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and brother at Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1866;
began career as sculptor there; studied art,
Paris, Rome and Florence, 1875-6; had
studio in Paris at different times, for about
6 yrs., between 18S4-96; m. 1866, Mary E. Wel-
ton, Waterbury, Conn. Mem. Nat. Sculpture
Soc, 1893; Architectural League, 1899; Mu-
nicipal Art Soc, 1899. Public monuments
and statues: Soldiers' and Sailors' monu-
ment and statue Col. Chatfield, Waterbury,
Conn. ; portrait statue Gen. Horatio Gates
on Saratoga Battle Monument; Chancellor
John Watts and Col. Abraham de Peyster,
New York; Abraham Lincoln, Edinburgh,
Scotland; relief, Burns and Highland Mary,
Ayr, Scotland; Chancellor James Kent,
Congressional Library, Washington; Presi-
dent Arthur, New York; Lycurgus, Appellate
Court, New York; group "The Navy," Col-
onnade Navy Arch, New York; statue "Hos-
pitality," Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo, N. Y.
Residence: Mount Vernon, N. Y. Studio:
Lincoln Bldg., New York.

BISSELL, George Welton, prof, mech.
eng'ring, Iowa State Coll., since 1892; b.
Poughkeepsie, N. Y., July 14, 1866; j. G. E.
B. ; ed. public schools, Poughkeepsie, N.
Y., 1877-83; -Cornell, 18S4-8; studied mech.
eng'ring; teacher since 1888; m. Ithaca,
N. Y., June 25, 1889, Fannie Hubbard Speed.
Mem. Sigma Xi, Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs,
Am. Soc. Naval Eng'rs, Soc. Promotion
Eng'ring Ed'n, Internat. Soc. Testing Ma-
terials. Address: Ames, la.

BISSELL, Herbert Porter, lawyer; b.
New London, N. Y., Aug. 30, 1856; head of
law firm, Bissell, Sicard, Bissell & Carey;
trustee of several colls. ; founder and was
pres. Cleveland Democracy of Buffalo; dir.
Pan-Am. Exp'n. Residence: 549 Linwood Av.
Office: 714 Ellicott Sq., Buffalo, N. Y.

BISSELL, Hezekiah, chief engineer Bos-
ton & Me. R. R. ; b. E. Windsor, Conn.;
grad. Sheffield Scientific School, Yale, 1861;
civil eng'r on U. P. R. R. during construc-
tion; also on Adirondack Ry. ; Puno & Cuz-
co R. R., Peru, S. A.; C, C, C. & St. L.
Ry.; Eastern R. R.; Boston & Me. R. R.
Address: West Medford, Mass.

BTSSELL, John William, pres. Upper
Iowa Univ., 1872-99; b. Prescott, Canada,
Aug. 4, 1843; grad. Northwestern Univ., 111.,
1867 (D. D., Iowa Wesleyan Univ.); min-

ister of M. E. Ch. ; delegate to gen. conf.,
1884; traveled in Europe, 1897; in Egypt,
Holy Land and Turkey, 1900; pastor M. E.
Ch., Charles City, la., 1901. Address:
Charles City, la.

BISSELL, Wilson Shannon, ex-postmas-
ter-gen. U. S.; b. New London, N. Y., Dec.
31, 1847; removed to Buffalo in childhood;
grad. Yale, 1869 (LL. D., 1893); studied law
at 21, with Laning, Cleveland & Folsom;
formed partnership with Lyman K. Bass,
1872, Grover Cleveland being admitted to
the firm a year later, name changed to
Bass, Cleveland & Bissell; Mr. Cleveland
elected gov. of N. Y., Mr. Bass removed to
Colo. ; firm reorganized and is now Bissell,
Carey & Cooke. Has been delegate several
State convs. Presidential elector 1884; mem.
commn. to propose amendment to the judi-
ciary articles constitution of N. Y., 1890;
apptd. postmaster-gen. of U. S., March 6,
1893, by Pres. Cleveland; resigned, 1895.
Democrat. Address: Buffalo, N. Y.

