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PLANT, Morton F., head of the "Plant
System" of ry. and steamship lines; s. H.
B. P. (died, 1890); v.-p. and dir. Abbeville
Southern Ry. Co., Ala. Midland Ry. Co.,
Brunswick & Western R. R. Co., Fla.
Southern R. R. Co., Montgomery Belt Line
Ry. Co., Sanford & St. Petersburg Ry. Co.;
v.-p., mgr. and dir. Canada, Atlantic & Plant
Steamship Co. (Lt'd); dir. Charleston &
Savannah Ry. Co., Green Pond, Waterboro,
Branchville Ry. Co., St. John's & Eustis
R. R. Co., Savannah, Fla. & Western Ry.
Co., Winston & Bone Valley Ry. Co.
Residence: 76 E. 56th St. Office: 12 W. 23d
St., New York.

PLANTZ, Samuel, pres. Lawrence Univ.;
b. Johnstown, N. Y., June 13, 1859; 5.
James and Elsie P.; grad. Lawrence Univ.,
1880, Boston Univ., S. T. B., 1883 (Ph. D.,
1886; D. D., Albion Coll., 1894); studied in
Berlin Univ., Germany, 1890-1; m. Sept.
16, 1885, Myra A. Goodwin, Indianapolis.
Mem. Victoria Inst., London; Am. Acad,
of Social and Political Science; Wis. Acad,
of Science. Contributed many articles to
periodicals and mags. Residence: Jariesville,

PLATNER, John Winthrop, asst. prof
ecclesiastical history, Harvard, since 1896
b. Lee, Mass., May 15, 1865; 5. William and
Emily Childs (Ball) P.; grad. Yale, 1885
private tutor, 1885-90; divinity course at
Union Theol. Sem., New York, 1890-3
studied at Univ. of Berlin, 1893-5; instr
Union Theol. Sem., New York, 1895-6
Cong'l licentiate; unmarried. Mem. Am.
Hist. Assn., Oriental Soc. (History of Re-
ligions Sect.) ; Soc. of Biblical Literature
and Exegesis. Address: 14 Avon St., Cam-
bridge, Mass.

PLATNER, Samuel Ball, prof, of Latin
Western Reserve Univ. ; b. Unionville,
Conn., Dec. 4, 1863; grad. Yale, 1883 (Ph.
D., 1885); m. June 29, 1892, Lenora Sayre,
Utica, N. Y. Instr. Latin and French, 1885-
90, asst. prof. Latin, 1890-2, Western Re-
serve Univ. ; pres. Am. Philol. Assn. ; sec.
mng. comm'n Am. School Classical Studies,
Rome. Editor: Greek and Roman Versifi-
cation (translated from the German of
Lucian Miiller), 1892 A5; Selected Letters
of the Younger Pliny, 1894 S12. Address:
Adelbert Coll., Cleveland, O.

PLATT, Charles, pres. Ins. Co. of North
America since 1878; b. Phila., Feb. 16, 1829;
s. William and Maria T. Piatt; grad. Univ.
of Pa., 1846; m. Phila., June 5, 1851, Laura
Newbold. Pres. Zool. Soc. of Phila.; mem.
Am. Philos. Soc. and Hist. Soc, Library
Co. of Phila.; pres. Nat. Bd. Marine Un-
derwriters; pres. Orthopaedic Hosp., Phila.



Residence: 237 S. 18th St. Office: 232 Walnut
St., Philadelphia.
PtiATT, Charles Adams, landscape arch-
itect and painter; b. New York, Oct. 1,
1861; s. John H. and Mary (Cheney) P.;
studied and grad. in art schools of New
York and Paris. Mem. Soc. of Am. Artists;
asso. Nat. Acad, of Design. Awarded Webb
prize, Soc. of Am. Artists, 1894. Residence:
175 2d Av. Ofhce : 107 E. 27th St., Nsw York.

