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U. S. N. during Civil War; later was em-
ployed at submarine diving. Served under
Gen. Pedro Martinez in revolution of So-
nora, Mex. ; in U. S. Life Saving Service on
Atlantic coast, 1867-9; served with French in
Franco-Prussian war, 1870-1; later went to
diamond fields, S. Africa. Re-entered the
U. S. Life Saving Service and remained
until 1874, when he began his adventures
of swimming long distances in the water.
Dressed in a rubber suit of his own inven-
tion he leaped from vessel 40 miles off
coast of Ireland during furious gale and
reached the land, being nearly 7 hours in
water. On May 25, 1875, crossed English
Channel iji 24 hours; Oct., 1875, paddled on
Rhine from Basel, Switzerland, to Cologne,
Germany, 430 miles; early in 1876 went from



Alton, 111., to St. Louis, Mo., on the Mis-
sissippi; also from Bayou Goula to New
Orleans, 100 miles, in 24 hours; May, 1876,
went down Danube from Lintz, Austria, to
Budapest, Hungary, 460 miles, in 6 days;
one of his longest trips, from Oil City, Pa.,
to Gulf of Mex., 2342 miles, made in 80
days. In 1880-1 commanded torpedo service
of Peru, captured by Chilians, execution
ordered; escaped. Longest trip covered,
3,580 miles, from mouth of Cedar Creek,
Mont., to St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 17 to Nov.
20, 1881. Author: Roughing It in Rubber,
BRACE, Theodore, judge Supreme Court
of Mo., 1887-19071 b. Md., June 10, 1835; m.
1858, Roana C. Penn. Academic ed'n; ad-
mitted to bar, April 14, 1856; was col. 3d
Mo. cav., 2d dist. Mo. guard, 1861-2. State
senator, 1874-5; judge probate court, 1878-9;
judge circuit court, 1880-6; past grand mas-
ter Masons of Mo. Address: Jefferson City,

BRACKEN, Henry Martyn, M. D.; b.

Pa., Feb. 27, 1854; s. Dr. William C. and
Eleta Alvord B. ; classical ed'n Eldersridge
Acad.; grad. Coll. Phys. and Surg. (Colum-
bia), New York. 1877; licentiate Royal Coll.
Surg., Edinburgh, 1879; m. Feb. 13, 1884,
Emily M. L. Robinson, Orange, N. J. Prof,
materia medica and therapeutics, Univ. of
Minn., since 18S8; sec. and exec, officer
Minn. State Bd. of Health since Jan., 1897.
Residence: 1010 4th St. S. E., Minneapolis.
Office: 515 Pioneer Press Bldg., St. Paul.

BRACKEN, Julia M., sculptor (took an
independent studio, 1892); b. Apple River
111., June 10, 1871; d. Andrew and Mary B.
removed with parents to Galena, 111., 1876
began art studies in Chicago Art Inst., 1887
assisted Lorado Taft in his studio, 1887-92
assisted with decorations for World's Co-
lumbian Exp'n, 1892, besides assisting with
decorations on grounds, carried out several
independent comm'ns, among them "The
Statue of Illinois Welcoming the Nations,"
afterward presented to the State by the 111.
Woman'sExp'n Bd. ; took 1st sculpture prize
offered in Chicago, 1S98. Mem. Cosmopoli-
tan Art Club, Western Soc. of Artists, Mu-
nicipal Art League and Krayle Workshop,
Chicago. Address: 19 Studio Bldg., Chicago.

BRACKETT, Anna Callender, teacher,
author; b. Boston, May 21, 1836; d. Samuel
E. and Caroline S. B. ; ed. public and pri-
vate schools, Boston; grad. State Normal
School, Framingham, Mass., 1856; teacher
graded school, E. Brookfield, Mass., and
Framingham Normal School, 3 yrs. ; v.-prin.
Girls' High and Normal School, Charleston,
S. C, 2 yrs.; asst. high school, Cambridge,
Mass., 1 yr. ; prin. Normal School, St. Louis,
9 yrs. (1st woman prin. of any normal
school); prin. girls' private school, New
York City, 20 yrs. Author: Education of
American Girls, 1874 P2; Poetry for Home
and School (collection), 1876 P2; Philosophy
of Education, translated from German,
1886 A2; Technique of Rest, 1892 HI; Woman
and the Higher Education, 1893 HI. Has
written edn'l articles, poems sketches and

stories in many mags, and newspapers.
Address: 65 W. 51st St., New York.