BITTER, Karl Theodore Francis,
sculptor; b. Vienna, Austria, Dec. 6, 1867;
ed. in gymnasium there; studied art in
Vienna Acad. Fine Arts: came to U. S.
1S89; was employed in architectural sculp-
ture; won prize in competition for Astor
memorial gates, Trinity Ch., New York;
executed sculpture on Administration and
Manufactures Bldgs., World's Columbian
Exp'n; residences of C. P. Huntington and
Cornelius Vanderbilt, etc.; silver medal,
Paris Exp'n, 1900. Address: Weehawken,
N. J.

BITT1NGER, Jacob E., pres. Northern
111. Coll. since Jan. 1, 1897; b. Hagerstown,
Md., Aug. 1, 1857; grad. Northern 111. Coll.,
1884; m. Nov. 4, 1887, Carrie A. Mason. Was
supt. public schools for 9 yrs.; prof, science
Northern 111. Coll., 1885-90. Address: Ful-
ton, 111.

BITTINGER, John Lawrence, consul-
gen. U. S. at Montreal since July 27, 1897;
b. nr. Chambersburg, Pa., Nov. 28, 1S33;
common school ed'n in Ashland Co., O. ; m.
June 10, 1862, Annie M. Smith, Freeport,
111. Moved to Green Co., Wis.; worked on
farm 3 yrs.; office of Freeport (111.) Jour.,
1S52-5; foreman on several papers in St.
Louis, 1855-60; represented St. Louis Typo-
graphical Union in nat. conv., 1858, Chicago,
and 1859, Boston; removed to St. Joseph,
1860; postmaster, 1861-5; maj. and a. d. c.
on staff Gen. Willard P. Hall, 1861-2; served
C terms in gen. assembly of Mo. ; delegate
to Nat. Rep. Convs., 1872, 1896; managing
editor St. Joseph Herald 27 yrs. ; Kansas
City Jour., 5 yrs. Home: St. Joseph, Mo.
Address: Montreal, Canada.

BITTINGER, Lucy Forney, author; b.
Cleveland, O., Aug. 29, 1859; d. Rev. J. B.
B. (D. D.), and Catharine (Forney) B. ; ed.
private tutors, Sewickley, Pa., and Farm-
ington, Conn. Author: Memorials of the Rev.
J. B. Bittinger, 1891 Lll; History of the
Forney Family of Hanover, Pa., 1893 Lll;
The Germans in Colonial Times, 1901 L5.
Address: 55 Thorn St., Sewickley, Pa.

BIXBY, A ufi'u st iih Ruins, business man;
b. Norridgewock, Me., Dec. 17, 1832; s. Dea.



Rufus and Betsey (Weston) B. ; grad.
Bloomfleld Acad., 1852; m. Skowhegan, Me..
Dec, 1870, Sarah H. Spaulding. Mem. govs.
council, Me., 1885-6; Nat. Comm'r Worlds
Columbian Exp'n, Chicago, 1893; has held
important positions on corns. ; active Re-
publican. Address: Skowhegan, Me.

BIXBY, James Thompson, clergyman,
author; b. Barre, Mass., July 30, 1843; 5.
Clark Smith and Elizabeth (Clark) B. ;
grad. Harvard, 1864 (A. M., B. D.; Ph. D.,
Leipzig Univ.); Unitarian minister; essay-
ist on philos. and theol. subjects. Author:
The Crisis in Morals, 1891 01; Religion and
Science as Allies, 1895 El; Ethics of Evolu-
tion, 1900 S9. Address: 60 Hudson St., Yonk-
ers, N. Y.

