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Queen Katherine, The Penance of Eleanor,
Duchess of Gloucester, 1900. Commissioned,
1901, by King Edward VII. of England to
paint the scene of his coronation. Is asso.
Royal Acad, and asso. Royal Water Color
Soc. Address: Morgan Hall, Fairford, Glou-
cestershire, England.

ABBEY, Henry, author; b. Rondout, N.
Y., July 11, 1842; closed academical ed. un-
der John N. Pomeroy, writer on internat.
law. Edited Orange, N. J., Spectator, 1863,
and contributed frequently to New York
Leader by invitation of its editor, Henry
Clapp, jr. ; m. Dec. 26, 1865, Mary Louise Du
Bois of Kingston, N. Y., died Nov. 3, 1889.
Contributor to The Galaxy and other mags.
Author: May Dreams, 1862; Ralph and
Other Poems, 1866; Stories in Verse, 1869
R2; Ballads of Good Deeds, 1872 A2; Bal-
lads of Good Deeds and Other Poems, 1876;
Poems, 1879 A2; The City of Success and
Other Poems, 1883 A2. Collected works:
The Poems of Henry Abbey, author's edit.,
1885 A7; 3d edit, enlarged, 1895; Phaeton,
a supplemented Ovidian Myth, with three
other stories in verse, 1901 Lll. Formerly
flour and grain merchant. Mem. N. Y.


Shakespeare Soc, Nat. Sculpture Soc, and
Author's Club. Address: 11 Linderman Av.,
Kingston, N. Y.

ABBOT; see also Abbott; also Abbatt.

ABBOT, Francis Ellingwood, author;
b. Boston, Nov. 6, 1836; s. Joseph Hale and
Fanny Ellingwood (Larcom) A. ; studied at
public Latin school; grad. Harvard, 1859
(Ph. D. 1881); Meadville Theol. school, 1863;
Unitarian clergyman, 1863-8; m. Aug. 3,
1859, Katharine Fearing Loring, Concord,
Mass. (died Oct. 23, 1893) ; edited The Index,
a weekly journal of free religion, Toronto,
1870-3, Boston, 1873-80. Teacher of classical
school in New York, 1880-1; teacher of pri-
vate Home for Boys, in Cambridge, Mass.,
fitting them for Harvard, 1881-92; retired
since 1892. Author: Equal Rights in Re-
ligion, Rep. Centennial Congress of Lib-
erals, 1876; Scientific Theism, 1885 L6; The
Way Out of Agnosticism, 1890 L6; Are-
thusa Hall: A Memorial, 1892 XI. Edited:
The Fairies' Festival, by John Witt Ran-
dall, 1895 K2; Poems of Nature and Life,
by same (with introduction on Randall
family), 1899 El; also many philos. articles
in periodicals. Address: 43 Larch St., Cam-
bridge, Mass.

ABBOT, Henry Larcom, soldier, eng'r;
b. Beverly, Mass., Aug. 13, 1831; ed. Boston
Latin School, 1846-50; grad. West Point,
1854 (LL. D.', Harvard). Served in corps
of eng'rs U. S. A., in all grades to col., in-
clusive; retired 1895. Wounded at Bull Run,
1861; comd. siege art. of armies operating
against Richmond, 1864-5; bvtd. maj.-gen.
vols, and brig. -gen. U. S. A. Designed sys-
tem of submarine mine defense adopted by
U. S., also system of mortar batteries.
Chmn. group of mil. judges at Centennial
Exp'n, 1876, and of higher jury Atlanta
Exp'n, 1895; pres. bd. consulting eng'rs of
ship canal projected from Pittsburg to Lake
Erie, 1896; designed new harbor at Mani-
towoc, Wis., 1896; since May, 1897, mem.
Tech. Com. New Panama Canal Co. Mem.
Nat. Acad. Sciences, Am. Philos. Soc, and
other scientific socs. Author: Siege Artil-
lery in the Campaign Against Richmond;
Experiments to Develop a System of Sub-
marine Mines, and (with Gen. Humphreys)
Physics and Hydraulics of the Mississippi;
also various articles on professional sub-
jects in Johnson's Encyclopaedia, Encyclo-
paedia Britannica, The Forum and Atlantic
Monthly. Address: 23 Berkeley St., Cam-
bridge, Mass.