BRACKETT, Cyrus Fogg, prof, physics
Princeton since 1873; b. Parsonsfield, Me.
June 24, 1833; grad. Bowdoin Coll., 1859
M. D., same, 1863 (LL. D., Lafayette, 1883
Bowdoin, 1892). Prof, in Bowdoin Coll.,
1864-73. Address: Princeton, N. J.

BRACKETT, Frank Parkhurst, prof.
mathematics and astronomy, Pomona Coll.,
since 1890; b. Provincetown, Mass., June 16,
1865; j. S. H. and Mary Thomas B. ; grad.
St. Johnsbury, Vt., Acad., 1883; grad. Dart-
mouth Coll., 1887; A. M., 1890; m. Pomona,
Calif., Aug. 15, 1889, Lucretia Burdick. Mem.
Astron. Soc. of the Pacific. Lecturer and
writer of contributions and monographs on
meteorol. and astron. subjects. Address:
Claremont, Calif.

BRACKETT, Gnstavns B., U. S. pomol-
ogist; b. Unity, Me., March 24, 1827; s. Ru-
ben and Elizabeth S. B.; ed. in public
schools, Cincinnati, 1838-41; acad. at Den-
mark, la., 1841-7; m. Nov. 14, 1849, Anna
Houston. Served 3 yrs. in Civil war as
capt. eng'rs; after war It. -col. Iowa Militia;
comm'r in charge Iowa exhibits, Centennial
Exp'n, Phila., 1876; U. S. comm'r to Paris
Exp'n, 1878; delegate at large from Iowa,
Nat. Cotton Exp'n, New Orleans, 1885; rep-
resented pomol. div. Dept. of Agr. at
World's Columbian Exp'n, 1893; was on jury
of awards, Hort. Dept. ; practical nursery-
man and horticulturalist; was 2 yrs. sec.
and 4 yrs. pres. Iowa State Hort. Soc;
hort. expert of U. S. Comm'n to Paris
Exp'n, 1900; ateo mem. jury, class 45, group
viii. Now chief of div. of pomology, U. S.
Dept. of Agr. Home: Denmark, la. Office:
Dept. of Agr., Washington.

BRACKETT, John Q,uincy Adams,

lawyer, ex-gov. Mass.; b. Bradford, N. H.,
June 8, 1842; s. Ambrose S. and Nancy
(Brown) B.; grad. Harvard (class orator),
1865; Harvard Law School, 1868; since then
practiced in Boston; m. June 20, 1878, An-
gie M. Peck of Arlington. Pres. Mercan-
tile Library Assn., Boston, 1871, and 1882;
judge advocate 1st brigade, Mass. militia,
1874-6; mem. Boston common council, 1873-7;
pres. same, 1876-7; mem. Mass. Ho. Reps.,
1877-82, and 1884-7; speaker, 1885-7; lt.-gov.,
1887-90; gov. Mass., 1890-1; delegate-at-large
from Mass. and mem. com. on resolutions,
Rep. Nat. Conv., Minneapolis, 1892; presi-
dential elector-at-Iarge, 1896 and 1900; chmn.
Mass. electoral college, 1896; Republican.
Residence: Arlington, Mass. Office: 48 Con-
gress St., Boston.
BRACKETT, Richard Newman, asst.
prof, chemistry Clemson Coll. since 1891; b.
Richland Co., S. C, Sept. 14, 1863; 5. Rev.
Gilbert Robbins B. ; early ed'n private
schools, Charleston, S. C; grad. Davidson
Coll., 1883; Ph. D., Johns Hopkins, 1887;
sp'l in chemistry, mineralogy and geology;
chemist of geol. survey of Ark., 1887-91.
Fellow A. A. A. S. ; mem. Am. Chem. Soc.
Wrote: The Peridotite of Pike County, Ark.
(with J. C. Branner), Am. Jour. Science,
July, 1889; Newtonite and Rectorite, two



new minerals of the Kaolinite group (with
J. Francis Williams), same, July, 1891; also
other chem. papers in Am. Cham. Jour.
Address: Clemson College P. O., N. C.