PL ATT, Harvey P., retired lawyer; b.
Schroon Lake, N. Y., Aug. 27, 1827; s. Dan-
iel P. ; grad. State Normal School, Albany,
N. Y., 1817; m. Toledo, O., Oct. 6, 1859,
Mary Oswald. Admitted to bar, Cleveland,
O., 1853; clerk of 1st probate court of
Cuyahoga Co.; visited S. America, 1855;
settled in Toledo, 1859; retired from law
practice years ago; promoted 1st bridge
(except a ry. bridge) across Maumee river
at Toledo; procured establishment, 1869, of
present harbor lines on south side of river
at Toledo; Nat. Comm'r from Ohio to
World's Columbian Exp'n; Democrat. Resi-
dence: 318 Chestnut St. Office: Drummond
Blk., Toledo, O.

PLATT, Henry Clay, lawyer; b. New York,
Oct. 22, 1810; s. David and Sarah (Gould)
P.; grad. Princeton, 1858; studied law; ad-
mitted to New York bar, 1862; has since
practiced, New York; m. 1864, Jennie Dus-
enberry, g.d. late Judge Munson, of Conn.
Mem. N. Y. State Assembly, 1864-6; asst.
U. S. att'y, 1886-94; U. S. att'y, 1894; asst.
U. S. att'y since 1895, Southern dist. N.
Y. Author: Old Times in Huntington, 1876.
Residence: 164 W. 48th St. Office: 50 Post-
Offlce Bldg., New York.

PLATT, Isaac Hull, physician; b. Brook-
lyn, May 18, 1853; s. Frederick A. and Au-
gusta (Hull) P.; ed. Polytechnic Inst.,
Brooklyn; grad. Columbia Law School; L.
I. Coll. Hosp. ; m. Brooklyn, 1886, Sept. 2,
1886, Emma Haviland. Practiced medicine
Lakewood, N. J., 1886-97; since has traveled
extensively in Europe, for last 2 yrs. spend-
ing most of the time in New York; mem.
Am. Climatol. Assn., New York Acad, of
Medicine; Soc. of the Cincinnati: Sons of
Revolution; Soc. of War of 1812; New York
Geneal. and Biog. Soc. Address: Lakewood,
N. J., or 'The Players," 16 Gramercy Park,
New York.

PLATT, Orville Hitchcock, U. S. sen-
ator, Conn., 1879-1903; b. Washington, Conn.,
July 19, 1827; academic ed'n; studied law;
admitted to bar, 1849; has since practiced
at Meriden. Clerk State senate, Conn., 1857;
State senator, 1861-2; mem. Conn. Ho. of
Reps., 1864, 1869, serving last yr. as speaker;
Republican. Home: Meriden, Conn.

PLATT, Thomas Collier, U. S. senator;
b. Owego, N. Y., July 15, 1833; ed. Owego
Acad. ; mem. class of 1853, Yale, but com-
pelled to give up course because of ill
health (A. M., 1876); m. Helen Bristow (died,
Feb. 13, 1901). Entered mercantile life; was
pres. Tioga Nat. Bank at its organization;
became largely interested in lumbering in
Mich.; clerk Tioga Co., 1859-61; mem. Con-
gress, 1873-7; elected U. S. senator, Jan. 18,


1881, and resigned, May 16, same yr., with
Roecoe Conkllng. Sec and dlr. U. B. Ex-
press Co., 1879, and its pres. since L880.
Pres. bd. of quarantine comm'rs, N. Y ,
1KSU-8; lias been pres. Southern Central K.
K. and of Addison & Northern Pa. R. E.
Has been recognized leader in N. Y. Rep.
politics for yrs. Elected, 1896, as U. S. sen-
ator for term 1897-1903. Home: Owego, N.
Y. Washington Address: The Arlington.

PLATZEK, M. Warley, lawyer; b. in N.
C, Aug. 27, 1854; grad. Univ. of New York
(LL. B., 1876; LL. D., Rutherford Coll., N.
C, 1899); mem. Constitutional Conv., New
York, 1894. Author: (essays) Trial by Jury;
Israel and Islam; American Grit; also oth-
ers. Residence: 439 5th Av. Office: 320 Broad-
way, New York.

