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Carnival, and managed it 25 yrs. ; invented
and designed carnivals of Pensacola, 1874,
1875, Vicksburg, 1876, 1st Baltimore "Ori-
ole," 1881, Albany, N. Y., Bi-Centennial,
1886, and other celebrations. Since 1897,
magazinist and novelist; lecturer. Author:
South Songs (edited), 1866; transl. Camors
(Octave Feuillet), 1866; transl. Chalis (E.
Feydeau), 1867; Cross Purposes, 1869 L5;
Hamlet Ye Dismal, burlesque, prod. Olym-
pic, New York, 1870; Pluck, comedy drama,
prod. Lawrence Barrett, 1873; Jasper (drama
founded on Mystery of Edwin Drood), prod.
Barrett and Bandmann, 1873-4; Bet: or,
Through Fire and Water, prod. Katie Put-
nam, 1874; Rock or the Rye (travestie),
1887; Creole and Puritan (novel), 1889 L5;
Juny, 1890; A Fair Blockade Breaker, 1891
L5; The Puritan's Daughter, 1892; Four
Years in Rebel Capitals, 1893; Society as I
Have Foundered It (travestie), 1894; Schoon-
ers that Bump on the Bar (travestie), 1894;

Out of the Sulphur (prize novel Tales from
Town Topics), 1895; A Bachelor's Box, 1897
Nl; An Innocent Cheat, 1897 Nl; The Pride
of the Mercers, 1897 L5; Crag Nest, 1898 A7;
Life of Joseph Wheeler, 1899; Confederate
Memories, 1899; History of Creole Carni-
vals, 1899. Writes articles, stories and verse
for numerous mags. Address: (summer)
Kingston, Mass; (winter) Washington.
D. C.

DEL MAR, Alexander, journalist, author,
publisher; b. New York, Aug. 9, 1836; at-
tended N. Y. Univ.; edited Daily Am. Times,
1854; Hunt's Merchants' Magazine, 1860; So-
cial Science Review, 1864; Financial Chron-
icle, 1865; assisted in organizing and was
director, 1866, U. S. Bureau of Statistics;
mining comm'r U. S. Monetary Comm'n,
1876; comm'r to Russia; etc. Author: Gold
Money and Paper Money; Resources, Pro-
ductions and Social Conditions of Egypt,
Spain, France, Germany, Russia, etc.; His-
tory of the Precious Metals; History of
Money in Ancient States; History of Mone-
tary Systems; The Science of Money and
Civilization; History of Money in Modern
States; History of Money in America; Hal-
cyon Age; Ancient Britain; The Middle
Ages Revisited; A New Chronology; Bar-
bara Villiers and the Mint Act; Worship
of Augustus Cassar; Politics of Money;
Sophisms of Money; The Cambridge Ency-
clopaedia (in progress) ; also numerous other
works. Address: 62 Reade St., New York.

DE LUCE. Percival, artist; b. New York.
1847; pupil Antwerp Academy, Portaels in
Brussels, and Bonat, Paris. Associate Nat.
Academy Design. Mem. Am. Water Color
Soc. and Artists' Fund Soc. Studio: 52 E.
23d St.. New York.

DELUREY, Laurence A., R. C. clergy-
man; pres. Villanova Coll. since Jan. 15,
1895; b. Easton, N. Y., May 15, 1864; j.
Daniel and Catherine (Sheridan) D. ; grad.
Villanova, 1886 (A. M., June, 1893); or-
dained priest March 15, 1890; v. -p. Villa-
nova Coll., 1891-5. Address: Villanova, Pa.

DEMING, Clarence, journalist; b. Litch-
field, Conn., Oct. 1, 1848; s. William and
Charlotte T. D. ; grad. Yale, 1872; m., 1st,
Nov. 10, 1879, Anna B. Humphrey; 2d, June
10," 1886, Mary Bryant Whiting. Asst. edi-
tor Troy Whig, 1872-3; post-graduate stu-
dent, Yale, 1873-4; night editor New Haven
Palladium, 1874-5; asst. news editor and
editorial writer New York Evening Post,
1875-81; traveling corr., same, 1881-4; editor
New Haven News several yrs., and since
then general writer for newspapers and
magazines. Author: By- Ways of Nature
and Life, 1884 P2. Address: 124 Prospect
St., New Haven, Conn.

