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in. (ieriiiantowii, Pa., Feb. 3, 1X70, Rosalia
C. Hunter. Mem. 2d regt. 1st brigade Pa.
vols., 1861; apptd. to med. dept. U. S. S
State of Georgia, Oct. :u, 1ki;2, and remained
until close of Civil war; late dir. Drug Ex-
change of Phila.; pres. Green and Coat> :
Sts. Passenger Ry. Co., Phila.; late dir.
Lombard and South Sts. Passenger Ry. Co.,
Phila., West End City Passenger Ry. Co.;
pres. People's Passenger Ry. Co., Phila.;
dir. Germantown Passenger Ry. Co., Phila.,
Fire Assn. of Phila., Real Estate Title Ins.
and Trust Co., Chelten Avenue Passenger
Ry. Co. of Phila., Centennial Passenger Ry.
Co. of Phila. In 1890 introduced the 1st bill
in Phila. City Council for the passing of an
ordinance to operate city street cars by
electrical power. Mem. Union League of
Phila.; Geo. G. Meade Post No. 1, G. A. R.
Address: Cor. Tulpehocken and Green Sts.,
Germantown, Philadelphia.

STEVENSON, James Henry, prof. He-
brew, Vanderbilt Univ., since 1892; b. Peter-
borough, Ontario, Canada, April 16, 1860; 5.
James Stevenson; grad. McGill Univ., Mon-
treal, Can., 1889; Wesleyan Theol. Coll.,
Montreal, 1891 (Ph. D., Chicago Univ.); m.
Toronto, Can., Feb. 5, 1891, Evelyn, d. Rev.
Dr. A. Sutherland. Taught in public schools
of Ontario, Can., 1879-81; ordained minister
Methodist Ch. of Canada at Toronto, 1889;
pastor Islington, Toronto, 1890-1; studied in
British Museum, copying Assyrian contract
tablets, 1893; studied in Berlin, Germany,
1899-1900; clergyman M. E. Church, South.
Author: Herodotus and the Empires of the
East (Tolman and Stevenson), Al; Babylon-
ian and Assyrian Contracts, with Aramaic
Reference Notes, 12. One of editors Vander-
bilt Oriental Series. Address: Vanderbilt
Univ., Nashville, Tenn.

STEVENSON, John James, prof, geol-
ogy New York Univ. since 1871; b. New
York, Oct. 10, 1841; j. Rev. Andrew S. (D.
D.); early ed'n in private schools; grad.
New York Univ., 1863, Ph. D., 1867; (LL. D..
Princeton, 1893); m. 1st, 1865, Mary A. Mac-
gowan; 2d, 1879, Mary C. Ewing. U. S.
geologist, 1873-4, 1878-80; geologist Pa. Geol.
Survey, 1875-8, 1881-2; pres. New York Acad,
of Sciences, 1896-8; pres. Geol. Soc. of
America, 1898. Author: Geology of a Portion
of Colorado, 1875 W8; Report on Greene and
Washington Districts, Pa., 1876; Report on.
Fayette and Westmoreland Districts, Pa.,
1877-8; Geological Examinations in Southern
Colorado and Northern New Mexico, 1881
W8; Geology of Bedford and Fulton Coun-
ties, Pa., 1882; also a large number of briefer
memoirs. Address: University Heights, New

STEVENSON, Matilda Coxe (Mrs. James
Stevenson), on staff Bureau Am. Ethnology,
Smithsonian Inst'n, since 1889; b. San Au-
gustine, Tex.; d. late A. H. Evans, lawyer;
moved with parents in infancy to Wash-
ington, D. C. ; ed. Miss Anable's, Phila.; .
James Stevenson, explorer, one of founders
of U. S. Geol. Survey of the Territories and
Bureau of Ethnology (died, 1888). With hus-
band 13 yrs. in explorations of Rocky Moun-