PLKHN, Carl Copping, dean Coll. of
Commerce, Univ. of Calif., since 1898; b.
Providence, R. I., June 20, 1867; s. Julius
and Mary (Copping) P.; grad. Brown Univ.,
1889; Gottingen, Germany, Ph. D., 1891; m.
in Vt, May 16, 1894, Elizabeth, d. of Pres.
Brainard, of Middlebury Coll. Prof. Middle-
bury Coll., 1892-3; asst. prof., 1893-6, asso.
prof, since 1896, Univ. of Calif.; supervisor
of Census 1st dist. Calif., 1900; chief statis-
tician of Philippine Islands with the Phil-
ippine Comm'n, 1900-1 Republican. Mem.
Am. Economic Assn. (mem. of council),
Am. Acad. Political and Social Sciences,
Am. Statist. Assn. Author: Das Kreditwesen
der Staaten und Stadte der Nord-Amerikan-
ischen Union in Seiner Historischen Ent-
wickelung, Jena, 1891; Introduction to Pub-
lic Finance, 1896 Ml. Also wrote the Gen-
eral Property Tax in California, Studies
Am. Econ. Assn., June, 1897; Taxation of
Mortgages in California, 1899; Census Enu-
meration in Prussia, publ. Am. Statist. Assn.,
1891; Labor in California, Yale Rev., Feb.,
1896; Classification in Public Finance, Polit.
Scientific Quar., 1897; Finances of the U.
S. in Spanish War, Univ. of Calif. Chron-
icle, 1898; Report on Statistics of Wealth,
Debt and Taxation, in Scope and Method of
Federal Census, publ. Am. Econ. Assn.,
March, 1899. Address: 2308 Waring St.,
Berkeley, Calif.

PLIMPTON, George Arthur, mem. of
Ginn & Co., publishers; b. Walpole, Mass.,
July 13, 1855; i. Calvin Gay P.; grad. Phil-
lips Exeter Acad., 1872; Amherst Coll., 1876;
studied Harvard Law School, 1877, 1 yr. ;
m. Holyoke, Mass., Oct. 2, 1892, Frances
Taylor Pearsons. Trustee Amherst Coll. ;
trustee and treas. Barnard Coll.; treas.
Acad, of Political Science. Has the largest
library of edn'l text books, beginning with
the date of printing, in the world; mem.
Am. Econ. Soc, A. A. A. S., Modern Lan-
guage Assn., Acad. Political Science; Re-
publican; Congregationalist. Residence: 41
E. 33d St. Office: 70 5th Av., New York.

PLUEMER, Adolph, merchant; b. Cassel,
Germany, July 9, 1851; ed. at Gymnasium;
came to U. S., engaged as mcht. ; m. April
19, 1879, Henrietta Fischer, Cincinnati. Al-
ternate Federal Comm'r to World's Colum-
bian Exp'n, 1893; State senator, Ohio, 1896-7;
Republican. Life mem. Am. Inst. Mining



Eng'rs; 32d-degree Mason, Knight Templar,
Noble of the Mystic Shrine, etc. Now v. -p.
Beveridge-Pluemer Co., pig iron. Residence:
346 S. Broad St., Elizabeth, N. J. Office:
10 Wall St., New York.

