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genre painter. Has exhibited at Nat. Acad.,
the Centennial and subsequent exbns., the
Paris salons, etc. Address: 51 W. 10th St.,
New York.

WARD, Elisabeth Stuart rhelpn, au-
thor; b. Andover, Mass., Aug. 31, 1844; d.
Rev. Austin and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps;
vi. Oct. 20, 1888, Herbert D. Ward. Began to
write for press when 13 yrs. old; lectured
before Boston Univ., 1876. Author: The Gip-
sy Series (4 vols.); The Gates Ajar; Men,
Women and Ghosts; Hedged In; The Silent
Partner; The Trotty Book; Trotty's Wed-
ding Tour; What to Wear; Poetic- Studies;
The Story of Avis; My Cousin and I; Old
Maids' Paradise; Sealed Orders; Friends, a
Duet; Beyond the Gates; Dr. Zay; The
Gates Between; Jack the Fisherman; Burg-
lars in Paradise: Fourteen to One; Donald
Marcy: The Madonna of the Tubs; A Singu-
lar Life; The Supply at St. Agatha's; The
Master of the Magicians (with H. D. Ward) ;
Struggle for Immortality; Come Forth (with
H. D. Ward); Austin Phelps; Chapters from
a Life; Songs of the Silent World; A Singu-
lar Life; The Story of Jesus Christ. Resi-
dence: (winter) Newton Centre, Mass. ; (sum-
mer) E. Gloucester, Mass.

WARD, Genevifeve (Lucy Genevieve Te-
resa, Comtesse de Guerbel), tragedienne; b.
New York, March 27, 1838; d. Samuel W. ;
g.d. of Gideon Lee (mayor of New York,
1833). Ed. in America, France and Italy; in.
Comte Constantine de Guerbel, Russian of-
ficer. Sang in "Messiah," Exeter Hall, Lon-
don, 1862. Made debut as operatic singer, un-
der name of "Madame Guerrabella," 1856,
at La Scala, Milan. In Winter of 1862 an at-
tack of diphtheria ruined her voice for sing-
ing. Taught vocal music in New York and
prepared for dramatic stage. Made debut as
tragedienne, Theatre Royal, Manchester,
Eng., 1873, as Lady Macbeth: afterward add-
ed many roles, notably Stephanie in "For-
get-Me-Not," first prod., Aug. 22,1879, which
she played over 2,000 times in every Eng-
lish-speaking country. Last appearance*
with Henry Irving, 1893-7; played Lady
Macbeth in French at Porte St. Martin,
Paris, 1877. Has played several star en-
gagements in U. S. Address: 22 Avenue
Road, Regents Park, London, Eng.

WARD, George Morgan, pres. Rollins
Coll. since April, 1895; b. Lowell, Mass.,
May 23. 1859; 5. Sullivan L. and Mary (Mor-
gan) W. ; 2 yrs. at Harvard, class 1881; grad.
Dartmouth, 1882 (A. M.; D. D., same, 1900);



grad. Boston Univ. Law School, 1884; ad-
mitted to Mass bar. Sec. Internat. Soc. of
Christian Endeavor, 1885-9 resigned because
of sickness; later 2 yrs. mem. of wholesale
firm in Lowell; entered Andover Theol.
Sem., and was graduated B. D. Has done
post-graduate work at Johns Hopkins; m.
June 15, 1896, Emma Merriam Sprague, d.
Rev. F. M. Sprague, Springfield, Mass. Ad-
dress: Winter Park, Fla.

