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VVtiusier rarniiy Liorary ot veieriaary Medicine
Cumrnings School of Veterinary Medicine at
Tufts University
200 Westboro Road
North Grafton, MA 01 536


(With Current Prices)









Copyright, 1922


Pharmaceutical and Biological Chemists
Indianapolis, U. S. A.


A Pane

Absorbent Cotton 186

Alcumethone, Oint 39

Aloin Compound, Bolus 21

Aloin Compound B, Bolus 22

Alum Powder Comp., Dr. McKil-

lip 17

Ammonia Aromatic, Spirit of , . 80
Ammonium Chloride and Stra-
monium Comp., Electuary.... 31
Ammonia Comp., Compactoid.. 26

Anthrax Products 101

Anti-Blackleg Serum 88

Anti-Calf-Scour-Serum 88

Anti-Distemper Serum, Canine. 88

Anti-Flatulence Bolules 22

Anti-Hemorrhagic Septicemia

Serum (for Cattle) 89

Anti-Hemorrhagic Septi c e m i a

Serum (for Rabbits) 89

Anti-Hemorrhagic Septi c e m i a

Serum (for Swine) 90

Anti-Hog-Cholera Serum 87

Anti-Metritis Bolules (for

Swine) 23

Anti-Mixed-I nfection Serum

(Swine) 90

Antimony and Areca Compound,

Bolules 23

Anti-Sera 88

Antiseptic Dusting Powders. .17-18
Antiseptic Dusting Powders

(with private label) 18

Antiseptic Tablets 47 and 53

Anti-Snuffles Serum (for Rab-
bits) 89

Anti-Toxin, Tetanus 91

Aromatic Spirits Ammonia 80

Arsenic Comp., Compactoid.... 26
Arsenic and Iron Comp., Powder 44
Autogenous Bacterins 93


Bacterins 92

Backus' Vermifuge Comp 50


Balling Guns (Swine) 24

Bandages 187

Barium Chloride and Tartar
Emetic. Tablets, Description,

Price 54

Bichloride Tablets 53

Biologies 83-102

Biological Depots X

Biological Laboratories 84

Biological Therapy, Notes on..


Blackleg Filtrate 99

Blackleg Products 88 and 99

Blisters, Veterinary 19-20

Blister Liquid, Wagner 20

Blister Salve 20

Bolules 22

Bolules Anti-Flatulence 22

Bolules Anti-Metritis (for

Swine) 23

Bolules Antimony and Areca

Compound 23

Bolules Utero 23

Bolules, Veterinary 21

Bolus Aloin Compound 21

Bottles, Prescription 182

Breakage, Claims for XI

Buchu-Juniper and Acetate Po-
tassium-Elixir 32

Branch House Addresses X

Breakage and Shortage XI

Cable Code 103

Calf-Scour (Anti-Serum) 88

Calf-Scour-Mixed-Bacterin 94

Calistrychnos, Elixir 32

Camphor Comp., Liniment,

White and Pink 77

Camphor in Oil, see Camphoules 35

Camphoules, Hysolvets 35

Canine Tablets 61-67

Cannabis Com.p., Syrup 47


Cantharides and Croton Oil

Comp., Blister 19

Capsiphor 27

Capsosal 27

Capsules Cathartic 22

Capsules, Empty 183

Capsules Santaloin Comp., (for

Swine) 24

Cascara Flavored Liquid 38

Cathartic Capsules 22

Cerates 78

Cerate Cantharides 20

Chemicals 189

Chicken Cholera Tablets (see
Tablets Mercury Bichloride
and Phen olsulphonates

Comp 56

Chicken Pox Vaccine 100

Chloral Compound with Potass,

Brom 25

Chloramine T, Solutabs 46

Claims for Breakage XI

Cocaine Tablets for Solution... 59

Code, Telegraph and Cable 103

Coloring Solution 25

Colors 25

Compactoids 26

Compactoid Ammonia Comp. ... 26

Compactoid Arsenic Comp 26

Compactoid Capsiphor 27

Compactoid Pruni-Pinus Comp. 27

Compound Alum Powder 17

Compound Alum Powder (with

private label) 18

Compound Zinc Powder 18

Cordial Krameria Comp., (see
Rumeria Astringent) 45

Corks, Prescription 184

Cotton, Absorbent 186

Cougji and Cold Remedy No. 3. . 28

Cow Drench 2S

Cre-Guiatone 29

Creo-Pinus Compound 29

Creosote and Eucalyptus Comp. 30
Cresol Solutions (See Kreu-
camph, Page 37 and Solution
Cresylic Acid Comp., Page... 79


