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and col. U. S. A., retired 1888; b. Esper-
ance, Schoharie Co., N. Y., Aug. 28, 1824;
grad. West Point, 1846; m. Sept. 29, 1892,
Clara B. Barnum. Served in Mex. ; bvtd. It.
and capt. for gallantry, 1847; at various
posts as q.-m. and commissary, 1848-61;
chief commissary, Dept. of Pacific, 1859-61;
served in commissary-gen. 's office during
Civil war, attaining bvt. rank of maj.-gen.;
after war div. chief commissary until re-
tired as col. Address: Riverside, 111.

SIMPSON, Margaret Spicer, artist; b.
Washington, 1874; pupil of Knaus, Berlin;
of Boutet de Monvel and Carriere, Paris.
Exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 1900. Address: 37
Rue Boileau, Paris, France.

SIMS, Harry Marion, M. D., surgeon; b.
Montgomery, Ala., Feb. 27, 1851; 5. Dr. J.
Marion S. ; early ed'n in England, France
and Germany; grad. Washington and Lee
Univ., 1870; Coll. Phys. & Surg., New York,
1873; was mem. ambulance corps organ-
ized by his father in Franco-Prussian war;
was at Sedan, Orleans and other battles,
and in active field service during Commune
in Paris. Established in New York; spe-
cialist in gynecology; has written numerous
papers on his specialty. Edited, with addi-
tions, Am. edition of Dr. Grailly Hewitt's
"Diseases of Women." Address: 30 W. 58th
St., New York.

SIMS, Thetus Wilrette, congressman; b.
Wayne Co., Tenn., April 25, 1852; brought
up on farm; ed. Savannah, Tenn., Coll.;
grad. law dept. Cumberland Univ., Lebanon,
Tenn., 1876; since then has practiced at
Linden, Tenn.; m. Dec. 26, 1877, Nannie H.
Kittrell of Maury Co., Tenn. Was supt.
public instruction for Perry Co., Tenn.,
1882-4; presidential elector, 1892; mem. Con-
gress from 8th Tenn. dist., 1897-1903; Demo-
crat. Home: Linden, Tenn.

SIMS, Winfield Seott, inventor; b. New
York, April 6, 1844; grad. high school, New-
ark, N. J.; served in 37th N. J. regt. in
Civil war. Invented various devices in elec-
tro-magnets; constructed an electric motor
for light work in 1872, weighing 45 pounds,
and having a battery of 20 half-gallon Bun-
sen cells, by means of which he was enabled
to propel an open boat 16 feet long, with 6
persons on board, at the rate of 4 miles an
hour; was 1st to apply electricity for pro-
pulsion of torpedoes, his device of a tor-
pedo being a submarine boat with a cylin-
drical hull of copper and with conical ends,
furnished with screw propeller and a rud-
der, the power being electricity generated
on shore or on shipboard, by means of



which the torpedo Is propelled, guided and
exploded; subsequently he devised a boat
with a speed of 18 miles an hour and to
carry a 250-lb. chargo of dynamite. Home-
Newark, N. J. Office: 150 Liberty St., New

SINGEU, Isidore, mng. editor Jewish En-
cyclopaedia; b. Weisskirchen, Moravia, Aus-
tria, Nov. 10, 1859; ed. high schools and at
Vienna and Berlin univs. (Ph. D.). Found-
ed and published Algemeine osterreichisehe
Literaturzeitung, Vienna, INN 1-5; went, 1887,
as sec. and librarian to the late French
ambassador at Vienna, Count Alexandre
Foucher de Careil (editor of Leibniz' works)
to Paris; became employe French Foreign
Office in Bureau de la Presse. Founder and
editor-in-chief of La Vraie Parole (paper
founded to counteract Ed. Drumoufs anti-
Semitic La Libre Parole); went to Italy,
1892; came to New York, 1895, to carry out
his life work of the Jewish Encyclopaedia
(12 vols., 2,000 illustrations); 1st vol. issued
May, 1901 F3. Author: Berlin, Wien und
der Antisemitismus, 1882; Presse und Ju-
denthum, 1882; Solleu die Juden Christen
Werden? (with prefatory letter by Ernest
Renan), 1884; Briefe Beriihmter Christlicher
Zeitgenossen iiber die Judenfrage, 1884: Die
Beiden Elektren Humanistische Bildung
und der Klassiche Unterrieht, 1884; Auf
dem Grabe Meiner Mutter (transl. from He-
brew by Solomon Fuchs), 1888; Le Prestige
de la France en Europe, 1889; La Question
Juive, 1893; Anarchie et Antisemitisme, 1894.
Also numerous translations of French works
into German. Address: 718 E. 137th St.,
New York.