BIXBY, William Herbert, maj. corps of
eng'rs, U. S. A.; b. Charlestown, Mass.,
Dec. 27, 1849; 5. Clark Smith and Elizabeth
(Clark) B.; studied in Mass. Inst. Tech-
nology; grad. West Point, 1873; French
Govt. School of Bridges and Highways, 1881;
m. Dec. 27, 1893, Lidey ' H. Rogers Jones,
Phila. Asst. prof, eng'ring, West Point,
1875-9; lecturer on coast defenses, U. S.
Naval War Coll., 1887; sent by U. S. Govt,
to examine and report upon iron fortifica-
tions in Europe, 1881-2; in charge, at differ-
ent times, of U. S. river and harbor im-
provements in N. C, S. C, Va., Conn., R.
I., Mass, and the Ohio River and its tribu-
taries; also of lighthouse construction in
N J., Pa., Del., Md., Va. and of the Ohio
and tributaries; in charge of improvements
of Ohio River since 1897. Mem. Am. Soe.
Civ. Eng'rs, Am. Soe. Mech. Eng'rs; etc.
Address: 2836 Reading Rd., Cincinnati.

BJERREGAARD, Carl Henry Andrew,
librarian The Astor Library since 1879; b.
Fredericia, Denmark, May 24, 1845; studied
Fredericia Coll.; grad. Copenhagen Univ.,
1863; grad. as officer from Mil. Acad, of
Denmark, 1866; m. 1868, Matilda J. Thomp-
son. Served as It. 5 yrs. ; prof, botany
Fredericia Coll., 2 yrs. ; resigned to join
Danish legation to Court of Russia, served
2 yrs. ; came to U. S. for political reasons,
1873. Author: Mysticism and Nature Wor-
ship (2 vols.); Being, and the Philosophical
History of the Subject; also collaborator on
the Standard Dictionary; an authority on
orientalia and mysticism. Has written many
articles and lectured in principal cities.
Address: The Astor Library, N. Y.

BLACK, Alexander, author, artist; b.
New York, Feb. 7, 1859; mem. Authors Club
since 1888; m. Oct. 4, 1881, Elizabeth Helmle.
Author: Story of Ohio, 1888 L9; Photography
Indoors and Out, 1894 H5; Miss Jerry, 1895
S3; A Capital Courtship, 1897 S3; Miss
America, 1898 S3; Modern Daughters, 1899
S3; The Girl and the Guardsman, 1900 S3.
Editor: Ostrander's History of the City of
Brooklyn and Kings County. Residence: 25
Vernon Av., Brooklyn.

BLACK, Charles Clarke, lawyer; b. Mt.
Holly, N. J., July 29, 1858; 5. John, Jr., and
Mary Anna (Clarke) B. ; ed. Princeton Coll.;
studied law Univ. of Mich. ; m. Flushing,
L. I., Feb. 12, 1891, Alice Greenleaf Hazen.
Admitted to N J. bar June term, 1881; has

practiced at Jersey City since; mem. State
Bd. of Taxation, N. J., since 1891: Author:
Proof and Pleadings in Accident Cases, 1886;
New Jersey Law of Taxation, 1893; Law
and Practice in Accident Cases, 1900 Lll.
Address: 81 Gifford Av., Jersey City, N. J.

BLACK, Chauneey Forward, lawyer; b.
York, Pa.; .y. Jeremiah S. B., atty.-gen. and
Sec. State, U. S. ; was It. -gov Pa., 1882-6;
Dem. candidate for gov., 1886; pres. Nat.
Assn. Dem. Clubs. Address: York, Pa.

BLACK, Frank Swett, ex-gov. N. Y. ; b.
Limington, Me., March 8, 1853; grad. Dart-
mouth, 1875 (LL. D., 1898); was editor
Johnstown, N. Y. Jour. ; later reporter
Troy, N. Y., Whig; clerk in registry dept.,
Troy postoffice; admitted to bar, 1879; mem.
Congress, 1895-7; gov. N. Y., 1897-9; Repub-
lican. Address: Troy, N. Y.

