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the close of the war moving to Lexington, Kentucky, where he married
Belle Carter.

Mrs. Warren was educated in public and private institutions. In
1900 she was graduated from the University of Chicago, after having
completed a special course there in 1910. She was graduated from the
Teachers' College and three years later graduated from Barnard Col-
lege, connected with Columbia University, New York City.

During late years, she has taken an active interest in civic affairs
in her home city, Princeton. From 1910 to 1911 she was president of the
Present Day Club of Princeton, and from 1911 to 1913 she was presi-
dent of New Jersey State Federation of Woman's Clubs ; from 1910 to
1914 she was a member of the Civil Committee, General Federation of
Women's Clubs, and has been a director of the New Jersey Child Labor
Committeee since 1900.

She is a member of the Present Day Club of Princeton, the Woman's
Suffrage Association of Princeton, the College Woman's Club of Prince-
ton, the Contemporary Club, of Princeton, the Century Club, of New
York and the Post Parliament Club, of New York.

AGNES BOVVER WAUTERS (Mrs. William Morris) Bay-

onne, (820 Avenue A.) Journalist, Speaker, Song Writer, Civic
and Patriotic Worker. Born at Albany, N. Y. ; daughter of John
Spaven and Elizabeth Watson Hogg; married at Bayonne, N. J.,
Oct. 20, 1886, to William Morris W T auters, son of Stephen Vree-
land and Emily (Christopher) Wauters, of Bayonne, N. J.

Children: Alfred, born Dec. 30, 1888 (deceased Oct. 19, 1918) ;
Bessie Belle, born Aug. 30, 1890 (deceased Feb. 16, 1891) ; also
one grandson, John William Wauters, born May 28, 1914.

Agnes Bower Wauters is a paternal descendant of the Stuarts of
Scotland, related to the ruling family, the last of which, Mary Queen
of Scots, w r as beheaded by Queen Elizabeth in the sixteenth century.
An ancestor, Robert Spaven, was an associate of King Charles the first,
of England, and was one of the few people who knew by whom the
monarch was beheaded in 1664. On her maternal side she is related to
James Hogg, the shepherd poet of Scotland.

Mrs. Wauters was educated in the public schools of Albany, her
birthplace, and in 1875 went to England, where she attended a private
school for five years. On her return to America she again entered the
public schools of Brooklyn, and later completed her education by taking
special courses in New York City.

Mrs. Wauters has attained national fame among Women's organiza-
tions as a journalist, speaker, song writer, civic and patriotic worker.

642 Wauters

She is best known for her efforts to have the mountain laurel recognized
as the National Flower. At the bienniel of the General Federation of
Women's Clubs at Chicago in June, 1914, Mrs. Wauters read an original
poem. "A Plea for the Laurel." There was such a wide-spread demand
from the delegates for copies of it that at the next bienniel, held in New
York City in May, 1916, 20,000 copies of it were distributed as well as
an article, "Laurel as Our National Flower." As a result Mrs. Wauters
succeeded in having a resolution passed endorsing the laurel as the
national flower of the United States by the representatives of the 9,000
women's clubs present.

Through these pamphlets she secured the endorsement of the Society of
American Florists and Ornamental Horticulturists, and numerous women's
organizations for her movement. Others who were favorably impressed by
the idea, and who wished Mrs. Wauters success in her efforts were the late
Mrs. Woodrow Wilson and Admiral Dewey. She also has a written en-
dorsement from Edwin Markham, America's poet. It was through her
efforts that a bill was introduced in Congress in 1916 asking that the
laurel be adopted as the National Floral Emblem. She attended a hearing
of the bill on February 2, 1917, and when no action was taken, re-intro-
duced the bill last year.

Recently she was appointed chairman of the National Flower Com-
mittee of the General Federation of Women's Clubs and as such, on
Victory Day sent a large wreath of laurel to President Wilson ; also, on
Roosevelt Memorial Day, Feb. 9, 1919, with her committee held cere-
monies, placing a large wreath of mountain laurel on the grave of Theo-
dore Roosevelt, at Oyster Bay Cemetery. She presented General Per-
shing with a bronze wreath of mountain laurel on behalf of the National
Flower League.

