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bany Hosp., 1896; prof, abdominal surgery
and gynecology, Albany Med. Coll., 1900.
Maj. and surgeon U. S. vols., 1898, and in
charge of surgical div. of depot hosp. at
Ft. McPherson, Ga., during the Spanish-
Am. war; mem. N. Y. State Tuberculosis
Comm'n since 1900; Republican. Mem. Am.
Surg. Assn., Am. Med. Assn., Pan-Am.
Med. Congress, 10th, 11th, 12th Internat.
Med. Congresses, Am. Assn. of Obstetricians
and Gynecologists, Southern Surg. and
Gynecol. Assn., N. Y. State Med. Soc, (ex-
pres.) Albany Hist. Soc, etc. Has con-
tributed papers and addresses on gen. sur-
gery to surg. socs. which have been pub-
lished in Annals of Surgery, Am. Jour, of



Obstetrics, New York Med. Record, etc.
Residence: 142 State St. Office: 21 Eagle St.,
Albany, N. Y.

McDONALD, Wltten, capitalist; b. Wy-
oming Co., W. Va., June 4, 1S46; moved to
Mo., 1857; ed. St. Paul's (P. E.) Coll-., Pal-
myra, Mo. ; engaged in lumber and banking
business at Carrollton, Mo. ; afterward in
other banks; organized and was v. -p. 1st
Nat. Bank, Kansas City, 18S6-8; since 1888
pres. Midland Nat. Bank; has been owner
Kansas City Times. Address: 3614 Main St.,
Kansas City, Mo.

McDONNELL, Charles Edward, R. C.
bishop of Brooklyn, N. Y. ; consecrated
April 25, 1892; b. New York, Feb. 1, 1854;
ed. Christian Brothers and by Jesuits of
St. Francis Xavier's Coll.; at Am. Coll.,
Rome, 1872-8 (D. D., 1878); ordained priest,
May, 1878; asst. St. Mary's Ch., New York,
1878; St. Mary's, 1879; master of ceremo-
nies New York Cathedral, 1879-84; sec. to
Cardinal McCloskey; later sec. Archbishop
Corrigan and chancellor; apptd., 1890, one
of private chamberlains to Pope Leo XIII.;
spiritual director to Catholic Club, 1890.
Address: 367 Clermont Av., Brooklyn, N. Y.

MACDOUGAL, Daniel Trembly, dir. of
laboratories of New York Botanical Gar-
den since 1899; b. Liberty, Ind., March 16,
1965; s. Alexander and Amanda M. ; grad.
De Pauw Univ., 1890 (A. M., 1894, Purdue
Univ.; M. S., 1891, Ph. D., 1897); studied
Tubingen and Leipzig, 1894-5; m. Jan. 24,
1893, Louise Fisher, Cincinnati. Agt. U. S.
Dept. Agr. on explorations in Ariz, and
Idaho, 1891-2; instr. plant physiology, Univ.
Minn., 1893-5; asst. prof, same, 1895-9. Mem.
Bot. Soc. of America, and other botanical
socs. Author: Experimental Plant Physi-
ology, 1894 H4; Living Plants, 1898 Bl; The
Nature and Work of Plants, 1900 Ml; also
over 100 contributions to scientific and
other journals. Editor Jour, of the New
York Bot. Garden, and asso. editor Bull.
Torrey Bot. Club. Address: New York Bo-
tanical Garden, Bronx Park, New York.

MAC DOUGALL, Clinton Dugald, pres.
New Birdsall Co., mfrs. ag'l implements;
b. Glasgow, Scotland, 'June 14, 1839; .s. Du-
gald and Margaret (MacKendrick) Mac D. ;
ed. in Canada; grad. Jordan Acad., 1853;
served in Civil war, capt. Co. A, 75th N.
Y. vols.; lt.-col. and later col., 111th N. Y.
vols.; bvtd. brig. -gen. vols., Feb., 1865, for
gallantry; commanded brigade in Army of
Potomac; postmaster Auburn, N. Y., 1869-
73; mem. Congress, 1873-7; U. S. marshal
Northern dist. New York, 1877-85; presiden-
tial elector, 1888; Republican. Declined
treasurership of U. S. and positions of
comm'r internal revenue and comm'r of
patents in 1876; now U. S. marshal North-
ern dist. of N. Y., apptd. Jan. 16, 1901.
Address: 108 South St., Auburn, N. Y.