WARD, Henry Augustus, naturalist; b.
Rochester, N. Y., March 9, 1834; s. Henry
Meigs and Eliza (Chapin) W. ; ed. Middle-
bury Acad.; also, 1851-2, at Williams Coll.
(A. M., Williams; LL. D., Rochester Univ.).
Asst. to Prof. Louis Agassiz, Harvard Sci-
entific School, 1854; studied at Paris, and
traveled through Europe and the Orient,
1855-9; prof, natural sciences Rochester
Univ., 1860-5; mgr. gold mines in Mont, and
in S. C, 1866-9; traveled, 1870-1900, in all
countries, making large and valuable cab-
inets of mineralogy and geology (known as
"Ward Cabinets") which are distributed to
univs., colls., etc., throughout U. S. Found-
ed at Rochester Ward's Natural Science Es-
tablishment, where these cabinets are com-
piled, taxidermy is executed and natural
science collections are prepared for colls.;
m. March 18, 1897, Mrs. Lydia Avery Coon-
ley. Acting naturalist U. S. Expd'n. to Santo
Domingo, 1871. Fellow A. A. A. S., Geol.
Soc. of London, Zool. Soc. of London, etc.;
has the largest private collection of me-
teorites in the world. Author: Notices of the
Megatherium Cuvieri; Description of the
Most Celebrated Fossil Animals in Royal
Museums of Europe. Residence: 620 Division
St., Chicago. Business Address.- Rochester,
N. Y.

WARD, Henry Baldwin, prof, zoology,
Univ. of Neb. since 1893; b. Troy, N. Y.,
March 4, 1865; 5. Richard Halsted and Char-
lotte Allen (Baldwin) W. ; grad. Williams
Coll., 1885, post-graduate studies, Univs.
G6ttingen, Freiburg (Baden), Leipzig and
Harvard (Harvard A. M., Ph. D., 1892); m.
Chicago, 1894, Harriet Blair. Teacher of
science, Troy High School, 1885-8; instr.
Univ. of Mich., 1892-3; in charge biol. work
Mich. Fish Comm'n on Lake Michigan, 1894;
asso. biol. survey Great Lakes, U. S. Fish
Comm'n, since 1898; asso. editor Am. Natur-
alist; sec. Am. Micros. Soc. since 1898; fel-
low A. A. A. S.; mem. Zool. Soc. France;
zoologist Neb. State Bd. Agr. Wrote: An-

. atomy of Sipunculus, Bulletin Museum Com-
parative Zoology, 1891; On Nectonema Agile,
same, 1892; Parasitic Worms of Man, etc.,
Neb. Bd. Agr. Report, 1895; Biological Ex-
amination of Lake Michigan, Bulletin Mich.
Fish Comm'n, 1896; Recent Fresh Water In-
vestigations, Proc. Am. Micros. Soc, 1899.
Address: 1520 D St., Lincoln, Neb.

WARD, Herbert Dickinson, author,
Mass. State comm'r of prisons; b. Waltham,
Mass., June 30, 1861; grad. Amherst (A. M.);
m. Oct. 20, 1888, at E. Gloucester, Mass.,
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. Author: The New
Senior at Andover; The Master of the Ma-
gicians; The Captain of the Kittiwink; The
Republic Without a President, and Other

Short Stories; The White Crown; The Burg-
lar Who Moved Paradise; The Lost Hero;
The Light of the World, 1901. Address:
Newton Centre, Mass.

WARD, John Elliott, lawyer; b. Sunbury,
Liberty Co., Ga., Oct. .2, 1814; entered Am-
herst, 1831, but withdrew before completing
course; admitted to bar, 1835; attended lec-
tures at Harvard Law School; solicitor-gen.
Eastern dist. of Ga., 1836-8; U. S. dist. att'y
for Ga., 1838; mem. Ga. legislature, 1839,
1845, and (speaker) 1853; mayor of Savan-
nah, 1854; pres. Nat. Dem. Conv., Cincin-
nati, 1856; pres. Ga. senate and acting lt.-
gov., 1857; resigned, 1858; U. S. minister to
China, 1858-61. Since 1866 lawyer in New
York. Residence: 48 W. 17th St. Office: 59
Wall St., New York.

