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and Jefferson, 1885). Pastor United Presby'n
Ch., Mercersburg and Cove, Pa., 1866-74;
Butler, Pa., 1874-84. Address: New Wilming-
ton, Pa.

FERGUSON, Samuel David, P. E. bish-
op; b. Charleston, S. C, Jan. 1, 1842; emi-
grated with parents to Liberia, Africa, 1848;
ed. in mission schools there; (D. D., Ken-
yon, 1885; D. C. L., Liberia Coll., 1893);
apptd. teacher, 1862; deacon, 1865; priest,
1868; elected missionary bishop of Cape
Palmas and parts adjacent, 1885, and conse-
crated In Grace Ch., New York. Is the first
African to be raised to the episcopate of
P. E. Ch. of America. Address: Monrovia,
Liberia, West Africa.

FERGUSON, William J., actor; born of
New England parentage; appeared in minor
parts for several yrs. ; first notable success
as Capt. Redfern, the detective, in "Jim,
the Penman," under A. M. Palmer's man-
agement; joined Mansfield's co. and played
character roles, such as the valet in "Beau

Bruiumel." Since then, leading man in
prominent cos.; lately as Champalier in
"The Turtle." Address: Lamb's Club, New

FERGUSSON, Arthur Walsh, chief
translator Bureau Am. Republics since
June 1, 1897; b. Benicia, Solano Co., Calif.,
Dec. 4, 1859; .y. of Col. David and Emily
Amelia (Walsh) F. ; spent from second to
tenth year of age in Mexico; grad. St. Au-
gustine Coll., Benicia, Calif., 1877; grad.
Georgetown (D. C.) Univ. Law School, 1885
(LL. M., same, 1886); m. Mary Stanton
Williams, Washington, Feb. 1, 1887. Owned,
edited and published, 1879-82, Benicia New
Era, weekly newspaper. When Internat.
Am. Conf. met at Washington, 1889, was
apptd. official interpreter and has ever since
been connected with movement inaugurated
by J. G. Blaine. Sec. Internat. Am. Mone-
tary Comm'n, 1891; official interpreter In-
tercontinental Ry. Comm'n, 1891; sec. U. S.
Chilian Claims Comm'n, 1893; sec. U. S.
and Venezuelan Claims Comm'n, 1894. Of-
ficial Interpreter Am. and Spanish Peace
Comm'n, Paris, 1898. Spanish sec. U. S.
Philippine Comm'n, April 1, 1900; chief sec.
since July 6, 1900. Author: Handbook of
Mexico, Bulletin No. 9, Bureau of Ameri-
con Republics, 1891. Residence: Washington.
Temporary Address: Manila, P. I.

FERGUSSON, Harvey B., lawyer; b. Sept.
9, 1848, in Ala. ; grad. Washington and Lee
Univ., A. M., 1873; law dept., same, 1874;
practiced in Wheeling, W. Va., until 1882;
at Albuquerque, N. Mex., since 1884; dele-
gate in Congress, 1897-9; Democrat. Address:
Albuquerque, N. Mex.

FERNALD, Charles Henry, zoologist;
6. on Mt. Desert, Me., March 16, 1838; .?.
Eben and Sophronia (Wasgatt) F. ; ed. at
Me. Wesleyan Sem. ; (Ph. D., Me. State
Coll., 1886; m. Aug. 24, 1862, Maria Eliza-
beth Smith. Served during Civil war as act-
ing ensign, U. S. N. ; prin. Litchfield Acad.,
1865, and of Houlton Acad., 1866-71; prof,
natural history, Me. State Coll., 1871-86;
since 1886, prof, zoology, Mass. Agr'l Coll.;
also entomologist to State bd. of agr.
Author: Tortricidae of North America; But-
terflies of Maine; Grasses of Maine; Sphin-
gida? of New England; Orthoptera of New
England; The Gypsy Moth; The Crarnbidae
of North America; The Pterophoridae of
North America; Pyralidae of North America.
Now preparing a monograph of the Tor-
tricidoa of the World. Numerous articles in
scientific journals of this country and Eng-
land. Address: Amherst, Mass.

