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son St., Chicago.

FARWELL, John Villiers, senior mem.
J. V. Farwell Co., wholesale dry goods
merchants; b. Painted Post, N. Y., July
29, 1825; j. Henry and Nancy (Jackson) F. ;
removed to Ogle Co., 111., 1838; ed. Mt. Mor-
ris (111.) Sem., 1841-5; m. 1st, March, 1S50,
Abigail G. Taylor; 2d, March, 1853, Emeret
C. Cooley. Was connected with dry goods
houses in Chicago, and in 1862 established,
with his brother, Charles B. Farwell, what
is now the John V. Farwell Co. Presidential
elector on Lincoln ticket, 1860; one of U. S.
Christian Comm'n during Civil war; Indian
comm'r during Pres. Grant's first term; do-
nated to Y. M. C. A. his first residence lot
in Chicago, upon which the Association
Bldg. now stands. Largely interested in all
of Mr. Moody's enterprises. Frequent con-
tributor to newspapers on economic and
financial subjects. Residence: Lake Forest,
111. Office: Monroe and Market Sts., Chicago.

PASSETT, Jaeoh Sloat, lawyer, capital-
ist; b. Elmira, N. Y., Nov. 13, 1853; grad.
Rochester Univ., 1875; studied law; ad-
mitted to bar, 1878; dist. atty. Chemung
Co., 1878-80; studied law and political econ-
omy, Heidelberg Univ., 1880-1; State sen-
ator, N. Y., 1S84-91; delegate to Rep. Nat.
Conv., 1880; temporary chmn. Rep. Nat.
Conv., Minneapolis, 1892; sec. Nat. Rep.
Com., 1888-92; Rep. nominee for gov.
N. Y., 1891: defeated; m. 1879, Jennie
L., d. late Judge E. B. Crocker, Sacramen-
to, Calif. Controls Elmira Daily Advertiser;
v.-p. 2d Nat. Bank of Elmira, and has
large mining, cattle ranch, banking and
other interests in West. Address: Elmira,
N. Y.

PASSETT. James Hiram, supt. schools,
Nashua, N. H.; b. Nashua, N. H., Jan. 11,

1S69; grad. Dartmouth, 18C0; m. Bertha C.
Smith. Author: Colonial Life in New Hamp-
shire. Address: Nashua, N. H.

FASSIG, Oliver Lanard, meteorologist;
b. Columbus, O., April 5, 1860; ed. Ohio
State Univ., Yale, and Univ. of Berlin; Ph.
D., Johns Hopkins Univ., 1899; connected
with U. S. Weather Bureau since 1883; instr.
meteorology in Johns Hopkins Univ. since
1897; meteorologist Md. State Weather Ser-
vice since Dec, 1900; m. Sept. 14, 1898, Ann
Green McCoy, Annapolis, Md. Editor: A
Bibliography of Meteorology, issued by U.
S. Weather Bureau, 4 vols., 4to, Washing-
ton, 1889-91; Report of the Chicago Meteor-
ological Congress, held in 1893, issued by U.
S. Weather Bureau, 3 parts, 8vo., Wash-
ington, 1894-6. Address: Johns Hopkins
Univ., Baltimore.

FAULKNER, Charles James, lawyer; b.
Martinsburg, W. Va., Sept. 21, 1847; early
ed'n in France and Switzerland; entered
Va. Mil. Inst., Lexington, 1862; served with
cadets at battle of New Market and after-
ward as aide to Gens. Breckenridge and
Wise in C. S. A., to end of war; grad. Univ.
of Va., 1868; admitted to W. Va. bar, 1868;
grand master of Masons, W. Va., 1879; judge
13th jud. circuit, W. Va., 1880-7; U. S. sen-
ator, 1887-99; chmn. Dem. Congressional
Com., 1894, 1896 and 1898. Address: Martins-
burg, W. Va.

