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sionary Central China, 1881-3; It. -col. gov't
army during revolution, Nicaragua, 1893;
diplomatic representative Nicaragua Canai
Co., to gov'ts Nicaragua and Costa Rica,
1893-4. Fellow univs. of Salvador, Guate-
mala and Nicaragua; chief surgeon Nica-
ragua Canal Co., 1889-96; now physician in
charge and mem. med. bd. Loomis Sani-
tarium; lecturer on tropical diseases, New
York Univ. ; prof, practice New York Post-
Graduate Med. Coll. Mem. Am. Climatol.
Assn., New York Acad. Medicine, N. Y.
County Med. Soc, N. Y. County Med. Assn.,
Am. Med. Assn. Wrote: Malarial Hema-
turia, 1886; Sanitarium Treatment of Pul-
monary Tuberculosis, 1897; Rontgen Rays
as a Diagnostic Agent in Pulmonary Dis-
eases, 1897; Some Auxiliaries to Climatic
Treatment of Tuberculosis, 1898. Address:
58 E. 34th St., New York, and Loomis Sani-
tarium, Liberty Heights, Sullivan Co., N. Y.

STUBBS, Joseph Edward, pres. Nev.
State Univ. since 1894; b. Ashland, O., March
19, 1850; j. Joseph Deyarmon and Mary Gray
Stubbs; grad. Ashland (O.) High School,
1868; Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1873 (M. A.,
1876); Drew Theol. Sem., 1875 (hon. D. D.,
German Wallace Coll., 1890); m. Ashland. O.,
1874, Ella A. Sprengle. Pres. Baldwin Univ.,
Berea, O., 1886-94; pres. Ohio Coll. Assn.,



1891-2; pres. Assn. of Am. Agr'l Coll. and
Experiment Stations, 1899-1900; student at
Univ. of Berlin, 1890-1; M. E. clergyman.
Address: Reno, Nev.

STUBBS, William Carter, dir. La. expt.
sta. and prof. agr. La. State Univ. since
Sept., 1883; b. Gloucester Co., Va., Dec. 7,
1846; s. Jefferson W. and Ann Walker Car-
ter (Baytop) S. ; student William and Mary
Coll., 1860; grad. Randolph-Macon Coll.,
1862; Univ. of Va., 1867; m. July, 1875, Eliza-
beth Saunders Blair. Served in Confeder-
ate cav. to surrender at Appomattox, 1865;
prof, natural sciences East Ala. Coll., 1869-
72; prof, chemistry, Agr'l and Mech. Coll.
of Ala., 1872-85; State chemist, Ala., 1882-5;
State chemist, La., since 1896; dir. of the
three expt. stas. 7 yrs. Author: Sugar, 2
vols. ; The Descendants of Mordecai Cooke,
of Mordecai's Mount, Va., 1650; also many
bulletins of Agr'l Expt. Sta. of La., etc.
Address: Audubon Park, New Orleans.

bnrn, Lutheran clergyman, author; b. at
Bramsche, Hanover, Germany, Jan. 6, 1835;
5. Hermann R. and Anna Maria S. ; grad.
Wittenberg Coll., O., 1857; studied divinity
in same; divinity and philosophy in univs.
of Halle, Gottingen, Berlin and Tubingen,
Germany (A. M., Wittenberg Coll., 1860; D.
D., Wooster Univ., 1875; LL. D., Pa. Coll.,
1899); m. Erie, Pa., Oct. 27, 1869, Mary
Gingrich. Pastor of chs. in Davenport, la.,
Erie, Pa., and Pittsburg, Pa.; chaplain 145th
Pa. vols., Civil war; with regt., Fredericks-
burg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg. Prof,
theol. dept., Wittenberg Coll., 1873-80; pas-
tor Am. Ch., Berlin, Germany, 1881-94. Mem.
Philos. Soc, Berlin, Germany, and various
literary socs. Author: History of the Augs-
burg Confession, 1868 L13; Christian So-
ciology, 1880 F3; The Pinal Science, 1885 F3;
Introduction to the Study of Philosophy,
1888; The Age and the Church, 1893; Tend-
encies in German Thought, 1896; The So-
cial Problem, 1897; Introduction to the Study
of Sociology, 1898. Has written several
pamphlets and numerous articles on theol.,
edn'l, philos. and sociol. subjects in Am.
and English mags, and journals; for many
years has edited European dept. and social
section in Homiletic Review, New York.
Address: Cambridge, Mass.