PLUMB, Charles Sumner, dir. Ind. Agr'l
Expt. Sta. since 1891; prof, animal industry
and dairying, Purdue Univ.; b. Westfield,
Mass., April 21, 1860; s. David Henry and
Helen Mar (Wallace) P.; grad. Mass Agr'l
Coll., Amherst (B. Sc); m. Westfield, Mass.,
Oct. 14, 1886, Helen P. Gladwin. Asso. ed-
itor Rural New Yorker, 1883-4; 1st asst.
State Agr'l Expt. Sta., Geneva, N. Y.,
1884-7; prof, agr., Univ. of Tenn., and asst.
dir. Tenn. Agr'l Expt. Sta., 1887-90; since
1890 connected with Purdue Univ., and Ind.
Expt. Sta. Founded, and published and ed-
ited until 1891, "Agricultural Science,"
monthly mag.; pres. Am. Cheviot Sheep
Soc; sec. Ind. Wool Growers' Assn. Author:
Biographical Directory of American Agricul-
tural Scientists, 1889 A7; Indian Corn Cul-
ture, 1895 S19. Also many monographs on
agr'l topics in mags, and live stock and
agr'l periodicals. Residence: Lafayette, Ind.

PLUME, Joseph Williams, financier, sol-
dier; b. Troy, N. Y., Aug. 23, 1839; private
school ed'n; engaged in banking business;
rose to be cashier and v.-p.; served in Civil
war as adjt. 2d N. J.; a. d. c. to Brig.-
Gen. French; acting adjt. -gen. 3d brigade,
Sumner's Div.; acting adjt. -gen. 3d div. 2d
corps; 42 yrs.' continuous service in N. J.
Nat. Guard, holding every rank from pvt.
to maj.-gen. During Spanish-Am. war was
made brig. -gen. of vols, and served with 2d
corps under Gen. Graham; mustered out,
Sept., 1898. Address: 57 2d Av., Newark,
N. J.

PLUMMER, Mary Wright, librarian and
dir. Pratt Inst. Free Library, Brooklyn; b.
Richmond, Ind., 1856; 5. Jonathan W. and
Hannah A. P. ; grad. Friends Acad, there,
1872; sp'l student Wellesley, 1881-2; student
of Library Science, Columbia, 1886-8; pres.
New York Library Club, 1896-7; v.-p. L. I.
Library Club, 1900-1; mem. of council Am.
Library Assn., 1897; v.-p., 1900; U. S. dele-
gate Internat. Congress of Libraries, Paris,
1900. Editor Pratt Institute Monthly, 1895-6.
Author: Hints to Small Libraries, 1894;
Verses, 1896. Compiler: Contemporary Spain,
1899. Contributor to various periodicals.
Residence: 333 Lafayette Av. Office: Pratt
Inst., Ryerson St., Brooklyn.

PLUNKETT, William Brown, president
Home Market Club of Boston; is mgr. Grey-
lock Cotton Mills at N. Adams; treas. Berk-
shire Cotton Mfg. Co.; pres. Greylock Nat.
Bank, Adams, Mass. Was mem. governor's
council, Mass., 1897; advocate of protection-
ist policy; Republican. Address: Adams,

PLYMPTON, Almira George, author; b.
Boston; d. Charles Pinckney P.; ed. private
schools in Boston. Author: A Willing Trans-
gressor, L6; A Bird of Promise, L6; Dear
Daughter Dorothy, L6; Betty, a Butterfly,
L6; The Little Sister of Wilifred, L6; Rofi-
in's Recruit, L6; Penelope Prig, L6; The

Black Dog, L6; Dorothy and Anton, L6;
Rags and Velvet Gowns, L6; Wanolasset,
L6; A Flower of the Wilderness, L6; Ger-
ald and Geraldine, D8. Address: Charles
River, Mass.
PLYMPTON, George Washington, en-
g'r, educator; b. Waltham, Mass., Nov. 18,
1827; .y. Thomas R. and Elizabeth (Holden)
P.; grad. Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., C.
E., 1847 (A. M., Hamilton Coll.; M. D.,
Long Island Coll. Hosp.); m. 1st, 1855, Delia
M., d. Col. Thomas Bussey, Troy, N. Y.
(died, April, 1858); 2d, 1861, Helen M. Bus-
sey, sister of 1st wife. Learned machinist
trade, 1844-7; practiced eng'ring, 1847-52;
prof, architecture and eng'ring, Cleveland
Univ., 1852-3; prof, mathematics, N. Y.
State Normal School, Albany, 1853-6; prof,
physics and eng'ring, State Normal School,
Trenton, N. J., 1857-63; prof, physics and
eng'ring, Cooper Union, New York, since
1869 (dir. since 1879); same chair, Brooklyn
Polytechnic Inst., since 1863; prof, chemis-
try and toxicology, Long Island Coll. Hosp.,
1864-86; editor Van Nostrand's Eng'ring
Mag., 1870-86; comm'r elec. subways, Brook-
lyn, 1885-9 and 1892-6. Has translated sev-
eral scientific treatises from French. Author:
The Blowpipe, VI; How to Become an En-
gineer, 1892 VI; The Starfinder, VI; The
Aneroid, VI. Residence: 127 Herkimer St.,
Brooklyn. Office: Cooper Inst., New York.

