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Grand Representative,





Independent Order of Odd Fellows





The Eighty-first Annual Session held at
Springfield, November 19, [20, 21, 1918


Published by the Grand Lodge






Grand Lodge of State of Illinois


Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Rei'resentatives' Hall, State House,

November 19, 1918, 3:00 o'clock p. m.
The Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois of the
Independent O^rder of Odd Feixows was called to order by
Grand Master H. M. Blood.

Upon roll call, Grand Officers were found to be present as
follows :

H. M. BLOOD Grand Master.

L. M. KAGY .Deputy Grand Master.

JOHN W. BIRNKY Grand Warden.

JOHN H. SIKES Grand Secretary.

MELVIN P. BERRY Grand Treasurer.

JAMES EWING DAVIS Grand Representative.

A. OTIS ARNOLD Grand Representative.

O. F. JORDAN Grand Chaplin.


C. EDWIN JOHNSON . .Grand Conductor.

E. A. RIDENOUR Grand Guardian.

A. L. BONE Grand Herald.

OWEN SCOTT Grand Instructor.

CHARLES M. HUNT Asst. Grand Instructor.

The Grand Secretary reported a quorum of Representatives
in attendance.

The Grand Marshal reported all correct.
The Oi)eninj:j Ode was then sung^.

The Grand Chaplain invoked the Divine blessing in the
following words:

Almighty God, we invoke Thy favor upon this assemblage of
brethren, may their covenant of friendship find richer and deeper
meaning through the fellowship of common counsel, grant that the

Tuesday, } GRAND LODGE OF ILLINOIS, I. 0. O. F. 3

fvov. 19, 1918. i ' ^

meetings of the Grand Lodge may be wise in deliberations, brotherly
in spirit and open-eyed in vision. May the passion of human broth-
erhood arising here be carried to every man in the Fraternity of this
great State and be the motive power of countless acts of kindness.

Grant to bless our officers with true leadership, may love of the
brethren move every voice that speaks and may no selfishness or
pride or contention mar our harmony. Give to us all a larger measure
of Jonathan's modesty and more of the helpfulness of the Good

Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name. Thy
kingdom come. Thy will be dbne, on earth as it is in heaven. Give
us this day our dlaily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we for-
give those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but
deliver us from evil for Thine is the Kingdom and the power and
the glory, now and forever Amen.

The Deputy Grand ]\Iaster, by order of the Grand Master,
then proclaimed the Grand Lodge open for the transaction of

The Grand Master ordered the Flag to be displayed, where-
upon the Grand Warden placed the colors to the right of the
Grand Master. America was sung and all saluted the Flag.

The printed Reports of the Grand Lodge Officers were
received and referred to a Special Committee for analysis and
the distribution of the matters therein to appropriate committees.

On motion of Bro. L. L. ]\IcKinley, P.G.^L, the minutes
of the last session were approved as printed without reading.

The Grand Master announced appointments as follows :

Assistants to the Grand Guardian — E. B. Hackelman, of Xo.
260; Edw. O. Guyton, of No. 1026; Arthur Mason, of No. 321 ;
J. H. Byers, of No. 886 ; A. K. Doran, of No. 336.

Assistants to the Grand Marshal — Thos. McLean, of No.
608; H. W. Beebe, of No. 817; Thos. B. Fitzgerald, of No. 198;
P F. Swanson, of No. 446; B. H. Hissong, of No. 34; Fred
Kelly, of No. 42 ; F. J. Fitzgerald, of No. 198 ; James W. Waters,
of No. 531 ; Geo. Stuckey, of No. 933 ; Walter B. Creighton, of No.
141 ; E. W. Riechmann, of No. 328; Morris Goldstein, of No. 521.

Committee on Analysis and Distribution — Fred B. Merrills,
P.G.M., of No. 650; W. R. McGaughey, of No. 300; Harry G.


4 JOURNAL OF PROCEEDINGS 1 Xov^"l 9*^*191 8

Corniick, of No. 179 ; F. D. P. Snelling, of No. 601 ; John \V.
Fling, Jr., of No. 244; E. E. Skillin, of No. 295; John E. Jen-
nings, P.G.M., of No. 158; George F. Koester, of No. 6oi ; E. R.
Sayler, P.G.M., of No. 6; Nelson Foley, of No. 8; A. B. Chad-
wick, of No. 214; D. H. Chapman, of No. 762.

Custodian — Edward Priestman, of No. 6.

