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Coll., Los Angeles, Calif., 1886-96; pres. St.
Vincent's Coll., Cape Girardeau, Mo., 1896-S.
Address: St. Vincent's Coll., Los Angeles,

LINNEV, Romulus Zachariah, ex-con-
gressman, lawyer; b. in Rutherford Co., N.
C, Dec. 26, 1S11; .?. William C. L.; ed. com-
mon schools, York's Collegiate Inst, and
Dr. Millen's School, Taylorsville; served as
private in C. S. A.; wounded at Chancellors-
ville and discharged because of wound; re-
turned to Dr. Millen's School; admitted to
bar, 1868; has appeared for defense in 115
cases of capital felonies; State senator, 1870,
1873 and 1882; mem. Congress, 1895-9, 8th
N. C. dist. ; Republican; m. Jan. 22, 1865,
Dorcas S. Stephenson. Address: Taylorsville,
N. C.

LINTON, Edwin, prof, biology Washing-
ton and Jefferson Coll., since Sept., 1882; b.
East Bethlehem, Pa., March 14, 1855; s. Jo-
seph and Naomi (Harry) L. ; grad. Wash-
ington and Jefferson Coll., 1879; post-grad,
course, 1881-2, Yale, Ph. D., 1890; m. Wash-
ington, Pa., July 9, 1885, Margaret Mc-
Knight, d. James I. Brownson, D. D. En-
gaged in scientific work for U. S. Fish
Comm'n at Woods Holl, Mass., summers of
1882-7, 1887, 1889, 1898-1900; in Yellowstone
Nat. Park, summer of 1890. Mem. Am. Soc.
Naturalists, silver medal, Paris Exp'n, 1900.
Wrote: Various zool. papers in report of
U. S. Fish Comm'n for 1886, 1887, 188S; bull,
of U. S. Fish Comm'n, 1889, 1893, 1897, 1899;
bull, of U. S. Nat. Museum, 1887, 1892, 1897
(vols. 19-20). Address: Washington, Pa.

LINTON, William S., ex-congressman,
postmaster Saginaw since March 22, 1898; b.
St. Clair, Mich., Feb. 4, 1856; j. Aaron and

Sarnh (McDonald) L. ; ed, public schools;
early went Into the lumber business as an
employe; 1879, became a mfr. on bis own a<

count ;il Saginaw, Mich.; iii. April 9, 187s.

Ida M. Lowry. Supervisor Hay Co., 1878-9.
Mem. Saginaw common council, 1883; mem,

Midi, legislature, 18S7; candidate for lt.-
gov., 1890; pres. State League Bldg. and
Loan Assns., 1891; pics. Saginaw Water Bd.,
1892; mayor of Saginaw, 1892-4; mem. Con-
gress, 1893-7; Republican. In Congress op-
posed appropriations of public moneys for
sectarian purposes and won. Has held chief
exec, offices in the Knights of the Macca-
bees, Foresters and Masons and is premier
of the Prudent Patricians of Pompeii (fra-
ternal beneficial order); pres. Mich. Assn.
Postmasters. Address: Saginaw, Mich.

LIONBERGER, Isaac H., lawyer; b. St.
Louis, Aug. 30, 1854; s. John R. L. ; ed.
Washington Univ., St. Louis, to 1870; grad.
Princeton, 1875; studied in St. Louis Law
School; admitted to bar, 1877; m. St. Louis,
June 9, 1886, Louise Shepley. Asst. att'y-
gen. U. S., 1896; prof, law of corporations,
St. Louis Law School; gold Democrat; pres.
Univ. Club, St. Louis, 1900. Author: Law of
Corporations (Missouri). Residence: 3630 Del-
aware Av. Office: Security Bldg., St. Louis.