It was Mrs. Wauters who also started the Municipal Christmas Tree
Association of United Women's Clubs, of which she has been chairman
for six years. She secured the appropriation of money annually from
the city treasury of Bayonne, whereby eight hundred children are made
happy every Christmas. She also originated the idea of planting honor
trees to the living and memorial trees to the dead along Lincoln High-
way. At one of these twelve ceremonial excercises President Wilson
planted a tree and laurel at Princeton in memory of Lincoln, and Gov.
Fielder planted one in honor of President Wilson, at which Mrs. Wauters

She is well known as a writer of short stories, songs, and essays,
particularly on the Laurel, which have been published in the leading
newspapers and magazines of the country.

She is a member of the following organizations: First President of
the Bayonne Council of Organizations, which includes fourteen clubs,
Past President Alpha Literary and Musical Club, chairman of the Con-
servation Department of the New Jersey State Federation of Women's
Clubs, President of the Municipal Christmas Tree Association of Bay-
onue, chairman of the Women's Committee of the Council of National
Defense of Bayonne, chairman Woman's Liberty Loan Committee, mem-
ber of the Mayor's Committee on the Observance of French Day, La-

Weeks r,t:;

fayette Day aud the return of the soldiers and sailors, chairman of the
National Flower Committee of the General Federation of Women's Clubs.

DAVID FAIRCHILD WEEKS Skillman, ("Maplewood" Cot-
tage). Physician, Superintendent New Jersey State Village for
Epileptics at Skillman. Born at Newark, N. J.. July 31, 1874;
sou of Henry Martin and Mary Malvina (Fairchild) Weeks;
married at Oak Lane, Pennsylvania, March 12, 1902, to Maude
Adele damping daughter of John Stewart alnd Amanda
(Thomas I Clampitt.

Children : Eleanor, born January 16, 1903 ; Henry Martin,
born September 10, 1907 ; Mary Fairchild, born December 21,

David Fairchild Weeks was educated in the public schools of Tren-
ton, graduating from the Trenton High School in 1892, from the State
Schools in 1893, and then began his medical career by studying for two
years in the office of his father. In 1895 he entered the medical de-
partment of the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1898, and has
been practicing medicine since.

He was resident physician at the McKeesport Hospital at McKees j
port, Pa., Cooper Hospital, Camden, Orthopardic Hospital and Infirmary
for Nervous Diseases at Philadelphia. He has specialized in nervous and
mental diseases and had a private practice in Trenton for over ten years.
He was formerly associated with the St. Francis Hospital in the Medi-
cal Dispensary and with the Mercer Hospital as assistant surgeon. He
was also examining physician for the Penn Mutual, Prudential and
other insurance companies until appointed superintendent of the New
Jersey State Village for Epileptics at Skillman on December 1, 1907.

He is ex-president of the Trenton High School Alumnae Association,
Mercer County Component Medical Society, Somerset County Component
Medical Society, National Association for the Study of Epilepsy ; presi-
dent of the International Liga Contrale Epilepsae ; member of Somerset
County Medical Society, State Medical Society of New Jersey, American
Association for the Study of Feebleminded, American Medico-'Psychologi-
cal Association, Medical Society of New Jersey, National Society of So-
cial Workers, State Conference of Charities and Corrections, American
Gentic Association, Red Cross, Eugenics Research Association, Mary-
land Psycharatric Society, National Geographic Society, and the Ameri-
can Science Society. In 1916 he was appointed by the Purchasing Agent
chairman of the Advisory and Price Fixing Board of the State Purchas-
ing Department.

In his research work on nervous and mental diseases, he has visited
most of the institutions for the care of epileptics both in this country and

He is a member of the following clubs: Ashlar Lodge, No. 76; Free
and Accepted Masons; Gebal Council; Palestine Commandary No. 4; Tall

644 West

Cedars of Lebanon ; Crescent Temple ; A. A. O. N. M. S. ; Trenton Lodge,
No. 105 ; Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks.

