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Oriental Soc; Numismatic and Antiquarian
Soc, Phila. ; Hellenic Soc, London; Biblical
Archasol. Soc, London; Soc. Medieval Re-
search, Constantinople; mem. Archseol.
Com., Greek Literary Syllogos, Constanti-
nople; Bulgarian Literary Soc, Sophia, Bul-
garia. Was decorated by Prince Alexander
of Bulgaria with cross of Comdr. Order St.
Alexander, and by Prince Ferdinand with
cross of Comdr. Order of Civil Merit; re-
ceived vote of thanks. First Bulgarian Nat.
Assembly, "for services to the Bulgarian
Nation." Has written much in Bulgarian
language; editorial contributor to Sunday
School Times, Phila. Residence: Roumeli
Hissar, Bosphorus, Constantinople, Turkey.

LONG, Charles D., justice Supreme Court,
Mich., 1887-1907; b. Grand Blanc, Genesee
Co., Mich., June 14, 1841; ed. in public
schools, Flint, Mich. ; entered Union army,
lost left arm, and received gunshot wound
through left hip; came home in 1862; read
law; held various co. offices; dept. comdr.
Mich. G. A. R., 1885; Republican. Address:
Lansing, Mich.

LONG, Chester I., congressman, lawyer; b.
Perry Co., Pa.; moved to Kan. and estab-
lished as lawyer; mem. Kan. senate, 1889;
mem. Congress, 1895-7, and 1899-1903, 7th
Kan. dist. ; Republican; m. Feb. 12, 1895,

Anna Bache, Paola, Kan. I hone: Medicine
Lodge, Kan.
LONG, Daniel Albright, Christian Ch.
clergyman; b. Graham, N. C, May 22, 1844;

s. Jacob and .lane S. L. ; reared on farm;
ed. Univ. Of N. C, and Yale (A. M., U. I).,
LL. 1).), a fellowship, Columbia, 1893; was
in C. S. A. for a short time In 1865; pres.
Graham (N. C.) Coll., 1872-82; pres. An
tioch Coll., 1882-99; m. 1st, Ava R. Waters,
Kinston, N. C. (died Feb., 1874); 2d, Oct.,
1876, Carrie E. Bell, Enfield, N. C. (died,
1893); 3d, 1896, Mrs. A. B. Beech, Nashville,
Tenn. Address: Graham, N. C.

LONG, Edward Henry, prin. Peabody
School, St. Louis, since 1895; b. Livonia,
N. Y., Oct. 4, 1838; ed. N. Y. Conferem .
Sem., Charlotteville, N. Y., and Genesee
Coll., Lima, N. Y.; taught country dist.
school winter of 1856-7; for 6 yrs. following
taught and attended school alternately.
Teacher, 1867-9, and prin., 1869-70, in Buf-
falo schools; public school prin., 1870-1;
asst. supt., 1874-80; supt. public schools,
1880-95, at St. Louis; m. July 13, 1864, Elvira
J. Wilcox, Mumford, N. Y. Author of nu-
merous edn'l papers. Address: 3404 Morgan
St., St. Louis.

LONG, Eli, brig.-gen. U. S. A., retired Au-
gust, 1867; b. Woodford Co., Ky., June 16,
1837; grad. Frankfort, Ky., Mil. School,
1855; apptd. 2d It., 1st U. S. cav., 1856;
served against Indians; 1st It. and capt.,
1861; col. 4th Ohio cav.; served at Tulla-
homa, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga and in
Atlanta campaign; comd. cav. brigade;
comd. div. at Selma, Ala., April, 1865, cap-
turing the place; 5 times wounded; bvtd.
maj.-gen. vols, and U. S. A.; mustered out
of vol. service Jan. 15, 1866; retired as
maj.-gen.; reduced to brig.-gen. by Act of
March 3, 1875; m. Sept. 5, 1865, Jane I. Lane,
at Louisville, Ky. Address: 74 Grove St.,
Plainfield, N. J.