McDOLGALL, Walter Hngh, artist; b.
Newark, N. J., Feb. 10, 1858; s. John A.
McD., painter; ed. Mil. Acad, until 16,
later self-educated; m. Newark, N. J., April
24, 1878, F. M. Burns. Began artistic work,
1876; introduced the illustration of news
and cartooning in the daily newspaper in

1884. Author: The Hidden City, 1886 CI;
Number 11, 1890; History of Christopher
Columbus, 1892; The Rambilicus and His
Friends, 12. Wrote: A Marvellous Journey,
New York World, 1889. Address: 1131 S.
46th St., Philadelphia.

MACDOWELL, Edward (Alexander),

prof, music Columbia; b. New York, Dec.
18, 1861; j. Thomas F. and Frances M. M.;
studied piano as child, at one time being
pupil of Teresa Carreno; studied in Paris,
1876-9, and at Frankfort-on-Main, 1879-81.
Became first piano teacher at Darmstadt
Conservatory, 1881-4; resided in Wiesbaden,
1884-8; in Boston, 1888-96; in New York
since 1896 (hon. Mus. Doc, Princeton, 1896).
Dir. Mendelssohn Glee Club of New York,
1896-8; pres. Am. Soc. of Musicians and
Composers, 1897-8. Well known as composer
of orchestral, vocal and piano music and
as concert pianist. Address: Columbia Univ.,
New York.

McDOWELL, John Anderson, ex-con-
gressman; b. Killbuck, O., Sept. 25, 1853;
s. James C. and Sarah (Anderson) McD.;
grad. Mt. Union Coll., 1887; m. Aug. 21, 1879,
Esther E. Hole, Damascus, O. Taught
country school at 17; taught 7 winter terms;
prin. Millersburg High School 2 yrs. ; supt.
Millersburg schools 17 yrs. ; co. school ex-
aminer 7 yrs.; has been instr. in teachers'
insts. in several counties in Ohio; also in-
str. in summer school, Wooster Univ. ; pres.
of Holmes Co. Agr'l Soc. and Holmes Co.
Farmers' Inst. Soc. for several yrs. Mem.
Congress, 1897-1901, 17th Ohio dist; Demo-
crat. Address: Millersburg, O.

MACDOWELL, Melbonrne, actor; early
life spent at sea; engaged in theatrical busi-
ness with an elder brother as treas. of a
co. ; 1st stage appearance in a small part
in Canada; later joined the Boston Museum
Co., and 3 yrs. afterward one of Frohman's
cos.; m. Fanny Davenport (died, 1898), and
playing leading roles with her co. ; later at
head of his own co.

McDOWELL, William Eraser, corr. sec.
Bd. Edn. M. E. Ch. since May. 1899; b.
Millersburg, O., Feb. 4, 1858; s. David A.
and Rebecca (Fraser) McD. ; grad. Ohio
Wesleyan Univ., 1879, Ph. D. (in course),
1891 (S. T. D., 1894); grad. Boston Univ.,
S. T. B., 1882. Entered ministry M. E. Ch.
and was pastor Lodi, O., 1882-3; Oberlin,
O., 1883-5; Tiffin, O., 1885-90; chancellor
Univ. of Denver, 1890-9; mem. Colo. State
bd. of charities and corrections. Address:
150 5th Av., New York.

McDOWELL, William Osborne, pres.
Cuban-Am. League; b. Bedminster Tp., jj
Somerset Co., N. J., April 10, 1848; s. Col.
Augustus W. and Anna M. (Osborne) McD.;
ed. common schools; apprenticed to a trade;
apptd. It. vols., 1864, but being only 16, his
father compelled him to return home;
clerk in N. Y. grocery house, 1865-9; in
twine and cordage business, 1869; m. Nov.
17, 1873, Josephine R., d. Col. Henry Timan-
us, Fernandina, Fla. Reorganized Mont-
clair Ry., New York, Ontario & Western
Ry. and Midland Ry. of N. J. ; planned con


