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Ornithologique Internat., Budapesth, 1891;
mem. com. of patronage Internat. Congress
of Zoology, London, etc. Author: A History
of North American Birds (5 vols., with Prof.
Spencer F. Baird and Dr. Thomas M. Brew-
er) ; A Manual of North American Birds; A
Nomenclature of Colors for Naturalists and
Compendium of Useful Information for Or-
nithologists; The Ornithology of Illinois (2
vols.); also more than 350 papers, large and
small. Residence: Brookland, D. C. Address:
Smithsonian Inst'n, Washington.

RIEGER, William H., tenor; b. New
York, March 22, 1862; ed. common schools;
musical ed'n entirely in New York; has
sung in Europe as well as all over U. S.;
sings in oratorios, concerts and song re-
citals. Unmarried. Address: 18 E. 22d St.,
New York.

RIES, Heinrich, instr. economic geology
Cornell; s. Heinrich and Caroline Bowman
(Atkins) R. ; ed. in New York; grad. Co-
lumbia Univ., Ph. B., 1892; A. M., 1894; Ph.
D., 1896. On N. Y. geol. survey, 1891-2;
asst. geologist same, summer of 1895; lec-
turer public schools New York, 1895-7;
judge of clays Cotton States and Internat.
Exp'n, 1896; clay specialist U. S. Geol. Sur-
vey; has studied clays throughout U. S. and
Europe; delegate to Geol. Congress, St. Pet-
ersburg, Russia, 1897. Asst. dir. N. Y. Sci-
entific Exhibits, World's Columbian Exp'n;
holder of univ. fellowship, Columbia, 1893-5,
and Barnard fellowship, 1897-1900. Delegate
from Cornell Univ. to Internat. Geol. Con-
gress, Paris, France, Aug., 1900. Has pub-
lished reports on the clays of N. Y., Ala.,
La., Fla., N. C, Mich., Md., Colo., in the
State geologists' and govt. Reports. Address:
Ithaca, N. Y.

RIGGS, Alexander Brown, clergyman,
educator; b. Portsmouth, O., June 21, 1842;
i. Joseph and Rebecca G. (Baldridge) R. ;
grad. Jefferson Coll., Pa., 1863 (D. D.,
Washington and Jefferson Coll., 1888; taught
mathematics in Western Univ., Pittsburg,
several months, 1863-4; admitted to Pa. bar,
1865; m. Oct. 19, 1870, Charlotte Bowne

Richardson, Brooklyn, N. Y. Practiced 1
yr. in Nashville, Tenn., and 1 yr. in Pitts-
burg; studied theology, 1867-9, at Auburn
Theol. Sem., N. Y.; grad. Union Theol.
Sem., New York, 1870; taught English lit-
erature and mental philosophy in Miss
Green's (now Misses Graham's) ladies'
school, New York, 1869-70; pastor Reformed
Ch., Fort Plain, N. Y., 1870-6; Presby'n
Ch., Waterford, N. Y., 1876-90; 7th Pres-
by'n Ch., Cincinnati, since April 1, 1891.
Instr. in Greek, Lane Theol. Sem., 1894-7;
since May, 1897, prof. New Testament
exegesis and introduction at same. Address:
Lane Seminary, Cincinnati.

RIGGS, James Forsyth, Presby'n clergy-
man; b. Smyrna, Turkey, Oct. 4, 1852; .?.
Rev. Elias R. (D. D., LL. D.) and Martha
Jane (Dalzell) R. ; lived as a boy in Con-
stantinople; prepared for coll. by his par-
ents; grad. Princeton, 1872 (A. M., 1875; D.
D., Rutgers, 1892); held Boudinot hist, fel-
lowship of Princeton, 1872-3; took post-
graduate studies under his father in Con-
stantinople; returned to U. S., 1874; taught
school 1 yr. ; grad. Union Theol. Sem., 1878;
m. Belle Brittin, Madison, N. J. Pastor
Presby'n Ch., Cranford, N. J., 1878-84; Re-
formed (Dutch) Ch., Bergen Point, N. J.,
1884-92; prof. New Testament Greek, Theol.
Sem., New Brunswick, N. J., 1892-8; since
June 24, 1898, pastor Brick Presby'n Ch.,
E. Orange. Address: 430 William St., E.
Orange, N. J.