DEMING, Philander, lawyer, author; b.
Carlisle, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1829; grad. Univ. of
Vt., 1861; grad. Albany Law School; was
stenographic court reporter at Albany until
1882. Pres. N. Y. State Law Stenographers'
Assn., 187S-9; pres. Alumni of Univ. of Vt.,
1891-2; in 1873 began publication in Atlantic
Monthly of a series of stories and sketches
portraying the life of the people in North-
ern and Central N. Y. Author: Adirondack



Stories; Tompkins and Other Folks; etc.
Residence: 12 Jay St., Albany, N.. Y.

DEMMON, Isaac Newton, asst. prof.,
1876-81, and since then prof. English and
rhetoric, Univ. of Mich.; b. Northfleld, O.,
Aug. 19, 1842; s. Leonard and Nancy
(Boughey) D.: grad. Univ. of Mich., 1868
(A. M., 1871; LL. D., Univ. of Nashville,
1896) ; m. 1871, Emma Regal, Ypsilanti,
Mich. After graduation taught 2 yrs. at Al-
liance, O.; prof, ancient languages, Hiram
Coll., Ohio, 1870-2; prin. Ann Arbor High
School, 1873-6. Served in 132d Ind. inf. in
campaign of 1864, in Tenn. and Ala. Is an
expert bibliographer, and has written much
on library and edn'l themes. Address: Ann
Arbor, Mich.

DEMOREST, Frederic Coe, pres. South-
west Kan. Coll., Winfield, Kan., since 1900;
b. Muscatine, la., June 4, 1864; .y. Albert F.
and Harriet Coe Demorest; early ed'n Mus-
catine, la., and Northwestern Univ. Acad.;
grad. Northwestern Univ., 1890; m. Lacey,
la., Oct. 10, 1894, Estella Hibbs. Head
master 111. Mil. Acad., Morgan Park, 111.,
1890-2; prin. private school, Chicago, 1892-3;
pastor Lacey, la., and Delta, la., 1893-fa;
prof. la. Wesleyan Univ., 1895-8; pres.
Grand Prairie Sem., Onarga, 111., 1898-1900.
Address: Winfield, Kan.

DE MOTTE, Harvey Clelland, prof,
mathematics, 111. Wesleyan Univ.; b. nr.
Greenfield, Greene Co., HI., July 17, 1838;
*. John L. and Phoebe A. DeMotte; grad.
111. Wesleyan Univ., 1861; Ph. D., Syra-
cuse Univ. (in mathematics) ; admitted to
bar; m. Sarah J. Kern, Atlanta, 111., July
26, 1864. Prof, mathematics, 111. Wesleyan
Univ., 1861-84; 1st It. Co. G, 68th 111. vols.,
1862; pres. Chaddock Coll., Quincy, 111., 1884-
7; supt. 111. Soldiers' Orphans' Home, 1887-
93; lay delegate to Gen. Conf. M. E. Ch.,
1892; editor and nublisher Alumni Journal
7 yrs. : editor Daily and Weekly Leader,
Bloomington, 111., 1896-9. Address: 902 N.
Main St., Bloomington, 111.

DEMPSIE, Ephraim, mcht. ; b. Kilrea,
Ireland, Oct. 25, 1854; s. Stewart Dempsie;
ed. at Kilrea and Belfast. Ireland; m. Port-
land, Ore., Feb. 12, 1900, Marie E. Eaton.
Went to San Francisco, Calif., 1876; spent
3 yrs. in Honolulu, H. I., 1880-3; went to
Spokane and entered into business, 1884;
mem. bd. regents for State Normal School,
1894-1900; has taken active part in edn'l
and municipal affairs; has large business
and mining interests. Residence: Cor. 5th
Av. and Monroe St. Office: Holland Blk.,
Spokane, Wash.