LONG, Eutrene Rufns, pres. since 1897,
and prof. Bible studies and political science.
Ark. Coll.; b. Sumter dist., S. C, Dec. 10,
1862; s. Isaac J. and Callie P. (Kennedy)
L. ; grad. Ark. Coll. ; unmarried. Prof, po-
litical science, Ark. Coll., 1883-95; ehmn. of
faculty, same, 1891-5; prof. Southwestern
Presby'n Univ., Clarksville, Tenn., 1895-7.
Address: Batesville, Ark.

LONG, John Davis, Sec. of Navy U. S.
since March, 1897; b. Buckfield, Oxford Co.,
Me., Oct. 27, 1838; grad. Harvard, 1S57;
taught 2 yrs. in Westford Acad., Mass.;
studied law in Harvard Law School and
private law offices; admitted to bar. Has
since practiced in Boston. Mem. Mass. leg-
islature, 1875-8 (speaker, 1876-8); lt.-gov.,
1879; gov., 1880-2; mem. Congress, 1883-9;
was for several yrs. on Statehouse Con-
struction Comm'n of Mass. Home: Hingham,
Mass. Address: Washington.

LONG, John G., consul-gen. of U. S. to
Cairo, Egypt, since Oct., 1900; b. Wilming-
ton, N. C, Aug. 19, 1846; removed with pa-
rents to Fla., 1847; has lived in St. Augus-
tine since 1862. Asst. postmaster, St. Au-
gustine, 1S67; collector of revenues for St.
John's Co., 1868-70; States att'y 7th jud.
circuit, Fla., 1870-5; later co. solicitor, St.



John's Co. ; has been mayor of St. Augus-
tine, and has held other local offices; Re-
publican; now mem. Rep. Nat. Com. for
Fla. Home: St. Augustine, Fla. Address:
Cairo, Egypt.

LONG, John Harper, prof, chemistry
Med. School Northwestern Univ., Chicago,
since 1881; b. nr. Steubenville, O., Dec,
1856; s. John L. ; grad. Univ. of Kan., B. S.,
1877; studied at Tubingen, Wiirzburg, and
Breslau, Germany (Sc. D., Tubingen, 1879) ;
m. Cedar Rapids, la., Aug. 24, 1885, Cather-
ine Stoneman. Mem. several scientific socs.
Author: Elements of General Chemistry,
1898 C31; A Text Book of Analytical Chem-
istry, 1898 C31; A Text Book of Urine
Analysis, 1900 C25; Laboratory Manual of
Physiological Chemistry, 1894 Ol. Has con-
tributed numerous papers on chemical top-
ics to Journal of Am. Chem. Soc, etc.
Residence: 7748 Sangamon St. Office: 2421
Dearborn St., Chicago.

LONG, John Luther. Author: Madam
Butterfly, C2; Miss Cherry-Blossom of To-
kyo, L5; Fox- Woman, 1899 L5; The Prince
of Illusion, 1901, C2. Address: 629 Walnut
St., Philadelphia.

LONG, Le Roy, physician; b. Lincoln Co.,
N. C, Jan. 1, 1869; s. William T. and Mary
E. L. ; studied classics and higher mathe-
matics under private tutors; grad. Louis-
ville Med. Coll., 1893, with 1st honors; dem-
onstrator genito-urinary diseases Louisville
Med. Coll., 1894-5; pres. Indian Ty. Med.
Assn. ; mem. Am. Med. Assn. ; local surgeon
Mo., Kan. & Texas Ry., etc.; m. April 29,
1896, Martha Downing of Atoka, Ind. Ty.
Address: Caddo, Ind. Ty.