BLACK, Greene V., dentist; b. Scott Co.,
111., Aug. 3, 1836; grad. Mo. Dental Coll.,
St. Louis, 1877 (D. D. S.); (M. D., Chicago
Med. Coll., Sc. D., 111. Coll.; LL. D., North-
western Univ.); dean and prof.' operative
dentistry, pathology and bacteriology, North-
western University Dental School, Chicago.
Author: Formation of Poisons by Micro-Or-
ganisms; Periosteum and Peridental Mem-
brane; Anatomy of the Human Teeth; many
soe. papers and journal articles. Address:
Madison, cor. Franklin St., Chicago.

BLACK, James William, prof, history
and political economy, Colby Coll., since
1894; b. Baltimore, Jan. 31, 1866; .y. James
and Mary E. B. ; ed. Baltimore City Coll.,
1880-5; valedictorian (received first grade
Peabody Prize $100); Johns Hopkins Univ.,
A. B., 1888; Ph. D., 1891, history and poli-
tics; holder of Univ. scholarship. Acting
prof, history and political science, George-
town (Ky.), Coll., 1891-2; asso. prof, econ-
omics, Oberlin Coll., 1892-4; m. Baltimore,
Dec. 26, 1889, Jennie Haven Dix. Mem. Phi
Beta Kappa, Am. Hist. Assn., Am. Eco-
nomic Assn. (mem. of council) ; Me. Hist.
Soe, Md. Hist. Soe, etc. Has written:
Maryland's Attitude in the Struggle for
Canada, 10th Ser., VII., Johns Hopkins
Studies in Hist, and Political Science; Ref-
erences on the History of Labor and Labor
Problems, Oberlin Library Bull., May, 1893;
Savagery and Survivals, Popular Science
Monthly, July, 1894; The Dawn of Western
Discovery, Me. Hist. Quar., Oct., 1897; His-
tory of Georgetown Coll. in Higher Educa-
tion in Kentucky, Washington, 1899; book
reviews, etc. Residence: <Jor. College Av. and
Chaplin St., Waterville, Me.

BLACK, John Charles, lawyer; b. Lex-
ington, Miss., Jan. 27, 1839; ed. in common
schools, Danville, 111., and at Wabash Coll.,
Crawfordsville, Ind. (M. A., Wabash; LL.
D., Knox Coll.); m. Sept. 28, 1867, Adaline
L. Griggs, Urbana, 111. Served in Civil war,
April 15, 1861, to Aug. 15, 1865; private to
col. and bvt. brig.-gen. U. S. vols.; comm'r
pensions, U. S., 1885-9; mem. Congress at
large from 111., 1893-5; U. S. atty., northern
dist., 1895-9; past comdr. Mil. Order Loyal
Legion of 111.; dept. comdr. 111. Dept., G. A.
R. Address: 23 Scott St., Chicago.

BLACK, William Henry, pres. Missouri
ous papers on chemistry and metallurgy.



March 19, 1854; s. Rev. Felix G. and Lydia
K. B. ; grad. Waynesburg Coll., Pa., 1870;
Western Union Theol. Sem., 1878; spent 1
yr. in post-graduate study; (A. M., 1879; D.
D., Cumberland Univ., 1888); entered min-
istry Cumberland Presby'n Ch. ; was pastor
at Pittsburg and St. Louis. In Europe, 1S81
and 1896; moderator Gen. Assembly Cum-
berland Presby'n Ch., 1888, at Waco, Tex.
Author: Sermons for the Sabbath School,
1886; God Our Father, 1889 C19; Woman-
hood, 1890 C19; Outline Life of Paul, 1894
A7. Address: Marshall, Mo.