RIGGS, John Davis Seaton, pres. Otta-
wa Univ. since 1896; b. Washington, Pa.,
Jan. 29, 1851; .s. Edward R. and Charlotte
A. (Seaton) R.; grad. (old) Univ. of Chi-
cago, 1878; A. M., 1881 (Ph. D., pro merito,
Univ. S. Dak., 1890); m. Sept. 2, 1879, Mary
E. Chaney, at Rockford, 111. In business,
Rockford, 111., 1869-75; prin. commercial
dept. Salt Lake, Utah, Acad., 1878-9; prin.
prep. dept. old Univ. of Chicago, 1879-86;
joint prin. Univ. Acad., Chicago, 1886-7;
organizer and prin., 1887-96, of Granville
(now Doane) Acad, of Denison Univ.,
Granville, O. Mem. Kan. State bd. of ed'n;
pres. Kan. Coll. Presidents' Assn. ; corr.
mem. Kan. State Hist. Soc. Author: In Lat-
inum (Cassar), 1890 S2; In Latinum (Cicero),
1892 S2; and various articles, lectures and
addresses. Residence: 111 S. Main St., Otta-
wa, Kan.

RIGGS, Kate Donglas Wiggin, author;
b. Phila. ; grad. Abbott Acad., Andover,
Mass., 1878; m. March 30, 1895, George C.
Riggs. Organized the first free kindergar-
tens for poor children on the Pacific Coast;
has been interested in that work ever since.
Continues her name of "Kate Douglas Wig-
gin" in her literary work. Author: The
Birds' Christmas Carol, 1888; The Story of
Patsy, 1889; A Summer in a Canon, 1889;
Timothy's Quest, 1890; The Story Hour
(with Nora A. Smith), 1900; Children's
Rights (with same), 1892; A Cathedral
Courtship, 1893; Polly Oliver's Problem,
1893; The Village Watch Tower, 1895; Froe-
bel's Gifts (with Nora A. Smith), 1895;
Froebel's Occupations (with same), 1896;
Kindergarten Principles and Practice (with



same), 1800; Nine Love Songs and a Carol,
1806; Marm Lisa, 18%; Penelope's Progress,
1898; Penelope's Experiences in Ireland,
1901; all H6. Residence: 160 Central Park
S., New York.

RIGGS, Robert Balrd, prof, chemistry
Trinity Coll.; b. Hazelwood, Minn., May 22,
1855; grad. Beloit Coll., Wis., 187t"> (Ph. !>.,
Gottingen); chemist to U. S. Geol. Survey,
1884-7; prof, chemistry Nat. Coll. of Phar-
macy, 1885-7. Address: Hartford, Conn.

RIIS, Jacob AiiKiiHt, journalist, author;
b. Ribe, Denmark, May 3, 1810; s. Niels
Edward R. ; ed. at Latin school there.
Married there, March 5, 187C, Elizabeth D.
Nielsen. Came to New York and became
police reporter New York Sun; active in
the small parks and play-grounds move-
ment, and in tenement house and school
reform; sec. New York Small Parks Com-
m'n, 1897; exec, officer Good Government
clubs, 1896-7. Author: How tho Other Half
Lives, 1890 S3; The Children of the Poor,
1802 S3; Nibsy's Christmas, 1803 S3; Out of
Mulberry Street, 1898 C2; A Ten-years' War,
1900 H5; many mag. articles on social and
economic topics. Residence: 524 N. Beech
St., Richmond Hill, New York.