LIPMAN, Clara, actress; b. Chicago; d.
Abraham and Josephine L. ; 1st played in-
genues with Mme. Modjeska, afterward with
A. M. Palmer's Co. Created leading part
in "Incog" and played variously in German
and English companies in classical drama;
created character of "Julie Bon Bon, the
Girl from Paris"; now starring jointly with
Louis Mann, her husband. Author of "Pepi"
(play). Address: 981 Madison Av., New

LIPPINCOTT, Craige, pres. J. B. Lippin-
cott Co., publishers; b. Phila., Nov. 4, 1846;
j. Joshua B. and Josephine (Craige) L. ; ed.
Univ. of Pa. and in Europe; married, 1871;
entered publishing house of J. B. Lippin-
cott & Co., 1866 (J. B. Lippincott Co. since
1885) ; succeeded his father as pres. in 1886.
Residence: 218 W. Rittenhouse Sq. Office: 227-
231 E. Washington Sq., Philadelphia.

LIPPINCOTT, Sara Jane ("Grace Green-
wood"), author; b. Pompey, N. Y., Sept. 23,
1823; d. Dr. Thaddeus and Deborah Clarke;
m. 1853, Leander K. Lippincott. Has done
much newspaper and mag. work, in addition
to writing books principally for young peo-
ple. Author: Greenwood Leaves; Merrie
England; Stories and Legends of Travel;
New Life in New Lands; Victoria, Queen of
England; Records of Five Years; Poems;
Recollections of My Childhood; Stories and
Sketches; etc. Address: New Rochelle, N. Y.

LIPPINCOTT, William Henry, artist; b.
Phila., Dec. 6, 1849; s. Isaac and Emily
(Hoover) L. ; ed. at Friends' Private School;
began study of art at Pa. Acad, of Fine
Arts; became designer of illustrations, la-
ter scenic artist. In 1S74 became pupil of
Leon Bonnat, remaining at Paris 8 yrs. and
regularly exhibiting at Paris salons; re-
turned to U. S., 1SS2; established studio in
New York. Mem. Am. Water Color Soc.
and Soc. of Am. Etchers; made asso., 1884,
academician, 1896, Nat. Acad, of Design.



Paints portraits, figure compositions and
landscapes; regular contributor to Am. art
exhibitions; still does some scenic painting.
The Duck's Breakfast, Un Jour de Conge,
Pink of Old Fashion, Helena, Infantry in
Arms, Love's Ambush, and Pleasant Re-
flections are his most important pic-
tures; m. 1893, Amolia Chester (b. Wilson).
Residence: 217 W. 83d St. Studio: 37 W. 22d
St., New York.

LIPPITT, Charles Warren, mfr., ex-
go v. ; b. Providence, R. I., Oct. 8, 1846; s.
ex-Gov. Henry and Mary Ann (Balch) L.;
grad. Brown, 1865; studied under private
tutors, 1865-8; traveled in America and Eu-
rope; m. Providence, R. I., Feb. 23, 1886,
Margaret B. Fornam. In 1869 began busi-
ness in his father's office in connection with
Social Mfg. Co., Lippitt Woolen Co. and
Silver Spring Dyeing and Bleaching Co.,
becoming t.reas. of latter, 1871; pres. Frank-
lin Lyceum, 1875-6. Col. and chief of per-
sonal staff of his father, Gov. Henry Lippitt,
1875-6. First v.-p., 1878-80, pres., 1881-2,
Providence Bd of Trade; v.-p., 1880, Nat.
Bd. of Trade; 1878-81, sec, 1881-3, v.-p.,
1883-4, pres., Providence Commercial Club.
Pres. Social Mfg. Co. since 1891; dir., 1891;
v.-p., 1895, and pres., 1896, Rhode Island
Nat. Bank. Served on numerous political
corns.; gov., R. I., May, 1895, to May, 1897;
Republican. Address: Providence, R. I.

