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Press, Nyrn Crinkle's Feuilleton, Advocate,
Dramatic World, and others. Spoke through-
out N. Y. under auspices Dem. Nat. and
State Coins., 1896; delegate to State Conv.
Bryan and Sewall clubs, Buffalo, 1896. A
founder and 1st librarian Theosophical Soc,
1876; an incorporator People's Inst.; vice-
ruler and a founder Thirteen Club; past del-
egate Dist. Assembly 49, Knights of Labor;
trustee New York Press Club, 1876-7, 1896-
1900; prominent Mason and Sheikh of Kaa-
ba; asst. grand sec. gen. Supreme Council
Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite since
1900; 94th degree Rite of Memphis; grand
representative of Great Britain and Ireland
to U. S. of Supreme Council, Swedenborgian
rite; mem. numerous clubs, Nat. Liberal
League, Soc. of Am. Authors, Am. Philol.
Soc, Harleian Soc. of London. Author:
Alessandro di Cagliostro, Impostor or Mar-
tyr? 1875 01; Percy Bysshe Shelley as a
Philosopher and Reformer, 1875; Horace
Greeley and Other Pioneers of American
-Socialism, 1892; The Theatres of New York,
1893. Also numerous separate bibliographies,
etc. Residence: 26 W. 99th St. Office: 320
Temple Ct., Beekman St., New York.

SOTHERJi, Edward H., actor; b. London,
Eng.; 5. Edward A. S., famous comedian;
1st appeared in small part with his father,
Abbey's Park Theatre, New York; later
played with Helen Dauvray in "One of Our
Girls." First took leading role, Lyceum
Theatre, New York, May 23, 1887, as Jack
Hammerton in "The Highest Bidder," and
since has starred with his own co. in "Lord
Chumley," "The Maister of W r oodbarrow,"
"The Prisoner of Zenda," "Under the Red
Robe," etc.; m. Virginia Harned, his lead-
ing woman. Address: 37 W. 69th St., New

SOUCHON, Edmond, M. D., pres. La. State
Bd. of Health since Aug. 29, 1898; b. Ope-
lousas, St. Landry Parish, La., Dec. 1, 1841;
s. Dr. Eugene and Caroline (Pettit) S. ; early
ed'n in Martinsville, La., Mobile, Ala., and
New Orleans; collegiate ed'n, Paris, France;
studied medicine, 1860-5; grad. med. dept.,
Univ. of La., 1867; asst. Charity Hosp., New
Orleans; demonstrator of anatomy med.
dept., Tulane Univ., prof, anatomy and clin-
ical surgery same, 1885; mem. bd. of admin-
istrators of Charity Hosp., 1880-2; designed
and superintended the erection of the Tulane
Med. Coll. Bldg. ; m. New Orleans, 1869, Co-
rinne Lavie. Mem. Orleans Parish Med.
Assn.; mem. and pres., 1886, New Orleans
Med. and Surg. Assn. ; Am. Med. Assn. ;
Southern Surg, and Gynecol. Soc; Soc. Am.
Anatomists. Published several surg. articles
in the New Orleans Med. and Surg. Journal;
inventor Souchon's Anesthetizer used in face

and mouth operations. Office: 204 Carondelet
St., New Orleans.

SOL'LE, Andrew MneNnlrn, prof, agr.,
and agriculturist, Tenn. Expt. Sta., hup i
1899; A. O. A. C, Ontario Agr'l Coll., 1892;
B. S. A., Univ. of Toronto, 1893; asst. in
Experimental Dept., Ontario Agr'l Coll.,
1891-2; asst. agriculturist, Mo. Expt. Sta.,
1894; asst. prof. agr. and asst. agriculturist,
Tex. Agr'l and Mech. Coll. and Expt. Sta.,
1894-9. Address: Univ. of Tennessee, Knox-
ville, Tenn.