RIKER, Albert Bnrdsall, pres. Mount
Union Coll. since 1898; b. New Albany, O.,
Oct. 19, 1852; *. Rev. S. C. and Amanda S.
R. ; grad. Wesleyan Univ., Delaware, O.,
1879 (A. M., 1884; D. D., Ohio Univ., 1888);
m. Aug. 18, 1881, Mary Edith Davis, of Dub-
lin, O. Licensed to preach, 1872; joined
Ohio conf., 1879. Pastorates: Worthington,
O., 2 yrs. ; Columbus, O., 3 yrs. ; Athens, O.,
3 yrs.; Chattanooga, Tenn., 4 yrs.; Wheel-
ing, W. Va., 5 yrs.; Charleston, W. Va., 2
yrs. Address: Alliance, O.

RILEY, lien jam in Franklin, Bapt. cler-
gyman; b. Pineville, Ala., July 16, 1849; .y.
Enoch and S. E. R. ; grad. Erskine Coll.,
S. C, 1871; studied divinity, Southern Bapt.
Theol. Sem., and Crozier Sem. (D. D.,
Univ. of Ala. and Erskine Coll.; F. S. Sc,
from Soc. of Science, Letters and Art, Lon-
don, England); m. Belleville, Ala., June 21,
1876, Emma Shaw. Entered ministry, 1872;
pres. Howard Coll., Ala., 1888-93; prof. Eng-
lish literature, Univ. of Ga., 1893-1900. Was
selected to read paper before the Soc. of
Science, Letters and Art of London on
"Difficulty of Preserving Pure English in
the United States," London, July 19, 1898.
Author: History of Conecuh Co., Ala., 1884
01; Alabama As It Is, 1888; History of Bap-
tists of Alabama, 1893 01; History of Bap-
tists of the Southern States East of the
Mississippi, B4; also numerous pamphlets.
Address: Houston, Tex.

RILEY, Franklin Lafayette, prof, his-
tory, Univ. of Mississippi since 1897; b. nr.
Hebron, Lawrence Co., Miss., Aug. 24, 1868;
j. F. L. and B. I. R.; grad. Miss. Coll.,
1889, A. M., 1891; Johns Hopkins Univ., fel-
low, 1895-6, Ph. D., 1896; m. Clinton, Miss.,
July 15, 1891, Fanny T. Leigh. Began
teaching, Hebron High School, 1889; en-
tered as student hist. dept. Johns Hopkins
Univ., Oct., 1893; pres. Hillman Coll. for
Young Women, 1896-7. Reorganized Miss.

Hist. Soc, 1808; organized Univ. Hist. Soc,
1898; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Am. Hist.
Assn., sec. and treaa. Miss. Hist. Boc;
chmn. Miss. Hist Comm'n; mem. Ala n
Soc, Southern Soc for Promotion of tin-
Study of Race Conditions and Problems in
the South; hon. local sec. Egypt Explora-
tion Fund. Author: Colonial Origins of
New England Senates, 1896 Jl; School His-
tory of Mississippi, 1900 J8. Edited 3 vols,
of publications of the Miss. Hist. Soc.
Wrote: Tho Talmud, Baptist Record, 1894;
Spanish Policy in Mississippi After the
Treaty of San Lorenzo, Publ. Miss. Hist.
Soc, 1808; Sir William Dunbar: The Plo
neer Scientist of Mississippi, same, 1899;
Location of the Boundaries of Mississippi,
same, 1000; Transition from Spanish to
American Control in Mississippi, same, 1900.
Residence: University, Miss.