LIPPITT, Francis James, lawyer (re-
tired) ; b. Providence, R. I., July 19, 1812; .?.
Joseph F. and Caroline S. L. ; grad. Brown,
1830 (A. M.). Capt. 1st N. Y. vols, in Mex-
ican war; served in Civil war as col. 2d
Calif, inf. and bvt. brig.-gen. U. S. vols.; m.
Sept. 25, 1865, Mrs. Pickering Dodge. Coun-
sel for U. S. in Dept. of Justice, 1877-82.
Was guest of Lafayette at La Grange, 1832;
sole survivor of the few who stood by his
grave at his burial, 1834; assisted De Toque-
ville in preparation of La Democratie aux
Etats Unis, 1834; attached to Am. Legation,
Paris, 1834-5; mem. (chmn. com. of whole)
State Constitutional Conv., Calif., 1849. Lec-
turer at Boston Univ. Law School, 1873-4,
before Naval War Coll., Newport, 1896, 1897,
1900. Author: Treatise on the Practical Use
of the Three Arms, VI; Treatise on In-
trenchments, VI; Special Operations of War,
VI; Field Service in War, VI; Criminal Law
in Massachusetts, H5; Physical Proofs of
Another Life, 1888 01. Contributor to mags.
on economic themes and to Light, Spirit-
ualistic journal of London. Also musical
compositions, C17, D2. Address: 1832 Jeffer-
son PL, Washington.

LIPPMANN, Julie Mathilde, author, crit-
ic; b. Brooklyn, June 27, 1864; d. Adolph and
Marie S. L. ; ed. in private schools; began
writing at very early age; contributor to
Century, Harper's, Atlantic and other mags.
Unmarried. Author: Through Slumbertown
and Wakeland; Jock o' Dreams, 1891 R5;
Miss Wildfire, 1897 P5; Dorothy Day, 1898
P5; Collected Poems; also (plays) A Fool
and His Money, 1897 P5; Cousin Faithful,
1897 P5; The Facts In the Case, 1897 P5; etc.
Address: 17 W. 84th St., New York.

UPTON, Sir Thomas Johnstone, Eng-
lish provision mcht. ; b. in Glasgow, of Irish

parents; chmn. of Lipton Limited, Tea and
Provision Merchants, London, and principal
towns of Great Britain and Ireland; owns
tea estates in Ceylon; pres. Thomas J. Lip-
ton Co., pork packers, Chicago; owner Lip-
ton Refrigerator Car Lines, Chicago; makes
frequent business visits to U. S. Knighted,
1898. Owner of yachts Erin and Shamrock,
the latter of which contested the America's
cup, 1899. Has again challenged for 1901.
Address: Osidge, Southgate, Middlesex, Eng-

LISTEMANN, Bernhard, violinist; b. in
Schlotheim, Thuringia, Germany, Aug. 28,
1841; apptd., at 17, court violinist to Prince
of Schwartzburg; came to U. S., 1867, and
traveled extensively; concertmaster Theo-
dore Thomas orchestra, New York, 1870-4;
founded, 1874, Boston Philharmonic Club,
and organized, 1879, Boston Philharmonic
Orchestra, of which he was dir. ; concert-
master Boston Symphony Orchestra, 1881;
founded, 1881, the Listemann String Quar-
tette, which continues. Since 1893 head vio-
lin dept., Chicago Musical Coll. ; married.
Residence: 713 Fullerton Av., Chicago.

LITCHFIELD, Grace Denio, author; b.
New York, Nov. 19, 1849; d. Edwin C. and
Grace Hill (Hubbard) L. ; has spent much
time in Europe; since 1888 has lived in
Washington. Author: Only an Incident, 1883
P2; The Knight of the Black Forest, 1885
P2; Criss-Cross, 1885 P2; A Hard Won Vic-
tory, 1888 P2; Little Venice, 1890 P2; LiUle
He and She, 1893 L9; Mimosa Leaves, 195
P2; In the Crucible, 1897 P2; The Moving
Finger Writes, 1900 P2. Address: 2010 Mass.
Av., Washington.

