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3 1833 02303 4900

iGc 977.202 F77mpw, 1908-10
Daughters 01=- the American
Revol-ution. Mary Penrose
Year bcdok






i^ar 'Bank ISOB-lMfl






Wv^nmzthKptxiZl, 1901

C!II)arti»r?5 imtuarg 20. 1002

mfutVB 1000-1909

Regent —

Peari, Foster Rahs

Vice-Regent —

Sarah Elizabeth Fitch

Recording Secretary —
Margaret Vesey

Corresponding Secretary —
Etta Keei. Pettit


M11.DRED McCuRDY Evans

Registrar —

Maude Eavsy Perfect

Historian —

Dr. Carrie Banning

Chaplain —

Carolyn Randall Fairbank

Ex-Regents —

Mrs. Frances M. Robertson - - 1901-1903

Mrs. Carolyn Randall Fairbank, 1903-1905

Mrs. Winifred J. Randall, - - 1905-1906

Prngram Qlnrnmittr^

Mrs. Randai^i;
Br. Banning
Mrs. Nichot^s

Honks aixh pirtiirrs

Mrs. Randali,
Mrs. Kuntbr
Mrs. N1CH01.S

Mrs. Dunkei.bkrg


October Fifth

Martha Washington-
Mrs. Fairbank

Mrs. Kvans— Hostess

November Second

Subject to be selected —


Mrs. Robertson - - Hostess

December Seventh

DoixY Madison—

Mrs. Griswoi.d

Mrs. BARRKTT—Hostess

January Fourth

Eliza Pinckney—

Mrs. Fry

Mrs. Emmons -Hostess

February First

Margaret Winthrop —

Mrs. Heaton

Mrs. Mossman, Hostess



Februaty Twenty- Second

Committee on Entertainment
Mrs. Hkaton
Mrs. McCaskey
Miss Vksey

Mrs. DunkkIvBKRG— Chairman
Mrs. Yaple— Hostess

March First

Dr. Banning

Mrs. Perfect— Hostess

April Fifth
Mercy Warren —

Mrs. DunkeivBurg

Mrs. Merritt— Hostess

May Third
Report from Continentai, Congress-
Bisection OF Officers

Mrs. GRISWOI.D —Hostess


^'Hurrah for the flag, our country'' s flag !

Its stripes and white stars, too !
There is no flag i7i aiiy land.