LONG, Simon Peter, pres. Lima Coll.
since 1898; b. McZena, 0., Oct. 7, 1860; s.
George and Margaret (Merkling) L. ; worked
on a farm until 15; grad. Capital Univ., Co-
lumbus, O., 1883; A. M., 1886; m. May 12,
1887, Clara Alice Marion; theological course,
Columbus and Phila. ; studied Shoemaker
Oratorical School; ordained Lutheran cler-
gyman, 1886. Pastorates: Loudonville, O.,
Columbus, O., Massillon, O., North Colum-
bus; lecturer on religious and other sub-
jects; has written a reply to R. G. Inger-
soll called "Bob's Bible." Author: Prepare
to Meet Thy God, 1894 L14. Residence: North
Broadway, Columbus, O.

LONG, William Joseph, Cong'l clergy-
man; 6. North Attleboro, Mass., April 3,
1867; 5. Denis and Catherine (Burke) L. ;
grad. Bridgewater, Mass., State Normal
School, 1887; Harvard, 1892; Andover Theol.
Sem., 1895 (Ph. D., Heidelberg, 1897); m.
Andover, Mass., Sept., 1900, Frances Marsh
Bancroft. Made notable defense of minis-
terial liberty at Cambridge (Mass.) Council,
1898. Author: The Making of Zimri Bunker,
1898; Ways of Wood Folk, 1899; Wilderness
Ways, 1900; Beasts of the Field, 1901; Fowls
of the Air, 1901. Has contributed various
poems, stories and articles in many mags.
Address: Stamford, Conn.

LONGFELLOW, Ernest Wadsworth,
artist; b. Cambridge, Mass., 1845; 5. of the
poet; pupil Couture, Paris; painted in Italy,
1868. His best known landscapes and com-
positions are: Old Nail at Manchester,

Mass.; Italian Pines; Love Me, Love My
Dog; Misty Morning; John and Priscilla.
Address: Care Century Co., 7 W. 43d St.,
New York.

LONGFELLOW, William Pitt Preble,
architect and writer on art; b. Portland,
Me., Oct. 25, 1836; s. Stephen L., and nephew
of the poet; grad. Harvard, 1855; S. B., 1859;
asst. architect, Treasury Dept., 1869-72; fel-
low and sec. for foreign correspondence Am.
Inst. Architects; fellow Boston Soc. Archi-
tects; original editor The Am. Architect;
trustee Boston Museum of Fine Arts; chmn.
architectural sect. Bd. of Judges World's
Columbian Exp'n, 1893. Author: Abstract
of Lectures on Perspective, 1889 XI; Cyclo-
paedia of Architecture in Italy, Greece and
the Levant, 1895 S3; The Column and the
Arch, 1899 S3; Architectural Essays; con-
tributions to mags, and reviews. Address:
479 Broadway, Cambridge, Mass.

LONGINO, Andrew Houston, gov. of
Miss., 1900-4; b. Lawrence Co., Miss., May
16, 1855; s. John Thomas and Annie (Ram-
say) Longino; grad.. Miss. Coll., Clinton,
Miss., 1876; sp'l summer course in law,
Univ. of Va., 1880; m. Jackson, Miss., April,
1887, Marion Buckley. Clerk circuit and
chancery courts for Lawrence Co., Miss.,
1876-80; State senator, 1880-4; admitted to
bar, 1881; apptd. by Pres. Cleveland, U. S.
Dist. Att'y, southern dist., Miss.; became
chancellor in 1894, resigned, April, 1899;
Democrat. Address: Jackson, Miss.

LONGSHORE, Hannah E., physician; b.
Montgomery Co., Md., May 30, 1819; d. Sam-
uel and Paulina Myers. At early age moved
with parents to Washington, remaining
there until her 14th yr., when family went
to Ohio; m. March 26, 1841, Thomas E.
Longshore of Phila. Mem. 1st class of
students of the Female Med. Coll. (now Wo-
man's Med. Coll.), opened in 1850, in Phila.,
grad. 1851. Gave several courses of lectures
to women on physiology and hygiene. Af-
ter graduation apptd. demonstrator of an-
atomy, Woman's Med. Coll. Occasional
contributor to med. mags. Residence: 214
N. 19th St.', Philadelphia.