Cresylic Acid Compound, Solu-
tion 79

Crude and Powdered Drugs . . . .189

Depots, Biological X

Digitalis and Lobelia Comp.,

Elixir 33

Distemper Mixed Bacterin (for

Horses) 94

Distemper Serum, Canine 88

Distributors of Biologies X

Dose Syringes 184

Dusting Powders 17-18


Echi Chloride 31

Electuary Ammonium Chloride
and Stramonium Compound.. 31

Elixirs 68-69

Elixir Buchu Juniper and Ace-
tate Potassium 32

Elixir Calistrychnos 32

Elixir Digitalis and Lobelia

Comp 33

Elixir Ferrogen 33

Elixir Uva Ursi Comp 34

Equi-Lax 34

Equine Influenza Mixed Bacterin 96

Ether, Nitrous, Oil of 38

Ether, Nitrous, Spirit of 80

Extracts, Fluid 70-76


Ferrogen Elixir 33

Filtrate, Blackleg 99

Fluidextracts 70-76

Fluidextract Nux Vomica 74

Fowl Cholera Bacterin 95

Fowl Cholera Tablets, (See Tab-
lets Mercury Bichloride and
Phenolsulphonates Comp. ... 56
Fowler's Solution 79


G Page

Gauze 187

Gauze Bandages 187

General Information XI

Gentian and Nux Vomica Comp.,

Powder 44

Goulard's Extract 79

Guns, Balling (Swine) 24


Hemorrhagic Septicemia Anti-
Serum (for Cattle) 89

Hemorrhagic Septicemia Anti-
Serum (for Rabbits) 89

Hemorrhagic Septicemia Anti-
Serum (for Swine) 90

Hemorrhagic Septicemia Bac-

terin (for Cattle) 95

Hemorrhagic Septicemia Bac-

terin (for Sheep) 95

Hemorrhagic Septicemia Bac-

terin (for Swine) 96

Hemorrhagic Septicemia Vac-
cine (for Cattle) 101

Hog Cholera Serum 87

Hog Cholera Virus 87

Hypodermic Needles 184

Hypodermic Syringes 185

Hypodermic Tablets 58-60

Hysolvets 35

Hysolvets Camphoules 35

Hysolvets Sodium Cacodylate.. 36

Influenza Mixed Bacterin Equine 96

Information, General XI

Iodine Soluble 37

Iodine, Tincture 81

lodocan. Blister 20

Iron Chloride, Tinct 81

Krameria Comp., Cordial (See

Rumeria Astringent) 45

Kreucamph 37

L Page

Laboratories, Biological 84

Laxothalen Tablets 66

Liability XII

Ligatures 187

Liniments 77

See also Capsiphor 27

Liniment Camphor Comp.,

White and Pink 77

Liniment Solidified (See Cap-

sosal) 27

Liquid Blister, Wagner 20

Liquid Cascara Flavored 38

Liquid Soap 38

Liquor Cresolis Compositus (See

Solution Cresylic Acid Comp.) 79
Lugol's Solution 79


Mail Orders XIII

Mail Service Dept XIII

Mastitis Mixed Bacterin (for

Cattle) 96

Melpinol Comp., Syrup 48

Mercuric Oxide, Yellow, Oint... 41
Mercuric-Potassium Iodide, Sol-

utabs 47

Mercury Bichloride and Phenol-
sulphonates Compound Tab-
lets 56

Metritis Mixed Bacterin (Cat-
tle) 96

Mixed Bacterin (for Swine) 98

Mixed Infection, Anti-Serum
(for Swine) 90


Needles, Hypodermic 184

Needles, Surgical 186

Nitroglycerin, Spirit of 80

Nitrous Ether, Oil 38

Nitrous Ether, Spirit of 80

Normal Horse Serum 91

Notes on Biological Therapy..


