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prof. Latin and Greek, Stewart Coll., Tenn.,
1860-1; prin. Transylvania High School, 1861-
5; prof, history and metaphysics, State Coll.
of Ky., since 1865; delegate fiom Ky. to In-
ternat. Geog. Congress, Paris, France, 1875,
to British Assn. at Bristol, England, 1875,
and Leeds, England, 1890; made memorable
and successful fight, 1881-2, to sustain con-
stitutionality of act levying tax for support
of State Coll. Wrote leading editorials in
Courier- Journal, Louisville, 1871-4; occa-
sional contributor to Scottish-American,
New York. Address: Lexington, Ky.

PATTERSON, James Lawson, head mas-
ter Chestnut Hill (Pa.) Acad, since 1897;
b. Savannah, O., 1849; 5. John and Christian
P. ; ed. common and academic schools, Sa-
vannah; grad. Lafayette Coll., Pa. (hon.
D. Sc, Princeton); m. Pottstown, Pa., June
1879, Katharine R. Shewell. Instr. mathe-
matics, Hill School, 1876-82: mathematical
master, Lawrenceville School, 1883-94; prof,
mathematics, Union Coll., 1894-7. Mem. Am.
Math. Soc, A. A. A. S. Residence: Wissa-
hickon Heights. Address: Chestnut Hill, Pa.

PATTERSON, John Henry, mfr. ; b. on
farm nr. Dayton, O., Dec. 13, 1844; *. Col.
Jefferson P. (grandson Col. Robert P., one
of original prop'rs of Cincinnati) and Julia
(Johnston) P.: worked as boy in father's
saw and grist mill; studied 3 yrs. Miami
Coll., Oxford, O. ; grad. Dartmouth, 1867;
m. Katherine Beck, Brookline, Mass. Collec-
tor tolls, Miami canal, 1867-70; in retail coal
business Dayton and later interested in coal
mining, Jackson Co., O. ; mgr. Southern



Ohio Coal and Iron Co. several yrs. Has
made the perfection, and introduction of
cash registers his life work. Identified with
National Mfg. Co., Dayton, 1882, dir., 1883;
organized National Cash Register Co., 1885;
has since been pres. and mgr. Advocate of
co-operation between employer and employe;
lecturer and writer on labor questions and
municipal and legislative reform. After an
exhibit at the Paris Exp'n of 1900 of his
company's industrial enterprise, and es-
pecially of his efforts for the benefit of his
employes, received the decoration of Legion
of Honor from French Gov't. Address: 35
W. 1st St., Dayton, O.

PATTERSON, Malcolm Rice, congress-
man, 10th Tenn. dist, 1901-3; b. Somerville,
Ala., June 7, 1861; s.jal Josiah and Josephine
P.; grad. Christian Brothers Coll., Mem-
phis; studied at Vanderbilt Univ.; admitted
to bar, 1883; widower. Nominated for leg-
islature, 1884, defeated; elected att'y-gen.
for Shelby Co., Tenn., 1894, resigned Sept.,
1900; Democrat. Home: 739 Walker Av.,
Memphis, Tenn.

PATTERSON, Raymond Albert, Wash-
ington corr. Chicago Tribune since 1894; b.
Chicago, Aug. 21, 1856; s. Robert W. P. (D.
D.); grad. Yale, 1878; m. Oct. 11, 1892, Mary
Young Hogan, Valparaiso, Ind. On staff
Chicago Tribune since 1878 as reporter,
telegraph editor, night editor, corr., Sunday
editor, acting mng. editor; located in Wash-
ington since 1894. Residence: 1309 Kenyon
St. Office: 40 Wyatt Bldg., Washington.