POFFENBARGER, George, judge of Su-
preme Court of Appeals, W. Va., 1901-12; b.
Mason Co., W. Va., Nov. 24, 1861; s. Clinton
and Sarah (Lewis) P.; ed. Rio Grande
(Ohio) Coll., 1882; taught in public schools,
Mason Co., W. Va., 1880-7 (prin. West Co-
lumbia schools, 1883-5, and of Clifton
schools, 1885-7); m. Point Pleasant, W. Va.,
May 10, 1894, Livia Nye Simpson. Sheriff
Mason Co., W. Va., Jan. 1, 1889, to Dec. 31,
1892; Republican. Address: Point Pleasant,
W. Va.

POHLMAJJN, Julius, physician; b. Ham-
burg, Germany, Jan. 26, 1848; ed. there;
grad. Univ. of Buffalo, M. D., 1883. Fellow
A. A. A. S.; fellow Am. Geol. Soc; mem.
Am. Acad. Political and Social Science;
mem. Am. Statist. Assn., Nat. Geographic
Soc. Late prof. Univ. of Buffalo. Address:
378 Franklin St., Buffalo, N. Y.

POLAND, William Carey, prof, history
of art, Brown; b. Goffstown, N. H., Jan. 25,
1846; s. James Willey and Sarah Jane
(Ayer) P.; grad. Brown, A. B., 1868 (A. M.,
1871). Studied at univs. of Berlin and Leip-
zig, 1875-6, in Museum at Berlin, 1878; and
1878-9 in France and Italy; m. March 25, 1882,
Clara Frances, d. Prof. Albert Harkness.
Prin. Worcester, Mass., Acad., 1868-70; instr.
Brown, 1870-5; since 1876 in Brown as asst.
prof., asso. prof, and prof. Was annual
dir., 1891-2, now mem. mng. com. Am.
School of Classical Studies, Athens; since
1886 sec. Comm'n of Colls, in New Eng-
land on Admission Exams. Dir. Museum of
Fine Arts, Brown Univ. ; pres. R. I. School
of Design; pres.. R. I. Alpha of Phi Beta
Kappa; writer on biog., edn'l and archasol.
subjects. Author: Notes and Questions on



the History of Art in the Seventeenth and
Eighteenth Centuries. Residence: 53 Lloyd
St., Providenee, H. I.
POLIIAMl'S, Jose Nelson, journalist; b.

Puerto Principe, Cuba, June It, 1871; s.
Gen. Mariano E. P., Cuban patriot, (sec.
of war of insurgent govt, in war of 1868-70);
father killed by Spaniards; ed. in New
York, including 3 yrs. at Coll. City of New
York; m. at New Orleans, May ti, 1895, Miss
Amparo de Miranda, of Havana, Cuba. Re-
ported Blaine's Pan-Am. Conf. for New
York Herald; afterward was on New York
World; later editor El Universal, City of
Mexico; then sp'l writer New Orleans Pic-
avune; has been local agt. and later gen.
agt. of govt, of Republic of Cuba for States
of La., Miss., Ala., Ga. and Tenn. Address:
Havana, Cuba.