LITCHMAN, Charles Henry, mem. U. S.
Industrial Comm'n, apptd. June 19, 1900; b.
Marblehead, Mass., April 8, 1849; s. William
and Sarah E. (Bartlett) L. ; ed. public
schools and 2 yrs. at Marblehead Acad. ;
studied law 15 months; m. Marblehead,
Mass., Feb. 5, 1868, M. Annie Shirley. Sec.
State and Internat. Grand Lodge Knights
of Saint Crispin (Shoemakers), 1875-8; gen.
sec. Knights of Labor, 1878-81, and 1886-8;
mem. school com. Marblehead, 1873-6; mod-
erator town meeting several yrs. ; mem. leg-
islature, Mass., 1879; sp'l agt. treasury dept.
under Pres. Harrison, 1889-93; prominent in
fraternal socs. ; Past Great Incohonee (term,
1880-2) Improved Order of Red Men. Editor:
Official History of the Improved Order of
Red Men, Boston, 1893. Address: Newark,
N. J.

LITTAUER, Lucius Nathan, congress-
man; b. Gloversville, N. Y., Jan. 20, 1859; 5.
Nathan and Harriet (Sporborg) L. ; removed
to New York, 1865; grad. Harvard, 1878; was
mem. Harvard crew and football team; be-
came connected with his father's glove mfg.
business, 1878; succeeded to it, 1882, and is
now extensively engaged in glove mfg.; of-
ficer and dir. of many commercial and finan-
cial institutions; mem. Congress, 1897-1903,
22d N. Y. dist. ; Republican. Address: Glov-
ersville, N. Y.

LITTLE, Charles Edgar, prof. Latin,
Univ. of Nashville Peabody Normal Coll.,
since 1899; b. nr. Eatonton, Ga., Nov. 25,
1865; s. Kinchen Davis and Elizabeth John-



ston (Martin) L. : grad. Univ. of Nashville
Pcabody Normal Coll., A. H., 1891; sp'l stud
ies in philology. Univ. of Chicago and Van
dcrbilt Univ. (I'll. I)., Vanderbilt, INW) ; in.
Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 18, 1894, Elizabeth
Chew Jacobs. Was prin. Sparta, Ga., Acad.,
1887-9; Eatonton, Ga., Acad., 1889-90; iustr.
Latin and mathematics Univ. of Nashville,
Peabody Normal Coll., 1891-9. Mem. Am.
Oriental Soc., Southern History Assn.
Author: A Grammatical Index to the Chan-
dogya-Upanisad, 1900 Al. Address: 308 Gow-
dey St., Nashville, Tenn.

LITTLE, Charles Eugene, M. E. clergy-
man; b. Waterbury, Vt., April 7, 1838; s.
Russell Mack Little; ed. common schools,
Glens Falls, N. Y. ; Cambridge Acad., Ft.
Edward Inst., and theol. dept., Boston
Univ.; in. June 14, 1860, Elvira B. Emery.
Entered ministry April, 1860; has filled pas-
torates in N. Y., Vt., and N. J., for past
30 yrs., chiefly in Newark, Richmond Bor-
ough of Greater New York and Jersey City;
Prohibitionist. Author: Biblical Lights, 1883
F3; Historical Lights and Side Lights, 1885
F3; Cyclopaedia of Classified Dates, 1899
F3. Address: 65 West Side Av., Jersey
City, N. J.

LITTLE, Charles Joseph, pres. Garrett
Biblical Inst.; b. Phila., Sept. 21, 1840; grad.
Univ. of Pa., 1861; (Ph. D., De Pauw; LL.
D., Dickinson); m. Dec. 3, 1872, Anna Ma-
rina Schultze, Berlin, Prussia. Prof. Dick-
inson Coll., 1874-85; Syracuse Univ., 1885-
91; Garrett Biblical Inst., 1891-9. Contribu-
tor to Am. and English periodicals. Fern-
lev lecturer to British M. E Conf. for 1900.
Address: 2016 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, 111.