BLACK, William Murray, maj. corps of
eng'rs, U. S. A.; It. -col. and chief eng'r U.
S. vols; b. Lancaster, Pa., Dec. 8, 1S55; ed.
Franklin and Marshall Coll., Pa., 1870-3;
grad. U. S. Mil. Acad., 1S77; m. 1st, 1877,
Daisy Peyton, d. Capt. George H. Derby,
U. S. A. ("John Phoenix"); 2d, 1891, Ger-
trude Sotten, d. Comdr. William M. Gam-
ble, U. S. N. Commissioned through all
grades to maj. corps eng'rs, U. S. A. ; apptd.
lt.-col. and chief eng'r U. S. vols., May 25,
189S. Honorably discharged from vol. ser-
vice June 13, 1899; long engaged on works
of river and harbor improvement; later
asst. instr. practical mil. eng'ring, U. S.
Mil. Acad., West Point, and instr. civil
eng'ring, U. S. Eng'r School, Willets Point,
N. Y. ; asst. in charge works of forti-
fication, office chief eng'rs, Washington,
1895-7; comm'r District of Columbia, 1897-8;
chief eng'r in campaign in Puerto Rico,
1898; chief eng'r Dept. of Havana, staff Gen.
Ludlow, Jan. 2, 1899, to April 30, 1900; chief
eng'r Div. of Cuba since Jan., 1900, staff of
Gen. Leonard Wood; charge of eng'r work,
Havana, and supervision of work in Cuba.
Mem. Am. Soc. Civil Eng'rs. Author: Im-
provement of Harbors; South Atlantic
Coast (prize essay, Trans. Am. Soc. Civil
Eng'rs, 1893); Public Works of U. S.
Address: Care Chief of Engineers, U. S. A.,

BLACK, Winifred ("Annie Laurie"),
journalist; b. Chilton, Wis., Oct. 14, 1869; d.
Gen. P>. J. Sweet; ed. common schools Lom-
bard, 111., Sacred Heart Convent, Chicago;
Lake Forest Sem., 111., Miss Burnham's
Prep. School, Northampton, Mass. ; m. 1st,
Orlow Black, June, 1892 (died, 1S97) ; 2d,
Charles A. Bonfils, Feb. 7, 1901. Entered
journalism, 1890; has been reporter, tele-
graph editor, Sunday editor, asst. city ed-
itor, sp'l writer; investigated leper settle-
ment, Molokai, Hawaii, 1892; raised funds
for founding several charities; investigated
public hosps., San Francisco, inaugurat-
ing many reforms; helped found Junior
Republic for Boys, New York; conducted
Calif. Children's Excursion to World's
Fair; had for 6 yrs. charge of large chari-
ties of San Francisco Examiner and New
York Jour. ; managed hosps. and relief ward
for Galveston flood victims. Author: The
Little Boy Who Lived on the Hill, D10.
Residence: 1640 Downing Av. Office: Denver
Post, Denver, Colo.

BLACKALL, Clarence Howard, archi-
tect; b. New York, Feb. 3, 1857; grad. Univ.
of 111., 1877 (A. M.); studied at ficole des
Beaux Arts, Paris, 1878-80; 1st holder Rotch

Traveling Scholarship, Boston, 1884-6; sec.
of same since 1891; 1st sec. Architectural
League of New York, 1880-1; 1st pres. Bos-
ton Architectural Club, 1889-93; has lived in
Cambridge, Mass., and been in business in
Boston since 1882; architect of Tremont
Temple, Boston, 1893; Colonial Theater, Bos-
ton, 1900; Woman's Club House, Boston,
1900; fellow Am. Inst. Architects. Address:
1 Somerset St., Boston.

BLACKBURN, George Andrew, pastor
2d Presby'n Ch., Columbia, S. C, since 1887;
b. Green Co., Tenn., Oct. 16, 1861; s. John
Nelson and Eliza Jane (Ambrister) B. ;
grad. Southwestern Prebsy'n Univ., 1883;
Columbia Theol. Sem., 1886; m. 1886, Annie
Williams, d. Dr. J. L. Girardeau. Founded
Presby'n High School, Columbia, 1892; a
representative of the Charleston presbytery
in the Sabbath case before Southern Gen.
Assembly, 1894. Edited Girardeau's Discus-
sions of Philosophical Questions, 1900 P6;
now editing Girardeau's Theological Dis-
cussions. Address: Columbia, S. C.