WARD, John Henry Hobart, deputy
co. clerk New York Co. ; b. New York, June
17, 1823; ed. Collegiate School of Trinity
Ch. ; in Mexican war as sergt.-maj. 7th U.
S. inf., from Corpus Christi to Cerro Gor-
do; asst. commissary-gen. State of N. Y.,
1850, commissary-gen., 1850-9; col. 38th N.
Y. vols., 1860; brig.-gen. vols., Oct. 2, 1862;
comd. 2d brigade, 1st div., 3d corps; comd.
1st div., 3d corps, at Gettysburg, Manassas
Gap and Kelly's Ford, Army of Potomac. Is
an active mem. Supreme Council 33 Ma-
sonry. Residence: 230 E. 50th St., New York.

WARD, John Q,uincy Adams, sculptor;
b. Urbana, O., June 29, 1830; j. John A. and
Eleanor Macbeth W. ; studied under and as-
sisted Henry K. Browne, 1850-7; was in
Washington, 1857-8; later visited Indian
country; since 1861 has had studio in New
York. Asso., 1862, academician since 1863,
Nat. Acad. Design (v. -p., 1870-1, and pres.,
1872) ; pres. Nat. Sculpture Soc. from its in-
corporation, 1896; v.-p. Fine Arts Federa-
tion; trustee Metropolitan Museum; v.-p.
Century Club, and many other art socs.
Among his principal statues are The Indian
Hunter, Seventh Regiment Citizen Soldier,
Shakespeare, and The Pilgrim (all in Cen-
tral Park, New York) ; The Freedman, The
Good Samaritan (in Boston) ; statues of
Washington (Wall Street), Henry Ward
Beecher (in City Hall, Brooklyn), Commo-
dore Perry (Newport, R. I.), Israel Putnam
(Hartford, Conn.), Gen. George H. Thomas
(Washington), etc.; Crowning Group of Vic-
tory on the Naval Arch (for Dewey Recep-
tion) in New York. Address: 119 W. 52d St.,
New York.

WARD, John W., physician, med. supt.
N. J. State Hosp. ; b. Salem, N. J., Feb. 12,
1840; .y. Samuel Vance and Esther (Griffith)
W. ; ed. Salem, N. J., public schools and
Acad, at Fairfield, N. Y. (hon. A. M., Am-
herst, 1874); grad. med. dept. Univ. of Pa.,
1866; m. March 5, 1873, Horacana B. Sager.
Apptd. 2d asst. physician, May, 1866, senior
asst. physician, Feb., 1870; med. supt., April,
1876, N. J. State Hosp. Pres. N. J. State
Med. Soc, 1890; mem. Am. Medico-Psychol.
Assn. Mem. Am. Med. Assn.; mem. Bd. of
Mgrs. of N. J. State Hosp. for Epileptics.
Address: Trenton, N. J.

WARD, Leslie Dodd, v.-p. Prudential
Ins. Co.; b. Madison, N. J., July 1, 1845; s.


1 11*3

Moses D. W.J ed. Newark Acud., Newurk,
N. J.; grad. Coll. Phya. & Surg. (Columbia
Univ.), New York, 1868; m. Newark, N. J.,
March 5, 1874, Minnie Perry. Has been con-
nected with the Prudential Ins. Co., since
Its organization. Residence: 1058 Broad St.,
Newark, and "Brooklake Park," Madison,
N. J.