ABBOT, Willis John, editor, author; b.
New Haven, Conn., March 16, 1863; s. Wal-
do and Julia (Holmes) A., g. s. John S. C.
Abbott, historian; grad. Univ. of Mich.,
1884; mng. editor Chicago Times, 1892-3;
writing editor New York Journal, 1896-8;
Dem. ; m. 1887, Marie A. Mack, Ann Arbor,
Mich. Chmn. Henry George campaign com.,
New York, 1898; mgr. Dem. Nat. Press Bu-
reau, presidential campaign, 1900. Author:
Blue Jackets of '76; Blue Jackets of 1812;
Blue Jackets of 1861; Battle Fields and
Camp Fires; Battle Fields of 1861; Battle
Fields and Victory; Carter Henry Harrison'

A Memoir; Blue Jackets of 1898. Address:

Lotos Club, New York.
ABBOTT; see also Abbot; also Abbatt.
ABBOTT, Alexander Crever, M. D.,

prof, hygiene and director Laboratory of
Hygiene, Univ. of Pa. ; director of Labora-
tory of Bd. of Health, Phila. ; b. Baltimore,
Feb. 26, 1860; ed. public schools and Balti-
more City Coll. ; grad. med. dept. Univ. of
Md. 1884, later graduate student Johns
Hopkins and at univs. of Munich and Ber-
lin; m. Aug. 30, 1892, Georgina Picton, d.
Hon. Justice Osier of Court of Appeals of
Ontario; Fellow Coll. Physicians of Phila.;
mem. Assn. of Am. Physicians; Am. Med.
Assn., and local med. socs.; Am. Philos.
Soc, Am. Physiolog. Soc. Author: The
Principles of Bacteriology, 1892, 1899 L12;
The Hygiene of Transmissible Diseases,
1899 S15. Has written much in med. jour-
Ontario; Fellow Coll. Physicians of Phila.;
and serum therapy. Residence: 4229 Balti-
more Av., Philadelphia.

ABBOTT, Arthur Vanghan, civil, mech
and elect, eng'r, author; b. New York, 1854
.mem. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs since 1882
mem. Am. Inst. Elect. Eng'rs; chief eng'r
Chicago Telephone Co. Author: Electrical
Transmission of Energy; The Evolution of
a Switchboard; History and Use of Testing
Machines; Treatise on Fuel. Residence: Plaza
Hotel, Chicago.

ABBOTT, Charles Conrad, author, nat-
uralist; b. Trenton, N. J., June 4, 1843; s.
Timothy and Susan (Conrad) A. ; academ-
ical ed'n; M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1865; m. Feb.
13, 1867, Julia Boggs Olden, Princeton, N.
J. Made large collection of archaeol. spec-
imens, now in Peabody Museum, Cam-
bridge, Mass., where he was asst., 1876-89.
Author: The Stone Age in New Jersey, 1876
W8; Primitive Industry, 1881 01; A Natur-
alist's Rambles About Home, 1884 D2; Up-
land and Meadow, 1886 HI; Wasteland Wan-
derings, 1887 H2; Days Out of Doors, 1889
A2; Outings at Odd Times, 1890 A2; Recent
Rambles, 1892 L5; Travels In a Treetop,
1894 L5; The Birds About Us, 1894 L5; Notes
of the Night, 1895 C2; A Colonial Wooing
(novel), 1895 L5; Birdland Echoes, 1896 L5;
When the Century Was New (novel), 1897
L5; The Hermit of Nottingham (novel),
1897 L5; The Freedom of the Fields, 1898
L5; Clear Skies and Cloudy, 1899 L5; In
Nature's Realm, 1900 Lll. Has written sev-
eral monographs and articles on archaeol.
subjects. Address: Trenton, N. J.