BRACKETT, Walter M., painter; b.
Unity, Me., June 14, 1823; self-taught; be-
gan painting in 1843, and attained consid-
erable celebrity as a portrait painter, but
later took to the painting of game fish, es-
pecially of salmon and trout; was for sev-
eral yrs. pres. of the Art Club of Boston.
Address: 41 Tremont St., Boston.

BRACQ, Jean Charlemagne, prof. Ro-
mance languages, Vassar, since 1891; b.
Cambrai, France, May 3, 1853; common
school ed'n, Rheims, France; studied Bur-
lington, Vt. ; grad. McGill Univ., Montreal,
1881; studied Newton Theol. Sem., 1881-3;
studied and traveled abroad, 1883-5; m. 1881,
Emma M. Woods, Chester, Vt. Sec. Am.
McAll Assn., 1885-91. Has written on
French Protestantism; the Anglo-French re-
lations and the colonial expansion of
France; delivered course lectures, Lowell
Inst., Boston, 1898, on Contemporary French
Literature; editor Huguenot Quarterly.
Address: Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

BRADBURY, Albert Williams, lawyer;
b. Calais, Me., 1840: grad. Bowdoin, 1860;
served 1st It. to maj. and bvt. It. -col. 1st
Me. mounted art., 1861; served in dept.
Gulf in 19th army corps, of which he be-
came chief of art., Sept., 1864; chief of art.,
Army of the Shenandoah, under Sheridan,
Dec, 1864; took part in many battles until
mustered out, July 24, 1865. Admitted to
bar, 1867; since then has practiced in Port-
land; has been city solicitor of Portland
and, 1873-7, U. S. dist. atty. for Me.; Demo-
crat. Address: Portland, Me.

BRADBURY, Joseph P., asso. justice
Supreme Court, Ohio; Republican. Address:
Columbus, O.

BRADBURY, William Frothingham,
head master Cambridge Latin School since
1886; b. Westminster, Mass., May 17, 1829:
grad. Amherst, 1856 (A. M., 1859; L. H. D.,
1900) ; m. Aug. 27, 1857, Margaret Jones,
Templeton, Mass. Teacher, 1856-81, and head
master, 1881-86, Cambridge High School.
Has published 24 math, text-books, arithme-
tic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, log-
rithms, and other works, and patented de-
vices for teaching the metric system. Sec.
Handel and Haydn Socs. since 1899.
Address: Cambridge, Mass.

BRADFORD, Amory Howe, clergyman,
editor; b. Granby, Oswego Co., N. Y., April
14, 1846; j. Rev. B. F. and Mary A. (Howe)
B. ; grad. Hamilton Coll., 1867 (D. D.); An-
dover Theol. Sem., 1870; post-graduate stu-
dent Oxford Univ., England; m. Sept. 22,
1870, Julia S. Stevens. Pastor 1st Cong'l
Ch., Montclair, N. J.; asso. editor The
Outlook, New York; 1st sec. and 2d pres.
Am. Inst. Christian Philosophy; lecturer
Andover Theol. Sem.; mem., 1895, deputa-
tion sent by Am. Bd. Foreign Missions to
inspect missions in Japan. Author: Spirit
and Life, 1888 F2; Old Wine, New Bottles.
1892, F2; The Pilgrim in Old England, 1893
F2; Heredity and Christian Problems, 1895

Ml; The Growing Revelation, 1897 Ml; The
Sistine Madonna, 1897 F2; The Holy Fam-
ily, 1899 F2; The Art of Living Alone, 1899
D3; The Return to Christ, 1900 D3; The
Age of Faith, 1900 H5; Spiritual Lessons
from the Brownings, 1900 C7. Address: 11
Plymouth St., Montclair, N. J.
BRADFORD, Edward G., U. S. dist.
judge, dist. of Del., since May 11, 1897; b.
Wilmington, Del., March 12, 1848; s. Hon. Ed-
ward G. and Mary Alicia (Heyward) B. ;
ed. Del. Military Acad.; grad. Yale, 1868; m.
Wilmington, Del., Sept. 18, 1872, Eleuthera
P. da Pont; admitted to bar, May 9, 1870.
Address: Wilmington, Del.