PATTERSON, Robert Mayne, clergy-
man, author; b. Phila., July 17, 1832; s. John
and Margaret (Mayne) P.; grad. Princeton
Theol. Sem., 1859 (D. D., Princeton; LL.
D., Lafayette) ; m., 1st, 1861, Margaret Bax-
ter McClay Nourse, d. Rev. James and
Sarah Nourse, of Washington (died, 1863) ;
2d, 1867, Rebecca Thomas Malin, d. Joseph
and Amy Malin, of Chester Valley. Official
reporter U. S. senate, 1850-5; pastor Great
Valley, Pa., Presby'n Ch., 1859-67, and 1881;
South Presby'n Ch., Phila., 1867-80. Mod-
erator, Synod of Pa., 1890; mem. 9 Gen.
Assemblies Presby'n Ch. and 7 of their sp'l
comms. ; mem. Pan-Presby'n councils, Lon-
don, 1875, Phila., 1880, BeMast, Ireland, 1884;
edited Presby'n Journal, 1880-93. Author:
What Is Our Duty?, 1863; Character of Abra-
ham Lincoln, 1864; History of Great Val-
ley Presbyterian Church, 1869; Revival
Counsels, 1871 P6; Counsels to Young Con-
vert, 1871 P6; Total Abstinence, 1872 P6;
Presbyterianism in Philadelphia, 1873 P6;
Which is Apostolic Church?, 1874 P6; Para-
dise: The Place and State of Saved Souls,
1874 P6; Visions of Heaven for the Life on
Earth, 1877 P6; Synod of Philadelphia, 1876
P6; Elijah, the Favored Man, 1880 P6; Skep-
tic Reclaimed, 1888 P6; William Blackwood,
1894 XI; American Presbyterianism, 1896 P6;
The Angels and Their Ministrations, 1900
P6; Short Method with Skeptics, 1900 P6.
Editor: The Second General Council of the
Presbyterian Alliance; Witherow's What Is
the Apostolic Church? Writer in reviews,
mags, and religious and secular papers.
Address: 1319 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

PATTERSON, Robert Wilson, editor of
Chicago Tribune; b. Chicago, Nov. 30, 1850;
s. Rev. R. W. P.; ed. Chicago public
school, prep. dept. Chicago Univ., and Lake
Forest Univ.; grad. Williams Coll., 1871;
began to study law in Chicago', but gave it
up after great fire and became reporter on
Chicago Times; later iy 2 yrs. on The In-
terior (religious weekly) ; since 1873 with
Chicago Tribune, beginning as asst. night
editor, later becoming Wash, corr., edi-
torial writer, mng. editor, and, on death of
Joseph Medill, editor-in-chief; m. Elinor,
d. late Joseph Medill. Residence: 166 Astor
St. Office: The Tribune, Chicago.

PATTERSON, Thomas M.. U. S. senator
from Colo., 1901-7; b. County of Carlow, Ire-
land, Nov. 4, 1840; s. James and Margaret
(Mountjoy) P.; came to U. S. in childhood;
ed. Ind. common schools and 1 yr. at As-
bury (now De Pauw) Univ., 1 yr. Wabash
Coll.; studied law; admitted to bar; prac-
ticed in Denver; city att'y, Denver, 1874;
delegate in Congress, Colo. Ty., 1875-7;
elected 1st mem. Congress, Colo., for term
1877-9 (certificate was given to James B.
Belford, who was unseated, Mr. P. taking
seat Dec. 13, 1877); purchased Rocky Moun-
tain News, 1890; has edited it ever since,
but continuing law practice. Delegate Dem.
Nat. Convs., 1876, 1880, 1888, 1892; mem.
Dem. Nat. Com., 1874-80; Dem. nominee for .
gov. Colo., 1888. As mem. com. on resolu-
tions, 1892, brought in minority report, no
other joining, favoring declaration for free
coinage of silver (voted down by large
majority, but declaration adopted 1896).
Repudiated Cleveland's nomination, 1892,
and led movement which gave electoral
vote of Colo, to James B. Weaver. Elected
Bryan elector, 1896, 1900. Address: Denver,

PATTI, Adelina (Baroness Cederstrom),
prima donna; b. Madrid, Feb. 19, 1843; d.
of Salvatori Patti; m., 1st, 1868, Marquis de
Caux; 2d, 1886, Signor Ernesto Nicolini
(died, Jan. 18, 1898); 3d, Jan. 25, 1899, Baron
Rolf Cederstrom. Studied under Ettore
Barili. Childhood in U. S. ; debut, New
York, Nov., 1859; London, May, 1861.
Address: Craig y Nos Castle, Wales.