7 25

solidation of New York, Susquehanna &
Western it. it.; was pres. Now York & Bea
Beach Ry. and rehabilitated it, then re
signed, started BuccesBful .fl subscription
for completion of Bartholdl's statue of Llb-
erty; organized Sons of Am. Revolution,
Daughters of Am. Revolution; Order Am.
Eagle; Pan-Ropublie Congress; initiated
plan and work for The World's Liberty and
Peace Bell; by invitation of City of Chi-
cago arranged programme and delivered 4th
of July oration at World's Columbian
Exp'n; with Dr. Deems created Am. Inst,
of Christian Philosophy; organized Human
Freedom League and many other socs. ; re-
vived the Washingtonian idea of the Univ.
of the U. S., and by resolution of sp'l conv.
apptd. the com. of 400 (ex-Gov. John W.
Hoyt, chmn.) who have that work in hand;
an organizer, and from its inception pros.,
Cuban-Am. League; led in work for mak-
ing Brazil a republic and for federation un-
der a constitution in Australia. Now work-
ing for a constitutional convention as basis
for reunion of U. S. and Great Britain.
Lecturer for New York Bd. of Ed'n.
Residence: 447 Summer Av., Newark, N. J.
Office: Room 408, Empire Bldg., 71 Broad-
way, New York.

MACE, William Harrison, prof, history
Syracuse Univ. since 1891; b. nr. Lexing-
ton, Ind., Nov. 27, 1852; j. Ira and Nancy
S. M.; grad. State Normal School, Terre
Haute, Ind., 1876; Univ. of Mich., 1883;
studied Cornell, Jena Univ. (A. M., Ind.
Univ.; Ph. D.. Jena Univ.); m. Terre
Haute, Ind., Sept. 10, 1878, Ida Dodson.
Prin. Ward School, Logansport, Ind., 1876-7;
supt. public schools Winamac, Ind., 1877-
79; McGregor, la., 1883-5; prof, history De
Pauw Univ. Normal School, 18S5-90; univ.
extension lecturer on Am. history to re-
gents of Univ. State of New York since
1892; to Am. Soc, 1899, to Cambridge, Eng-
land, Summer School for 1893. Author: A
Working Manual of American History, 1895
B21; Method in History, 1897 Gl. Wrote:
The Organization of Historical Material,
Proc. Am. Hist. Assn., 1892; Des Eltern
Pitt Beziehungen zur Amerikanische Rev-
olution (Thesis for Ph. D.); Method of Last
Course in High School History, Jour. Peda-
gogy, Dec, 1900; The Central Defect of the
Normal School, Edn'l Rev., Feb., 1901.
Address: 127 College PI., Syracuse, N .Y.

McELROY, C. U., lawyer; 6. Lebanon, Ky.,
Nov. 29, 1S49; .?. A. B. and Eliza U. McE.;
prep, ed'n Forest Home Acad., nr. Louis-
ville; grad. Centre Coll., Danville, Ky. ;
studied law, Clarksville, Tenu. ; has prac-
ticed at Bowling Green since 1S70; m. Glas-
gow, Ky., Oct. 15, 1884, Litie H. Trigg.
Presidential elector, 1S76, and voted for S.
J. Tilden; represented Warren Co. in gen.
assembly, 1877-85; defeated by 1 Vote for
speaker; Dem. nominee for Congress, 1894;
one of trustees Ky. Univ.; Democrat.
Address: 1302 State St., Bowling Green, Ky.

McELROY. Mary Arthur; b. Greenwich.
N. Y., 1812; sister to Chester Alan Arthur
(deceased), 21st President of the United
States; ed. Emma Willard's Female Sem.,

Troy, N. V.; m. L861, John E, McElroy, or
Albany, N. v. During her brother's term
as President (he being a widower) she pn
Bided as mistress of the White House.
Address: 170 State St., Albany, N. V.

MeBLROY, will in m ii., Journalist, lec-
turer; /'. Albany, N. Y.; j. William and
.lane (McMullen) McE.; prep, ed'n Albany
Acad.; grad. Union Coll. (LL. I)., same);
,., 1st. I'hii.i , 1871, Ella Robinson (died,
1892); 2d, Rochester, N. Y., 1898, Mary Mc
Donell. Began journalistic career at Al-
bany, associated with Charles Emory Smith
in editorship Albany Jour.; later on edi-
torial staff Now York Tribune and New
York Mail and Express; editor Rochester
I'ost-Express, 1895-8; lecturer on literary,
edn'l and other topics; Republican. Mem.
Authors Club. Author: Matthew Middle-
mas' Experiment, 188S; An Overture to
William Tell, 1892. Address: 135 W. 95th
St., New York.