DENBY, Charles, lawyer, diplomat; b. Mt.
Doy, Botetourt Co., Va., 1830; ed. at
Georgetown Univ. (LL. D.); grad. Va. Mil-
Inst. ; taught school 2 yrs. ; located as law-
yer in Ind.; served, all grades, It. to col.,
42d Ind. vols., and later col., 80th Ind. vols.,
?n Civil war; U. S. minister to China, 1885-
8; apptd. by President, 1898, mem. of com-
ra'n to investigate conduct of war against
Spain; mem. U. S. Philippines Comm'n,
1899. Address: Evansville, Ind.

DEJVHAM, Edward, mfr. ; b. New Bed-
ford, Mass., Oct. 30, 1849, of Pilgrim, Puri-

tan and Quaker stock; 5. Tilson B. D. ; ed.
public schools; unmarried. Mfr. since 1869;
devotes leisure to hist, studies and assist-
ing others in compiling books; his "Man in
the Iron Mask," contributed to Frey's So-
briquets aud Nicknames, 1888, is a complete
condensed summary of that subject; com-
piled Vol. X, 1891, of Collections of Maine
Hist. Soc, being an analytical index to the
nine preceding volumes; prepares indexes
for several hist. socs. ; occasional contrib-
utor to newspapers. Mem. Am. Hist. Assn.,
Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Science, Phila. ;
Moravian Hist. Soc, Nazareth, Pa.; Old
Colony Hist. Soc, Taunton, Mass.; Pa.
Hist. Soc; Royal Hist. Soc. of Great Brit-
ain; Va. Hist. Soc; Gorges Soc, Portland,
Me.; Prince Soc, Boston, Mass.; Mass. Soc.
Sons Am. Revolution; Nat. Hist. Assn.;
N. Y. State Hist. Soc; corr. mem. Me. Hist.
Soc, Quebec Hist, and Literary Soc,
Wis. State Hist. Soc. Address: New Bed-
ford, Mass.

DENHAM, Henry Henderson, instructor
chemistry and physics, Buffalo Central High
School, since 1896; b. Flint, Mich., June 27,
1870; s. Giles Leach and Eliza J. (Hender-
son) D.; grad. Univ. of Mich., B. S., 1893;
m. June 23, 1S97, Mabel Sherman, Buffalo.
Instr. chemistry, Cornell, 1893-6; mem. Am.
Chem. Soc. Residence: 146 N. Pearl St.,
Buffalo, N. Y.

DEIHARD, Charles Edward, physician;
b. Schluchtern, Germany, July 15? 1840; ed.
public schools and Schluchtern Gymnasium;
.came to U. S., 1S65; grad. in pharmacy, 1871;
M. D., Univ. of the City of New York, 1874;
on staffs Charity Hosp., Bellevue Hosp. and
Park Hosp. ; comm'r of relief to the poor
since 1875; assisted in founding German
Poliklinik, attending physician same, at-
tending and visiting physician St. Mark's
Hosp. Mem. New York Acad, of Medicine,
Obstet. Soc, Co. Med. Soc, New York Med.
Union (ex-pres.), German Medico-Chirurg.
Soc, New York Physicians' Mutual Aid
Soc, Medico-Legal Soc. Residence: 197
Edgecomb Av. Office: 90 Madison St., New