POLK, RufiiH Kinpr, congressman, steel
mfr. ; b. Columbia, Tenn., Aug. 23, 1866; s.
Gen. L. E. (C. S. A.) and Sally (Moore)
P.; grad. Lehigh Univ., B. S., 1887 (E. M.1;
m. Isabella Grier. Mem. Congress, 17th Pa.
dist., 1899-1903; Democrat. In Spanish-Am.
war, 1st It. Co. F. 12th regt., Pa, vols.
Address: Danville, Pa.

POLK, William Mecklenburg;, physi-
cian; b. Ashwood, Maury Co., Tenn., Aug.
15, 1844: s. Bishop and Lt.-Gen. Leonidas
P., C. S. A.; grad. Va. Mil. Inst., July 4,
1864; New York Coll. Phys. & Surg., 1869
(LL. D.); entered C. S. army as cadet of
Mil. Inst., 1861, and became capt. and adj.
in insp.-gen.'s dept. Has practiced in New
York since graduation; was 4 yrs. prof,
therapeutics Belleville Med. Coll.; later
prof, of obstetrics and diseases of women,
med. dept., Univ. of New York; now dean
Cornell Univ. Med. Coll.; frequent con-
tributor to med. literature. Author: Biog-
raphy Leonidas Polk, Bishop and General.
Address: 7 E. 36th St., New York.

POLLARD, Charles Lonis, botanist; b.
New York, March 29, 1872; grad. Colum-
bia, 1893 (A. M.); unmarried. Private tu-
tor 1 yr. after graduation; apptd., 189 J,
asst. curator div. of botany, U. S. Dept.
of Agr. ; transferred, 1895, to similar posi-
tion in the U. S. Nat. Museum; fellow A.
A. A. S., councilor Biol. Soc. of Wash-
ington; mem. Torrey Bot. Club, Washing-
ton Bot. Club, Entomol. Soc. of Wash-
ington. Editor "The Plant World," a jour-
nal of popular botany. Wrote: The Genus
Cassia in North America, Bull. Torrey Bot.
Club, 1894; The Purple-Flowered, Stemless
Violets of the Atlantic Coast, Proc. Biol.
Soc, Washington, 1S96; Further Observa-
tions on the Eastern Acaulescent Violets,
Bot. Gazette, 1898. Address: 1854 5th St.,
N. W., Washington.

POLLARD, Pereival. literary reviewer
Town Topics since 1897; b. in Pomerania, of
English-German parentage, 1869; s. Joseph
and Marie P.: came to U. S., 1885; ed.
Eastbourne Coll., Sussex; entered journal-
ism on St. Joseph, Mo., News, 1891; since
then in editorial and literary work, Chi-
cago and New York. Author: Figaro Fic-
tion, 1892 Ol: C-vpe of Storms, 1895, 1900 BU;
Posters in Mijiature, 1896 R7; Dreams of

To-Day, lwrr W6; The Kiss thai Killed,
1898; Lingo Dan, 1901. Home: Washington,

la. Address: Town Topics, 208 5lh A v.,
New York.
POMBROY, Eltireed, prea. Nat. Direct
Legislation League; b. Newark, N. J., Sept.

7, 1X60; s. Isaac and Mary Jane (Taylor) P.;
grad. Newark Public High School, 1K7H; in
business as pres. corporation of Pomeroy
Bros. Co., mfrs. ink, mucilage, sealing
wax, etc., in whose factory proflt-shariiiK
has been several yrs. in operation; m. Dec.
10, 1898, Ella Levin, New York. Mem, of
the Nat. Com. of the People's party, So-
cial Reform Club, New York, and of vari-
ous organizations standing for Fabian so-
cialism; prominent advocate of direct leg-
islation by the initiative and referendum,
upon which he has written extensively
for mags, and reviews. Author: By the Peo-
ple, 1900. Editor of the Direct Legislation
Record. Residence: East Orange, N. J. Office:
310 Passaic Av., E. Newark, N. J.