McENERY, Samuel Donprlns, U. S. sen-
ator from La., 1897-1903; b. Monroe, La.,
May 28, 1837; ed. Spring Mill Coll., nr.
Mobile, Ala.; U. S. Naval Acad, and Univ.
of Va. ; grad. State and Nat. Law School,
Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; served as It. in C. S.
A. After war engaged in law practice.
Elected It. -gov., 1879, becoming gov., Oct.,
1881, on death of Gov. Wiltz; elected gov.
for term, 1884-8; apptd. asso. justice Su-
preme Court of La., 1S88, serving until
1897; Democrat. Home: 1233 St. Mary St.,
New Orleans.

McEWEJf, Walter, artist; b. Chicago; pu-
pil Cormon and Tony Robert-Fleury, Paris.
Honorable mention, Salon, 1S8C; silver med-
al, Exp'n Universelle, Paris, 1889; grand
gold medal, City of Berlin.; silver medal,
London; medal, World's Columbian Exp'n,
1893; medal of honor, Antwerp, 1894; gold
medal, Berlin, 1896; small gold medal, Mu-
nich, 1S97; silver medal, Paris Exp'n, 1900.
Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, France,
Hors Concours, 1896. Represented by pic-
tures in Chicago Art Institute, Luxem-
bourg, Paris, Museum of Brussels, Liege
and Magdeburg. Decorated the hall to read-
ing rooms in Congressional Library, Wash-
ington. Home: 512 La Salle Av., Chicago.
Address: 11 Place Pigalle, Paris, France.

MACFADDEN, Bernard Adolplins, ed-
itor, lecturer, inventor, athlete; b. nr. Mill
Springs, Mo., Aug. 16, 1868; common school
ed'n; unmarried. Editor of Physical Cul-
ture, New York, and of Woman's Physical
Development, England. Inventor of vari-
ous devices for exercise; an athlete of con-
siderable prominence in the wrestling arena
from 1890 to 1893. Author: The Athlete's
Conquest (novel on physical culture) ; Mc-
Fadden's Physical Training (instruction
book); The Virile Powers of Superb Man-
hood; Macfadden's New Hair Culture;
Strength from Eating; Fasting, Hydro-
pathy and Exercise; and other hygienic
works. Address: 88 Gold St., New York.

MACFARLAND, Henry Brown Floyd,
pres. bd. comm'rs D. C. since May 9, 1900;
b. Phila., Feb. 11, 1861; .y. Joseph M.; grad.
Ritteuhouse Acad., Washington, 1876; read



law and attended lectures Law School, Co-
lumbia Univ., but did not graduate. En-
tered Washington bureau, Boston Herald,
Dec, 1879; became its head, 1892; has been
also Washington corr. Phila. Record since
1881; Republican; chmn. Citizens' Com.,
Nat. Capital Centennial, 1900. Delivered
Centennial address, Executive Mansion,
Dec. 12, 1900. Wrote numerous articles in
reviews, mags, and other periodicals and
in newspapers; pen-name Henry Macfar-
land. Residence: 1816 F St. Office: District
Bldg., and 1406 G St., Washington.