FERNALD, Chester Bailey, author and
dramatist; b. Boston (Charlestown District;
then a separate city), March 18, 1869; j.
Frank Lysander Fernald, U. S. N., and
Mary Elizabeth (Remick) F. ; ed'n in Epis-
copal Acad., Philadelphia; Washington (D.
C), High School; Somerville High School,
Mass., and private tutoring; matriculated
at Harvard, but did not enter; traveled ex-
tensively in U. S. ; moved to Calif., 1889; 4
yrs. asst. draughtsman in the Navy Dept.
in connection with building war vessels at
San Francisco; Washington corr. the San
Francisco Chronicle, 1893-4; visited Alaska,



China and Japan; removed to London, 1898;
now living abroad; m. Josephine Harker,
Berkeley, Calif., June 12, 1896. Author: The
Cat and the Cherub, and Other Stories, 1896
C2; Chinatown Stories, 1899 H8. Plays: The
Cat and the Cherub, one-act tragedy, pro-
duced New York, Aug., 1897, London (Lyric
Theatre), Oct., 1897; The Moonlight Blos-
som, a romantic drama, produced, London
(Prince of Wales Theatre), Sept. 21, 1899.
Has contributed various short stories to
Century Magazine. Address: Care Parr's
Bank, Charing Cross Branch, London, W.
C, England.

FERNALD, Henry Torsey, prof, ento-
mology, Mass. Agr'l Coll. since Sept., 1899;
b. Litchfield, Me., April 17, 1866; j. Charles
Henry and Maria E. (Smith) F. ; grad.
Univ. of Me., B. S., 1885 (M. S. ( 1888; Ph.
D., Johns Hopkins, 1890); m. June 9, 1890,
Minna R. Simon, Baltimore. Prof, zoolo-
gy, Pa. State Coll., 1890-99; State zoologist
of Pa., 1898-99. Mem. Soc. of Naturalists,
Am. Morphol. Soc, Assn. of Economic En-
tomologists; etc. Devotes especial atten-
tion to economic entomology. Author of a
number of bulls., pamphlets and minor con-
tributions to zoology and entomology.
Address: Amherst, Mass.

FERNALD, James Chaiiipliii. clergy-
man, author, editor; 6. Portland, Me., Aug.
18, 1838; s. Henry B. and Mabel C. F. ; grad.
Harvard, 1860 (took 1st Bowdoin prize for
English composition); Newton Theol. Sem.,
1863; ordained to Baptist ministry, 1864; m.
1st, April 29, 1869, Mary B. Griggs, Rut-
land, Vt. (died, June 7, 1870); 2d, June 18,
1873, Nettle S. Barker, McConnellsville, O.
Pastor Granville, Springfield and other
places in Ohio until 1889; since then in
New York. Editor of Synonyms, Anto-
nyms and Prepositions of Standard Diction-
ary; editor-in-chief Students' Standard Dic-
tionary, and other abridgments; The Classic
Speller; Scientific Side-Lights, 1901 F3; for
a time editor Homiletic Review; asso. edi-
tor Columbian Cyclopedia. Author: The
Economics of Prohibition, 1890 F3; The
New Womanhood, 1894 F3; Synonyms, An-
tonyms and Prepositions of the English
Language, 1895 F3; The Spaniard in His-
tory, 1898 F3; The Imperial Republic, 1898
F3; Home Training of Children, 1898; True
Motherhood, 1900 F3. Residence: Jewett Av.,
W., New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y.
Office: 30 Lafayette PL, New York.

F'EMALD, Merritt Caldwell, educator;
b. S. Levant, Me., May 26, 1838; .?. Robert
and Roxana (Buswell) F. ; grad. Bowdoin,
1861 (A. M., Ph. D., 1881); m. Aug. 24, 1865,
Mary Lovejoy Heywood, Bethel, Me. Prin.
Gould's Acad., Bethel; taught in acads.,
Me., 1863-4; took scientific studies at Har-
vard, 1864-5; prin. Houlton, Me., Acad.,
1865-6; prin. Foxcroft, Me., Acad., 1866-8;
prof, mathematics and physics, Me. State
Coll.; acting pres., 1868-71; pres., 1879-93;
since 1893 prof, emeritus, Me. Univ. ;** the
name of the inst'n being changed, 1897.
Address: Orono, Me.