ABBOTT, Edward, P. E. clergyman; b.
Farmington, Me., July 15, 1841; 4th s. Jacob
and Harriet (Vaughan) A. ; bro. Rev. Ly-
man Abbott; grad. N. Y. Univ., 1860 (D. D.,
1890) ; studied theology Andover Theol.
Sem. ; 4 yrs. pastor Pilgrim Cong'l Ch.,
Cambridge. An editor The Congregation-
alism 1869-78; editor Literary World, 1877-88,
and since 1895. Ordained P. E. minister,
1879; ever since rector St. James' Ch., Cam-
bridge; elected missionary bishop of Japan,
1889, declined. Author: The Baby's Things,
a Story in Verse, 1871 R2; Conversations of
Jesus, 1875 C6; A Paragraph History of the
United States, 1875 R5; A Paragraph His-
tory of the American Revolution, 1876 R5;


Revolutionary Times, 1876 R5; Long Look
Series (juvenile), 1877-80; History of Cam-
bridge (in Drake's History of Middlesex
County, Vol. 1), 1880 E2; Memoirs of Jacob
Abbott (memorial edition of The Young
Christian), 1882 HI; Phillips Brooks, 1900
Lll. Has also published sundry occasional
sermons and frequent contributions to
mags, and weeklies. Address: 11 Dana St.,
Cambridge, Mass.

ABBOTT, Frank Dan ford, musical ed-
itor; b. Bethel, Vt., Jan. 29, 1853; s. Luther
Burnett and Marian Elizabeth (Soper) A. ;
m. Cedar Rapids, la., 1878, Eva, d. John
Sehugart. Ed. common schools, Owatonna,
Minn.; grad. music and literature, Episco-
pal Coll., Faribault, Minn.; began business
as traveler for Geo. Woods & Co., Cam-
bridgeport, Mass. ; corr. various musical
journals, articles attracting widespread at-
tention; founded The Presto (musical jour-
nal), 1884, and during the World's Colum-
bian Exp'n published daily edition paper
on the grounds of the exp'n. Author nu-
merous musical papers and monographs.
Official author of Awards Souvenir of Mus-
ical Interests of the Exposition. Hon. mem.
various local and European musical and
literary assns. Residence: 2446 Michigan Av.
Office: 324 Dearborn St., Chicago.

ABBOTT, Frank Frost, prof. Latin, Univ.
of Chicago, since 1891; b. Redding, Conn.,
March 27, 1860; .?. Thaddeus Marvin A.;
grad. Yale, 1882 (Ph. D., 1891); m. 1888, Jane
Harrison, New Haven, Conn. ; Clark and
Larned scholarships, Yale, 1882-4; instr. Lat-
in, Yale, 1885-91. Editor: Selected Letters
of Cicero. Author: Repetition in Latin,
1900 U14. Address: Univ. of Chicago, Chi-

ABBOTT, Jo, lawyer, ex-congressman; b.
nr. Decatur, Ala., Jan. 15, 1840; served in
C. S. army as 1st It. 12th Tex. cav. ; ad-
mitted to Tex. bar; mem. Tex. legislature,
1869-71; judge 28th jud. dist. Tex., 1879-84;
mem. Congress, 1887-97; Dem. Address: Hills-
boro, Tex.

ABBOTT, Katherine G artist; 6. Zanes-
ville, O., 1867; pupil H. Siddons Mowbray
and Wm. M. Chase, New York; and Leon
Merson, Jean Geffroy, and Delance, Paris.
Bronze medal, Paris Expn, 1900. Address:
3 Place de la Sorbonne, Paris, France.