Like our own red, ivhitc and bliie,^'*


Banningf, Dr. Carrie 1203 Crescent Ave

Barrett, Mrs. Marian Anna 2325 Fairfield Ave

Barrett, Miss Florence 2325 Fairfield Ave

Brown, Mrs. Amanda Randall Hotel

Brown, Mrs. Minnie Graves 344 W. Berry St

Dunkelberg, Mrs. Anna Crockett..^ 2417 S. Harrison St

Ellison, Miss Pliebe

Emmons, Mrs. Bertha Evart 2440 Fairfield Ave

Evans, Mrs. Mildred McCurdy 1042 Glasgow Ave

Fairbank, Mrs. Carolyn Randall. « 409 E. Berry St

Fitch, Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth 920 Webster St

Fry, Mrs. Josephine S 817 F'airfield Ave

Granger, Mrs. Laura 722 Jackson St

Griswold, Mrs. Louise Norton W. Wayne St

Hanna, Mrs. Martha Brandriff 1228 W. Berry St

Haberly, Miss Francis Marion Spy Run Ave

Heaton, Mrs. Kate Russell 734 W. Wayne St

Hunter, Mrs. Cora Andrews 1011 W. W^ayne St

Hunter, Miss Stella May 1011 W. Wayne St

Lukens, Mrs. Mary Brandriff 910 W. Berry St

McAllister, Mrs. Theodosia Purman Fort Wayne

McCaskey, Mrs. Louise Sturgis 439 W. Main St

Merritt, Mrs. Flora 225 Woodland Ave

Mossmau, Mrs. Emma Seymour 1202 W. Wayne St

Muirhead, Miss Laura Douglas 2533 Calhoun St

Nichols, Mrs. Edna Eavey W. Wayne St

Perfect, Mrs. Maude Eavey 1233 W. Wayne St

Pettit, Mrs. Ella Keel 830 W. Berry St

Rahe, Mrs. Pearl Foster 2138 Fairfield Ave

Randall, Mrs. Winifred J Randall Hotel

Robertson, Mrs. Frances M Spy Run Ave


Seavey, Mrs. Amy R 923 W. Main St

Tliieme, Mrs. Bessie Loring 1026 W. Berry St

Vesey, Mrs. Sarah 1210 Maple Ave

Vesey, Miss Margaret 2602 Thompson Ave

White, Mrs. Minnie Thompson 514 E. Berry St

Whery, Dr. Mary 404 E. Berry St

Wilbur, Miss Flora 535 W. Berry St

Williams, Miss Gertrude Lile 225 Woodland Ave

Woodworth, Miss Alida Taylor 904 W. Berry St

Wood, Mrs. I/Ouise...«^ Lau Block

Yaple, Mrs. Fannie Russell 1115 W. Wayne St

Aber, Mrs. Viola Greer, 805 First St,, Pasadena, Cal

Bash, Mrs. Lillian Root, The Hai Grave, W, 72 St., N. Y
Bash, Mrs. Minnie Keel

1712 N. Pennsylvania Ave., Indianapolis, Ind

Klinkensmith, Miss Anna 320 E. 57th St., Chicago

Merriam, Mrs. Irma Seavey

65 I/angdon St., Cambridge, Mass

Miesse, Miss Katherine

5707 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111

Muirhead, Miss Margaret .««».„. Seattle, Wash

Sturgeon, Mrs. Mabel, .•«.

5021 Pulaski Ave., Germantown, Pa

Silcoott, Mrs. Blanch Williams Fort Sill, Oklahoma

Van Sweringen, Mrs. Cora Miesse

5707 Kimbark Ave., Chicago, 111

Watt, Mrs. Evelyn Bond, 298 Union St., Hackensack.N.Y.

Sn Mtmnrivm

MtB. ICura QIafi? Mnnbtoortli

3ula r, 13fln


This Society shall be called The Mary Penrose Wayne
Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, of
Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Object of the Society.

1. To foster a spirit of true patriotism.

2. To encourage historical research in relation to the
American Revolution.

3. To cherish, maintain and extend the institutions of
America; to advocate appropriate celebrations of all
patriotic anniversaries.

4. To preserve the memory of the noble women who
bore their share in the dangers and privations of the war
of the Revolution.


\. Any woman of Indiana, not a member of any other
Chapter, may be eligible for membership, who is of the age
of eighteen years, and who is descended from an ancestor
who, with unlailing loyaiity, rendered material aid to the
cause of Independance, as a recognized patriot, as a soldier,
as a sailor, or as a civil officer in one of the several Colon-
ies or States, or of the United Colonies or States; provided,
that the application shall be acceptable to the National
and Local Societies.

2. The election of members shall be as follows: Evci'y
applicant for membership shall be referred to a Board of
Safety, said Board to consist of three (3) members, who
shall be appointed by the Regent and known only to the

3. If the applicant shall be deemed satisfactory to the
Board of Safety and has eligibility established, the appli-
cation shall receive the endorsement of the Regent ,
Secretary and Registrar, and be forwarded to the National
Board of Management.



1. The Officers of this Chapter shall be a Regent, w!)o
is also a delegate to the Continental Congress of the National
Society; Vice-Regent, Recording Secretary, Corresponding
Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Historian and Chaplain.

2. These Officers shall form the Local Board of Man-
agement. They shall be elected by ballot, by a vote of the
majority of the niembers present at the annual meeting;.
No member shall be eligible to the same office for more
than two years successively.