LONGSTREET, James, soldier, U. S. com-
m'r of Pacific railroads since Nov. 2, 1897;
b. in Edgefield Dist., S. C, Jan. 8, 1821; .$.
James L. ; grad. West Point, 1842; served in
Mexican, Indian and Civil wars; won title
of major at battle of Molino del Rey, Sept.
8, 1847; served in C. S. A. as brig. -gen. and
maj.-gen. ; as It. -gen. comd. 1st corps Army
of Northern Va. in 1862-5; a short period in
the Army of Tenn. under Bragg; returned
to Lee's army in 1864. Comd. in many bat-
tles, and was wounded by the fire of his
own troops at the Wilderness, May, 1864;
was included in the surrender at Appomat-
tox, April 9, 1865. After war became a Re-
publican; was apptd. surveyor of customs
at New Orleans by President Grant; later
was supervisor of internal revenue; post-
master at Gainesville, Ga. ; U. S. minister to
Turkey, and U. S. marshal for dist. of Ga. ;
m. Sept. 8, 1897, Miss Helen Dortch of Ga.
Residence: The Normandie. Office: Old P. O.
Dept. Bldg., Washington.

LOOMIS, Benjamin Bloomfleld, editor
New Jersey Methodist; b. Bridgewater, N.



Y., Oct. G, 1S3G; .?. Jtoiijaiiiin P. Loomis;
prep, ecl'n Cazenovia (N. V.) Sem. ; grad.
Union Coll., Ph. U., I). 1)., Syracuse Univ.;
m. Springfield, N. Y., June 9, 186;:, Sophia
O. Witt. Was pastor Troy Conf., M. 10. Ch .
presiding elder same; pres. Round Lake
Summer Inst.; dir. Ocean Urove Assembly.
Author: Studies in the Hook of Aets, New
York, Ml. Wrote: Ideal Worship, Homi-
letic Review. Residence: 331 Penn St. Office:
131 Federal St., Camden, N. J.

LOOMIS, Charles Battell, author; b.
Brooklyn, Sept. 16, 1861; s. Charles Battell
and Mary (Worthington) L. ; ed. Polytechnic
Inst, of Brooklyn, academic dept. ; was not
grad. ; in business as clerk, 1879-91; m.
Brooklyn, Feb. 11, 1888, Mary Fullerton.
Has written for nearly all periodicals, in-
cluding Harper's, Century, St. Nicholas,
Criterion, Life, Puck and Phila. Post.
Author: Just Rhymes (verses), 1899 R7; The
Four-masted Cat-boat, 1899 C2; Yankee
Enchantments, 1900 M1G. Address: Torring-
ford, Conn.

LOOMIS, Chester, figure and landscape
painter; b. nr. Syracuse, N. Y., Oct. 18,
1852; 5. Chauncey C. and Lucy E. Loomis;
ed. in Syracuse, N. Y., and 1868-71, Cornell;
went to Paris, 1872; studied painting there,
1st under Harry Thompson, then 2 yrs. pu-
pil of Leon Bonnat; m. Kansas City, Mo.,
Aug. 23, 1883, Sarah S. Dana, of St. Johns-
bury, Vt. Lived 11 yrs. in France, return-
ed to U. S., 1885; exhibited at 6 salons in
Paris. Built house and studio at Engle-
wood, N. J., 1890; has painted many por-
traits there and in New York; picture,
"Christopher Sly," received gold medal at
Mass. Charitable and Mechanics' Inst.
Exb'n afterw'ard bought by Indianapolis
Art Assn.; is represented by figure and
landscape paintings in many private collec-
tions; mem. Soc. Am. Artists, New York;
Architectural League of New York; Nat.
Soc. Mural Painters; Artists' Fund Soc,
and Nat. Arts Club, New York. Address:
Englewood, N. J.