Nux Vomica, FE 74

O Fage

Oakum 187

Oils, Essential and Fixed 200

Oil Nitrous Ether 38

Ointments 77

Ointment Alcumethone 39

Ointment Bismuth Subgallate

Compound (See Pellitol) 42

Ointments, Blistering 19-20

Ointments, Ophthalmic 40

Ointment Pellitol 42

Ointment Phycamphol 39

Ophthalmic Ointments 40

Ophthalmic Solutions 41


Parcel Post Shipments XII

Pellitol 42

Pituitary Extract 102

Phycamphol, Ointment 39

Pig-Scour Mixed Bacterin 98

Plasters, Adhesive 188

Powders 43

Powder Arsenic and Iron Com-
pound 44

Powder Gentian and Nux Vom-
ica Compound '44

Powders, Dusting 17-18

Powder Sulphocarbolates Com-
pound 43

Pruni-Pinus Compound, Com-

pactoid 27

Pyo-Bismuth Paste 42


Rabies Vaccine 102

Roup Bacterin (See Mixed Bac-
terin (for Fowls) 97

Rumeria Astringent 45


Sabismul 45

Santaloin Comp., Capsules 24

Scarlet Oil Compound 46

Sera 88

Serum, Anti-Calf-Scour 88

Serum, Anti-Hemorrhagic Septi-
cemia (Cattle) 89


Serum, Anti-Hemorrhagic Sep-
ticemia (Rabbits) 89

Serum, Anti-Hemorrhagic Septi-
cemia (Swine) 90

Serum, Anti-Hog-Cholera 87

Serum Syringes 185

Shipping Routes XI

Snuffles, Anti-Serum (for Rab-
bits) 89^

Snuffles, Bacterin (for Rabbits) 97

Soap, Liquid 38

Sodium Cacodylate, Hysolvets.. 36
Solidified Liniment (See Capso-

sal) 27

Soluble Iodine 37

Solutabs 46

Solutions 79

Solutions, Coloring 25

Solutions, Cresol (See Kreu-
camph 37 and Solution Cresy-

lic Acid Compound 79

Solution Cresylic Acid Comp. . . 79

Solutions, Ophthalmic 41

Specialties 17-51

Speculum 25

Spirits 80

Spirits Ammonia Aromatic .... 80

Spirits Nitrous Ether 80

Strep-Staph-Coli Bacterin (for

' Cattle) 98

Strep-Staph-Coli Bacterin (for

Horses) 99

Sulphocarbolates Comp., Pow-
der 43

Sundries 182

Surgical Needles 186

Sutures 187

Swine Balling Guns 24

Swine Mouth Speculum 24

Swine Plague, Anti-Serum 90

Bacterin 96

Syringes, Dose 184

Syringes, Hypodermic 185

Syringes, Serum and Virus 185

Syrup Cannabis Comp 47

Syrup Melpinol Comp 48

Syrup White Pine Comp.. No. 2 . 48

T Page

Tablets Antiseptic 53

Tablets Barium Chloride and

Tartar Emetic 54

Tablets Bichloride 53

Tablets Cocaine for Solution... 59

Tablets Coloring— For Oils 26

Tablets for Canine Practice. .61-67

Tablets Hypodermic 58-60

Tablets Laxothalen 66

Tablets Mercury Bichloride and
Phenolsulphonates Compound 56

Tablets Veterinary 53-58

Tartar Emetic and Barium Chlo-
ride, Tablets, Description,

Prices 54

Telegraph and Cable Code 103

Terms, etc XI

Terragene 48

Tetanus Antitoxin 91

Thermometers, Clinical 186

Thycamphone 49

Tinctures 80-82

Tuberculins 99-100

Tuberculin Testing, Notes on. . .172
Turcapsol 49

U Page

Utero Bolules 23

Uva Ursi Comp., Elixir 34


Vaccines 100-101

Vermifuge Capsules, swine 24

Vermifuge Comp., Backus 50

Veterinary Biologies 83-102

Veterinary Hypodermic Tablets


Veterinary Specialties 17-51

Veterinary Tablets 52-58

Virus, Hog Cholera 87


Wagner, Liquid Blister 20

White Pine Comp., No. 2, Syrup 48

Zeamantine Compound 51

Zinc Oxide Ointment 78

Zinc Powder Compound 18


The Pitman-Moore Policy

F you but take the trouble to dig deep down
under any real success, in business or else-
where, invariably you find that it is founded
on some basic principle so sound and so firmly an-
chored in truth that nothing can displace it.