FAULKNER, John Alfred, prof. Drew
Theol. Sem. since 1897; b. Grand Pre, N. S.,
Julv 14, 1857; s. John L. and Elizabeth F. ;
grad. Acadia Coll., Wolfville, N. S., 1878,
M. A. in course; grad. Drew Theol. Sem.,
1881; post graduate studies at Andover
Theol. Sem. (D. D., Wesleyan Univ.); m.
Pittston, Pa., July 28, 1887, Helen Under-
wood. Entered M. E. ministry, 1883; served
at Beach Lake, Pa., Yatesville, Taylor,
Great Bend, Pa., and Chenango Street,
Binghamton, N. Y. Wrote articles in Hist.
Theology in Bibliotheca Sacra, Meth. Rev.
(Nashville), Meth. Rev. (New York), An-
dover Rev., Reformed Quarterly Rev., Pa-
pers of Am. Soc. of Church History; one of
contributors to a History of the Christian
Church. Address: Madison, N. J.

FAUNCE, Daniel Worcester, Baptist
clergyman; b. Plymouth, Mass., Jan. 3,
1829; grad. Amherst, 1850 (D. D., 1880);
studied theology, Newton Theol. Inst. ; or-
dained, 1853; m. 1st, 1853, Mary P. Perry:
2d, 1871, Mary E. Tucker. Pastor several
chs. in New England, Washington and Paw-
tucket, R. I. Mem. bd. mgrs., Am. Bapt.
Missionary Union. Author: The" Chris-
tian in the World (which received the
Fletcher prize at Dartmouth) ; Words
and Works of Jesus; Words and Acts
of the Apostles; A Young Man's Dif-
ficulties with His Bible; The Resurrection
in Nature and Revelation; Prayer as a
Theory and a Fact (which also received
Fletcher prize); Hours with a Sceptic; In-
spiration Considered as Trend; also, Shall
We Believe in a Divine Providence ? Address:
Providence, R. I.

FAl'NCE, William Herbert Perry.
pres. Brown Univ., since June, 1899: b. Wor-
cester, Mass., Jan. 15, 1859; 5. Daniel W.



F. ; common school ed'n Concord, N. H. (
and Lynn, Mass.; grad. Brown, 1880 (A. M.,
D. D.), Newton Theol. Sem., 1884; m. June
18, 1884, Sarah R. Bdson, Lynn, Mass. Pas-
tor State St. Bapt. Ch., Springfield, Mass.,
1884-9; Fifth Av. Bapt. Ch., New York,
1889-99; long trustee Brown and Rochester
univs. ; lecturer Univ. of Chicago; preacher
Harvard Univ.; mem. Phi Beta Kappa;
many contributions to religious and other
periodicals. Address: Providence, R. I.

FAVERSHAM, William, actor; b. Eng-
land, Feb. 17, 1868; ed. Chigwell Grammar
School, Essex, England, and Hillmartin
Coll., London; served in English army in
India. Married. First appearance on stage,
1887; came to America, 1888; supported Mrs.
Fiske 2 yrs. ; under Frohman's management
ever since; leading man at Empire Theater,
New York, 6 yrs. ; 9 yrs. mem. of co.
Address: 38 E. 76th St., New York.

FAVIL.LE, Henry, Cong'l clergyman; b.
Milford, Wis., July 7, 1847; .s. Elijah and
Eliza O. F. ; grad. Lawrence Univ., Apple-
ton, Wis., 1871; grad., B. D., 1876; Ph. D.,
1897, Boston Univ.; m. Nov. 1, 1876, Harriet
A. Conant, Janesville, Wis. Had pastorates
in M. E. Ch. at Delavan, Janesville, Evans-
ville, Oshkosh and Racine, Wis.; then
changed to Cong'l Ch. ; pastor for 12 yrs. at
La Crosse, Wis. Founded, 1892, first Men's
Sunday Evening Club in the West, under
the name of the Pastor's Auxiliary. Address:
919 Main St., La Crosse, Wis.