1. The Regent, or in her absence, the Vice-Regent, or in
their absence, a chairman pro teni, shall preside at al'

2. She shall preserve order and see that the Constitution
and By-Laws are enforced.

3. She shall issue credentials in the form of a certificate
of election to all Chapter delegates to the Continental Con-
gress, which shall be signed by herself and the Correspond-
ing Secretary.

Recording Secretary.

1. The Recording Secretary shall keep a record of all
meetings of the Chapter and the Local Board of Manage-
ment, and together with the presiding officer shall certify
to all acts of the Chapter.

She shall prepare the annual report of the Society, a copy
of which shall be forwarded to the Secretary-General of
the National Society and the State Regent.

Corresponding Secretary.

1. The Corresponding Secretary shall attend to all cor-
respondence of the Chapter and the Local Board of Pvlan-
agement; distribute all pamphlets, circulars and supplies
as directed by the Local Board of Management,

2. She shall give due notice of time and place of all
meetings, notify officers of their election, and committees
of their appointment.

3. She shall notify the State Regent and Secretary-Gen-
eral of the election and appointment of all Chapter officers
and delegates.

4. She shall also notify the Registrar-General of the
resignation or death of any member of the Chapter.



\. The Treasurer shall collect and be custodian of all
the funds of the Chapter.

2. She shall pay to the Treasurer-General on or before
the twenty-second (22nd) day of February the sum of one
dollar ($1.00) for each active member of the Chapter.

3. She shall forward to the Treasurer-General the
initiation fees.

4' Out of the funds of the Chapter she shall pay such
sums as may be ordered by the Chapter, or the Local
Board of Management.

5. She shall keep a true account of the receipts and pay-
ments, and at each annual meeting render the same to the
Chapter, that the Local Board may audit her accounts.


I, The Registrar shall keep a register of the names and
dates ot the election, resignation, or death of any member
of the Chapter.

2. She shall also have the care and custody of all the
duplicates of the applications for membership that have
been approved by the National Council.



The Historian shall keep a record of all historical and
commemorative meetings of the Chapter, and shall prepare*
for official publication, historical and biographical sketches
of members of the Society or their ancestors, and such
other historical papers as the Chapter desires.

Initiation and Dues.

1. All fees and dues shall be such as the National So-
ciety has prescribed.

2. A member who shall remain in arrears for dues for
three months after notice of her indebtednes has been sent
her by mail or messenger, may be dropped from the rolls
by a majority vote of the Local Board of Management; but
not till after two notices of arrears shall have been so sent.



1. The regular meetings of this Chapter shall be held
the first Monday of each Month, beginning with October.
Special meetings may be called at any time by the Regent
or by the Local Board.

2. The Chapter shall hold its annual business nieeting
on the first Monday in May,


1. Husbands of members of the Society of the Daugh-
ters of the Revolution may participate in the social events
of the Chapter, and so may the wives of the Sons of the
American Revolution v/hen their husbands are invited.

2. Any member of the Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter
may Invite a member of any other Chapter of the Daugh-
ters of the American Revolution as a guest to any regular
meeting of the Chapter, except the Annual meeting.

3. Any member entertaining the Chapter shall be privi.
leged to invite two guests, except at the Annual meeting.


These By-Laws may be amendecl at a regular meeting of
the Chapter, two-thirds of the members present concurring
therein, written notice of the proposed amendment having
been mailed to each member of the Chapter at least five
days before the meeting, at which action on the proposed
amendment is to be taken.



D. A. R.





Fort Wayne, Indiana

One flag, one land, one heart, one hana.
One nation evermore.

— Holmes.


Evacuation Day November 25

I^incoln's Birthday February 12

Washing-ton's Birthday February 22

Battle of Lexingt(jn April 19

Memorial Day May 30

Flag- Day June 1-1

Bunker Hill Day June 17

Independence Day Jul\- 4

"Off with \-our hat as the flag goes by
Unco\e'r the youngster's head;

Teach him to hold it holy and high,
For tile sake of the noble dead."