DENISON, Charles, physician; b. Royal-
ton, Vt., Nov. 1, 1845; s. Dr. Joseph A. D.;
prep, ed'n Kimball Union Acad., Lebanon.
N. H.; grad. Williams Coll., 1867 (A. M.,
1873); grad med. dept. Univ. Vt., 1869; m.
Chicago, 111., Dec. 26, 1878, Ella, d. Henry
Strong. Went to Denver, Colo., from Hart-
ford, Conn., 1873, because of pulmonary
hemorrhage. Prof, diseases of the chest
and of climatology, med. dept. Univ. of
Denver, 14 yrs. ; now emeritus prof. Pres.
Am. Climatol. Assn., 1890; mem. Internat.
Med. Congresses of 1876, 1886, to which re-
ports were made on climatic treatment of
consumption. Author: Rocky Mountain
Health Resorts, 1876 H5; The Annual and
Seasonal Climatic Maps, 1885 Rl, reissued
as Climates of U. S. in Colors (popular
and smaller edition of same), 1893 Rl; Ex-
ercise and Food for Pulmonary Invalids,
1895 Lll. Wrote: The Tuberculosis Cru-
sade and Its Problems, Jour, of Tubercu-
losis, Oct., 1899; The Educational and Leg-
islative Control of Tuberculosis, Jour. Am.



Med. Assn., July 14, 1900; also about 20
other reports to nat. and State socs. on
subjects connected with climate and tuber-
culosis, etc. Residence: 1625 Logan St.
Office: 823 14th St., Denver, Colo.
DENISON, Frederic, Bapt. clergyman; b.
Stonington, Conn., Sept. 28, 1819; s. Isaac
and Lavina (Fish) D. ; grad. Brown, 1847;
in. Jan. 12, 184S, Amey Randall Marston.
Pastor several Bapt. chs. ; chaplain during
war in Union army; pres. R. I. Vet. Citi-
zens' Hist. Assn. Author: The Supper In-
stitution; The Sabbath Institution; Notes
of the Baptists and Tbeir Principles in
Norwich, Conn. ; The Evangelists Life of
Rev. Jabez S. Swan; Westerly and Its Wit-
nesses (town history); History of the First
Rhode Island Cavalry; History of the Third
Rhode Island Heavy Artillery; Picturesque
Rhode Island; etc. Address: 28 S. Court St.,
Providence, R. I.

DENISON, John Henry, clergyman; b.
Boston, March 3, 1841; . - . John N. D.; ed.
at Boston, Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.;
grad. Williams Coll. (D. D.); entered
Coug'l ministry, 1868; m. Williamstown,
Mass., 1869. Caroline H., d. late Mark Hop-
kins, pres. Williams Coll. Pastor New
Britain, Conn., 7 yrs. ; Williams Coll., 5
yrs. Author: Christ's Idea of the Super-
natural, 1895 H5. Wrote: Biog. Sketch Gen.
Armstrong, Atlantic Monthly, Jan. 1894;
Survival of the American Type, same, Jan.,
1895; Current Delusions Concerning Mira-
cles, New World, Sept., 1898. Address: Wil-
liamstown, Mass.

DENISON, John Ledyard, insurance; b.
Stonington (Mystic), Conn., Sept. 19, 1826;
s. Isaac and Levina (Fish) D. ; grad. Wor-
cester, Mass. Acad., 1850, A. M., Brown
Univ., 1855; m., 1st, Mystic, Conn., May 10,
1853, Mary E. Burrows; 2d, Norwich, N. Y.,
March 5, 1861, Frances M. Breed. Reared
on farm; taught 2 yrs. in dist. schools, Gro-
ton, Conn., and 1 season in Sharon, Mass.;
founded, 1850, and prin., 1850-5, Mystic
Acad.; entered book publishing business,
1855; editor, compiler and writer till 1872;
since then in insurance; Republican; Bap-
tist lay preacher. Author: Illustrated New
World in German, 1856 Ol; Pictorial History
of the Wars of the United States, 1859 Ol;
Pictorial History of the Navy of the United
States, 1860 Ol; Illustrated History New
World in English, 1872 Ol. Asst. editor of
various other books, including Baptist His-
tory in Connecticut, 1900 B4. Has contrib-
uted many articles on questions of the day
for papers and publications. Residence: 26
Huntington St. Office: Travelers' Ins. Co.,
Hartford, Conn.

