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Isthmus of Panama, 1885; on U. S. S. Ranger,
North Pacific Sta., 1885-8; staff intelligence
duty, Navy Dept., 1888-91; U. S. S. Ben-
nington, squadron of evolution, 1891-3; in
Columbian celebrations, 1892-3; on flag-
ship Chicago, European Sta., 1894; instr.
in ordnance, U. S. Naval Acad., 1894-6; U.
S. S. Marion and flagship Baltimore, Pa-
cific Sta., 1896-8; flagship Baltimore, Asiatic
Sta., 1898-9; on staff of Naval War Coll., 1900-
1901 ;took part in battle of Manila Bay, May 1;
surrender of Corregidor, blockade and cap-
ture of Manila, Aug. 13, 1898; ensign, July
1884; It. (junior grade), Feb., 1895; It., May,
1898. Mem. U. S. Naval Inst, and Mil. Or-
der of Foreign Wars. Recipient of medal
from Congress for service at Manila. Author:
Justified (novel), 1891; also many short
stories and professional essays in mags,
and service journals. Home: St. Inigoes,
Md. Address: Navy Dept., Washington.
ELLINWOOD, Frank: Field, Presby'n
clergyman; D. D., LL. D.; b. New York,
1826; sec. Bd. of Foreign Missions; prof,
comparative religions, N. Y. Univ. Author:
The Great Conquest; Oriental Religions and
Christianity, S3; Questions and Phases of
Modern Missions, 1899 D3. Office: 156 5th
Av., New York.
ELLINWOOD, Truman Jeremiah, sten-
ographer, educator, author; b. Smithfield,
Madison Co., N. Y., June 11, 1831; s. George
W. and Cyrina P. E. ; reared on farm; ed.
common school, Oneida Acad., Cazenovia
Sem. and N. Y. Central Coll.; m. 1854,
Sarah M. Thompson. Taught in dist.
schools, later instr. and part owner Adelphi
Acad., Brooklyn; taught in Boys' High
School, Y. M. C. A., and his own shorthand
acad., Brooklyn; one of founders, officer
and teacher, Martha's Vineyard Summer



Inst.; for 12 yrs. pres. Cottage City Rural
Improvement Soc. and Free Public Library
Assn. Private stenographer for Henry Ward
Beecher from 1S58 until his death, 1887, and
furnished reports of his sermons and ad-
dresses to various papers. Owner of and
now engaged developing Ellinwood Heights
(a 10-acre section of Vineyard Highlands,
Cottage City), for accommodation of sum-
mer residents. Compiler: (from his sten-
ographic notes) of works from Mr. Beech-
er's discourses: Faith, 1891 A7; A Book of
Prayer, from the Public Ministrations of
Henry Ward Beecher, 1892 F2; The Hidden
Manna and the White Stone, 1892 A7; Bible
Studies, 1893 F2; Metaphors and Similes,
G7; Autobiographical Reminiscences of Hen-
ry Ward Beecher, 1898 S8. Also many ar-
ticles and contributions reminiscent of Mr.
Beecher; articles on phonography and oth-
er ed'nl topics in mags, and journals.
Address: Brooklyn, N. Y. Summer Residence:
Cottage City, Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

ELLIOT, Daniel Giranil, curator of zool-
ogy, Field Columbian Museum; b. New
York, March 7, 1835; j. George Thompson
and Rebecca Giraud (Foster) B. ; academic
ed'n; m. 1858, A. E. Henderson. From
youth studied zoology; traveled in Europe,
Africa, Palestine and Asia Minor, 1856-78;
later in greater part of U. S., Canada, Alas-
ka, S. America. Led expdn. into interior of
E. Africa in interest of Field Columbian
Museum, 1896, and into the recesses of the
Olympic Mountains, 1898, being first nat-
uralist to penetrate that little-known range.
Fellow Royal Soc. Edinburgh; mem. many
other learned socs. ; decorated 10 times by
European govts, for labors in natural
science. Author: (monographs in imperial
folio, illus. by hand-colored plates) Mono-
graph of the Pittidse, or Ant-Thrushes. 1863
A2, 2d edition, 1895 F5; The Grouse, 1865 A7;
New and Heretofore Unfigured Birds of
North America (2 vols.), 1869 A7; ThePhasi-
anida?, or Pheasants (2 vols.), 1872 A7; Par-
adiscidae, or Birds of Paradise, 1876 A7;
The Felidaj, or Cats, 1883 A7; Bucerotidee,
or Hornbills, 1883 A7. Other works, 4 to
Svo. : Wolf's Wild Animals; Synopsis and
Classification of the Trochilidas, 1878 (Smith-
sonian Instn.), WS; Shore Birds of North
America, 1895; Gallinaceous Game Birds
and Wild Fowl of the United States and
British Possessions, 1S98; Synopsis of the
Mammals of North America and the Ad-
jacent Seas, 1901 (Field Columbian Mu-
seum) ; also several hundred papers in sci-
entific publications in America and Europe.
Address: Field Columbian Museum, Chicago.