FAVILLE, John, Cong'l clergyman; b.
Milford, Wis., July 7, 1847; grad. Law-
rence Univ., Wis., B. S., 1871 (M. S., D. D.,
Lawrence; A. B., S. T. B., Ph. D., Boston
Univ.); m. Oct., 1876, Louise G. Thayer, N.
Easton, Mass. Originated (with Rev. Henry
Faville of La Crosse) the Young Men's
Sunday Evening Club; director in the Con-
gress of Religions. Contributor to religious
periodicals. Author: The Problem of Author-
ity in Religion. Address: Peoria, 111.

FAWCETT, Edgar, author; b. New York,
May 26, 1847; grad. Columbia, 1867 (A. M.);
since then engaged in literature; traveled
in Europe; has lately resided in London.
Not married. Author: Verse: Fantasy and
Passion; Romance and Revery; Song and
Story; Songs of Doubt and Dream. In
prose: An Ambitious Woman; Fabian Dim-
itry; A Gentleman of Leisure; A Hopeless
Case; Olivia Delaplaine; A New York Fam-
ily; The Confessions of Claud; Purple and
Fine Linen; The Evil that Men Do; A Mild
Barbarian; The House at High Bridge; So-
cial Silhouettes; The Adventures of a Wid-
ow; Tinkling Cymbals; Rutherford; Doug-
las Duane; Ellen Story; A Demoralizing
Marriage; A Man's Will; Miriam Balestier;
New York; Agnosticism and Other Essays;
also several plays, etc. Address: Authors
Club, 3 Whitehall Court, S. W., London,

FAWCETT, Owen, actor; b. London, Eng-
land, Nov. 21, 1838; s. Charles and Mary
Fawcett; landed in New York Nov., 1840,
on the election day when William Henry
Harrison was elected president. First ap-
pearance on stage, Dec. 7, 1853; has never
missed a season since; was 20 yrs. with

Edwin Booth and has supported every star
of prominence for past 40 yrs. ; has created
many important character rOles in modern
drama. Residence: 511 Warren Av. W., De-
troit, Mich. Business Address: The Players,
New York.
FAXON, Frederick Wintlirop, sec. Am.
Library Assn., 1900-1; b. West Roxbury,
Mass., Aug. 24, 1866; s. Marcus and Augus-
ta Chalmers (Fernald) F. ; m. May 16, 1900,
Adeline True Thompson, Boston; grad.
Boston Latin School, 1885; permanent sec.
of class Harvard Univ., 1889. Library dept.,
Boston Book Co., since 1889. Traveling sec.
Am. Library Assn., 1896, 1899, 1900; mem.
Mass. Library Club, N. Y. State Library
Assn., Am. Library Assn. ; since 1897 ed-
itor "Bulletin of Bibliography" (quarterly),
Boston. Residence: 108 Glenway St., Dor-
chester, Mass. Office: 15% Beacon St.,

FAY, Amy, pianist, teacher; b. Bayou
Goula, La., May 21, 1844; d. Rev. Dr.
Charles Fay (P. E. clergyman) ; mother was
d. of Bishop John Henry Hopkins of Vt. ;
studied music in Europe several yrs. under
leading teachers. Gives musical lectures
and conversaziones; is identified with wo-
men's musical clubs, and advancement of
women in music generally. Author: Music
Study in Germany. Address: Care Miss Eliz-
abeth Ross, 142 E. 40th St., New York.