STUDEBAKER, Clement, mf r. ; b. Get-
tysburg, Pa., March 12, 1831; s. John S.,
wagon maker; moved to Ashland, O., 1836;
learned blacksmith trade with father; went
to South Bend, Ind., 1850; taught school one
winter; engaged in smithing and wagon
business with brother Henry, 1852; business
grew until one of the largest vehicle facto-
ries in the world; business was incorporated,
1868; has been pres. of co. ever since. Has
been delegate to several Rep. Nat. Convs.;
comm'r to Paris Exp'n; pres. Ind. Comm'n
to World's Columbian Exp'n; mem. Pan-
Am. Congress; pres. Chautauqua Assembly
of N. Y. Address: Tippecanoe Place, South
Bend, Ind.

STUNTZ, Arba L,., farmer; b. in Pa., May
22, 1838; academic ed'n, Albion, Pa.; m.
Nov., 1861, Anliza Gray (died, Oct., 1896).

Public school teacher 12 yrs. in Pa., Wis.,
and la.; since then farmer; mem. Iowa leg-
islature, 1892 and 1894; Republican. Became
interested in Farmers' Alliance movement
in Iowa, as a non-partisan organization,
1887; pres. of State Alliance of Iowa, 1888;
v.-p. Nat. Farmers' Alliance, 1896. Address:
State Centre, la.

STURGES, Charles Mathews, lawyer;
b. Mansfield, O., May 8, 1838; 5. Edward
S. (Ohio pioneer, mcht. and banker); grad.
Kenyon Coll., 1860; studied law, Columbus,
O., 1860-1; Harvard Law School, 1861-2; m.
Chicago, 1865, Ella DuBois Delafield. Ad-
mitted to Ohio bar, 1862; practiced at Mans-
field, O., 1862-3; removed to Chicago, 1863;
admitted to 111. bar and has since practiced
there. Counsel, 1865-1900, for North West-
ern Nat. Bank of Chicago; active after Chi-
cago fire in restoration of the library and
collections of the Chicago Law Inst., and,
1870-2, its sec; literary contributor to jour-
nals and periodicals. Wrote pamphlets: An
Open Letter to Hon. George F. Hoar, 1899;
"Hast Thou Killed and Also Taken Pos-
session," 1899. Residence: Oak Park, 111.
Office: 140 Washington St., Chicago.

"STURGIS, Dinah"; see Whitney (Mrs.),
Belle Armstrong.

STURGIS, Frederic Russell, physician;
b. Manila, Philippine Islands, July 7, 1844;
5. Henry P. and Mary Georgiana (Howard)
S.; ed. in England and U. S. ; grad. Harvard
Med. School, 1867; m. Miss Hazard, Newport,
R. I., April, 1870. Established practice, New
York; taught as lecturer and prof, in med.
dept. Univ. City of New York; for 20 yrs.
visiting surgeon to (Charity) City Hosp.
of New York. Author: Human Cestoids,
1867 XI; Syphilis in New-born Children,
1883 Wll; Early Manhood Some of Its Dan-
gers, 1886 XI; Cystoid Diseases of the Tes-
ticle, 1899 XI; Sexual Debility in Man, 1900
T7; Student's Manual of Venereal Diseases,
1901 B8; etc. Am. editor of Diday on
Hereditary Syphilis, with notes; etc. Ad-
dress: 16 W. 32d St., New York.

STURGIS, Julian, author; b. Boston, Oct.
21, 1848; s. Russell S.;.went to England when
7 months old; ed. Eton; grad. Balliol Coll.,
Oxford (M. A.); barrister at law; became
British subject; traveled in Levant, 1878;
visited Turkish and Russian armies before
Constantinople; came to U. S., 1880, visiting
Leadville. Author: John-a-Dreams; An Ac-
complished Gentleman; Dick's Wandering;'
John Maidment; Thraldom; My Friends and
I; Comedy of a Country House; A Master of
Fortune; After Twenty Years; The Folly of
Pen Harrington; Little Comedies; etc. Ad-
dress: Athenaeum Club, London, Eng.