WARD, Lenter Frank, palaeontologist; b.
Joliet, 111., June 18, 1841; ed. In 111. until
1860; Towanda, Pa., 1860-2; grad. Columbian
Univ., A. B., 1869, LL. B., 1871 (A. M., 1873,
LL. D., 1897); served in Civil war; in U. S.
Treasury Dept., 1865-72; asst. geologist U.
S. Geol. Survey, 1881-8; now palaeontologist
in same. Author: Haeckel's Genesis of Man
1879; The Flora of Washington, 1881; Dy-
namic Sociology, 1883; Sketch of Palaeon-
tological Botany, 1885; Synopsis of the Flora
of the Laramie Group, 1886; Types of the
Laramie Flora, 1887; Geographical Distri-
bution of Fossil Plants, 1SS9; The Psychic
Factors of Civilization, 1893; Outlines of
Sociology, 1898. Address: The Magnolia,

WARD, Lydia Avery Coonley, writer;
b. Lynchburg, Va., Jan. 31, 1845; d. B. F.
and Susan (Look) Avery; ed. Louisville,
Ky., Utica, N. Y., and Phila. ; lived in
Louisville; i. 1867, John C. Coonley (died,
1882) ; 2d, 1897, Henry Augustus Ward. Lived
St. Louis, 1867-8, Louisville, 1868-73, in Chi-
cago since 1873; pres. Chicago Woman's
Club, 1895-6; contributor to newspapers and
mags. ; known as writer by name of Lydia
Avery Coonley. Author: Under the Pines,
and Other Verses, 1895 W6; Singing Verses
for Children (music by F. W. Root and oth-
ers), 1897 Ml; Love Songs, 1S99. Residence:
620 Division St., Chicago.

WARD, May Alden. author, lecturer; b.
(Alden) Cincinnati, O., 1853; d. Prince W.
and Rebecca (Neal) Alden; direct descend-
ant of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins, of
Plymouth Colony; grad. Ohio Wesleyan
Univ., at 19; studied in Germany; m. 1873,
William G. Ward, prof. English literature
Syracuse Univ. and Emerson School of Or-
atory, Boston. Pres. Cantabrigia, leading
woman's club (700 mems.), elected, 1897, re-
elected, 1898 and each yr. since; v. -p. State
Federation of Woman's Clubs; mem. New
England Women's Press Assn. Author: Life
of Dante, 18S7 L6; Petrarch, a Sketch of His
Life and Works, 1891 L6; Old Colony Days,
1896 L6; Prophets of the Nineteenth Cen-
tury, 1900 L6. Address: 281 Dartmouth St.,

WARD, Richard Halsted. mieroscopist;
b. Bloomfield, N. J., June 17, 1837; grad.
Williams, 1858; Coll. Phys. & Surg., New
York, 1862; has practiced medicine in Troy,
N. Y., since 1863; made sp'l study of botany,
becoming prof, botany, 1867, Rensselaer Poly-
technic Inst.; physician to Marshall In-
firmary, 1868; specialist and lecturer before
scientific socs., etc., on microscopy; one of
the 1st to discriminate between different
kinds of blood; expert in many murder and
forgery trials; active in organizing Nat.
Com. on Micrometry; author of many scien-
tific papers; fellow A. A. A. S.,1874. Address:
53 4th St., Troy, N. Y.

ward, Samuel iinidwin, physician; b.

New York, June 8, 1842; s. Lebbeus Bald-
win and Abbey Dwight (Partridge) W.;
grad. Columbia, 18.61 (A. M., 1864); M. D.,
Georgetown Univ., 1864 (Ph. D., Union,
1882); hi. 1st, Oct. 10, 1871, Nina A. Wheel-
er (died, Oct. 19, 1883); 2d, April 29, 1897,
Grace Fltz-Randolph Schenck, widow of
Erastus Corning 3d. Prof, anatomy 1867-70,
prof, surgery, 1870-6, Woman's Med. Coll.
of New York Infirmary; prof. surg. pathol-
ogy, 1876-84, and since 1884 prof, theory and
practice of medicine Albany Med. Coll.; ex-
pres. Med. Soc. State of N. Y., etc. Address:
281 State St., Albany, N. Y.