RILEY, James, journalist, writer of Ac-
tion; b. County Westmeath, Ireland, Aug.
15, 1848; s. James and Margaret R. ; ed.
common schools, Middleboro, Mass., 1855-
64; m. May 27, 1877, Sarah Jane Weeks
(died, March 5, 1878). Author: Poems, 1S86
Ol; The Transmitted Word, 1892 01; Songs
of Two Peoples (Irish and New England
dialect), 1808 E2; also a hand-book explain-
ing the telephone. Residence: Mattapan, Bos-

RILEY, James Whiteomli, author; b.
Greenfield, Ind., 1853; s. Reubin A. and
Elizabeth Riley; ed. public schools; began
contributing poems to Ind. papers, 1873, and
has long been known as "the Hoosier poet;"
much of his verse is in the Western dia-
lect; his earlier Hoosier dialect verse, and
his first book, appeared under the pen-
name, "Benj. F. Johnson, of Boone"; is a
bachelor. Author: The Old Swimmin'-Hole
and 'Leven More Poems; The Boss Girl and
Other Sketches; Afterwhiles; Old-Fash-
ioned Roses (published in England); Pipes
o' Pan at Zekesbury; Rhymes of Child-
hood; Flying Islands of the Night: Green
Fields and Running Brooks; Armazindy; A
Child- World; An Old Sweetheart of Mine;
Neighborly Poems; Home Folks, all B6;
Poems Here at Home, C2; Rubaiyat of Doc.
Sifers, C2. Residence: 528 Lockerbie St.
Office: Care Union Trust Co., Indianapolis.

RJMMER, Caroline limit, artist, author;
6. Randolph, Mass., Oct. 10, 1851; d. Dr.
William R. ; studied art with her father;
since his death, 1870, has taught figure
drawing; gives spare time to terra-cotta
work. Author: Figure Drawing For Chil-
dren, 1803 L9; Animal Drawing: a Series of
Thirteen Plates With Descriptive Text, 1895
H5. Residence: Belmont, Mass. Studio: 4
St. Botolph Studios, Boston.

RINER, John A., U. S. dist. judge, dist.
of Wyo., since Sept. 23, 1890; b. Preble Co.,
O., 1850; grad. Univ. of Mich., 1879; re-
moved to Wyo.; city att'y of Cheyenne, 1881;
U. S. dist. att'y, Wyo. Ty., 1884; mem. up-
per house, Territorial legislature. 1886; mem.
Constitutional Conv., 1889; elected to State
senate, but resigned to become judge.
Address: Cheyenne, Wyo.



RINGWALT, Ralph Curtis, lawyer, writ-
er on public speaking; b. Mt. Vernon, O.,
Feb. 19, 1S74; ^. John Shaffe and Julia
Chamberlain (Curtis) R. ; grad. Harvard,
1895; instr. in argumentation and debating,
Columbia Coll., 1S95-8; 1898-1901, student at
Harvard Law School, grad. June, 1901. July
1, 1901, apptd. lecturer in public speaking
in Columbia Coll. Editor: Briefs for De-
bate, 1896 L4; Modern American Oratory,
1898 H4. Contributor to newspapers and
mags, on public speaking. Address: 27 W.
44th St., New York.

RIORDAN, Patrick William, R. C. arch-
bishop; b. in New Brunswick, Aug. 27, 1841;
boyhood spent in Chicago; attended a se-
lect school, later going to Notre Dame,
Ind. ; grad. Louvain, Belgium, 1864; re-
turned to Chicago, becoming prof, theology,
Sem. of St. Mary's of the Lake; pastor,
Woodstock, 111., 1868; St. Mary's Ch., Joliet,
111., 1868-71; St. James Ch., Chicago, 1871-
83; consecrated, Sept. 16, 1883, titular arch-
bishop of Cabesa, and made coadjutor, with
right of succession to see of San Francisco,
Calif., to which he succeeded Dec. 28, 1884.
Address: 1122 Eddy St., San Francisco.

RIPLEY, Edward Payson, pres. Atchi-
son, Topeka & Santa Fe Ry. Co. since Jan.
1, 1896; b. Dorchester, Mass., Oct. 30, 1845;
ed. Dorchester High School. Entered ry.
service, 1869, as clerk in Boston office Pa.
R. R. Co.; New England agt., 1872-5; gen.
Eastern agt., 1878-86; traffic mgr., 1886-8,
and gen. mgr., 1888-90, Chicago, Burlington
& Quincy R. R. ; 3d v. -p. Chicago, Milwau-
kee & St. Paul Ry., 1890-5; m. Oct. 4, 1871,
Frances E. Harding, Dorchester, Mass.
Residence: Riverside, 111. Office: 11 Jackson
St., Chicago.