President General

Mrs. Matthew T. Scott,

701 E. Taylor Street, Bloomington, 111., and 902 F

Street, Washington, D. C.

Vice-President General

Mrs. Miranda B. Tulloch,
121 B Street, S. E., and 902 F Street, Washington. D. C.

Corresponding Secretary General

Mrs. Mabel G. Swormstedt (Lyman B.),

902 F. St., Washington, D. C.

Recording Secretary General

Miss Mary R. Wilcox,

902 F Street, Washington, D. C.

Treasurer General

Mrs. Lulu R. Hoover (William D.).
902 F Street, Washington, D. C.

Registrar General

Miss Grace M. Pierce,

902 F Street, Washington, D. C.

Historian General

Mrs. Gertrude B. Darwin (Charles),

902 F Street, Washington, D. C.


State Regent

Mrs. John Lee Dinwiddle (Sarali A.),

Fowler, Ind.

State Vice-Regent

Mrs. William C. Ball (Emma),

Muncie, Ind.

State Secretary

Mrs. Frank Felter,
Huntington, Ind.

State Treasurer

Mrs. Otto Rott (Anna Cravens).
Bloomington, Ind.

State Historian

Miss Eliza G. Browning,

Indianapolis, Ind.


Reg-ent . Mrs. Dunkelberg

Vice-Regent Mrs. White

Recording- Secretary Mrs. Nichols

Corresponding- Secretary Mrs. Pettit

Treasurer Mrs. Evans

Registrar Mrs. McCaskey

Historian Dr. Banning

Chaplain Mrs. Perfect


Mrs. Frances M. Robertson,
Mrs. Carolyn Randall Fairbank,
Mrs. Winifred J. Randall,
Mrs. Pearl Foster Rahe.



:\Irs. Merritt. :\Irs. Granger,

Miss Muirhead.


Dr. Banning-. Mrs. Rolx-rlson.

Mrs. Griswold.


Miss Haberly. Miss Hunter,

Miss Sallie Vesew

COMMIT TEES— Continued


Mrs. Mossman. Mrs. Evans.

Mrs. Yaple,


Mrs. Randall. Mrs. Fitch.

Mrs. Seavey,


iNIrs. Hunter, Miss Woodworth.

Mrs. Lukens.


Mrs. Hanna.

The Mary Penrose Wayne Chapter of the Daughters
of the American Revolution was organized under the
Constitution of the National Society D. A. R.. April
21st, 1901. Charter presented January 20th, 1902.

Daughters of the American


1. To foster a spirit of true patriotism.

2. To encourage historical research in reflation to
tile American Revolution.

:!. To cherish, maintain and extend the institutions
of Anu'rica; to advocate ajipropriate cclelirations of
all patriotic anni\-ersaries.

4. To uj-(\ver\'c the memory- r)f thd' noblt^ women
whit IjMi-c their sliare in the dangers and jtrivations
of the war ()(' the Revolution.

Program 1909-1910

September Twenty-Fourth

3 to 7 p. m.
Hostess: Mrs. Paul INIossman.

"Come in the evenirxg or come in the morning-,

Come when you are looked for, or come without

Kisses and welcome you'll find here before j'ou

And the oftener j'ou come here the more I'll adore

Reception for Huntington Chapter, of Huntington,

Mfinhers iinablc to he present Mt an.\- meeting"
should notifx- tlie hostess l>efore the date of enter-

October Fourth

3 p. m.

Hostess: Mrs. E. H. Merritt.

■"The time has come." the Walrus said, "to speak of
inan\- thines."'

Regent's Day.

October Eleventh

3 p. m.
Hostess: Mrs. C. A. Dunkelluig.

Talk— "Children of the Republic." by the State

Mrs. John Lee Dinwiddle.

November First

3 p. m.