WARD, S u Nil n llayeM, author; b. Abing-
tou, Mass., Nov. 26, 1838; d. Rev. James
Wilson and Hetta Lord (Hayes) W. ; ed. at
home and at Wheaton Sera., Norton, Mass.,
by Lucy Larcom; studied art in Boston,
New York, Dresden and Paris; studied 2
seasons in Woman's Med. Coll., Boston.
Taught in public and private schools, East
and West; prin. girls' dept., Berwick Acad.
(Me.), Guilford Inst. (Conn.), and Knox
Sena., Galesburg, 111. Had, with sister, H.
L. H. Ward, the 1st classes in china dec-
oration in New York; taught embroidery
classes and designed for embroidery; lec-
turer upon household, home-art, literary
and philanthropic subjects; art critic New
York Independent, 1889-93; office editor,
1892-8. Engaged in Home Dept. of Foreign
Missionary Work; v. -p. Woman's Bd. Mis-
sions (Cong'l.). Mem. Am. Oriental Soc.
Author: Sabrina Hackett, L9; Christus ad
Portam, R2, 01; The World's Christmas
Hymn (with William Hayes Ward), 01;
The Green Guess Book (with Mts. M. L.
McL. Watson), D3. Wrote: Book reviews
and contributions to Independentmany yrs.,
articles for Harper's Young People, The
Chautauquan, Congregationalist, Christian
Union, Harper's Bazar; etc. Wrote Memor-
ial of Lucy Larcom for Wheaton Sem. Ad-
dress: The Stone House, Abington Av., New-
ark, N. J.

WARD, Thomas, col. U. S. A., asst. adj.-
gen.; b. West Point, N. Y., March 18, 1839
entered Mil. Acad., July 1, 1859; grad. and
commissioned 2d It., 1st art'y, June 11, 1863
1st It., July 18, 1864; capt, Nov. 1, 1876; maj
and asst. adj. -gen., June 28, 1884; col., Sept
11, 1897. In Civil war was bvtd. 1st It., June
3, 1864, for gallantry at Cold Harbor, and
capt., March 13, 1865, for gallant and mer-
itorious services during war; prof. mil.
science Union Coll., Schenectady, N. Y.,
1873-7 (A. M.). Residence: 1901 N St., N. W.,

WARD, Willard Parker, mining eng'r;
b. New York, Oct. 12, 1845; s. Lebbeus Bald-
win and Abbey Dwight (Partridge) W. ;
grad. Columbia, 1865 (Ph. D., Univ. State of
N. Y., 1875); studied in mining schools,
Clausthal and Berlin, Germany, 1865-9; hi.
Oct. 23, 1872, Ruby, d. John Erskine, U.
S. judge, dist. of Ga. Engaged in profes-
sional work since 1869; 1st maker of ferro-
manganese in U. S. (1874). For 15 yrs. en-
gaged in gold and silver-mining in Far
West. Residence: 164 W. 58th St. Office: Mills
Bldg., New York.



WARD, William G., prof. English liter-
ature Emerson Coll. of Oratory, Boston,
since 1898; b. Sandusky, 0., Nov. 5, 1848; 5.
Hibbard Porter and Ami M. (Burdett) W. ;
grad. Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1872 (A. M.),
B. D., Drew Theol. Sem. ; studied 1 yr.,
Univ. of Halle, and later at Berlin; m. 1873,
May Alden. Four yrs. prin. public schools
and normal school; prof. Baldwin Univ.,
Ohio, 1887-90; pres. Spokane Coll., 1890-92;
prof. English literature, Syracuse Univ.,
1893-8. Author: Tennyson's Debt to Envir-
onment, 1898 L6; The Poetry of Robert
Browning, 1898 L6; Art for Schools, 1899;
Studies in Literature, 1901. Address: 281
Dartmouth St., Boston.