SINGLETON, Esther, author, editor; b.
Baltimore; has resided in New York since
1887. Engaged 6 yrs. in encyclopaedic and
editorial work on staff of Appleton's Cyclo-
paedia of American Biography, Scribner's
Cyclopaedia of Music and Musicians, and
The International Cyclopaedia. Author: A
Guide to the Opera, 1899 D3; originator and
editor of a series of books on art and trav-
el, of which Turrets, Towers and Temples,
1898 D3; Great Pictures, 1899 D3; Paris, 1900
D3, Wonders of Nature, 1900 D6, and The
Furniture of Our Forefathers, 1900 D6, have
appeared. Translator of Albert Lavignac's
Music Dramas of Richard Wagner, 1898 D3.
Has written numerous criticisms on music
and literature for The Bookman, The Book-
Buyer, The Commercial Advertiser, The
Musical Courier, The Washington Post.
Residence: 1781 Broadway, New York.

SITTERLV, Charles Fremont, prof, of
Biblical literature Drew Theol. Sem. since
1892; b. Liverpool, N. Y., June 4, 1861; j.
Peter and Lucy Bancroft (Walker) S. ; grad.
Syracuse Univ., 1883 (Ph. D., 1886, S. T. D.);
grad. Drew Theol. Sem., 1886; studied Ox-
ford, Bonn, Heidelberg, Leipzig, Berlin; m.
Dec. 22, 1891, Julia Cobb Buttz. Mem. Phi
Beta Kappa. Contributor to religious peri-
odicals. Author: Praxis in Manuscripts of
Greek New Testament; History of English
Bible (Ayres and Sitterly). Residence: Madi-
son, N. J.

si \ iii: it , wiiiiam Henry, Journalist; b.

Dudley, England, May 25, 1858; s. Rev.
Henry S. ; editor Oil City Derrick. 1882-5;
on staff Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegraph since
1885; m. June 24, 1886, Anna Pierpont, Fair-
mont, W. Va. Is extensively known as a
humorist, contributing to many mags, and
periodicals In that capacity. Residence: 122
Dithridge St. Address: The Chronicle-Tele-
graph, Pittsburg, Pa.

SKEEL, Adelaide, author; b. Newburgli,
N. Y.; d. Rufus Reed and Sarah Patten
(Henry) S. ; grad. Vassar, 1873. Contributor
and illustrator for photographic publica-
tions. Author: An After Christmas Thought,
1879; My Three-Legged Story Teller, 1892;
King Washington (with William H. Brear-
ley), 1897. Residence: Newburgh, N. Y.

SKEEL, Franklin Deuel, physician; b.
Sterling Valley, N. Y., Feb., 1851; s. Rev.
H. and Lucy L. S.; grad. Wesleyan Univ.,
Conn., 1875 (A. M.); Univ. Med. Coll., M.
D., 1881; asst. surgeon New York Eye In-
firmary, 1885-94; surgeon to same since 1895;
ophthalmic surgeon to N. Y. Inst'n for In-
struction of the Deaf and Dumb, 1898; also
to St. Joseph's Hosp.; instr. eye diseases.
New York Post-Graduate School of Clinical
Medicine, 1893-6; prof, ophthalmology, New
York School of Clinical Medicine, 1897 and
1898. Mem. New York Acad. Sciences, New
York Acad. Medicine, New York Ophthal-
mol. Soc; pres. New York Micros. Soc,
1897-9; mem. N. Y. State Med. Assn., A. A.
A. S., Am. Ophthalmol. Soc. Residence: 361
Mott Av. Home: 58 E. 25th St., New York.

