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consulting mining eng'r throughout West-
ern portion of U. S. and also in Asia.
Address: Idaho Springs, Colo.

WILEY, William Halsted, publisher; b.
New York, July 10, 1842; 5. John W.; grad.
Coll. City of New York, 1861; grad. Rensse-
laer Polytechnic Inst., 1866; 1st It., U. S.
vols., 1861; capt., 1861; bvtd. maj., 1863; en-
gaged in practice as civil and mining eng'r,
1874; treas. and mem. council since 1884 Am.
Soc. Mech. Eng'rs; mem. Am. Soc. Civil
Eng'rs; Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs; Am. Inst.
Elec. Eng'rs; mem. for 3 yrs. and chmn.
tp. com. for 1 yr., East Orange, N. J. New
York corr. of Eng'ring, London, England.
Author: Yosemite, Alaska and the Yellow-
stone. Residence:, 73 Halsted St., E. Orange,
N. J. Office: 43-45 E. 19th St., New York.

WILKES, Eliza Tnpper, Unitarian min-
ister since 1868; b. Houlton, Me., Oct. 8,
1844, d. Allen and Ellen L. Tupper; grad.
Central Univ., Pella, la., 1866; m. Neenah,
Wis., Nov. 9, 1869, William A. Wilkes. First
settlement in the ministry at Menasha,
Wis.; later minister at Rochester, Minn.;
LuVerne, Minn., and Oakland, Calif. Resi-
dence: Sioux Falls, S. Dak.

WILKES, John Sunimerfield, justice of
Supreme Court Tenn. since Jan., 1893 term



expires, 1902; b. Maury Co., Term., March 2,
1841; s. Richard A. L. and Judith \V. ; ed.
Pleasant Grove Acad, and Florence Wes-
leyan Univ., Florence, Ala.; m. June 20,
1865, Florence A. Barker, Aberdeen, Miss.
Capt. C. S. A., 1861-5; adj. -gen., Tenn.,
Oct., 1871, to Jan., 1875; treas. Texas & Pa-
cific R. R., 1886-8. Address: Pulaski, Tenn.

WILKIE, John Elbert, chief U. S. Se-
cret Service; b. Elgin, 111., April 27, 1860; s.
Franc. B. and Ellen (Morse) W.; grad. Chi-
cago High School; m. April 27, 1882, Janet
Ormsbee. Began newspaper work on Chi-
cago Times, Sept., 1877; twice abroad as
its representative; joined local force Chi-
cago Tribune, 1881; reporter, asst. city
editor, city editor and commercial editor
successively until 1893; went to London and
engaged in banking and steamship busi-
ness; returned to U. S., 1896; resumed sp'l
work for Chicago newspapers; made splty.
of criminal investigation; selected by Sec.
Gage for chief of the secret service, Feb.,
1898. Organized sp'l emergency force of
men to checkmate Sp'anish spies during
Spanish-Am. war, and succeeded in driv-
ing from the country chief Spanish emis-
saries, and arresting their best spies. Ad-
dress: Washington.

WILKIN, Jacob W., judge since 1888,
chief justice since June 7, 1901, Supreme
Court of Illinois; b. at Newark, Ohio, June
7, 1837; s. Isaac and Sarah W. ; served in
Union army, 1862-5, becoming maj. 130th
111. vol. inf.; studied law under late Judge
John Scholfield in Marshall, Clark Co.; was
his partner from 1867 until latter went on
the bencii in 1873. Practiced in Marshall,
111.; circuit judge, 1879-88, and during that
time served 3 yrs. in appellate court, 4th
dist. ; removed to Danville, 1885. Address:
Danville, 111.

WILKINS, Beriah, editor; b. in Ohio, July
10, 1846; J. Alfred F. and Harriet J. W.;
common school ed'n at Marysville, O. ; m.
Oct. 18, 1870, Emily J. Robinson; became
banker at Uhrichsville, O. ; State senator,
Ohio, 1879-82; congressman, 1883-9; prin.
owner since 1889, and editor and publisher
since 1894, Washington Post. Address: The
Post, Washington.

WILKINS, John A., physician; b. New
York, May 1, 1843; 5. Archibald and Mary
(Robinson) W. ; ed. Denison Univ.; grad.
Starling Med. Coll., Columbus, O.; m. Lick-
ing Co., O., May 12, 1873, Ruth Rebecca
Snull. Served in Ohio vols., U. S. A., 1861-
5; was State senator in Ohio 1880-1; med.
dir. Dept. Ohio, G. A. R., 1897; surgeon-
gen. G. A. R., 1900; mem. Am. Med. Assn,
Ohio State Med. Soc. ; Gold Democrat. Ad-
dress: Delta, Ohio.