WARD, William Hayes, editor of The
Independent, New York, since 1870; b. Ab-
ington, Mass., June 25, 1835; 5. Rev. James
Wilson and Hetta Lord (Hayes) W. ; ed. at
Andover Acad. ; grad. Amherst, 1856 (A. M.,
LL. D. ; also D. D., Rutgers and Univ. of
N. Y.); grad. Andover Theol. Sem., 1859; m.
1859, Ellen M. Dickinson (died, 1874). Or-
dained Cong'l clergyman; was dir. Wolfe
Expdn. to Babylonia; writer of papers on
Oriental archaeology; distinguished as As-
syriologist. Author: World's Christmas
Hymn, 1883 R2; Report of the Wolfe Expe-
dition to Babylonia, 1885; Biography of Sid-
ney Lanier, 1885 S3; Notes on Oriental An-
tiquities; etc. Residence: Abington Av., New-
ark, N. J. Office: 130 Fulton St., New York.

WARDE, Frederick, actor; b. Warding-
ton, Oxfordshire, Eng., Feb. 23, 1851; 5.
Thomas W. ; 1st stage appearance in minor
part in Macbeth, Lyceum Theatre, Sunder-
land, England, 1867, then in successive sea-
sons at Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Amphithe-
atre, Leeds and Princess Theatre, Manches-
ter. Came to U. S., 1874; leading man in
Booth's Theatre, New York, 3 yrs.; support-
ed Edwin Booth and John McCullough; since
Sept. 1, 1881, has starred in all the greater
tragedies, part of time with Louis James;
lectures frequently on Shakespeare and kin-
dred subjects. Married. Residences: 183 Lef-
ferts PL, Brooklyn; and White Lake, N. Y.

WARDELL, E. A. (Mrs.), actress; see
Terry, Ellen (Alice).

WARDER, Robert Bowne, prof, physics
and chemistry Howard Univ. since 1887; b.
Cincinnati, March 28, 1848; .s. John A. and
Elizabeth (Bowne) W. ; grad. Earlham Coll.,
Richmond, Ind., 1866 (A. M., 1873); grad.
Lawrence Scientific School, Harvard Univ.,
B. S. (in chemistry), 1874; also studied in
Germany, 1874-5; prof, in Univ. of Cincin-
nati, 1875-9, Haverford Coll., 1879-80, Pur-
due Univ., Ind. (and State chemist), 1883-7,
etc.; m. March 25, 1884, at Wellington, On-
tario, to Gulielma M. Dorland. Fellow A.

A. A. S. (v. -p. for chemistry, 1890), mem.
Am. Chem. Soc, German Chem. Soc, etc.
Author of various papers on physical chem-
istry. Address: Howard Univ., Washington.

WARE, Eugene F. ("Ironquill"), lawyer;
b. Hartford, Conn., May 29, 1841; 5. Hiram

B. and A. M. (Holbrook) W. ; ed. public
schools Burlington, la.; served through
Civil war in Co. E, 1st la. vol. inf., and
Co. L, 4th la. vol. inf., and mustered out

as capt. Co. F, 7th la. cav. ; admitted to
bar, Fort Scott, Kan., June 18, 1871; m.
Rochester, N. Y., Oct. 22, 1874, Jeanette P.
Huntington. Served 5 yrs. in Kan. -senate;
sat in 2 Nat. Rep. Con vs. Author: Corona-
do's March (prose translation, from the
French of Ternaux-Compans, of Castaneda's
account, 1596), 1895; Rhymes of Ironquill,
(10th edition), 1900. Also contributions to
various publications. Residence: 1501 W. 6th
St. Office: 700 Kansas Av., Topeka, Kan.

WARE, Frank W., clergyman; b. Erin,
Ontario, Can., 1854; entered the ministry in
Canada, 1874; missionary to British North
America, 1878-81; grad. Garrett Inst., Evan-
ston, 111., 1884; went to Calcutta, India, as a
missionary; pastor of Bishop Thoburn's
Ch., and presiding elder Calcutta dist. ; was
chosen missionary bishop to India at Gen.
Conf. of M. E. Ch., Chicago, May, 1900. Ad-
dress: Bombay, India.