His business address is New Jersey State Village for Epileptics,
Skillman. N. J.

CAROLYN WELLS Rahway. Author. (Photograph pub-
lished in Vol. 1, 1917.) Born at Rahway, daughter of William
and Anna (Woodruff) Wells.

Carolyn Wells traces her ancestry straight back to Thomas Wells, the
first Treasurer and the fourth Governor of the state of Connecticut. Her
special line in literary work is parodist, and anthologist of parodies, hu-
morist and writer of detective stories. Her first notable appearance was as
the author of the witty Fluffy Ruffles verses that attracted attention all
over the country ; and since she took to writing for a business she has
given eighty-six books to the public.

Among Miss Wells's books are : "At the Sign of the Sphinx." "Jingle
Book," "The Story of Betty," "Idle Idyls," "Mother Goose's Menagerie,"
"Folly in Fairyland," "The Merry-Go-Round" "A Nonsense Anthology,"
"Children of Our Town" "A Phenomenal Fauna," "Abeniki Caldwell,"
"Eight Girls and a Dog," "The Pete and Polly Stores," "Trotty's Trip,"
"Folly in the Forest," "The Gordon Elopment," "A Parody Anthology,"
"The Staying Guest," "Folly of the Wise," "A Matromonial Bureau," "The
Dorrance Domain," "A Satire Anthology," "The Rubaiyat of a Motor Car,"
"Dorrance Doings," "A Whimsey Anthology," "Rainy Day Diversions."
"Emily Emmins Papers," "Fluffy Ruffles," "The Carolyn Wells Year Book,"
"The Happy Chaps," "Rubaiyat of Bridge," "The Clue," "Seven Ages of
Childhood," "Pleasant Day Diversions," and the series of the "Patty
Books," "Marjorie Books," "Dick and Dolly," and of "The Gold Bag," "A
Chain of Evidence," "The Lovers' Baedeker," "The Maxwell Mystery."
"The Read-Out-Loud Books," "Anybody But Anne," "The White Alley."
''Two Little Women" series, "Technique of the Mystery Story," "Jolly
Plays for Holidays," "The Curved Blades," "The Bride of a Moment" and
"The Mark of Cain."

Miss W T ells is a member of the Colony Club of New York and the
Lyceum Club of London.

ANDREW FLEMING WEST Princeton. University Dean.
Born at Allegheny, Pa. May 7, 1853 ; son of the Rev. Nathaniel
and Mary (Fleming) West; married on May 9, 1889, to Lucy
Marshall Fitz-Randolph, of Morristown.

Children : Randolph West, born at Princeton, August 7, 1890.

Dr. West graduated from Princeton University in 1874 with the A. B.
degree and the University conferred the Ph. D. degree in 1883. He holds
the degree of LL. D. from Lafayette College, conferred in 1897, and the

White 645

D. Litt., conferred by Oxford University in l!l)2. He became a Professor
of Latin in Princeton University in 1SS3 and has been Dean of the Gradu-
ate School at Princeton since 1901. He is a Trustee of the American
Academy in Rome and Chairman of the Committee on the School of Clas j
sical Studies. He planned the Graduate College of Princeton University.
Dr. West is a writer on university education, particularly the topics
lef erring to classical education. Besides having been the editor of "Ter-
ence" (1S8S), and "The Philobilon of Richard de Bury" (1889), he is the
author of "Alcain and the Rise of the Christian Schools" (1893), "Latin
Grammar" (1902). "American Liberal Education" (1907), "The Graduate
College of Princeton" (1913), and "The War and Education" (1919).

JAMES J. WHALEN Newark, (365 South 19th Street. )-
Assemblyman. Born at Newark, N. J., May 4, 1881.