McFARLAND, Joseph, prof, pathology
and bacteriology, Medico-Chirurg. Coll.,
Phila.; b. Phila., Feb., 1868; s. Joseph and
Susan E. (Grim) McF. ; ed. Phila. gram-
mar schools and Lauderbach Acad., Phila.;
grad. med. dept. Univ. of Pa., 1889, Med-
ico-Chirurg. Coll., 1898; studied Heidelberg
and Vienna, 1890, and Berlin and Halle,
summer of 1895; m. Phila., Sept. 14, 1892,
Virginia E., d. Gen. William B. Kinsey.
Fellow Coll. Physicians of Phila.; mem.
Am. Med. Assn., Med. Soc. State of Pa.,
Phila. Co. Med. Soc, Phila. Pathol. Soc,
Am. Public Health Assn., Soc. of Am.
Bacteriologists, Am. Assn. of Pathologists
and Bacteriologists. Author: Pathogenic
Bacteria, 1896, 1898, 1900 (3 edits.) S15. Has
written about 50 contributions to med. lit-
erature in English and German. Address:
442 W. Stafford St., Germantown, Phila-
McFARLAND, Thomas B., asso. justice
Supreme Court, Calif.; Republican. Address:
825 Market St., San Francisco.
McFARLAND, Walter Martin, acting
v.-p. since Jan., 1899, Westinghouse Elec-
tric & Mfg. Co.; b. Washington, Aug. 5,
1859; s. John M. and Sarah J. McF.; ed.
public schools, Washington, 1865-75; U. S.
Naval Acad., 1875-9; grad. 1879, cadet eng'r;
served on naval vessels in various parts of
world; detailed asst. prof. mech. eng'ring,
Cornell, 1883-5; sec. div. marine eng'ring,
Internat. Eng'ring Congress, 1893; dele-
gate from U. S. N. dept. to Internat. Con-
gress Naval Architects and Marine Eng'rs,
1897; twice asst. (once prin. asst.) Admiral
Melville, eng'r-in-chief U. S. N. ; mem. bd.
to reorganize personnel, U. S. N., 1897;
promoted to grade of chief eng'r, 1898;
became It. U. S. N., March 3, 1899, by
passage of Personnel Bill; resigned from
navy, 1899; unmarried. Mem. Council Soc.
Naval Architects and Marine Eng'rs, Am.
Soc. Mech. Eng'rs, Am. Soc. Naval Eng'rs.
Frequent contributor to technical journals
on marine eng'ring. Address: 154 S. Home-
wood Av., Pittsburg.
MACFARLANE, Alexander, mathemati-
cian; b. Blairgowrie, Scotland, April 21,
1851; of Highland ancestry; grad. Edin-
burgh Univ., M. A., 1875; (D. Sc, same,
in math, and physical science, 1878; LL. D.,
Univ. of Mich., 1887); m. San Antonio,
Tex., April, 1895, Helen Swearingen. Ex-
aminer in mathematics, Edinburgh Univ.,
1881; prof, physics, Univ. of Texas, 1885;
lecturer on math, physics, Lehigh Univ.,
1897- gen. sec. Internat. Assn. for Promot-
ing Space-analysis, 1899; pres. sect, of

mathematics and astronomy, A. A. A. S.
1899. Fellow Royal Soc. of Edinburgh, 1878
corr. mem. Scientific Soc. of Mexico, 1894
mem. Am. Inst. Elec Eng'rs, 1892, Wash
ington Acad. Sciences, 1900. Author: Alge-
bra of Logic, 1879 Gl; Physical Arithmetic,
1885 Ml; Elementary Mathematical Tables,
1889 Gl; Papers on Space-Analysis, 1894 L15;
also wrote Vector-Analysis and Quater-
nions in text book of Higher Mathematics,
1896 W9; and many papers in scientific and
math, journals. Summer Address: Gowrie
Grove, Chatham, Ont. Address: S. Beth-
lehem, Pa.

MACFARLANE, John Muirhead, prof.
botany, Univ. of Pa., since 1893; b. Kirk-
aldy, Scotland, Sept. 28, 1855; grad. Edin-
burgh Univ. (B. S.), 1880 (D. Sc, 1883); m.
Sept. 7, 1887, Emily Warburton; instr. bot-
any Edinburgh Univ., 1881-91; fellow Royal
Soc, Edinburgh, 1885; sec. Bot. Soc, Edin-
burgh, 1885-90; developed Bot. Gardens,
Univ. of Pa., 1895-99; dir. since 1897; aided
in foundation of Bot. Soc. Pa., 1897. Mem.
Acad. Nat. Science and Am. Philos. Soc.
pres. -elect Soc. for Plant Morphology and
Physiology, 1898-9. Author: Numerous pa-
pers on Cell Structure, Insectivorous
Plants, Venus Fly Trap, Structure of Hy-
brids, Movement of Sensitive Plants, etc.
Residence: Lansdowne, Pa.

McFAUL, James Augustine, D. D., LL.
D., R. C. bishop of Trenton, consecrated,
Oct. 18, 1894; b. nr. Larne, Co. Antrim,
Ireland, June 6, 1850; s. James and Mary
(Heffernan) McF.; ed. St. Vincent's Coll.,
Westmoreland Co., Pa.; Coll. St. Francis
Xavier, New York, and (grad., 1873) Seton
Hall, S. Orange, N. J. ; sec. to Bishop
O'Farrell, Trenton, N. J., 1882-4; pastor of
chs. at Long Branch, N. J., 1883-90; chan-
cellor, diocese of Trenton, 1890-2; vicar-
gen., 1892-4, until apptd. bishop on death
of Bishop O'Farrell. Has written notable
articles and addresses on "American Citi-
zenship." A work which has rendered
his name familiar is the reorganization of
the Ancient Order of Hibernians. Address:
153 N. Warren St., Trenton, N. J.