PATTISON, Robert Emory, ex-gov. Pa.;
b. Quantico, Somerset Co., Md., Dec. 8, 1850;
went, to Phila., 1857; grad. Central High
School, A. B., 1870; admitted to bar, 1872;
comptroller city of Phila., 1877-82; gov. Pa.,
1882-6; mem. U. S. Pacific Ry. Comm'n,
1887-90; again gov. Pa., 1891-5; Democrat.
Residence: 5930 Drexel Rd., Overbrook, Phil-

PATTISON, Thomas Harwood, prof, of
homiletics and pastoral theology Rochester
Theol. Sem. ; b. Cornwall, England, Dec. 14,
1838; 5. S. R. P. (F. G. S.) and Marina
(Ching) P., both of London, England; grad.
Regent's Park Coll., England, 1862 (D. D.,
Colgate, Brown, Williams) ; m. 1868, Emily
A., d. R. W. Bainbridge, Middleton House,
Durham, England. Author: Present Day
Lectures, 1872 F5; The Making of William
Carey, 1892 B4; The History of the English
Bible, 1894 B4; The Making of the Sermon,



1898 B4; Public Worship, 1900 B4. Address:
4 Portsmouth Terrace, Rochester, N. Y.

PATTON, Francla Luiulcy, pres. Prime-
ton Univ. since June, ls.sH; l>. Wurwick Par-
ish, Bermuda, Jan. 22, 1843; ed. Warwick
Acad., Bermuda, Knox Coll., Univ. of To-
ronto; grad. Princeton Theol. Sem., 18G5 (I).
D., Yale, 1888; LL. D., Harvard, 1889; LL.
D., Toronto); m. Oct. 10, 1865, Kosa An-
toinette, d. Rev. J. M. Stevenson, New
York. Ordained to Presby'n ministry June
1, 1SG5; pastor 84th St. Presby'n Ch., New
York, 1805-07; Presby'n Ch., Nyack, 1807-70;
South Ch., Brooklyn, 1871. Cyrus II. Mc-
Cormick prof. Theol. Sem. of the North-
west (now McCormick Sem.), Chicago, 1872-
81; also, 1874-81; pastor Jefferson Park
Presby'n Ch., Chicago; moderator Gen. As-
sembly, 1878. In 1881 called to chair of Re-
lations of Philosophy and Science to the
Christian Religion, Princeton Theol. Sem.,
this chair being founded and endowed for
Dr. Pattou by late Robert L. Stewart, and,
1880-88, also prof, ethics, Princeton Univ. ;
since 18S8 prof, ethics, Princeton Univ., and
lecturer on theism, Princeton Theol. Sem.
Author: The Inspiration of the Scriptures;
Summary of Christian Doctrine; also many
articles and reviews. Address: Princeton, N.

PATTON, George Farrar, physician;
grad. Univ. of Bonn, Germany (in medi-
cine), 1876; visiting physician Charity Hosp. ;
sec. and ex-v.-p. La. State Bd. of Health;
prof, clinical medicine New Orleans Poly-
clinic. Address: Liverpool & Lojidon &
Globe Bldg., New Orleans.

PATTON, Jacob Harris, author; b. Fay-
ette Co., Pa., May 20, 1812; grad. Jefferson
Coll., Pa., 1839 (A. M., 1842; Ph. D., 1885);
grad. Union Theol. Sem., 1846; m. 1854,
Caroline Obear (died, 1880). Tutor Nash-
ville Univ., 1840-3; Union Sem., 1N13-0;
classical school, New York, 1846-87; since
then devoted to literary work. Author: Four
Hundred Years of American History; Nat-
ural Resources of the United States; Po-
litical Economy for American Youth; Po-
litical Parties in the United States; Which
Religion Satisfies the Wants of the Soul?;
A Popular History of the Presbyterian
Church in the United States; etc. Address:
173 W. 79th St., New York.

PATTON, John, lawyer; b. Curwensville,
Pa., Oct. 30, 1850; grad. Yale, 1875; Colum-
bia Coll. Law School, 1877; engaged in law
practice at Grand Rapids, Mich. ; m. Oct.
1, 1885, Frances Stevens Foster. Apptd. U.
S. senator from Mich., May 5, 1894, on death
of Senator Stockbridge, and served until
the meeting of the legislature, Jan., 1895.
Address: Mich. Trust Bldg., Grand Rapids,

PATTON, Normand Smith, architect; b.
Hartford, Conn., July 10, 1852; 5. Rev. Wil-
liam W. P. (D. D.) and Mary (Smith) P.;
grad. Amherst, A. M., 1873; studied Mass.
Inst, of Technology; m. Jan. 1, 1885, Fran-
ces M. Keep, Oberlin, O. (died June 13,
1895). Has made a specialty of edn'l bldgs. ;
architect for bd. of ed'u, Chicago, 1897-8;

designed many schools and Institute bldgs.
and public libraries % that city and else-
where; mem. firm Patton, Fisher & Miller,
architects; one of organizers, 2 yrs. sec,
Western Assn. Architects; pres. Chicago
Municipal Improvement League; dir. Am.
Inst. Architects. Has contributed important
articles on library and school bldgs., nota-
bly a recent paper on The Modern School
Room, published by State Supt. Public in-
struction of 111. as circular <>f information
to school boards. Residence: Oak Park.
Address: 115 Monroe St., Chicago.