LOOMIS, Dwight, jurist; b. Columbia,
Conn., July 27, 1821; j. Elam and Mary
(Pinneo) L. ; grad. Yale Law School, 1847,
LL. D. ; admitted to bar, 1847, settling at
Rockville, Conn.; mem. Congress, 1859-63;
judge superior court, Conn., 1864-75; judge
Supreme Court, Conn., 1875-91, retiring
upon reaching constitutional limit of age.
Apptd. by the legislature of Conn., 1891,
a State referee for trial of causes referred
to him, which office he still holds. In 1895
he was apptd. presiding judge State Bd. of
Arbitration, but subsequently resigned the
office; was, 1892-4, prof, in law dept., Yale;
m. Nov. 26, 1848, Mary E. Bill, Lebanon,
Conn, (died June 1, 1864); 2d, May 28, 1866,
Jennie E. Kendall, Beloit, Wis. (died March
6, 1876). Address: 278 Farmington Av., Hart-
ford, Conn.

LOOMIS, Ehen Jenks, astronomer; b.
Oppenheim, N. Y., Nov. 11, 1828; 5. Nathan
and Waite Jenks (Barber) L.; ed. Lawrence
Scientific School, Harvard; m. Cambridge.
Mass., July 13, 1853, Mary Alden Wilder.
For 50 yrs. asst. in Nautical Almanac (se-
nior asst., 1859-1900); retired; mem. U. S.

Eclipse Expd'n to the West coast of Africa,
1889. Authoi Wayside Sketches, 1894 R5;
An Eclipse Tarty in Africa, 1898 R6. <'on-
trlbutor t" various papers and periodicals.
Address: Amherst, Mass.
LOOMIS, Francis ll., journalist, diplo-
matist; b. Marietta, O., July 27, 1861; grad.
Marietta Coll., 1883; joined staff of
New York Tribune; m. April 29, 1897,
Elizabeth M. Mast, Springfield, O. State
librarian, Ohio. 1886-90; U. S. consul,
St. Etienne, France, 1890-3; wrote ex-
tensive reports on labor situation in Eu-
rope; editor-in-chief Cincinnati Daily Trib-
une, 1893-7; apptd., 1897, U. S. minister to
Venezuela; negotiating extradition treaty
and arranged for reciprocity and parcels-
post conventions; made exploring trip up
Orinoco River on U. S. man-of-war, "Wil-
mington," 1898; served in Venezuelan post
until apptd., June, 1901, E. E. and M. P.
to Portugal. Address: Lisbon, Portugal.

LOOMIS, Harvey WorthiiiRton, musical
composer; b. Brooklyn, Feb. 5, 1865; s. late
Charles Battell Loomis; ed. Brooklyn Poly-
technic Inst.; awarded $900 free scholar-
ship by Dr. Anton Dvorak; studied music
in different branches at Nat. Conservatory;
piano with Mme. Madeline Schiller. Award-
ed prize for piano composition, A Hungar-
ian Rhapsody, by Musical Record, 1899;
Performances at Empire Theatre, New York,
from time to time since 1896, by Am. Acad.
Dramatic Arts, of musical pantomimes,
"Put to the Test," "The Traitor Mando-
lin," "In Old New Amsterdam;" at Ter-
race Garden, New York, "Love and Witch-
craft"; at Carnegie Lyceum, "The Enchant-
ed Fountain"; at the Waldorf-Astoria,
"Blanc et Noir." Composed two operas,
"The Maid of Athens," "The Burglar's
Bride"; also chamber music and music for
dramatic productions. Published Composi-
tions: Fairy Hill, cantata for children; San-
dalphon, a musically accompanied recita-
tion, W18; songs and piano compositions,
D2, W19, L18, and others. Wrote: The Art
of Accompaniment, The Looker-on, Aug.,
1897; Why is Popular Music Popular? Mu-
sical Courier, 1897; Gustave Charpentier
Two Points of View, Musical Record, Nov.,
1900. Summer Residenee : Torringford, Conn.
Office: 421 W. 57th St., New York.