ELLIOT, Henry Rutherford, editor of
The Church Economist; b. Woodbridge,
Conn., April 21, 1849; ^. Samuel Hayes and
M. L. E. ; grad. Yale, 1871; w. 1887, Eliza-
beth Johnston, Washington. Since gradua-
tion engaged in journalism; taught 2 yrs.
in Japan under engagement with Japanese
Govt.; Washington corr. New York Even-
ing Post for 6 yrs. ; sec. Textile Publishing
Co., New York, and editor Dry Goods Eco-
nomist several yrs. ; now pres. Church Eco-
nomist Publishing Co. Author: The Bassett
Claim, 1887; The Common Chord. 1S88.

Residence: 304 W. 103d St. Office: 111 5th Av.,
New York.

ELLIOTT, A. MnrNlinll, prof, of Romance
languages, Johns Hopkins Univ., since 1876;
b. Wilmington, N. C, Jan. 24, 1846; s. Aaron
E. (of N. C); grad. Haverford Coll., 1866;
Harvard Univ., 1868 (A. M., Haverford,
1878; Ph. D., Princeton, 1877; LL. D., Wake
Forest Coll., 1891); unmarried. Spent 3
yrs., 1868-71, after graduation, at work in
Paris, College de France, ficole des Hautes
fitudes, etc.); 2 yrs., 1871-2, at Instituto
degli Studii Superiori, of Florence, Italy;
1 yr., 1873, at Univ. of Madrid; 3 yrs., 1874-6,
at German and Austrian Univs. (Munich,
Tubingen, Vienna) ; sec. of Modern Lan-
guage Assn. of America for 7 yrs. ; pres. of
same, 1 yr. ; editor Modern Language Notes,
now in 16th vol. Mem. Am. Philol. Assn.;
Modern Language Assn.; Nat. Edn'l Assn.;
Am. Philos. Soc; Am. Archaeol. Soc; Am.
Oriental Soc; Dante Soc; Maryland Soc
of New York. U. S. delegate to the Paris
Exp'n, 1900. Residence: 935 N. Calvert St.,

ELLIOTT, Byron K., lawyer; b. Hamil-
ton, O., Sept. 4, 1S35; s. William J. and
Mary L. E. ; ed. Hamilton, O., Acad., Fur-
man's Acad., Marion Co. Sem., Indianapo-
lis; studied law; admitted to bar, Feb. 8,
1S58; m. Indianapolis, Sept. 5, 1855, Harriet
A. Talbott. Elected city att'y, Indianapolis,
May, 1859; served as capt. 132d Ind. vols.;
detailed for duty on staff of Maj.-Gen. Mil-
roy, 1864; city att'y, 1865, 1867, 1869; judge
criminal circuit court, 1870; city solicitor,
1872; city att'y, 1873; elected judge Superior
Court, 1876; Judge Supreme Court Ind.,
1880; re-elected, 1886. Republican. Pres.
for several yrs. of Ind. Law School; lec-
turer in law depts., Butler Univ., De Pauw
Univ., Northwestern Univ., Chicago. Author:
Work of the Advocate (subsequently en-
larged into 2 vols, and given the title of
"General Practice"), BO; Appellate Pro-
cedure, B6; The Law of Roads and Streets,
B6; The Law of Railroads, B6. Residence:
1735 N. Meridian St. Office: Fletcher's Bank
Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind.

