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CORTHELL, Elmer Lawrence, civil
eng'r; b. S. Abington, Mass., Sept. 30, 1840;
i. James Lawrence C. ; 2 yrs. Brown Univ.;
served private to capt. of a battery in 1st
R. I. light art., 1861-5; re-entered Brown,
grad., 1867, (A. M., 1868; Sc. D., 1894); m.
1867, Emily T. Davis, Providence, R. I.
(died, 1884). Entered eng'ring office, Provi-
dence, R. I., 1867; since then eng'r Hanni-
bal & Naples R. R., Hannibal & Central
Mo. R. R., and engaged in constructing
various bridges and levees, Miss, river, in-
cluding jetties at mouth, as asst. under
James B. Eads. Chief eng'r of Southern
Bridge & Ry. Co., building railroad over
Miss, at New Orleans; consulting eng'r Ar-
gentine gov't since March 26, 1900. Delegate
from U. S. gov't to Internat. Congress of
Navigation, Brussels, 1898. Author: History
of the Jetties at the Mouth of the Mississip-
pi; Maritime Commerce, Past, Present and
Future; also articles "Jetties," "Levees,"
"Ship Canals and Ship Railways," in John-
son's Cyclopaedia. Report on Brussels Con-
gress of Navigation, etc. Mem. numerous
scientific socs. in America and Europe.
Residence: Buenos Ayres, Argentine, S. A.
Office: 1 Nassau St., New York.

CORTISSOZ, Ellen Mackay Hntchin-
son, author, journalist; b. New York;
m. Royal Cortissoz, a New York editorial
writer; literary writer on staff New York
Tribune. Author: Songs and Lyrics. Edi-
tor (with E. C. Stedman) : The Library of
American Literature (11 vols.). Address: 154
Nassau St., New York.

CORTISSOZ, Royal, journalist; b. New
York; m. Ellen Mackay Hutchinson. Liter-
ary editor and art editor New York Trib-
une. Mem. Players' Club. Address: 154 Nas-
sau St., New York.

CORY, Charles Barney, ornithologist and
vertebrate zoologist; b. Boston, Jan. 31, 1857;
s. Barney C. ; is capitalist and dir. in vari-
ous corporations; prof, and hon. curator
dept. ornithology Field Columbian Museum,
Chicago; vice-president American Ornithol.
Union; F. L. S., F. Z. S., etc. Author:
A Naturalist in the Magdalen Islands; Birds
of the Bahama Islands; The Beautiful and
Curious Birds of the World; Birds of Haiti
and San Domingo; Catalogue of West In-
dian Birds; Hunting and Fishing in Flor-
ida; The Birds of Eastern North America,
How to Know the Shore Birds of North
America; How to Know the Ducks, Geese
and Swans of North America; The Birds of
the West Indies; Key to the Water Birds
of Florida; Hunting and Fishing in Flor-
ida; Key to the Birds of Eastern North
America. Also (fiction): Montezuma's Cas-
tle and Other Weird Tales; Dr. Wander-
mann. Address: 160 Boylston St., Boston.

CORY, Clarence Linns, prof, of elect,
eng'ring Univ. of Calif, since 1892; b. La-
fayette, Ind., Sept. 4, 1872; s. Thomas and
Carrie (Stoney) C. ; grad. Purdue Univ.,
1889; Cornell, 1891; sp'l studies in eng'ring,
Cornell, degree of mech. eng'r; unmarried.
Prof, elect, eng'ring, Highland Park Coll.,
Dcs Moines, la., 1891-2; elected asst. prof,
elect, eng'r, Univ. of 111., 1892; elected pres-

ent position Oct., 1892. Also in practice as
consulting elect, and mech. eng'r, San
Francisco, since Jan. 1, 1899. Mem. British
Instn. of Elect. Eng'rs, Pacific Coast Elect.
Transmission Assn., Am. Inst. Elect.
Eng'rs, Tech. Soc. of the Pacific Coast.
Wrote: The Source of the Rontgen Rays
(joint author) ; The Electrical World, vol.
27, April 18, 1896; The Regulation of Alter-
nating Current Generators, Journal of Elec-
tricity, Aug., 1899; Electrical Transmission
System Regulation, Journal of Electricity,
July, 1900; and other similar contributions
to current literature. Residence: Berkeley,
Calif. Office: 331 Pine St., San Francisco.