STURGIS, Russell, architect, author; b.
Baltimore Co., Md., Oct. 16, 1836; .s. Russell
and Margaret Dawes (Appleton) S. ; grad.
Coll. City of New York, 1856 (Ph. D.; also A.
M., Yale); m. May 26, 1864, Sarah, d. D. N.
Barney, of New York. Studied architecture
in Europe; practiced until 1880; went to Eu-
rope to reside, because of failing health;
since 1885 active in management of art socs.
in New York, and in writing and lecturing



on art subjects. Editor for decorative art of
Century Dictionary, and for line art in gen-
eral of Webster's Internal. Dictionary, and
new edition Johnson's Universal Cyclops
dia; editor Dictionary of Architecture, Vol.
I, 1901 Ml. Author: Manual of Jarves Collec-
tion of Early Italian Pictures, 1868; Euro-
pean Architecture, A Historical Study, L896;
Annotated Bibliography of Fine Art, 1897;
Classical Architecture on the Shores of the
Mediterranean, 1898; also numerous critical
monographs upon the work of prominent
Am. architects., etc. Address: 307 E. 17th St.,
New York.

SUDDUTH, Willinm Xavier, physician;
b. Springfield, 111., Jan. 18, 1853; s. James
McCreary and Amanda E. S. ; grad. 111. Wes-
leyan Univ., Ph. B. (A. M., 1889); grad.
Phila. Dental Coll., D. D. S., 1881; practiced
dentistry, Bloomington, 111., 2 yrs. Studied
Coll. Phys. & Surg., New York, 1883-4; grad.
Medico-Chirurg. Coll., Phila., M. D., 1885;
post-graduate studies Univs. of Berlin, Heid-
elberg and Vienna. Dir. Physiol. Laboratory
and lecturer Medico-Chirurg. Coll., 1884-90;
prof, pathology and oral surgery Univ. of
Minn., 1890-5; since then in sp'l practice,
nervous diseases, Chicago; has lectured in
univ. extension courses in various colls.;
now prof, morbid psychology and psycho-
therapeutics and dir. psycho-physical lab-
oratory Post-Graduate Med. School, Chicago;
supt. Alpha Sanitarium, Lake Forest, 111.;
also well known as med. editor and writer;
mem. Am. Med. Assn. ; Chicago Acad. Medi-
cine, Chicago Med. Soc. ; Medico-Legal Soc.,
New York. Residence: Lake Forest, 111.
Office: 100 State St., Chicago.

SUDWORTH, George Bishop, dendrolo-
gist, Div. of Forestry, U. S. Dept. Agr.,
since 1895; b. Kingston, Wis., Aug. 31, 1862;
.j. Bishop Birch and Mary Elizabeth S. ;
grad. Kalamazoo High School; grad. Univ.
of Mich., 1885; instr. botany State Agr'IColl.
of Mich., 1885-6; botanist in Div. of Forestry,
U. S. Dept. of Agr., 1886-95; m. Feb. 24, 1897,
Francis Gertrude Kingsbury, of Cassopolis,
Mich. Mem. A. A. A. S. Author: Forest
Flora of the Rocky Mountain Region; For-
est Flora of Washington, D. C. ; Forest
and Ornamental Trees of Savannah (Ga.)
City Parks; Forest Flora of Tennessee; No-
menclature of Arborescent Flora of the
United States; Trees of the United States
Important in Forestry; Check List of North
American Forest Trees with Geographical
Distribution; Collecting Tree Seeds and
Raising Forest Trees; Forest Resources of
Western Colorado Timber Reserves; The
Forest Nursery; The Forests of Allegany
Co., Md.; Forest Resources of the Northern
California Timber Reserves; Forest Condi-
tions of The Sierra Timber Reserve. Address:
1605 Park St., Washington.

SULLIVAN, Alexander, lawyer; b. near
Waterville, Me., Aug. 9, 1847; s. Florence
and Catharine (Doran) S.; removed to Mich,
and later to Chicago; admitted to bar, 1878;
m. Nov., 1874, Margaret Frances Buchanan.
Pres. Irish Nat. League of America, 1883-4.
Residence: 378 Oak St. Office : 112 Clark St.,

SULLIVAN, Imhiic N., asso. Justice of Su-
preme Court Idaho; b. Iowa, Nov. ::, 1848;
ed. public BChOOla and Adrian (Mich.) ''oil.;

was not. grad.; practiced law, Halley, [da .
1882, until 1890; elected Brat chief Justice of
Idaho; re-elected I" 1892; now asso. Justice;
Silver Rep, Address: Hailcy, Ida.