DENISON, Mary Andrews, author; /;.
Cambridge, Mass., May 26, 1826; d. Thomas
and Juliette Andrews of Boston; ed. private
and common schools, Boston; m. 1846, Rev.
Charles Wheeler Denison. Went with him
to British Guiana, where he was consul-
gen, until war opened. He became chap-
lain and she went with him to war to min-
ister to sick and dying; since war in Wash-
ington, D. C. Author: Home Pictures, 1853
HI; Opposite the Jail, 1855 Ol; Old Hepsey,

1S58 Ol; Andy Luttrcll 1869 L9; Lute Fal-
coner, 1870 L9; Talbury Girls, 1871 L9; Chan-
try's Boy, 1872 Ol; Stolen from Home, 1S72
Ol; Victor Norman, Rector, 1873 L5; John
Dane, 1874 Ol ; The Little Folks of Ben-
boro, 1875 Yl; Barbara, 1875 L9; That Hus-
band of Mine, 1X77 LI; That Wife of Mine,
3877 LI; Rothmell, 1878 LI; Mr. Peter Crew-
ell, 1878 LI; Hidden Treasure, 1879 L9; Like
a Gentleman, 1882 LI; Grandmother Nor-
mandy, 1882 L9; The Old Folly, 1882 B4;
Glennandale, 1882 B4; No Mother Like Mine,
1883 B17; Tell Your Wife, 1886 LI; Cracker
Joe, 18S7 R5; How She Helped Him, 1889
B17; Ethel's Triumph, 1890 B17; Days and
Ways of the Cocked Hats, B17; When She
Will She Will. 1891 LI; Charles Montgom-
ery, 1893 Bl; A Changed Life, 1895 B4; Ida-
line, B4; Captain Molly. 1897 LI; Noble by
Birth, 1899 U7. Has contributed to many
mags. Address: 1403 R. I. Av., Washington.

DENMAJf, Leroy Gilbert, lawyer; b. in
Guadalupe Co., Tex., on farm, Oct. 31, 1855;
ed. common schools of Tex.; taught school
4 vrs. ; grad. B. L., law dept., Univ. of Va.,
1880; m. 1881, Sue E. Carpenter. Practiced
law, New Braunsfels, Tex., 2 yrs.; San
Antonio. Asso. justice Supreme Court, Tex.,
1894-9; resigned; now practicing law as
mem. firm of Denman, Franklin & Mc-
Gown. Address: San Antonio, Tex.

DEXNEY, Joseph Villiers, prof, rhetorio
and English language, Ohio State Univ.,
since 1891; b. Aurora, 111., Jan. 9, 1862; 5.
Thomas and Mary Fowler D. ; ed. public
and high schools, Aurora, 111.; grad. Univ.
of Mich., 1885; studied in law school, same,
1884-5; m. Aurora, 111., Aug. 30, 1893, Jane
Hawkes. Journalist, 1885-7; prin. Aurora
(111.) High School, 1888-90; instr. and grad-
uate student Univ. of Mich., 1890-1. Author:
Burke's Conciliation Speech, 1898 S2; (with
F. N. Scott), Paragraph-Writing, 1893 A5;
Composition-Rhetoric, 1897 A5; Elementary
English Composition, 1900. Also wrote Lan-
guage Training in the Kindergarten, Kin-
dergarten Mag., May, 1895; English Re-
quirements, School Rev., May, 1898; con-
tributions to Rhetorical Theory No. Ill,
pub. by Univ. of Mich., 1897. Address:
Ohio State Univ., Columbus, O.

DENNIS, Charles Henry, chief editorial
writer Chicago Daily News; b. Decatur, 111.,
Feb. 3, 1860; s. Andrew D. ; grad. Univ. of
111., 1881 (B. L.); married. Engaged in
newspaper work with Chicago Record and
Chicago Daily News since graduation; was
mng. editor Chicago Record for 10 yrs.
Residence: 1893 Roscoe St., Chicago.