SKILES, William Woodl>urn, congress-
man, 14th Ohio dist., 1901-3; b. Stoughs-
town, Cumberland Co., Pa., Dec. 11, 1849;
j. John G. S. ; grad. Baldwin Univ., 1876;
hi. Shelby, O., Oct. 3, 1878, E. Dora Matson.
While taking coll. course taught dist. school
part each coll. year; kept up course at
home. Read law at Mansfield, O. ; started
practice at Shelby, 1878. Pres. Citizens'
Bank and Shelby Electric Co. ; stockholder
Shelby Steel Tube Co.; dir. Shelby Water
Co., Shelby Stove Co., the Ball Bearing
Umbrella Co., the Sheets Printing & Mfg. Co.,
Shelby Cycle Mfg. Co.; pres. Shelby bd. of
ed'n, 16 yrs.; Republican. Home: Shelby, O.

SKILTON, John D., Rev. (A. M.), prin-
cipal Cheltenham Military Acad. Address:
Ogontz, Pa.

SKINNER, Aaron Nichols, prof, mathe-
matics U. S. N. since 1898; b. Boston, Aug.
10, 1845; s. Benjamin Hill and Mercy (Bur-
gess) S.; ed. public schools and, 1867-8,
Beloit Coll.; sp'l course in astronomy, Univ.
of Chicago, 1867-70; m. Feb. 9, 1874, Sarah
Elizabeth Gibbs. Asst. Dearborn Observ-
atory, Chicago, 1867-70; asst. astronomer U.
S. Naval Observatory, Washington, 1870-98;
astronomer in charge of 9-inch Transit Cir-
cle, U. S. Naval Observatory, since 1893. In
1894-5 determined places of 8,689 stars in
zone 14 degrees to 18 degrees south declin-
ation as a contribution to the great Star
Catalogue of the German Astron. Soc. from
23 degrees south declination to North Pole.
Discoverer of 4 variable stars; active par-



ticipant in all the meridian circle work of
Naval Observatory since 1871; chief U. S.
Naval Observatory expd'n to island of Su-
matra to observe total solar eclipse of May
17, 1901. Address: Naval Observatory, Wash-
SKINNER, Charles Montgomery, ed-
itor on staff Brooklyn Eagle; b. Victor, N.
Y., March 15, 1852; common school ed'n
Cambridge, Mass., and Hartford, Conn. ;
married in 1876. Author: Villon, the Vaga-
bond (drama, played by his brother, Otis
Skinner) ; Myths and Legends of Our Own
Land; Myths and Legends Beyond Our Bor-
ders; Nature in a City Yard; With Feet to
the Earth; Do-Nothing Days; Myths and
Legends of Our New Possessions; Flowers
in the Pave. Address: The Daily Eagle,
Brooklyn, N. Y.

SKINNER, Charles Rufus, educator; b.
Union Square, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1844; 5. Avery
and Charlotte Prior (Stebbins) S.; ed. in
public schools, Mexico Acad, and Clinton
Liberal Inst. (A. M., Hamilton, 1889; LL.
D., Colgate Univ., 1895); m. Oct. 16, 1873,
Elizabeth Baldwin, of Watertown, N. Y. In
business in New York, 1867-70; mgr. Water-
town, N. Y., Daily Times, 1870-4; mem.
State assembly, 1877-81; mem. Congress,
1881-5; deputy State supt. public instruc-
tion, 1886-92; supervisor teachers' institutes
and teachers' training classes, 1892-6; State
supt. public instruction since April 7, 1895;
pres. Nat. Edn'l Assn., 1896; Republican.
Author: Commercial Advantages of Water-
town, N. Y., 1876; New York Question
Book, 1890; Arbor Day Manual, 1891; Man-
ual of Patriotism for the Schools of New
York, 1900. Address: 453 State St., Albany,
N. Y.

SKINNER, Frank Woodward, civil
eng'r; b. Brownville, N. Y., 1858; grad. Cor-
nell, B. C. E., 1879 (C. E.); made spl'ty of
bridge eng'ring in mill, shop, field and of-
fice. Was asst. eng'r Pittsburg Bridge Co.,
on reconstruction of Niagara R. R. suspen-
sion bridge; with Delaware Bridge Co.;
bridge eng'r N. J. Steel & Iron Co.; resi-
dent eng'r Dominion Bridge Co., Montreal;
eng'r of bridges, St. Paul & Northern Pa-
cific R. R. Co., building large bridges
across St. John's and Mississippi Rivers;
practicing as consulting and expert con-
structional eng'r since 1886; asso. editor The
Engineering Record; since 1898 non-resident
lecturer in charge of course in field eng'r-
ing, Coll. of Civil Eng'ring, Cornell Univ.;
also lecturer on field eng'ring, McGill Univ.,
and other eng'ring colls. Mem. Am. Soc.
Civ. Eng'rs; hon. mem. Conn. Civil Eng'rs
and Surveyors' Assn. Contributor to Har-
per's Weekly and to technical publications.
Residence: New Brighton, Staten Island, N.
Y. Office: 100 William St., New York.