WILKINS, Mary Eleanor, author; 6. at
Randolph, Mass., 1862; educated there; writer
for magazines poems, short stories, etc.
Author: Pembroke, HI; Jane Field, HI; A
Humble Romance, HI; Two Old Lovers;
A Symphony in Lavender, HI; A New Eng-
land Nun, HI; A Faraway Melody; A Pot of
Honey; Young Lucretia, HI; The Pot of
Gold, L9; Once Upon a Time, L9: Madelon.
HI; Giles Corey, HI; Comfort Pease and

Her Gold Ring, R8; The Long Arm; Eve-
lina's Garden, HI; Jerome, HI;
and Other Stories, HI; In Colonial Days, L9;
The Jamesons, D6; The People of Our
Neighborhood, DO; The Love of Parson
Lord, HI; Understudies, HI; etc. Address:
Randolph, Mass.

WILKINS, Milan William, Socialist
writer; editor; b. in Vt., Nov. 19, 1850; s.
Sidney M. and Lucy (Chapman) W. ; moth-
er died when he was 6 yrs. old; childhood
passed in hard labor, with little schooling;
ran away from home at 17; worked in many
States; attended coll. 2 yrs.; taught school
several terms; m. Dec. 12, 1893, .Grace M.,
d. E. M. Wardell, of Calif. Identified with
labor movement since 1884; has edited 7
papers; mem. People's Party Conv., Cin-
cinnati, 1891; conf. of farm and labor or-
ganizations, St. Louis, 1892; People's Party
Nat. Convs., 1892, 1896; was "middle of the
roader"; after fusion joined Socialist Labor
Party. Has lived in Calif, since 1893; edit-
ed The Class Struggle newspaper until Oct.,
1899. Address: Lorin, Calif.

WILKINSON, Florence, author, play-
wright; b. Tarry town, N. Y. ; d. William
Cleaver Wilkinson, prof. Univ. of Chicago;
grad. Wellesley Coll.; unmarried. Author:
The Lady of the Flag Flowers, 1899 SI; a
play to be prod, by E. H. Sothern, season
1901-2; The Marriage of Guineth, prod. Em-
pire Theatre, New York, 1901. Has con-
tributed poems and stories to Century, At-
lantic, Scribner's, Independent. Address:
17 E. 12th St., New York.

"WILKINSON, Joseph Diddle, U. S. gen.
appraiser of New York since 1890; b. in La.,
Feb. 20, 1845; ed. public schools, McNair's
Acad, and St. James Coll., Md. ; in C. S.
A., 1861-5; sugar, rice and cotton planter
in La., 1865-85; pres. police jury and mem.
co. bd. ; apptd. in New Orleans Custom
House, 1886; same year edited New Orleans
Daily Item. Residence: 302 W. 102d St. Office:
641 Washington St., New York.

WILKINSON, Theodore Stark, ex-con-
gressman, planter; b. Plaquemines Parish,
La., Dec. 18, 1847; 5. Joseph Biddle and
Josephine (Stark) W. ; was pres. bd. levee
comm'rs, 3d levee dist. ; mem. Congress, 1st
La. dist., 1887-91; collector, port of New
Orleans, 1893-8; Democrat. Residence: 1624
Jackson Av. Office: Goddreaux Bldg., New
Orleans, La.

WILKINSON, William Cleaver, prof,
poetry and criticism Univ. of Chicago since
1892; b. Westford, Vt., Oct. 19, 1833; j. Dr.
Thomas and Sarah (Cleaver) W. ; grad.
Univ. of Rochester, 1857 (D. D., 1873), Roch-
ester Theol. Sem., 1859; m. 1863, Harriet
S., d. Prof. J. F. Richardson of Univ. of
Rochester. Ordained to ministry, 1859; pas-
tor 2d Bapt. Ch., New Haven, 1859-61; prof.
ad interim, modern languages, Univ. of
Rochester, 1863-4; afterward pastor Mt. Au-
burn Bapt. Ch., Cincinnati; relinquished
pastoral work because of falling health;
prof, homiletics and pastoral theology Roch-
ester Theol. Sem., 1872-81; in literary work.
1873-92; counselor Chautauqua Literary and