The success of the Pitman-Moore Company is founded
on the basic policy, early adopted by the founder of this
business, of making only products of known value, of put-
ting into these products the highest possible quality, and
then making sure that these best possible products are
administered by knowing hands only.

For the Pitman-Moore Company has, from the begin-
ning, if not actually in a spirit of awe, at least in a spirit of
extreme seriousness, realized to the utmost its scientific re-

It is no small thing to know that on what we make,
depends whether life shall be preserved or shall perish.

It is no small thing to know that how our work is done,
will have a decided influence on the success of the man who
puts his confidence in us, and actually stakes his reputation
as a man of science on the purity and potency of our prod-
ucts. This realization of our responsibility to the veterinary
profession is one of the real factors in the growth and the
success of this company.

Next to their potency and purity, we place careful ad-
ministration of our products. Skillfully made medicinal
products cannot be fully effective, unless skillfully used.
Hence a fundamental principle of our policy is administra-
tion of our products by knowing hands only. To us, this
means confining the use of our veterinary products to Li-
censed, Graduate Veterinarians only.

To the maintenance of our policy, as outlined above,
we permanently pledge the full man power and mind power
of our entire organization.


Branches and Distributors

CHICAGO, ILL 5609 Blackstone Ave.

DES MOINES, lA 100 Maple St.

LEXINGTON, KY Cor. MaxweU and High Sts.

LIMA, OHIO 320 E. Market St.

MADISON, WIS. 753 E. Washington Aye.


SIOUX CITY, lA 205 Fifth St.


Distributors for Biologies


. . . . J. W. Patterson Commission Co., Nat'l Stock Yards

BOSTON, MASS. Eastern Drug Co.

HAETFORD, CONN Gladding Drug Co., 56 Church St.

LAKE GENEVA, WIS Dr. T. H. Ferguson

LANSING, MICH Dr. S. R. Johnson, 406 S. Grand


Drs. Robnett & Espy, 125-127 W. 23rd St.

PASADENA, CAL Dr. L. M. Hurt, 665 N. Fair Oaks Aye.


Eraser Yeterinary Supply Co., 316-318 N. Henry St.

ST. PAUL, MINN Marrinan Medical Supply, Hamm Bldg.

General Information

Fair dealing with all our patrons requires that we make no excep-
tions to such rules of commercial policy as are necessary for the proper
conduct of our business relations with the veterinary profession of the
country. Should any favoritism be shown to a single patron, even that
patron might suspect that still greater advantages were being accorded
to others; hence we believe that square business dealing requires that
we adhere strictly to our published terms,


All prices quoted herein are net, and are submitted as ruling on this
date, but are without offer and are subject to change, as market condi-
tions may require, without notice.

Since the policy governing our sales is to deal directly with members
of the Veterinary Profession, without the intervention of middlemen, there
is no necessity for our publishing fictitious "list prices" with a varying
scale of discounts.

Prices quoted on all items are the lowest net prices at which prod-
ucts of the quality we offer can legitimately be sold; for in every instance,
the quality of the product is given first consideration. Our selling prices
always are based on cost of production, and necessarily change with the
market prices of ingredients: our prices, not our formulas, change with
the market.


From the net prices quoted herein, we allow a discount of 2 per cent
for cash with order, or for payment within 10 days from date of invoice,
unless otherwise specified upon the invoice. All invoices are due, net,
in 30 days from date, unless otherwise specified.


Suitable remittances or reference should accompany first orders.
Remittances by draft or money order are preferred.


Prices quoted include containers, except when otherwise specified.