Hostess: Mrs. AY. G. Evans

"The Alamo of Texas,"
Miss Marg-aret Vesey.

December Sixth

3 p. m.

Hostess: Mrs. Frank Rahe.

"The Parsons of the Colonial Period,
Mrs. C. D. Emmons.

January Third

3 p. m.

Hostess: Mrs. ^Y. A. Xichol;

"Alice of Old Vincennes,"
Mrs. Frank Rahe.

February Seventh

3 p. m.

Mrs. F. M. Robertson and Miss Frances Habt-riy


February Twenty-Second

3 p. m

Hostess: Mrs. Paul Mossman.

Spelling Bee.

Mrs. Evans.
Mrs. Brown.
Mrs. Fry.

March Seventh

3 p. m.

Hostess: Mrs. C. B. Fitch.

"Fort Wayne at Detroit,"
Mrs. A. H. Perfect.

April Fourth

3 p. m.

Hostess: Mrs. C. D. Emmons.

"The Old State Road,"
Mrs. B. J. Griswold.

May Second

3 p. m.

Hostess: Mrs. H. G. Granger

Yearly Meeting.
Election of Otficers.

June Fourteenth— Flag Day

"Unfurl the flag! let the winds caress

And lift it in rippling loveliness

Over all the wide west-world we claim

By cross and sword and in Freedom's name.

Unfurl the flag! let it curl and kiss

The zephyr that faints in the summer bliss;

It was born in storm, and its glory sprung

"\^'here the bolts (^f battle shrieked and sung.

God bless the flag! let it float, and flU

The sky with its beauty; our heartstrings thrill

To the low. sweet chant of its wind-swept bars

And the chorus of all its clustered stars."

* Mrs. ffiura (Cafip Mnoimnrlli


Nat. No. Signature Address

44271 Banning-, Carrie Dr. Carrie Banning

820 Perry Ave.

*36685 Barrett, Maria Anna Mrs. J. M. Barrett

2325 Fairfield Ave.

*36686 Barrett, Florence Miss Florence Barrett

2325 Fairfield Ave.

* 4092 Brown, Minnie Graves.. Mrs. Minnie G. Brown

344 W. Berry

t43SS2 Dunkelberg-, Anna Crockett

Mrs. C. A. Dunkelberg-

2401 Fairfield Ave.

3232 Emmons, Bertha Ewart..Mrs. C. D. Emmons

2440 Fairfield Ave.

63461 Evans, Mildred McCurdy Mrs. W. A. Evans

1227 W. Wayne.

"35807 Fairbank, Carolyn Randall

Mrs. C. R. Fairbank

409 E. Berry.

*10452 Fitch. Sarah Elizabeth :VIrs. C. B. Fitch

920 Webster St.

47618 Fry, Josephine S Mrs. J. H. Fry

817 Fairfield Ave.

*37649 Granger, Laura Mrs. H. G. Granger

722 Jackson St.

60280 Griswold, Louise Norton.. Mrs. B. J. Griswold

1310 W. Wayne St.

69217 Green, Eugenia Heath. ... Mrs. Dallas Green

2606 Hoagland Ave

* The names marked with star are charter members.
t The names marked with dagger are life members

Nat. No. Signature Address

55638 Hanna, Martha Brandriff . . ]\frs. M. B. Hanna

1228 W. Berry St.

"36687 Haberly, Frances M. .Miss Frances M. Haberly

Spy Run Ave.