Scientific Circle. Author: The Dance of
Modern Society, 1868; A Free Lance in the
Field of Life and Letters, 1874 F3; Prepara-
tory Greek Course in English, 1882 F3; The
Baptist Principle, 1881 B4; Webster, 1882 S3;
Preparatory Latin Course in English, 1883
F3; College Greek Course in English, 1884
F3; An Ode, with Notes; Poems, 1883 S3;
Edwin Arnold as Poetizer and as Pagan-
izer, 1885 F3f College Latin Course in Eng-
lish; Classic French Course in English,

1886 F3; Classic German Course in English,

1887 F3; The Epic of Saul, F3; The Epic of
Paul, F3. Address: 5630 Woodlawn Av., Chi-

WILL., Allen Sinclair, telegraph' editor
Baltimore Sun since 1896; b. Antioch, Va.,
July 28, 1868; .?. William R. W. ; ed. in Va.
and Md. schools; studied at St. John's
Coll., Annapolis, Md. (4 yrs.); m. Linden,
Va., Feb. 17, 1891, Allie Stewart Walter.
After leaving coll. taught in public school
in Va. ; later in a private school in Balti-
more; since 1888 in newspaper work. Author:
World-Crisis in China, 1900 M17. Residence:
119 W. 24th St. Office: The Sun, Baltimore.
"WILL, Thomas Elmer, educator, econo-
mist; b. Stone's Prairie, Adams Co., 111.,
Nov. 11, 1861; s. Joseph Milton and Leannah
Brown W.; early ed'n in various schools;
began teaching in public schools, Woodford
Co., 111., 1880. Entered 111. State Normal,
1882, grad. 1885; in public school work, 111.,
1885-8; prin. Edwards' Grammar School,
Springfield, 111., 1886-8; student history and
ed'n, Univ. of Mich., 1888-9; student Har-
vard, specializing in history and economics,
1889-91, A. B., 1890; Henry Lee fellow po-
litical economy and asst. in political econ-
omy, Harvard, 1890-1, A. M., 1891; prof,
history and political science, Lawrence
Univ., Appleton, Wis., 1891-3. Lectured and
wrote in Boston, 1893-4; prof, economic sci-
ence, 1894-7, pres., 1897-9, Kan. State Agr'l
Coll.; m. Cambridge, Mass., July 1, 1891,
Marie Van Velsor Rogers. Has written
about 100 mag. articles, monographs, etc.,
on econ. and social questions; independent
and liberal in politics; sec. Social Reform
Union and Ruskin Hall. Address: Universi-
ty Building, Washington Sq., New York.
WILLARD, Ashton Rollins, author; b.
Montpelier, Vt., April 14, 1858; \s. C. W. and
Emily D. (Reed) W. ; grad. Dartmouth, 1879;
m. 1888, Agnes, d. Gov. Horace Fairbanks
of Vt. Comm'r to revise laws of Vt., 1880-1;
removed to Boston; writer on art subjects
for mags. Author: Life and Work of Paint-
er Domenico Morelli, 1895 H5; History of
Modern Italian Art, 1898 L4. Residence: 340
Commonwealth Av., Boston.
WILLARD, De Forest, physician, sur-
geon; b. Newington, Hartford Co., Conn.,
March 23, 1846; s. Daniel H. and S. Maria
(Deming) W. ; ed. Hartford High School;
grad., M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1867, Ph. D.,
1870 (hon. A. M., Lafayette); m. 1881, Eliza-
beth, d. Hon. Wm. A. Porter. Clinical prof,
orthopaedic surgery, Univ. of Pa.; surgeon
Presby'n Hosp., Phila. ; author numerous
articles in medical journals. Pres. Phila.
Acad. Surgery; ex-pres. Am. Orthopaedic

