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dramatic editor and critic, fall of 1898.
Author: Famous Actresses of the Day, 1899;
Famous Actors of the Day, 1899; Prima
Donnas and Soubrettes of Light Opera and
Musical Comedy in America, 1900; Celebrat-
ed Comedians of Light Opera and Musical
Comedy in America, 1900. Residence: 9 Tre-
rnont PI. Office: The Journal, Boston.

STRATEMEYER, Edward ( "Capt. Ralph
Bonehill," "Arthur M. Winfield"), author;
b. Elizabeth, N. J., Oct. 4, 1862; m. 1891,
Magdalene B. Van Camp. Contributor to ju-
venile periodicals; was editor Good News,
Young People of America, Bright Days;
mem. various hist. socs. Author: Last Cruise
of the Spitfire, 1894 L3; Richard Dare's Ven-
ture, 1894 L3; Oliver Bright's Search, 1895
L3; Reuben Stone's Discovery, 1895 L3; The
Young Auctioneers, 1897; Bound to be an
Electrician, 1897; Shorthand Tom, the Re-
porter, 1897; Fighting for His Own, 1897;
Under Dewev at Manila, 1898 L3; A Young
Volunteer in Cuba, 1898 L3; Minute Boys of
Lexington, 1898 E3; Fighting in Cuban
Waters, 1899 L3; Under Otis in the Philip-
pines, 1899 L3; Minute Boys of Bunker Hill,
1899 E3; The Campaign of the Jungle, 1900
L3; True to Himself, 1900 L3; Between Boer
and Briton, 1900 L3; On to Pekin, 1900 L3.
Residence: Newark, N. J.

STRATTON, George Malcolm, asso.
prof, psychology, and dir. psychol. labora-
tory Univ. of Calif.; b. Oakland, Calif., Sept.
26, 1865; s. James L. and Cornelia A. S. ;
grad. Univ. of Calif., 1888 (A. M., Yale, 1890;
A. M. and Ph. D., Leipzig, 1896); m. 1894,
Alice Elenore Miller. Teacher and prin.
high school, San Buenaventura, Calif., 1889-
91; Fellow in philosophy Univ. of Calif.,
1891-3; mem. Institut fur Experimen telle
Psyehologie, Leipzig, 1894-6; mem. Am. Psy-
chol. Assn. ; read an account of his experi-
ments on inverted vision before Third In-
ternat. Congress Psychologists, Munich, in
1896. Wrote: A Mirror Pseudoscope and the



Limit of Visible Depth, Psychol. Review,
1898; The Psychological Evidence for The-
ism, New World, 1899; A New Determina-
tion of the Minimum Visible, etc. (read be-
fore 4th Internat. Congress Psychologists,
Paris), Psychol. Review, 1900; etc. Address:
Berkeley, Calif.

STRATTON, Margaret Elizabeth, prof.
English language and rhetoric, 1884-1900,
dean 1896-1900, Wellesley Coll.; b. Stratford.
Conn., April 17, 1844; d. Marcus and Sarah
S. S. ; ed. public schools Stratford, and New
Haven, Conn. ; taught in public schools of
Conn., then for 10 yrs. in South; doing pio-
neer work among freedmen of Fla., and Va. ;
grad. Oberlin Coll., 1878, A. M., 1882; un-
married. Asst. prin. woman's dept. Oberlin
Coll., 1878-81; instr. English and head of
dept., Wellesley, 1881-4. Address: Wellesley,

STRAUS, Isidor, merchant; b. Rhenish Ba-
varia, Feb. 6, 1845; s. Lazarus and Sara S. ;
came to U. S. with his parents, 1854; was
sent abroad, 1863, by Ga. Export and Import
Co., of Columbus, Ga., as asst. to the agt.
who was to purchase steamers and supplies
for shipment to the Confederate States.
In 1866 joined his father in forming firm of
L. Straus & Sons, importers of pottery and
glassware, of which he is still a mem.; m.
1871, Ida Blun. With brother, Nathan, be-
came partner in R. H. Macy & Co., depart-
ment store, 1888; mem. firm Abraham &
Straus, Brooklyn, department store, 1892; is
dir. various banks and financial instns. ; was
1st pres. New York Crockery Bd. of Trade;
New York City's representative on N. Y. and
N. J. Bridge Comm'n. Was connected with
various tariff reform and sound money
movements. At sp'l election elected to 53d
Congress (1893-5) where, as bosom friend of
William L. Wilson, was in constant consul-
tation in formation of Wilson Tariff. Pres.
Educational Alliance; vice-president J. Hood
Wright Memorial Hospital; member Cham-
ber of Commerce; is on one of visiting com-
mittees of Harvard University; on board
trustees many charitable and philanthropic
instns. Residence: 2745 Broadway. Office: 6th
Av. and 14th St., New York.