LOOMIS, Lafayette Charles, author, ed-
ucator; b. N. Coventry, Conn., July 7, 1824;
.?. Silas and Esther (Case) L. ; grad. W T es-
leyan Univ., Conn., 1844 (A. M.); grad., M.
D., Georgetown Coll., D. C. ; m. 1874, Esther
L. Lincoln; 2d, 1870, Mary Williams. Was
co-founder of Adelphian Acad., Brockton,
Mass.; later pres. of colleges at Wilming-
ton, Del., and Wheeling, W. Va.; after-
ward prof. med. dept. Howard Univ., Wash-
ington; now retired. Author: Mizpah, 1S59
L5; Mental and Social Culture, 1868; Index
Guide to Travel and Art Culture in Europe,
18S0 S3; Myself, 1894 XI. Address: W T inthrop
Heights, D. C.

LOOP, Jennette Shepherd, artist; b.
New Haven, Conn., March 5, 1840; d. James
and Charlotte (Lynde) Harrison; studied
with Louis Bail at New Haven and later
with Henry Augustus Loop, N. A., whom



she married (died, 1895). She studied in
Paris and Italy, 1867; became asso. Nat.
Acad., 1875; makes specialty of portraits
and paintings of child-life. Address: 163 W.
47th St., New York.

LOOS, Charles Louis, prof. Greek, Ky.
Univ.; b. Worth, Alsace (then a province
of France, but since then wrested from the
French by the Germans), Dec. 23, 1823; 5.
Jacques G. and Katharina P. (Kull) L. ;
ed. Alsace and Stark Co., O.; grad. Beth-
any Coll., Va., 1846 (A. M.; also LL. D.,
Butler Univ., -Ind.); ordained to ministry
(Disciples), 1849; pres. Eureka Coll., 111.,
1857-8; prof, ancient languages, Bethany
Coll., 1858-80; pres. Ky. Univ., 1880-97; pres.
Foreign Christian Missionary Soc, 1889; m.
July 6, 1848, Rosetta E. Kerr (died, Jan. 31,
1893). Address: Lexington, Ky.

LORD, Augustus Mention, Unitarian
clergyman; b. San Francisco, Feb. 7, 1861
5. Daniel Sackett and Theresa (Mendon) L.
grad. Harvard, 1883 (A. M., S. T. B., 1887)
m. June 29, 1892, Frances Augusta Lord
Ordained Jnitarian minister, Sept. 22, 1887
pastor Arlington, Mass., 1887-90; since Sept
25, 1890, pastor 1st Cong'l (Unitarian) Ch
Providence, R. I. One of bd. of chaplains
Brown Univ., 1897-8. Author: A Book of
Verses, 1886 01; also sermons and contribu-
tions to Atlantic Monthly, etc. Address: 34
Cushing St., Providence, R. I.

LORD, Chester Sanders, managing ed-
itor New York Sun; b. Romulus, N. Y.,
March 18, 1850; s. Rev. Edward L. ; entered
Hamilton Coll., 1869, but did not graduate;
joined Sun staff, 1872, after having been
asso. editor Oswego (N. Y.) Advertiser; has
constantly been engaged as newspaper edi-
tor. Elected regent Univ. of State of New
York, 1897; hon. M. A., Hamilton Coll.,
1894; hon. LL. D., St. Lawrence Univ., 1898.
Sec. Lotos Club, New York, 1894-1901.
Residence: 110 S. Elliott PL, Brooklyn. Office:
The Sun, New York.