FAY, Charles Ernest, Wade prof, mod-
ern languages, Tufts Coll., since 1871; b.
Roxbury (Boston), Mass., March 10, 1846; s.
Rev. Cyrus Hyde Fay; grad. high school
of Providence, R. I., 1862; taught school 2
yrs.; grad. Tufts Coll., 1868 (A. M., 1872,
Litt. D., 1900); m. Boston, Nov. 22, 1870,
Mary W. Lincoln. Instr. mathematics, 1868;
instr. modern languages, 1869; in Europe
on leave of absence, 1870-1. Bore a part in
founding Modern Language Assn., 1883
(pres. pedagogical section, 1890); New Eng-
land Assn. of Colleges and Prep. Schools,
1885 (pres., 1888-9); Appalachian Mountain
Club, 1876 (pres., 1878, 1881, 1893); Round
Table (Boston), 1885 (v.-p., 1900); a pioneer
in the development of mountaineering in
the Canadian Rockies and Selkirks, 1890.
Public lecturer on both literary and geog.
topics. Mem. Am. Philol. Soc, Modern
Language Assn. of America; corr. mem.
Nat. Geog. Soc, Phila. Geog. Soc, Brook-
lyn Inst. Arts and Sciences; hon. mem.
Italian Alpine Club (Club Alpin Italiano) ;
mem. Appalachian Mountain Club. Editor
Appalachia since 1879; has written for it
many papers on mountain exploration in
the Canadian Alps and elsewhere. Wrote
monographs: A Recent Solution of the
Greek Question in "School and College,"
1892. The Preparatory Schools and the Mod-
ern Language Equivalent for Greek, Mod-
ern Language series, 1884. Address: Tufts
College, Mass.

FAY, Edwin Whitfield, prof. Latin, Univ.
of Texas, since 1899; b. Minden, La., Jan.
1, 1865; .?. Edwin Hedge and Sarah Eliza-
beth (Shields) F. ; grad. Southwestern Pres-
by'n Univ., 1883; Johns Hopkins Univ., Ph.
D. (Sanskrit, comparative philology and
the classics), 1890; unmarried. Instr. Sans-



krit and classics, Univ. of Mich., 1890-1;
student in Leipzig, 1891-2; acting asso. prof.
Latin, Univ. of Tex., 1892-3; prof. Latin,
Washington & Lee Univ., 1892-9; mem. Phi
Beta Kappa of Johns Hopkins. Wrote: Ag-
glutination and Adaptation, Am. Jour. Phil-
ology, 1894-5; The Aryan God of Lightning,
same, 1896; The Rig- Veda Mantras in the
Grihya Sutras, 1899 XI; Helen in India,
Sewanee Rev., 1897; Prometheus in India,
Kuhn's Zeitschrift, 1900. Address: Austin,

FAV, Henry, chemist; b. Williamsburg,
Pa., Jan. 12, 1868; j. John Fay, M. D., and
Sarah C. P.; prep, ed'n private and high
school, Altoona, Pa.; grad. Lafayette Coll.,
1889 (A. M., same, 1892); sp'l studies in
chemistry (Ph. D., Johns Hopkins Univ.,
1895) ; unmarried. Mem. German Chem.
Soc, Am. Chem. Soc. Has contributed ar-
ticles on chemistry and metallography to
various journals. Address: Mass. Inst. Tech-
nology, Boston.

FEARN, Richard Lee, newspaper corr. ;
b. Mobile, Ala., Aug. 31, 1862; studied, Univ.
of South and Univ. of Ala., 1874-80; grad.
Stevens Inst. Technology (M. E.), 1884; m.
April 21, 1887. On staff Brooklyn Eagle,
1886-91; sec. foreign affairs, World's Co-
lumbian Exp'n, 1891-3; Washington corr.
United Press, 1893-7; London corr., same,
1896; since 1896 on New York Tribune staff.
Specialist in news and comment on army
and navy and international affairs; war
corr., 1898. Residence: 2202 Mass. Av. Office:
New York Tribune Office, Washington.

FEARONS, George Had.sall, lawyer,
gen. att'y Western Union Telegraph Co.
and Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph
Co., since 1885; b. Newport, Ky., Nov. 9,
1853; .?. George R. and Jennie P. P.; grad.
St. Francis Xavier Coll., Cincinnati, 1871
(A. M.). After graduation visited Europe
for study; practiced law in Ky., and in N.
Y. since 1881. Married. Residence: West
End, N. J. Office: 195 Broadway, New York.

