William
Cullen Brvant, 1878. Residence: 1813 16th St.,
N. W. Office: 45 Wyatt Bldg., Washington.

LECSCHNER, Armin Otto, asso. prof,
astronomy and geodesy, and dir. Student
Observatory, Univ. of Calif., since 1898; b.
Detroit, Jan. 16, 1868; ^. Otto Richard and
Caroline (Humburg) Leuschner; grad. Roy-
al Wilhelms-Gymnasium, Cassel, Germany,
1886, Univ. of Mich., 1888, Ph. D., Berlin,
1897; (hon. Sc. D., Univ. Western Pa., 1900);
m. San Francisco, May 20, 1896, Ida Louise
Denicke. Graduate student Lick Observa-
tory, Univ. of Calif., 1888-90; instr. mathe-
matics, 1890-2, asst. prof, mathematics,
1892-4, asst. prof, astronomy and geodesy,
1894-8, Univ. of Calif.; Fellow Royal As-
tron. Soc. ; mem. Am. Math. Soc, Astrono-
mische Gesellschaft, etc. Author: Beitrage
ziir Kometenbahnbestimmung, Berlin, 1897;
numerous papers on astron. subjects. Ad-
dress: 2011 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, Calif.

LEVERETT, Frank, geologist; b. Den-
mark, la., March 10, 1859; s. Ebenezer and
Rowena (Houston) L. ; ed. public schools
and Denmark Acad.; grad. Iowa Agr. Coll.,
B. Sc, 1885; m. 1st, Dec. 22, 1887, Frances
E. Gibson (died, July 10, 1892); 2d, Dec. 18,
1895, Dorothy Park. Spent 1st 20 yrs. of life
on a farm; taught in public schools, 1878-9;
taught natural sciences, Denmark Acad.,
1880-3; entered U. S. Geol. Survey, sp'l field
asst, May, 1886; asst. geologist since 1890.
His lines of investigation are glacial geol-
ogy and water resources. Author: Water Re-
sources of Illinois, 1899 U6; Water Resources
of Indiana and Ohio; The Illinois Glacial
Lobe; Glacial Deposits of the Erie and Ohio

Basins, 1901 U6; (all reports of U. S. Geol.
Surveys) ; Soils of Illinois, Report 111. Bd.
World's Fair Comm'rs; Pleistocene Features
and Deposits of the Chicago Area, Bull.
Chicago Acad. Sciences; etc. Address: Ann
Arbor, Mich.

LEVERING, Joshua, coffee importer; b.
Baltimore, Sept. 12, 1845; at school until
1861; employe, 1860-6; later partner with
father in coffee importing business of E.
Levering & Co:; father died in 1870; he and
his brother Eugene have been conducting
the business since then. Originally Demo-
crat, but since 1884 Prohibitionist; was can-
didate for State comptroller of Md., 1891;
Prohibition nominee for Pres. of U. S., 1896.
Pres. Y. M. C. A., Baltimore; v.-p. Am.
Bapt. Publication Soc. ; pres. bd. trustees
Southern Bapt. Theol. Sem., Louisville,
Ky. ; has held other offices in religious and
charitable organizations. Address: 1316 Eu-
taw PI., Baltimore.

LEVERMORE, Charles Herbert, pres.
Adelphi Coll., Brooklyn, since 1896; b. Mans-
field, Conn., Oct. 15, 1856; i. Rev. Aaron
Russell and Mary Gay (Skinner) L. ; grad.
Yale, 1879; (Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1886);
m. Sept. 4, 1884, Mettie Norton Tuttle, New
Haven, Conn. Prin. Guilford Inst., Conn.,
1879-83; univ. fellow in history, Johns Hop-
kins, 1884-5; instr. history, Hopkins Gram-
mar School, 1885-6; instr. history, Univ. of
Calif., 1886-8; prof, history, Mass. Inst. Tech-
nology, 1888-93; prin. Adelphi Acad., Brook-
lyn, 1893-6. Author: The Republic of New
Haven (which received a John Marshall
prize at Johns Hopkins), 1886 Jl; Syllabus of
Lectures Upon Political History Since 1815,
1889 01; The Academy Song Book, 1895 Gl;
The Abridged Academy Song Book, 1898 Gl;
etc. Residence: 30 St. James PI. Address:
Adelphi Coll., Brooklyn.

LEVERSON, Montague R., physician; b.
London, England, March 2, 1830; academic
ed'n in London and Germany; att'y and so-
licitor, London, 1852; grad. Gottingen, A.
M., Ph. D., 1872; studied med. dept., Univ.
of Va., 1889-91; grad. Baltimore Med. Coll.,
1893; in England was att'y for 2d owners of
the steamship Great Eastern, and also
prominent as advocate of law reform. Came
to U. S., 1865; went to Calif.; mem. assem-
bly, Calif., 18S2; became advocate of the
doctrines of Henry George; went East, 1885;
took part in George mayoralty campaign,
1886; studied medicine and was graduated;
became prominent opponent of vaccination
and sec. Anti-Vaccination Soc. of America.
Writer on legislative science and law re-
form, economic science, ed'n, etc. Address:
Ft. Hamilton, N. Y.

LEVETT, David Maurice, composer; b.
New York, Jan. 1, 1844; studied music New
York, Germany and France; grad. Conserva-
tory, Leipzig, 1871; returned to New York;
prof, in New Brunswick (N. J.) Conserva-
tory, 1876; later in Conservatory at Jack-
sonville, 111., until 1880; in Chicago, 1880-5;
afterward in New York; prof. New York
Coll. of Music, and, 1899, prof. Stern's Con-
servatory of Music, Berlin, Germany; m.
1878, Kate de Jonge. Author of many com-
positions for voice, piano and orchestra.
Home: 933 Park Av., New York.



LEVY, EdKar M Dapt. clergyman; b. St.
Mary's, Ga., Nov. 23, 1822; s. Lewis and Ann
(Patterson) L. ; parents removed from Ga.
to Phila., 1830; ed. 1'hila. (A. M., I). 1).,
Ducknell Univ.). Was 30 yrs. pastor, Phila.;
10 yrs., N. J. Early identified with anti-
slavery cause; strong supporter of Union,
by speech and pen, during Civil war; of-
fered prayer at 1st Rep, Nat. Con v., 1856,
and at last one, 1900. Author of several re-
ligious works. AddrtSS: 3913 Baring St.,

LEVY, Jefferson Monroe, ex-congress-
man, lawyer; s. Capt. Jonas P. and Fanny
(Mitchell) L. ; ed. public schools; grad.
Univ. City of New York; studied law and
admitted to bar; unmarried. Mem. Cham-
ber of Commerce, Bd. of Trade and Trans-
portation, Real Estate Exchange and nu-
merous clubs and other organizations; v. -p.
Dem. Club many yrs. ; owns home of Thom-
as Jefferson, Monticello. Mem. Congress,
1899-1901, 13th N. Y. dist. ; Democrat.
Address: 20-22 Broad St., New York.

LEVY, Louis Edward, photo-chemist; b.
Stenowitz, Bohemia, Oct. 12, 184ti; .s. Leo-
pold and Wilhelniina L. ; brought to U. S.
in childhood; ed. common schools Detroit,
1855-61; sp'l studies in mathematics and as-
tronomy, Univ. of Mich., 1866; practical

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