James J. Whaleu was educated in the public and parochial schools
of Newark, the city of his birth, and upon leaving school he engaged in
business with his father, who was conducting a reporting and collecting
agency. Upon the death of his father, however, he secured employment
with the New Jersey Bottlers' Protective Association, where he is still
employed in the capacity of manager.

He has always been prominent in politics, being an ardent Democrat.
For fifteen years he has represented the district in which he resides on
the County Committee. At the fall 1918 elections he was elected to the
State Assembly with a plurality of 4,775 votes over Davenport, his Re-
publican opponent. This is the first public office he has ever held.

He is a well-know athlete and associated with sports for about fifteen
years. He is a member of several athletic clubs. He is president of the
Thirteenth Ward (Newark) Democratic Club, a member of the Domini-
can Holy Name Society and of the Board of Directors of the Hibernian
Building and Loan Association.

CHARLES DOUGHTY WHITE Atlantic City, (138 N. Har-
risburg Avenue.) Hotel Proprietor. Born at Denton Maryland,
July 8, 1875; son of Josiah and Mary Kirby (Allen) White; mar-
ried at Brooklyn, N. Y., December 23, 1901, to Margaret Dean
Fisher, daughter of Francis D. and Sarah (Dix) Fisher.

Children : Bertha D. ; Esther Allen ; Josiah ; Francis D. and

Charles Doughty White is descended from Quaker stock which dates
back to the Colonial period. He was educated in the public schools of
Denton and graduated from the Friends' Central High School of the same
place and entered Swarthmore College, from which he graduated. In 1896
he graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with the degree of
Bachelor of Laws.

646 Wiley

He was admitted to the New Jersey Bar and has been practicing law
in Atlantic City until 1901. That year he purchased stock in the Marl-
borough-Blenheim Hotel at Atlantic City, thus becoming one of the pro-
prietors of the hotel. He is president of the Hotel Men's Association
of Atlantic City. In 1916 he was elected city commissioner of Atlantic
City, which office he still fills. His term will expire in 1920.

He is a member of the following clubs: Atlantic City Chamber of
Commerce ; Rotary Club ; Sea View Golf Club ; Atlantic City Country Club ;
Atlantic City Yacht Club ; the Lodge of Elks and the Atlantic Game Pre-

His business address is City Hall, Atlantic City.

ARTHUR WHITNEY Mendham Senator. Born at Morris
Plains, N. J., July 5, 1871.

Senator Whitney began his public life in 1916 when he was elected
to the Assembly by a plurality of 2,825 votes over Holland, high Democrat.
In 1917 he was returned to the Assembly by a plurality of 3,826 votes over
Cooper, high Democrat. While in the Assembly he was chairman of the
Joint Appropriation Committee. Last year he was elected to the State
Senate, to fill the unexpired term of Mutchler, winning by a plurality of
2,210 votes over Atwood, Independent Republican, and Reed, high Demo-

ANDREW J. WIGHT Perth Amboy, (174 Water Street.)
Lawyer and Assemblyman. Born at South Amboy, N. J., March
14, 1886.

Andrew J. Wight was educated in the public schools of South Amboy,
where he was born, graduating from the South Amboy High School in
1904. Thereupon he entered Lafayette College, Easton, Pa., from which he
was graduated in 1908.

His first venture was that of a teacher in the Perth Amboy High
School, where he remained from 1909 until 1913. While he taught during
the day, he spent the evenings attending the New Jersey Law School, and
studying at home, and in February, 1913, he was admitted to the New
Jersey Bar. He was admitted as a counselor in 1916.

Since his admission to the bar, he has been practicing by himself, and
was appointed City Attorney of Perth Amboy. At the fall, 1918, elections
he was elected to the State Assembly with a plurality of 68 votes over his
Republican opponent. Although a recount was made, the original result
did not change.

WILLIAM HALSTED WILEY East Orange. Publisher. Born
in New York City, July 10, 1842; son of John and Elizabeth B.

Wilson 647

Wiley ; married on June 1, 1870, to Joanna King Clarke, of Zanes-
ville, Ohio.

Children : Sara King born September 23, 1S71 ; married Fred'k
L Drummond, January 24, 1891, died March 6, 1909.