tain region, receiving from him sp'l instruc-
tion in ethnology; with expd'n under his
charge, from Bureau of Ethnology to Zufii,
N. M., 1879; assisted in collecting archaic
implements, ceramics and ceremonial ob-
jects for U. S. Nat. Museum; studied the
Zufii mythology, philosophy and sociology
and made extensive vocabulary; explored
cave, cliff and mesa ruins of N. Mex. ;
visited allPueblo tribes of N. Mex., Tusa-
yan and Navajo of Ariz., Mission Indians
of Calif., etc.; was received with Mr. Stev-
enson in secret organizations of these peo-
ples and studied their esoteric institutions;
on jury for anthropology, World's Colum-
bian Exp'n, 1893. Fellow A. A. A. S., mem.
Washington Acad. Sciences, Anthrop. Soc,

' etc. Author: Zufii and the Zufiians; Relig-
ious Life of the Zufii Child; The Sia, Zufii
Scalp Ceremonial; Zufii Ancestral Gods and
Masks; etc. Residence: The Lenox. Office:
Bureau of Am. Ethnology, Washington.

STEVENSON, Paxil Eve, author; b. New
York, May 19, 1868; s. Vernon King S.; at-
tended Columbia grammar school; sp'l
course Columbia Univ.; m. Jan. 17, 1893,
Maud Zeilin. Author: A Deep Water Voy-
age, 1896 L5; By Way of Cape Horn, 1898
L5. Residence: Garden City, L. I., N. Y.

STEVENSON, Sarah HacJsett, physician;
b. Buffalo Grove, 111., Feb. 2, 1849; d. Col.
John Davis S.; srad. State Univ., Bloom-
ington, 111., 1863; studied at South Kensing-
ton Science Schools, London; grad. Wom-
an's Med. Coll., 1873; delegate from 111. Med.
Soc. to Am. Med. Assn., 1876; 1st woman
mem. of latter; one of promoters of Home
for Incurables and 111. Training School for
Nurses; has been delegate to several nat.
and internat. med. congresses. Prof, obstet-
rics Woman's Med. School, Northwestern
Univ.; pres. Nat. Temperance Hosp.; found-
er Maternity Hosp. and Training School for
Nursery Maids; 1st woman on Cook Co.
Hosp. staff; attending physician to Mary
Thompson's Hosp. since 1874; consultant Wo-
man's Hosp.; etc. Author: Biology (2 vols.),
1874 A2; also medical papers. Residente:
608 E. Division St. Office: Venetian Bldg.,

STEVENSON, Sara Yorke (Mrs. Corne-
lius Stevenson), archaeologist; b. Paris,
France, Feb. 19, 1847; d. Edward Yorke; ed.
there; lived in Mex., 1862-7; (Sc. D., Univ.
of Pa. the 1st honorary degree that inst'n
ever conferred on a woman); m. June 30,
1870, Cornelius Stevenson. Sec. Am. Explo-
ration Soc, 1897; dept. archaeology, Univ.
of Pa., 1894; pres. Acorn Club, Phila., 1894;
Depository and Phila. Exchange for Wom-
an's Work; pres. Pa. branch Archaeol. Inst,
of America, 1899. Trustee Phila. Museums,
1894. In 1893 apptd. on jury for ethnology
to World's Columbian Exp'n; afterwards
v.-p. of the jury; fellow A. A. A. S.; mem.
Am. Philos. Soc, Am. Oriental Soc, Ori-
ental Club of Phila., Citizens' Com. of the
Pbila. Exp'n Assn. for 1899, and of the Citi-
zens' Advisory Com. called by the Mayor of
Pb'la., 1897, to consult on municipal loan
of $11,200,000. Went to Rome, 1897, on sp'l
mission for dept. of archaeology and palaeon-

tology, Univ. of Pa., and 1898, to Egypt for
the Am. Exploration Soc. and the City of
Phila. in connection with archaeol. work in
the Nile Valley. Author: Maximilian in
Mexico, C2; The Book of the Dead; and
many articles, addresses and reports on
Egyptian archaeology and other topics. Ad-
dress: 237 S. 21st St.. Philadelphia.