FEDTGAX, John J., provincial, Order St.
Augustine in U. S., since July, 1898; b. Ire-
land, April 27, 1842; .?. James and Ann (Mc-
Govern) P., of County Meath, Ireland;
came to U. S. in childhood; ed. in West-
chester, Pa., and Wilmington, Del., 1850-
60; grad. St. Mary's Coll., 1864; went to
Ghent, Belgium, and entered novitiaite of
Augustinian Fathers; made full ecclesias-
tical course there; ordained priest Oct. 24,
1868, at Phila., by Bishop Jeremiah Shanna-
han, of Harrisburg; pastor successively at
St. Denis Ch., W. Haverford, Pa., 1868-9;
Cambridge, N. Y., 1869-73 (also attending
Salem and Greenwich); Carthage, N. Y.,
1S73-8; pres. Villanova Coll., 1878-80; pastor
Atlantic City, N. J., 1880-98. During pas-
torate built numerous chs. Elected, 1898,
provincial of Order of St. Augustine, with
residence at Bryn Mawr, Pa., until com-
pletion of new monastery and coll. at Villa-
nova, which he is now bldg. at cost of
$300,000, when he will reside there. In 1899
opened houses of order on Staten Island,
N. Y., at Lawrence Mass., and Havana,
Cuba. Address: Bryn Mawr, Pa.

FEE1IAN. Patrick A., R. C. archbishop;
b. Tipperary, Ireland, 1829; ed. Maynooth
Coll., Kildare; came to U. S., 1852; became
pres. of Sem. of Carondelet and pastor Ch.
of the Immaculate Conception, St. Louis;
consecrated bishop of Nashville, Tenn.,
1865; in 1880, when Chicago was made an
archiepiscopal see, was consecrated its 1st
archbishop. Address: Archiepiscopal Palace,
623 N. State St., Chicago.

FEELY, John Joseph, congressman 2d
dist. 111. for term 1901-3; b. Will Co., 111.,
Aug. 1, 1875; 5. John B. and Winifred F. ;
ed. dist. school. Will Co., 111., and high
school, Joliet, 111.; grad. Niagara Univ.,
1895; Yale Law School, 1897; unmarried.
Moved to Chicago, 1894; Democrat. Residence:
635 60th St. Office: 540 Unity Bldg., Chi-

FEHRENHACH, John, pres. St. Mary's
Coll., Ky., since July, 1897; b. Berlin, Ont.,
Can., July 25, 1S57; common school ed'n
there, 1867-70; grad. St. Jerome's Coll.,
1876; studied for R. C. priesthood and was
ordained in Rome (Ph. D., July, 1880; D.
D., 1884, Roman Univ.); v.-p. St. Mary's
Coll., 1886-97. Address: St. Mary's, Ky.

FELL, David Newlin, justice Supreme
Court of Pa. since 1894; b. Buckingham,
Pa., Nov. 4, 1840; grad. Pa. State Normal
School, 1862; served in 122d Pa. vols, dur-
ing Civil war. Admitted to bar in Phila.;
practiced there until 1877. Judge Court of
Common pleas., Phila., 1876-94. Address:
1534 N. Broad St., Philadelphia.

FELL, Thomas, prof, ancient and modern
languages and pres. St. John's Coll., Md.,
since 1886; b. Liverpool, Eng., July 15, 1851;
j. Thomas F. ; ed. at King's Coll., London,
and London Univ., 1874 (LL. D., Hampden-
Sidney Coll., 1889; Ph. D., St. John's Coll.,
Md.); m. April, 1881, Isabella Louisa, d.
William L. Hunter, of Staten Island and
Baltimore. Prof, ancient and modern lan-
guages, New Windsor Coll., Md., 1884-6;
occasional contributor on edn'l subjects to
mags, and newspapers. Address: Annapo-
lis, Md.