WARE, Mary, writer; b. at Madisonville,
Tenn., 1828; d. Geo. Harris, a lawyer; con-
tributed to the periodical press for nearly
50 yrs. Her poems appear in Poets of Amer-
ica, and other collections. Address: Bir-
mingham, Ala.

WARE, William Robert, architect; edu-
cator; b. Cambridge, Mass., May 27, 1832; 5.
Henry W. (D. D.); ed. Phillips Exeter
Acad.; grad. Harvard, 1852, Lawrence Sci-
entific School, 1856 (LL. D., 1896); practiced
architecture, Boston, 1860-81; prof, architec-
ture Mass. Inst, of Technology, 1865-81; since

1881 at Columbia Univ. Unmarried. Author:
Modern Perspective. Address: 130 E. 27th St.,
New York.

WARFIELD, Benjamin Breckinridge,
prof, of didactic and polemical theology at
Princeton Theol. Sem., since 1887; b. Lex-
ington, Ky., Nov. 5, 1851; j. William and
Mary Cabell (Breckinridge) W. ; grad.
Princeton, 1871 (D. D., LL. D., Princeton,
LL. D., Davidson Coll.); studied Princeton
Theol. Sem. and Univ. of Leipzig; m. Aug.
3, 1876, Anna Pearce Kinkead, of Lexing-
ton, Ky. Prof. New Testament language
and literature, Western Theol. Sem., 1878-
87; editor The Presbyterian and Reformed
Review (quarterly). Author: The Divine
Origin of the Bible, 1882 P6; Inspiration,

1882 P6; Introduction to the Textual Criti-
cism of the New Testament, 1886 W3; Au-
gustine's Anti-Pelagian Treatise, 1887 S3;
The Idea of Systematic Theology, 1888
R2; The Gospel of the Incarnation, 1893 R2;
Two Studies in the History of Doctrine,
1893 S3; The Right of Systematic Theology,
1897 F5; The Significance of the Westmin-
ster Standard, 1898 S3; On the Revision of
the Confession of Faith, 1890 R2. Address:
Princeton, N. J.

WARFIELD, Ethelbert Dudley, pres.
and prof, history, Lafayette Coll., since
1891; b. Lexington, Ky., March 16, 1861;
s. William and Mary Cabell (Breckinridge)
W. ; grad. Princeton, 1882, (LL. D., Prince-
ton and Miami, 1891); studied at Oxford,
England, 1882-3; grad. Columbia Coll. Law
School, 1885; m. 1st, 1886, Sarah Lacy
Brookes; 2d, 1890, Eleanor F. Tilton. Prac-
ticed, Lexington, Ky., 1886-8; pres. and