CORY, Harry Thomas, dean eng'ring
dept. and prof. civ. eng'ring, Univ. of Cin-
cinnati, since Sept., 1900; b. Lafayette, Ind.,
May 27, 1870; s. Thomas and Carrie (Stoney)
C; academic ed'n, 1882-4, and eng'ring,
1S84-9, Purdue Univ., receiving B. S. in
elect, eng'ring 1887 and in civ. eng'ring,
1889; master civ. eng'ring, 1893; master
mech. eng'ring (in elect, eng'ring), 1896,
Cornell; unmarried. Asst. eng'r A. & M.
Ry., 1888; asst. city eng'r, Lafayette, Ind.,
1S89; deputy county eng'r Tippecanoe Co.,
Ind., 1890-2; prof. civ. eng'ring Univ. of
Mo., 1893; in Europe, 1898; prof. civ. and
sanitary eng'ring, Univ. of Mo., 1898. Author:
(with T. Cory) Manual of U. S. System of
Land Surveying, 1888 A7; also atlases of
Boone (18S8), Clay (1890), and Tippecanoe
(1892) counties, Ind., Rl; also tech. reports
and papers. Address: Univ. of Cincinnati,

CORY, John Campbell, cartoonist, New
York World; b. Waukegan, 111., Sept. 11,
1867; s. B. S., Jr., and Jessie S. (McDou-
galdl C; ed. Waukegan public schools; m.
Chicago, Feb. 14, 1890, Sarah Bertha Pol-
lock. Worked in architect's office, Chicago,
when 14; architect's office, New York, when
15; returned to 111., worked on farm 2 yrs.;
studied animals and became well known as
an animal artist particularly horses; illus.
live stock journals and turf periodicals,
1887-96; published The Bee, pictorial politi-
cal weekly, New York, 1S9S; failed; former-
ly cartoonist for New York Journal; since
failure of The Bee with New York World;
Democrat. Address: 898 Highland Av., New-
ark, N. J.

COSBY, Franlc Carvill, gen. insp. pay
corps (rank of capt.), U. S. N.. since March,
1898; b. Louisville, Ky., April 10, 1840; s.
Fortunatus C, journalist and poet; ed. in
Ky. and Washington, to 1854; receiving
teller, U. S. Treasury, 1854-7; capt.'s clerk,
U. S. N., 1857-61; paymaster Potomac flo-
tilla, 1861-3; depot paymaster S. Atlantic
squadron, 1863-4, participating in engage-
ments on Potomac and Rappahannock riv-
ers, off Charleston, etc. : paymaster Balti-
more and Annapolis stas., 1865-8; Honolulu,
H. I., 1868-9, and various other stas. until
became fleet paymaster, European sta., 1877-
81; on inspection duty, 1881-9; navy yard,
Norfolk, 1890-1; sp'l duty World's Colum-
bian Exp'n, 1891-4; navy pay agt., Washing-
ton, 1894-7; mem. Bd. Inspection and Survey



of Naval Vessels, 1897-8. Residence: 1808
Mass. Av. F Washington.

COSBY, George Blake, receiver public
moneys of Calif.; b. Louisville, Ky., Jan.
19, 1S30; s. Fortunatus and Ellen (Blake) C. ;
ed. private schools; clerk in comm'n house;
entered West Point, Sept. 1, 1848; bvt. It.
mounted rifles, July 1, 1852; 2d It, Sept 16,
1853; 2d It. cav., March 3, 1855; 1st It., May
1, 1856; capt., May 9, 1861. Entered C. S. A.
as capt. cav. ; was chief of staff to Gens.
Magruder and Buckner; promoted brig.-
gen., Jan. 20, 1863; comd. cav. brigade under
Gen. Earl Van Dorn. After war went to
Calif., where was adj. -gen. 5 yrs, and held
various other govt, and state offices.
Address: 200 O St., Sacramento, Calif.

COSGROVE, Henry, R. C. bishop; b. Wil-
liamsport, Pa., 1834; 5. John and Bridget C. ;
removed to Dubuque, 1845; ordained priest,
1857; asst. pastor, 1857, of St. Marguerite's
Ch., Davenport, and its pastor, 1862. Apptd.
vicar-gen. diocese of Davenport, 1882; and
1884, on death of Bishop McMullen, was
apptd. his successor. Address: Davenport,

COSTELLO, Frederick H., author, com-
mercial agt; b. Bangor, Me., Sept. 24, 1851;
ed. common schools and private tutors; lo-
cal agt. for R. G. Dun & Co.'s Mercantile
Agency since Jan., 1885. Author: The Two
on Galley Island, 1893; Master Ardick, Buc-
caneer, 1896 A2; Under the Rattlesnake
Flag, 189S E2; On Fighting Decks in 1812,
1899 E3; A Tar of the Old School, 1900 E3.
Residence: 43 James St. Office: Columbia
Bldg., Bangor, Me.