ELLIOTT, Georgre, M. E. clergyman; b.
Licking Co., O., Dec. 14, 1851; 5. Alexander
C. and Margaret A. E. ; prep, ed'n Otter-
bein Univ.; grad. Cornell Coll., la., 1872;
M. S., 1875; D. D., 1894, same; m. Nov. 12,
1875, Clinton, la., Anna Margaret Carfield.
Pastor, Baltimore, 1814; Washington, 1887;
Philadelphia, 1894; Central M. E. Ch., De-
troit, since 1900. Mem. Am. Soc. Ch. His-
tory; Soc. of Biblical Exegesis. Author:
The Abiding Sabbath, 1884 All. W r rote: Al-
pha J. Kynett, D. D., LL. D., Meth. Rev.,
1899: Conversion of Paul, same, 1900; Re-
ligion and Righteousness, Religion and
Life, pamphlets, XI. Address: 31 Wood-
ward Av. Terrace, Detroit.

ELLIOTT, Henry Wood, artist, natural-
ist; 6. Cleveland, O., Nov. 13, 1846; .s. Frank-
lin Reuben and Sophia A. E. ; ed. public
and private schools; m. July 22, 1872, Alex-
andra Melovidov, St. Paul's Is., Alaska.
Private soc to Joseph Henry, sec. of Smith-
sonian Inst'n. 1862-78; rrtist U. S. Geol.



Survey, 1809-71; sp'l comm'r for investiga-
tion of Sea Islands of Alaska under sp'l act
of Congress, 1872-4, and again in 1890.
Author: Condition of Affairs in Alaska, 1895
(Treasury Dept.), W8; Monograph of the
Seal Islands of Alaska, U. S. Fish Comm'n,
1882 W8; The Seal Islands of Alaska, same,
1894; Our Arctic Province, 1886 S3; also
many papers on seal life, pomology, horti-
culture, and on scientific subjects. Address:
Lakewood, nr. Cleveland, 0.

ELLIOTT, Maud Howe, author; b. Bos-
ton, Nov. 9, 1855; d. Dr. Samuel Gridley and
Julia Ward H.; private ed'n in America
and Europe; m. 1887, John Elliott, artist.
Has lectured, Chicago, Boston, Newport.
Author: A Newport Aquarelle; The San Ro-
sario Ranche; Atalanta in the South; Mam-
mon; Phylida; etc. Address: 241 Beacon
St., Boston.

ELLIOTT, Maxine (Mrs. N. C. Goodwin),
actress; b. Rockland, Me.; made debut with
E. S. Willard in small parts; soon after
played leading parts in Rose Coghlan's
co.; was under Augustin Daly's manage-
ment 2 seasons; lately playing in Nathan
Hale as co-star with her husband, Nat. C.
Goodwin, to whom she was married Feb. 20,
1898. Address: 35 E. 33d St., New York.

ELLIOTT, Sarah Barnwell. Author: Jer-
ry, H4; John Paget, H4; The Felmeres, H4;
The Durket Sperret, 1898 H4; An Incident
and Other Happenings, 1S99 HI; Sam Hous-
ton, 1900 S9. Address: 88 Madison Av., New

ELLIOTT, William, congressman, lawyer;
b. Beaufort, S. C, Sept. 3, 1838; ed. at Beau-
fort Coll., Harvard, and Univ. of Va. ; ad-
mitted to bar in Charleston, April, 1861;
officer in C. S. A. during Civil war. Elected,
1866, mem. of legislature and intendant of
Beaufort; Presidential elector, 1880; mem.
Congress, 1887-1903, 1st S. C. dist. Democrat.
Home: Beaufort, S. C.

ELLIOTT, William Henry, comm'r of
interior, Porto Rico, apptd. June 6, 1900
b. New Castle, Ind., July 4, 1844; s. Jehu
T. E. (ex-judge Supreme Court of Ind.)
prep, ed'n New Castle, Ind. ; grad. U. S
Naval Acad., Sept. 24, 1865; m. New Castle
Ind., Oct. 20, 1876, Emma E. Conner. En-
sign U. S. N., Dec, 1866; master, 1868; It.,
Oct., 1869; resigned April 20, 1870. Studied
and practiced law, New Castle, Ind. ; pur-
chased New Castle Courier Jan. 3, 1877,
and has ever since conducted and owned it.
Mem. of original G. A. R. com. that planned
and secured erection of famous Soldiers'
and Sailors' Monument at Indianapolis;
tilled numerous official places; vol. in war
with Spain; apptd. It. in the navy; served
as 2d in command of the Leonidas, vessel
that won notoriety as the "Fire ship" on
account of a fire in the coal stored in the
forehold, which was extinguished after 30
days of hard fighting and the consumption
of 730 tons of coal, without material injury
to the ship. Organized postal system of
Porto Rico, Jan., 1899, to June 6, 1900. In
present post has charge of construction
and maintenance of public roads and bldgs.,
insular telegraph, public health, lands, for-

ests and mines, and is mem. of exec, coun-
cil. Republican. Home: New Castle, Ind.
Office: San Juan, Porto Rico.