FERNALD, Merritt Lyndon, botanist,
asst. Gray Herbarium, Harvard Univ., since

March, 1891; b. Orono, Me., Oct. 5, 1873; s.
Merritt C. Fernald (former pres. Me. State
Coll.); ed. Orono, Me., 1878-89; Harvard,
1891-7; grad. Harvard, 1897; unmarried.
Asso. editor of Rhodora (jour, of New Eng-
land Bot. Club) since its foundation, 1899;
instr. in botany, Alstead School of Natural
History, Alstead, N. H., since its founda-
tion, 1899. Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and
Sciences. Wrote: Portland Catalogue of
Maine Plants, with two supplements, proe.
Portland Soc. Natural History, 1892, 1895,
1897; A Systematic Study of the United
States and Mexican Species of Pectis, Proc.
Am. Acad, of Arts and Sciences, 1897; Notes
upon Some Northwestern Castileias of the
Parviflora Group Erythea, 1S98; The Genus
Antennaria in New England, Proc. Boston
Soc. Natural History, 1898; Eleocharis Ova-
ta and Its American Allies, Proc. Am.
Acad. Arts and Sciences, 1899; Synopsis of
Mexican and Central American Species of
Salvia, same, 1900; The Northeastern Ca-
rices of the Subsection Vesicarise Rhodora,
3901; and numerous other bot. papers and
monographs. Address: 21 Dunster Hall,
Cambridge, Mass.

FERNANDEZ, J. D M. D. ; grad. Med.
Coll. of Va., Richmond, 1870; surgeon S. F.
& W. R. R.; sec. Fla. State Med. Assn.;
mem. Am. Public Health Assn. Address:
Jacksonville, Fla.

FERNOW, Bernhard Eduard, director
and dean N. Y. State Coll. of Forestry,
Cornell Univ., since 1898; b. Inowraclaw,
Posen, Prussia, Jan. 7, 1851; .s. Eduard and
Clara F. ; ed. at gymnasium, Bromberg,
Forest Acad., Muenden, and Univ. of Kon-
igsberg; (LL. D., Univ. of Wis.); m. 1879,
Olivia Reynolds, Brooklyn. Came to U. S.,
1876; engaged in metallurgical business;
chief division of forestry, U. S. Dept. Agr.,
1886-98; sec. 1883-9, later chmn. exec, com.,
now 1st v.-p. Am. Forestry Assn.; was some
time editor The Forester. Fellow A. A. A.
S. and many learned socs. Author: The
White Pine, 1899 U8; Report Upon Forestry
Investigations of U. S. Dept. of Agr., 1877-
98, 1899 U8. Edited Annual Reports and
Bulletins Div. of Forestry, U. S. Dept.
Agr., 1886-98. Residence: 5 Reservoir Av.,
Ithaca, N. Y.

FERNOW, Berthold, author, editor; b.
.Inowraclaw, Prussian Poland, Nov. 28, 1837;
s. Edward F. (landrath of County of Inow-
raclaw) and Bertha (von Jachman) F. ; ed.
by private tutors and at Gymnasium of Our
Lady, Magdeburg, Prussian Saxony, 1849-
59; It. of the reserve, Prussian army, 1860;
private 4th Mo. cav., 1862; It. 3d U. S. inf.,
colored troops, 1863; topographical eng'r,
coast div., Dept. of the South, 1864; State
archivist, N. Y., Albany, 1876-89. Author:
Albany, and Its Place in the History of the
United States, 1886; Ohio Valley in Colonial
Days, 1889 M13; also mag. articles and
chapters in historical works. Editor and
translator: Documents Relating to Colonial
History of N. Y. (vols. XII, XIII, XIV);
New York in the Revolution, 1887; Records
of New Amsterdam, 1897. Compiler N. J.
Archives, 1900. Companion Mil. Order Loy-
al Legion; mem. many hist. socs. Address:



Trenton, N. J.; Army and Navy Club, New

FERREE, Barr, art critic; b. Phila. ; s.
Samuel Patterson and Annie Appleton
(Drown) F. ; grad. Univ. of Pa., 1884; writer
on art subjects; pres. dept. of architecture,
Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and Sciences; hon.
and corr. mem. Royal Inst. British Archi-
tects; corr. mem. Academie d'Aix-en-Pro-
vence, France; corr. mem. Societe Archeolo-
gique du Midi de la France, Toulouse; corr.
mem. Am. Inst, of Architects; etc.; founder,
and present sec. Pa. Soc. of New York; has
contributed many articles to the leading
mags, and art papers, The Century, Scrib-
ner's Mag., The Cosmopolitan, Popular Sci-
ence Monthly, Architectural Record, Ameri-
can Architect, etc. Interested in popular
movements in art. Address: 7 Warren St.,
New York.