SKINNER, Henrietta Dana, author; b.
Cambridge, Mass.; d. of Richard Henry
Dana, Jr. (author ^Two Years Before the
Mast"); m. June 25, 1892, Henry Whipple
Skinner. Author: Espiritu Santo, a novel,
1899 HI; also mag. articles: A Queen at
School, Scribner's, April, 1878; What French
Girls Study, Atlantic Monthly, Feb., 1892;

Love Songs of the Tuscan Peasantry, Ital-
ian Harvest Scenes, Don Jaimes' Honey-
moon, A Montauk Incident, 1894-9, Catholic
World; Pancho's Happy Family, Harper's,
Nov., 1898. Address: 360 Jefferson Av., De-

SKINNER, Otis, actor; b. at Cambridge,
Mass., 1858; amateur reader and actor,
Hartford, Conn.; m. April 21, 1895, Maud
Durbin. Professional debut as Jim in
"Woodleigh," Phila. Museum, Nov., 1877;
later in Walnut St. Theatre Stock co.,
Phila. ; New York debut at Niblo's in Ki-
ralfy's Enchantment, 1879; successively took
important roles at Booth's Theatre, Boston
Theatre and with Lawrence Barrett; with
Augustin Daly in New York, London, Paris,
Berlin, etc., 5 yrs.; leading man with Mme.
Modjeska, 1892-5; since then starring in ro-
mantic plays. Address: Players' Club, New

SLAFTER, Edmund Farwell, P. E.
clergyman, author; b. Norwich, Vt., May 30,
1816; i. Sylvester and Mary Armstrong
(Johnson) S. ; grad. Dartmouth, 1840 (A. M. ;
D. D.); studied at Andover Theol. Sem. ;
deacon, 1844; priest, 1845; m. Aug. 16, 1849,
Mary Anne Hazen of Boston. Rector St.
Peter's, Cambridge, Mass., 1844-6; St.
John's, Jamaica Plain, 1846-53; asst. rector
St. Paul's, Boston, several yrs.; supt. for
P. E. Ch. in Am. Bible Soc, 1857-77, re-
signed; now registrar Diocese of Mass.
Since 1877 has devoted himself to manage-
ment of property and to hist, studies; mem.
of many hist, socs., etc. Author: Sir Wil-
liam Alexander and American Colonization,
1873; Voyages of the Northmen to America,
1877; History and Causes of Incorrect Lati-
tudes as Recorded in the Journals of Early
Writers, Navigators and Explorers, 1882;
John Checkley: or, the Evolution of Re-
ligious Tolerance in Massachusetts Bay, 1897;
also Memoirs of Samuel de Champlain, Fitch
Edward Oliver, M. D., Charles W. Tuttle,
Rev. William S. Bartlet; Annual Reports as
Registrar of Diocese of Mass.; and many
monographs on hist, subjects. Address: 249
Berkeley St., Boston.

SLAVEN, Henry Bartholomew, con-
tractor; b. nr. Picton, Ont., Oct. 19, 1853;
reared on farm; ed. common schools; be-
came druggist's asst.; grad. Ontario Coll.
of Pharmacy at 17; attended med. coll.,
Phila., 2 yrs.; mgr. wholesale drug house in
Canada, 1873-6; in drug and mfg. business
in San Francisco, 1876; with a brother es-
tablished, 1878, firm of Slaven Bros., con-
tractors of public works and contractors,
1880-9, on Panama Canal. Incorporated busi-
ness, 1882, as Am. Contracting & Dredg-
ing Co., of which he is pres. Treas. Nica-
ragua Canal Co. since 1889; pres. Chase
Granite Co., Bluehill, Me. Residence: 119 W.
22d St. Office: 66 Broadway, New York.