ELLIS, Anna M. B. ("Max Eliot"), auth-
or, critic, journalist; b. Ohio; ed. chiefly in
a convent; m. Granville Alden Ellis. While
still at school (1876), contributed letters to
Dayton Journal on the Centennial Exp'n;
sp'l corr. Cincinnati Times, 1879-81; Boston
Herald, sp'l, 1882; on editorial staff, same,
1884, and on regular staff ever since; acted
during the theatrical season as sp'l dramat-
ic: critic for all Important New York pro-
ductions, 1884-91; European corr. nearly
every summer, and founded and edited (till
removing to London) the dept. in the Bos-
ton Herald, "Personal and Social Gossip;"
author of "Chats About Folks," appearing
consecutively in the same paper's Sunday
edition, 1885; also Boston corr. New York
World, but resigned to accept similar post
on the New York Herald. Founded Boston
Amusement Gazette and edited it 1st yr. ;
removed to London, 1891, since acting as
sp'l London corr., Boston Herald. Con-
tributed to leading Am. publications. Author:
Bermuda Romance; A Tragic Marriage;
Part of a Summer; New Edinburgh Notes;
Actors at Home; Clubs are Trumps;
Sketches in Bermuda; etc. Address: 3
Queen's Gate Terrace, London, S. W., Eng.

ELLIS, Edward Sylvester, author; b.
Geneva, O., April 11, 1840; j. Sylvester and
Mary E. ; ed. N. J. State Normal School;
engaged in teaching; was trustee and supt.
schools, Trenton, N. J., and wrote two
arithmetics, several school histories and
other ed'nl works, besides a large number
of juvenile stories. Author: Eclectic Pri-
mary History of the United States, 1885 Al;
Youth's History of the United States, 1887
CI; Standard Arithmetics, 1887; History of
Our Country, 1896; Standard History of the
United States, 1898; Deerfoot Series of Ju-
veniles, and some 50 other juveniles, since
1885 C4. Address: 142 W. 64th St., New

ELLIS, Harvey, artist; b. Rochester, N.
Y., 1852; pupil of Edwin White, N. A. Ex-
hibited at Paris Exp'n, 1900. Mem. New
York Water Color Club; pres. Rochester
Soc. of Arts and Crafts. Address: 784 Pow-
ers Bldg., Rochester, N. Y.

ELLIS, Seth H., farmer; b. nr. Martins-
ville, O., Jan. 3, 1830; s. Robert and Anna
Hockett (Moon) E. ; ed. common schools,
Clinton and Warren counties, O. ; m. nr.
Springsboro, O., Aug. 21, 1851, Rebecca J.
Tressler. Was master Ohio State Grange
from organization April 9, 1873 to 1879;
chmn. exec. com. same, 1879-88; again mas-
ter same, 1888-92, 1896-1900, and again chmn.
exec, com., 1892-6, and since Dec, 1900;
chaplain Nat. Grange 4 yrs. ; mem. exec
com. Nat. Grange 2 yrs.; trustee Ohio State
Univ., 9 yrs.; mem. bd. control, Ohio Agr'l
Expt. Sta., Wooster, O., 12 yrs.; Prohibi-
tion candidate for gov. Ohio, 1892; candi-
date, 1900, for president of U. S. of Union
Reform Party first candidate ever placed
in nomination for president by direct vote
of people. In religion mem. Orthodox
Friends (Quaker). Address: Waynesville, O.



ELLIS, William R., lawyer: b. Waveland,
Ind. F April 23, 1850; removed to Guthrie Co.,
la., 1855; worked on farm and attended
dist. school, then divided time between
farming and teaching school until a_fter
attaining his majority; attended Iowa
State Agr'l Coll. for some time; grad. law
dept., Iowa State Univ., 1874; m. 1st, March
31, 1880, Jennie B. Edwards, Hamburg, la.,
(died, Jan. 24, 1882); 2d, June 16, 1885, Mrs.
Ida J. Scott, Walla Walla, Wash. Practiced
law and did newspaper work at Hamburg,
la. ; 2 yrs. city atty. and 1 term mayor
there. Removed to Ore., 1883; served 1 term
as co. supt. of schools; 3 terms dist. att'y.
7th dist. of Ore. Mem. Congress 1893-9, 2d
Ore. dist. Republican; chnin. Com. on Ir-
rigation of Arid Lands, 55th Congress.
Address: Heppner, Ore.