Messenger for Grand Master — F. W. Jackson, of No. 217.

OfUcial Reporter — Svon Windrow, of No. 812.

Custodian of the Secret Work — C. M. Hunt, of No. 11.

Tlie Grand Master also announced as

Coniimttcc on Necrology — James Ewing Davis, P.G.M. ;
Owen Scott, P.G.M. : M. P. Berry, P.G.M.

The Grand .Secretary announced the following appointments :

Journal Clerk — H. J. Reeziger, of No. 488.

Assistant — A. C. Low, No. 6.

Messenger — H. B. Carley, of No. 465.


First report by Brother Clyde McAllister, of No. 962.
To the Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois, I. 0. 0. F.:

Your Committee on Credentials would respectfully report as

They have examined the credentials of Representatives-elect of
their several lodges, and find the following correct and recommend
that the Brothers named he admitted to seats in this body as Repre-

For the term of two years:
2 Arthur J. Geist 28 Harry R. Puterbaugh

4 Robt. C. Allen 30 E. L. Yoder

G Theo. Agnew 34 Simon Geiger

8 Wm. F. Sutherland 38 Orlie Johnson

10 Henry Roe 40 J. F. Denton

12 C. Newman 42 Fred Kelley

14 E. J. Hahn 44 A. T. Short

16 C. A. Prince 4G Robt. N. Fangenroth

18 C. O. Samuelson 48 Geo. Behrens

20 S. R. Ford ^0 Howard B. Petty

22 WalUe G. Lorentz 52 Harvey Stark

24 Robt. Black 54 .las. Manhart

26 H. D. Jett 56 C. H. Mishler

Nov^'"l9*^^1918 i GRAND LODGE OF ILLINOIS, I. O. O. F.

58 Henry Grote

152 Jno. M. Burt

60 John A. Fosdick

154 Fired Randall

62 A. M.'Spicer

158 F. M. Pearce

64 F. R. Black

160 Geo. B. Moreland

66 Hiram Wilkins

162 Geo. Weisshaar

68 Robert T. Millner

164 Bruce Machen

70 J. E. Coultas

166 Chas. C. Smith

74 Jno. Mortensen

170 J. E. Wells

70 J. A. Powell

172 Oscar Peterson

SO Wayne L. Beden

174 J. C. Stoddard

82 C. E. Newton

176 C. I. Miller

84 Edward Fries

178 John V. Tucker

Siy Eugene Lafont

180 Geo. Fiock

88 Jno. E. Heim

182 J. E. Lassater

90 Geo. Pattison

184 H. B. Famulener

92 E. E. Barr

186 W. W. Curry

94 Mathew McCulloch

188 D. S. Prentiss

96 E. H. Buffum

190 Eugene Bristol

98 J. W. Perriman

192 Wm. Edwards

100 Hamil Veach

194 Jno. H. Shank

102 S. J. Wiley

196 Oscar Allen

104 F. C. Houchins

198 T. J. Fitzgerald

106 W. H. Bicknell

."iOO I. S. Dunn

108 A. S. Hart

202 Rudolf Tabor

110 Martin E. Luck

204 Adam Denger

112 Oscar Parrish

206 J. J. Withers

114 E. J. Jones

208 Brick Norvill

116 Toby J. Travis

210 J. S. Allen

118 J. E. Taylor

212 Geo. J. Sidford

120 E. P. Rose

214 A. B. Chadwick

122 N. S. Buchannan

216 J. W. Harkey

124 Ed. A. Kessler

218 Joe Adelman

126 J. T. North

220 Walter C. Stone

128 Porter L. Thompson

222 Fred W. Walther

130 R. E. Billings

224 Geo. A. Piper

132 K. H. Kilby

226 E. E. Wright

134 Homer Snyder

230 Fred Harris

136 Oscar Perrine

232 Coe Melvin

138 S. W. Yocum

234 F. V. Addis

140 C. F. Kleine

236 Jno. W. Murphy

142 R. H. Dickerson

238 Joe Belanger

144 W. S. Norris

240 Ernest Blish

146 Webster E. Johnson

242 Luther S. Fitzgerrell

148 W. J. Patterson

244 Jacob Neu

150 C. C. Ream

246 Mads C. Larsen


f Tuesday,
I Nov. 19. 1918.