POMEROY, Theodore Medad, lawyer,

banker; b. Cayuga, N. Y., Dec. 31, 1824; s.
Rev. Medad and Lilly (Maxwell) P.; grad.
Hamilton Coll., 1842 (LL. D., 1894); tit. Sept.
4, 1855, Elizabeth Leitch, d. Robert Watson,
Auburn, N. Y. (died, Feb. 25,, 1892). Ad-
mitted to bar, 1846; practiced law, Auburn,
N. Y., until 1870; dist. att'y Cayuga Co.,
N. Y., 1851-6; mem. N. Y. assembly, 1857;
mem. Congress, 1861-9; speaker Ho. of
Reps, at close of 40th Congress; mayor of
Auburn, 1875-6; State senator, N. Y., 1878-9;
Republican; now banker and 1st v. -p. Am.
Express Co. Address: 168 Genesee SL, Au-
burn, N. Y.

POND, Allen Rartlit, architect; b. Ann
Arbor, Mich., Nov. 21, 1858; s. Elihu B.
and Mary (Allen) P. ; grad. Ann Arbor
High School, 1876; Univ. of Mich., A. B.,
1880; studied architecture; has practiced
several yrs. in Chicago; architect for nu-
merous bldgs. of the better class. Residence:
Pullman Bldg. Office: Steinway Hall, Chi-

POND, Frederick Engene, author, editor
Sportsman's Review since Nov. 1, 1897; b.
Packwaukee, Marquette Co., Wis., April

8, 1856; j. Simeon P.; ed. Montello, Wis.:
early turned attention to sporting mat-
ters; was field editor of Turf, Field and
Farm, New York, 1881-6; edited Wildwood's
Magazine, 1888-9, but merged it in Turf,
Field and Farm, of which he became eorr.
editor; m. June 22, 1892, Frances Harriet
Fox, g.d. Solomon Juneau, founder of Mil-
waukee. Author: (under pen-name "Will
Wildwood") Handbook for Young Sports-
men, 1876 Ol; Memoirs of Eminent Sports-
men, 1878; Gun Trial and Field Trial Rec-
ords of America, 1883; American Game Pre-
serves (serial). Editor: Sporting Sketches,
1879 Ol; Sportsmen's Directory, 1892; A
Strike, 1897. Wrote sp'l articles on out-door
sports to Am. Edit. Encyclopaedia Britan-
nica, and brief biographies of prominent
sportsmen to Appleton's Cyclopaedia of Am.
Biography. Edited 3 vols, of Frank Forest-
er's works, and Isaac McLellan's Poems
of Rod and Gun, 1883. Residence: Flat 16,



Brittany Bldg. Office: Butler Bldg., Cin-

POND, George Gilbert, prof. chemistry-
Pa. State Coll.; b. Holliston, Mass., March
29, 1861; 5. Abel P.; grad. Amherst Coll.,
1881 (A. M., 1884; Ph. D., 1889); sp'l studies
in chemistry univs. of Gottingen, Berlin
and Munich; m. Amherst, Mass., 1888, Hel-
en Palmer. Mem. Am. Chem. Soc, German
Chem. Soc, Soc. of Chem. Industry; etc.
Has written miscellaneous articles on chem.
subjects. Address: State College, Pa.

POjVD, James Burton, lecture mgr. ; b.
Cuba, Allegany Co., N. Y., June 11, 1838;
j. Willard Elmer and Clarissa (Woodford)
P.; went to 111., 1844; to Wis.. 1847; brought
up on farm; learned printing trade; m. 1st,
Jan. 21, 1859, Ann Frances Lynch (died,
1871); 2d, March 10, 1888, Martha Marion
Glass, Jersey City. Published Markesan,
Wis., Journal, 1860-1. Lt. to maj. in 3d
Wis. cav., 1861-5; one of 17 survivors of
band of 118 in Baxter Springs massacre
by guerrilla chief Quantrell, Oct., 1863; en-
gaged in mercantile business in West,
1865-74; bought Lyceum Lecture Bureau,
Boston, 1874; removed office to New York,
1879; has managed tours of many of the
most noted lecturers. Author: Eccentrici-
ties of Genius, 1900 Dl: A Summer in Eng-
land with Henry Ward Beecher, etc. Resi-
dence: 330 Bergen Av., Jersey City, N. J.
Office: 218 4th Av., New York.