STEWART; see also Steuart.

STEWART, Alexander, lumberman; b.
York Co., Province of New Brunswick,
Sept. 12, 1829; common school ed'n; moved,
1849, to what is now Marathon Co., Wis.,
settling where city of Wausau is now lo-
cated; in lumber business ever since; dele-
gate to Nat. Rep. Conv., 1884; mem. Con-
gress, 1895-1901, 9th Wis. dist. ; Republican.
Address: Wausau, Wis.

STEWART, Alexander P., commissioner
Chickamauga Nat. Park since Sept., 1890; b.
Rogersville, Hawkins Co., Tenn., Oct. 2,
1821; 5. William and Elizabeth (Decherd) S. ;
prep, ed'n in Tenn. ; grad. U. S. Mil. Acad.,
West Point, N. Y., June, 1842 (LL. D., Cum-
berland Univ.); m. Warren, Trumbull Co.,
O., Aug. 7, 1845, Harriet Byron Chase (died,
Jan., 1898). Apptd. 2d It. 3d U. S. arty.,
June, 1842; an asst. to prof, mathematics,
U. S. Mil. Acad., 1843; resigned, 1845; prof,
mathematics and natural philosophy in
Cumberland and Nashville univs., 1845-60;
volunteered in State Army of Tenn.; apptd.
by gov. maj. arty, corps; transferred to C.
S. A., 1861; commissioned brig.-gen., Nov.,
1861; maj. -gen., 1863; lt.-gen., 1864; in com-
mand Army of Tenn. at close of the war;
chancellor Univ. of Miss., 1874-86; Southern
mem. Chickamauga Park Comm'n since 1890;
fellow Royal Hist. Soc. Address: Chattanoo-
ga, Tenn.

STEWART, Charles Seaforth, col. U.
S. A., retired, Sept. 16, 1886; b. at sea, April
11, 1823; .?. Rev. Charles Samuel S. (chap-
lain U. S. N.) and Harriet Bradford (Tif-
fany) S.; m. Buffalo, N. Y., April 15, 1857,
Cecilia Sophia de Louville Tardy (died, Nov.
24, 1886). Grad. West Point, 1846; asst. en-
g'r fortifications New London and Boston
Harbor, 1846-9; acting asst. prof, eng'ring,
West Point, 1849-54; 1st It. oorps eng'rs,
1853; capt., 1860; maj., 1863; lt.-col., 1867;
col., 1882. Asst. eng'r, 1854-7; superintend-
ing eng'r, construction fortifications Boston
Harbor, 1857-61; same, construction defenses
Hampton Roads and Ft. Monroe, Va., 1861-4,
in charge defenses, Delaware River and
Bay, and of construction river and harbor
work there, 1865-70. Bvtd. lt.-col., Feb. 25,
1865 for long, faithful and efficient services;
bvt. col., March 13, 1865, for gallant and
meritorious services during the Rebellion-
declined. Mem. bd. eng'rs for fortifications
on Pacific Coast, 1870-86; superintending
eng'r construction fortifications Fort Point,
Point San Jose and Angel Island, San Fran-
cisco Harbor, 1870-86; Ft. San Diego, Calif.,
1873-86; improvement San Diego Harbor,
1875-86; mem. various eng'r bds. for im-
provement rivers and harbors and exam, of
eng'r officers for promotion, 1866-86; retired
on own application, having served 40 yrs. as



commissioned oflicer. Address: Cooperstown,
N. Y.