Assn.; ex-pres. Phila. Co. Med. Soc. ; mem.
Am Surg. Assn., and of various local socs.
Address: 1818 Chestnut St., Philadelphia.
WILLARD, Edward S., actor; b. England,
1853; 1st appearance on the stage Theatre
Royal, Weymouth, England, Dec, 1869, as
Second Officer in Lady of Lyons; supported
Sothern at Glasgow and filled other en-
gagements until he went to London, 1875;
became famous in "Jim the Penman";
toured U. S. several seasons in "The Mid-
dleman," "The Professor's Love Story," etc.
Address: Players' Club, New York.
WILLARD, Ernest Russell, editor of
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle; b.
Jamestown, N. Y., 1856; s. Darwin and Ann
W ed. Normal School, Jamestown, N. Y.
Went to Rochester, N. Y., 1875, as reporter
on the Democrat and Chronicle; editor-in-
chief since 1891; unmarried. Residence: 37
S. Washington St., Rochester, N. Y.
WILLARD, Joseph Augustus, clerk Su-
perior Court (civil), Boston, since 1865; b.
Cambridge, Mass.; Sept. 29, 1816; 5. Prof.
Sidney and Elizabeth Anne (Andrews) W. ;
ed. Westford Acad, and Cambridge Latin
School; at sea, 1830-8; m. Penelope Cochran.
Entered office of clerk of court of common
pleas, 1846; deputy sheriff of Suffolk, 1847-
54; admitted to Suffolk bar, 1854; asst. clerk
Superior Court for the Co. of Suffolk, 1855-
9; asst. clerk Superior Court for the Com-
monwealth (reorganized), 1859-65; since then
clerk same. Author: Fifty Years With
Judges and Lawyers. Address: 54 Court
House, Pemberton Sq., Boston.
WILLARD, Josiah Flynt, writer; b. Ap-
pleton, Wis., Jan. 23, 1869; 5. Oliver Ath-
erton and Mary (Bannister) W. ; ed. Berlin
Univ., 1890-5; unmarried. Author: Tramping
with Tramps, 1899 C2; Powers that Prey
(with Francis Walton), 1900 M16; Notes of
an Itinerant Policeman, 1900 P3. Has con-
tributed articles to the Century, Atlantic
Monthly, Harper's Mag., Harper's Weekly,
The Contemporary Rev., McClure's Mag.,
etc. Residence: Briarcliffe Manor, New York.
Office: Care S. S. McClure Co., 141 E. 25th
St., New York.
WILL-VRD, Julius Terrass, chemist; b.
Wabaunsee, Kan., April 9, 1862; 5. Julius
F and Mary E. (Terrass) W. ; grad. Kan.
State Agr'l Coll., 1883, M. S., 1886; studied
at Johns Hopkins Univ., 1887-8; m. 1884,
Lydia P. Gardiner. Asst. in chemistry,
1883-7; asst. prof, chemistry, 1891-6; asso.
prof, chemistry, 1896-7; prof, applied chem-
istry since 1897, Kan. State Agr'l Coll.; asst.
chemist, 18S8-97, chemist since 1897 and dir.
since 1900 of Agr'l Expt. Sta. Author: Or-
ganic Compounds of Every-day Life, 1894
01. Address: 1211 Moro-St., Manhattan, Kan.
WILLCOX, Mary Alice, prof, of zoology
Wellesley Coll. since 1883; b. Kennebunk,
Me., April 24, 1856; d. William H. and Annie
Holmes (Goodnow) W. ; grad. State Normal
School, Salem, Mass., 1875; student Mass.
Inst. Technology and Boston Soc. of Nat.
Hist., 1878-80, Newnham Coll., England,
1880-3, Univ. of Zurich, 1896-8, Ph. D., 1898;
teacher Frederick (Md.) Female Sem., 1875-
6, Charlestown High School, Boston, 1876-8;



unmarried. Author: I'ocket Guide to Com-
mon Land-Birds of New England, 1895 L3;
also various papers on zool. subjects.
Address: Wellesley, Mass.

WILLCOX, Orlando BollTar, brig. -Ken.
U. S. A., retired, April 16, 1887; b. Detroit,
Mich., April 16, 1823; .*. Charles and Elmira
W.; grad. West Point, 1847; It. 4th U. S.
art'y and fought in Mexican, Seminole and
other Indian campaigns and Civil war; col.
1st Mich. Inf. vols.; was at the capture of
Alexandria, Va., 1st Bull Run, South Moun-
tain, Antietam, and subsequent battles with
Army of the Potomac, in East Tenn., and
elsewhere, becoming brig. -gen. and bvt.
maj.-gen. vols. After war apptd. col. 12th
and 29th inf. regulars; brig. -gen., Oct. 13,
1886; received Congressional medal of honor,
and comd. several mil. depts., the Soldiers'
Home, etc. Author: Shoepac Recollections,
by Walter March, 1854; Faca, an Army
Memoir, by Maj. March, 1857. Address: 2022
R St. N. W., Washington.