SODLE, Caroline AiikiihIii, Universalist
minister; b. (White) Albany, N. Y., Sept. 3,
1824; grad. with honors Albany Female Acad.,
1841; prin. female dept. Clinton Liberal Inst.,
1842; m. Aug. 28, 1843, Rev. Henry B. Soule.
Left a widow with 5 children, Jan. 30, 1852;
engaged in literary work, which she has
since continued; owned and edited for llyrs.
The Guiding Star, a Sunday-school paper;
ordained to Universalist ministry, 1880; pas-
tor St. Paul's Universalist Ch., Glasgow,
Scotland, 1879-92. Author: Home Life; The
Pet of the Settlement; Wine or Water? Ad-
dress: 71 Seymour St., Crossmyloof, Glas-
gow, Scotland.

SOULE, Charles Carroll, pres. of Boston
Book Co.; b. Boston, June 25, 1842; grad.
Harvard, 1862; private and It. 44th Mass.,
and capt. 55th Mass., 1862-5; trustee Brook-
line Public Library; trustee Am. Library
Assn. Author: The Lawyer's Reference Man-
ual of Law Books and Citations. Residence:
Cambridge, Mass. Office: lSVfc Beacon St.,

SOULE, George, expert accountant, pres.
Soule Coll.; b. Barrington, N. Y., May 14,
1834; grad. Sycamore Acad., 111., 1853; stud-
ied law and the business sciences, St. Louis,
Mo., 1854-6; founded, 1856, Soule Commercial
Coll. and Literary Inst., New Orleans; was
It. -col. C. S. A.; 32 mason. Past Grand
Comdr. Knights Templar, La. ; mem. Grand
Encampment K. T. of U. S. ; Past Grand
Dictator, La. Knights of Honor; ex-pres.
Business Educators' Assn. of America; mem.
Nat. Edn'l Assn.; lecturer on edn'l and so-
ciol. questions. Author: Analytic and Philo-
sophic Commercial and Exchange Calculat-
or, 1872; Contractions in Numbers, 1873; In-
termediate Philosophic Arithmetic, 1874; New
Science and Practice of Accounts, 1881; Gems
of Business Problems, 1885-; Manual of Au-
diting, 1892; Partnership Settlements, 1893;
Practical Mathematics, 1895. Address: 603 St.
Charles St., New Orleans.

SOUS A, John Philip, musician; b. Wash-
ington, Nov. 6, 1854; 5. Antonio and Eliza-
beth (Merkhaus) S. ; studied music; teacher
at 15 and conductor at 17; was one of first
violins of Jacques Offenbach's orchestra
when the latter was in U. S.; band leader
U. S. Marine Corps, 1880-92; since 1892 dir.
Sousa's Band; has composed and published
many marches, orchestral suites, "Te De-
ums," songs, waltzes and the light operas
El Capitan, Bride Elect (libretto and music),
The Charlatan, and Chris or the Wonderful
Lamp. Married. Address: Astor Court, New



SOUTHARD, James Harding:, congress-
man; b. on farm, Washington Tp., Lucas
Co., O., Jan. 20, 1851; grad. Cornell, 1874;
studied law; admitted to bar, 1877; asst.
pros, att'y Lucas Co., 1882; later pros, att'y,
6 yrs. ; mem. Congress from 9th Ohio dist.,
1895-1903; Republican. Home: Toledo, O.

SOUTHGATE, James H., vice-presiden-
tial candidate National party, 1896; b. Nor-
folk, Va., July 12, 1859; in N. C. since 1861;
ed'n in acads. and Univ. of N. C. ; m. 1882,
Kate S. Fuller (died, 1893). In banking and
ins. business since 1882; has been pres. Y.
M. C. A. of N. C. ; treas. State Sunday
School Assn. ; active in Prohibition move-
ment for yrs. Mem. platform com. of Prohi-
bition Party's Nat. Conv. at Cincinnati, 1892,
and Pittsburg, 1896. Address: Durham, N. C.