FERRIN, William Nelson, Vermont
prof, mathematics since 1881, dean of facul-
ty since 1900, Pacific Univ.; b. Barton, Vt.,
Oct. 11, 1854; s. Rev. Clark Bla F., D. D. ;
grad. Univ. of Vt, July, 1875, A. M., 1879;
read law 1 yr. ; m. North Bloomfield, O.,
July 15, 1S85, Martha M. Haskell. Instr.
mathematics, Pacific Univi, 1877-81. Address:
Forest Grove, Ore.

FERRIS, David, retired farmer; b. in the
house where he now lives, Wilmington,
Del., July 16, 1821; ed. at Smith's Acad.,
Wilmington; m. April 12, 1849, Sarah A.
Underwood (now deceased) ; mem. Society of
Friends and Universal Peace Union. Writer
of articles advocating peace and against
late war with Spain. Address: 301 West St.,
Wilmington, Del.

FERRIS, John Mason, "Dutch Reform-
ed" clergyman; b. Albany, N. Y., Jan. 17,
1825; grad. Univ. City of New York; studied
theology at New Brunswick Sem. ; licensed
to preach, 1849; served in pastorates until
1865; became sec. bd. of foreign missions;
editor Christian Intelligencer, 1883; treas.
foreign mission board, 1886. Address: 676
Flatbush Av., Brooklyn.

FERRIS, Mary Lanman Donw, author;
b. Poughkeepsie, N. Y., May 22, 1855; d.
Col. John de Peyster and Marianna Chand-
ler (Lanman) D.; grad. Cook's Collegiate
Inst, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., 1874; m. Sept.
4, 1879, Morris Patterson Ferris. Founder
and sec. Daughters of the Cincinnati; mem.
Colonial Dames of State of N. Y.; Huguenot
Soc; was instrumental in establishing mu-
seum maintained by Colonial Dames of
State of N. Y. in Van Cortlandt Mansion,
Van Cortlandt Park, New York. Editor
Bull. Soc. Am. Authors. Author: Dutch
Nursery Rhymes of Colonial Times, pub-
lished by Holland Soc. of N. Y. ; Random
Rhymes of Old Dutch Times, 12; History of
Fort Crails, 12; The Van Cortlandt Man-
sion, Colonial Dames; Legend of New Year's
Eve; The Schepen's Dream, brochures;
Grandmother's Cake Basket; etc. Contrib-
utor to various mags, and newspapers on
Americana and geneal. subjects since 1876.
Address: Dobbs Ferry, Westchester Co., N.Y.

FERRIS, Morris Patterson, lawyer; b.
New York, Oct. 3, 1855; s. Isaac F., D. D.,

LL. D., late chancellor of Univ. of New
York; academic ed'n, Univ. of New York;
grad. law dept, same, 1876; m. Sept. 4,
1879, Mary Lanman, d. Col. John de Peyster
Douw, of Poughkeepsie. Pres. Yonkers
Hist, and Library Assn. ; sec. Sons of the
Revolution; sec. Colonial War Lake George
Monument Com.; sec. N. Y. State Hist.
Assn.; registrar War of 1812; mem. Am.
Hist. Assn.; Huguenot Soc, N. Y. Geneal."
and Biog. Soc, Long Island Hist. Soc;
treas. Soc. of Am. Authors; numerous
clubs and patriotic socs. ; Westchester Co.
Bar Assn.; etc. Residence: Dobbs' Ferry, N.
Y. Office: 71 Broadway, New York.

FERRISS, James H., editor Joliet Daily
News; b. Oswego, 111., Nov. 18, 1849; s. Wil-
liam H. F. ; ed. Bristol, 111.; grad. North-
western Business Coll., Aurora, 111.; m.
Falls Village, Conn., June 30, 1880, Olive E.
Hunt. Commenced editorial and reform
work on the Yorkville (111.) News, 1876;
editor Joliet Daily News since, except 2 yrs.
on papers at Portland and Chase's Mills,
Me.; belongs to the People's Party; mem.
Nat. Com. and candidate It. -gov. of 111.,
1900. Has contributed to Arena on politics
and to scientific journals on conchology.
Mem. com. for 2d Nat. Social and Political
Conf., Detroit, June 28, 1901. Address: West
Park, Joliet, 111.