SLAYDEN, James L., congressman; b.
Graves Co., Ky., June 1, 1853; s. Thomas A.
and Letitia E. S. ; ed. country schools and
Washington and Lee Univ., Va. ; mem. Tex.
legislature, 1892; mem. Congress from 12th
Tex. dist., 1897-1903; Democrat. Home: San
Antonio, Tex.



SLEICHER, John A., editor-in-chief of
Leslie's Weekly and mem. of bd. of dlrs.
Judge Co., New York; b. Troy, N. Y., Oct.
4, 1848; s. William Slelcher; ed. Troy high
school; m. Troy, N. Y., 1873, Ella S. Peck-
ham. Was city editor consecutively of Troy
(N. Y.) Whig, Troy Press, Troy Times;
part prop'r Troy Times; agt. at New York
of N. Y. State Associated Press. Prop'r
Schenectady, N. Y., Union; editor-in-chief
and part owner Albany Evening Journal;
Republican; editor-in-chief of New York
Mail and Express. Residence: Holland House.
Office: 110 5th Av., New York.

SLEIGHT, Mary Rreek, author; b. New
York; d. Henry C. S. (one of the earliest
publishers in New York) and Jane, d. John

D. Keese; ed. Geneseo Sem, 111. Author:
Prairie Days, D4; Osego Chronicles; Pulpit
and Easel, C7; The House at Crague; Flag
on the Mill, F3; The Knights of Sandy
Hollow, C6; An Island Heroine, 1898 L9.
Residence: Sag Harbor, L. I., N. Y.

SLENKER, Elmina Drake ("Aunt El-
mina"), author; b. La Grange, Dutchess
Co., N. Y., Dec. 23, 1827; d. Thomas Drake
(a Quaker preacher, who was expelled from
the ministry for heresy, and became a Free-
thinker, as did his daughter) and Eliza
(Pinkham) Drake; m. 1856, Isaac Slenker.
Author: Little Lessons for Liberal Sunday
School, 01; Studying the Bible, 1870; The
Infidel School Teacher, 1885; The Handsom-
est Woman, 1885; The Darwins, T6; Little
Lessons for Little Folks, 1887 T6. Editor:
The Little Freethinker, etc. Address: Snow-
ville, Pulaski Co., Va.

SLICER, Thomas Roherts, Unitarian
clergyman; b. Washington, April 16, 1847;
s. Rev. Henry S. ; ed. in Baltimore (hon. A.
M., Dickinson Coll.); M. E. minister 10 yrs.
in Md., Colo, and N. Y. ; entered Unitarian
ministry, 1881; held pastorates in Provi-
dence, R. I., and Buffalo, N. Y. ; since 1897
pastor Ch. of All Souls, New York. Author:
Doctrine of the Unity of God in the First
Three Centuries, 1893 H5; The Great Af-
firmations of Religion, 1900 H5; The Power
and Promise of the Liberal Faith, 1900 El;
Book of Common Worship, P2. Address: 156

E. 38th St., New York.

SLICHTER, Charles Sumner, prof, ap-
plied mathematics, Univ. of Wis., since 1892;
b. St. Paul, April 16, 1864; .s. J. B. S. ; grad.
Northwestern Univ., 1885, M. S., 1887; m.
Madison, Wis., Dec. 23, 1890, Mary L.
Byrne. Comm'r and sec. Wis. Geol. and
Natural History Survey, 1900-3; pres. Wis.
Acad. Sciences, Arts and Letters, 1900-3;
instr. 1886-9, asst. prof, mathematics 1889-
92, Univ. of Wis. Joint author (with C. A.
Van Velzer): Advanced Algebra, Parts I-II,
1888 01; School Algebra, 1892 G5; Univer-
sity Algebra, 1892 G5; Logarthmic and
Trigonometric Tables, 1891 G5; Manual of
Four Place Logarithms, 1892 G5. Author:
Logarithmic Tables for Rapid Computa-
tion, 1901 Ml. Contributor to math, jour-
nals and proc. Address: 636 Frances St.,
Madison, Wis.

SLINGERLAND, Mark; Vernon, asst.
prof, economic entomology, Cornell Univ.,

since Jan. 3, 1899; b. Otto, N. V., Oct. 3,
1864; s. Jacob A. and Mary (Ballard) S. ;
grad. Cornell, Ii. S., 1892; m. Sept. 10, 1891,
Effie B. Earll. Asst. entomologist, staff of
Agr'l Exp't Sta., Cornell, since 1889. Han
published many bulletins on injurious in-
sects. Address: Ithaca, N. Y.