WILLCOX, Walter Francis, prof, so-
cial science and statistics in Cornell; b.
Reading, Middlesex Co., Mass., March 22,
1861; .s. Rev. Dr. William H. W. (now of
Maiden, Mass.); grad. Phillips Acad., An-
dover, Mass., 1880; Amherst Coll., A. B.,
1884 (A. M., 1888); Columbia Univ. Law
School, LL. B., 1887; Columbia School of
Political Science, Ph. D., 1891; m. Akron,
O., March 23, 1892, Alice E. Work. Mem.
Internat. Statist. Inst.; sec. Am. Econ.
Assn., 1896-9; New York State comm'r of
health; now on leave of absence from Cor-
nell Univ. and chief statistician in census
office in charge of the div. of methods and
results. Author: The Divorce Problem: A
Study in Statistics, New York, 1891, 2d ed.
1897. Also articles in econ. and statist,
jours. Residence: 2308 20th St. N. W., Wash-
ington. Address: Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. Y.

WILLCOX, William Henry, retired Con-
g'l minister; b. New York, Jan. 28, 1821;
j. Oliver and Sally (Stanton) W. ; grad. N.
Y. Univ., 1843; Union Theol. Sem., 1846 (D.
D., 111. Coll.; LL. D., Drury Coll.); m. May
30, 1853, Annie Goodenow, Alfred, Me. Pas-
torates: Kennebunk, Me., 1852-7; Reading,
Mass., 1857-79. Confidential adviser to Mrs.
Valeria G. Stone, in distributing her large
estates for edn'l and charitable purposes;
trustee Phillips Academy, Andover Theol.
Sem. and Wellesley Coll.; pres. trustees of
Jaffna Coll. funds; pres. Cong'l Edn'l Soc.
Address: 80 Mountain Av., Maiden, Mass.

WILLETS, Gilson, author, journalist, and
traveler; b. Hempstead, Long Island, N. Y.,
Aug. 10, 1869; 5. Gilson W. ; public school
ed*n. Mng. editor Yonkers (N. Y.) Daily
Herald, 1890-1; editor Current Literature,
1892-3; editor and publisher Romance Maga-
zine, 1895-6-7; went to Cuba after Maine dis-
aster for Leslie's Weekly, McClure's syndi-
cate and a syndicate of newspapers; sp'l
corr. in the Southern camps during Spanish-
American war, and was 1st corr. to journey
through Cuba from Havana to Santiago
after the war; in 1900 went to India and
journeyed about 1,000 miles through the
famine dist. for the Christian Herald and a

syndicate of 2<m> newspapers; m. New York,
1896, Daisy May. ,1. John It. Van der Veer.
Republican. Author: Anita, the Cuban Spy;
His Neighbor's Wife; The Triumph of Yan-
kee Doodle; The Loves of Twenty-and-One;
The Rulers of the World at Home; also nu-
merous mag. articles and short stories. Office:
125 Bible House, New York.

WILLEY, Henry, journalist, botanist; b.
Geneseo, N. Y., July 19, 1824; -t. Ogden
Mauley and Abigail Belden (Chamberlain)
W. ; ed. Normal School, Bridgewater, Mass. ;
admitted to N. Y. bar, 1848; practiced law at
Geneseo and later in Spencerport, N. Y. ;
went to Mass., 1851; taught for several
yrs.; on editorial staff New Bedford Daily
Evening Standard, July, 1857, to Jan. 1,
1900. Sp'l student and collector of N. Am.
lichens. Author: Isaac Willey, of New Lon-
don, Conn., and His Descendants; Introduc-
tion to the Study of Lichens; Synopsis of
the Genus Arthonia, all 01; Enumeration
of the Lichens of New Bedford, Mass. Ad-
dress: New Bedford, Mass.

VVIIiLEY, Norman Bushnell,mine supt. ;
b. Guilford, N. Y., March 25, 1838; 5. Hiram
W.; ed. Delaware Literary Inst., Franklin,
N. Y. ; moved to Calif., Oct., 1858; to Idaho,
April, 1864; held various co. offices; at first
Idaho State election, Oct., 1890, elected lt.-
gov. ; succeeded Gov. Shoup (elected U. S.
senator) filling out his term as gov. from
Dec. 19, 1890, to Jan. 1, 1893; Republican;
unmarried. Address: Blue Canyon, Calif.