PERROIGH BEY, Ali, see Ali Ferrough

FERRY, Dexter Mason, seed mcht. ; b.
Lowville, N. Y., Aug. 8, 1833; s. Joseph N.
and Lucy D. F. ; grew up on a farm; ed.
Rochester, N. Y.; went to Detroit, 1852;
clerked in stationery store, 1852-6; one of
organizers of firm of M. T. Gardner & Co.,
seedsmen, 1856; organized, 1867, D. M. Fer-
ry & Co., now conducting largest seed en-
terprise in U. S. Is pres. First Nat. Bank,
Union Trust Co., Standard Life and Acci-
dent Ins. Co., Mich. Fire and Marine Ins.
Co., etc. Was chmn. State Rep. Com., 1896.
Address: 1040 Woodward Av., Detroit.

FERRY, George Bowman, architect; b.
Springfield, Mass., Feb. 7, 1851; 5. Robert
Spencer and Almira Tirzah F. ; grad.
Springfield, Mass., High School, 1870;
studied architecture at Mass. Inst. Tech-
nology, 1871-2; m. Springfield, Mass., Jan.
10, 1880, Cora Frances Phillips. An officer
of Am. Inst. Architects 6 yrs. ; architect
Public Library, Milwaukee; Library Hist.
Soc. of Wis., Madison. Residence: 19 Wood-
land Court. Office: 419 Broadway, Milwau-
kee, Wis.

FESSENDEN, Francis, soldier; 6. Port-
land, Me., March 18, 1839; s. William Pitt
F., ex-sec of U. S. Treasury; grad. Bow-
doin, 1858; studied law, Harvard; m. Aug.
26, 1863, Ellen Winslow Fox (died, March
8, 1886). Apptd. capt. 19th U. S. inf., May 14,
1861; severely wounded at Shiloh; col. 25th
Me. inf., Sept., 1862; col. 30th Me. vet. inf.,
1864; brig.-gen., May, 1864; and maj.-gen.
vols., Nov., 1865; bvt maj.-gen. U. S. A.,
1865; lost a leg at Monetts Bluff, La., 1864;
afterward served until Nov. 1, 1866; retired
with rank of brig.-gen. U. S. A. Was mayor
of Portland, 1876. Address: Portland, Me.



FESSENDKN, Laura Dayton, author; b.
New York; d. Abram Child and Maria An-
nie (Tomlinson) Dayton; ancestors came
to America in the Mayflower; m. Benjamin
A. Pessenden. Corr. various papers; repre-
sented Harper's Bazar at World's Colum-
bian Exp'n; mem. Chicago Woman's Fort-
nightly, and Highland Park Woman's clubs;
Dau. Am. Revolution. Author: Essie, L3;
Beth, B27; A Puritan Lover, Rl; A Colonial
Dame, Rl; Bonnie Mackirby, Rl; The
Songs that the Children Sing (book of Op-
erettas and Songs, 1901) ; also, national song,
Columbia, We Salute Thee; and many
short stories and magazine articles. Address:
Highland Park, 111.

FESSENDEN, Reginald Aubrey, elec-
trician; b. Milton, P. Q., Canada, Oct. 6,
1866; of New England family, from Cam-
bridge, Mass. ; i. Rev. E. J. and Clemen-
tina (Trenholme) F.; ed. Deveaux Mil.
School, Suspension Bridge, N. Y., 1875-7,
and Trinity Coll. School, Port Hope, Ont.,
1877-83; m. Helen May Trott of Bermuda,
1889. Inspecting eng'r Edison Co., New
York, 1886-7; head chemist laboratory of
Thos. A. Edison, 1887-90; electrician West-
inghouse Elec. & Mfg. Co., Newark, 1890-2;
prof, physics and electrical eng'ring, Pur-
due Univ., 1892-3; prof, electrical eng'ring
Western Univ. of Pa., 1893-1900; sp'l agt. U.
S. Weather Bureau, 1900. Contributions:
Laws and Nature of Cohesion, Elec. World
and Science, 1891-2; Recent Work in Mole-
cular Physics, Franklin Inst., 1896; Outline
of Electrical Theory of Comets' Tails, As-
trophys. Jour., 1896; Conduction and In-
sulation, Am. Inst. Electrical Eng'ring,
1898; Electro-magnetic Mechanism with Spe-
cial Reference to High Speed Telegraphy,
Franklin Inst., 1899; Wireless Telegraphy,
Am. Inst., Elec. Eng'rs, 1899; Nature of
Electric and Magnetic Quantities and the
Density and Elasticity of the Ether, Phys-
ical Review, 1900; Nature of Inertia, and
Nature and Velocity of Gravitation, Elec.
World and Science, 1900; also about 60
other papers. Address: 410 Penn Av., Pitts-
burg, Pa.