250 J. E. Beaver
252 N. G. Foreman
254 B. N. Sutton
256 Elmer Dalton
258 Jas. Jencks
260 Frank Warren
262 Wm. H. Ong
264 C. A. McCord
266 Geo. Knott
268 Jno. H. Bennett
270 C. L. Hawkins
272 Robt. Vlasaty
274 B. F. Hudson
276 Benj. Longbons
280 Max Albert, Jr.
282 J. W. Miller
284 J. W. Drummond
286 J. P. Friesz
288 Lloyd S. Bailey
290 A. W. Morris
292 John H. Reeb
294 W. C. Harger
296 Wm. Wright
298 Henry J. Gunn
300 W. H. Armstrong
302 Jno. I. Williams
3-04 Richard Petty
308 J. D. Philips
310 C. W. Sellars
312 Myron Newell
314 John Taylor
316 Geo. Coley
318 T. L. Jarrett
320 Thomas H. Doherty
322 S. E. Nelson
324 Henry Blankenship
328 E. W. Rieckmann
330 C. D. W. Brownson
332 O. O. Larrick
334 Geo. Searles
336 L. J. Callaway
340 J. D. Hart
3-42 Chas. A. Taylor
344 Elmer E. Spear
346 S. J. Still

348 H. E. Standefer
350 Edw. W. Lewis
352 Wm. E. Gawthrop
354 W. H. Shriver
356 E. A. Ranson
358 L. S. Johnson
362 H. Baird
364 C. D. Raver
366 James J. Kelsey
368 Myrvan A. King
370 C. A. Simmon?
372 Jno. H. Charno
374 Wm. J. Thompson
376 A. Rheingans
378 I. L. Steinberg
380 Chas. Savio
382 F. D. Seller
6'84 Edward Patterson
386 C. Otey
390 G. H. Hinderer
392 Wm. Lines
294 Richard Guymon
396 Brock Smith
398 Chas. F. Schuler
400 P. W. Gregory
402 Frank G. Scheu
404 G. E. Williamson
406 Geo. Telford
408 G. E. Teagarden
412 J. W. Porter
414 Chas. Reeder
416 J. P. Ellacott
418 G. J. Johnson
424 Robt. L. Harvey
426 Thos. Reynolds
428 H. E. Makutchan
430 Wylie Storme
432 Fred Haensler
434 H. T. Koster
440 Jas. B. Muir
442 Henry Morrow
444 J. W. Ramey
438 E. T. Cllne
446 P. F. Swanson
436 J. H. Shelton

Tuesday | GRAND LODGE OF ILLINOIS, I. 0. 0. F.
Nov. 19, 1918. i '


450 Roy W. Kewley


J. A. Peterson

452 Sherman Sadler


D. W. Dillman

454 H. F. Gordon


I. N. Jones

456 E. H. Laurence


Leander Sharer

458 Lee R. Patterson


Henry A. Zellar, Jr.

460 E. L. Hyre


F. A. Davidson

462 Jasper Turnbaug-h


Geo. S. Smith

464 Jno. DeBoer


D. A. Delap

466 Gilbert K. Swain


T. F. Hileman

468 W. 0. Tally


J. W. Harris

47t3 Chas. Gunsten


W. J. Wall

472 Charles G. Slocumb


John R. Weir

476 Lewis Lessman


L. H. Auten

478 Geo. S. Flint


Chas. E. Burgeson

480 Jno. H. Root


Elwood Priest

484 Julius Berliant


Ewald J. Dittman

486 M. C. Atchison


Geo. J. Davis

488 Abraham M. Levinson


E. T. Bussong

492 Henry J. Anderson


T. B. Ruyle

494 Jas. Fennell


H. J. Kunkle

496 A. F. Holmes


Chas. Robinson

498 A. H. Keath


Geo. Turner

500 D. E. Fritz


Geo. W. Carr

502 Jno. H. Hartwell


Thos. McLean

504 E. E. Copeland


F. L. Clapp

506 Arno T. Roner


W. P. Moore

508 D. A. Waite


N. Lindquist

510 J. A. Warren


A. L. Yoe -

512 Jno. Warren


Wm. Warren

514 L. C. Martner


E. H. Young

516 Jas. Fleet


Oscar Williams

518 Swan Gustafson


Wm. Suits

520 Chas. Wallace


Frank Fuclk

524 John P. Worley


Jas. Lucas

526 C. A. Wray


W. J. Scott

528 James M. Francis


Lafe Jenkins

5.32 Wm. Zwicker


S. S. Tanner

534 Jno. Beasley


Henry Knoop

538 W. I. Ashby


Heber Briscoe

540 Joseph Henry Debus


Paul Kraft

542 Walter Swanson

650 Raymond J. Clark

544 Nels. Martens


P. W. Stevenson

546 Max Beschorner


John Tidwell

550 Steven Watson


Theo. V. Hansen

552 Chas. Hall


Louis Fehland


\ Tuesdav.
/ Nov. 19. 1918.