STRAUS, Nathan, merchant; b. Rhenish
Bavaria, Jan. 31, 1848; s. Lazarus and Sara
S.; came to U. S., 1854, with family; settled
in Talbotton, Ga., where attended school;
afterward went to New York: grad. Pack-
ard's Business Coll; joined father in im-
porting pottery and glassware, in which
business is still interested; m. 1875, Lina
Gutherz. Since 1888 partner in R. H. Macy
& Co.'s department store, New York;' in
1892 entered firm Abraham & Straus, de-
partment store, Brooklyn. Mem. N. Y. For-
est Preserve Bd., 1893; Park Comm'r, New
York, 1893; nominated by Democratic party
for mayor New York, 1894 (declined) ; pres.
Bd. of Health, New York, 1898; originated,
in 1890, and has since maintained at his
own expense, system of distribution of ster-
ilized milk to poor of New York City, which
statistics of Health Dept. show have saved
many thousands of infant lives; also orig-
inated and maintained system of depots for
distribution of coal to poor of New York

in winter; owner of famous trotter Cobwebs.
Residence: 27 W. 72d St. Office: 6th Av. and
14th St., New York.

STRAUS, Oscar Solomon, merchant, dip-
lomat; b. Otterberg, Rhenish Bavaria, Dec.
23, 1850; s. Lazarus S.; came to U. S., 1854;
lived in Ga. until 1865; grad Columbia, 1871
(A. M.); Columbia Law School, 1873 (L. H.
D., Brown Univ., 1898; LL. D., Washington
and Lee Univ.; LL. D., Univ. of Pa.) En-
gaged in mercantile life; mem. L. Straus &
Sons, importers pottery and glassware; U.
S. minister to Turkey, 1887-9, 1898-1900. Is
pres. New York Bd. of Trade and Trans-
portation; pres. Am. Jewish Hist. Soc, Nat.
Primary League; mem. exec. com. Nat. Civ-
il Service Assn., Am. Social Science Assn.;
mem. Internat. Law Assn. Author: The
Origin of Republican Form of Government
in the United States, 1886 P2; Roger Wil-
liams, the Pioneer of Religious Liberty, 1894
C2; The Development of Religious Liberty
in the United States, 1896; Reform in the
Consular Service, 1897. Residence: 27 W.
74th St. Office: 42-46 Warren St., New York.

STRAUSS, Joseph, It. U. S. N. ; b. Mt.

Morris, N. Y., Nov. 16, 1861; grad. U. S.
Naval Acad., 1885; unmarried. Cruised in
various parts of world, 1885-7; engaged in
hydrog. surveys on east and west coast of
U. S. and in Alaska, 1887-90; cruising, 1890-
3; in Bureau of Ordnance, Navy Dept., 1893-
6; invented (with Admiral Sampson) super-
posed turret system of mounting guns on
battleships, 1895; cruised in S. America,
1896-1900, and engaged in the blockade of
Cuban coast; now in charge of U. S. Naval
Proving Ground at Indian Head. Address:
Navy Dept., Washington.

STRAWBRIDGE, William Correy, pat-
ent lawyer; b. Chester Co., Pa., June 24,
1848; j. James Alexander and Mary Niven
(Hodgson) S. ; grad. Rensselaer Polytechnic
Inst., eng'r, 1870. Became asst. supt. Pa.
Steel Works, Harrisburg. Studied law; ad-
mitted to Phila. bar, March, 1873. Since
1875 exclusively devoted to patent law prac-
tice; was counsel for U. S. in Bell Tele-
phone case. He has been and is gen. coun-
sel for many industrial cos., including lead-
ing interests relating to ship and engine
bldg., car construction and steel and iron
manufacture. Mem. Phila. and Rittenhouse
clubs. Residence: 2210 DeLancey St. Office:
Real Estate Trust Bldg., Philadelphia.