BLACKBUBIV, Joseph Clay Styles,
lawyer, U. S. senator: b. Woodford Co.,
Ky., Oct. 1, 1838; grad. Centre Coll., Dan-
ville, Ky., 1857 (LL. D.); admitted to bar,
1859; practiced in Chicago until Civil war
broke out; served in C. S. A.; after war
practiced law in Ky. ; mem. Ky. legislature,
1871; mem. Congress, 1874-85; U. S. Sena-
tor, 18S5-97; again elected Jan., 1901, for
term 1901-7; Democrat; a leader in the free-
coinage movement. Address: Versailles, Ky.

BLACKBURN, Joseph K., State Dairy
and Food Comm'r of Ohio, 1896-1901; b. Bel-
mont Co., O., June 30, I860; grad. pharm.
dept. Ohio Normal Univ. ; engaged in drug
business; mem. Ohio legislature from Bel-
mont Co. 1 term; Republican. Address: Co-
lumbus, O.

BLACKBURN, Spencer, mem. 57th Con-
gress, 8th N. C. dist. Republican. Home:
Winston, N. C.

BLACKFORD, Eugene Gilbert, fish
incht., icthyologist; b. Morristown, N. J.,
Aug. 8, 1839; common school ed'n; in. May
16, 1860, Frances L. Green. Became fish
dealer in Fulton Market, New York; was
leader in introducing there red snapper,
whitebait, pompano and other fine fish;
comm'r of fish and fisheries, N. Y., 1S79;
caused establishing of hatching sta. for
fish at Cold Spring Harbor; has published
many papers on fish. Pres. Bedford Bank,
Brooklyn; Am. Writing Machine Co., N.
Y. ; Biol. School, Cold Spring, N. Y. ; v. -p.
Union Typewriter Co., and v. -p. Brooklyn
Inst, of Arts and Sciences. Residence: 725
St. Marks Av. Office: Bedford Bank,
Brooklyn, N. Y.

BLACKFORD, Lanncelot Minor, prin.
Episcopal High School, Alexandria, Va.,
since Sept., 1870; b. Fredericksburg, Va.,
Feb. 23, 1837; s. William M. B.; early ed'n
Lynchburg, Va., 1847-54; grad. Univ. of
Va., M. A., 1860; m. Aug. 5, 18S4, Eliza
Chew Ambler of Va. In C. S. A., 1861-5;
asso. prin. Norwood School, Nelson Co.,
Va., 1865-70; Cleveland Democrat. Address:
Alexandria, Va.




BLACKLOCK, Ralpli A., landscape paint-
er; b. New York, 1847; self-taught; hon-
orable mention, Paris Exp'n, 1900. Address:
58 W. 57th St., New York.

BLACKMAI, William Fremont, prof,
sociology, Yale, since 1893; b. North Pitch-
er, N. Y.,. Sept. 26, 1855; grad. Oberlin, 1877;
studied in Berlin Univ. (B. D., Yale, 1880;
Ph. D., Cornell, 1893); m. July 1, 1884,
Lucy Worthington, Washington. Editor The
Yale Review. Author: The Making of Ha-
waii: a Study in Social Evolution. Address:
New Haven, Conn.