POOK, Samuel Hartt, naval constructor
U. S. N., retired Jan. 17, 1889; b. Brooklyn,
Jan. 17, 1827; s. Samuel Moore and Martha
Crum (Dickinson) P. ; grad. Portsmouth
Acad., N. H., 1843; apprenticed as ship-
wright with his father, serving 7 yrs. ; m.
1850, Ellen M., d. James K. Frothingham,
Charlestown, Mass. Established as naval
architect Boston, designed many merchant
vessels, including the clippers Red Jacket,
Ocean Telegraph, Northern Light, and
others, several iron ships, war frigates for
Spanish govt., etc. Entered Govt, service
at beginning of war, superintended con-
struction of iron-clad Galena; placed in
charge of shipyard at New Haven where 16
steamships were built during war. At close
of war entered navy, asst. naval construc-
tor at Portsmouth, Boston; promoted naval
constructor, 1871, served at Mare Island
(San Francisco), Boston, Washington and
New York until retired. Address: 1313 19th
St., N. W., Washington.

POOLE, Engrene Alonzo, portrait and
landscape painter; b. Poolesville, Md., Feb.
16, 1841; 5. John and Anna Rebecca (Cost)
P.; ed. Rockville Acad., Md., art ed'n at
Acad, of Fine Arts, Phila., and in Paris,
France, with Leon Bonnat; m. Accokeek,
Md., Jan. 7, 1880, Ella Towles. For years
had studio in Washington; was mem. Art
Soc. that city; now mem. Art Assn. of
Pittsburg, Pa. Address: Bellevue, Pa.

POOLE, Murray Edward, lawyer; b. Cen-
tremoreland, Wyoming Co., Pa., July 17,
1857; s. Edward Valentine P., banker, and
Susan (Carey) P. ; grad. Cornell Univ., A. B.,
1880; LL. D., Nashville Coll., 1900; studied
law in offices and attended law lectures at

Cornell; admitted to bar, May 3, 1889; es-
tablished practice Ithaca, N. Y. ; has been
justice of the peace, acting recorder City
of Ithaca, N. Y., sp'l co. judge; Dem. can-
didate for delegate to State Constitutional
Conv., 1893. Mem. Am. Bar Assn., N. Y.
State Bar Assn., Am. Hist. Assn., New
England Hist. Geneal. Soc, Sons of Am.
Revolution, Soc. of War of 1812, Soc. of Co-
lonial Wars, Founders and Patriots of
America and over 100 hist, and learned socs.
in U. S. and foreign countries; pres. New
York State Assn. of Stanchfield Dem. Clubs,
1900; Democrat. Author: The History of
Edward Poole of Weymouth, Mass. (1635),
and His Descendants, 1893. Contributor to
Harper's Weekly, Am. Rev. of Reviews,
Puritan, Illus. American, Am. Univ. Mag.,
Green Bag., Mag. of Am. History, N. Y.
World, Journal, etc. Address: Ithaca, N. Y.

POOR, Agnes Blake ("Dorothy Pres-
cott"), author; d. Henry Varnum P. (banker
and editor Poor's Railway Manual) and
Mary Wild (Pierce) P.; historian Warren
and Prescott Chapter, D. A. R. Author:
Brothers and Strangers, 1894 R5; Boston
Neighbors, 1898 P2; also stories for mags.
Residence: 389 Walnut St., Brookline, Mass.,
and Merrill House, Andover, Me.

POOR, Henry William, banker; b. Ban-
gor, Me., June 16, 1844; grad. Harvard, 1865;
clerk in stockbroker's office, 1865-8; since
1868 mem. of H. V. & H. W. Poor, dealers

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