662 A. W. Yowell

664 Ormell A. Cunimings

066 W. P. Sherman

068 B. H. Reichelderfer

670 Cephas Hering

672 Matt Wright

674 J. Edgar Atkins

676 Wni. R. Harrell

678 L. D. Harrington

680 Fred Schoenberg

684 E. A. Ridenour

686 J. Roy Lough

688 Wm. Earner

690 Ira Haverstock

692 H. M. Gossett

694 Van D. Brown

698 Herman Herson

700 W. H. Clough

702 H. A. Bruno

704 F. C. Stevenson

708 Chas. Froelich

710 W. E. Shaw

712 C. L. Beals

714 Ed. Alters

716 Anthony Budzinski

718 .1. Paul Kuhn

720 Conn Heiser

722 Robert Clark

724 John W. Rea

726 John H. Cashameyer

728 N. M. Smith

ISO Fred Bauman

732 H. H. Hillis

734 W. Pftt Shreves

736 J. G. Estes

738 R. S. Sharp

740 W. E. Leischner

742 G. L. Smith

746 John Ewing

748 D. R. Brown

750 Geo. T. Sohlndlor

752 F. R. Snively

754 S. C. Perisho

756 John Miller

758 Homer E. Henderson

766 Ed Hurd

768 A. B. Brown

770 Alonzo Dunkel

772 D. A. Slankard

774 W. I. Southworth

776 H. B. Stevenson

778 Frank Claus

780 John B. Williams

782 Anton Dick

784 Theo. G. Wachter

786 A. R. Boydston

788 W. R. Lafferty

790 J. E. Matheny

792 Wm. H. Fisher

794 Allan B. Hewerdine

796 Reason Alkine

798 Ernest R. Brewer

800 R. H. Muir

806 Wm. W. Williams

808 Bertie L. Stone

810 J. A. Gleckler

812 Andrew G. Anderson

814 W. T. Eckelbarger

816 John P. Johnson

820 N. Broullett

822 Isaac Golden

824 E. R. Edward

826 P. M. Waldrop

828 T. W. Hooper

830 E. W. Dickson

S32 Louis Covey

834 F. W. Dunston

838 S. H. Kieffer

840 H. G. Carter

842 R. E. Brown

844 D. T. Guthrie

846 Jonas Hastings

848 L. C. Gustafson

850 Joseph Brown

852 Albert Lyons

858 Robt. J. Taylor

860 Joseph Yardley

862 J. B. Dawkins

864 C. R. Baxter

866 A. F. Kile

Nov'^"l9*^^i918 ! GRAND LODGE OF ILLINOIS, I. 0. 0. F.


S68 Geo. Mackey, Jr.

958 R. L. Smith

870 Raymond H. Held

962 J. D. McLain

874 Wm. P. Davis

954 Percy M. Crabs

876 T. J. Day

966 Henry Snyder

878 Jos. Knudson

970 Roy Arnold

880 Ernest Daehn

972 G. 0. Peterson

884 J. R. Neal

974 Oriville Connor

886 H. H. Cowger

978 D. W. Rothramel

888 J. W. White

980 M. W. Jerden

890 John A. Jacobs

982 Isaac R. Combes

S92 W. J. Schatz

984 J. M. Bass

894 Wm. Blair

986 Scott McGlasson

896 H. L. Dysart

990 Gus B. Eisner

900 John Garrison

992 J. S. Hughey

902 H. C. Mitchell

996 Jno. Little

904 C. E. Allen

998 W. A. Edwards

906 D. A. Howard

1000 Joe Hobart

908 P. J. Andersen

1004 Chas. Henschel

910 Thos. Booten

1006 C. A. Moxley

912 W. N. Briggs

1008 J. P. Burkett

916 Chritsian G. Haebich

1010 Jno. C. Jackson

918 John W. Whlted

1012 S. L. Watkins

922 Wm. Conn

1014 W. P. Deckert

926 G. A. McClure

1018 Alvin C. Gorden

932 B. B. Thackston

1020 J. W. King

934 J. Walter Scott

1022 L. W. Haskell

936 W. H. Parks

1024 S. B. Harris

938 H. G. Carlock

1026 S. D. Whitney

942 Guy McCormack

1028 C. E. Logan

944 Wm. Alexander

1030 C. E. Elder

946 B. S. Jolley

1032 Jas. J. Vesely

948 Joseph R. Zamboli

1034 W. L. Butler

952 Bert L. Gillian

1036 R. F. Owens

954 A. J. Mitchel

1040 Thos. J. Hurst

956 Henry F. Segert

Which was adopted.