PAUL, Henry Mnrtyn, astronomer and
civil eng'r; b. Dedham, Mass., June 25, 1851;
s. Ebenezer and Susan (Dresser) P.; grad.
Dartmouth, 1873; Thayer School of Eng-
r'lng, Dartmouth, C. E., 1875; m. Aug. 27,
1878, Augusta Anna Gray, of Washington.
Asst. astronomer U. S. Naval Observatory,
1875-80; prof, astronomy, Imperial Univ.,
Tokyo, Japan, 1880-3; again asst. astronomer
Naval Observatory, 1883-97; since April,
1897, prof, mathematics U. S. navy; 1897-9,
astronomer, Naval Observatory; since 1899
in eng'ring work, Bureau yards and docks,
Navy Dept. Author numerous astron.
pamphlets published in Observatory vol-
umes; 1875-96, choir-singer and precentor In
Washington chs. ; pres., 1896-8, financial sec.
since 1898, Choral Soc. of Washington.
Address: Navy Dept., Washington.

PAIL, John, U. S. judge western dist. Va.
since 1883; b. Rockingham Co., Va., 1839; s.
Peter and Maria P.; ed. Roanoke Coll.; It.
Co. F, 1st Va. cav., in Civil war; grad. law
dept. Univ. of Va., 1867; att'y for common-
wealth, 1870-7; mem. State senate, 1877-81;
mem. Congress, 7th Va. dist., 1880-3; m.
1874, Katherine S. Green. Residence: Har-
risonburg, Va.

"PAUL, John"; see Webb, Charles Henry.

PAUL, John Rodman, lawyer; b. Phila.,
Aug. 6, 1852; s. John Rodman P., M. D.;
grad. Univ. of Pa., 1872 (A. M.), law school,
same, 1875; unmarried. Admitted to bar,
Phila., 1875; to U. S. Supreme Court, 1887;
associated, 1878, with George W. Biddle, a
leading Phila. lawyer; since his death sen-
ior mem. of Biddle & Ward, Phila., coun-
sel for Internat. Navigation Co., Phila.
Stock Exchange, Pa. Hosp. and various
banks, ry. and trust co.'s and other corpo-
rations. Dir. Phila. Savings Fund and
Phila. Contributionship (fire insurance), the
oldest instn. of its kind in U. S.; pres. City
Parks Assn.; pres. Phila. College Settle-
ment; mem. Am. Philos. Soc, Hist. Soc. of
Pa., Phi Beta Kappa, etc. Author: Digest
of Acts and Decisions Relating to Passen-
ger Railways, 1884 01. Residence: 903 Pine
St. Office: 505 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.

PAUNCEPOTE, Rt. Hon. Sir Jnlian,
P. C, G. C. B., G. C. M. G., K. B., H. B. M.,
ambassador to the United States; b. Pres-
ton Court, Gloucestershire, England, 1828;
ed. partly in England and partly at Paris
and Geneva (LL. D., Harvard, Columbia,
1900); m. Selina Fitzgerald, d. Maj. Cubitt,
of Catfield, Norfolk, England. Called to bar
at Inner Temple, 1852; apptd. att'y-gen. of



Hongkong, 1865; latej? chief justice supreme
court, Hongkong; in 1872 chief justffce Lee-
ward Islands; in 1876 became legal asst.,
under sec. of state, Colonial Office, London;
1876, legal asst., under-sec. of state, For-
eign Office; 1882, permanent under-sec. of
state for foreign affairs. First delegate
Suez Canal Internat. Comm'n, Paris, 1885.
In 1889 British minister to U. S., and since
1893 ambassador. Conducted negotiations at
Washington which led to settlement of
Bering Sea controversy, the Anglo-Venezue-
lan boundary arbitration and other import-
ant questions. First British delegate to
Peace Conf. at The Hague, 1899. Home: 29
Chesham St., Belgrave Sq., London, Fmg-
land. Washington Address: British Embassy.
I'AUR, Emil, dir. New York Philharmonic
Soc. ; b. in Austria, 1855; pupil of his father
(Czerowitz Paur), of Hellmesberger, for vio-
lin, and Dessoff, for composition; grad. Vi-
enna Conservatory; m. 1882, Marie Burger,
pianiste (pupil of Leschetizky). Apptd.
1st violin of Vienna Imperial Opera House;
court conductor at Cassel, Hanover, 1876-80;
1st conductor and dir. Opera and Abonne-
ments-Konzerte, Mannheim, 1880-8; con-
ductor of opera, Leipzig, 1888-93; conductor
Boston Symphony, 1893-8; since then leader
Philharmonic Soc. and conductor of the
"Paur Orchestra," 1899-1900 opera, Metro-
politan, New York. Address: 650 Madison
Av., New York.