STREAMER, Volney, literary adviser; b.
Magnolia, 111., Feb. 11, 1850; 5. Jacob and
Sarah Louisa (Clark) S.; ed. 111., Wesleyan
Univ. With publishing house A. C. Mc-
Clurg & Co., Chicago, 15 yrs.; mem. Edwin
Booth's theatrical co. several yrs. Editor
and Compiler: In Friendship's Name, 1887
B27; What Makes a Friend, 1893 B27; A
Cluster of Gems, 1895 S8; The World
Awheel, 1896 S8; Voices of Doubt and Trust,
1897 B27. Not married. Residence: 52 W.
12th St. Office: Brentano's, 31 Union Sq.,
New York.

STRECKER, Herman, sculptor, lepidop-
terist; b. Phila., March 24, 1836; j. Ferdi-
nand H. and Anna (Kern) S.; ed. public



schools; removed to Reading, L847 (Ph. D.,

Franklin and Marshall Coll.); began gran-
ite and marble work when 12 yrs. old; ac-
quired groat skill as sculptor and design* I
designed Soldiers' Monument at Reading
and numerous other works; spent all spare
time in study of zoology, mineralogy, arch-
eology and botany; specially well known for
his works on butterflies and his collection
of over 370,000 of those insects, the largest
in this hemisphere. Author: Lepidoptera,
Khopaloceres and Heteroceres, Indigenous
and Exotic, 1S72-7 01; Butterflies and Moths
of North America, 1878; etc. Residence: 1325
Mineral Spring Rd. Office: 612 Court St.,
Reading, Pa.
STREET, Oliver Day, lawyer; b. War-
renton, Ala., Dec. 6, 1866; .s. Thomas Atkins
and Julia Ann (Beard) S. ; grad., A. B.,
Univ. of Ala., 1887; LL. B., same, 1888 (won
prize for best legal thesis, Law of Mort-
gages in Alabama) ; edited college papers
while at Univ.; m. Guntersville, Ala., Feb.
17, 1892, Mary Emma, d. Dr. Lorenzi D.
Lusk. While taking law course, 1887-8, was
asso. editor Tuscaloosa Times; admitted to
bar, 1S88; active in State and local politics
since 1892. Populist nominee for Congress
from 7th Ala. dist., 1898, defeated; Populist
instate and local, Democrat in nat. politics.
Mem. Ala. Hist. Soc. (exec, com., 1899-1900);
mem. exec. com. Soc. of Alumni of Univ. of
Ala., 1899-1901; mem. bd. trustees, Dept.
Archives and History, Ala. State Gov't.
Wrote: Indians of the Tennessee Valley,
Trans. Ala. Hist. Soc, 1899-1900; The Cher-
okee Southern Boundary, Rep. Ala. History
Comm'n, 1900; The Cherokee Towns and
Villages in Alabama, same. Address: Gun-
tersville, Ala.

STREET, Webster, chief justice Supreme
Court, Ariz., apptd. Nov. 6, 1897; b. Salem,
Ohio, June 8, 1846; s. Samuel and Sarah
S. ; educated common schools and Autioch
College; graduated Salem High School,
1867. Admitted to Ohio bar, 1871; practiced
law in Pittsburg, Pa.; moved to Ariz., 1877,
and engaged in practice; has been sec. and
chmn. Rep. Central Com. of Ariz.; judge
Territorial court, 1885-6. Address: Phoenix,

STREETER, John Williams, physician;
b. Ashtabula, O., Sept. 17, 1841; s. Sereno
W. and Mary (Williams) S. ; ed. Monroe
(N. Y.) Acad.; served in 1st Mich, light
arty., 1862-5, in campaigns of Army of the
Cumberland; mustered out as 1st It. arty.;
studied medicine, Univ. of Mich., fall of
1865; grad. Hahnemann Med. Coll., Chicago,
1868; m. Union City, Mich., Sept. 2, 1869,
Mary Clark. Prof, diseases of women, Chi-
cago Homoe. Coll. since 1877; for 10 yrs.
pres. homce. staff Cook Co. Hosp. ; estab-
lished, 1888, Streeter Hosp., and still con-
ducts it. Mem. Loyal Legion; charter mem.
Mil. Surgeons of U. S. A.; It. -col. and asst.
surgeon-gen. 111. Nat. Guard. Summer Ad-
dress: Uppercross Farm, Lake Forest, 111.
Address: 2646 Calumet Av., Chicago.

STRICKLAND, Charles Hohart, artist;
b. New York. Dec. 12, 1S59; s. John W.