COTTER, Joseph B., R. C. bishop; b.
Liverpool, England, 1844; came to U. S.,
1S50; ed. in St. Paul, Minn., and St. Vin-
cent, Pa.; theol. studies at St. John's Univ.,
Collegeville, Minn ; ordained priest, 1871;
pastor St. Thomas Ch., Winona, Minn., 1871-
89; consecrated 1st bishop, see of Winona,
1889; was 3 terms pres. Catholic Total Ab-
stinence Union of America; prominent ad-
vocate of total abstinence. Address: Winona,

COTTON, Charles Stanhope, rear-ad-
miral U. S. N. since March 27, 1900; 6. Mil-
waukee, Wis., Feb. 15, 1843; 5. Lester Holt
and Mary Ann C; apptd. acting midship-
man at Naval Acad., Sept. 23, 1858; detailed
for active duty at sea, May 10, 1861; served
on frigate St. Lawrence, which captured C.
S. privateer Petrel, July 28, 1861; on frigate
Minnesota, 1861-3; participated in action be-
tween Merrimac and Monitor and the fleet
in Hampton Roads, March, 1862; ensign,
Nov. 11, 1862; It, Feb. 22, 1864; served on
Oneida during battle of Mobile Bay and
subsequent operations to surrender of Ft.
Morgan; lt-comdr., July 25, 1866; comdr.,
April 25, 1877; capt, May 28, 1892; comd.
flagship Philadelphia, Pacific sta., 1894-7,
and also auxiliary cruiser Harvard in N.
Atlantic squadron during war with Spain,
1898; now commandant Navy Yard and sta.,
Norfolk, Va. ; married. Address: Navy Yard,
Norfolk, Va.

COCDEN. Henry Nohle, chaplain U. S.
Ho. of Reps.; b. Marshall Co., Ind., Nov.

21, 1842; s. Joseph G. and Eliza (Chase) C. ;
grad. State School for the Blind, Columbus,
O. ; Divinity School, St. Lawrence Univ.,
Canton, N. Y. (D. D.); ordained Univer-
salis! clergyman, Nov., 1878; m. Harriet
Dunbar, Jan. 26, 1886. Served in Union ar-
my, April, 1861, to July, 1863; honorably dis-
charged by reason of wound in battle which
destroyed sight of both eyes. Elected chap-
lain Ho. of Reps, at beginning of 54th Con-
gress, was re-elected to 55th and 56th Con-
gresses. Address: 106 C St. S. E., Wash-

COIDERT, Amalia Kussner, miniature
painter; b. Terre Haute, Ind., March 26,
1873; d. Lorenz Kussner; ed. mainly by pri-
vate governess and tutor; studied, 1883-90,
St. Mary's of the Woods, Ind. ; m. New
York, July 3, 1900, Charles du Pont Cou-
dert. Began artistic career in New York,
1892; went to London. 1896, and painted the
King (then the Prince of Wales), and most
of the highest aristocracy of England; in
1S99 was summoned to Russia to paint the
Emperor and Empress and the Grand
Duchesses Vladimir and Ellen; in autumn
of 1899 went to S. Africa to paint Hon. Cecil
Rhodes. Address: Buckingham Hotel, New

COUDERT, Frederic Rene, lawyer; b.
New York, 1832, of French parentage; grad.
Columbia Coll., 1850; (J. U. D., Columbia,
1887; LL. D., Seton Hall and St. John's
Coll.,. Fordham); admitted to N. Y. bar,
1S53; head of firm of Coudert Bros.; public
speaker and lecturer; delegate of New York
Chamber of Commerce to Internat Con-
gress, Antwerp, for framing internat. rules
of gen. average, 1877; mem. of Pres. Cleve-
land's Venezuela Boundary Comm'n, 1896-8;
gov't dir. Union Pacific R. R., 1885-8; gov't
receiver Union Pacific R. R., 1892-8; coun-
sel of U. S., before Internat. Behring Sea
Comm'n, Paris, 1893-5; has been pres. U. S.
Catholic Hist. Soc; pres. Manhattan Club;
Bar Assn. City of New York; Columbia Col-
lege Alumni Assn. ; Cross Legion of Honor
of France and other decorations. Residence:
155 W. 58th St. Office: 71 Broadway, New