SOUTHWICK, George N., congressman
20th N. Y. dist., 1901-3; b. Albany, N. Y.,
March 7, 1863; 5. Henry C. and Margaret J.
S.; grad. Williams Coll., 1884; partial course
Albany Law School; unmarried. In journal-
ism since 1885 on Morning Express or Even-
ing Journal, Albany, N. Y. Mem. Congress,
1895-9; defeated for 56th Congress, 1898; re-
elected 1900; chmn. Rep. State Conv., March,
1896. Has contributed on several occasions to
North Am. Review and minor mags. Home:
55 Ten Broek St., Albany, N. Y.

SOVEREIGN, James R., lecturer, jour-
nalist and political speaker; Democrat; for-
merly General Master Workman Knights of
Labor, 1894-7. Address: Sulphur Springs, Ark.

SOWER, Charles Gilbert, Sr., publish-
er; b. Norristown, Pa., 1821; s. David and
Cecelia (Chollet) S., and great g.s. of Chris-
topher Sower, bishop Ch. of the Brethren,
and great-great g.s. Christopher Sower, 1st
famous printer of Germantown; ed. Mont-
gomery Acad. ; learned printing in father's
establishment; now pres. Christopher Sower
Co., publishers; tri. 1849, Caroline A., d. of
Nathan R. Potts. Mem. German Soc, Pio-
neer Verein, Hist. Soc. of Pa., Library Co.,
Arehaeol. Soc. and Acad, of Nat. Sciences,
all Phila. ; has notable collection of speci-
mens of early printing and other rare books.
Address: 1926 Arch St., Philadelphia.

SPAETH, (Phillip Friedrich) Adolph
(Theodor), prof. in. Luth. Theol. Sem.
since 1873, and pastor St. Johannis German
Luth. Ch. since 1867; b. Esslingen, Germany,
Oct. 29, 1839; s. Dr. E. H. Phillip and Rose
(Boley) S.; grad. Univ. of Tubingen, 1861
(D. D., Univ. of Pa., 1875; LL. D., Muhlen-
berg Coll., Pa.). Tutor in family of Duke of
Argyle, Scotland, 1863; m. 1st, 1865, Maria
Dorothea, d. Rev. John Duncan, LL. D., of
Edinburgh, Scotland; 2d, 1880, Hariett Reyn-
olds, d. Rev. Charles Porterfield Krauth, D.
D., LL. D. Called to Zion's Ch., Phila., 1864;
pres. Gen. Council Evang. Luth. Ch. in N.
America, 1880-8; pres. Ministerium of Pa.,
1892-5; pres. Gen. Conf. of Luth. Mother-
houses of Deaconesses in U. S., 1896. Author:
Liederlust; Saatkorner; Biography of Dr. W.
J. Mann; Biography of Dr. Charles Porter-
field Krauth, 1898 S3; Commentary on the
Gospel of St. John, 1896 S3; etc. Editor of
German Church Book and German Sunday
School Book of the General Council. Co-ed-

itor of Documentary History, Ministerium
of Pa. Contributor to Lutheran Encyclopae-
dia, 1899 S3. Residence: 7300 Boyer St., Phil-

SPAHR, Charles Barzillai, asso. editor
The Outlook since 1886; b. Columbus, O.,
July 20, 1860; s. Rev. B. N. S.; grad. Am-
herst, 1881; studied at Leipzig, 1884-5 (Ph.
D., Columbia School of Political Science);
m. July 5, 1892, Jean Gurney Pine, Prince-
ton, N. J. Author: Present Distribution of
Wealth, 1896 C7; America's Working People,
1900 L4; also essays on The Taxation of La-
bor, The Single Tax, and Giffen's Case
Against Bimetallism for Political Science
Quarterly. Residence: Upper Montclair, N. J.
Office: The Outlook, New York.