Our shipments are carefully checked three times by trained order
clerks and are packed by expert packers. Should an apparent shortage
occur, customers are requested to examine carefully the packing material
and container, since small articles frequently are lost in this way. If
unable to locate a missing item, please advise us promptly, enclosing
with your report the packing slip which we place in each box.

If goods arrive in damaged condition, insist upon proper notation
being made on the transportation company's expense bill by their agent;
unless this is done claims cannot be prosecuted successfully. Trans-
portation companies act as agents of the purchaser, and we must refer
our patrons to them for reparation in case of damages. We are at all
times pleased to assist our customers in proving claims against the
carrier, but we cannot assume the responsibility of collecting them.


Shipments by Parcel Post are at the risk of the consignee after
delivery to the postal authorities. Even if registered, no recovery from
the government is possible in case of loss. Since our patrons can be
insured against loss at a cost of 1 cent for each $3.00 or less, unless
specifically instructed otherwise, we insure all Parcel Post shipments,
charging the cost upon the invoice.


We hold ourselves responsible for the condition of our products
so long as packages containing them are intact, referring particularly
to removal of labels, bottle stoppers, etc., but cannot assume responsi-
bility for deterioration of our products which have been opened, or which
have been unduly exposed to sunlight, extreme heat, cold or moisture,
or other deteriorating influences beyond our control, the products having
left our laboratories in proper condition.


The therapeutic indications and uses listed in the following pages
necessarily are general in scope and character. The products listed are
intended for use only by those who are learned in veterinary medicine,
and capable of judging whether any product or dosage is applicable to
a given condition, and whether a particular formula is indicated or contra-
indicated in a particular case.


Our pharmaceutical and biological products are offered to the veter-
inary profession as being of the best quality possible. All known methods
of chemical and physiological assay and tests are applied to our drug
products to insure strength and accuracy.

Our veterinary biological products are produced under U. S. Gov-
ernment license and inspection, and in addition to passing all tests
required by government regulations, are submitted to our own rigid tests
for purity. Each product is guaranteed to be of proper potency and
purity when it leaves our hands; however, since we have no control over
the application of these products in the field, nor over the condition and
handling of the animals upon which they are used, we cannot assume
any responsibility for the results obtained from their use. Purchases
of our products must be understood to signify that this limitation of
our responsibility is understood and accepted by the purchaser.

Our Veterinary
Mail Service

For the convenience of our friends in the profession, we
give special attention to the quick handling of orders sent
us by mail. Every mail order is treated as a "rush" order,
and is executed immediately and shipped by the first possible

Your orders sent us by mail will receive the same care
and the same prompt attention as though you personally
were in our offices, or our representative was calling upon
you at your office.

Our offices are open 24 hours every day for receiving and
filling orders by telegraph or telephone, both in Indianapolis
and at our branches and distributors.

Members of the Veterinary Profession are invited to
make use of these facilities whenever emergencies arise that
require promptness, and are assured that they will not be
disappointed in the service we render.


Veterinary Pharmaceutical

Products - - - Pages 15 to 82

Specialties — Boluses, Bolules, Blisters, Dust-
ing Powders, Ointments, Antiseptics.

Tablets, Fluid Extracts, Elixirs, Tinctures,
etc., etc.


Veterinary Biological Products Pages 84 to 102

Anti-sera, Antitoxins, Bacterins, Diagnostic
Agents, Vaccines, etc.

Notes On Modern Biological

Therapy - - - Pages 107 to 180


Chemicals, Sundries, Instruments,

Surgical Dressings, etc. Pages 182 to 200


Veterinary Pharmaceutical


In our 23 years of experience as pharmaceutical manu-
facturers, certain products of our laboratories have been
found to possess points of superiority that have made them

Whether these points relate to unusual therapeutic value,
or to pharmaceutical elegance of more than ordinary de-
gree, or to particularly marked adaptability to the use or
condition indicated, these products have won especial atten-
tion from the veterinary profession and, through years of
clinical trial by many practitioners, have proven their right
to be classed as Specialties in our pharmaceutical line.

For these reasons, the preparations listed under the
head of Specialties in the following pages are given promi-
nence in our catalog, and are commended to the profession
with confidence that they will meet the approval of the
discriminating veterinarian.