William H. Wiley besides having a record as a soldier in the Civil
War, represented the Eighth New Jersey District in the 58th and ."i9th
Congresses of the United States (1903-1907) and in the 61st Congress
(1909-1911). He began his education in the public schools of New York
City and graduated from the New York Free Academy (now the College of
the City of New York) in 1861. He afterwards studied at the Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute in Troy, graduating in 1866 with the degree of C. E.,
and took a course at the Columbia College School of Mines.

At the outbreak of the Rebellion Mr. Wiley connected himself with the
7th Regiment New York Volunteers, became a First Lieutenant U. S. Vols,
in 1862, and, when he was mustered out in 1864, was a Major of the Volun-
teer Army. Since 1876 he has been engaged in the publication of scientific
works. Mr. Wiley is author of "Yosemite, Alaska and Yellowstone" (1888)
and is the New York correspondent of "Engineering" of London.

Mr. Wiley was President of the International Jury, Brussels Exposi-
tion, 1897 ; member Superior Jury, Brussels ; Commissioner for New Jer-
sey, St. Louis Exposition, 1904 ; and is a member of the American Society
of Civil Engineers, American Society Mechanical Engineers, American
Institute Mining Engineers, American Institute Electrical Engineers, A. A r
A. S., National Geographical Society, Order of Leopold, Belgium ; Metro-
politan Museum of Art, Society for the Preservation of the Adirondacks,
Seventh Regiment War Veterans (President), and of the Veterans Depart-
ment of South Loyal Legion, O. S. A.

Major Wiley's club memberships are with the Engineers, the Universi-
ty and the Municipal Art of New York, the East Orange Republican, the
Essex County Country, Mountain Golf and the Twilight Park Clubs.

JOHN R. WILSON Paterson, (727 E. 23rd St.) Superinten-
dent of Schools. Born at Bloomfield, N. J., April 30, 1874 ; son of
Alexander S. and Anna (Hopwood) Wilson; married to Jeanette
B. Stuart, daughter of Benjamin C. Stuart of Brooklyn, N. Y.

Children: Harold S., born 1900.

John R. Wilson is of direct Scotch descent. His father was born in
Scotland, in the town of Aberdeen, and came to America at the age of

He was educated in the public schools of Paterson, graduating from
the Paterson High School in June, 1890. For three years he attended
the State Normal School at Trenton and graduated in 1893. Later he en-
tered the Teacher's College, connected with Columbia University from
which he graduated.

He began his teacher's career by becoming teacher and principal of
the elementary schools of Millbrook amd Monroe in Morris coimty

648 Winter

and Hillsdale and Park Ridge in Bergen County. In 1901 he was ap-
pointed principal of elementary school No. 19, Paterson and in 1903 was
named principal of school No. 16. In 1905 he was transferred to School
No. 9. In September 1906 he was elected Superintendant of the schools
of Paterson and has continued in that capacity since.

He is a member of the Hamilton Club, St. Paul's Club of Paterson,
Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Paterson Lodge, No. 69, and the
Schoolmaster's Club of New York. New Jersey Council of Education, New
Jersey State Teacher's Association and the National Education Associa-

His business address is City Hall, Paterson, N. J.

WALTER G. WINNE Hasbrouck Heights, (255 Division Ave.)
Lawyer and Assemblyman. Born at Brooklyn, N. Y., February
18, 1889; son of George T. and Agnes T. (Goff) Winne; married
at Jersey City, on June 8, 1916, to Althea M. Sharp, daughter of
Peter V. and Jane Sharp.

Walter G. Winne was educated in the public schools of Brooklyn, and
in 1906 was graduated from the Hackensack High School. He then entered
Rutgers College from which he graduated in 1910 with the degree of Litt.
B. That same year he entered the New York Law School and after a two
years' course graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Laws.

He is practicing as an attorney in Hackensack. He is Borough At-
torney for Hasbrouck Heights and North Arlington, and last year was
Commissioner of Lunacy for Bergen County.