BRADFORD, Gamaliel, retired banker;
b. Boston, Jan. 15, 1831; 5. Gamaliel B., and
6th of that name, 8th generation from Wil-
liam Bradford, gov. of Plymouth Colony;
grad. Harvard, 1849; m. Newport, Mass.,
Oct. 30, 1861, Clara Kinsman (died, 1866).
Was in banking firm Blake Bros. & Co.,
Boston, 1858-68; since then at leisure. Mem.
Mass. Hist. Soc, Mass.; Soc. of the Cin-
cinnati; 1st gov. Mass. Soc. of May-
flower Descendants; independent in politics.
Author: Lesson of Popular Government, 2
vols., 1898 Ml. Has written numerous con-
tributions and monographs. Addreis: 502
Beacon St., Boston.

BRADFORD, Royal Bird, chief Bureau
of Equipment, Navy Dept., since Dec, 1897;
b. Turner, Me., July 22, 1844; j. Phillips
and Mary Brett (Bird) B. ; ed. Me. State
Sem., Lewiston; grad. U. S. Naval Acad.,
1865; promoted through grades to capt. ; m.
1875, Harriet B. Engs. Superintended, 1883,
installation of electric lighting plant on
Trenton, 1st man-of-war in the world to be
lighted by electricity; engaged in writing
U. S. N. regulations, 1885; organized naval
dept. of electricity and became 1st naval
insp. electric lighting; com. U. S. S. Ben-
nington off coast of Chile during threatened
war with that country; comd. U. S. S. Mont-
gomery, July 1, 1896, to July 24, 1897; naval
attache Oct. 1, 1898, to U. S. and Spanish
Peace Comm'n. Residence: 1522 P St., N.
W., Washington.

BRADLEY, Andrew Coyle, asso. justice
Supreme Court, D. C. ; b. Washington, Feb.
32, 1844; ed. private schools and Columbian
Univ., Washington, 1859-61 (LL. B., Har-
vard, 1867); m. 1872, Sue H. Young. Prof,
law of commercial paper, and criminal law
and procedure, Columbian Univ. Law
School. Residence: 2013 Q St. N. W. Office:
Court House, Washington.

BRADLEY, Denis M., first R. C. bishop
of Manchester, N. H. ; consecrated June 11,
1884; b. in Ireland, Feb. 25, 1846; ed. in pa-
rochial school, Manchester, N. H., and
Holy Cross Coll., Worcester, Mass. (grad.
1867) ; theol. studies at St. Joseph's Sem.,
Troy, N. Y. ; ordained priest there June 3,
1871; exercised the sacred ministry at Port-
land, Me., and at St. Joseph's Ch., Man-
chester, N. H. Address: Manchester, N. H.

BRADLEY, John Edwin, educator; b.
Lee, Mass.; grad. Williams Coll., 1865 (A.
M., 1868; LL. D., 1893; Ph. D., Univ. of N.
Y., 1879); m. 1870, Martha J. Gould, Albany,



N. Y. Prin high school, Pittsfield, Mass.,
1865-8; same, Albany, N. Y., 1868-86; commr.
State of N. Y. to Paris Exp'n, 1878; supt.
city schools, Minneapolis, 1886-92; pres. 111.
Coll., 1892-1900; mem. Nat. Council of Ed'n
since 1889. Author: Science and Industry,
School Incentives; Healthfulness of Intel-
lectual Pursuits; Unconscious Education;
Work and Play; Talks with Students.
Address: Jacksonville, 111.
BRADLEY, Luther Prentice, soldier; b.
New Haven, Conn., Dec. 8, 1822; ed. com-
mon schools; entered army, Oct. 15, 1861,
lt.-col. and col. 51st 111. vols.; became brig.-
gen. U. S. vols.; resigned June 30, 1865,
and was apptd. lt.-col. 27th U. S. inf.;
transferred to 9th inf., March 15, 1869;apptd.
col. 3d inf., March 20, 1879; transferred to
13th inf., June 14, 1879; reached bvt. rank of
brig. -gen. and active rank of col., U. S. A.;
retired Dec. 8, 1886. Address: Tacoma, Wash.
BRADLEY, Milton, mf r. ; b. Vienna, Me.,
Nov. 8, 1836; j. Lewis B.; ed. grammar
and high schools, Lowell, Mass., and Law-
rence Scientific School, Cambridge, Mass.,
1854-5; sp'l studies in eng'ring. Began active
life as civil and mech. eng'r. Became in-
terested in lithography and through that
in the publishing of home amusements.
Organized the Milton Bradley Co. at
Springfield, Mass., for the mfr. and publi-
cation of Home Amusements and Kinder-
garten and School Material and Supplies
in 1863. In 1868 published Paradise of Child-
hood, by Prof. Edward Wiebe, then of
Springfield, first authentic presentation of
the subject of kindergarten instruction in
U. S. ; soon after undertook preparation of
the line of material necessary for the in-
troduction of kindergartens in this country.
Necessity for a newer and closer classifica-
tion and improvement of colors in kinder-
garten material became apparent, and from
this has developed what is known as the
Bradley system of color instruction, based
on spectrum standard colors with a com-
plete and definite color nomenclature. At
an early day he published Work and Play,
children's mag. Author and Publisher: Color
in the School Room, a manual for teachers,
1890; Color in the Kindergarten, 1893; Ele-
mentary Color, 1895; Water Colors in the
Schoolroom, 1900. Address: Springfield,