44273 Heaton, Kate Paissell Mrs. O. N. Heaton

734 W. Wayne St.

44270 Hunter, Cora Andrews. ... Mrs. L. C. Hunter

1011 W. Wayne St.

44272 Hunter, Stella May Miss Stella M. Hunter

1011 W. Wayne St.

64566 Lukens, Mary BrandrifC. . Mrs. A. L. Lukens

910 W. Berry St.

72828 Lowry. Jessie Rudisell . . Miss Jessie R. Lowrv

802 W. Berry.

42884 McCaskey, Louise Sturgis

Mrs. G. W. McCaskey

439 W. Main St.

*36193 Merritt, Flora Pinney Mrs. E. H. Merritt

225 W. Woodland Ave.

43S84 Mossman, Emma Seymour

Mrs. Paul Mossman

1202 W. Wayne St.

44249 Muirhead, Laura Miss Laura Muirhead

2533 S. Calhoun St.

54924 Nichols, Edna Eavey Mrs. W. A. Nichols

1314 W. Wayne St.

56238 Perfect, Maude Eavey Mrs. A. H. Perfect

1233 W. Wayne St.

55637 Pettit, Ella Keel Mrs. W. L. Pettit, Jr.

830 W. Berry St.

49890 Rahe, Pearl Foster Mrs. Frank Rahe

2138 Fairfield Ave.

=^37252 Randall. Winfied J Mrs. Perry Randall

Sprankle Station.

Si; ^888

Nat. No. Signature Address

'•^1913.5 Robert.'-on. France.s Al

Mrs. Frances M. Robertson

Spy Run Ave.

*37252 Seavey, Amy Randall. .... Mrs. Amy R. Seavey

923 W. Ma.n St.

-16913 Thieme, Bessie Loring Mrs. T. F. Thieme

1026 W. Berry St.

44913 Vesey, Sarah Mrs. Sarah Vesey

1210 Maple Ave.

50703 Vesey, Margaret Miss Margaret Vesey

2&2 Thompson Ave,

70300 Vesey, teallie W Miss Sallie W. Vese\-

215O2 Thompson Ave.

■"■=37255 White, Minnie Thompson. .Mrs. Edward White

514 E. Berry St.

24586 Wilbur, Flora Miss Flora Willnir

W. Beriy St.

*366S9 Williams. Gertrude Lile..Miss G. L. Williams

225 \Y. Woodland Ave.

*27650 Woodworth, Alida Taylor

Miss Alida A^'bodworth

722 Jackson St.

39016 Wood. Louise Mrs. Louise Wood

Lau Block

44274 Yaple. Fannie Russell "\frs. Carl Yaple

1115 W. Wayne St.


54242 Aber, Mrs. Viola Greer, ,S05 First St., Pasa-
dena, Cal.

54702 Bash, Mrs. Lillian Root, The Ilai Grave, Ne\A'
York City.

Nat. No.

*37261 Bash, Mrs. Minnie Keel, 1712 X. Penn. Ave.,
Indianapolis, Ind.

50272 Brown, Mrs Amanda, Pasadena, Cal.

55164 Johnson, Mrs. Marg. Muirhead, 1711 Belview
Ave.. Seattle, Wash.

6S792 Lowry, Mrs. Louise Withers, 1720 Columbus
Ave., AVilmette, III.

*.'!7252 Merriam, Mrs. Irma Seavey, 65 Lang-don St.,
I Cambridge, Mass.

45719 Miesse, Miss Katherine, 5707 Kimbark Ave.,
Chicago, 111.

70299 Sedgwick, Mrs. Catalina H. C, Portland. Ore.

*16657 Sturgeon, Mrs. Mabel, 5021 Pulaski Ave., Ger-
mantown, Pa.

*;;6690 Silcott, Mrs. Blanche Williams, Fort Sill,

25720 Van Sweringen, Mrs. Cora Miesse, 5707 Kim-
bark Ave., Chicago, III.

*29440 AVatt, Mrs. Evelyn Bond, 298 Union St., Hack-
, , ensack, N. Y.


Mrs. Frederick Jones.

Mrs. Emily Woodworth.

Mrs. Theodore W^entz.

Mrs. L. B. Moore.

Mrs. Dalman.

Mrs. Lipes Thieme.

Italia Evans.

Mrs. B. W. PJiamy.

Mrs. Frank Riblet.

09- in


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