LORD, Edwin Chesley Estes, asst. in
mineralogy and petrography, Harvard, since
Oct. 1, 1900; b. Brooklyn, May 7, 1868; s.
Charles W. and Mary A. T. L. ; private pre-
paratory ed'n; grad. in Brunswick, Ger-
many (Ph. D., Heidelberg). Author: Dis-
sertation on Basalts of the Fichtelgebirge,
Bavaria (published Heidelberg). Since 1894
has contributed to bulletins of U. S. Geol.
Survey, Am. Geologist and Proc. of the
U. S. Nat. Museum. Not married. Address:
43 Fairfax Hall, Cambridge, Mass.

LORD, Eleanor Louisa, teacher; b. Sa-
lem, Mass., July 27, 1866; d. Henry C. and
Katharine A. L. ; prep, ed'n public gram-
mar and high schools, Maiden, Mass., Smith
Coll., 1883-7, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1889-90, 1895-
6: Newnham Coll., Cambridge, England,
1894-5; A. B., Smith Coll., 1887, A. M., 1890;
fellow in history, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1889
and 1895; Ph. D., 1896. Taught in the
Maiden, Mass., high school, 1887-9; Smith
Coll., 1890-4; Woman's Coll. of Baltimore
since 1897. Mem. Am. Hist. Soc, Nat.
Geog. Soc. Author: Industrial Experiments
in the British Colonies of North America,
1898 Jl. Wrote: International Arbitration,
Annals Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science,

Jan., 1891. Address: 2500 St. Paul St., Bal-

LORD, Herbert Gardiner, prof, philos-
ophy, Columbia, since 1900; b. in Boston,
March 29, 1849; s. Rev. Daniel M. and Eliza
Ann (Hardy) L. ; grad. Amherst, 1871 (hon.
A. M., 1900); grad. Union Theol. Sem., 1877;
m. Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 20, 1887, Mally Gra-
ham Coatsworth. Tutor Latin, Knox Coll.,
111., 1871; prin. high school, Holliston, Mass.,
1872; pastor Ch. of Redeemer (Presby'n),-
1877-95; prof, philosophy, Univ. of Buffalo,
School of Pedagogy,- 1895-8; lecturer of lit-
erature, 1886-99. Address: 618 W. 113th St.,
New York.

LORD, J. Williams, physician; b. Port-
land, Me., Feb. 5, 1864; s. John D. and Jen-
nett R. W. L. ; grad. Johns Hopkins, 1884;
med. dept. Univ. of Pa., 1887; m. Baltimore,
June 8, 1898, Evelyn Pope. Sec. med. and
chirurg. faculty of Md. ; mem. Am. Med.
Assn. Clinical prof, dermatology, Johns
Hopkins; prof, anatomy, Baltimore Med.
Coll. Address: 24 W. Franklin St., Balti-

LORD, James Brown, architect; b. April
26, 1858; .?. J. Cowper and Margaretta
(Brown) L. ; ed. St. Paul's School and
Princeton; tn. June, 1879, Miss Nieoll. De-
signer and architect court house, New York,
etc. Mem. class 1902, Nat. Sculpture Soc,
Architectural League, Nat. Acad. Design,
etc. Residence: Tuxedo Park, N. Y. Studio:
160 5th Av., New York.

LORD, Nathaniel Wrig-ht, prof, metal-
lurgy and mineralogy Ohio State Univ. ; b.
Cincinnati, Dec. 26, 1854; s. Henry C. and
Eliza (Wright) L. ; grad. Columbia Coll.
School of Mines, E. M., 1876; chemist and
eng'r Monte Grande Gold Mining Co., 1879;
chemist, 1883-8, now consulting chemist,
Ohio Geol. Survey; is chemist in charge
analysis of fertilizers for Ohio State Bd. of
Agr. Author: Notes on Metallurgical Analy-
sis. Wrote: Iron Manufacture of Ohio, vol.

5, and Natural and Artificial Cements, vol.

6, Ohio Geol. Survey; also Report on Chem-
ical Examination of the Waters of the Sci-
oto, Oleutanzy and Mahoning Rivers, O.
State Bd. Health, 1898; also other reports,
papers in Trans. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs
and other scientific and tech. journals.
Residence: 338 W. 8th Av., Columbus, O.