BLACKMAR, Frank Wilson, prof, so-
ciology and economics, Univ. of Kan., since
1899, and dean of Graduate School; b. W.
Springfield, Pa., Nov. 3, 1854; grad. Univ.
of the Pacific, 1881, A. M., 1884; Ph. D.,
Johns Hopkins, 18S9; prof, mathematics,
Univ. of the Pacific, 1882-6; graduate stu-
dent, Johns Hopkins, 1886-9; fellow in his-
tory and politics, 18S8-9; prof, history and
sociology, Univ. of Kan., 1889-99; pres. Kan.
Ass'n Charities and Corrections, 1900-1;
mem. Kan. Hist. Soc, Am. Econom. Ass'n,
Am. Hist. Ass'n. Author: Federal and
State Aid to Higher Education in the
United States, 1890 U3; Spanish Coloniza-
tion, 1890 Jl; Spanish Institutions in the
Southwest, 1891 Jl; The Study of Historv
and Sociology, 1890 Lll, The Story of Hu-
man Progress, 1896 C30; Economics, 1900
C30; History of Higher Education in Kan-
sas, 1900 U3; Charles Robinson: The Free
State Governor of Kansas, 1900 C30. Has
written extensively in reviews and maga-
zines on economic, hist, and social sub-
jects. Address: Lawrence, Kan.

BLACKWELL, Antoinette Lonisa
Brown, Unitarian minister; b. Henrietta,
N. Y., May 20, 1825; d. Joseph and Abby
(Morse) Brown; grad. Oberlin, O., 1847 (A.
M.); Theol. School Oberlin, 1850; began plat-
form speaking, 1846; preaching, 1848; set-
tled as Orthodox Cong'l pastor, 1852; or-
dained, 1853; later became Unitarian; m.
Samuel C. Blackwell, 1856; prominent in
woman suffrage and other movements.
Author: Studies in General Science, 1869
P2; The Island Neighbors, 1S71 HI; The
Sexes Throughout Nature, 1875 P2; The
Physical Basis of Immortality, 1876 P2;
The Philosophy of Individuality, 1893 P2.
Address: 139 W. 64th St., New York.

BLACKWELL, Elizabeth, M. D. ; b. Bris-
tol, England, Feb. 3, 1821; emigrated to
U. S., 1832; ed. in private schools in Bristol
and New York; taught school in Ky., and
the Carolinas; sought admission to several
mod. colls., but was refused until she en-
tered the med. school at Geneva, N. Y.,
1847; later studied in La Maternite and
Hotel Dieu, Paris, and St. Bartholomew's,
London. Established practice in New York,
1851; founded a hosp., and, in 1867, in
conjunction with her sister, Dr. Emily
Blackwell, organized Woman's Med. Coll.
of New York Infirmary; lectured in Eng-
land, 1858-9; registered as a physician in
England, 1859, and since 1869 has practiced
in London and Hastings; founded Nat.
Health Soc. of London; aided in founding

London School of Medicine for Women.
Author: Physical Education of Girls; Re-
ligion of Health; Counsel to Parents on
Moral Education; Pioneer Work in Opening
the Medical Profession to Women; The Hu-
man Element in Sex; Decay of Municipal
Representative Institutions. Address: Rock
House, Exmouth Place, Hastings, England.

BLACKWELL, Emily, M. D. ; dean Wo-
man's Med. Coll., New York Infirmary; b.
Bristol, England, 1826; grad. Western Re-
serve Univ., Med. Dept., Cleveland, O.,
1854. One of the founders (1853), with
Elizabeth Blackwell, M. D., and since then
connected with New York Infirmary for
Women and Children, 1st woman's hosp.
in the country. Residence: 53 E. 20th St.,
New York.

BLACKWELL, Robert Emory, v. -p. and
acting pres. Randolph-Macon Coll. since
1900; b. Warrenton, Va., Nov. 14, 1854; .y.
Rev. Dr. John Davenport and Julia Anna
(Butts) B.; prep, ed'n Bethel Acad., Va.,
1865-8; grad. Randolph-Macon Coll., 1874;
studied at Univ. of Leipzig, Germany,
1875-6; m. Ashland, Va., Aug. 28, 1877,
Theela Epia Duncan. Prof, in Randolph-
Macon Coll. since 1876. Mem. Modern
Language Ass'n of America. Author: (with
J. A. Harrison) Easy Lessons in French;
(with W. W. Smith) Parallel Syntax Chart.
Wrote: Were the Ancients Acquainted
with America? Southern Methodist Rev.,
Nashville, 1894; article on Matthew Ar-
nold's Letters, same, 1896. Address: Ran-
dolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va.