STEWART, Edwin, ex-paymaster-gen. U.
S. N. ; b. New York, May 5, 1837; s. John
and Mary Aikman S.; grad. Williams, 1862
(A. M., LL. I).); m. May 17, 1877, Susan M.
Estabrook. Apptd from N. Y., Sept. 9, 1861,
as asst. paymaster; paymaster, April 14,
1862; war service in battles of Port Royal,
Port Hudson and Mobile Bay. Promoted
pay-insp., March 8, 1870; pay dir., Sept. 12,
1891. Apptd. paymaster-gen., May 16, 1890;
re-apptd., May 16, 1894; again re-apptd., May
16, 1898; advanced to rank of rear-admiral,
March 3, 1899, and retired. May 5, 1899;
elected comdr. D. C. Commandery, Loyal
Legion, May 2, 1900. Address: 1317 New
Hampshire Av., Washington.

STEWART, Eliza Daniel ("MotherStew-
art"), temperance evangelist; b. Piketowu,
O., April 25, 1816; .r. James and Rebecca
Daniel; ed'n in seminaries, Ohio; became
teacher; m. 1848, Hiram Stewart. Active in
sanitary and relief work during Civil war;
received name of "Mother Stewart" from
Union soldiers; platform lecturer; leader and
organizer of Women's Crusade against liquor
saloons; introduced W. C. T. U. work into
Great Britain and the South; newspaper con-
tributor. Author: Memories of the Crusade,
1888 Lll; The Crusader in Great Britain, 1893
Lll. Address: Apple Tree PL, Springfield, O.

STEWART, George Black, pres. and
prof, practical theology, Theol. Sem., Au-
burn, N. Y., since 1884; b. Columbus, O.,
Feb. 28, 1S54; 5. Alexander Adams and Lou-
isa Susannah (Black) S. ; grad. Princeton,
1876 (A. M.); attended McCormick Theol.
Sem., and grad. Auburn Theol. Sem., 1879;
(D. D., Washington and Jefferson Coll.); m.
June 18, 1879, Mary Adeline Thompson. Pas-
tor Calvary Presby'n Ch., Auburn, 1878-84;
pastor Market Square Presby'n Ch., Harris-
burg, Pa., 1884-99; a founder, and for 5 yrs.
pres., Pa. Chautauqua; pres. Pa. Christian
Endeavor Union 2 yrs.; trustee Wilson Coll.,
1884-1900; trustee Princeton since 1887; trus-
tee United Soc. of Christian Endeavor.
Author: Life of Jesus for Juniors, 1896 E9.
Address: 182 North St., Auburn, N. Y.

STEWART, George D., prof, anatomy
and clinical surgery, Univ. and Bellevue
Hosp. Med. Coll., New York; b. Malagash
Co., Cumberland, N. S., Dec. 28, 1862; 5.
Daniel and Mary J. McCallum; ed. Teachers
Coll., Truro, N. S. ; St. Francis Xavier Coll.,
1889; m. Antigonish, N. S., Dec. 3, 1890, Ida
M. Rabb. Fellow New York Acad, of Medi-
cine; mem. New York State Med. Assn.,
Alumni Soc. of Bellevue Hosp. ; mem. Hosp.
Graduates' Club. Part author: Gerrish Text
Book of Anatomy. Address: 143 E. 37th St.,
New York.

STEWART, Gideon Tabor, lawyer; b.
Johnstown, N. Y., Aug. 7, 1824; ed. Oberlln
Coll.; admitted Ohio bar, 1846; Supreme
Court U. S. bar, 1866; m. 1857, Abby N. Sim-
mons. Auditor Huron Co., O., 1850-6; editor
Dubuque, la., Times, 1861-5; Norwalk Re-
flector; Toledo Blade; Toledo Commercial;
candidate (Prohibition ticket) V.-P. U. S.,
1876; 3 times for gov. Ohio, 8 times for judge

Supreme Court; was Grand Worthy Patri-
arch, Soiih of Temperance; 3 times Grand
Worthy Chief Templar, Good Templars of

Ohio; hie mem. Am. Bible Soc. Residttue

Norwalk, O.