Ad. mis and Maltha .1. (Allen) S. ; is of d

scent from the Pilgrims; ed. in V. s.,
France, Switzerland ami Germany; Btudied
art at ftcole .lulicn ami ftcole des Beaux

Arts; lias exhibited pictures in Paris Salon
and in America. Is known principally as a
portrait painter; unmarried. Address: 152
W. 55th St., New York.

STRICKLAND, Frederick Guy, clergy-
man Christian (Disciples) Ch. ; b. Mishawaka,
Ir.d., Dec. 14, 1869; s. C. V. and Mary A.
S.; ed. Antioch Coll., Union Christian Coll.,
Hillsdale Coll., Hiram Coll.; grad. Hiram,
A. B. ; sp'l studies Cleveland Coll. Phys.
& Surg.; Cleveland Coll. of Oratory; en-
tered ministry Christian Ch., 1890; m. New
Lexington, O. ; 1891, A. May McDonald.
Began agitation for Hiram House 1st so-
cial settlement of Cleveland, 1895 was 1st
head resident; 1st pastor People's Chris-
tian Ch., Chicago, 1899; 1st organizer of
Federation for Social Justice, Chicago, 1900;
sec. Nat. Conv. Social Dem. party, Indian-
apolis, Ind., March 6-10, 1900; coll. sec.
Nat. Christian Citizenship League; Social-
ist. Wrote: The Lost Arts of the Church,
Christian Quar., Columbia, Mo., Jan., 1898;
also many articles on applied Christianity
and socialism in reform jours. Asso. editor
The Social Forum, 1899-1900; editor of So-
cial Justice. Residence: 214 N. St. Louis
Av. Office: 163 Randolph St., Chicago.

STRINGER, Arthur J., author; b. Lon-
don, Ont., Feb. 26, 1874; ed. Toronto Univ.
and Oxford, England. Unmarried. Author:
Watchers of Twilight; Pauline and Other
Poems; Epigrams; The Loom of Destiny,
S9. Address: Care Small, Maynard & Co.,

STRINGHAM, (Washington) Irving,

prof, mathematics since 1882, and dean since
1886, Univ. of Calif. ; b. Yorkshire, Cattarau-
gus Co., N. Y., Dec. 10, 1847; s. Henry and
Eliza (Tomlinson) S. ; attended Washburn
Coll., Topeka, Kan., 1866-73; grad. Harvard,
1877; in Paris, summer of that year; Ph. D.,
Johns Hopkins, 1S80; m. New Haven, Conn.,
June 28, 1888, Martha Sherman, d. Roger
Sherman Day, Los Angeles, Calif. In Eu-
rope, 1880-2, studying mathematics at Leip-
zig; in Spain, summer 1887; in Paris, acad-
emic year, 1899-1900. Author: Uniplanar Al-
gebra, 1893. Editor and Author: American
edition of Charles Smith's Elementary Al-
gebra (3 edits.), 1894-1900 Ml. Address:
Prospect Av., Berkeley, Calif.

STROBEL, Edward Henry, Bemis prof,
internat. law, law school Harvard, since
1898; b. Charleston, S. C, Dec. 7, 1855; s.
Maynard Davis and Caroline Lydia (Bul-
lock) S. ; grad. Harvard, 1877; law school
of Harvard, 1882; unmarried. Traveled in
Europe, 1880-1, 1883; admitted to N. Y.
bar, 1883; practiced law, New York, 1883-5;
sec. U. S. legation, Madrid, Aug., 1885, to
March, 1890 (for about one-third of time
charge d'affaires); detailed by U. S. Gov't
on sp'l business to Morocco, 18S8, 18S9; after
resigning from Madrid legation, 1890, re-
mained in Europe until autumn 1892, when
returned to U. S. : 3d asst. Sec. of State,



U. S., April, 1893, to April, 1894; E. E. and
M. P. of U. S. to Ecuador, April, 1894,
transferred Dec, 1894, as E. E. and M. P.
to Chile; resigned, 1897; apptd., Aug., 1897,
arbitrator in Freraut claim between France
and Chile; visited Brazil, Uruguay and Ar-
gentine Republic, 1897-8; apptd., 1S99, coun-
sel for Chile before U. S. and Chilean
Claims Comm'n, Washington. Officer Le-
gion of Honor of France, 1898; Democrat.
Author: The Spanish Revolution, 1898 S9.
Has written various official dispatches and
reports published by gov't, notably Report
of Resumption of Specie Payment in Chile
(Treasury Dept, 1896). Address: Cambridge,

STROHM, Gertrude, compiler, author; b.
Greene Co., O., July 14, 1843; d. Isaac and
Margaret (Guthrie) S.; ed. at home and
Girls' Sem., Washington; unmarried. Com-
piler and author: Social Fireside Games,
Calendars, etc.; Word Pictures, 1875 L9;
Flower Idylls, 1887 E2; The Universal Cook-
ery Book, 1887 S8. Address: Dayton, O.