SULLIVAN, J. .1., asso. justice Supreme
Court Neb. ; elected by fusion of Democrats
and Populists. Address: Lincoln, Neb.

sullivan, .in in. -s William, Journalist,

author; b. Pa., 1848; has been connect. id
with various papers; edited social-reform
papers in New York. Author: Tenement
Tales of New York, 114; So the World Goes,
Kl; Direct Legislation Through the Initia-
tive and Referendum; etc.

SULLIVAN, I is Henry, architect; b.

Boston, Sept. 3, 1856; .?. Patrick and Adri-
enne S. ; ed. public schools Boston; sp'l
courses in Mass. Inst. Technology and ficole
des Beaux Arts, Paris, France; m. Chicago,
July 1, 1899, Margaret Hattabough. Mem.
Am. Inst. Architects; also various local tech.
socs. ; received gold medal Union Centrale
des Arts Decoratifs, Paris, 1894; contributor
of numerous monographs and articles to
tech. publications. Address: 1600 Auditorium
Tower, Chicago.

SULLIVAN, Margaret Frances, journal-
ist; b. in Ireland; d. James and Susan (Gor-
man) Buchanan; m. 1874, Alexander Sulli-
van. Editorial writer on Chicago daily
newspapers and for leading journals of New
York and Boston; chief editorial writer
Times-Herald, 1895; editorial writer and art
critic, Chicago Chronicle, 1901. Contributor
to magazines. Sent to Paris, 1889, as spe-
cial cable correspondent of the Associated
Press at Universal Exhibition. Author:
Ireland of To-day, 01; Mexico: Picturesque,
Political and Progressive (with Mary E.
Blake), R5. Residence: 378 Oak St., Chicago.

SULLIVAN, Thomas Crook, brig. -gen.
and commissary-gen. of subsistence U. S.
A.; retired, Nov. 14, 1897; b. Montgomery
Co., O., Nov. 14, 1833; grad. West Point,
1856; served in army through all grades of
commissioned officer until retired by opera-
tion of law: received 2 bvts. during war of
1861-5. Not married. Residence: Troy, O. Per-
manent Address: Care Adjutant General's Of-
fice, Washington.

SULLIVAN, Thomas Russell, novelist,
dramatist; b. Boston, Nov. 21, 1849: s. Rev.
Thomas Russell and Charlotte Caldwell
(Blake) S. ; ed. Boston Latin School and pri-
vate schools; m. 1899, Lucy Wadsworth, Bos-
ton. Lived in Europe, 1870-3; clerk and cash-
ier, Lee, Higginson & Co., bankers and
brokers, Boston, 1873-88; since then devoted
to literary work exclusively, spending sev-
eral yrs. in Europe. Author: Roses of
Shadow, 1885 S3; Day and Night Stories (2
series), 1890, 1893 S3; Tom Sylvester, 1893 S3;
Ars et Vita, 1898 S3; also several plays. Ad-
dress: 31 Massachusetts Av., Boston.

SULLIVAN, William Van Amberg, law-
yer; b. nr. Winona, Carroll Co., Miss., Dec.
18, 1857; ed. Univ. of Miss.; grad. Vanderbilt
Univ., 1875. Reared on farm in Panola Co.,



Miss.; began practice of law at 18; has been
mem. bd. of aldermen, and school trustee,
Oxford, Miss.; mem. Congress, 1897, until
May, 1898; U. S. senator to fill vacancy
caused by death of Senator Walthall, 1898-
1901; has been mem. co. and dist. Dem.
corns, and 2 Nat. convs. ; mem. Dem. Nat.
Com., 1896-1900; m. Washington, Dec. 18, 1900,
Marie Newman Atkins. Address: Oxford,

SEILLOWAY, Cyrus Adams, congress-
man; b. Grafton, N. H., June 8, 1839; .s.
Greeley and Betsey L. S.; academic ed'n;
admitted to bar, 1863; has since practiced
law at Manchester. Mem. N. H. Ho. of
Reps., 1872-3 and 1887-93; mem. Congress 1st
N. H. dist, 1895-1903; Republican. Chmn.
Com. on Expenditures Dept. of Justice, 55th
Congress; chmn. Com. on Invalid Pensions,
56th Congress. Home: Manchester, N. H.