LITTLE, George O., Presby'n clergyman;
b. Madison, Ind., May 2, 1839; 5. Rev. Henry
Little, D. D. ; prep, ed'n Kimball Union
Acad., Meriden, N. H. ; grad. Amherst Coll.,
1860; Lane Theol. Sem., Cincinnati (D. D.,
Park Coll., Parksville, Mo., 1894); m. Mt.
Auburn, Cincinnati, Sept. 3, 1863, Martha
H. Mitchell. Ordained to ministry, April,
1862; pastor at Vevay, Fort Wayne and
Connersville, Ind., 1862-72; pastor Assem-
bly's Presby'n Ch., Washington, 1873-98; for
5 yrs. past connected with theol. dept. How-
ard Univ. Author: The Royal House of
Israel and Judah: An Interwoven History
and Harmony, 1900 F3. Address: 1363 Co-
lumbia Rd., Washington.

LITTLE, George Thomas, librarian of
Bowdoin Coll. since 1883; b. Auburn, Me.,
May 14, 1857; .?. Hon. Edward T. and Lucy
Jane (Bliss) L. ; grad. Bowdoin, 1877 (A. M.,
Litt. D.); m. Dec. 18, 1884, Lilly T. W.
Lane, Braintree, Mass. Teacher Latin,
Thayer Acad., Braintree, 1878-82; Bowdoin
Coll., 1882-5: mem. Me. Hist. Soc, Ap-
palachian Club, etc.; chmn. State Library
Comm'n of Me. since 1899. Author: De-
scendants of George Little of Newbury,
Mass., 1640, 1882 01; Historical Sketch of
Bowdoin College, 1794-1894; etc. Address:
Brunswick, Me.

LITTLE, Gilhert Franeis, U. S. circuit
judge, Ty. of Hawaii; apptd. June 5, 1900;
b. in Pa. Oct. 2, 1845; 5. Henry and Caro-
line L. ; collegiate ed'n, Ph. D., LL. D. ;

widower since 1896. Has practiced law since
1870; pros, att'y, 1K75-6; candidate lor Con-
gress, 1888. Author: The Evening Hour,
1896; The Moon. L896; Music of the Bible,
1S-..7. Address: Ililo, H. I.

LITTLE, John K., congressman, lawyer; b.
Jenny Lind, Sebastian Co., Ark., March 15,
1853; s. Jesse L. ; ed. common schools ami
Cane Hill Coll., Ark.; admitted to bar, 1874;
dist. att'y 12th circuit of Ark., 1877-84; mem.
legislature, 1885; circuit Judge, 1886-90;
chmn. State jud. conv., 1893; elected to
Congress, 1894, to fill unexpired term of
Clifton R. Breckinridge; continuing by suc-
cessive re-elections; present term expires
1903. Democrat. Home: Greenwood, Ark.

LITTLE, Joseph James, printer; b. Bris-
tol, England, June 5, 1841; s. James L. ;
came to U. S., 1846; printer's apprentice at
Morris, N. Y., 1856-9; employed as com-
positor, New York, 1859, foreman, 1864;
served in 37th N. G. S. N. Y., in 3 summer
campaigns in Civil war; m. 1866, Josephine,
d. John Robinson. Founded, 1867, the busi-
ness of J. J. Little & Co., now employing 500
persons; mem. various local socs. ; a dir. in
corporations; has been mem. various local
corns, and bd. of ed'n. Mem. Congress,
1891-3; Democrat. Residence: 23 W. 45th St.
Office: 10 Astor PI.. New York.