BRADLEY, Walter Hensill, prof, since
1895, acting pres. since 1897, Blackburn
Univ.; b. O'Fallon, Mo., May 17, 1865; grad
Princeton, 1888; Princeton Theol. Sem., 1889
m. June 1, 1892, Caroline Schiess, Alton, 111
Pastor Presby'n ch., Upper Alton, 111., 1890
prof. Shurtleff Coll., Upper Alton, 1891-5.
Address: Carlinville, 111.
BRADLEY, "William O'Connell, gov.
Ky., 1895-9; b. Garrard, Ky., March 18, 1847;
admitted to bar, 1865, by sp'l act of legisla-
ture, being under 21 years of age; in 1870
elected prosecuting atty., in 1872 presiden-
tial elector and candidate for Congress,
and again candidate for Congress, 1876,
Rep. ticket; defeated; delegate at large
Rep. Nat. Con v., 1880, 1884, 1888, 1892, 1900.
In 1888 received 106 votes for vice president;

3 times nominated for U. S. senator; mem.
Nat. Rep. Com., 12 yrs. ; unsuccessful can-
didate gov., 1887; apptd. minister Korea,
1889 and declined; first Rep. gov. of Ky.
Address: Lancaster, Ky.

BRADSHAW, William Richard, editor;
b. County Down, Ireland, Jan. 14, 1851, of
Anglo-Irish ancestry; ed. Belfast, Ireland;
took scientific course South Kensington,
London; studied languages under private
tutors; studied art of reading under Denis
Leonard, Irish comedian and lawyer; m.
Dublin, 1878, Emma Douglas. Was essay-
ist, debater and dramatic reader in Ireland;
won gold medal of Ch. of Ireland Young
Men's Assn., Belfast, for essay on "The
Ulsterman," 1877; apptd. eomm'r for taking
affidavits for Belfast and County, Antrim,
1878; was contributor to Irish press on top-
ics of Irish character and travel; came to
U. S., 1883; editor of Literary Life, Chicago,
1886-7; editor The Decorator and Furnisher,
1890-6; is an authority on questions of dec-
orative art. Author: The Goddess of Atvata-
bar, 1892. Contributor to mags, and daily
journals in prose and verse. Residence: 57
Locust St., Flushing, N. Y. Office: Bennett
Bldg., New York.
BRADY, Anthony Nicholas, capitalist;
b. Lille, France, Aug. 22, 1843; came to U.
S. with parents when a child; did not at-
tend school after age of 13; opened a tea
store in Albany, 1854, and others successive-
ly till he monopolized tea trade in Albany
and Troy; became owner of large granite
quarries; purchased, with others, gas plants
of Albany, Troy and Chicago, and street car
lines of Albany and Troy; rebuilt "Huckle- .
berry" ry. system in New York; planned
consolidation of New York surface lines,
and promoted similar combinations in
Washington, Philadelphia and other cities,
v.-p. Peoples' Gas Light and Coke Co.,
Chicago. Director, Brooklyn Rapid Transit
Co. and Equitable Gas Light Co., etc.
Residence: Albany, N. Y. Office: 54 Wall St.,
New York.
BRADY, Cyrns Townsend, P. E. cler-
gyman, author; b. Allegheny, Pa., Dec. 20,
1861; s. Jasper Ewing and Harriet Cora
(Townsend) B. ; grad. U. S. Naval Acad.,
1883; m. 1st, Clarissa Sidney Guthrie (died,
1890); 2d, Mary Barrett. R. R. service with
the Mo. Pac. and Union Pac. roads for several
years; studied theology under Bishop Worth -
ington, Neb.; ordained deacon, 1889; priest,
1890. Was rector P. E. chs. in Mo. and Colo,
and archdeacon of Kan. until 1895, and arch-
deacon of Pa., till 1899; rector of St. Pauls
Ch., Overbrook, Phila., Pa., since 1899;
chaplain 1st Pa. vol. inf. Spanish-Am.
w&r^ Author: For Love of Country, 1898 S3;
For the Freedom of the Sea, 1899 S3; The
Grip of Honor, 1899 S3; Stephen Decatur,