SLOAN, George lleale, capitalist; b. Os-
wego, N. Y., June 20, 1831; ed. in public
schools; at 14 went to work in country
store; later connected with various firms
until 1864, when he, with Theodore Irwin,
established grain and flour comm'n firm of
Irwin & Sloan; that firm retired from busi-
ness in 1884; since then pres. 2d Nat. Bank,
Oswego, and dir. in bds. of trustees of sev-
eral mfg. cos. Was mem. N. Y. assembly,
1874, 1876, 1877, 1879 (speaker, 1877); State
senator, 1886-91, and chmn. finance com.
during entire term of service. Presidential
elector, 1896; Republican. Was one of the
comm'rs for State of New York at World's
Columbian Comm'n, 1892-3. Delegate to Nat.
Rep. Conv., 1896. Address: Oswego, N. Y.

SLOAN, Richard E., asso. justice Supreme
Court, Ariz.; b. Preble Co., 0., June 22, 1857;
s. Dr. Richard and Mary (Caldwell) S.;
grad. Monmouth Coll., 1877, Cincinnati Law
School, 1884; admitted to bar, 1884; m. Ham-
ilton, O., 1887, Mary Brown. Located in
Ariz., 1884; apptd. asso. justice Supreme
Court, Ariz., 1889; reapptd., 1897; Repub-
lican. Address: Prescott, Ariz.

SLOAN, Samuel, ex-pres. Delaware, Lack-
awanna & Western Ry., retired 1899; b. in
Ireland, Dec. 25, 1817; grad. Columbia Coll.
Grammar School, 1831; entered ry. service,
Dec, 1854; dir., 1854-5, pres., 1855-65, Hudson
River R. R. ; comm'r for trunk lines, 1865-7;
dir., 1864-7, pres., 1867-99, Delaware, Lack-
awanna & Western; also pres. for several
yrs. of about 16 smaller railroads; served
one term in State senate, N. Y. ; Republican.
Office: 26 Exchange PI., New York.

SLOANE, Rush Richard, lawyer, capital-
ist; b. Sandusky, O. ; s. John Nelson and
Cynthia (Strong) S.; m. Elyria O., Helen F.
Hall. City clerk 2 terms; probate judge 2
terms; apptd. by President Lincoln gen.
agt., Postoffice Dept., March, 1861. Was
delegate to Pittsburg Conv., 1856, which or-
ganized the Rep. party, and was invited
guest at Phila. Rep. Nat. Conv., June, 1900.
Aided in organizing the "Cassius M. Clay
brigade," April, 1861, to protect City of
Washington, was a mem. of the brigade;
chmn. Rep. State Com. of Ohio, 1865-6; cau-
didate of Liberal (Greeley) party for Con-
gress, 1872; mayor Sandusky, 1879-81. In
1852 was sued for $6,000 damages in U. S.
court for professional services as a lawyer
in defending 6 slaves, escaping to Canada,
under the Fugitive Slave/ Act of 1850; was
mulcted in damages and paid the judgment.
Was railroad pres. 10 yrs. Built the "Big
Four" R. R. between Springfield and Co-
lumbus, O. Owned much valuable real es-
tate in Chicago, Ind., Mass., Toledo and
Sandusky, O., where he has built the larg-
est hotel (Sloane House) and block and
dwelling house in the city; pres. The Fire-
lands Hist. Soc. Address: Sandusky, O.