LITTLE, Rohbins, lawyer; b. Newport, R.
I., Feb. 15, 1832; s. William, Jr., and Sophia
Louisa (Robbins) L. ; grad. Yale, 1851 (A.
M., Yale; LL. B., Harvard); mem. New
York bar; instr. in internat. law, U. S. Na-
val Acad., Annapolis; examiner of claims,
War Dept., Washington; supt. and trustee
Astor Library, New York, 1878-96, when it
was merged in New York Public Library.
Address: Century Club, New York.

LITTLE, William Augustus, asso. jus-
tice Supreme Court, Ga., since 1897; b. Tal-
bot Co., Ga., Nov. 6, 1838; .j. Dr. William G.
and M. A. L. ; ed. State Univ., Ga., and
grad. Oglethorpe Univ., 1S59; private to capt.
cav., C. S. A., 1861-5; admitted to bar; prac-
ticed at Talbotton, Ga. ; asst. sec. State sen-
ate, 1871-2; apptd., 1872, solicitor-gen. Chat-
tahoochee circuit, removing to Columbus,
Ga. Mem. Constitutional Conv., 1S77; mem.
legislature, 1882-8 (speaker, 1884-8); asst.
att'y-gen., 1891-2; att'y-gen., 1892-4; asst.
att'y-gen. U. S., 1896. Residence: Columbus,
Ga. Office: Atlanta, Ga.

LITTLEFIELD, Charles E., congress-
man, 2d Me. dist.; b. Lebanon, York Co.,
Me., June 21, 1851; common school ed'n;
studied law, admitted to bar, 1876; mem.
Me. legislature, 1SS5; speaker, 1887; att'y-
gen., Me., 18S9-93; elected to 56th Congress,
1899, to fill vacancy caused by death of Nel-
son Dingley; re-elected 57th Congress; Re-
publican. Home: Rockland, Me.

LITTLEFIELD, Nathan Whitman, law-
yer; b. E. Bridgewater, Mass., May 21, 1846;
j. Rufus Ames and Abigail Russel (Whit-
man) L. ; grad. Phillips Acad., Andover,
1865; Dartmouth Coll. (valedictorian), 1869;
Boston Univ. Law School, 1876; m. 1st, Ells-
worth, Me., Aug. 13, 1873, A. V. Redman;
2d Pawtucket, R. I., Dec. 1, 1886, Mary W.
Ellis. Prim Newport, R. I., High School,



1871-3; prin. high school and supt. schools,
Westerly, R. I., 1873-4; represented Paw-
tucket, State senate, 1897-8; chmn. school
com., Pawtucket, 1898-1901; referee in bank-
ruptcy, dist. of R. I., 1898; Dem. candidate
for gov. of R. I., 1900; Democrat. Residence:
39 Cottage St., Pawtucket, R. I. Office: 87
Weybosset St., Providence, R. I.

LITTLEHALES, George Washington,

chief of chart construction, U. S. N. ; b.
Schuylkill Co., Pa., Oct. 14, 1860; grad. U.
S. Naval Acad., 1883; (C. E., Columbian,
1888); m. Jan. 26, 1896, Helen Powers Hill.
One of founders and asso. editor Internat.
Journal of Terrestrial Magnetism. Author:
The Development of Great Circle Sailing:
The Methods and Results of the Survey of
Lower California; Submarine Cables; The
Magnetic Dip or Inclination; also many
articles on oceanography and other geog.
subjects. Residence: 2132 Le Roy PL, Wash-

LITTLEJOHN, Abram Newkirk, first P.
E. bishop of Long Island; consecrated Jan.
27, 1869; b. Florida, N. Y., Dec. 13, 1824;
grad. Union Coll., 1845; (D. D., Univ. of
Pa., 1856; LL. D., Cambridge, England,
1880; D. C. L., Univ. of the South, 1897);
ordered deacon, 1848; ordained priest, 1849;
asst. St. Anne's, Amsterdam, N. Y. ; St.
Andrew's, Meriden, Conn.; rector, 1850-1,
Christ Ch., Springfield, Mass.; 1851-60, St.
Paul's, New Haven, Conn.; 1860-9, Holy
Trinity, Brooklyn. Author: Philosophy of
Religion; Metaphysics of Cousin; Life and
Writings of Coleridge; Poetry of George
Herbert; Bible and Common Sense; Out-
wardness of Popular Religion; Human
Progress; The Alt-Catholic Movement;
Conciones ad Clerum; Stephens' Lectures
on the History of France; Roger's Eclipse
of Faith; Discourses on Individualism;
Christian Dogma Essential; The Christian
Ministry at the Close of the Nineteenth
Century; etc. Address: Garden City, N. Y.