FELT, Ephraim Porter, State entomolo-
gist of N. Y., since Dec, 1898; b. Salem,
Mass., Jan. 7, 1868; s. Charles Wilson and
Martha Seeth (Ropes) F. ; early ed'n in
several New England towns; grad. Mass.
Agr'l Coll., 1891; apptd. specialist in en-
tomology by Gypsy Moth Comm'n, Mass.;
entered Cornell Univ. as graduate student,
1891; held a fellowship in entomology, 1892;
S. D., 1894; m. Berlin, Mass., June 24, 1896,
Helen Maria Otterson. Taught natural sci-
ences, Clinton Liberal Inst., Fort Plain,
1893-5; asst. to State entomologist, Sept.,
1895; acting State entomologist, May, 1898.
Has published 3 official reports and several
bulletins. Address: Albany, N. Y.

FELTON, Charles N ex-U. S. senator;
b. Erie Co., N. Y., 1832; went to Calif.;
under-sheriff, Yuba Co., Calif., 1857; later
tax collector, same; 2 terms mem. Calif,
legislature; 6 yrs. at San Francisco mint
as asst. treas. and treas. ; mem. Congress,
1885-9; U. S. senator to fill vacancy, 1891-3;
voted for in Calif, legislature, 1899, for U.



S. senator; Republican. Address: Menlo
Park, San Mateo Co., Calif.

PELTON, Geoise Hurl hurt, prof, math-
ematics and natural sciences, Leland Univ.,
since 1887; b. Granville, Mass., Sept. 7, 1846;
.s. Rev. George D. and Louisa M. P.; grad.
Brown, 1869 (A. M.); grad. med. dept,
Univ. City of New York, 1878; m. June 2,
1880, Lida M., d. Prof. F. O. Marsh, of
Denison Univ.; practiced medicine in Mass.
and Minn, until 1887; prof, materia medica,
med. dept., New Orleans Univ., 1891-8.
Residence (summer): Granville, Mass. Ad-
dress: Leland Univ., New Orleans.

FELTOJf, Samuel Morse, pres. Chicago
& Alton Ry. Co., since Sept. 7, 1899; b.
Phila., Feb. 3, 1853; ed. Mass. Inst. Tech-
nology; m. 1880, Dora Hamilton. Began ry.
service, 1868, rodman Chester Creek R. R. ;
leveler and asst. eng'r Lancaster R. R.,
1870-1; chief eng'r Chester & Del. River R.
R., 1873-4; gen. supt. P., C. & St. L., 1874-
82; gen. supt. Little Miami and C. & M.
Rys., 1881-2; gen. mgr. N. Y. & N. E. R.
R., 1882-4; asst. to pres. Erie R. R., 1884;
gen. mgr. N. Y., P. & O. R. R., 1884-5; v.-p.
Erie R. R., 1885-90; pres. E. Tenn., Va. &
Ga. Ry., 1890-2; pres. Louisville Southern
R. R., 1891-3; pres. Alabama Great Southern
R. R., 1891-3; v.-p. Memphis & Charleston
R. R., 1891-3; v.-p. Mobile & Birmingham
Ry., 1891-3; and v.-p. Knoxville & Ohio R.
R., 1891-2.; pres. and receiver Cincinnati,
New Orleans & Tex. Pacific Ry., 1890-9;
receiver Columbus, Sandusky & Hocking
Ry., 1897-9; receiver Ky. & Ind. Bridge Co.,
1893-1900. Address: Chicago & Alton Ry.,