RIPLEY, William Zebina, prof, sociol-
ogy and economics, Mass. Inst. Technology
since 1895; b. Medford, Mass., 1867; .?. of
Nathaniel Ripley; ed. public schools New-
ton, Mass. ; grad. Mass. Inst, of Technol-
ogy, 1890; ed. as civ. eng'r, but on grad-
uation took up economics, studying 1 yr.
at the Inst, and as Univ. fellow 2 yrs. in
New York (A. M., Ph. D., Columbia); m.
Newton Centre, Mass., 1893, Ida S. Davis.
Lecturer in sociology, Columbia since 1893;
corr. mem. Roman Anthropol. Soc, Soc.
of Natural Science, Cherbourg, France;
v.-p. Am. Econ. Assn., 1898, 1900-1. Apptd.
1901 expert agt. on Transportation for U.
S. Industrial Comm'n. Author: Financial His-
tory of Virginia; The Races of Europe
(Lowell Inst. Lectures), 1900 A2; also
many articles in periodicals. Residence:

' Newton Centre, Mass.

RISHELL, James Dyson, educator, law-
yer, author; b. Hughesville, Pa., Nov. 11,
1858; 5. Peter S. Rishell; ed. Mifflinburg,
Pa., High School; grad. Lock Haven, Pa.,
Normal School; admitted to bar, 1883 (A.
B., LL. D., Northern 111. Coll.); m. Mor-
rison, 111., 1898, Addie Marshall. Prin.
Ridgway, Pa., High School, 1879-81; prac-
ticed law, 1883-7; editor Ridgway Advo-
cate, 1887; prof, law and political economy
Northern 111. Coll., since 1897; editor Legal
Topics Mag., 1898-9. Author; Elfrida,: a

Historical Drama, 1882 L5. Address: Ful-
ton, 111.

RISING, Willard Hradley, prof, chem-
istry, Univ. of Calif., since 1872; b. Mech-
lenburg, N. Y., Sept. 26, 1839; grad. Ham-
ilton Coll., N. Y., 1864; M. E., Univ. of
Mich., 1867; Ph. D., Heidelberg, Germany,
1871; instr. in chemistry, 1866-7, and prof,
natural sciences, 1867-9, Coll. of Calif. Since
1885 State analyst of Calif., also adviser and
chemist State bd. of viticulture and State
bd. of health. His sp'lty is thermal chem-
istry, and he has made a number of impor-
tant discoveries. Address: Berkeley, Calif.

RISLEY, Ricliard Voorhees, author; b.
New York, Nov. 8, 1874; 5. Hon. J. E.
Risley, lawyer; ed. Mil. School, New Ro-
chelle, N. Y., 2 yrs.; 1 yr. Lehigh prep,
school, 1S89-93; m. Berkeley, Calif., Aug. 5,
1896, Edna F. Carlson. Made several journeys
abroad, 1892, including life at U. S. Legation
in Denmark and visits to London, Paris,
Germany, Stockholm, etc., in 1893-4-5; resi-
dence in Paris and London, visit to Calif.,
1896, Europe, 1897. Author: The Sentimental
Vikings, London, 1897 L22; Men's Trage-
dies, 1899 Ml; The Sledge, 1900 Bll; The
Anvil, Bll. Contributions to Yellow-Book,
London, 1896-7, Bookman, Criterion, etc.,
1899-1900, 1901. Address: New Rochelle, N. Y.