SPALDING, Burleigh Folsom, lawyer,
ex-congressman; b. Craftsbury, Vt., Dec. 3,
1853; s. Benjamin Pendell and Ann (Folsom)
S. ; grad. Norwich Univ., Northfield, Vt.,
1877 (A. M.); m. Nov. 25, 1880, Alida Baker.
Admitted to Vt. bar, 1880; removed to Far-
go, Dakota and_ engaged in law practice,
March 31, 1880; supt. instruction Cass Co.,
Dak. Ty., 1882-4; member capital comm'n,
1883-7; mem. Constitutional Conv., 1889; mem.
joint comm'n to divide archives, Dak. Ty.,
1889; chmn. Rep. State Central Com., 1892;
mem. 56th Congress (1899-1901). Active in op-
position to free and unlimited coinage of sil-
ver. Address: Fargo, N. Dak.

SPALDING, Elizabeth Hill, teacher of
English, Pratt Inst., Brooklyn; d. Luther
and Sarah A. Hill; prep, ed'n public schools
of Stoneham, Mass.; grad. Vassar Coll.; m.
Ely Parker Spalding. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa,
Woman's Univ. Club, New York, Brooklyn
Woman's Club. Author: The Problem of Ele-
mentary Composition: Suggestions for Its
Solution, H2; The Language-Speller, R9.
Address: 193 Jefferson Av., Brooklyn.

SPALDING, Frederick Putnam, prof,
civ. eng'ring Univ. of Mo., since Sept., 1900;
b. Wysox, Pa., April 7, 1857; s. Israel Put-
nam and Ruth E. (Cooley) S.; grad. School
of Civ. Eng'ring, Lehigh Univ., 1880; m.
Jan. 22, 1885, Annie Packer Wilbur, of Beth-
lehem, Pa. Several yrs. in practice as civil
eng'r upon river improvements and mu-
nicipal work; instr. Lehigh Univ., 1886-8;
asst. prof, of civil eng'ring Cornell, 1891-8.
Author: Notes on Hydraulic Cement, 1893;
Text-Book on Roads and Pavements, 1894
W9; Hydraulic Cement, Its Properties, Test-
ing and Use, 1897 W9; etc. Address: Colum-
bia, Mo.

SPALDING, George, ex-congressman and
banker; b. in Scotland, 1837; came with pa-
rents to U. S., 1843; ed. public schools, Buf-
falo, N. Y. ; went with parents to a farm 2
miles from Monroe, Mich.; taught school,
1860-1; served in Union army from June,
1861; pvt. to col. and bvt. brig. -gen. ; several
times wounded; mustered out, Oct. 24, 1865.
Postmaster, Monroe, Mich., 1866-70; sp'l agt.,
U. S. Treasury Dept., 1871-5; mayor of Mon-
roe, 1876; admitted to bar, 1878; dir., 1876;
dir. and cashier, 1877-92; and since then
pres. 1st Nat. Bank, Monroe. Mem. Con-
gress, 2d Mich, dist., 1895-9; Republican. Ad-
dress: Monroe, Mich.



SPALDING, George Hurley, clergyman;
b. Montpelicr, Vt., Aug. 11, 1835; grad. Vt.
Univ., 1856; Andover Theol. Sem., 1861 (D.
D., Dartmouth; LIi. D., Syracuse Univ.);
m. Aug. 6, 1861, Sarah Livingston, d. Rev.
Dr. John W. Olmstcad, editor Watchman,
Boston. Has been pastor at Vergennes, Vt. ;
Hartford, Conn.; Dover and Manchester, N.
H. ; now pastor 1st Presby'n Ch., Syracuse,
N. Y. Was mem. N. H.. legislature, and
State Constitutional Conv., N. H. Is trustee
Hamilton Coll., and Auburn Theol. Sem.
Has written much for mags, and periodicals.
Address: Syracuse, N. Y.