LORD, Samuel Lowell, ex-mayor of Saco,
Me.; b. Buxton, Me., Jan. 4, 1841; 5. Eph-
raim H. and Hannah (Lowell) L. ; common
school ed'n; learned the drug business and
has been in the trade since 1874; has taken
active interest in local and State politics;
1st Dem. mayor of Saco in 25 yrs. ; served
as mayor 3 terms, 1896-9; was not candi-
date for re-election; candidate for gov.,
3898 and 1900, U. S. senator, 1899; held vari-
ous local offices. Residence: Saco, Me.

LORD, William Paine, U. S. minister to
Argentine Republic since 1901; b. Dover,
Del., 1838; grad. Fairfield Coll., N. Y., 1860,
and Albany Law School, 1866. Served as
Union vol. in Civil war as maj. of Del. cav.
and judge-advocate on staff of Gen. Lew
Wallace. After war apptd. It. U. S. A.;
served at forts Alcatraz and Steilacoom
and in Alaska; resigned, 1868; has since



practiced law at Salem, Ore. Served as
city att'y Salem; State senator from Marion
Co., 1N7N; ;ui(l II yrs. on supreme lunch of
the State; gov. Oregon, 1896-9 ; U. S. min-
ister to Persia. l.X'.l'.t- 1900; Uepubl iean. Home:
Salem, Ore. Official Address: Buenos Ayres,
Argentine Republic.
I, on ii. William Wllberforce, retired P.
E. clergyman; b. Madison Co., N. Y., Oct.
28, 1819; at (now defuuet) Western N. Y.
Univ.; grad. Princeton Theol. Sem., 1845;
Boudiuot fellow Princeton (D. D., Univ. of
Ala.); was tutor at Amherst, 1847; ordered
deacon P. E. Ch., 1848; ordained priest,
1850; rector in the South and Southwest;
chaplain in C. S. A. during Civil war.
Author: (poems) Christ in Hades; Andre: a
Tragedy. Address: Cooperstown, N. Y.

LKK, Charles Brown, chief justice of
Del., 1893-1909; b. Odessa, Del., March 16,
1831; s. Eldad C. and Priscilla L. ; ed. pub-
lic schools and Middletown (Del.) Acad.;
grad. Dickinson Coll., June, 1852 (LL. D.,
1894; LL. D., Delaware Coll., 1896); m. July
7, 1862, Rebecca A. Bates, Mount Holly, N.
J. Clerk, Ho. Reps., Del., 1857; comm'r of
draft for Del., 1862. Admitted to bar Nov.,
1861; practiced law, Wilmington, Del., until
1893; att'y-gen. of Del., 1869-74; mem. Con-
gress, 1883-7; Presidential elector, Del.,
1880 and 1892; Democrat. Pres. Hist. Soc.
of Del., Home for Friendless and Destitute
Children, bd. trustees Del. Coll., bd. trus-
tees State Coll. for Colored Students; v. -p.
Ferris Industrial School and "Minquadale
Home" for Aged Couples. Address: Wil-
mington, Del.

LOREE, Leonor Fresnel, pres. Balti-
more & Ohio R. R. Co., since June 1, 1901;
b. Fulton City, 111., April 23, 1858; ed. Rut-
gers Coll. Entered ry. service, 1877, as asst.
in eng'r corps Pennsylvania R. R. ; transit-
man, eng'r corps U. S. A., 1879-81; leveler,
transitman and topographer preliminary
survey and location Mexican Nat. Ry., from
Rio Grande River to Saltillo, Mex., 1881-3;
asst. eng'r Chicago div., Pennsylvania lines,
1883-4; eng'r maintenance of way, I. & V.
div., 1884-6; eng'r maintenance of way, Chi-
cago div., 1886-8; eng'r maintenance of way,
C. & P. div., 1888-9; supt. Cleveland & Pitts-

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