SLOANE, Thomas O'Coiior, scientific ex-
pert; b. New York, Nov. 24, 1851; .j. Chris-
tian S. and Eliza M. (O'Conor) S. ; grad. St.
Francis Xavier's Coll., New York, 1869; A.
B. and A. M., Columbia, 1872 (E. M., Ph.
D., Columbia School of Mines). Was prof,
natural sciences, Seton Hall Coll., South
Orange, N. J. ; has given many scientific
lectures and acted as expert in many law-
suits about patents. Invented Self-Record-
ing Photometer, first instrument that ever
recorded mechanically on an index card the
illuminating power of gas. Described in
1877 new process for determining sulphur in
illuminating gas, which was found on ex-
haustive trial to be scientifically accurate.
Was mem. of editorial staff of Plumber and
Sanitary Engineer; afterwards of Scientific
American; later of Youth's Companion.
Married. Author: Home Experiments in Sci-
ence, 1888 B2; Rubber Hand Stamps and the
Manipulation of India Rubber, 1891; Arith-
metic of Electricity, 1891; Electricity Sim-
plified, 1891; Standard Electrical Dictionary,
1892; Electric Toy Making for Amateurs,
1892; How to Become a Successful Electri-
cian, 1894; Liquid Air and the Liquefac-
tion of Gases, 1899. Compiler: Facts Worth
Knowing, 1890. Translator: Electric Light
(Alglave & Boulard), 1884 A2. Wrote: A
New and Exact Method for the Determina-
tion of all the Sulphur in Illuminating Gas.
Contributor to many scientific publications,
including Encyclopaedia Britannica, Mineral
Industry of U. S., etc.; also to scientific
journals here and abroad. Residence: South
Orange, N. J. Office: 39 Wall St., New York.

SLOANE, William Milligan, Seth Low
prof, history, Columbia, since 1896; b. Rich-
mond, O., Nov. 12, 1850; grad. Columbia,
1868; (Ph. D., Leipzig, 1876; A. M., Prince-
ton, 1896). Taught in Newell School, 1868-
72; sec. to George Bancroft, the historian,
in Berlin, 1873-5; prof. Princeton Univ., 1876-
96; editor Princeton Review, 1886-9. Author:
Life and Work of James Renwick Wilson
Sloane (his father); Life of James McCosh;
The French War and the Revolution; Na-
poleon Bonaparte, a History (4 vols.); etc.
Address: Columbia Univ., New York.

SLOCUM, Arthur Gaylord, pres. Kala-
mazoo Coll., Mich., since 1892; b. Steuben,
Oneida Co., N. Y., Oct. 10, 1847; s. Henry
and Sally R. S. ; prepared for coll. at
Whitestown, N. Y., Sem. ; grad. Univ. of
Rochester, 1874 (A. M., LL. D.); m. July,
1875, Mary M. Calvert, Cortland, N. Y.
Born and brought up on farm; worked his
way through coll.; was prin. of private
schools 2 yrs. ; supt. of schools and prin.
Free Acad., Corning, N. Y., 1876-92. Address:
Kalamazoo, Mich.

SLOCUM, Charles Elihu, physician; b.
Northville, N. Y., Dec. 30, 1841; .y. Caleb
Wright S. ; ed. Fort Edward and Pough-
keepsie, N. Y., and Univ. of Mich.; grad.
Coll. Phys. & Surgs., New York, 1869, and
Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila.; Ph. D. in
course, Univ. of Pa.; in practice since 1869;
m. April 5, 1900, Sophia B. Craver, M. D.
Founder Charles Elihu Slocum Library,
Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; prof, psychology and

ethics, Cleveland Coll. Phys. & Surg., from
1896; mem. local med. socs., Am. Med.
Assn., Phila. Acad. Natural Sciences, Am.
Micros. Soc, A. A. A. S., Am. Acad. Po-
litical and Social Science, etc. Author: A
History of the Slocums, Slocumbs and Slo-
combs of America, Genealogical and Bio-
graphical, XI; occasional papers and ad-
dresses before med. and other scientific
socs., etc. Address: Defiance, O.

SLOCUM, Joshua, sea-farer; b. in Wilmot
Tp., Annapolis Co., N. S., Can., Feb. 20,
1844; s. John Slocomb of the American
Quaker family of Slocum, Slocomb or Slo-
combe; gained his ed'n principally at sea
and in travels; sp'l studies in nautical as-
tronomy and marine architecture; m., 1st,
Sydney, New South Wales, Jan., 1871, Vir-
ginia A. Walker; 2d, Boston, Feb., 1886,
Henrietta M. Elliott. Sailor from boyhood;
sailed only in ships belonging in U. S. and
Great Britain except one, the "Destroyer,"
a war vessel which he comd. under the
Brazilian flag, from New York to Brazil.
His several other commands were all under
the flag of U. S. ; 1st command on the coast
of Calif., 1869; sailed 13 yrs. out of San
Francisco, to China, Australia, the Spice
Islands and Japan. Built a steamer of 90

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