STRONG, Augustus Hopkins, pres. and
prof, systematic theology Rochester Theol.
Sem. since 1872; b. Rochester, N. Y., Aug.
3, 1836; 5. Alvah and Catherine (Hopkins)
S.; grad. Yale, 1857 (D. D., Brown Univ.,
1870, Yale, 1890, Princeton, 1896; LL. D.,
Bucknell Univ., 1891). Pastor 1st Baptist
Ch., Haverhill, Mass., 1861-5; 1st Baptist
Ch., Cleveland, O., 1865-72. Author: Syste-
matic Theology, 1886; Philosophy and Re-
ligion, 1888 Ol; The Great Poets and Their
Theology, 1897 B4; Christ in Creation and
Ethical Monism, 1899. Address: Rochester,
N. Y.

STRONG, Charles H., P. E. clergyman; b.
New Orleans, Dec. 29, 1850; grad. Yale, 1870;
studied abroad at Oxford, 1871-2 (A. M.,
1873); ordered deacon, 1872; ordained priest,
1875. Rectorships: Grace Ch., Brooklyn, N.
Y. ; Christ Ch., Stratford, Conn.; St. John's,
Savannah, Ga. Author: Creed in Deed; A
Fair Agnostic; Is Hell Endless?; In Para-
dise; Sermons; etc. Address: Savannah Ga.

STRONG, Edward Trask, rear-admiral
U. S. N., retired; b. Ipswich, Mass., Feb.
10, 1810; j. Simeon E. S., M. D. ; ed. Andover,
Mass.; m. Andover, Mass., June 11, 1867.
Entered navy, vol. officer, Nov. 24, 1862;
served through remainder of Civil war;
commissioned ensign in regular navy,
March 12, 1868; master, Dec. 18, 1868; It.,
March 21, 1870; lt.-comdr., July 2, 1882;
comdr., Jan. 9, 1893; capt., Oct. 10, 1899; re-
tired with rank of rear admiral Nov. 21,
1900. Served at sea on the North Atlantic,
Pacific, European and Asiatic stas. Address:
Albany, N. Y.

STRONG, Elnathan Ellsworth, edito-
rial sec. Am. Bd. of Foreign Missions since
1878; b. Hardwick, Vt., May 2, 1832; j. El-
nathan S.; grad. Dartmouth, 1852 (D. D.).
Pastor Waltham, Mass., 1865-78. Home: Au-
burndale, Mass. Office: Congregational House,

STRONG, Frank, pres. Univ. of Ore. since
Sept., 1899; b. Venice, N. Y., Aug. 5, 1859;
j. John Butler and Mary (Foote) S. ; grad.

Yale, 1884 (A. M., 1893; Ph. D., 1897); m.
June 24, 1890, Mary Evelyn Ransom, St.
Joseph, Mo. Prin. St. Joseph, Mo., High
School, 1888-92; supt. schools, Lincoln, Neb.,
1892-5; 1st v.-p. Neb. State Assn. of Supts.
and Prins., 1894-5; lecturer on history, Yale,
1897-9. Contributor of hist, articles to vari-
ous mags. Author: Life of Benjamin Frank-
lin (in courses of Univ. Assn., Chicago); A
Forgotten Danger to the New England Col-
onies (annual report Am. Hist. Assn. for
1898). Address: Eugene, Ore.

STRONG, James Woodward, pres. Carle-
ton Coll. from its foundation, Oct., 1870;
b. Brownington, Vt., Sept. 29, 1833; s. Elijah
Gridley and Sarah Ashley (Partridge) S. ;
grad. Beloit Coll., July 13, 1858; A. M., 1861,
D. D., 1872; Union Theol. Sem., New York,
1862 (LL. D., 111. Coll., 1896); m. Sept. 3,
1861, Mary Davenport, Beloit, Wis. City
clerk, 1854-5, city supt. schools, 1855-6, Be-
loit, Wis. Pastor Cong'l Ch., Brodhead,
Wis., 1862-4; Faribault, Minn., 1865-70. Since
1872 corporate mem. Am. Bd. of Comm'rs of
Foreign Missions; since its organization,
1878, pres. Minn. State Home Missionary
Soc; mem. almost every Nat. Cong'l Coun-
cil from 1865 to 1898; mem. Internat. Coun-
cil, 1899, and Ecumenical Missionary Conf.,
1900. Address: Northfield, Minn.