ABBOTT, Lyman, clergyman, author, ed-
itor The Outlook; b. Roxbury, Mass., Dec.
18, 1835; 5. Jacob and Harriet (Vaughn) A.;
Grad. Coll. City of New York, 1853 (D. D.,
also D. D., Harvard); m. Oct. 14, 1857, Miss
Abby F. Hamlin, dau. Hannibal Hamlin,
Boston; practiced law; ordained Cong'l min-
ister, 1860; pastor Terre Haute, Ind., 1860-5;
New England Ch., New York, 1865-9; sec.
Am. Union Comm'n (Freedman's), 1865-8;
resigned pastorate, 1869, to devote himself
to literature. Edited "Literary Record" of
Harper's Magazine; asso. editor The Chris-
tian Union with Henry Ward Beecher,
whom he succeeded as pastor of Plymouth
Ch., Brooklyn, May, 1888; resigned, Nov.
1898. Author: Jesus of Nazareth, 01; Old
Testament Shadows of New Testament
Truth, 01; A Layman's Story, 01; How

to Study the Bible, Ol; Illustrated Com-
mentary on the New Testament, 1875 B5;
Dictionary of Religious Knowledge (with
late T. J. Conant), 1876 HI; A Study in
Human Nature, 1885 M4; In Aid of Faith,
1891 D4; Life of Christ, 1894; Evolution
of Christianity, 1896 H5; The Theology
of An Evolutionist, 1897 H5; Chris-
tianity and Social Problems, 1897 H5; Life
and Letters of Paul, 1898 H5; The Life
that Really Is, 1899; Problems of Life,
1900 D3. Address: The Outlook, New York.
ABBOTT, Madeline Vaushan, see Bush-
nell, Madeline Vaughan Abbott.

ABBOTT, Mary Perkins, author; b. Sa-
lem, Mass., Oct. 17, 1857; d. Stephen Brad-
shaw Ives, jr., long at head of Essex bar;
grad. Salem High School, 1873; m. 1874,
Charles Patterson Abbott, mcht. of Calcut-
ta, E. I.; resided in India five years; has
been book reviewer and spl. writer Chicago
Evening Post and Chicago Times-Herald;
contributor to various newspapers and
mags. Author: Alexia (romance); The Bev-
erleys (a story of Calcutta life). Address:

ABBOTT, Rnssell Bigelow, founder and
pres. (since 1884) Albert Lea Coll. ; b.
Brookville, Ind., Aug. 8, 1823; s. Joseph
Jackson and Mary (Osborn) A.; grad. Univ.
of Ind., 1847 (A. M., 1850; D. D., Galesville
Univ., 1884); m. 1st, 1847, Eliza Baugh; 2d,
1861, Sophronia Leech; 3d, 1881, Marietta
Hunter; prin. public schools, Muncie and
New Castle, Ind., and of Whitewater
Presby'n Acad. ; ordained Presby'n minis-
ter, 1857; pastor Brookville, Ind., 7 yrs. ;
Knightstown, Ind., 2 yrs.; Albert Lea,
Minn., 15 yrs.; Mod. Synod, Minn.; 5 times
mem. Gen. Assembly. Author: Bible His-
tory (2 vols.); History of Winona Presby-
tery; also many addresses and sermons.
Address: Albert Lea, Minn.

ABBOTT, Samuel Warren. M. D., sec.
Mass. State Bd. of Health, since 1886; b.
Woburn, Mass., June 12, 1837; grad Brown,
1858; Harvard Med. School, 1862; asst. sur-
geon, U. S. N., 1861-4, resigned; asst.
surgeon and surgeon 1st Mass. cav., 1864-5;
coroner, Middlesex Co., Mass., 1872-7; med.
examiner, same, 1877-84; practiced medicine
at Woburn, 1865-9; later at Wakefield. Mem.
Am. Med. Ass'n, Am. Public Health Ass'n,
Am. Statist. Ass'n, Royal Statist. Soc. of
Great Britain, Loyal Legion, U. S. ; asso.
Societe Francaise d'Hygiene. Author of
many papers and monographs on subjects
relating to public health. Residence: Wake-
field, Mass. Office: 142 State House, Boston.