FENGER, Christian, surgeon; b. Copen-
hagen, Denmark, 1840; ed. there; grad.
Univ. of Copenhagen, M. D., 1867; private
and hosp. practice there until Franco-Ger-
man war, in which was surgeon in Internat.
Ambulance Assn. ; afterward 3 yrs. pro-
sector at City Hosp., Copenhagen; lecturer,
Univ. of Copenhagen, 1874, later in Egypt,
where was apptd. by Khedive med. officer
of Khalifa Quarter, Cairo; in Chicago since
1877. Was many yrs. prof.- principles and
practice of surgery, until he resigned, 1899,
to become prof, clinical surgery, Rush
Med. Coll. Has also been prof, principles
of surgery and clinical surgery, Coll. of
Phys. & Surg., and later Chicago Med.
Coll.; prof, surgery, Chicago Polyclinic;
surgeon-in-chief, German Hosp. ; is sur-
geon Passavant Memorial, Tabitha, and
Presby'n hosps. ; pres. Chicago Med. Soc. ;
v.-p. Am. Surg. Assn., 1896; mem. Am. Med.
Assn., 111. State Med. Soc, Chicago Gynecol.
Soc, Assn. of Mil. Surgeons of U. S., Ger-
man Surgical Assn., Germany; British
Gynecol. Soc. Author of over 80 papers on
surgical subjects in current Am. periodi-
cals during last 20 yrs. Address: 269 La
Salle Av., Chicago.

FENN, Harry, artist; b. Richmond, Surrey,
Eng., Sept. 14, 183S; came to U. S..1S57;
one of founders Am. Water Color Soc, and
has been an annual exhibitor; specially
prominent as illustrator, notably of the
books "Picturesque Europe," "Picturesque

America," "Picturesque Palestine;" etc.
Address: Montclair, N. J.
FENN, William Wallace, Bussey prof,
systematic theology, Harvard Divinity
School, apptd. 1901; b. Boston, Feb. 12, 1862;
s. William Wallace and Hannah Morrill
(Osgood) Fenn; prep, ed'n Boston Latin
School, 1880; grad. Harvard, 18S4 (A. M.,
1887); Harvard Divinity School, 1887; in
Unitarian ministry since 1887; m. Berkshire,
Mass., May 28, 1891, Faith Huntington Fish-
er. Minister Unity Ch., Pittsfield, Mass.,
1887-91; 1st Unitarian Soc, Chicago, 1891-
1901. Shaw lecturer biblical literature,
Meadville Theol. School, 1S92-1901; preacher
to Harvard Univ., 1896-8. Author: Lessons
on Luke, 1890 U16; Lessons on Acts, 1894
U16; The Flowering of the Hebrew Re-
ligion, 1894; Lessons on Psalms, 19u0 U16.
Address: Cambridge, Mass.

FENOLLOSA, Mary McNeil, author; b.
Ala.; d. William Stoddard and Laura (Sib-
ley) McNeil; grad. Irving Acad., Mobile,
Ala.; m. New York, Dec. 28, 1895, Ernest
F. Fenollosa. Traveled in Europe and
Japan; resided in Japan, 1897-1900; deeply
interested in the life of the people. Author:
Out of the Nest: A Flight of Verses, 1899
L6; Children's Verses on Japanese Sub-
jects, 12. Wrote (monograph) : Hiroshige,
the Artist of Mist, Snow and Rain, San
Francisco; also verses, sketches, stories
in many mags. Address: 159 Church St.,
Mobile, Ala.

FENTON, Lucie n J., ex-congressman,
banker; b. nr. Winchester, O., May 7, 1844;
s. Benjamin and Elizabeth (Smith) F. ; ed.
public schools, Lebanon Normal School and
Ohio Univ. ; lived on farm until he enlisted
in 91st Ohio regt, Aug. 11, 1862; permanent-
ly disabled by gunshot wound at battle of
Winchester, Va., Sept. 19, 1864; teacher
and supt. public schools in Ohio for several
yrs. ; awarded high-school life certificate by
Ohio State bd. of school examiners, 1878;
apptd. to position in custom house, New Or-
leans, 1880; organized Winchester Bank,
1884; apptd. trustee Ohio Univ., 1892; dele-
gate to Nat. Rep. Conv., 1892; apptd. mem.
Ohio Centennial Comm'n; mem. Congress
from 10th Ohio dist., 1895-9; served on
House Com. on Military Affairs during
Spanish- Am. war. Address: Winchester, O.