McGAFFEY, Ernest, poet, critic; b. Ohio,
Aug., 1861; for several yrs. connected with
Chicago press as contributor in prose and
verse; lately critic on Saturday literary
edition Chicago American. Author: Poems
of Gun and Rod, 1892 S3; Poems, 1895 D3;
Poems of the Town, 1900 Bll; Sonnets to a
Wife, 1901; Out-Doors, a Book of the
Woods, Fields and Marshes, 1901 Bll.
Address: Metropolitan Blk., Chicago.

MAC GAHAN, Barbara, journalist; maid-
en name Elagine, of family of landed
prop'rs, gov't of Tula, Russia; m. J. A.
MacGahan, Am. war. corr. (died, 187,8).
Russian corr. New York Herald, 1876-80;
New York Times, 1883; resident corr. Sid-
ney (Australia) Herald at St. Petersburg,
1878-80. Sent as sp'l corr. to U. S. by po-
litical daily, Golos (St. Petersburg), to de-
scribe presidential campaign of 1880; Am.
resident corr. of Russkya Viedomosti, Mos-
cow, 1883-9; Novosti, St. Petersburg, 1883-
93; Moskovskya Viedomosti since 1899; corr.
New York Sunday Sun, 1895; contributor to



Am. Press Assn. Contributor of Russian
letters to syndicate, IS'.U, including New
York Times, Brooklyn Eagle, Pittsburg Dis-
patch, Knickerbocker Press, etc. Hon. mem.
Slavonic' Benevolent Soc. (political), St.
Petersburg, 1NN0; mem. Mutual Aid Soc.
of Russian Authors. St. Petersburg, 1898.
Contributor to Russian mags, on political
and economic subjects. Translated stories
of Bret Ilarte, Mark Twain and Edgar A.
Poe into Russian for Novoye-Vremia, St.
Petersburg; wrote fiction ill Viestnik Eu-
ropy under noni de plume, Vlad Kashirin.
Author: Xenla Rcpnina (novel in English),
1889. Contributor to Frank Leslie's Popu-
lar Monthly, Lippincott's Magazine, etc.
Address: 128 W. 71st St., New York.

MctiAKVEY, John William, educator;
b. Hopkinsville, Ky., March 1, 1829; grad.
Bethany Coll., W. Va., 1850 (A. M., LL. D.);
m. March 23, 1853, Ottie Hix, Fayette, Mo.
Preached 12 yrs. at Fayette and Dover,
Mo.; preacher at Lexington, Ky., 1S63; since
1865 prof, sacred history, and since 1895
pres. Coll. of the Bible, Lexington, Ky.
(dept. of Ky. Univ.). Connected with re-
ligious newspapers as corr. and editor for
40 yrs. Author: Commentaries on Acts
of Apostles, and on Matthew and Mark;
Lands of the Bible; Text and Canon of New
Testament;" Jesus and Jonah; Credibility
and Inspiration of New Testament. Address:
Lexington, Ky.

Mi'GAVICK, Alexander J., R. C. bishop;
was rector St. John's Ch., Chicago; conse-
crated May 1, 1899, as titular bishop of Nar-
copolis and made auxiliary to archbishop
of Chicago. Address: 264 Oakwood Boul.,

McGEE, Anita Newcomb, physician; b.
Washington, 1864; d. Prof. Simon New-
comb; ed. in private schools, Washington,
followed by sp'l course at Newnham Coll.,
Cambridge, England, Univ. of Geneva, etc.,
3 yrs. being spent in Europe; m. 1888, W
J McGee. Grad. Columbian Univ., M. D.,
1892; took sp'l post-graduate course in gyne-
cology, Johns Hopkins Hosp. ; in practice
in Washington, 1892-6. Fellow and ex-sec.
A. A. A. S. ; student of history, genealogy,
sociology; authority on the communistic
socs. of the U. S. A leader in the Nat. Soc.
Daughters Am. Revolution, having been
surgeon-gen., librarian-gen. and v-p.-gen.
Was dir. D. A. R. Hosp. Corps, April to
Sept., 1898, which selected the trained wo-
men nurses for both army and navy ser-
vice; apptd. Aug. 29, 1898, acting asst. sur-
geon U. S. A., being the only woman to
hold such a position; assigned to duty in
the surgeon-gen. 's office, in charge army
nurse corps, which she organized. When
U. S. Congress approved this work by mak-
ing the nurse corps of trained women a
regular permanent part of the army, the
pioneer stage was passed, and she resigned
Dec. 31, 1900; now engaged in literary work.
Residence: 1620 P St., Washington.