ABBOTT, Wilbur C, asst. prof, history
Dartmouth Coll., since 1899; b. Kokomo,
Ind., Dec. 28, 1868; grad. Indianapolis High
School, 1886; Wabash Coll. (A. B.), 1892;
graduate student Cornell Univ., 1892-5; Ox-
ford Univ. (England), 1895-7, (B. Litt.);
also studied on continent. Fellow, 1892-3,
instr., 1893-5, Cornell Univ.; Pres. White
traveling fellow from Cornell, 1895-6; instr.
history University of Mich., 1897-9. Address:
Hanover, N. H.

ABEL, John J., prof, pharmacology, also
in charge dept. of physiol. chemistry, Johns


Hopkins Univ. Med. School; b. Cleveland,
O., May 19, 1857; s. George M. A.; grad.
Cleveland High School, 1876; Univ. of Mich.,
Ph. B., 1883; Univ. of Strassburg, Germany,
M. D., 1888; m. 1883, Mary W. Hinman.
Mem. Am. Physiol. Soc, Am. Ass'n of
Physicians, Am. Chem. Soc, etc. Asso. ed-
itor Journal of Experimental Medicine, and
of Archive Internationale de Pharmaco-
dynamic et de Therapie. Author of sp'l
researches on animal tissues and fluids.
Address: Charles St. Av., Baltimore.

ABERCROMBIE, Daniel Webster, prin.
Worcester Acad., Worcester, Mass.; b. Boil-
ing Green, Macon Co., Ala., Nov. 25, 1853;
.s. Milo Boiling and Sarah Carroll (Green-
leaf) A.; prep, ed'n Cambridge, Mass. Lat-
in School, 1868-72; grad. Harvard Univ.
1876; studied Harvard Law School, 1876-7
(Hon. A. M. Brown, 1883, LL. D., Colby,
1898); m. Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 23, 1878,
Emily Foote Brainerd. Has been teaching
since 1877; has made various trips abroad
for study and travel; hon. representative
U. S. Bureau of Ed'n, to examine edn'l
system of Germany, especially in schools of
secondary grade. Mem. Harvard Teachers'
Ass'n, Headmasters' Ass'n, Mass. School
Masters' Club. Has written various mag.
and newspaper articles on edn'l matters.
Address: 81 Providence St., Worcester, Mass.

ABERNETHY, Alonzo, educator; b. San-
dusky Co., O., April 14, 1836; removed to
Illyria, la., 1854; prep, ed'n Burlington
Acad.; grad. Univ. of Chicago, 1866. Served
in Civil war, 1861-5, private to col. 9th
Iowa vols., participated in 40 battles; twice
wounded; mem. Iowa Ho. of Reps., 1866;
prin. Des Moines Bapt. Coll., 1870-1, since
then on bd. trustees same; supt. public
instruction, Iowa, 1871-6; pres. Univ. of
Chicago, 1876; since 1881 prin. Cedar Valley
Sem. Address: Osage, la.

ABERNETHY, William Ellis, lecturer;
b. Rutherford Coll., N. C, May 28, 1860; s.
Rev. R. L. A. (D. D.); grad. Rutherford
Coll., 1878; read law with Col. Geo. N. Folk,
Lenoir, N. C, 1880. Prof. Latin and Greek,
1881-99, pres. 1894-9, Rutherford Coll.; has
published volume of lectures. Twice nom-
inated for State senate by dominant party
in his county, but declined, m. June 11,
1899, Bertha Thomas Winn, Roxton, Va.
Address: Rutherford Coll., N. C.