PAXSON, Edward M., jurist; b. Bucking-
ham, Pa., Sept. 3, 1824; ed. in Quaker
schools; edited Newtown Journal, 1843; later
Daily News, Phila. ; admitted to bar, Bucks
Co., 1850, later removing to Phila. ; judge
court of common pleas, Phila., 1869-74;
judge Supreme Court of Pa., 1874-95; chief
justice, 1889-95; now retired. Address: 2106
Walnut St., Philadelphia.

PAXTON, John Randolph, Presby'n cler-
gyman; b. Canonsburg, Pa., Sept. 18, 1843;
grad. Jefferson Coll., 1866; Western Theol.
Sem., Allegheny, Pa., 1869 (D. D., Union);
served pvt. and 2d It. 140th Pa. regt, Union
army, from 1862 until end of war; then re-
entered college. Pastor Churchville, Md.,
1871-4; Pine St. Ch., Harrisburg, Pa., 1874-8;
New York Av. Ch., Washington, D. C,
1878-82; West Ch., New York, 1882-93. Be-
came, 1898, pastor of New York Ch., New
York. Address: East Hampton, L. I., N. Y.

PAXTON, William Miller, prof, eccle-
siastical, homiletical and pastoral theology
since 1883, and pres. faculty since 1900,
Princeton Theol. Sem.; b. Adams Co., Pa.,
June 7, 1824; grad. Pa. Coll., 1843, Prince-
ten Theol. Sem., 1848 (D. D., LL. D., Jef-
ferson Coll.); pastor Presby'n Ch., Green-
castle, Pa., 1849-51; 1st Presby'n Ch.,
Pittsburg, Pa., 1851-66; prof, sacred rhetoric
Western Theol. Sem., 1860-5; pastor 1st
Presby'n Ch., New York, 1866-83; for sev-
eral yrs. teacher Union Theol. Sem. Mem.
since 1866 (pres., 1880-4), Presby'n Bd. For-
eign Missions; mem. 1867-83 (pres. 1876-8),
Presby'n Bd. Home Missions. Moderator
gen. assembly Presby'n Ch. of U. S., 1880;
trustee Princeton Coll. since 1867; trustee
Leake & Watts Orphan Asylum, New York,

1866-83; trustee Sailors' Snug Harbor, New
York, 1866-83. Address: Theological Semin-
ary, Princeton, N. J.

PAYNE, Henry C, ry. mgr. ; b. Ashfield,
Mass., Nov. 23, 1843; 5. Orrin P. and Eliza
(Ames) P.; grad. Shelburne Falls, Mass.,
Acad., 1859; removed to Milwaukee, 1863;
cashier dry goods store, 1863-7; m. Oct. 15,
1867, Lydia W. Van Dyke. Since 1872 served
consecutively as sec. and chmn. Young
Men's Rep. Club; sec. and chmn. Rep. Co.
Com.; sec. and chmn. Rep. State Central
Com., retiring 1892; mem. Rep. Nat. Com.
since 1880, and delegate Nat. Rep. Convs.,
1888-92; postmaster Milwaukee, 1876-86; pres.
Milwaukee Electric Railway and Light Co.
since 1889; pres. Wis. Telephone Co. since
1886; pres. Am. Street Railway Assn.,
1893-4; receiver Northern Pacific R. R.,
1893-5. Address: Milwaukee, Wis.