Assemblyman Winne is serving his fourth term in the Legislature,
having been first elected in 1916, and each year thereafter.

He is a member of the following clubs : Union League Club of Bergen
County ; Oritani Field Club of Hackensack, Hackensack Lodge, Benevolent
and Protective Order of Elks, Pioneer Club of Hasbrouck Heights and the
Hasbrouck Heights Field Club.

His business address is 173 Main Street. Hackensack.

HOWARD E. WINTER Plainfield Member State Board of
Health. Born at Red Bank, N. J., on January 30, 1886 ; son of Wil-
liam Edgar and Elizabeth V. Winter.

Howard E. Winter was educated in the Shrewsbury Academy at Red
Bank, where he graduated in 1902. He then completed a three year
course at the New York American Veterinarian College, graduating in
1905, and then, for over four years he practiced as an assistant veterin-
arian in New York City.

In 1910 he was graduated from the University of Pennsylvania De-
partment of Veterinary Medicine, and since then he has practiced his
profession in Plainfield. In 1916 he was named by Governor Fielder a

Wittpenn 649

member of the State Department of Health, to fill a vacancy caused by
the death of John M. Everitt, and was re-appointed by Governor Edge
in 1918.

His business address is 27 Craig Place, Plainfield, X. J.

FREDERICK C. J. WISS Newark, (33 Littleton Avenue. )-
Manufacturer. Born in Newark, 1858 ; son of Jacob and Mary
I Kaiser ) Wiss ; married at Newark, 1886, to Charlotte S. Lange,
daughter of John W. and Catherine (Bierwirth) Lange.

Frederick C. J. Wiss is President and Treasurer of J. Wiss & Sons
Co.. widely known for its work in the manufacture of cutlery. The busi-
ness was established by his father, Jacob Wiss, in 1848. Its first location
was in Bank Street, near Broad, and its business expanded until it now
occupies about 25 city lots. Its manufacturing is done in a series of
one. two, three and four story buildings in which about 500 hands are

Mr. Wiss was educated in the public schools of the city and at the age
of 17 took charge of his father's establishment. He is also President and
Treasurer of the Wiss Realty Corporation, a director of the New Jersey
Manufacturers Association and the New Jersey Manufacturers Casualty
Insurance Co., and a member of the Board of Trade and other associa-

HENRY OTTO WITTPENN Jersey City, (125 Kensington
Ave. ) Manufacturer. Born in Jersey City, October 21, 1872 ; son
of John J. Wittpenn ; married at Hoboken, to Mrs. Caroline B.
Alexander, daughter of Edwin Augustus and Martha Bayard
(Dod) Stevens.

Henry Otto Wittpenn is Naval Officer of the Port of New York and has
for some years been regarded as a gubernatorial possibility in New Jersey.
Mrs. Alexander, his wife, is of the famous Stevens family of Castle Point,
Hoboken, and is herself a well known worker for civic and charity and
penal reforms.

Mr. Wittpeun is of German extraction. His father, when he came to
these shores, went into the grocery business on Comnumipaw Avenue, Jer-
sey City. The sou assisted in the store while attending the public schools
and after his graduation took a course of special study across the
seas. Returning to America he entered his father's employ and upon his
father's death succeeded to his business. He added to the retail trade a
wholesale feed establishment located on Black Tom Island. Later he en-
tered on the manufacture and sale of bricks as a member of the firm of
Houghtaling & Wittpenn.

650 Woodbridge

Mr. Wittpeiin has a natural bent for politics and soon was active in
the local swim. His first official position was as County Supervisor of Hud-
son county, the duties of which he discharged with a satisfaction that led
to his re-election in 1906 by a plurality exceeding 20,000. That triumph
pointed him out to the democratic managers in Jersey City as fit to mea-
sure swords as a candidate for Mayor, with Mark M. Fagan. Mr. Fagan
had captured the Mayoralty in previous years without the aid of the local
republican chiefs, and his election, term after term, had bred the idea that

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