DENNIS, Graham Barclay, mining and
investments; b. London, Eng., June 1, 1855;
s. late Rev. M. J. D. ; ed. Cincinnati public
schools and Bethany Coll.; m. May 20, 1879,
Dayton, O., Hester L. Bradley. City ed-
itor, 1875-7, business mgr., 1877-9, Dayton
Journal; banker and broker, Dayton, 1879-
85; publisher Farmers' Home Journal,
18S0-5; published Spokane Miner, 1885-6;
since 1886 pres. and mgr. of numerous cos. ;
large real estate owner; now pres. Ry. Co.,
Old Dominion Mining and Milling, North-
west Mining Assn., Insurgent Gold Mia-



ing Co., Gold Reef Mines Co., Columbia
Ry. & Nav. Co., and others. Mem. Spo-
kane city council, 1886-8; school bd., 1888-90;
v.-p. Northwest Industrial Exp'n, 1889; rep.
N. W. Mining Assn. to Parliament of Brit-
ish Columbia, etc. Address: Spokane, Wash.

DENNIS, James Shepard, clergyman, au-
thor; b. Newark, N. J., Dec. 15, 1842; 5.
Alfred Lewis and Eliza A. D.; grad. Prince-
ton Univ., 1863; Princeton Theol. Sem., 1867;
(D. D., Princeton, 1879); m. Newark, N. J.,
June 26, 1872, Mary Elizabeth Pinneo. Or-
dained to Presby'n ministry, 1868; mission-
ary of the Presby'n bd. in Syria, 1868-91;
prin. and prof. Theol. Sem. Beirut, Syria,
1873-91. Hon. mem. Syria Mission since
1892. Author: Foreign Missions After a Cen-
tury, 1893 R3; Christian Missions and So-
cial Progress (Vol. I), 1897, (Vol. II), 1899
R3; also several theol. treatises in the
Arabic language. Address: 301 Lexington
Av., New York.

DENNIS, William B., mine owner; 6. Cin-
cinnati, Dec. 8, 1864; s. Rev. M. J. D.
(Presby'n) ; prep, ed'n Madison Co. Aca-
demic Inst., Richmond, Ky. ; grad. Central
Univ., Ky., 1884; m. Port Townsend, Wash.,
June, 1900, Queen H., d. Capt. D. M. Little-
field. Entered newspaper work at Dayton,
0., as sp'l corr. Dayton Daily Jour, and
other papers; published, 1885-90, The Farm-
ers' Home; removed to Port Townsend,
Wash., 1890; editor and mgr. Port Town-
send Leader (daily and weekly), 1890-2;
sold it to devote attention to mining; v.-p.
Northwest Mining Assn. ; was several yrs.
pres. and gen. mgr. Eureka-Pacific Con-
solidated Mining Co. of Idaho; resigned to
devote his time to his larger interests in
quicksilver mining in southwestern Ore.
He owns the Black Butte mine in Lane
Co., and Elkhead mine in Douglas Co.,
both equipped with reduction plants, and
the two largest cinnabar mines in Ore. Has
offices in Spokane and Port Townsend,
Wash., and Portland, Ore. Residence: Port
Townsend, Wash.

DENNISON, Walter, asso. prof. Latin,
Oberlin Coll.; b. Saline, Mich., Aug. 9, 1869;
j. James L. and Eliza J. Dennison; com-
mon school ed'n Ypsilanti, Mich.; grad.
Univ. of Mich., 1893 (A. M., 1894; Ph. D.,
1897, same); m. Ypsilanti, Mich., Aug. 5,
1891, Anna L. Green. Studied and traveled
abroad, chiefly in Italy, 1894-7; mem. and
fellow Am. School of Classical Studies,
Rome, 1895-7; previously student at Univ.
of Bonn; instr. in Latin, Univ. of Mich.,
1897-9; is Republican; mem. Am. Philol.
Assn., Archasol. Inst, of America. Author:
A Junior Latin Book, with notes, exercises
and vocabulary (with John C. Rolfe), A5;
also articles in Am. Journal of Archaeology,
vol. 2, 2d series: The Epigraphic Sources of
Suetonius; Some New Inscriptions from
Pozzuoli, Baise, Cumas and Misenum; Some
Oscan Notes. Address: Oberlin, O.