WILLIAMS, Aliram Pease, retired mer-
chant; b. New Portland, Me., Feb. 3, 1832;
academic ed'n; clerk in gen. store, Fair-
field, Me., 1858; went to Calif., 1858; en-
gaged in mining, farming and merchandis-
ing; founded San Francisco Bd. of Trade,
and was its first pres., serving 2 yrs. Treas.,
1880, and chmn., 1884 and 1886, Rep. State
Central Com. Elected, 1886, U. S. senator
to fill an unexpired term. Address: Palace
Hotel, San Francisco.

WILLIAMS, Arthur Llewellyn, P. E.
bishop coadjutor of Neb. since 1899; b. Owen
Sound, Ont., Can., Jan. 30, 1856; .. Rev.
Richard J. Williams (Presby'n) and Eliza-
beth Williams; ed. high school, Shullsburg,
Wis., and Greenwich Acad., East Green-
wich, R. I.; grad. Western Theol. Sem.,
Chicago, 1888 (D. D.); m. Charlestown,
Mass., Adelaide L. Makinster. Ordained
deacon, 1888; priest, 1889; missionary in
White River Valley, Colo., 1888-9; rector
St. Paul's, Denver, 1891-2; Christ Ch.,
Woodlawn Park, Chicago, 1892-9. Residence:
1056 Georgia Av., Omaha, Neb.

WILLIAMS, Channing Moore, retired
P. E. bishop; b. Richmond, Va., July 18,
1829; grad. William and Mary, 1853; Theol.
Sem., Va., 1855 (D. D., Columbia, 1867).
Ordered deacon, 1S53; ordained priest, 1857;
missionary in China, 1857-66; consecrated,
1866, bishop of Yedo, Japan, and served un-
til 1889, when he retired from Episcopal
duties; still engaged in missionary work
under his successor. Address: Osaka, Japan.

WILLIAMS, Charles Richard, editor-in-
chief Indianapolis News since 1892: b. in



Prattsburg, N. Y., April 16, 1853; grad.
(head of class, receiving Classical fellow-
ship) Princeton, 1875 (A. M., Ph. D.); in.
Oct. 2, 1884, Almira, d. William Henry
Smith, gen. mgr. Associated Press (died
May 24, 1895). Taught classics Princeton
Preparatory School, 1 yr. ; studied Gottin-
gen and Leipzig (on fellowship) ; prin. High
School, Auburn, N. Y., 1878-9; tutor Latin,
Princeton, 1879-81; editor Potter's Am.
Monthly, Phila., 1881; prof. Greek Lake
Forest Univ., 111., 1881-3; literary editor
New York World, 1883; asst. gen. mgr. As-
sociated Press, 1883-92. Editor: Selections
from Lucian (with introduction and notes).
Residence: 1725 N. Meridian St. Office: The
News, Indianapolis, Ind.

WILLIAMS, David, physician; b. in Ohio,
Dec. 17, 1843; ed. country schools, Denison
Univ. and Adrian Coll. to close of junior
year; grad. Eclectic Med. Inst., Cincinnati
(M. D.), 1870; m. April 24, 1867, Anna Nich-
ols. Private for short time in Civil war.
Taught school about 5 yrs. Ex-pres. local
and State Eclectic Med. socs. ; pres. Nat.
Eclectic Med. Assn., 1898-9; mem. and treas.
State Bd. of Med. Registration and Exam-
ination. Eclectic mem. staff of Protestant
Hosp., Columbus, O. Author numerous pa-
pers in eclectic med. jours. Originator of
Williams' Substitute for the Whitehead Op-
eration. Residence: 165 Jefferson Av. Office:
196 E. Long St., Columbus, O.

WILLIAMS, Edward Higginson, prof,
mining eng'ring and geology, Lehigh Univ.
since 1881; b. Proctorsville, Vt., Sept. 30,
1849; .y. Edward Higginson and Cornelia
Bailey (Pratt) Williams; grad. Yale, 1872;
Lehigh Univ., 1875; mining eng'ring (eng'r
of mines), 1876; m. Roxbury, Mass., June
19, 1883, Jennie Olive Bemis. In eng'ring
corps, Pa. R. R., 1872-3; in charge mining
corps, anthracite region, 1876-9; supt. mines,
Montour Iron & Steel Co., 1879-80; asst.
mining eng'r Cambria Iron Co., 1880-1;
mem. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs; original
fellow Geol. Soc. of America; fellow Am.
Assn. Adv. Science; mem. Am. Philos. Soc.
Author: Manual of Lithology, 1886; 2d ed.,
1896 W9; Vigintennial Record of the Class
of 1868, Phillips Acad., Andover, 1888 01.
Editor 2d ed. Atkinson's Gases Met With
in Coal Mines, 1886 VI; editor Coal and
Metal Miners' Pocket Book, 1890 Lll. Has
written several articles, in Science, Am.
Jour. Science, Journal of the Am. Geol.
Soc, and Proc. of Am. Philos. Soc, 1893-7,
on Glacial Geology of Pa. Residence: Han-
over, Lehigh Co., Pa.