COULTER, John Merle, head prof, bot-
any, Univ. of Chicago, since 1896; b. Ning-
po, China, Nov. 20, 1851; grad. Hanover
Coll., Ind., 1870 (LL. D., Univ. of Ind.).
Botanist U. S. Geol. Survey in Rocky
Mountains, 1872-3; prof, natural sciences,
Hanover Coll., 1874-9; prof, biology, Wa-
bash Coll., 1879-91; pres. Univ. of Ind.,
1891-3; pres. Lake Forest Univ., 1893-6.
Author: Manual of Rocky Mountain Bot-
any; Manual of Texan Botany; Plant Re-
lations; Plant Structures; Plant Studies;
Morphology of Gymnosperms; etc. Address:
Univ. of Chicago, Chicago.

COULTER, Stanley, prof, biology and dir.
biol. laboratory, Purdue Univ., since 1887;
b. Ningpo, China, June 2, 1855; s. of Stan-
ley and Caroline (Crowe) C. ; grad. Hanover
Coll. (A. M., Ph. D.); m. Logansport, Ind.,
June 21, 1877, Lucy E. Post. Fellow A. A.
A. S. ; Ind. Acad. Science; Western Soc.
Naturalists. Author: Forest Trees of In-



diana, pamphlet, 1892, State Hort. Soc. ;
Flora of Indiana (500 pp.), 1899, State Geol.
Rep't; 11 pamphlets upon nature study; 45
pamphlets of scientific studies and reports
(560 pp.); also 70 other titles; book re-
views; biographical sketches, etc. Wrote:
Histology of Foliage Leaf of Taxodium
Distichum, Bot. Gazette, 1889; Germination
of Native Composites, Proc. Ind. Acad Sci-
ence, 1896. Address: LaFayette, Ind.

COUNCILS, William Hooper, pres. Agr'l
and Mech. Coll., Normal, Ala.; b. a slave,
Fayetteville, N. C, July 12, 1848; s. Wil-
liam and Mary Jane C. ; ed. 3 yrs. in school,
Stevenson, Ala., 1865-7; engaged in teach-
ing 1867 (Ph. D., Morris Brown Coll.); m.
Sept. 5, 1885, Maria H. Weeden. Studied
law and admitted to the Supreme Court of
Ala., 1883, but has continued teaching;
chief enrolling clerk, Ala. Ho. Reps., 1872-4;
receiver-gen. land office, Northern Dist.,
Ala., 1875; organized 1875, and ever since
pres., Agr'l and Mech. Coll. at Normal.
Founder, and editor 1877-84, Huntsville Her-
ald; associated with Bishop Turner in his
work for redemption of Africa; mem. A. M.
E. Ch. Address: Normal, Ala.

COUPER, William, sculptor; b. Norfolk,
Va., Sept. 20, 1853; ed. there; began art
studies in Cooper Inst., New York; in 1874
entered Royal Acad., Munich, Bavaria, for
study of drawing and anatomy. Went to
Florence, 1875, and entered studio of
Thomas Ball, whose only daughter he mar-
ried in 1878; was on jury for acceptance of
works of art sent from Italy to Chicago
Exp'n in 1893. After 22 yrs. in Italy settled
permanently in New York, Aug., 1897. Gives
his attention principally to ideal works,
portrait statues, busts and bas-reliefs.
Address: 207 B. 17th St., New York.

COURTIS, William Mnnroe, mining en-
gineer, metallurgist; b. Boston, Jan. 7, 1842;
grad. Harvard, 1864 (A. M., 1867); studied
civ. eng'ring, Lawrence Scientific School,
Harvard, 1 yr. ; 3 yrs. at Royal School of
Mines, Freiberg, Saxony; m. April 2, 1873,
Lizzie Easton Folger. Became supt. and
gen. mgr. of many mines and smelting
works in Mich., Colo., Calif., N. Mex., etc.,
and consulting eng'r to extensive operators;
was chief eng'r on survey of Santo Domin-
go, etc. ; patented improved mill apparatus
for saving waste in tailings; treas. U. S.
Potash Co. ; sec. Clarendon Mining Co. of
Ont. ; one of bd. of mgrs., Mich. State Soc.
Sons Am. Revolution. Residence: 449 4th
Av. Office: 412 Hammond Bldg., Detroit.