SULLY, Alfred, railroad organizer; b. Ot-
tawa, Can., May 2, 1841; ed. Buffalo, N. Y. ;
grad. Law School, Cincinnati Coll., 1862;
practiced law, Davenport, la., 1862-72; bank-
er, New York, 1872-6; since then in railroad
business; successively pres. Ohio Southern
R. R. Co., Richmond & Danville; Richmond
and West Point Terminal, and many other
small roads; identified for some yrs. with
the Phila. & Reading R. R. Co. and its re-
organization. Unmarried. Residence: 1235 Pa-
cific St., Brooklyn. Office: 29 Broadway, New

SULLY, Daniel (Sullivan), actor; b. at
Newport, R. I., Nov. 6, 1855; 5. Patrick C.
and Catharine (McCarthy) Sullivan; ed.
Newport, R. I., public schools; m. Jersey
City, N. J., Feb., 1886, Louise A. Fox. Was
a dancer from a boy; went on stage 1875,
as specialty performer; wrote and prod.
The Corner Grocery, 1884; wrote and prod.
Daddy Nolan, 1886; also prod. Capital Prize,
Con Conroy, The Millionaire, O'Niel, Wash-
ington, D. C., and The Parish Priest, Dec.
31, 1899. Has summer home in the heart of
the Catskills, 10 miles from a railroad. Tour
every yr. from Portland, Me., to Portland,
Ore. Address: Lake Hill, Ulster Co., N. Y.

SULZBERGER, Mayer, judge court of
common pleas; b. Heidelsheim, Baden, June
22, 1843; i. Abraham and Sophia S.; grad.
Phila. High School (A. M.); studied law
(LL. D., Jefferson Med. Coll.); unmarried;
mem. Am. Philos. Soc, Hist. Soc. of Pa.,
Am. Oriental Soc. Was editor of The Occi-
dent, a monthly mag. for Jewish knowledge,
1868-9. Residence: 1303 Girard Av. Office: City
Hall, Philadelphia.

SULZER, William, congressman, lawyer;
b. Elizabeth, N. J., March 18, 1863; ed. in
public schools and Columbia Coll. ; admitted
to bar, 1884; has since practiced law in New
York; mem. of N. Y. legislature, 1890-4
(speaker, 1893) ; mem. Congress 11th N. Y.
dist., 1894-1903; Democrat. Home: 232 E. 12th
St., New York. Washington Address: 131 B
St., S. E.

SUMMERBELL, Martyn, clergyman of
the Christians; b. Naples, N. Y., Dec. 20,
1847; s. Rev. B. F. and Elizabeth Martin S. ;
grad. Coll. of City of New Y'ork, 1871 (Ph.

D., Univ. City of New York, D. D., Union
Christian Coll., Ind.); w. Brooklyn, May
28, 1872, Elizabeth P. Corwith. Ordained to
ministry, 1865; was in charge of Christian
Ch. of the Evangel, Brooklyn, 1866-80; Fall
River, Mass. First Christian Ch., 1880-6; St.
Paul's Evangel. Ch., New York, 1886-8; Main
St. Free Bapt. Ch., Lewiston, Me., 1888-98;
pres. Starkey Sem., Eddyton, N. Y., since
1898; sec. N. Y. State Federation of Chs.
and Christian Workers. Author: Special Ser-
vices for Ministers, 1885; part author Peo-
ple's Bible History, 1895. Address: Eddy-
ton, N. Y.

SUMMERS, Henry Elijah, prof, zoology
and entomology Iowa State Coll. Agr. and
Mechanic Arts since 1898; entomologist Expt.
Sta. and State entomologist of Iowa; b. at
Rochester, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1863; .?. Theodore

A. and Mary A. (Minnis) S.; grad. Cornell,

B. S., 1886; fellow Cornell, 1886-8; asso. prof,
biology Univ. of Tenn. and consulting en-
tomologist Tenn. Agr'l Expt. Sta., 1888-91;
asso. prof, human physiology and vertebrate
anatomy Univ. of 111., 1893-8; biol. work
abroad and in connection with World's Co-
lumbian Expn., 1891-3; writer on entomol.
subjects. Address: Ames, la.