1900 S9; Recollections of a Missionary in
the Great West, 1900 S3; American Fights
and Fighters, 1900 M16; Commodore Paul
Jones, 1900 A2; Reuben James, 1900 A2;
When Blades are Out and Love's Afield,

1901 L5; Under Tops'ls and Tents, 1901 S3;
An Apostle of the Plains, 1901 HI; Colonial
Fights and Fighters, 1901 M16; Under the



Ban of the Red-Beard, 1901 L5. Address:
6347 Woodbine Av., Station W., Philadel-
phia, Pa.

BRADY, Jasper Ewing, insurance;
grad. West Point; apptd. 2d It. U. S. A.;
rose to rank of capt. Author: Tales of the
Telegraph, 1900 D5. Address: 346 Broadway,
New York.

BRADY, John, R. C. bishop; b. County
Cavan, Ireland, 1842; studied at All Hallows
Coll., Ireland; ordained priest, 1864; asst.
pastor Newburyport, Mass., 1864-8; since
1868 pastor St. Joseph's Ch., Amesbury. To
relieve Archbishop Williams of many epis-
copal labors was apptd., 1891, auxiliary
bishop of Boston and consecrated titular
bishop of Alabanda, but continuing also his
parochial work. Address: 55 Broadway, S.
Boston, Mass.

BRADY, John Green, gov. Alaska; b.
New York, 1849; early ed'n from Judge John
Green, Tipton, Ind., to whom he was sent
by the Children's Aid Soc. of New York,
1859; later worked his way through Yale and
Union Theol. Sem., where he graduated.
Engaged, 1700 acres of land in Texas where
he proposed to establish an industrial re-
form colony for New York slum boys, but
on account of the lack of funds it was
abandoned; went to Alaska as missionary,
1878, with Dr. Sheldon Jackson; later be-
came mgr. Sitka Trading Co. Apptd. gov.
Alaska, June 16, 1897; re-apptd. June 6, 1900;
term expires 1904. Republican. Address: Sit-
ka, Alaska.

BRADY, Thomas Jefferson, soldier; b.
Muncie, Ind., Feb. 12, 1839; 5. John and
Mary (Wright) B. ; ed. Asbury Coll., nowDe
Pauw Univ. ; studied law, but does not prac-
tice; m. Muncie, Ind., 1864, Emmeline Wolfe.
Supt. Muncie schools, 1860-1; capt. and maj.
8th Ind. inf., 1861-63; col. 117th Ind. inf.,
1863-4; col. 140th Ind. inf., 1864-5; bvt. brig.-
gen. March 13, 1865; U. S. consul, St. Thom-
as, West Indies, 1870-5; supervisor Internal
Revenue, 1875-6; 2d asst. postmaster-gen.,
1876-81. Address: Colonial Beach, Va.

BRAGG, Edward Stnyvesant, ex-con-
gressman; b. Unadilla, N. Y., Feb. 20, 1827;
studied at Geneva Coll.; admitted to N. Y.
bar, 1848, soon after moving to Fond du
Lac, Wis.; admitted to Wis. bar, 1850; to
111. bar, 1869; to Supreme Court, U. S., 1877;
dist. atty., Fond du Lac Co., 1854-6; mem.
Charleston Conv., 1860; entered Union army
as capt., May 5, 1861; through hard fighting
won his way to brig.-gen. ; mustered out,
Oct. 8, 1865; mem. Union Conv. to Phila.,
1866; mem. Congress, 1877-85; mem. Dem.
Nat. Convs., 1872, 1884, 1892, 1896; seconded
nomination of Cleveland, 1884, using the
famous phrase: "We love him for the ene-
mies he has made." Prominent gold Dem.
in 1896, and in 1900 supported McKinley on
that issue. Address: Fond du Lac, Wis.