DENNY, Collins, prof, mental and moral
philosophy, minister M. E. Ch. South since
1880; b. Winchester, Va., May 28, 1854; 5.
William R. and Margaret A. (Collins) D. ;
ed. Shenandoah Valley Acad., Winchester,
Va., till 1872; grad. Princeton Univ. (M. A.,

1879) ; grad. Univ. of Va. in schools of
English language and literature, Anglo-
Saxon and Middle English, moral philos-
ophy and as B. L. ; m. Baltimore, Md., July
5, 1881, Lucy C. Chapman. Practiced law,
Baltimore; entered Baltimore conf., M. E.
Ch. South, as minister, 1880; visited Asiatic
missions of M. E. Ch. South by episcopal
appmt., 1886-7; chaplain Univ. of Va., 1889-
91; prof. Vanderbilt Univ. since 1891. Chmn.
book com., M. E. Ch. South, since 1898.
Address: Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn.
DENNY, George Hntclieson, prof. Lat-
in, Washington and Lee Univ., since Sept.,
1899; b. Hanover Co., Va., Dec. 3, 1870;
5. Rev. George H. and Charlotte M.
(Wright) D. ; grad. Hampden-Sidney Coll.,
1891, A. M., 1892 (Ph. D., Univ. of Va.,
1896); m. Richmond, Va., June 1, 1899,
Janie Junkin Strickler. Tutor Hampden-
Sidney Coll., 1891-2; taught at Pantops
Acad., Charlottesville, 1892-6; prof Latin
and German, Hampden-Sidney Coll., 1896-9.
Author: The Subjunctive Sequence After
Adjective and Substantive Predicates and
Phrases, Lynchburg, Va., 1896. Edited Cice-
ro's Letters, 1901 U5. Address: Lexing-
ton, Va.

DE NORMANDIE, James, Unitarian cler-
gyman since 1862; b. Newport, Bucks Co.,
Pa., June 9, 1836; s. Dr. James and
Sarah (Yardley) DeN. ; ed. Antioch Coll.,
Ohio; grad. B. D. Harvard Div. School (D.
D., Harvard Univ.); m. Emily F. Jones,
Portsmouth, N. H., Oct. 27, 1864. Min-
ister South Parish, Portsmouth, N. H. ;
First Ch., Roxbury, Boston; trustee Rox-
bury Latin School; trustee of Boston Pub-
lic Library; editor Unitarian (Mass.) Re-
view for 7 yrs. Mem. Hist. Soc. ; Repub-
lican and Independent in politics. Wrote:
Horace Mann as an Educator, The Under-
graduate, 1860; The Roxbury Latin School,
New England Mag., 1895; John Eliot, the
Apostle to the Indians, same, 1896; History
of South Parish, Portsmouth, N. H. ; His-
torical Sketch of First Church in Roxbury;
numerous mag. articles, and 50 or 60 pub-
lished sermons. Residence: 45 Lambert Av.,

DENSLOW, William Wallace, illustrat-
or; b. Philadelphia, May 5, 1856; j. William
Wallace Denslow; ed. New York, until 1872;
studied drawing at Cooper Inst, winters of
1871-2; 2 winters at Nat. Acad, of De-
sign, New York, 1873-4; m. Milwaukee,
Wis., Feb. 20, 1896, Ann Waters Holden.
Began as illustrator in 1872; has traveled
all over U. S. while engaged as illustrator
on the prin. Am. newspapers. Has work-
ed considerably for Elbert Hubbard of East
Aurora at "Roycroft Shop," both for The
Philistine (mag.) and the books issued from
that press. Among his best known works
are the pictures, "What's the Use?" "Vic-
tory," and "The Heathen Chinee," many
prints of which have been sold. Illustra-
tions to The Picture Gallery of the Great
Lakes, Sept. Cosmopolitan Mag., 1898, by
Charles Warren Stoddard. Illustrated An
Arkansas Planter, by Opie Read; A Cruise
Under the Crescent, by Charles Warren
Stoddard; Father Goose, His Book, by L.