SPALDING, Jack; Johnson, lawyer; b.
Morganfleld, Ky., Aug. 29, 1856; j. Ignatius
A. and Susan A. (Johnson) S.; ed. at St.
Louis, Mo., Univ. and Seton Hall Coll., N.
J.; studied law; admitted to bar, 1878; m.
Morganfleld, Ky., Dec. 18, 1877, Elizabeth
Hughes. Helped organize and was 1st pres.
Young Men's Dem. League of Atlanta, 1S83;
Ga. dist. delegate to Nat. Dem. Conv., 1888,
St. Louis; delegate State at large (Ga.) Kan-
sas City Dem. Conv., 1900; co. comm'r Ful-
ton Co., Ga., 1895-9; practiced law Morgan-
field, Ky., 1878-82, and Atlanta, Ga., since
Jan., 1882; gen. counsel Cotton States and
Internat. Exp'n Co., Atlanta, Ga., 1895; has
participated in leading litigation in r. r.
matters in South for last 12 to 15 yrs.; Dem-
ocrat. Residence: 958 Peachtree St. Office: 617
Temple Court, Atlanta, Ga.

SPALDING, John Franklin, P. E. bish-
op of Colo, since 1873; b. Belgrade, Me., Aug.
25, 1828; grad. Bowdoin, 1853 (D. D. ; also D.
D., Trinity); Gen. Theol. Sem., 1857; deacon,
1857; priest, 1858; several New England chs.,
1857-62; rector St. James', Old Town, Me.,
St. George's, Lee, Mass., asst. Grace Ch.,
Providence, R. I.; rector St. Paul's, Erie,
Pa., 1862-73. Author: A Manual for Mothers'
Meetings; The Church and Its Apostolic
Ministry, 1887 Y2; The Threefold Ministry
of the Church of Christ; The Pastoral Office;
The Best Mode of Working a Parish, 1889 Y2;
Jesus Christ, the Proof of Christianity, 1890
Y2. Address: 2011 Lincoln Av., Denver, Colo.

SPALDING. John Lancaster, R. C. bish-
op of Peoria since 1877; b. Lebanon, Ky.,
June 2, 1840; ed. Mt. St. Mary's Coll., Em-
mitsburg, Md., Univ. of Louvain, Belgium,
and in Rome. Sec. to bishop of Louisville,
1865; in 1869 built St. Augustine's Ch. for
Catholic negroes of Louisville; chancellor
Diocese of Louisville, 1871; in New York,
1872-7. Author: Life of Most Rev. M. J.
Spalding, Archbishop; Essays and Reviews;
Religious Mission of the Irish People; Lec-
tures and Discourses; Education and the
Higher Life; Things of the Mind; Means
and Ends of Education; Thoughts and The-
ories of Life and Education: America, and
Other Poems; The Poet's Praise; Songs;
etc. Address: 607 N. Madison Av., Peoria, 111.

SPALDING, Volney Morgan, prof, bot-
any Univ. of Mich, since 1885; b. East Bloom-
field, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1849; 5. Frederick Aus-
tin and Almira (Shaw) S. ; grad. Univ. of
Mich., 1873 (Ph. D., Univ. Leipzig); m. 1876,
Harriet Hubbard; 2d, 1896, Effie A. South-
worth. Instr. botany Univ. of Mich., 1876-9;

asst. prof, same, lS7!i-s.". Mem. various sci-
entific soca. ; pres. Mich. Acad. Science i jrr.
Author: Guide to the Study of Common
Plants, and Introduction to Botany, 1895 H2;
Monograph on the White Pine; various pa-
pers in Annals of Botany, Science, American
Naturalist, Therapeutic Gazette and other
periodicals. Address: 548 Thompson St., Ann
Arbor, Mich.