PESSENDEN, Samuel, lawyer; b. Rock-
land, Me., April 12, 1847; 5. Samuel C. and
Mary A. G. (Abbe) F. ; common school and
academic ed'n; grad. Harvard Law School,
1871; m. June 18, 1873, Helen M. Daven-
port. Served, April, 1864, to close of war,
private, sergt.-maj. and 2d It. in 7th Me.
battery, 1st regt., Me. light art'y. Since 1871
engaged in. practice of law at Stamford,
Conn. Mem. Conn. Ho. of Reps., 1874, 1879,
1895 (speaker, 1895); State's atty. since 1880.
Mem. Rep. Nat. Com., 1884-1900; delegate
Rep. Nat. Con v., 1876, and delegate at large,
1880, 1888 and 1896. Address: Stamford, Conn.

FETHERS, Ogden Hoffman, lawyer, Su-
preme Chancellor Knights of Pythias,
elected Aug. 31, 1900; b. Sharon, Schoharie
Co., N. Y., Sept. 20, 1845; s. Daniel and
Laura (Adams) F. ; grad. Ft. Edward Colle-
giate Inst., June, 1863; (A. M., Coll. Chris-
tian Brothers, St. Louis, 1872; LL. D., St.
Lawrence Univ., Canton, N. Y., 1895); ad-
mitted to bar, 1867; m. Canton, N. Y., July
15, 1868, Frances Conkey. Wis. comm'r to

Centennial Celebration of Founding of the
Federal Goovernment, New York, 1889; U.
S. Comm'r, Paris Exp'n, 1900, and v. -p. Bd.
of Conim'rs; Republican. Address: Janes-
ville, Wis.

FETTEROLF, Adam H., president Girard
Coll. since 1882; b. Perkiomen, Pa., Nov. 24,
1841; 5. Gideon and Elizabeth (Hunsicker)
F. ; ed. in public schools of Montgomery
Co., Pa., and at Freeland Sem., now Ur-
sinus Coll. (A. M., 1865; Ph. D., 1878, La-
fayette Coll.; LL. D., 1886, Delaware Coll.);
m. 1st, Oct., 1865, Annie Hengesheimer, Ger-
mantown, Phila. ; 2d, Oct., 1883, Laura Man-
gam, Brooklyn. V.-p. Girard Coll., 1880-2.
Address: Girard Coll., Philadelphia.

FEWKES, Jesse "Walter, ethnologist,
Bureau of Am. Ethnologj', since 1895; b.
Newton, Mass., Nov. 14, 1850; grad. Har-
vard, 1875 (A. M., Ph. D., 1877); m. April
4, 1893, Harriett O. Cutler, Cambridge,
Mass. Student of zoology, Univ. of Leip-
zig, 1878-80; asst. Museum Comparative Zo-
ology, Harvard, 1881-9; sec. Boston Soc.
Natural History, 1889-91; editor Journal
of Ethnology and Archaeology, 1890-4; in
charge Smithsonian archaeol. expd'n to
Ariz. Mem. several Am. and foreign sci-
entific socs. ; has received decoration and
medals for researches. Author of many
pamphlets on marine zoology and Am. arch-
aeology and ethnology; notably on the cere-
monies of the Moqui Indians. Address:
Smithsonian Instn., Washington.

FEZANDIfi, Clement, author, teacher; b.
New York, Sept. 15, 1865; 5. Prof. Eugene
and Maria B. (Bardin) F. ; common school
ed'n; was instr. mathematics and natural
sciences in New York schools. Author:
Through the Earth, 1898 C2; Two New Jer-
sey Crusoes, 1901 12, and has contributed
numerous tech., edn'l and miscellaneous
articles, stories, etc., to various periodicals.
Residence: 165 E. 66th St., New York.

FICKLEN, John Rose, prof, history and
political science, Tulane Univ., since 1893;
b. Falmouth, Va., Dec. 14, 1858; s. J. B. and
Ann E. F. ; ed. Univ. of Va. Was prof,
history and rhetoric, Tulane Univ., several
yrs. before taking present chair. Author:
"A History of Louisiana" (with Grace
Elizabeth King), 1892; An Outline History
of Greece, 1894; The Civil Government of
Louisiana, 12. Address: 2325 Camp St.,
New Orleans.