STRONG, Josiah, pres. League for Social
Service since 1898; b. Naperville, Du Page
Co., 111., Jan. 19, 1847; .y. Josiah and Eliza-
beth Clough (Webster) S.; removed to Hud-
son, O., 1852; grad. Western Reserve Coll.,
1869; studied Lane Theol. Sem., 1869-71;
Cong'l pastor, Cheyenne, Wyo., Sandusky
and Cincinnati, O.; chaplain Western Re-
serve Coll.; sec. Ohio Home Miss. Soc.
Sec. Evang. Alliance for the U. S., 1886-
98. Author: Our Country, 1885 Bl; The
New Era, 1893 Bl; The Twentieth Century
City, 1898 Bl; Religious Movements for So-
cial Betterment, 1900 Bl; Expansion, 1900 Bl.
Residence: Greenwich, Conn. Office: 105 E.
22d St.. New York.

STRONG, Susan, opera singer; b. Brook-
lyn, Aug. 3, 1870; d. Hon. Demas Strong;
ed. Packer Collegiate Inst., Brooklyn; in
music, a pupil of Francis Korkay, Hun-
garian composer; early years studied in
New York, and when Korkay went to Lon-
don to take the head professorship at the
Royal Acad, of Music, followed him there
and continued her studies privately under
his sp'l guidance. Made debut Covent Gar-
den, Oct. 16, 1896, in role of Trighilde in
Die Walkiire. Address: Care Metropolitan
Opera House, New York.

STRONG, Thomas Nelson, lawyer; b.
Cathlamet, Wash. Ty. (then a wilderness;,
March 17, 1853; grad. Portland, Ore., Acad.,
1869; eng'r Northern Pacific R. R., 1869-73,
locating r. r. fromLakePendd'Oreille west-
ward to coast; admitted to practice, Su-
preme Court, Ore., Oct., 1874; has practiced
in Portland ever since; established, 1891,
and ever since pres., city bd. of charities,
Portland; mem. and sec, 1891-2, Ore. State
Bd. of Charities; prepared and published its
r-port, 1892; served 6 yrs. in 1st regt. inf.,
Ore. Nat. Guard, retiring as capt. and insp.



rifle practice; mem. and later climn. com.
of 100 (reform com.) of Portland; now pres.
Portland Municipal League and 3d v. -p. Nat.
Municipal League. Much interest in Indian
affairs, Ore. and Alaska, and counsellor for
many native people. Address: Labbe Bldg.,
Portland, Ore.

STItOTHOTTE, M. Arnold; see Arnold,

STROUT, Sewall dishing, judge of Su-
preme Judicial Court of Me. since April 12,
1894; b. Wales, Me., Feb. 17, 1S27; s. Eben-
ezer and Hannah C. S. : academic ed'n :it
Portland, Me. (A. M., Bowdoin); admitted
to bar, Oct., 1848; practiced in Portland
from 1854 until apptd. judge; m. Nov. 22,
1849, Octavia J. R. Shaw, Portland, Me.
Address: 198 Danforth St., Portland, Me.

STRl'BLE, George R., lawyer; b. Sussex
Co., N. J., July 25, 1836; academic ed'n; m.
April 19, 1860, Sophia J. Nelson. Admitted
to bar, Toledo, la., 1860; circuit judge, 8th
jud. dist., 1S70-2; mem. legislature, 1880-2
(speaker, 1S82); delegate Nat. Rep. Conv.,
1896. Residence: Toledo, la.