SPANGLEH, Henry Thomas, pies, and
prof, ethics and homiletics UrslnuB Coll.
since 1893; b. Myerstown, Pa., Nov. 14, 185
grad. Ursinus Coll., 1873 (A. M., 1876; D. D.,
Heidelberg Univ., 1894); student in theology
and instr. Ursinus Coll., 1873-5; licensed
minister Reformed Ch. in U. S. (German
Reformed), 1875; m. June 22, 1876, Marion
E., d. Rev. J. H. A. Bomberger, D. D., LL.
D., pres. Ursinus Coll., 1870-90. Asso. editor
Christian World, Cincinnati, O., 1875-7; pas-
tor, 1877-90; prof, psychology Ursinus Coll.,
1891-3. Address: Collegeville, Pa.

SPANGLKR, Henry Wilson, prof. mech.
eng'ring Univ. of Pa. since 1889; b. Carlisle,
Pa., Jan. 18, 1858; grad. U. S. Naval Acad.,
1878; eng'r U. S. N., 1878-89. Mem. Franklin
Inst.; Am. Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; Am. Soc. Nav-
al Architects; Am. Soc. Naval Eng'rs. Ad-
dress: 4815 Springfield Av., Philadelphia.

SPARHAWK, Frances Campbell, au-
thor; b. Amesbury, Mass., July 28, 1847; d.
Dr. Thomas and Elizabeth (Campbell) S.;
grad. Ipswich (Mass.) Female Sem., 1867.
Sec. Indian Industries League, designed to
promote industry and self-help among Am.
Indians; chmn. Dept. Indian Libraries, Wo-
men's Nat. Indian Assn. Contributor to
mags, and papers. Author: A Lazy Man's
Work, 1881 S28;Miss West's Class in Geogra-
phy, 1887 L3; Little Polly Blatchley, 1887 L9;
Christmas Thoughts (selections), 1887 L9;
Chronicle of Conquest, 1S90 L9; Onoque,
1892 L3; A Wedding Tangle, 1S93 A3; Senator
Intrigue and Inspector Noseby, 1895 A7; Fet-
tered, 1899 Nl. Address: 700 Commonwealth
Av., Newton Centre, Mass.

SPARKMAN, Stephen 31., congressman;
b. Hernando Co., Fla., July 29, 1849; ed. in
common schools; taught school 1867-70;
studied law; admitted to bar, Oct., 1872;
practices in State and U. S. courts; State's
att'y 6th jud. dist., Fla., 9 yrs.; mem. 1S90-2,
and later chmn., State and Congressional
Dem. Com.; declined apptmt. as circuit
judge, 1888, and as supreme judge, 1891;
mem. Congress from 1st Fla. dist., 1895-1903;
Democrat. Home: Tampa, Fla.

SPAULDING, Oliver Lyman, Asst. Sec.
of the Treasury; b. Jaffrey, N. H., Aug. 2,
1833; s. Lyman and Susan (Marshall) S. ;
grad. Oberlin Coll., O., 1855; w. 1862, M. Ce-
cilia Swegles. Practiced law in Mich.; in
Union army during Civil war; bvt. brig.-
gen. Has been regent Univ. of Mich.; Sec.
of State, Mich.; sp'l agt. Treasury Dept.;
mem. Congress; Asst. See. of the Treasury;
comm'r to Sandwich Islands to investigate
matters pertaining to Hawaiian reciprocity
treaty. In April, 1897, again apptd. Asst.
Sec. of Treasury; Republican. Home: St.
John's, Mich. Business Address: Washington.



SPEAR, Ellis, att'y and solicitor of pat-
ents; b, Warren, Knox Co., Me., Oct. 15,
1834; j>. James Marston S.; grad. Bowdoin,
1858; served in Army of Potomac, 1862-5, capt.
to col. 20th Me. vols., and bvt. brig. -gen. ;
asst. examiner, ry. and civ. eng'ring, U. S.'
Patent Office, 1865-8; examiner, 1868-72; ex-
aminer-in-chief, 1872-4; asst. comm'r pat-
ents, 1874-6; resigned. Engaged in private
business, 1876, until Jan., 1877, when he was
apptd. comm'r patents, serving until Nov.,
1878; 2d v. -p. Washington Loan & Trust Co.;
trustee public schools, D. C. ; dir. Bd. of
Trade. Residence: 1501 Park St., N. W. Office:
1003 F St., N. W., Washington.