FEKGUSON, E. D., M. D. ; grad. Bellevue
Med. Coll., 1868; attending surgeon to Sa-
maritan Hosp., Troy; mem. Am. Med.
Assn.; treas. N. Y. State Med. Soc. Address:
1 Union PL, Broadway, Troy, N. Y.

FERGUSON, Farquhar, M. D. ; prof.
pathology and clinical medicine and phys.,
Post-Grad. School and Columbia Hosp.,
New York, since 1887; b. Sydney, Cape
Breton Island, Canada, 1852; ed. Sydney
Acad.; grad. L. I. Coll. Hosp., 1880; prac-
tices in New York; m. 1890, Juliana, e.d. H.
O. Armour. Pathologist, L. I. Coll. Hosp.,
1883-5; prof, histology and pathol. anatomy,
same, 1883-9; has held various hosp.
apptmts. ; consulting pathologist, N. Y. bd.
of health, 1S92; mem. N. Y. Path. Soc; N.
Y. Acad. Med.; N. Y. Mutual Aid Assn.;
Alumni Assn. Post-Grad. Med. School; N.



Y. Neurolog. Soc. Address: 20 W. 38th St.,
New York.

FERGUSON, Franklin La Du, pies.
Pomona Coll. since Jan. 1, 1898; b. Tam-
worth, Ont., June 21, 1861; s. John and
Catharine Matilda F. ; ed. high schools
Athens and Iroquois, Ont., college course
Albert Univ., Belleville, Ont.; grad. Yale
Divinity School, 1888; ordained to Cong'l
ministry, 1885; m. Fremont, Neb., Dec. 16,
18S5, Margaret Jeannette Maxwell. Pastor
1st Ch. Milford, Conn., 1888-90; prin. Chad-
ron, Neb., Acad., 1890-3; sec. Cong'l Ed'n
Soc, 1893-8. Author: History of the First
Church of Cbrist, Milford, Conn., 1890.
Address: Claremont, Calif.

FERGUSON, Frederick S., maj. -general
Ala. div., United Confederate Veterans,
since 1893; b. Huntsville, Ala., May 2, 1841;
grad. Florence Wesleyan Univ., 1859; taught
school and studied law. Served It. and capt.
art'y, C. S. A., Feb., 1861, until captured
at Ft. Morgan, Aug., 1864; then prisoner at
Ft. Lafayette, N. Y., and Ft. Warren, Bos-
ton, to June, 1865; admitted to bar, Sept.,
1865; mem. Ala. legislature, 1866 and 1892;
solicitor 2d circuit, 1876-86; candidate for
elector-at-large, Palmer and Buckner tick-
et, 1896. Address: Birmingham, Ala.

FERGUSON, Henry, prof, history and po-
litical economy, Trinity Coll., since 1883; b.
Stamford, Conn.; grad. Trinity, 1868 (A.
M., 1875, LL. D., 1900); ordered deacon, P.
E. Ch., 1872; priest, 1873; rector Christ Ch.,
Exeter, N. H., 1872-8; rector Trinity Ch.,
Claremont, N. H., 1878-80; mem. Am. Hist.
Assn. Author: Four Periods in the Life of
the Church; Essays on American History.
Address: 123 Vernon St., Hartford, Conn.

FERGUSON, Henry A., artist; b. Glens
Falls, N. Y. ; self taught in painting; ed.
Trinity Coll.; asso. Nat. Acad. Design;
mem. Century Assn., 1879. Address: 215 W.
54th St., New York.

FERGUSON, Robert Gracey, pres. West-
minster Coll. since 1884; b. Dry Run, Frank-
lin Co., Pa., Feb. 16, 1842; m. Jan. 28, 1868,
Emma M. Huber, Gettysburg, Pa. ; grad.
Jefferson Coll., 1862; (D. D., Washington

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