Antiseptic Dusting Powders


Prepared from Iodoform, Boric Acid, Burnt Alum and
Starch in the proportions recommended by Dr. M. H.
McKillip to his students.

This popular antiseptic dusting powder is less astringent
than many commonly used formulae, and has less tendency
to the formation of scar tissue. Its value is increased by the
iodoform content, which enhances its antiseptic and stimu-
lant properties and acts as an effective fly-repellant.

This powder possesses powerful antiseptic, styptic and
healing properties and is especially effective in the control
of capillary hemorrhages from small wounds or bruises. Its
free application will be followed by almost immediate arrest
of bleeding and at the same time will prevent access of
pus-forming micro-organisms.

When dusted freely upon cuts, ulcers or suppurative
wounds, it prevents the growth of many bacteria and through
its stimulating action it promotes the formation of healthy
granulating tissue and causes rapid healing.

Indicated in all conditions where a stimulating, antisep-
tic and styptic dressing is required, and as a prophylactic
measure in the treatment of fresh wounds.

Supplied in all-metal, sprinkler-top cans, which avoid
access of moisture and prevent the powder from caking.
14 lb. Sprinkler-top cans, per doz $2.00


Purified Burnt Alum, carefully Carbolized
and Camphorated, then reduced to an im-
palpable powder without heating, thus pre-
serving all of the therapeutic activity of the


1*0 W I) K^^

When a more strongly astringent
dressing is desired than the formula
listed above, this product is recom-
mended. It is particularly valuable
for checking the growth of exuber-
ant fungus granulations (proud
flesh). Its use is followed by rapid
retraction and healing, and aids in
preventing wound infection.

14 lb. Sprinkler-top all-metal cans, per
dozen $2.00





The majority of our orders for Antiseptic Dusting
Powders call for these products to be supplied under the
buyers private label.

There is a constant demand for products of this kind,
and by supplying them under his own name the veterinarian
is enabled to control that demand. We urge the veterinarian
to handle these products under his own label, because it
brings him new business, and brings the client back for
additional supplies.

We print special private labels for these powders when
ordered in quanties of one-half gross or more, without
extra charge. Choice of several styles of labels are offered,
and samples of the different styles will be submitted upon

Our special all-metal container prevents caking of the
powder through access of moisture.

14 lb. Sprinkler-top all-metal cans, with buy-
ers' private label.

Half-gross lots $11.50

Gross lots 22.00


This powder represents: Zinc Stearate, Talcum, Burnt
Alum, Camphor, Phenol, and Boric Acid, as a fine ab-
sorbent powder free from gritty or irritating particles.

Compound Zinc Powder possesses absorbent, antiseptic
soothing and styptic properties, and freely used will control
slight hemorrhages, form an effective protective dressing
and stimulate repair.

This powder will appeal to the practitioner who wants
an antiseptic protective dressing that will not cause the
formation of heavy hard crusts, thus delaying natural heal-
ing processes.

It is not as astringent as our Compound Alum Powder.

In 4-oz. sprinkler-top tins, per dozen. , ,$ 2,25
With customer's private label, per Vz

gross 12.75

Per gross 24.75




Contains Cantharides, Croton Oil, Origanum and Red
Mercuric Iodide.

This preparation
has no superior as a
powerful counter-ir-
ritant and vesicant.
iKB^^^^^ This is the opinion

coMPotN^^^HI expressed by many

veterinarians after
giving it a thorough
trial. It is a superior
M>i ^^^i^^HJV pi*eparation because
^ ' of its absolutely de-

pendable action and
great penetrating
>.v.'-..&.^ power; because it is
»a_ practically painless
[?' ' '.l^x^m^ aj^d does not injure
hair follicles; and
because it is effect-
ive in one-half the
quantity of ordinary
blisters. It is especially indicated in the treatment of exos-
tosis of bone and cartilage, in promoting absorption of
chronic and inflammatory deposits as in chronic pleurisy, in
relieving sprained tendons and spavin, in treatment of pain-
ful swollen joints, bursitis, etc.

We recommend the use of this preparation in our col-
lapsible tube package, which makes it convenient for dis-
pensing and easy of application. Slip the label off the tube

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