RISLEY, Samuel Doty, physician; b. Cin-
cinnati, Jan. 16, 1845; served pvt. to sergt.,
Union army, 1862-5; grad. Univ. of Iowa,
1868; med. dept. Univ. of Pa., 1870; m.
March, 1871, Emma D. Thompson. Specialist
in eye- and ear diseases; has been lecturer
and asst. surgeon in ophthalmology med.
dept. Univ. of Pa. Invented improved op-
tometer and ophthalmoscope. Prof, dis-
eases of the eye, Phila. Polyclinic; attend-
ing surgeon Wills Eye Hosp., Phila.; con-
sulting ophthalmologist Vineland Training
School for Feeble Minded Children. Mem.
of the bd. of mgrs. Pa. Training School
for Feeble Minded, Elwyn, Pa. ; alumni
mgr. Univ. Hosp., Phila. Pres. Am. Acad.
Medicine; mem. Am. Med. Assn., Am. Oph-
thal., Am. Otol. and Am. Climatol. socs. ;
fellow Coll. Physicians of Phila. Wrote:
Articles on School Hygiene, in A System of
Diseases of the Eye (Norris & Oliver) ; also
many papers on ophthalmology. Country
Home: Media, Delaware Co., Pa. Office:
1722 Walnut St., Philadelphia.

"RITTENHOUSE, Anne"; see Hallmark,

RITTER, William Emerson, asso. prof,
zoology Univ. of Calif. ; b. Hampden, Wis.,
1856; j. Horatio and Leonora (Eason) R. ;
grad. Univ. of Calif., B. S., 1888; (A. M.,
Ph. D., Harvard); student Stazione Zool-
ogica, Naples, Italy, and Univ. of Berlin,
1894-5; m. June 30, 1891, Mary E. Bennett,
Berkeley, Calif. President Calif. Acad, of
Sciences. Has published numerous contri-
butions to gen. zoology, comparative anat-
omy, gen. biology and edn'l subjects. Ad-
dress: Berkeley, Calif.

RIV13 -KING, Julie; see King, Julie Rive.

RIVES, Alfred Landon, eng'r; b. Paris,
France, March 25, 1830; .s. William Cabell



R. (then U. S. minister to Prance); stud-
ied at V:i. Mil. Inst, and I'mv. of Va ;
grad. ficolo des Ponta el Chaussees, Paris,
1854; asst. eng'r in completing U. S. Cap-
itol Bldg., Washington; later eng'r on
aqueduct, Washington; then in charge I'.
S. Survey In improving Potomac River;
later col. eng'rs Confederate army; after
war eng'r on Chesapeake & Ohio R. R.,
chief eng'r South & North Ala. R. R. Of-
fered charge of civ. eng'ring works of
Egypt; v.-p. and gen. mgr. Mobile & Ohio
U. l:.; v.-p. and gen. mgr. Richmond &
Danville, R. R. ; gen. supt. Panama R. R.
Now chief eng'r Cape Cod Canal, and gen.
consulting eng'r. Is lather of Arnelie Rives
(Princess Troubet/.koy) authoress. Address:
Cobham, Albemarle Co., Va.

HIVES, Amelie; see Troubetzkoy, Princess

HIVES, Georpre Loekhart, lawyer; b.
New York,- May 1, 1840; s. Francis Robert
and Matilda Barclay R. ; grad. Columbia
Coll., 1868, Trinity Coll., Cambridge (Eng.),
1872, Columbia Coll. Law School, 1873 (A.
M., Columbia Coll. and Cambridge, Eng.,
Univ.); m. 1st, May 21, 1S73, Caroline Mor-
ris Kean (died, March 29, 1887); 2d, March
20, 1889, Sara Whiting Belmont. Admitted
to bar, 1S74; trustee Columbia Coll., 1882;
trustee Astor Library, N. Y., 1883-8; trus-
tee Lenox Library, 1893-5; trustee N. Y.
Public Library, Astor-Lenox and Tilden
Foundations, since 1895; mem. New York
Rapid Transit R. R. Comm'n since 1896;
pres. comm'n to revise Greater New York
Charter, 1900; Democrat of school of Grov-
er Cleveland and Thomas F. Bayard. Has
written occasional articles and pamphlets.
Residence: 14 W. 38th St. Office: 32 Nassau
St., New York.