Frank Baum; The Wonderful Wizard of Oz,
by Li. Frank Baurn and others. Has done
work for Harper's, Cosmopolitan, Daily
Graphic, Frank Leslie's, Puck, Life, New
York World, New York Herald, Chicago
Herald, Denver Rocky Mountain News, San
Francisco Call, Chronicle, Examiner and
Wasp, Chicago Tribune, and others. His
"totem" (sign) is the "Hippocampus," or
Sea Horse. Address: The Majestic, 52 Wal-
ton PL, Chicago.

DEXSMORE, Emmet, physician; b. Craw-
ford Co., Pa., May 19, 1837; s. Joel and
Sophia D. ; early ed'n Crawford Co., Pa.;
spent 2 yrs. at Allegheny Coll., Meadville,
Pa., and was marked sophomore for class
of 1855; grad. New York Univ. Med. Coll.,
3885; m. 1st, Blooming Valley, Pa., 1855,
Elizabeth Heard; 2d, Chicago, May 14, 1881,
Helen Barnard. In med. practice since 1880;
practice has been almost exclusively hy-
gienic. Author: Natural Food of Man (book-
let), 1890; How Nature Cures, 1890 Sll;
Consumption and Chronic Diseases, 1899
Sll. Residence: 84th St. and 11th Av. Office:
145 41st St., Brooklyn.

DENT, Louis Addison, register of wills,
Washington, since Oct. 9, 1899; b. Balti-
more, Md., Oct. 6, 1863; .r. Addison and Mary
J. D. ; grad. St. Matthews Inst., Washing-
ton; studied Manhattan Acad., New York:
studied law in offices; m. Washington, June
3, 1884, Kate Estelle Yost. Reporter in
dist. courts, 1881; private sec. Congressman
Robert R. Hitt, 1883; stenographer James G.
Blaine, 1885; reporter Me. Ho. Reps., 1886;
private sec. James G. Blaine, 1889-92; insp.
U. S. consulates, 1891-2; private sec. John
W. Foster, 1892; U. S. Consul, Kingston,
Jamaica, 1892-7, and 1897-9; commended by
President for services as consul during
Spanish-Am. war. Mem. Columbia Hist.
Soc. ; Republican. Address: 1516 9th St.,
N. W., Washington.

DENT, Marmaduke Herbert, judge W.
Va. Supreme Court of Appeals; b. Morgan-
town. W. Va., April 18, 1849; grad. Univ.
of W. Va., 1870 (A. M.); m. Oct. 11, 1876,
Mary Jones, d. Dr. A. S. Warder. Address:
Grafton, Taylor Co., W. Va.

DENTON, James Edgar, prof, experimen-
tal mechanics, Stevens Inst. Technology;
mem. Am. Inst. Mining Eng'rs, Am. Soc.
Civ. Eng'rs; fellow A. A. A. S. (v. -p.
Sect. Mech. Science and Eng'ring, 1889-90).
Address: Hoboken, N. J.

DEPEW, Chauneey Mitchell, U. S. sen-
ator, N. Y., 1899-1905; b. Peekskill, N. Y.,
April 23, 1834; grad. Yale, 1856 (LL. D.,
1885); m. 1871, Elise Hegeman (died, 1893).
Admitted to bar, 1858; mem. N. Y. assem-
bly, 1861-2; sec. of State, N. Y., 1863; de-
clined apptmt. as U. S. minister to Japan;
defeated for It. -gov. N. Y. on Liberal Rep.
ticket, 1872. Atty for N. Y. & Harlem R.
R., 1866; for N. Y. Central & Hudson River

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