PAYJfE, John Barton, jurist, lawyer; b.
Pruntytown, Va., Jan. 26, 1855; 5. Dr. Amos
and Elizabeth (Barton) P. ; ed. private
schools, Orleans, Fauquier Co., Va., 1860-70;
m. Oct. 17, 1878, Kate, d. Judge Edward C.
Bunker. Admitted to bar Sept., 1876, Taylor
Co., W. Va. ; practiced at Kingwood, Pres-
ton Co., W. Va., 1877-82; chmn. Dem. Com.,
Preston Co., 1877-82; sp'l judge circuit court,
Tucker Co., W. Va., 1880; mayor of King-
wood, 1882; practiced law, Chicago, 1883-93;
pres. Chicago Law Inst., 1889; judge superior
court, Cook Co., 111., Dec. 1, 1893, to Dee.
5, 1898, when he resigned to return to the
practice of law; Democrat. Residence: 224
Ashlahd Boul. Office: 184 La Salle St.,

PAYNE, Sereno E., congressman, lawyer;
b. Hamilton, N. Y., June 26, 1843; grad.
Univ. of Rochester, 1864; admitted to bar,
1866; practices at Auburn; m. 1873, Gertrude
Knapp. City clerk, Auburn, 1868-71; super-
visor, 1871-2; dist. att'y, Cayuga Co., 1873-9;
pres. bd. of ed'n, 1879-82; mem. Congress,
1883-7; and again 1889-1903; Republican.
Chmn. Com. on Ways and Means. Mem.
High Joint Comm'n to negotiate treaty with
Canada, 1898. Residence: Auburn, N. Y.

PAYNE, Will, "financial editor The Econo-
mist since March, 1897; b. Whiteside Co.,
111., Jan. 9, 1865; s. W. A. P.; ed. common
school, Morrison, 111.; m. Harvard, Neb.,
1886, Katherine Whitney. Came to Chicago
from Neb. in 1890; reporter, editorial writer,
city editor and financial editor Daily News
to 1896; financial editor Chronicle, 1896, to
March, 1897. Author: Jerry the Dreamer,
1896 HI; The Money Captain, 1898 SI. Has
written short stories in Century, Atlantic,
McClure's Mag. Residence: 1107 Pratt Av.
Office: 115 Monroe St., Chicago.

PAYNE, William Harold, educator; b.
Farmington, N. Y., May 12, 1836; ed. com-
mon schools, Macedon, N. Y., Acad, and N.
Y. Conf. Sem. (LL. D., Univ. of Mich.,
1888; Ph. D., Litt. D.); supt. of public
schools, Mich., 1858-79; prof, science and
art of teaching, Univ. of Mich., 1879-88;
chancellor Univ. of Nashville, and pres.
Peabody Normal Coll., 1888-1901; in 1901 re-
called to Univ. of Mich. Author: School



Supervision, Ol ; Educational Doctrine, 01;

Contributions to Science of Education, A I
Translator: Compayre's History of Peda-
gogy, H2; Compayre's Lectures on Teach
ing, H2; Compayre's Elements of Psycholo-
gy, L3; Compayre's Applied Psychology,
112; Rousseau's JSmile, Al. Address: Ann
Arbor, Mich.

PAYNES, William Morton, educator, lit-
erary critic; b. Newburyport, Mass., Feb.
14, 1858; s. Henry Morton and Emma Merrill
(Tilton) P.; has lived in Chicago since 1868;
ed. public schools, Newburyport, and Clii-
rago, after that self-educated; asst. libra-
rian Chicago Public Library, 1874-6; teacher
In Chicago high schools since 1876; literary
editor Chicago Morning News, 1884-8; Chi-
cago Evening Journal, 1888-92; asso. editor
The Dial since 1892. Chmn. com. on Phil-
ol. Congress, Chicago, 1893; pres. Chicago
French Club, 1887-90; sec. and treas. Chi-
cago Twentieth Century Club, 1889-1901.
Lecturer on English literature, Univ. of
Wis., 1900. As literary critic, chiefly con-
cerned with modern literature (especially
poetry) in the English, French, German
Italian and Scandinavian languages. Un-
married. Author: The New Education, 1884
Ol; Little Leaders, 1895 SI. Translated
Bjornson's "Sigurd Slembe," 1888 H5; and
Jaeger's "Henrik Ibsen," 1890 M5, from the
Norwegian. Edited: English in American
Universities, 1895 H2. Has published many
articles in periodicals and in Warner's Li-
brary of the World's Best Literature.
Residence: 1601 Prairie Av. Office: 610 Fine
Arts Bldg., Chicago.