prof, history, Miami Univ., 1888-91; or-
dained to ministry in Presby'n Ch., Oct.,
1899; chaplain-gen. Sons Am. Revolution.
Mem. Am. Hist. Soc, Am. Philos. Soc,
etc. Author: The Kentucky Resolutions of
1798, an Historical Study, 1887 P2; At the
Evening Hour, 1898 P6; Memoir of Joseph
Cabell Breckinridge, U. S. N., 1898 P2.
Address: Easton, Pa.
WARM AN, Cy, author, journalist; b. Green-
up, III., June 22, 1855; s. John and Nancy
(Askew) W. ; ed. common schools; m. 1st,
St. Jacobs, 111., 1879, Ida Blanch Hays
(died, March 27, 1887); 2d, May 17, 1892, at
Denver, Colo., Myrtle Marie Jones (orig-
inal of the song "Sweet Marie," of which
he is author). Was farmer and wheat
broker, Pocahontas, III.; went to Colo.,
1880; worked in shops Denver & Rio Grande
R. R. ; locomotive fireman; eng'r; editor
Western Railway, Denver, 1888; Creede,
Colo., Chronicle, 1892; introduced to notice
as "the Poet of the Rockies," by New
York Sun, Sept. 4, 1892; went to New York,
1893; rode locomotive New York to Chi-
cago and wrote his first r. r. story, "A
Thousand Miles in a Night," Mculure's
Mag.; traveled 2 yrs., Europe and the Ori-
ent; spent 2 yrs. in Washington; built
residence in London, Ont. Author: Tales
of an Engineer, 1895 S3; The Express Mes-
senger, 1897 S3; Frontier Stories, 1898 S3;
The Story of the Railroad, 1898 A2; The
White Mail, 1899 S3; Snow on the Head-
light, 1899 A2; Short Rails, 1900 S3; A
Volume of Verse, 12; many poems and short
stories in mags. Home: Loudon, Ont., Can.
WARMOTH, Henry Clay, ex-gov. La.; b.
McLeansboro, 111., May 9, 1842; j. Isaac
Saunders and Eleanor (Lane) W. ; ed. pub-
lic and private schools, Fairfield and Sa-
lem, 111.; studied law; admitted to bar,
Lebanon, Mo., 1861; m. Newark, N. J.,
May 30, 1877, Sally, d. James M. Durand.
Apptd. dist. att'y 18th jud. dist., Mo.,
1862, resigned to become It. -col. 32d Mo.
inf.; wounded in battles Chickasaw bayou
and Arkansas Post; assigned to staff Maj.-
Gen. John A. McClernand; served during
campaign below and around Vicksburg, in-
cluding assault of May, 19-22, 1863; later
on staff Maj.-Gen. E. O. C. Lord, 13th army
corps; comd. his regt. during campaigns
against Gens. Forrest and Stephen D. Lee;
jointed Grant's army in attack on Mission-
ary Ridge and Lookout Mountain, his regt.
leading in assault and capture of Ross-
ville Gap. Again on staff Gen. McCler-
nand, 1864; served in Gen. Banks' Texas
campaign; assigned as judge mil. court,
Dept. of Gulf, with jurisdiction over mili-
tary, civil and criminal cases, serving till
end of war. Delegate Phila. Conv., 1866;
one of co. which followed President John-
son on his "swing around the circle"
through Eastern and Northern States;
elected gov. La. 1868; Gen. Grant made him
mil. gov. until new constitution of State
was accepted by Congress; after that was
inaugurated and served until 1873; became
sugar planter Plaquemines Parish, La. ;
mem. La. legislature, 1876-7; delegate La.
constitutional conv., 1879; collector cus-

toms, port of New Orleans, 1889-93; dele-
gate Nat. Rep. Conv., 1896, 1900; built, I

and is prcs. New Orleans, Fort Jackson &
Grand Isle R. R. Address: 107 Camp St.,
New Orleans.

WARNER, \<lon ii-n in JuiInoh, coal mine
owner, ex-congressman; b. Wales, N. Y.,
Jan. 13, 1834; s. Levi and Hepsibah (Dick-
inson) W. ; ed. Beloit, Wis., and New York
Central Coll.; prin. Lewiston Acad., supt.
public schools, Mifflin Co., and prin. Mer-
cer Union schools, Pa., 1856-61; served,
1861-5, capt. to col., in Pa. regt. and bvt.
brig. -gen.; severely wounded at Antietam;
studied law; admitted to bar, 1865, but en-
gaged in other business; large dealer in
railroad coal and iron; mem. Congress,
1881-5; pres. Am. Bimetallic Union from its
organization. Author: Appreciation in Mon-
ey; Source of Value in Money; also nu-
merous monographs in advocacy of bi-
metallism. Address: Marietta, O.

WARNER, Anna Bartlett ("Amy Loth-
rop"), author; b. in State of N. Y. ; d.
Henry W. and Anna M. (Bartlett) W. ; sis-
ter of late Susan Warner (pen-name "Eliz-
abeth Wetherell," b. 1819, died, 1885). Ed.

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