COURTNEY, Frederick, Anglican bishop
of Nova Scotia since 1888; b. Plymouth,
England, Jan. 5, 1837; ed. Bluecoat School,
London; grad. Kings Coll., London, 1863;
m. July 11, 1865, Carloine Louisa, d. Philip
Nairn, England. Deacon, 1864; priest, 1865;
held pastorates in Kent and at Plymouth,
England, and Glasgow, Scotland; asst. St.
Thomas Ch., New York, 1876-80; rector St.
James, Chicago, 1880-2; St. Paul's, Boston,
1S82-8. Address: Halifax, N. S.

COURTNEY, Walter, chief surgeon North-
ern Pacific Ry. (Eastern div.), since 1888;
b. Moore, Lambton Co., Ont., Canada, Sept.
IS, 1855; ed. at local public schools, Strath-

roy Collegiate Inst, and Univ. of Mich. (M.
D.); in practice of medicine and surgery
since 1883; m. 1885, St. Clair, Mich., Hilde-
garde von Jasmund; ex-pres. Minn. State
Med. Soc. ; mem. Am. Med. Assn. ; Internat.
Assn. Ry. Surgeons; Minn. Acad, of Medi-
cine; Minn. State Med. Soc; hon. mem. N.
Dak. State Med. Soc. Address: Brainerd,

COUSE, Ganger Irving, artist; b. Sagi-
naw, Mich., Sept. 3, 1866; m. Paris, France,
1889, Virginia Walker. Pupil Nat. Acad.
Design, N. Y., and Bouguereau, Fleury and
ficole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Awards:
Shaw prize for black and white at Salma-
gundi Club, 1899; 2d Halgarten prize, Nat.
Acad, Design, 1900; Proctor prize, Salma-
gundi Club, 1900; honorable mention, Paris
Exp'n, 1900. His best known pictures are
"The Forest Camp," "An Indian Camp,"
"The War Pony" (Indian subjects), and
"Adoration of the Shepherds" (in Grace
M. E. Ch., Harrisburg, Pa.). Mem. Am.
Water Col. Soc. and Salmagundi Club.
Studio: Van Dyck Studios, 939 8th Av., New

COUSINS, Robert G., congressman, law-
yer; b. Cedar Co., la., 1859; grad. Cornell
Coll., la., 1881; admitted to bar, 1882; has
practiced law ever since. Mem. Iowa legis-
lature, 1886-7; pros, atty., 1888-90; mem.
Congress, 1893-1903, 5th la. dist.; prominent
as a congressional orator; Republican;
chmn. Com. on Expenditures of the 1 Treas-
ury Dept., 55th Congress. Home: Tipton,

COVILLE, Frederick Vernon, chief bot-
anist U. S. Dept. Agr. since 1893; b. Preston,
Chenango Co., N. Y., March 23, 1867; s. Jo-
seph Addison and Lydia (More) C. ; grad.
Cornell, 1887; m. Oct. 4, 1890, Elizabeth
Harwood Boynton. Instr. botanv, Cornell,
1887-8; asst. botanist, 1888-93, u" S. Dept.
Agr.; curator U. S. Nat. Herbarium since
1893. Author: Botany of the Death Val-
ley Exp'n; and many bot. papers; also
Our Public Grazing Lands, Forum, 1898.
Residence: 1836 California Av. Office: Dept.
of Agr., Washington.

COWAN, Frank, author; b. Greensburg,
Pa., Dec. 11, 1844; s. Edgar C. (U. S. sen-
ator); ed. Mt. Pleasant and Jefferson colls.;
M. D., Georgetown Med. Coll., 1869. Sec.
U. S. Senate Com. on Patents, 1862; studied
law; admitted to bar, 1865; one of Pres.
Andrew Johnson's secretaries, 1865-9; prac-
ticed medicine, Greensburg, Pa., after 1869,
but soon returned to the law; editor and
propr. Frank Cowan's paper (industrial),
Greensburg, 1872-5; gen. supt. Westmore-
land Hosp., 1895-6. Has traveled extensive-
ly in Europe, Asia, Africa, S. America and
Australia, and entered Corea before that
country had made any treaties with for-
eign nations; now devoting attention to
fruit culture and writing. Author: Curious
Facts in the History of Insects; Zomara, a
Romance of Spain; Fact and Fancy in New
Zealand; Dictionary of Proverbial Phrases
Relating to the Sea; Australianisms; also
numerous pamphlets and several vols, of
verse. Address: Greensburg, Pa.