ABERT, Silvanns Thayer, civil eng'r;
b. Phila., July 22, 1828; ed. at Princeton;
entered service U. S. Gov't in 1848 and was
active in canal construction; on staff of
Gens. Banks and Meade in Civil War; in
river surveys for Columbian gov't, 1865-6;
re-entered U. S. service, and in 1873 took
charge of geog. div. from Washington to
Wilmington, N. C. Has published various
eng'ring reports. Address: Metropolitan
Club, Washington.

ABERT, William Stone, lawyer; b.
Washington, July 27, 1845; grad. Princeton.
1865 (A. M.); Cincinnati Law School, 1868;
m. Oct. 5, 1875, Nannie S. Hamilton, at
Louisville, Ky. Practiced at Cincinnati,
1868-77; since then before U. S. Supreme
Court and local courts of D. C. Compiler
"Laws of the District of Columbia" by

appmt. of Supreme Court of D. C. Residence:
1520 K St., N. W. Office: 408 5th St., N. W.,

ABRAMS, Albert. M. D. ; b. San Fran-
cisco, Dec. 8, 1863; 5. Marcus and Rachel
A.; grad. Portland Univ., A. M., 1892; Univ.
of Heidelberg, M. D., 1882; post grad.
courses London, Berlin, Vienna and Paris.
Fellow Royal Micros. Soc. ; pres. Alumni
San Francisco Medico Chirurg. Soc, 1893;
v.-p. Calif. Ass'n Cooper Med. Coll., 1888;
State Med. Soc, 1894; prof. pathology
Cooper Med. Coll., 1893-8; m., San Fran-
cisco, Nov. 25, 1897, Jeanne Roth. Author:
Synopsis of Morbid Renal Secretions, 1892
B15; Manual of Clinical Diagnosis, 1894;
Consumption: Its Causes and Prevention,
1895 D10; Transactions of Antiseptic Club,
1896; Scattered Leaves of a Physician's
Diary, 1900; Diseases of Heart, 1901; Ner-
vous Breakdown, 1901; Hygiene in a Sys-
tem of Physiologic Therapeutics, 1901 B8.
Address: 1519 Van Ness Av., San Francisco.

ACHESON, Ernest P., congressman, ed-
itor; b. Washington, Pa., Sept. 19, 1855;
grad. Washington and Jefferson Coll., 1875;
admitted to bar, 1877; in 1879 purchased the
Washington Observer and has since been
its editor; elected pres. Pa. Editorial Ass'n,
Jan., 1893; recording sec. Nat. Editorial
Ass'n, June, 1893; ten yrs. mem. Rep. State
Com. ; delegate to Nat. Rep. Convs. 1884,
1896; mem. Congress since 1895 from 24th
Pa. dist. ; present term expires 1903. Home:
Washington, Pa.

ACHESOjV, Marens W\, U. S. circuit judge
for 3d dist., since Feb. 9, 1891; b. Wash-
ington, Pa. ; admitted to bar and practiced
at Pittsburg, Pa.; U. S. dist. judge for
Western dist. Pa., Jan. 14, 1880, until 1891.
Residence: Pittsburg, Pa.

ACKER, George IV., physician; grad. med.
dept. Columbian Univ., 1874; clinical prof,
of medicine and diseases of children, Co-
lumbian Univ. ; mem. Med. Ass'n, D. C. ;
Med. Soc. of D. C. ; Gyn. and Obst. Soc.
of D. C. ; Am. Med. Ass'n; Am. Pediatric
Soc. ; Am. Micros. Soc. ; Washington Acad.
Sciences; Anthropol. Soc. Address: 913 16th
St., Washington.

ADAMS; see also Addams.

ADAMS, Alva, ex-gov. Colo. ; mcht. ; b.
Iowa Co., Wis., May 14, 1850; ed. common
schools; went to Colo, and became hard-
ware mcht. ; mem. 1st Colo, legislature,
1876; gov. Colo. 1887-9 and 1897-9; Dem.
Address: Pueblo, Colo.