STEWART, Marlon I,., att'y, publisher
and editor Norwalk Experiment and Huron
County News, 1882-99; b. Norwalk, O., Dec.
12, 1861; attended Ohio state i; n iv.; m. Jan.
7, 1891, Ora Nile Parker. Mem. Ohio senat. .
1892-3; editor Good Reading 2 yrs. Author:
The Sioux Raid (serial). Address: Norwalk,

STEWART, JnmcM Fleming, congress-
man; b. Paterson, N. J., June 15, 1851; ed.
public and private sehools, and at Univ. City
of New York; grad. Law School of latter,
1870; practiced law, New York, 1870-5; since
then in Paterson; 3 times apptd. recorder
(criminal magistrate) of Paterson. Mem.
Congress, 1895-1903, 5th N. J. dist. ; Repub-
lican. Chmn. Com. on Expenditures of Navy
Dept., 55th Congress. Home: Paterson, N. J.

STEWART, John, pres. judge 39th jud.
dist. Pa., 1888-1908; b. Shippensburg, Pa.,
Nov. 4, 1839; .r. Alexander S. (M. D.); grad.
Princeton, 1857; m. Sept. 7, 1862, Jane Holmes
Larmour. Studied law, Carlisle, Pa., with
Judge Watts; engaged in practice; delegate
to Rep. Nat. Conv., Baltimore, 1864; Chi-
cago, 1884; mem. Constitutional Conv., Pa.,
1872; State senator, 1880-4. Address: Cham-
bersburg, Pa.

STEWART, John Aikman, pres. U. S.
Trust Co., since 1865; b. New York, Aug. 22,
1822; j. John S. ; grad. Columbia Coll., 1840;
in eng'r corps on construction N. Y., L. E.
& W. R. R., 1840-2; clerk bd. of ed'n, New
York, 1842-50; actuary U. S. Life Ins. Co.,
1850-3; organized U. S. Trust Co., and was
its sec, 1853-64; asst. treas. of U. S., 1864-5.
Dir. in several financial organizations, trus-
tee in philanthropic instns. Residence: 125 E.
37th St. Office: 45 Wall St., New York.

STEWART, John K., congressman 21st
N. Y. dist.; b. Perth, Fulton Co., N. Y., Oct.
20, 1853; ed. public school and Amsterdam
Acad. ; left school to take charge of his fa-
ther's paper mills until 1885; m. d. James H.
Schuyler; purchased half interest in his
father-in-law's knitting mills and later be-
came sole prop'r; dir. Farmers' Nat. Bank
of Amsterdam; Chuctanunda Gas Light Co.,
and v.-p. Amsterdam Bd. of Trade. Mem.
Congress, 1899-1903, 21st N. Y. dist. ; Repub-
lican. Home: Amsterdam, N. Y.

STEWART, John Lammey, prof, history
and political economy Lehigh Univ.; b. at
Phila., Nov. 18, 1867; grad. Univ. of Pa.,
1889 (A. M.); m. June 18, 1895, Mary Eno
Mumford. Address: S. Bethlehem, Pa.

STEWART, Jnlins, L,., artist; 6. Phila.,
Sept. 6, 1855; s. Wm. H. and Ellen P. S. ;
unmarried. Pupil of J. L. Gerome and R.
de Madrago. Honorable mention Salon of
1885; 3d class medal, Salon, 1890; gold med-
al, Berlin Internat. Art Exbn., 1891; grand
gold medal, Berlin, 1895; gold medal, Mu-
nich, 1897. Exhibited at Paris Exp'n, 1900.
Decorated with Order of Leopold of Bel-
gium, Antwerp, 1894; Cross of Legion d'Hon-



neur, 1895. Elected asso. mem. of Societe
Nationale des Beaux Arts (Champ-de-Mars),
1895; elected mem. of Societe des Beaux Arts
(Champ-de-Mars), 1899; mem. Internat. jury
Universal Exp'n, Paris, 1889 (hors concours) ;
mem. Paris Soc. of Am. Painters. Address:
36 Rue Copernic, Paris.