ELLIS, William T lawyer; b. Daviess
Co., Ky., July 24, 1845. Co. atty. Daviess
Co., Ky., 1870-6; presidential elector, 1876;
mem. Congress, 1889-95, 2d Ky. dist. Dem-
ocrat. Address: Henderson, Ky.

ELLSLER, Effle (Mrs. Frank Weston), act-
ress; b. Phila., 1858; her father, John Ells-
ler, veteran actor, became mgr. of a Cleve-
land, O., theatre at which she made her
first appearance in child parts; gained local
fame and went to Madison Sq. Theatre,
New York, then to Union Sq. Co. ; was the
original Hazel Kirke in play of that name,
and of many other stage heroines; has
played leading parts in her own co. since
1886; !. Frank Weston, actor.

ELLSWORTH, William Webster, pub-
lisher, lecturer; b. Hartford, Conn., Oct.
30, 1855; *. Oliver Ellsworth, (great g.s. of
Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth and of Noah
Webster); ed. in Boston private schools; m.
Hartford, Conn., June 4, 1878, Helen Yale
Smith. Since 1881 sec. of The Century Co.;
lecturer on Am. history, "From Lexington
to Yorktown," "Arnold and Andre," etc.
Occasional contributor to mags.; mem. Cen-
tury, Players, Aldine, Grolier clubs. Resi-
dence: 300 W. 75th St. Office: 33 E. 17th St.,
New York.

ELLWANGER, George Herman, auth-
or; b. Rochester, N. Y., July 10, 1848; d.
George and Cornelia (Brooks) E. ; ed. in
Europe (A. M., Rochester Univ.). Author:
The Garden's Story, or Pleasures and Trials
of an Amateur Gardener, 1889 A2; The
Story of My House, 1891 A2; In Gold and
Silver, 1892 A2; Idyllists of the Country-
side, Being Six Commentaries Concerning
Some of Those Who Have Apostrophized
the Joys of the Open- Air, 1896 D3; Medita-
tions on Gout, with a Consideration of Its
Cure Through the Use of Wine, 1898 D3; In-
troduction to White's Natural History of
Selborne, in The World's Great Books, 1898.
Editor: The Rose, by H. B. Ellwanger,
1893; Love's Demesne, a Garland of Con-
temporary Love Poems, 1896. Address:
Rochester, N. Y.

ELMENDORF, Henry Livingston, pres.
Buffalo Public Library since 1900; b. Brook-
lyn, Oct. 10, 1852; s. Anthony and Sarah C.
E.; ed. Brooklyn Polytechnic Inst.; m. Oct.
2, 1896, Theresa West, Milwaukee, Wis.
Asst. Gardner Sage Library, New Bruns-

wick, N. J., 1877; librarian Public Library,
St. Joseph, Mo., 1891-6; sec. Am. Library
Assn., 1895-6; v. -p., 1896-7. Supt. Buffalo
Library Club, 1897; pres. N. Y. State Li-
brary Assn. since 1900. Writer on libraries in
Library Journal and Proc. Nat. Edn'l Assn.
Address: 319 Norwood Av., Buffalo, N. Y.

ELMENDORF, Theresa Hubbell, libra
rian; b. Pardeeville, Wis., Nov. 1, 1855; d.
Hubbell and Helen (Roberts) West; grad.
Miss Wheelock's Sem., Milwaukee, 1874;
deputy librarian, 1880-92, librarian, 1892-6,
Milwaukee Public Library; m. Oct. 2, 1896,
Henry Livingston Elmendorf. Contributor
to Library Journal. Address: 319 Norwood
Av., Buffalo, N. Y.

ELMER, Henry Whiteley, M. D.; b.
Bridgeton, N. J., April 26, 1847; s. William
and Eliza R. E. ; grad. Princeton, 1866; M.
D., Univ. of Pa., 1869. Mem. Cumberland
Co. Med. Soc; chmn. standing com., Med.
Soc. of N. J.; mem. Am. Med. Assn., Am.
Acad, of Medicine; mem. State bd. of
health. Address: Bridgeton, N. J.