RIVES, Hallie Erminie, author; b. May
2, 1876, Christian Co., Ky.; cousin of Ame-
lie Rives Troubetzkoy. Author: Smoking
Flax, 1896; As the Hart Panteth, 1896 Dl;
A Fool in Spots; Singing Wire; A Fur-
nace of Earth, 1900. Address: Care the
Camelot Co., Publishers, New York.

R1XEY, John Frnnklin, congressman;
ed. common schools, Bethel Acad, and
Univ. of Va.; is lawyer and farmer; was
commonwealth att'y for Culpeper Co. for
12 yrs.; mem. Congress 1897-1903, 8th Va.
dist. ; Democrat. Address: Brandy, Culpep-
er Co., Va.

RIZEB, Henry Clay, chief clerk U. S.
Geol. Survey since May, 1891; b. Cumber-
land, Md., Feb. 1, 1844; 5. Jacob R. ; ed.
Cumberland, Md., leaving school in 1861
to enter U. S. A., in which he served un-
til close of war; mustered out col. of his
regt. ; widower. Studied law, admitted to
bar, 1867; practiced law 15 yrs.; edited
weekly newspaper 6 yrs. Mem. Nat. Geog.
Soc. Address: 2568 University PL, Wash-

ROACH, William Nathaniel, ex-U. S.
senator N. Dak., 1893-9; ft. Washington,
Sept. 25, 1840; ed. city schools and George-
town Coll.; clerk in q. in.'s dept. during
Civil war; removed to Dak. Ty., 1879; in-

terested In mail contracts several yrs.;
look up land in Dak. and engaged In farm-
ing. Mem. Territorial legislature, 1886; may-
or of Larlmore, 1888-7; twice candidate tor
gov.; Democrat. Address: Larlmore, N. Dak.

It oil II, Edward, congressman; h. Brazeau,
Perry Co., Mo., March lit, 1857; ed. In
various schools and Mo. State Univ.; grad.
law dept. latter, 1879; has practiced law,
Perryvllle, Mo., since May, 1 ht!> ; pros.
att'y, Perry Co., 1880-4; mem. Mo. legisla-
ture, 1884 and 1886; asst. att'y-gen. of Mo.,
1889-93; mem. Congress 1897-1903, 13th Mo.
dist.; Democrat. Home: Perryville, Mo.

It t it 11. James Hampden, retired banker;
b. Phila., Oct. 27, 1816; s. James and Louisa
(Werninger) R. ; ed. in Europe and Mil.
School, Sing Sing; entered class of 1866
at Harvard, but was not graduated; m.
Nov. 24, 1868, Cornelia Van Rensselaer
Thayer, Boston. In banking and cotton
business, New York, 1866-86; mem. State
assembly, 1882; State senator, 1884-5; cora-
m'r and pres. park bd., New York, 1887-90;
comm'r and treas. original bd. comm'rs
Niagara State Reservation. Lt.-col. and
acting adj. -gen. 1st brigade N. G. S. N.
Y. ; v.-p. Union Club, New York; de-
clined apptmt. as asst. sec. State from
President Cleveland, 1887; delegate to Nat.
Dem. Conv., St. Louis, 1888; Democrat.
Address: 23 Park Av., New York.

BOBBINS, Francis Le Baron, clergy-
man; b. Camillus, N. Y., May 2, 1830; j.
Samuel and Fanny (Osborne) R. ; grad.
Williams Coll., 1854 (D. D., Union Coll.);
m. Oct. 14, 1874, Lucy M., d. Rev. Alanson
Hartpence (niece Hon. Levi P. Morton).
W T as pastor in Phila. for 25 yrs.; founded
Oxford Presby'n Ch. and was its pastor 17
yrs.; founded Beacon Presby'n Ch., an in-
stitutional ch., established in the midst of
100,000 working people in Kensington,
Phila.; acting pastor 1st Cong'l Ch., Spring-
field, Mass., 1900. Address: Springfield, Mass.