STEWART, Lispenard, lawyer; b. West-
chester Co., N. Y., June 19, 1855; grad.
Yale, 1876; Columbia Coll. Law School, 1878;
trustee the Rhinelander estate since 1878;
active in politics; mem. State senate, 1889-
90; presidential elector, 1888; delegate Nat.
Rep. Con v., 1896 and 1900; pres. State Com-
m'n of Prisons since 1895. Identified charit-
able, philanthropic and edn'l work. Resi-
dence: 6 5th Av., New York, and White
Lodge, Newport, R. I. Offices: 31 Nassau St.,
and 155 W. 14th St., New York.

STEWART, Oliver Wayne, chmn. Pro-
hibition Nat. Com.; b. in Mercer Co., 111.,
May 22, 1867; 5. Charles and Eliza J. S.;
grad. Eureka Coll., Eureka, 111., 1890; en-
tered ministry Ch. of Christ (Disciples),
1887; m. Sullivan, Moultrie Co., 111., Aug. 20,
1890, Elvira J. Seass. Lecturer; always in-
terested in temperance work; sec. of Dist.
Lodge I. O. G. T., 1887; candidate Congress
(Prohibition), 9th 111. dist., 1890; sec. 111.
Christian Endeavor Union, 1893-5; pres.
same, 1895-7; mem. 111. State Prohibition
Com., 1894-1900; chmn. 111. State Prohibition
Conv., 1896; chmn. Nat. Prohibition Conv.,
Pittsburg, Pa., 1896; chmn. 111. State Prohi-
bition Com., 1896-1900; elected chmn. Nat.
Prohibition Com., Dec, 1899, to fill vacancy;
re-elected Nat. chmn. Nat. Prohibition Conv.,
June, 1900. Residence: 438 E. 57th St. Office:
1414 Manhattan Bldg., Chicago.

STEWART, Thomas Jamison, adjt-
gen. of Pa. since Jan., 1895; b. Belfast, Ire-
land, Sept. 11, 1848; s. John and Eliza S. ;
ed. public schools of Norristown, Pa. ; un-
married. Private 138th regt. Pa. vols., Civil
war; officer Nat. Guard of Pa., since 1868;
asst. adjt.-gen. G. A. R., 1882-9; dept. comdr.
of Pa. G. A. R., 1890; sec. Internal Affairs
of Pa., 1886-95; adjt.-gen. G. A. R., 1898-
1900; Republican. Residence: Norristown, Pa.
Office: Harrisburg, Pa.

STEWART, Thomas Me Cants, lawyer;
b. Charleston, S. C, Dec. 28, 1854, of free
colored parents, George Gilchrist and Anna
(Morris) S.; ed. private and public schools
and in prep, dept., Howard Univ., Wash-
ington, D. 'C. ; grad. Univ. of S. C, A. B.,
LL. B., 1875; admitted to bar and practiced
in S. C, 1875-7; prof, mathematics State
Agr'l Coll. of S. C, 1877-8; took post-grad-
uate course in philosophy, Princeton; trav-
eled a yr. in Europe; prof, belles lettres
and law in Coll. of Liberia, Africa, 1882-4;
later gen. agt. for Industrial Ed'n in Li-
beria, lecturing in the New England States;
in law practice, New York, 1886-98, since
then at Honolulu; counsel for Palolo Land
& Improvement Co., which owns the largest
tract of land of any real estate co. in Ha-
waii; the Master Builders' Assn. and other
cos.; takes active part in public affairs; took
a leading part in organizing the Rep. party
of the Territory; mem. Rep. Territorial Com.,

and vice-chmn. exec, com.; takes an active
interest in Y. M. C. A. work, serving on the
edn'l com. of the assn. in Honolulu. Address:
Model Blk., Honolulu, H. I.