LITTLEJOHN, John Martin, pres. and
prof, physiology and osteopathic therapeu-
tics Am. Coll. of Osteopathic Medicine and
Surgery since June, 1900; b. Glasgow, Scot-
land, 1867; 5. Rev. James Littlejohn; grad.
Univ. of Glasgow; studied theology; or-
dained 1886; taught theology, 1886-7; con-
tinued studies, A. M. 1889, B. D. 1890, LL.
B. 1892; univ. fellow Columbia Univ., 1892-
3; grad. Ph. D. (hon. D. D., LL. D.); mar-
ried. Was tutor in science and languages,
Glasgow Univ.; prin. Rosemount Coll., 1890;
pres. Amity Coll., College Springs, la., 1894-
7; prof, of physiology, psychology and
psychiatry and dean of faculty, Am. School
of Osteopathy, Kirksville, Mo., Feb., 1898,
to June, 1900 (D. O., 1900); enrolled as law-
yer, May, 1899. Fellow Soc. of Science,
London and Royal Soc. of Literature of
Great Britain. Editor Journal of the Sci-
ence of Osteopathy. Author: The Political
Theory of the Schoolmen and Grotius (3
parts), 1894 A7; Lecture Notes on Physi-
ology, 1898 A7; Text-Book on Physiology,

1898 A7; Lectures on Psycho-Physiology,

1899 A7; Lectures on Psycho-Pathology, 1900
A7. Residence: 1 Warren Av. Office: 405
Washington Boul., Chicago.

L1VERMORE, Mary Ashton, author,
lecturer; b. Boston, Dec. 19, 1820; d. Timo-
thy and Zebiah (Vose) Rice; ed. in public
schools and Charlestown (Mass.) Female
Sem. ; taught school ; m. 1845, to Rev. D. P.
Livermore, Universalist minister (died, July
5, 1899). Was active in anti-slavery and
the Washingtonian temperance movements;
went to Chicago, 1857, where her husband
became editor and she asso. editor of a
Universalist paper; was active in U. S.
Sanitary Comm'n during Civil War; was
1st pres. 111. Woman's Suffrage Assn. ; edi-
tor The Agitator, woman suffrage paper,
1869; merged it into the Woman's Journal,
1870; was editor of latter 2 yrs., removing
to Boston. Was 10 yrs. pres. Mass. W. C.
T. U. ; is pres. Mass. Woman's Suffrage
Assn. ; mem. of many socs. Has delivered
lectures all over the U. S. and in England
and Scotland. Author: The Children's Ar-
my, 1841 01; Thirty Years Too Late, 1845
01; A Mental Transformation, 1848 Ol; Pen
Pictures, 1863 Ol; What Shall We Do witb
Our Daughters? 1883 Ol; My Story of the
War, 1888; The Story of My Life, 1897. Also
"American Women" (edited by late Fran-
ces E. Willard and Mary A. Livermore),
1897. Address: Melrose, Mass.