SUMMERVILLE, Amelia, actress; b. Kil-
dare, Ireland; d: Thomas Serby and Susan
(Wilson) Shaw (Summerville an assumed
name). First appearance on stage with Hol-
man's English Opera Co., Toronto, Can., at
age of 8; since then has acted and created
many parts under management successively
of Charles Frohman, Augustus Pitou, Bar-
ton & Collier, William Brady, Fred Whit-
ney, Edward Rice; now in stock co. of New
York Theatre, Sire Bros., mgrs. Married
when quite young; divorced in New York,
with full custody of two children. Among
notable parts created by her are: Baby Ma-
lone in Irish opera, Brian Boru; Rosetta, the
Mountain Maid, in Adonis; Trilby and Mme.
Sans Gene, in burlesque of The Merry
World; The Widow in Cumberland '61; Polly
Piston, in Jane*; Kitty Marshall, in the Cot-
ton King. Also played and sung all the con-
tralto roles in Gilbert & Sullivan's operas;
was a ballet dancer with Howard Lang-
risehe, of Carll's Black Crook Co., 3 yrs.
Address: New York Theatre, New York.

SUMMEY, George, chancellor Southwest-
ern Presby'n Univ., since 1892; b. Asheville,
N. C, June 3, 1853; studied at Univ. of Ga. ;
grad. Davidson Coll., 1870; A. M., 1872; grad.
Union Theol. Sem., 1873 (D. D., 1892). Pas-
tor, 1873-92, Presby'n chs. at Bolivar, Tenn.;
Covington, Ky. ; Graham, N. C. ; and Ches-
ter, S. C. Founder and 11 yrs. mng. editor
Presby'n Quarterly; founder and 3 yrs. mgr.
Presby'n and Reformed Review. Address:
Clarksville, Tenn.

SUMNER, Charles Allen, lawyer; b. Great
Barrington, Mass., Aug. 2, 1835; .y. Increase
and Pluma Barston S. ; academic ed'n (A.
M., Trinity Coll., Hartford). Became short-
hand reporter and lawyer; q.-m. U. S. vols.,
and later commissioned col. 1st Nevada inf.
vols. ; was mem. and pres. pro tern. Nevada
senate; congressman-at-large from Calif.,
1883-5. Edited several daily papers, includ-


11 or,

ing the Sacramento Sentinel, San Francisco
Mirror, and Gold Hill (Nov.) News, mng.
editor San Francisco Herald. Lecturer on
Scenes and Incidents in Foreign Lands, Cre-
mation; etc. Author: A Government Postal
Telegraph, 1870 01; Compilation of Speeches
in Congress and Elsewhere, on a Genuine
Postal Telegraph, 1870 01; Poems, 1877;
Shorthand and Reporting, 1882 G7; Golden
Gate Sketches, 1884; Notes of Travel in
Sweden, 1885 G7; Cremation, 1900; etc.
Residence: 1008 10th Av., E. Oakland, Calif.
Office: 325 Montgomery St., San Francisco.

SUMNER, Edwin Vote, brig.-gen. U. S.
V., col. U. S. A.; b. in Pa.; s. Maj.-Gen. E.
V. S. (1797-1863); entered army from N. Y.,
Aug. 5, 1861, 2d It. 1st cav.; became 1st It.,
Nov. 12, 1861, capt., Sept. 23, 1863. Served
maj. to col. 1st N. Y. mounted rifles and
bvt. brig.-gen. U. S. V., May 19, 1863, to
Nov. 29, 1865; returned to regular duty; maj.
5th cav., March 4, 1879; lt.-col. 8th cav.,
April 15, 1890; col. 7th cav., Nov. 10, 1894.
Apptd. May 27, 1898, brig.-gen. U. S. V. ;
comd. depts. Colo, and Mo., 1898-9. Address:
War Dept., Washington.