ADAMS, Brooks, author; b. Quincy, Mass.,
June 24, 1848; s. Late Charles Francis Ad-
ams, statesman ; ed. at a variety of schools,
at home, in Washington and abroad, fol-
lowing his father's changes of residence;
grad. Harvard, 1870; studied in Harvard
Law School 1 yr. ; went as sec. to his father
to Geneva, where latter was arbitrator upon
the Alabama claims under "Treaty of
Washington." Admitted to bar; practiced
law until 1881. Since then retired, devot-
ing his attention chiefly to literary occupa-
tions. Author: The Emancipation of Mas-
sachusetts: The Law of Civilization and
Decay, SU; America's Economic Supre-


mac; many articles in mags., etc. Residence:
Quincy, Mass. Office: 23 Court St., Boston.

ADAMS, Charles Darwin, prof. Greek,
Dartmouth Coll., since 1893; b. Keene, N.
H., Oct. 21, 1856; grad. Dartmouth Coll.,
1877; studied Andover Theol. Sem. 1879-81
(Ph. D., Kiel, 1891); instr. Greek, Cushing
Acad., 1881-4; prof. Greek, Drury Coll.,
1884-93. Address: Hanover, N. H.

ADAMS, Charles Follen, author; b. Dor-
chester, Mass., April 21, 1842; ed. common
school. Was in 13th Mass. inf. in Civil War,
wounded and taken prisoner at Gettys-
burg. In 1872 began contributing to period-
icals humorous poems in German dialect.
Author: Leedle Yawcob Strauss, and Other
Poems; Dialect Ballads, etc. Address: 59
Waverly St., Roxbury, Boston.

ADAMS, Charles Francis, hist, writer;
b. Boston, May 27, 1833; s. Diplomat of
same name; grad. Harvard, 1856 (LL. D.,
1895); admitted to bar, 1858; in Union army
through Civil War; bvt. brig.-gen., U. S.
A., May, 1865. Became identified with ry.
interests; apptd. mem. bd. of ry. comm'rs
of Mass., 1869; pres. Union Pacific Ry.,
1884; pres. Mass. Hist. Soc, 1895. Author:
Chapters on Erie and Other Essays; Rail-
roads, their Origin and Problems; Notes
on Railway Accidents; Massachusetts, Its
Historians and Its History; Three Episodes
of Massachusetts History; Life of Charles
Francis Adams; Richard Henry Dana, a
Biography; A College Fetich, etc. Address:
23 Court St., Boston.

ADAMS, Charles Josiah, P. E. clergy-
man, author, lecturer; b. New Lisbon, O.,
Oct. 31, 1850; J. Rev. Josiah and Sarah Ann
(Ford) A.; grad. Mt. Union Coll., O.,
1871; studied at Yale, 1873; Boston Univ.,
1874; !. March 22, 1876, Jennie E. Hollo-
way; ordained to ministry, 1875; canon St.
John's Cathedral, Denver, Colo.. 1882-5;
dean of Wichita, Kan., 1885-8; rector St.
Luke's, Chicago, 1888-91; Ch. of the Holy
Spirit, Roundout-on-Hudson, 1891-6; since
1896 rector St. Luke's Ch., Rossville, N. Y.
Organizer, mgr. and lecturer for the Church
Thinking Bureau, and the Bureau of Bi-
ophilism, or Animal Psychology. Editor
dept. of biophilism in The Dog Fancier,
Battle Creek, Mich.; writer on animal
psychology for the New York Sunday
World. Author: Where Is My Dog? or Is
Man Alone Immortal? 1892; The Matterhorn
Head, and Other Poems, 1899; Does Man
Alone Reason? 1901. Residence: Rossville, N.
Y. Office: 29 Lafayette PI., New York.