BLAIKE, William, lawyer, author, lec-
turer, athlete; b. York, N. Y., May 24,
1843; grad. Harvard, 1S66; Harvard Law
School, 1868; walked from Boston to New
York, 225 miles, in 4% days, Thanksgiving
week, 1868, which for 10 yrs. was the ama-
teur long-distance out-door walking record;
accompanied Harvard crew to England,
1869, as sec. and treas.; pardon clerk in
U, S. Att'y-Gen.'s office, 1S69-70; asst. in
U. S. Dist. Atty's office, New York, 1870-2;
established as lawyer, New York. Lecturer
on physical training and personal probity.
Author: How to Get" Strong; Sound Bodies
for Our Boys and Girls; Secret Sins of
Young Men; m. July 3, 1872, Isabella Stuart
Briggs, Harrisburg, Pa.; 2d, Oct. 6, 1891,
Rebecca Wynne Scott, Elkhorn, Ky. Ad-
dress: 206 Broadway, New York.

BLAIR, Andrew Alexander, analytical
chemist; b. Ky., Sept. 20, 1848; j. Gen.
Francis P. B.; m. Oct. 24, 1872, Anna S.
Biddle, Phila. Grad. U. S. Naval Acad.,
1866; later was apptd. ensign, U. S. N. ; was
chief chemist to U. S. comm'n apptd. to
test iron, steel and other metals, Water-
town arsenal, 1875-8; chief chemist, U. S.
Geol. Survey and 10th Census, Newport,
R. I., 1879-81; since then in gen. practice;
mem. Am.' Philos. Soc, etc. Author: The
Chemical Analysis of Iron; also numer-
ous papers on chemistry and metallurgy.
Residence: 1802 DeLancey PI. Office: 406
Locust St., Philadelphia.

BLAIR, Eliza Nelson; b. N. H. ; d. Wil-
liam and Dolly Sumner (Elliott) Nelson; m,



Dec. 20, 1859, Henry William Blair. Author:
'Lisbeth Wilson: A Daughter of New Hamp-
shire Hills (novel of New England life in
the early part of XlXth century), 1895 L3.
Address: Manchester, N. H.

BLAIR, Engrenie (Mrs. Robert L. Down-
ing), actress; b. Columbia, S. C. ; acted child
parts; 1st appearance in adult roles with
John T. Raymond; supported Mrs. D. P.
Bowers at St. Louis, and later was leading
lady "with James O'Neil and Frederic
Warde; m. Robert L. Downing, actor, and
has since taken leading female roles in his
co. Address: Edgemore, Benning, D. C.

BLAIR, Henry William, lawyer, ex-U. S.
senator; b. Campton, N. H., Dec. 6, 1834;
s. William Henry B. ; academic ed'n (A.
M., Dartmouth); admitted to N. H. bar,
1859; m. Dec. 20, 1859, Eliza Nelson. Served
during Civil war, capt. to It. -col. 15th N. H.
vols.; twice wounded; mem. N. H. legisla-
ture, 1866; senate, 1867-8; mem. Congress
from N. H., 1875-9 and 1893-5; U. S. sen-
ator, 1879-91; prominent in work and
speeches upon financial, tariff, commercial
and edn'l questions, notably in combating
"greenback" theories in 1876-78; author Blair
bill to extend federal aid to ed'n in the
States, which 3 times passed senate; apptd.
and confirmed U. S. minister to China, but
resigned when Chinese Govt, objected to
him because of his opposition to Chinese
immigration; Republican. Besides the ed'n
bill, was author of the bills establishing U.
S. Labor Dept. ; the Sunday Rest bill;
School and Temperance Constitutional

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