BOBBINS, Horace Woleott, lawyer, art-
ist; b. Mobile, Ala., Oct. 21, 1842; grad. New-
ton Univ., Baltimore, 1860; studied art
abroad 3 yrs. ; served 3 months at Harper's
Ferry in 22d N. Y. regt., 1862. Studied
landscape painting with James M. Hart,
N. A.; elected asso. Nat. Acad., 1864; acade-
mician, 1878; sec. 10 yrs. and v.-p., 1894 and
1895, Nat. Acad. Design; mem. Am. Water
Color Soc; has been pres. Artists' Fund
Soc. Studied law at Columbia Law School,
1890; admitted to N. Y. bar, 1892. Address:
56 E. 57th St., New York.

BOBBINS, Irvin, senior vice-comdr. -in-
chief, G. A. R., 1899-1900; b. Moscow, Rush
Co., Ind., March 30, 1839; .?. Richard R. ;
grad. Butler Coll., Indianapolis, A. B., 1860,
in law, 1860, A. M., 1863; m. Greensburg,
Ind., April 10, 1862, Cassandra Cobb. En-
tered 7th Ind. vols., April 24, 1861; adj. 76th
Ind., July, 1862; capt. 123d Ind., Nov., 1863;
maj. same, July 1, 1864; carriage mfr. since
1871; supt. of police, 1883; 32d degree Ma-
son. Adj. -gen. of Ind., 1S93-7; asst. adj.-
gen. dept. of Ind. G. A. R., 1891-3; adj. -gen.
Nat. Encampment G. A. R., 1896; is Demo-



crat. Author of War Statistics, pub. by Ind.
Loyal Legion. Residence: 12 W. North St.
Office: 32 E. Georgia St., Indianapolis.

ROBBINS, Mary Caroline, author; b. at
Calais, Me., 1842; d. James Shepherd P.
(author) and Charlotte Otis (Grosvenor)
Pike; ed. W. Newton and Phila. ; went, 1861,
to Europe with her father, then U. S. min-
ister to the Netherlands; studied water-col-
ors with R. Swain Gifford; studied art in
Italy, 1874-5; m. Dr. J. H. Robbins, of Hing-
ham, Mass. (died, Aug. 21, 1900). Edited,
with late Gail Hamilton, Wood's Household
Magazine, 1871-2; writer for mags, on an
and landscape gardening. Author: The Res-
cue of an Old Place. Translator: (from
French) Romance of an Honest Woman
(Victor Cherbuliez), 1874 01; Old Masters of
Belgium and Holland (Eugene Fromentin),
1882; Life of Fromentin (Edward Gosse),
1883; Count Xavier (Henri Greville), 1885.
Address: Hingham, Mass.

ROBERT, Henry Martyn, col. eng'rs U.
S. army, since Feb. 3, 1895; b. Robertville,
Beaufort Dist., S. C, May 2, 1837; s. Rev.
Joseph Thomas and Adeline (Lawton) R. ;
grad. West Point, 1857; asst. prof, philos-
ophy, and later practical mil. eng'ring,
West Point, 1857-8; on frontier duty, 1858-
61; served on staff Gen. McClellan and on
duty as eng'r during war; capt, 1863; prof,
practical mil. eng'ring, West Point, 1865-7;
maj., 1867; since then on duty in connec-
tion with river and harbor improvements
and fortifications; It.-col., Jan. 10, 1883;
eng'r-comm'r, D. C, 1890-1; pres. Bd. En-
g'rs for Fortifications, 1895, and New York
Harbor Line Bd., 1901; mem. various other
bds. of eng'rs. Author: Robert's Rules of
Order, 1876 S2; besides various eng'ring
reports. Address: Army Bldg., New York.

ROBERTS, Brigham Henry, ex-con-
gressman; b. Warrington, Lancashire, Eng.,
March 13, 1857; grad. normal dept. Deseret
(now Utah) Univ., 1878; has 3 wives, taken

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