PAYNE, William Wallace, educator; b.
Somerset, Hillsdale Co., Mich., May 19, 1837;
j. Jesse D. and Rebecca P. P.; grad. Hills-
dale Coll., 1863 (Ph. D., 1894); studied law,
Univ. of Mich., and at Chicago Law School,
1866; m. 1870, Josephine Vinecore. Since
Sept., 1871, dir. Goodsell Observatory and
prof, mathematics and astronomy Carleton
Coll. ; also acting dean part of the time since
1896. Edited Sidereal Messenger, monthly
astron. mag., 1882-92; Astronomy and Astro-
Physics, 1892-5, Popular Astronomy since
1893. Address: Northfield, Minn.

PAYNTER, Thomas H., justice Court of
Appeals of Ky. ; b. Lewis Co., Ky., Dec. 9,
1851; attended Centre Coll., Danville, Ky.;
admitted to bar in 1872; m. May 25, 1876,
Elizabeth K. Pollock. Att'y Greenup Co.,
1876-82; mem. Congress, 1889-95; practiced
law at Greenup, Ky., until elected judge,
in 1894; Democrat. Home: Greenup, Ky.
Official Address: Frankfort, Ky.

PAYSOSi, William Farqnhar, author; b.
New York; 5. Francis and Mary F. (Dab-
ney) P.; ed. England and New York schools
and Columbia Univ.; m. Oct., 1897, Mary
Farquhar King, Providence, R. I. ; on staff
New York Times, 1893-5; managing editor
Vogue about 2 yrs. Author: The Copymaker
(story of newspaper life), 1897; The Title-
mongers, 1898 D3; John Vytal, 1901 HI; also
short stories in English and Am. . mags.
Home: Bristol. R. I.

PEABODY, Cecil Hohart, prof, marine
eng'ring and naval architecture Mass. Inst.

Technology since 1888; b. Burlington, Yt ,
Aug. 9, 1856; s. Selim II. and Mary Kliza-
betb (Pangborn) P.; early education public
school, Racine, Wis.; graduated Mass. Inst.
Technology, S. B., In mech. eng'ring, 1877;
in. Boston, 1885, Sarah Angeline Knight.
Apptd. prof, mathematics, Imperial Agr'l
College, Sapporo, Japan, 1878; asst. prof.
mech. eng'ring, Univ. of 111., 1881; asst.
prof, steam eng'ring, Mass. Inst. Tech
nology, Boston, 1884. Fellow Am. Acad.
Arts and Sciences, Boston; mem. council,
Soc. of Naval Architects and Marine
Eng'rs; mem. Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; Soc.
for Promotion Eng'ring Ed'n; pics. bd. on
Life Saving Appliances. Author: Thermo-
dynamics of the Steam Engine, 1889 W9;
Tables of the Properties of Saturated Steam,
1888 W9; Valve Gear for Steam Engines,
1892 W9; Steam Boilers (with Prof. E. F.
Miller), 1897 W9; Manual of Steam En-
gine Indicator, 1900 W9. Address: 10 Colum-
bia St., Brookline, Mass.

PEABODY', Charles Auprnstns, retired
lawyer; b. Sandwich, N. H., July 10, 1814;
private ed'n; studied law in Baltimore and
at Harvard Law School; established prac-
tice in New York, 1839; m. 1st, 1846, Julia
Caroline Livingston; 2d, 1881, Mary E.
Hamilton; 3d, 1890, Athenia L. Bowen. Mem.
conv. that organized Rep. party in N. Y.,
1855; justice Supreme Court, N. Y., 1855-57;
comm'r of quarantine, 1858; apptd., 1862, by
President Lincoln, judge U. S. Provisional
Court of La.; chief justice Supreme Court
of La., 1863-5; declined apptmt. as U. S.
att'y, eastern dist. of La., 1865. Has been
v.-p. Assn. for Reform and Codification of
the Law of Nations; delegate of U. S.
Gov't to Internat. Congress of Commercial
Law, 1885. Residence: 60 W. 21st St. Office: 2
Wall St., New York.

PEABODY, Endicott, head master Gro-
ton School; b. Salem, Mass., May 31, 1857;
s. Endicott and Mary Ann (Lee) E.; grad.
Cheltenham Coll., England, and Trinity
Coll., Univ. of Cambridge, England (LL. M.,
Cambridge); grad. B. D., Episcopal Theol.
Sem., Cambridge, Mass.; took orders in
Episcopal Ch.; m. Salem, Mass., June 18,

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