SPEAR, William T., judge Supreme Court
Ohio since 1885; b. Warren, O., June 3, 1834;
.?. Edward and Ann (Adgate) S. ; ed. public
schools; grad. Harvard Law School, 1859;
admitted to bar, 1859; m. Sept. 28, 1864,
Frances E. York, Geneva, N. Y. Elected
pros, att'y, 1873; re-elected. Elected judge
Court of Common Pleas, 1878; re-elected;
elected to Supreme Bench, 1885; has been
chief justice, now asso. justice; last elec-
tion in 1898, for 6 yrs. Address: Columbus, O.

SPEARMAN, Frank Hamilton, author;
b. Buffalo, N. Y. ; s. Simon and Emmaline
E. (Dunning) S.'; ed. public schools Apple-
ton, Wis., and Lawrence Univ., same place;
m. Chicago, June 5, 1884, Eugenie A. Loner-
gan. Broker at 18, traveling salesman at 20;
bank cashier at 27; bank pres. at 29; since
1895 in literary work as mag. writer and au-
thor; mem. Hist. Soc. of Wis. Author: The
Nerve of Foley, 1900 HI. Wrote: The Great
American Desert, Harper's Magazine, 1888;
Phases of Western Railway Management,
Harper's Weekly, 1890; An American Farm-
er's Balance Sheet, Review of Reviews, 1899.
Residence: Wheaton, 111.

SPEARS, John Randolph, author, jour-
nalist; b. in Ohio, 1850; s. Richard O. C. and
Louisa S. Frequent contributor to periodical
literature. Author: The Gold Diggings of Cape
Horn, 1895 P2; The Port of Missing Ships,
and Other Stories of the Sea, 1896 Ml; The
History of Our Navy, 1897 S3; Our Navy in
the War with Spain, 1898 S3; The Fugitive
1899 S3; History of the American Slave
Trade, 1900 S3. Address: Northwood, Herki-
mer Co., N. Y.

SPEED, Horace, U. S. att'y for Okla.
Ty., apptd. Dec. 18, 1899; b. Nelson Co., Ky.,
Jan. 25, 1852; .y. Thomas S. and Margaret
(Hawkins) S. ; ed. private schools; m. 1st,
Nov., 1892, Jessie St. J. Adams (died, May
24, 1894); 2d, Aug., 1895, Matilda McAlester.
Left home at 17; clerk commissary dept. of
army, 1869-77; went to Indianapolis, Ind.,
1877; began law practice, 1878; removed to
Okla., 1889; sec. Cherokee Comm'n, 1889-90;
U. S. att'y for Okla. Ty., 1890-4; sole coun-
sel for U. S. in Cherokee Outlet cases, 1891-2.
Address: Guthrie, Okla.

SPEED, James Brechinrid&e, mcht. ;
b. Louisville, Ky. ; 5. William P. and Mary
Ellen (Shallcross) S. ; ed. public schools;
bank clerk Louisville and Chicago until 1861;
served in Union army, pvt. and later adj.
27th Ky. inf., 1861-5, serving in all the cam-
paigns in the West; m. 1867, Cora, d. George

W. Coffin, Cincinnati. In business in Louis-
ville since war; pres. Louisville Cement Co.,
Louisville Street Ry. System, Ohio Valley
Telephone Co.; head of J. B. Speed & Co.,
cement, etc., and Byrne & Speed, coal.
Address: Louisville, Ky.