ELMER, William, M. D. ; b. Bridgeton,
N. J., Dec. 14, 1840; s. William and Eliza
(Robeson) E.; grad. Princeton, 1861 (A. M.,
1864); M. D., Univ. of Pa., 1864; m. Sept.
29, 1869, Alice Gray, Columbia, Pa. (died,
Nov. 17, 1888); 2d, Dec. 25, 1899, Emma
Burke, Baton Rouge, La. Has practiced at
Trenton since 1869; pres. N. J. State Med.
Soc; v. -p. Am. Acad, of Medicine; mem.
Am. Med. Assn., etc.; med. dir. Mercer
Hosp. Address: Trenton, N. J.

ELROD, Morton John, prof, biology,
Univ. of Mont., since Feb., 1897; b. Pa.,
April 27, 1863; s. John Morton and Mary E. ;
ed. in public schools, Monroe, la.; grad.
Simpson Coll., 1887 (A. M., 1890; M. S.,
1898); m. 1888, Emma A. Hartshorn, Cory-
don, la. Prin. high school, Corydon, la.,
1887-8; adjunct prof, natural science, 1888-9;
prof, biology and physics, 1891-7, 111. Wes-
leyan Univ. Editor 1st vol. 111. Wesleyan
Mag. ; instr. 8 sessions, Des Moines Sum-
mer School of Methods; asso. mem. Am.
Ornithologists' Union, Nat. Geog. Soc;
mem. Biol. Soc, Washington; Am. Assn.
Conchologists; chmn. Mont. State bd. game
and fish comm'n; dir. Univ. of Mont. Biol.
Sta. Address: 206 S. 5th St., Missoula, Mont.

ELSON, Henry William, author, lectur-
er; b. on farm, Muskingum Co., 0., March
29, 1857; 5. Jacob and Clara E. ; grad. Thiel
Coll., Greenville, Pa., 1886, Lutheran Theol.
Sem., Phila., 1889; sp'l course in history
and literature Univ. of Pa., 1893-5 (A. M.,
Ph. D.); m. 1st, Phila., 1889, Hannah E.
Smith; 2d, New Haven, Conn., 1898, Ida S.
MacMullan. Pastor St. John's Evang. Luth.
Ch. Kittanning, Pa., 1889-93, St. Stephen's,
Phila., 1893-5; resigned the ministry and
became writer and lecturer of Univ. Ex-
tension Soc of Phila. Author: Side Lights
on American History, 2 vols, 1899, 1900 Ml;
Four Historical Biographies for Children:
Andrew Jackson, U. S. Grant, Daniel
Boone and Frances Willard, 1899; How to
Teach History, 1901 K3; Elson's History of
the United States, 12. Address: 2122 Natrona
St., Philadelphia.



ELSO\, Lonis Charles, music teacher,
and lecturer; b. Boston, Mass., April 17,
1848; i. Julius and Rosalie E. ; ed. Brimmer
and Mayhew schools, Boston; studied music
with Aug. Kreissmann and Carl Gloggner
Castelli, Leipzig; m. Boston, 1873, Bertha
Lissner. Teacher and lecturer on music
since 1876; was prof. Boston Univ.; editor
"Vox Humana," 1880; editor Musical Her-
ald, 1880; European corr. Boston Transcript,
1883-4; music editor Boston Daily Adver-
tiser since 1888; teacher and lecturer New
England Conservatory since 1880. Corr.
mem. Brooklyn Inst. Author: Curiosities of
Music, 1883; German Songs and Song Writers,
1884; History of German Song, 1886; Theory
of Music, 1890; Realm of Music, 1892; Eu-
ropean Reminiscences, 1893; Great Com-
posers, 1897; Our National Music and Its
Sources, 1899; Shakespeare in Music, 1900;
Famous Composers and Their Works (new
series), 1901. Wrote: European Letters, New
York Tribune, 1884, Boston Transcript, 1884.
Residence: 811 Beacon St. Office: New Eng-
land Conservatory, Boston.