ADAMS, Charles Kendall, pres. of Univ.
of Wis., since 1892; b. Derby, Vt., Jan. 24,
1835; grad. Univ. of Mich. (A. M. ; LL. D.);
studied in Germany, France. Italy. Asst.
prof. hist, and Latin, 1863-7; prof, hist.,
Univ. of Mich., 1867-85; pres. Cornell Univ.,
1885-92. Author: Democracy and Monarchy
in France; Manual of Historical Literature;
British Orations; Christopher Columbus,
His Life and Work; also many papers in
reviews. Editor-in-chief Johnson's Univer-
sal Cyclopedia, 1892-95, now the Universal
Cyclopedia A2. Address: Madison, Wis..

ADAMS, Cyrns Cornelius, an editor on
staff New York Sun since 1884; b. Naper-

ville, 111., Jan. 7, 1849; s. Cyrus A.; grad.
Univ. of Chicago, 1876; writer and lecturer
on geog. topics; first pres., dept. of geog-
raphy, Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and Sciences;
made its geog. collection, 1889-90, compris-
ing 2,500 items illustrating appliances for
geog. ed'n, used in 10 countries; m. Aug.
17, 1877, Mrs. Blanche C. Dodge. Author:
Commercial Geography for High Schools,
1901 A2. Has been extensive contributor to
mags, on subject of commercial geography
and development of newer parts of the
world, notably: The Farthest North, Mc-
Clure's Mag., Dec, 1876; Tropical Africa As
a Factor in Civilization (paper before Chica-
go Congress on Africa, 1893); Our Day, Jan.,
1894, Mr. Peary's Arctic Work, with maps,
The Geographical Journal, London, Oct.,
1893. Residence: 51 Quincy St., Brooklyn; also
Jewett, N. Y. Office: The Sun, New York.

ADAMS, Edward Dean, financier; b.
Boston, April 9, 1846; grad. (B. S.) Nor-
wich Univ., Northfield, Vt., 1864; traveled
2 yrs. in Europe; bookkeeper and cashier,
1866-70, mem., 1870-8, of banking firm of
Richardson, Hill & Co., Boston; 1878-93, of
Winslow, Lanier & Co., New York. Identi-
fied with organization of numerous ry. com-
panies, and reorganization, in 1890, of Am.
Cotton Oil Trust into the Am. Cotton Oil
Co., in which he was chmn. bd. of direc-
tors and pres. of its most important allied
organizations; pres. The Cataract Construc-
tion Co., Niagara Falls; reorganized North-
ern Pacific Ry. system in 1896, and became
chmn. bd. of directors; director in large
corporations. Residence: 455 Madison Av.
Office: 15 Broad St., New York.

ADAMS, Elmer Brags, U. S. judge, east-
ern dist. Mo., since 1896; b. Pomfret, Vt.
Oct. 27, 1842; grad. Yale, 1865. Went to Ga.
under auspices Am. Union Comm'n and
inaugurated system of free schools for white
children at Atlanta and Milledgeville; re-
turned to Vt., 1866; studied law there and
at Harvard Law School; admitted Vt. bar,
1868; settled in practice, 1868, St. Louis,
Mo. ; judge circuit court, St. Louis, 1878-84,
declined re-election and resumed practice.
Is sp'l lecturer on succession and wills,
Univ. of Mo. (LL. D.). Address: St. Louis.

ADAMS, Francis Alexandre, journalist,
author; b. New York, May 11, 1874; s.
John Quincy A.; grad. New York public
schools, 1891; Coll. City of New York, 1896;
New York Univ., 1898; unmarried. Editor:
Gotham Monthly Mag., 1890; Adams' Mag.,
1891-5; Printer's Ink, 1896. United States vol-
unteer Spanish Am. War, 1898; Democrat.
Author: Who Rules America? Truths About
Trusts, 1900 15; The Philippine Question,
1900 15; The Transgressors (political novel),
1900 15. Residence: 1615 Norris St. Office: 14
S. 4th St., Philadelphia.

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