SPEED, John Gilmer, author, journalist;
b. in Ky., Sept. 21, 1853; j. Philip and Emma
(Keats) S.; grad. Univ. of Louisville, 1869
(A. M., C. E.); practiced civ. eng'ring; en-
g'r for several railroads; later city eng'r
Louisville; was connected with U. S. Bd.
Transportation at Centennial Exp'n, 1876.
Joined staff New York World, 1877; was its
mng. editor, 1879-83; traveled abroad, 1883-5
and 1885-8; was sec. Am. Exb'n, London,
1887; edited American Magazine, 1888-9; was
for 2 yrs. editor Leslie's Weekly. Edited
Keats' Letters and Poems, and wrote a life
of the poet, who was his great-uncle. Author:
A Fall River Incident; The Gilmers in
America; A Deal in Denver; etc. Contrib-
utor to Century, Harper's, Forum, North
American Review, McClure's, Lippincott's,
Ainslee's, etc. Address: Mendham, N. J.

SPEED, Thomas, clerk U. S. circuit and
dist. courts, dist. of Ky., since July 9, 1892;
b. Bardstown, Ky., Nov. 26, 1841; .y. Thomas
Spencer and Sarah Whitney (Sparhawk) S. ;
attended Centre and Hanover Colls. ; entered
Union army as pvt., 1862, in 12th Ky. Vet.
Inf., becoming 1st It. and later adj. of regt. ;
also served on brigade staff; was in siege
of Knoxville, Bean's Station, the battles of
Atlanta campaign, Columbia, Franklin,
Tenn., taking of Ft. Anderson and Wil-
mington, N. C. ; m. 1870, Lucy Madison, d.
Col. James F. Buckner, of Louisville. After
war studied law in Univ. of Mich, and office
of James Speed (Lincoln's Att'y-Gen.);
practiced law in partnership with latter un-
til his death, in 1887, and with his son,
John Speed, from 1879. Sec. Filson Club
(local hist. soc). Author: Wilderness Road
and Political Club, Records and Memorials
of the Speed Family, 1892 C8; The Union
Regiments of Kentucky, 1897 C8. Address:
Louisville, Ky.

SPEER, Emory, U. S. judge Southern dist.
of Ga. since Feb. 18, 1885; b. Culloden, Ga.,
Sept. 3, 1848; .9. Rev. Eustace W. and Anne
E. S.; served in C. S. A., 1864-5; grad. Univ.
of Ga., 1869; studied law; admitted to bar,
Nov., 1869; became solicitor-gen. of Ga. ;
mem. Congress, 1879-81, as independent
Democrat; disagreeing with his party, re-
turned to Congress, 1881-3, as Independent
and affiliated with Republicans on protec-
tion and other issues; U. S. att'y, 1883-5.
Pres. law dept. Mercer Univ. Prominent as
an orator, making addresses on numerous
occasions of national prominence, among
the more important: Opening Cotton States
Exp'n, Atlanta, Sept., 1895; before Grant
Birthday Assn., Galena, 111., April 27, 1898;
at mass meeting in the Auditorium before
President, diplomatic corps and a great au-
dience at the Peace Jubilee, Chicago, Oct.,
1898; on John Marshall Day, Savannah, Feb.,
1901. Author: Removal of Causes from State
to United States Courts, 1888 L6; Lectures



on the Constitution of the United States,
1897. Address: The Cedars, Macon, Ga.

SPEER, Robert Elliott, see. Presby'n
Bd. of Foreign Missions since 1891; b. Hunt-
ingdon, Pa., Sept. 10, 1867; j. Hon. Robert
Milton and Martha Ellen (McMurtrie) S. ;
prep, ed'n Phillips Acad., Andover, 1883-5;
grad. Princeton, 1889 (A. M. Yale); studied
1 yr. at Princeton Theol. Sem. ; in. Harris-
burg, Pa., April 20, 1893, Emma Doll Bailey.
Made tour of visitation of Christian mis-
sions in Persia, India, China, Korea, Japan,
in 1896-7; traveling sec. Volunteer Move-
ment for Foreign Missions, 1889-90; Pres-
by'n layman. Author: The Man Christ
Jesus, 1896 R3; The Man Paul, 1900 R3; Mis-

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