STEWART, William Morris, U. S. sen-
ator, lawyer; b. Lyons, N. Y., Aug. 9, 1827;
early childhood in Ohio; academic ed'n. En-
tered Yale Coll., but was attracted by gold
discoveries to Calif., arriving in San Fran-
cisco, May, 1850; m. Annie E., d. ex-Gov.
and ex-Senator Foote, of Miss. Mined in Ne-
vada Co., and accumulated some money;
studied law; admitted to bar, 1852; dist. att'y,
1852; att'y-gen. of Calif., 1854; removed to
Virginia City, Nev., 1860; practiced law; be-
came interested in Comstock lode. Mem.
Territorial council, 1861; mem. Constitution-
al Conv., 1863; U. S. senator, 1863-75; re-
sumed practice of law, 1875-87; U. S. senator
since 1887; Republican from organization of
party for about 40 yrs. ; prominent free-
coinage advocate. Home: Carson City, Nev.
Washington Address: 1800 F St., N. W.

STICKLET, Ezra Eugenins, lawyer; b.
Strasburg, Va., Aug. 30, 1839; 5. Levi and
Elizabeth S.; ed. Bethany Coll., W. Va.,
1860-1; Washington Coll. (now Washington
and Lee Univ.), 1863-5; law course Univ. of
Va., 1865-6; m. 1st, Loudoun, Va., May 17,
1870, Sophie A. Helm; 2d, Louisa, Va.,
June 27, 1883, Mary B. Cutler. Admitted to
bar, Oct., 1868; practiced law at Strasburg,
1868-73; Woodstock, since 1873; mem. bd.
dirs. W. S. Hosp., Staunton, Va., for past
9 yrs.; Democrat. Was in C. S. A.; lost
right arm at battle of Antietam, Md., while
on Stonewall brigade staff. A ddress: Wood-
stock, Va.

STICKNEY, Alhert, lawyer; b. Boston,
Feb. 1, 1839; grad. Harvard, 1859; Harvard
Law School, 1862. Served as It. -col., 47th
Mass. vols., Civil war; aide on staff of Maj.-
Gen. Banks and insp.-gen. on staff of Maj.-
Gen. Emory. Author: The Lawyer and His
Clients; A True Republic, HI; Democratic
Government: a Study of Politics, HI; The
Political Problem, HI; The Transvaal Out-
look, 1900 D3. Residence .-144 W. 86th St. Office:
31 Nassau St., New York.

STICKNEY, Julia Noyes, author; b. W.
Newbury, Mass., July 5, 1830; d. Somerby C.
and Mary Noyes; grad. Ipswich Female
Sem., 1850; m. Jan. 25, 1855, Charles Stick-
ney, Groveland, Mass. A frequent contribu-
tor to newspapers and mags. Author: Poems
on Lake Winnepesaukee, 1870 XI; One Hun-
dred Sonnets, 1880 XI. Address: (Summer)
W. Newbury, Mass., (winter) 37 E. Brook-
line St., Boston.

STICKNEY, William Wallace, gov. Vt,
elected Sept., 1900 for 2-yr. term; b. Plym-
outh, Vt., March 21, 1853; s. John W. and
Ann (Pinney) S. ; grad. Philips Exeter (N.
H.) Acad., 1877; admitted to bar, 1878; m.
Ludlow, Vt, May 4, 1881, Elizabeth Lin-
coln. Clerk Vt. Ho. of Reps., 1882-92; State's
att'y, 1882-4, and 1890-2; represented Ludlow
'in Ho. of Reps., 1892-6, and was during that
period speaker. Home: Ludlow, Windsor Co.,
Vt. Official Address: Montpelier, Vt.