ELVERSOBf, James, propr. Phila. Inquir-
er since Feb., 1889; b. England, 1838; came
to U. S., 1847, parents settling in Newark,
N. J.; common school ed'n; telegraph mes-
senger boy, operator, and later mgr. con-
solidated offices in Newark, N. J., and agt.
Associated Press; mgr. Am. Telegraph of-
fice, Washington, 1861-5; since then in
Phila. One of founders, 1865, and since 1879,
sole prop'r Phila. Saturday Night; estab-
lished, 1880, Golden Days, a weekly publi-
cation for boys and girls. Residence: 2024
Walnut St. Office: The Inquirer, Philadel-

ELWELL, Frank Edwin, sculptor; b.
Concord, Mass., June 15, 1858; s. John and
Clara (Farrar) E. ; ed. Concord public
schools; studied sculpture first under D. C.
French in U. S., and then at ficole des
Beaux Arts, Paris, and finally under Jean
Alexandre Falguiere, mem. of Inst, of
France; m. at Paris, France, Nov. 30, 1882,
Molina M. Hildreth of Cambridge, Mass.
First Am. sculptor to model a statue ,in
America that was erected in Europe. Received
medal at World's Columbian Exp'n; gold
medal twice from Art Club of Phila. ; medal
from King of Belgium for study in archi-
tecture. Among his better known works
are: Monument at Edam, Holland, "Death
of Strength," bust of Lord Provost of Aber-
deen, at Aberdeen; statue of "Awakening
of Egypt," in Paris; equestrian statue of
Gen. Hancock, Gettysburg; monument to
Edwin Booth, Mt. Auburn, Cambridge; The
two fountains of "Kronos" and "Ceres,"
Pan-Am. Exp'n, Buffalo; "Dickens and Lit-
tle Nell," Fairmount Park, Phila.; statue of
"New Life," Lowell Cemetery, Lowell,
Mass.; statue of "Intelligence"; bust of
Hon. Levi P. Morton, senate chamber,
Washington. Editor and publisher, The
Thinker. A constant worker and writer
devoted to freedom and individuality of
the artist. Address: 131 W. 11th St., New

ELY, .loli n Slade, prof, theory and prac-
tice of medicine, med. dept. Yale, since

1897; b. New York, Dec. 4, 1860; .?. John Cole
and Lucy Lord (Slade) E. ; grad. Sheffield
Scientific School, Yale, 1881; post-grad.
Yale and Johns Hopkins, M. D., Coll. Phys.
& Surg., N. Y., 1886; M. A., Yale, 1897; m.
1893, Grace G. Taylor, New York. Interne
Bellevue Hosp., New York, 1886-7; studied
in Germany and France, 1887-8; asst. in
pathology, Coll. Phys. & Surg., N. Y., 1888-
97; prof, pathology, Woman's Med. Coll.,
New York Infirmary, 1890-8. Address: New
Haven, Conn.

ELY, Lafayette G., farmer; b. Knox Co.,
O., April 3, 1834; 5. George Ely; ed. dist.
schools and Medina Sem.; m. Nov., 1857,
Sarah Masters of Fulton Co., O. County
auditor Fulton Co., 1871-8; mem. Ohio State
Bd. Agr., 1890-1; mem. Ohio legislature, 1891-
5; again mem. State Bd. Agr., since 1894;
v.-p., 1898, pres. 1899, now treas. bd. ; Re-
publican. Address: West Unity, O.

ELY, Richard Theodore, prof, political
economy and dir. School of Economics and
political science, Univ. of Wis. since 1892;
b. Ripley, N. Y., April 13, 1854; 5. Ezra
Sterling and Harriet G. E.; grad. Colum-
bia, 1876 (A. M., 1879; Ph. D., Heidelberg
Univ., 1879; LL. D., Hobart Coll., 1892);
fellow in letters, Columbia, 1876-9; student
at univs. of Halle, Heidelberg and Geneva,
and at Royal Statist. Bureau, Berlin, 1877-
80; in. June 25, 1884, Anna Morris Ander-
son, Richmond, Va. Prof, political economy,
Johns Hopkins, 1881-92; sec, 1885-92, pres.
since 1899, Am. Econ. Assn. Author: French
and German Socialism in Modern Times;
Taxation in American States and Cities; In-
troduction to Political Economy; Outlines
of Economics (college edition) ; Socialism
and Social Reform; The Social Law of
Service; Monopolies and Trusts. Editor of
Macmillan's Citizen's Library of Economics,
Politics and Sociology, etc. Address: Madi-

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