STRYKER, Melanethon Woolsey,pres.
Hamilton Coll., N. Y., since 1892; b. Ver-
non, N. Y., Jan. 7, 1851; s. Isaac Pierson
and Alida Livingston (Woolsey) S. ; grad.
Hamilton Coll., 1872, Auburn Theol. Sem.,
1876 (D. D., Hamilton and Lafayette; LL.
D., LaFayette) ; m. Sept. 27, 1876, Clara
Elisabeth Goss, Auburn, N. Y. Pastor Pres-
by'n Ch., Auburn, N. Y., 1876-8; Ithaca, N.
Y., 1878-83; 2d Cong'l Ch., Holyoke, Mass.,
1883-5; 4th Presby'n Ch., Chicago, 1885-92.
A student of hymnology; has written hymns
and poems. Author: Song of Miriam, 1888
01; Church Song (hymnal), 1889 B23; Dies
Irae, with versions, 1893 R3; Hamilton, Lin-
coln and Addresses, 1895 Lll; Letter of
James (polyglot), 1895 Gl; Lattermath
(verse), 1896 Lll; College Hymnal, 1897 B23.
Address: Clinton, Oneida Co., N. Y.

STUART, Charles Maennlay, prof, sa-
cred rhetoric, Garrett B'blical Inst., since
1896; b. Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 20, 1853; s.
Lewis and Mary Home S.; ed. private and
high school, Glasgow, Scotland; grad. Kala-
mazoo Coll., 1880, Garrett Biblieal Inst. (M.
A., Kalamazoo Coll.; M. A. Northwestern
Univ.; B. D. and D. D.. Garrett Biblical
Inst.); entered ministry M. E. Ch. ; m. De-
troit, Oct. 10, 1883, Emma Rachel Little-
field. Asso. editor Michigan Christian Ad-
vocate, 1885-6; asst. editor Northwestern
Christian Advocate, 1886-96; mem. Am. Soc.
of Church History, Phi Beta Kappa. Author:
Descriptive Text of Photogravures of the
Holy Land, 1890; Life and Selected Writings
of Francis Dana Hemenway (with C. F.
Bradley and A. W. Patten), 1890; Gospel
Singers and Their Songs (with F. D. Hem-
enway), 1891; Vision of Christ in the Poets,
1896; Story of the Masterpieces, 1897; all
M4. Address: Evanston, 111.

STUART, Edwin Sydney, book-seller,
publisher; b. Phila., Dec. 28, 1853; s. Hugh
and Anna Newman S.; ed. public schools,
Phila.; unmarried. Engaged in bookselling
and publishing, 1S6S; Rep. presidential elec-

tor, 1884, 1900; delegate to Rep. Nat. Conv..
Inns and 1896; mayor Phila., 1891-5; one of
the trustees estate of Stephen Girard, hav-
ing charge of Girard Coll. Residence: 1538 S.
Broad St. Ofhce : 9 S. 9th St., Philadelphia.

STUART, Ruth McEnery, author; b. in
Avoyelles parish, La.: d. James and Mary
Routh (Stirling) McEnery; ed. New Or-
leans until 1865; m. Aug. 6, 1879, Alfred O.
Stuart, a cotton planter (now deceased).
Author: A Golden Wedding and Other Tales,
1893 HI; Carlotta's Intended, 1894 111; The
Story of Babette, 1891 HI ; Solomon Crow's
Christmas Pockets, and Others, LSitii 111; In
Simpkinsville, 1897 HI; Moriah's Mourning, Hi ; Sonny, 18% (':'; Holly and Pisen,
1899 C2; Tlie Woman's Exchange, 1899 HI;
etc. Residence: 205 W. 56th St., New York.

STUART, Thomas G., lawyer, promoter;
b. Clark Co., Ky. ; s. Samuel G. and Maria
L. S. ; ed. public schools, studied in business
and commercial law depts. Nelson Coll.,
Cincinnati; admitted to bar after exam, by
Court of Appeals; unmarried. One of own-
ers and editors Clark Co. Democrat from 17
to 27 yrs. of age.; since then practicing land
and corporation law; has organized and
completed many of largest land deals in
South; officer in many cos. Was mem. Ky.
legislature 2 terms; sec. Ky. Press Assn.
7 yrs. ; col. on staff of two govs. ; 8 yrs. on
Dem. State Com. ; 2 yrs. grand dictator
Knights of Honor, Ky. ; now in 3d term as
judge-advocate-gen. Ky. Knights of Pythias;
att'y for several rys., land and coal cos.,
etc.; chmn. State Home Seekers' and Im-
migration Assn. Address: Winchester, Ky.

STUBBERT, James Edward, physician,
surgeon; b. Maiden, Mass., Jan. 14, 1859; s.
Rev. Dr. William F. and Mary R. (Wyman)
S.; ed. public schools; grad. med. dept.
Univ. City of New York, 1881; med. mis-

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