FIEBEGER, Gustave Josepli, prof, en-
g'ring, U. S. Mil. Acad., since May, 1896;
b. Akron, O., May 9, 1858; grad. West Point,
1879; officer corps of eng'rs U. S. A., 1879-96,
and eng'r in charge of improvement of
rivers and harbors of Va. and N. C, and
of city of Washington. Address: West
Point, N. Y.

FIELD, Allen W., lawyer; active as Re-
publican in Neb.; b. La Salle, 111., Nov. 20,
1853; parents both from Vt. ; moved to
Osage, la., 1858, and to Lancaster Co., Neb.,
1863; attended school at Tabor, la.; grad.
Univ. of Neb., 1877 (A. M., same, 1885);
mem. legislature, 1883 and 1885; speaker Ho.
of Reps., Neb., 1885; m. Dec. 20, 1883, May
B., d. Chancellor Fairfield, of Neb. Univ.;



apptd. city atty., Lincoln, 1886; dist. judge,
1887; later elected for 4 yrs., and re-elected,
1891; candidate for U. S. senator, 1899.
Address: 1828 N St., Lincoln, Neb.

FIELD, Arehelaus G., M. D. ; b. Ontario
Co., N. Y., Nov. 15, 1829; 5. Abel Wakelee
and Gilpha (Witter) F. ; grad. Starling Med.
Coll., Columbus, O., 1854; Coll. Phys., &
Surg., New York, 1864; Simpson Centenary
Law Coll., 1879; from 18S2 beld chair of
physiology and pathology in Coll. Phys. &
Surg., Keokuk, la.; first city physician of
Des Moines; examining surgeon for pension-
ers, 1865-84; mem. Rev. Bd., Pension Dept.,
Washington, 1885; mem. Tnternat. Med.
Congress, Phila., 1876; pres. Iowa State
Med. Soc, 1872; hon. mem. Ues Moines
Patholog. Soc, Polk Co. Med. Soc, and
Iowa State Med. Soc. ; served 2 terms as
mayor of North Des Moines; contributor
to proceedings of med. societies and to the
med. and secular press; pres. Des Moines
School Technology; m. May 7, 1877, Hattie
Weatherby, Cardington, O. Address: Sum-
mit PI., Des Moines, la.

FIELD, Caroline Leslie, author; b. Mil-
ton, Mass.; d. late Seth D. and Mrs. A. D.
T. Whitney (author); m. James A. Field
(died 1884); lived some yrs. at Guilford,
Conn.; now at Milton, Mass. Author: High-
Lights (novel), 1886; The Unseen King and
Other Verses, 1887; Nannie's Happy Child-
hood, 1899 (all H5). Address: Milton, Mass.

FIELD. Edward, clerk of probate, Provi-
dence, R. I., since May, 1889; b. Providence
R. I., Oct. 4, 1858; 5. James Henry and
Melissa Warner (Haskell) F. ; ed. public
schools, Providence (hon. A. B., Brown,
1892); m. North Smithfield, R. I., May 1,
1880, Lottie I. Stark. Historian R. I. Soc
Sons Am. Revolution; has served on school
com., Providence, 4 yrs., and city auditor,
pro tern. ; record comm'r City of Providence,
since March, 1891. Mem. R. I. Hist. Soc,
Am. Hist. Assn., Colonial Soc. of Mass.
Author: Tax Lists of the Town of Provi-
dence During the Administration of Sir
Edmund Andros, and His Council, 1686-
1689, 1895 PI ; Revolutionary Defenses in
Rhode Island, with maps, plans and illus-
trations, 1896 PI; The Colonial Tavern,
1897 PI; Esek Hopkins, Commander-in-
Chief of the Continental Navy During the
American Revolution, 1775 to 1778, 1898 PI;
Diary of Col. Israel Angell, commanding
the Second Rhode Island Regiment during
the American Revolution, 1778-1781, PI;
Manuals of the R. I. Soc, Sons Am. Rev-
olution, for 1892 and 1S99; early Records
of the Town of Providence (Vols. 1 to XV),
1891-9; editor-in-chief "State of Rhode
Island and Providence Plantations at the
End of the Century." Residence: 13 Portland
St. Business Address: City Hall, Providence,
R. I.

FIELD, Henry Martyii, minister, editor,
and author; b. Stockbridge, Mass., April 3,

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