McGEE. John Bernard, M. D. ; b. Bos-
ton, July 3, 1853; 5. Peter and Mary A.
(Donnelly) McG. ; m. 1st, Oct., 1884, Mary
Lavina Rogers, Cleveland, O. (died, May,
1885); 2d, Sept. 17, 1892, Elizabeth Dieter,

Cleveland, O. ; grad. Boston public schools;
pharmacist in Cleveland 6 yrs.; grad. med
dept., Western Reserve Univ., March, 1X78;
practiced medicine in Cleveland ever since,
Prof, therapeutics, and sec. Cleveland Coll.
of Phys. & Surgs. since 1896. Address: 1406
Woodland Av., Cleveland, O.

McGEE, W J, ethnologist In charge Bu-
reau of Am. Ethnology since 1898; b. Du-
buque Co., la., April 17, 1853; S. James and
Martha (Anderson) McG.; self-educated.
While at farm work, 1863-73, studied Latin,
higher mathematics, astronomy and sur-
veying; also read law; 1873-5, in land sur-
veying and justice-court practice; 1874-6, in-
vented, patented and mfd. agr'l implements,
working at forge and bench; 1875-7, studied
geology and archeology; 1877-81, made ge-
ologic and typographic survey of North-
eastern Iowa most extensive ever executed
in America without public aid; 1881-2, ex-
amined and reported upon building stones
of Iowa for 10th census; became attached to
U. S. Geol. Survey, and in 1885 assumed
charge of important div. ; surveyed and
mapped 300,000 sq. miles in Southeastern U.
S. ; compiled geologic maps of U. S. and of
New York; investigated Charleston earth-
quake, 1886; explored, 1894-5, Tiburon Isl-
and, home of a savage tribe never before
studied. Pres. Anthropol. Soc. of Wash-
ington; acting pres. A. A. A. S., 1897-8;
asso. editor Nat. Geographic Magazine; con-
tributor to mags.; m. 1888, Anita, d. Prof.
Simon Newcomb. Author: Pleistocene His-
tory of Northeastern Iowa, 1891 U6; Geology
of Chesapeake Bay, 1888 U6; The Lafayette
Formation, 1892 U6; The Potable Waters
of Eastern U. S., 1894 U6; The Siouan In-
dians, 1897 E13; Primitive Trephining in
Peru, 1898 E13; The Sevi Indians, 1900 E13;
numerous scientific memoirs published by
gov't and about 200 minor articles. Residence:
1620 P St. Office: Bureau of American
Ethnology, Smithsonian Instn., Washington.

McGIEFERT, Arthur Cnshman, prof,
church history, Union Theol. Sem., New
York, since 1893; b. Sauquoit, N. Y., March
4, 1861; 5. Rev. Joseph Nelson McG. (D. D.)
and Harriet Whiting (Cushman) McG. ;
grad. Western Reserve Coll., 1882 (D. D.,
1892); grad. Union Theol. Sem., 1885; Univ.
of Marburg, Germany, Ph. D., 1888; studied
in Germany, 1885-7; in France and Italy,
1887-8. Instr. ch. history, Lane Theol.
Sem.. Cincinnati, 1888-90; prof, same,
1890-3. Author: Dialogue Between a Chris-
tian and a Jew, (Doctor's thesis), 1888
C26; translation of Eusebius' Church His-
tory (with prolegomena and notes), 1890
C26; A History of Christianity in the Apos-
tolic Age, 1897 S3. Residence: Pelham Man-
or, N. Y. Office: 700 Park Av., New York.

McGILL, David Frazier, pastor 6th U. P.
Ch., Allegheny, since Jan. 1, 1885; b. West
Alexander, Pa., March 22, 1857; s. James L.
and Christiana McG.; grad. Washington
and Jefferson Coll., 1881 (A. M., same);
Allegheny Theol. Sem., 1884 (D. D., Mus-
kingum Coll.); m. Elizabeth, Pa., June 12,
1884, Hattie J. Weddle. Asso. editor United
Presbyterian since 1891; gen. sec. Young
People's Christian Union of U. P. Ch.,

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