LIVERMORE, William R., military en-
gineer, lt.-col. U. S. A.; b. Cambridge,
Mass., Jan. 11, 1843; s. George L. ; m. Jan.
18, 1883, Augusta Keen, Phila. ; ed. public
schools and freshman class, Harvard;
apptd. to West Point, 1861; grad., 1865; 1st
It. eng'rs, June 23, 1865; capt., Jan. 20, 1870;
maj., March 12, 1884; chief eng'r, with rank
of lt.-col. of vols., May 16, 1898; assigned

to 7th army corps; lt.-col. U. S. eng'rs, July
5, 1898. Has been connected with fortifica-
tion work at Key West, Tortugas, Balti-
more, Newport and New Bedford; chief
eng'r, Dept. of Texas, survey of N. and
N. W. lakes, improvement of Missouri Riv-
er, river and harbor improvement in Mass.,
R. I. and Conn.; with English eng'rs laid
the cable from U. S. to Havana, 1868; light-
house eng'r, 1892-8.. making many improve-
ments in the fog-signal system; mil. at-
tache Copenhagen and Stockholm since May,
1899. Author of a system of army tactics,
and of "American Kriegsspiel," 1882, 1898
C34, a method of practicing the art of war
on a map; Manoeuvres for Infantry, 1888 S3.
Fellow and mem. of numerous scientific and
hist. socs. Address: War Dept., Washington.

LIVINGSTON, Crawford, R. R. builder;
b. New York, May 6, 1848; ed. acad. at Al-
bany; mem. firm of stock-brokers when 16
yrs. old, and later deputy treas. of N. J. ;
removed to St. Paul, 1870, as purchasing
agt. Winona & St. Peter Ry. ; became bank-
er and stock-broker. With Henry Villard
built the Little Falls & Dak. Ry. ; then built
and was one of the owners of James River
Valley Ry. and Duluth-Manitoba R. R. ; as-
sociated with A. B. Stickney in building the
Minn. Central; also the Chicago Great West-
ern. Was pres. of all the lighting cos. of
St. Paul; interested in and dir. of many
large corporations. Address: St. Paul, Minn.,
and 19 William St., New York.

LIVINGSTON, Leonidas P., congressman,
farmer; b. Newton Co., Ga., April 3, 1832;



pd. common schools; has always lived oil
his farm; private Boldier In 0. 8. A., 1863 5;
served 2 terms In lower house and l term
Benate of Ga. legislature; v. -p. Ga. State
Agr'l Soc. It yrs. and pres. 4 yrs. ; pres.
Ga. State Alliance for 3 yrs. Mem. Con-
gress, 1891-1903, 5th Ga. dist. ; Democrat.
Home: Kings, Ga.

LLOYD, Alfred Henry, junior prof, phil-
osophy, Univ. of Mich., since 1899; b. Mont-
clair, Essex Co., N. J., Jan. 3, 1864; J.
Henry H. and Anna Badger L. ; grad. Har-
vard, ISSu. Teacher Latin and English,
Phillips Acad., Andover, 1886-7; grad. stu-
dent in philosophy, Harvard, 1887-9 (A. M.,
Harvard, 1SSS; I'll. D., same, 1893); student
of philosophy in Gottingen, Berlin and Hei-
delberg, as Walker fellow from Harvard,
1889-91; summer, 1892, traveled in Norway,
Denmark and North Germany; m. Spring-
field, Mass., Dec. 28, 1892, Margaret E.
Crocker. Instr. philosophy, 1891-4, asst.
prof., 1894-9, Univ. of Mich. Author: Citi-
zenship and Salvation: or, Greek and Jew
A Study in the Philosophy of History, 1897
L6; Dynamic Idealism: An Elementary
Course in the Metaphysics of Psychology,
1898 M5; Philosophy of History: An Intro-
duction to the Philosophical Study of Poli-
tics, 1899 WI2. Contributions: The Stages
of Knowledge, Psychol. Review, 1897; Epis-
temology and Physical Science, Philosophi-
cal Review, 1898; Time as a Datum of His-
tory, same, 1899; Physical Psychology,
Psychological Review, 1900; Evolution
Evolved: A Philosophical Criticism, The
Monist, 1899; Evolution and Immortality,

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