COWARD, Edward Pales, broker, play-
wright; b. New York, Sept. 6, 1862; j. Ed-
ward and Ellen S. (Fales) C. ; ed. Lyons
Collegiate Inst., New York.; grad. Colum-
bia Coll. Law School, 1883; m. Phila., Dec.
4, 1890, Mabel Ridgeway. Best known as
amateur actor; for 30 yrs. played continu-
ously a total of 127 roles; 2 yrs. dramatic
editor and critic New York Evening Sun;
ZVz yrs. same position on New York World.
Author: Hearts Are Trumps, 3-act com-
edy, prod, by Strollers; adapter of The
Belle's Stratagem (version formerly acted
by .lulia Marlowe); part author musical
comedy, The Lady Prom Chicago, prod, by
Strollers; also (with J. Cheever Goodwin
and Jas. T. Waldron), Around New York
in 80 Minutes, a musical comedy, prod.
Koster & Bial's, New York, 1900; also
several other acted plays and sketches.
Residence: 27 W. 11th St. Office: 29 Wall St.,
New York.

COWELL, Alfred Lneius, asst. editor of
the Stockton (Calif.) Evening Mail since
July, 1900; b. Woodland, Calif., March 17,
1870; 5. A. H. and Emeline C. ; grad. San
Joaquin Valley Coll., 1892; B. D., Union
Biblical Sem., Dayton, O., 1895; m. June
23, 1896, Alice K. Gingrich. Pres. San Joa-
quin Valley Coll., 1895-7; prin. Lodi (Calif.)
High School, 1897-8; prin. Siskiyou Co.
High School, 1898-9; reporter Stockton Mail,
1899-1900. Residence: 619 E. Miner Av. Office:
Mail Bldg., Stockton, Calif.

COWEN, Benjamin Rush, clerk U. S.
Courts, Southern dist. Ohio, since 1884; b.
Moorfield, O., Aug. 15, 1831; 5. Benjamin
Sprague and Anne Wood C. ; ed. St. Clairs-
ville, O. ; studied medicine; m. St. Clairs-
ville, O., Sept. 19, 1854, Ellen Thoburn.
Engaged in journalism, 1848; chief clerk
Ho. of Reps., Ohio, 1860-1; private, 1st It.,
maj., bvt. It. -col., col. and brig.-gen. vols,
U. S. A.; sec. of State, Ohio, 1862; adjt.
gen, Ohio, 1864-8; asst. sec. of Interior, U.
S., 1871-7; Republican; mem. M. E. Ch.
Address: 2406 Highland Av., Cincinnati.

COWEN, John K., R. R. pres.; b. Millers-
burg, Holmes Co., O., Oct. 28, 1844; grad.
Princeton ; connected with Baltimore &
Ohio R. R. since 1872, and was gen. coun-
sel for about 20 yrs. ; pres. Jan. 24, 1896
May, 1901; receiver since Feb. 29, 1896; mem.
Congress, 1894-6; Democrat. Is a trustee
Princeton. Address: Baltimore.

COWHERD, William Strother, con-
gressman, lawyer; b. Jackson Co., Mo.,
Sept. 1, 1860; j. Charles J. C. ; reared at
Lee's Summit, Mo.; attended public schools;
grad. Univ. of Mo., 1881; grad. law dept.
same, 1882; in practice of law at Kansas
City ever since; asst. pros, atty., Jackson
Co., 1885-9; 1st asst. city counselor, Kansas
City, 1890-2; mayor Kansas City, 1892-4;
mem. Congress, 5th Mo. dist., 1897-1903;
Democrat. Home: Kansas City, Mo.

COWLES, Augustus Woodruff, educat-
or; pres. emeritus, prof, psychology, philos-
ophy and biblical literature, and lecturer
philosophy and history of art, Elmira Coll. ;
b. Reading, N. Y., July 12, 1819; grad.
Union, 1841; (D. D., Ingham Univ. and
Union; LL. D., Hamilton); studied theology,

New York; stated supply and pastor Pres-
by'n Ch., Brockport, N. Y., 1846-56; pres.
Elnv'ra Coll., 1856-89; acting pres., 1896-7.
Address: 316 Washington Av., Eliaira, N. Y.