STIEGLITZ, Alfred, pictorial photogra-
pher and editor; b. Hoboken, N. J., Jan. 1,


10S r )

1864; s. Edward and Ilcdwig S. ; ed. private
and public schools and City Coll., ,\nv
York, 1879-81 ; studied meek, eng'rlng, 1881 I,
photo-chemistry and photography, 1884-8,
Berlin Polytechnic; chemistry, Berlin Univ.,
1888-90; m. New York, Nov. 16, 1893, Emme-
line Obermeyer. Returned to New York,
1890; in photo-engraving business 3 yrs.,
experimenting in 3-color work, etc.; retired
in 1895; editor Am. Amateur Photographer,
1892-G; founded, 1S97, and since mgr. and
editor. Camera Notes, devoted to advance-
ment of Am. pictorial photography; v. -p.
for 4 yrs. Camera Club, New York; hon.
mem. Phila. Pkoto. Soc, Ckicago Soc. ; etc.
Has won over 100 medals for photography,
Paris, London, Vienna, Berlin, Calcutta,
New York, etc. Author: Picturesque Bits of
New York, and Other Stories, 1897 R7. Has
written photographic and scientific articles
to tech. and art journals the world over;
Pictorial Photography, Scribner's Maga-
zine, Nov., 1899. Residence: 1111 Madison Av.
Office: 3 W. 29th St., New York.

STIFLER, James Madison, prof. New
Testament exegesis Crozer Theol. Sem. ; b.
nr. Altoona, Pa., Dec. 8, 1839; s. John H.
S.; grad. Shurtleff Coll., Alton, 111. (A. M.,
D. D.); sp'l studies in divinity; ordained to
Bapt. ministry; m. Griggsville, 111., April
21, 1868, Jennie M. Carr. Author: An Intro-
duction to the Study of The Acts of the
Apostles, 1892 R3; The Epistle to the Ro-
mans: A Commentary, Logical and Histor-
ical, 1898 R3. Address: Chester, Pa.

STILES, Charles Wardell, zoologist, Bu-
reau Animal Industry, U. S. Dept. Agr.,
since 1891; b. Spring Valley, N. Y., May 15,
1867; s. Rev. Samuel Martin and Elizabeth
Wkite S. ; ed. Wesleyan Univ., Conn., 1885-6;
College de France, 1886-7; Berlin Univ.,
1887-9; Leipzig Univ., 1889-90; Trieste Zool.
Sta., 1891; Pasteur Inst, and College de
France, 1891 (A. M., Pk. D., Leipzig, 1890;
hon. M. S., Wesleyan, 1896); m. Washington,
June, 1897, Virginia, d. Hon. Lewis Baker.
Prof. med. zoology, Georgetown Univ., since
1892; sp'l lecturer med. zoology, Army Med.
School, since 1894; Johns Hopkins, since
1897; hon. custodian helminthological collec-
tions, U. S. Nat. Museum, since 1893; sec.
advisory com. Smithsonian Table at Naples
Zool. Sta. since 1894: U. S. Gov't delegate
Internat. Zool. Congresses, Leyden and
Cambridge, 1895 and 1898; mem. since 1895,
and sec. since 1898, Internat. Comm'n on
Zool. Nomenclature; detailed as agr'l and
scientific attache U. S. Embassy, Berlin,
Germany, 1898-9. Mem. many Am. and Eu-
ropean scientific and med. socs. ; elected,
1892, successor to Joseph Leidy as foreign
corr. Societe de Biologie, France; elected
1897, foreign corr. Academie de Medecine,
France; 1899, corr. mem. Zool. Soc, London.
Author: A Revision of the Adult Cestodes of
Cattle, Sheep and Allied Animals, 1893;
Tapeworms of Poultry, 1896; The Inspection
of Meats for Animal Parasites, 1898; Sheep
Scab, Its Nature and Treatment, 1898; In-
ternal Parasites of the Fur Seal, 1899; Illus-
trated Key to the Animal Parasites of Man,
1901; Trichinosis in Germany, 1901, all W8.
Also wrote: A Revision of the Adult Tape-


Worms Of Hairs and Rabbits, Pro. I

Nat. Museum, L896; Country slaughterhouse
as a Factor in the Spread of Disease, JTear
Book, l'. B, Dept. Agr., 1896; Notes on Para-
sites, 1-62, in various journals, 1891 I!

Nomenclature' nf the Trematoda, 1901; Some
Medico-zoological Aspects of the Eastern

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