SUMNER, Georjsre Watson, rear-admiral
U. S. N. ; b. Constantine, St. Joseph Co.,
Mich., Dec. 31, 1841; apptd. to navy from
Ky., Sept. 20, 1858; Naval Acad., 1858-61; It.,
Aug. 1, 1862; lt.-comdr., July 25, 1866;
comdr. June 13, 1876; capt., Oct. 2, 1891; rear
admiral, March 3, 1899; m. Feb. 20, 1886,
Maudthilde Willis, of New York. Took part
in bombardment Forts Jackson and St. Phil-
ip, April, 1862, Vicksburg batteries, 1862;
comd. Massasoit on James River, and with
Onondaga, forced Confederate iron-ciads
Fredericksburg and Virginia to retreat up
James River, and relinquish purpose of at-
tacking Grant's transports and base of sup-
plies, at City Point, Va., Jan., 1865; comd.
U. S. S. Baltimore at Internat. Naval Re-
view, 1893; comd. U. S. S. Columbia at op-
ening of Kiel Canal, Germany, 1895; also
when she made, July, 1895, fastest long-dis-
tance run (Southampton to New York) for
man-of-war; July, 1897, to April 1, 1899, capt.
Navy Yard, New York. Commandant Naval
Sta., Port Royal, S. C, June 1, 1899, to Jan.
16, 1901; commandant Navy Yard and Sta.,
Phila., since Jan. 19, 1901. Mem. Empire State
Soc. Sons Am. Revolution; charter mem.
Naval and Mil. Order Spanish-Am. War;
hon. mem. Regular Army and Navy Union.
Mem. "Associated Veterans of Farragut's
Fleet." Address: Care Navy Dept., Wash-

SUMNER, Samuel Storrow, brig.-gen.
U. S. A. since Feb. 4, 1901; b. Pa.; 5. Maj.-
Gen. Edwin V. S. Apptd. from N. Y., 2d It.,
June 11, 1861, and July 17, 1862, became 1st
It. 5th cav.; served capt. and a. d. c, U. S.
V., Aug., 1S62, to Aug., 1863; bvtd. during
Civil war 1st It., capt. and maj.; apptd. maj.
8th cav., April 2, 1879; bvtd. lt.-col. Feb. 27,
1890, for gallantry in action against Indians
at Summit Springs, Colo., July 11, 1869; lt.-
col. 6th cav., Feb. 18, 1891; col. 6th cav.,
May 23, 1896. Apptd. brig.-gen. U. S. V.,
May 4, 189S, later promoted to maj-gen. for
distinguished service in Cuba during San-

tiago campaign, nml served as chief muster-
ing officer; later comdg, 1st div., 2d Army
(Dips; mustered out of vol. service April 16,
L899; ordered to England as military attach^;
left London July, 1900, and joined U. 8.
troops in China; comd. 2d brigade; left
China for duty in the Philippines, comd.
1st dist. Southern Luzon; m. Frederica Ben-
nett, Oswego, N. Y. Address: War Dept.,

si MNER, William Graham, prof, polit-
ical and social science Yale since 1872; b.
Paterson, N. J., Oct. 30, 1840; s. Thomas and
Sarah (Graham) S. ; grad. Yale, 1863; studied
in Univs. of Gottingen, Germany, and Ox-
ford, Eng. ; (LL. D., Univ. of E. Tenn.); m.
April 17, 1871, Jeannie Whittemore Elliott,
New York. Tutor Yale, 1866-9; took orders
in P. E. Church, and was asst. Calvary
Church, New York, and rector Church of
the Redeemer, Morristown, N. J., until 1872;
especially prominent as a free trader and
advocate of the gold standard. Author: A
History of American Currency, 1874 H4;
What Social Classes Owe to Each Other,
1882 HI; Collected Essays in Political and
Social Sciences, 1883 H4; Protectionism, 1885
H4; Lives of Andrew Jackson, Alexander
Hamilton and Robert Morris, 1891 D3; The
Financier and Finances of the Revolution,
1892 D3; A History of Banking in the U. S.,
1896. Address: 140 Edwards St., New Haven,

Sl\DERLAND, Eliza Read, writer, lec-
turer; b. Huntsville, 111., 1839; d. Amasa and
Jane (Henderson) Read; grad. Univ. of
Mich., 1889 (Ph. D., 1892); w. Dec, 1871, Rev.
Jabez T. Sunderland. Has been teacher Ann
Arbor, Mich., and S. Division, Chicago, high
schools; prin. Aurora, 111., High School; has
preached (not ordained) and lectured exten-
sively; contributor to periodicals. Author:
Stories from Genesis; Heroes and Heroines,
published by the Western Unitarian S. S.
Soc; the latter reprinted in England; also
various addresses and articles in mags, and
newspapers. Address: Toronto, Ontario.

SUNDERLAND, Jabez Thomas, Unita-
rian clergyman; b. Yorkshire, Eng., Feb. 11,
1842; j. Thomas and Sarah (Broadhead) S. ;
grad. Univ. of Chicago, 1867 (A. M., 1871);
Union Bapt. Theol. Sem., 1870; m. Dec, 1871,
Eliza J. Read, of Huntsville, 111. Has been

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