COWLES, Engene, operatic singer; b.
Stanstead, Que., Canada; 5. Dr. C. W. C;
went to Chicago in 'teens; was clerk in 1st
Nat. Bank; sang in ch. choirs, quartets,
etc. ; Nov., 1888, joined the Bostonians, at
Ford's Theatre, Baltimore, making debut
as Squire Bantam in Dorothy; was for 10
yrs. mem. of that organization, singing
premier basso roles, his most noted part
being Will Scarlett in Robin Hood; became
leading man in Alice Nielsen Opera Co.,
Sept., 1898, playing The Fortune Teller; m.
May 23, 1898, Louise Cleary. Address: Der-
by Line, Vt.

COWLES, Genevieve Almeda, illustrat-
or, artist; b. Farmington, Conn., Feb. 23,
1871; d. James L. and Martha L. C. ; ed.
chiefly by private instructors and Miss
Sarah Porter's school, Farmington; studied
drawing in Europe, 1880-3; Yale Art School,
1886-8; Cowles Art School, Boston, 1892-3;
unmarried. First illustrative work for Mc-
Clure's Mag., 1894, The Divided House;
most notable works in illustration, Old
Fashioned Gardens, Scribner's Mag., 1894-5;
The House of Seven Gables, 1899 H5. Com-
menced designing for stained glass win-
dows, 1900; finished first work for St. Mich-
ael's Ch., Brooklyn, Feb. 1901. Address:
Farmington, Conn.

COWLES, James Lewis, writer on eco-
nomics; b. Farmington, Conn., Sept. 14, 1843;
j. James and Jane L. C. ; prep, ed'n Mil.
School, New Haven, Conn., 1859-62; grad.
Yale, 1866; studied law, Yale Law School,
1886-8; admitted to Conn, bar, 1888; never
practiced law; has devoted attention to the
solution of the railroad problem and to
the study of the postal service; m. Ailing-
ton Plantation, Burke Co., Ga.,'June 2,
1870, Martha L. Gwaltney (died June 10,
1893). Mem. Cobden Club of England; as-
sociated with various reform clubs; sec.
Conn. Reform Club, 1888. Author: A Gen-
eral Freight and Passenger Post (3 edi-
tions), 1896-8 P2. Contributor to Railway
Rev., Chicago; The Boston Transcript; The
Coming Age, The Arena, The Outlook, En-
g'ring Mag., etc., on the tariff, the post-
office, municipal gov't, public ownership,
public works, etc. Address: Farmington,

COWLES, Maud Alice, artist; b. Farm-
ington, Conn., Feb. 23, 1871; d. James L.
and Martha L. C. ; ed. by private teachers;
studied art at Miss Porter's school, Farm-
ington; 2 yrs. at Yale Art School; 1 yr.
at Cowles Art School, Boston; unmarried.
In Europe, 1880-3; 2 yrs. in Ala.; with
twin sister, Genevieve Cowles, worked as
illustrator for mags, and publishers, since
1894; now especially interested in making
designs for stained glass windows; received
award of bronze medal at Paris Exp'n,
1900, for drawing. Address: Farmington,

COX, Abraham Beeltnian, retired civil
eng'r; b. New York, April 16, 1844; 5. Abra-
ham Beekman and Levantia White (Liv-



ingston) C. ; grad. Yale, 1864; C. E. Rens-
selaer 'Polytechnic Inst., 1867; m. April 30,
1873, Augusta McBlair, d. late U. S. Sen-
ator John C. Ten Eyck of N. J. (She
died March 28, 1876.) Practiced civ. eng'r-
ing 1st in R. R. work, afterward building
iron bridges until 1876; since then retired.
Mem. Am. Soc. Civ. Eng'rs since 1873.
Address: Cherry Valley, N. Y.

COX, Henry Joseph, meteorologist; b.
Newton, Mass., April 5, 1863; grad. Har-
vard, 1884 (A. M., Norwich Univ.); m. Sept.
8, 1887, Mary, d. C. C. Cavanagh, Somerville,
Mass. Prof. Norwich Univ., 1886-8; in
weather service since Aug. 1, 1884; promot-

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