WILLIAMS, Elilm Stephen, ex-congress-
man, lawyer; b. New Carlisle, O., Jan. 24,
1835; s. Rev. Henry W. ; ed. Linden Hill
Acad. ; m. May 31, 1866, at New Middleton,
Tenn., Alice Gordon. Studied law, Day-
ton, 0. ; served in war, capt. Co. H, 71st
Ohio vol. inf.; comd. post, Carthage, Tenn.,
1863; att'y-gen. 6th jud. dist. Tenn., 1865-7;
mem. Tenn. legislature, 1867-9; removed to
Troy, O., 1875; practiced law, 1875-87; mem.
Congress, 1887-91, from 3d Ohio dist.; was
several yrs. editor Troy Buckeye. Address:
Troy, O.

WILLIAMS, Espy (William Hen-
dricks), dramatist; b. Carrollton (New
Orleans), La., Jan. 30, 1852; s. William H.
and Lavinia M. (Pollard) W. ; ed. in gram-
mar schools; m. New Orleans, La., April
15, 1879, Nannie Bowers. Engaged in finan-
cial business since 1885; one of charter
members Am. Dramatists' Club of New
York. Author: Dream of Art, poems, 1892
P3. Plays: Parrhasius, a tragedy (prod.
Robt. Man tell), 1894; The Husband, a so-
ciety drama (same), 1895; The Queen's
Garter, romantic play (same), 1896; The
Man in Black (prod. Walker Whiteside),
1897; A Cavalier of France (prod. Louis
James), 1897; The Duke's Jester, romantic
comedy (prod. Frederick Warde), 1900; Olla-
mus, comic opera; Eugene Aram, a tragedy,
1874 XI; The Last Witch, a play, 1886 XI.
Residence: 921 S. Carrollton Av. Office: 720
Common St., New Orleans.

WILLIAMS, Francis Howard, author; b.
Phila.; .j. Joseph J. and Martha P. W. ;
writer of plays, poems, stories, etc. ; mem.
Authors Club, New York; life mem. Hist.
Soc. of Pa. Author: (plays) The Princess
Elizabeth (lyric drama), 1880; The Higher
Education, 1881; A Reformer in Ruffles,
1881; Theodora, a Christmas Pastoral, 1882;
Master and Man, 1884. Also: Boseosel
(story), 1888; Atman, 1891; Pennsylvania
Poets of the Provincial Period, 1893; The
Flute Player and Other Poems, 1894. Ad-
dress: Germantown, Philadelphia.

WILLIAMS, Frederick Wells, prof, of
modern Oriental history, Yale, since 1900;
instr. there since 1893; b. Macao (Portu-
guese colony in) China, Oct. 31, 1857; s.
S. Wells (Am. missionary) and Sarah (Wal-
worth) W. ; prepared at Hopkins Grammar
School, New Haven; grad. Yale, 1879; stud-
ied history, etc., Gottingen, Berlin, Paris
univs., 1879-81; m. Phila., Nov. 19, 1885,
Fanny, d. late Rev. H. L. Wayland. Assist-
ed father in rewriting "The Middle King-
dom," 2 vols., 1882-83; asst. librarian, Yale
Univ. Library, 1883-5; literary editor The
Nat. Baptist, Phila., 1887-93. Author: (with
S. W. Williams) The Middle Kingdom, 2
vols., 1883; Life and Letters of S. Wells
Williams, LL. D., 1889. Editor: G. B. Ba-
con's "Siam," 1892; Memorial Vol. on Prof.
G. H. Williams, 1896 XI; Memorial Vol.
on R. S. Williams, of Utica, N. Y., 1900
XI; Biographical Record of the Class of
1879, Yale College. Wrote: The Loess
Deposits of Northern China, Popular Sci-
ence Monthly, Dec, 1883; A Pioneer of Ger-

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