BRAID, Andrew, asst. in charge U. S.
Coast and Geodetic Survey since 1899; b.
Kircaldy, Scotland, Dec. 20, 1846; brought
to U. S., 1847; grad. Phila. High School,
1865 (A. M.); since 1869 in coast survey ser-
vice, 15 yrs. in field work, 4 yrs. in charge
instrument div., 6 yrs. exec, officer, asst. in

charge of office, 6 months; in charge of of-
fice of standard weights and measures, 1895-
9. Has edited the publications of the sur-
vey. Residence: The Columbia. Office: Coast
and Geodetic Survey Bldg., Washington.

BRAIN, Belle M., author; b. Springfield,
O., Aug. 4, 1859; d. William Grey and Mary
(Dyer) B.; grad. Springfield High School,
1878; supervisor of drawing, Springfield
public schools, 1878-95; prominent in edn'l
and religious socs. ; contributor to papers
and mags. Author: Fuel for Missionary
Fires, 1895 E9; Weapons for Temperance
Warfare, 1897 E9; The Morning Watch, 1897
E9; Quaint Thoughts of an Old-Time Army
Chaplain, 1898 E9; The Transformation of
Hawaii, 1898 R3. Address: 150 W. Pleasant
St., Springfield, O.

BRAINARD, David Legrge, explorer; b.
Norway, Herkimer Co., N. Y., Dec. 21,
1856; ed. common and State Normal schools;
enlisted pvt. U. S. A., 1876, served in Indian
campaigns under Gen. Miles; became sergt.,
1879; first sergt., 1881, of Lady Franklin Bay
expdn., under Lt. (now Gen.) A. W. Greely;
one of the three who, May 15, 1882, reached
highest latitude ever attained by man (83
degrees, 24 minutes, 30 seconds N. lat. in
long. 40 degrees, 46 minutes, 30 seconds W.);
shared in terrible privations of the expdn.;
after return transferred as sergt. to signal
service and later commissioned 2d lt. 2d
U. S. cav., "as a recognition of the gallant
and meritorious services rendered by him
in the expdn. of 1881-4"; awarded Back Grant
for 1886 by council of the Royal Geog. Soc;
promoted 1st lt. 2d cav., Aug. 14, 1893;
apptd. capt. subsistence dept. U. S. A., Oct.
14, 1896; detailed for service in Alaska govt,
relief expdn., Dec. 18, 1897; apptd. lt.-col.
subsistance dept., U. S. V., May 9, 1898; col.
subsistence dept., U. S. V., Nov. 8, 1898;
sent as chief commissary mil. forces to
Manila, Philippine Islands, June, 1898; maj.
subsistence dept., U. S. A., Feb. 14, 1900;
purchasing commissary, Army Bldg., New
York City. Address: War Dept., Washington.

BRAINE, Robert D., author, musician; b.
Springfield, O., May 20, 1861; grad. Spring-
field High School, 1878; m. June 20, 1894,
Grace A. Franklin. Visited Europe twice,
studying music and writing correspondence
for various newspapers. Now engaged in
writing School of Violin Playing; contrib-
utor to newspapers and mags, of miscel-
laneous articles, notably on musical sub-
jects. Author: Messages from Mars, or the
Strange Revelations of the Telescope Plant;
etc. Address: Bookwalter Blk., Spring-
field, O.

BRAINERD, Ezra, pres. Middlebury Coll.
since 1885; b. St. Albans, Vt., Dec. 17, 1844;
j. Lawrence Robbins B. ; grad. Middlebury
Coll., 1864; tutor there, 1864-6; grad. An-
dover Theol. Sem., 1868, (LL. D., 1888, Rip-
on Coll., Wis., and Univ. of Vt.). Prof,
rhetoric and English literature, 1868-80;
prof, physics and applied mathematics,
1880-5, Middlebury Coll.; has made impor-
tant contributions to the botany and geol-
ogy of Vt. ; one of 3 comm'rs apptd., 1887,

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