Second report by Brother T. C. Stobbs, of No. 8o.
To the Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois, I. O. O. F.:

Your committee on Credentials would report that they have ex-
amined the credentials of the following Brothers and find their ere-



I Tuesday,
/ Nov. 19. 1918.

dentials correct and recommend that the Brothers named be admit-
ted to seats in your Grand Body as Representatives:
For the term of one year:

9 John C. Perry

19 Samuel Brewner

33 Dr. E. A. Laign

47 Carl Duering

59 Harry E. Merrefield

65 I. E. BaU

95 Robert M. Weeks
143 Charles O. Cleer
159 Geo. M. Johnson
161 Fred F. Kasserman
171 F. E. Perkins
177 Harry M. Bilgue
187 Allan A. Myers
197 R. R. Franks
215 Wilkie Bruns
239 I. P. Hardacher
249 James Gouchenour
251 Frank Hart
273 L. T. Clark
277 H. B. Cheek
287 Chas. Beringer
343 P. M. McBrlde
367 Pat Phebus
375 C. J. Skaggs
379 Chas. Winters
401 Carl Seitzinger
409 Edward Babcock
425 I. N. Clemens
441 W. W. , Hooper
447 O. G. Clark
453 P. L. Runyan
491 Elmer E. Hyatt
497 J. S. Sipes
521 Morris Goldstein
525 T. D. Robison
531 J. W. Waters
555 Daniel Du Russell
641 James F. Shriver

665 Victor Woolner
675 N. F. Akers
fiR9 John Arnquist

695 C. L. Dirskell
711 John Wilkinson
727 R. L. Conlee
731 Melvin Parka
751 Walter A. Johnson
783 M. D. Barnard
803 Martin Bolt
805 John L. Lowman
827 C. A. Irwin
835 Isaac Cravens
873 Edward Robi.son
877 O. W. Bray

919 P. A. Moody
949 M. L. Kennedy
953 Harvey Turner
957 Ross Disuens
985 Albert Slater
1015 John W. Largent
13 R. L. Lacey
527 A. S. Fleeman
997 Fred Wilson
1011 S. J. Donaldson
1015 John F. Adams
1033 J. N. Price
1037 John F. Sikyta
1041 Edw. R. Armitage
99 W. G. White
403 Harvey Fay
953 Earnest Lambert
575 P. N. Mason
135 I. H. Ranibalt
651 J. L. Brooks
955 Frank Faught
633 A. L. Sinclair
923 Peter Clausen
889 L. M. Kins
753 O. T. Brandoni
331 W. B. Sinn
913 Frank M. Kinkade
615 John L. Regan
471 August Opperman

Nov. 19. 1918. )


325 Wm. Board
383 Fred J. Wendt

6 R. B. Coomer
107 R. E. Vornkahl
667 R. M. Breaw
1013 P. J. Rowe
337 O. W. Ginther
709 J. M. Holderby
169 H. H. Leighty
453 P. L. Rumyon
925 I. B. Rodrick
121 W. R. Hart
321 Arthur Mason
791 Ed Roberts

Which was adopted.

Third report by Brother J. D. Rowe, of No. 227.
To the Grand Lodge of the State of Illinois, I. O. O. F.:

Your Committee on Credentials would respectfully report as fol-
lowg: That we have examined the credentials of the following named
Past Grands and recommend that they be admitted to the Grand Lodge
and receive the Grand Lodge degree:

455 F. B. Carver
977 Frank S. Hart
557 Harvey E. Gall
483 W. S. Ross
311 O. V. Wright
725 Rex James
762 Isaac J. Vanvleet
685 D .M. Miller
241 Wm. Shrum
27 Chas. Wehmeier
889 John Krotz
431 W. H. Winters
989 J. S. Bennington

31 R. A. Denny
80 H. E. Beatty
1026 Edward O. Guyton
848 Robert Thompson

98 U. G. Davis
104 L. A. Motte
485 Fred Brandt
825 T. H. Davies
432 John B. Baenzier
330 John Benz
239 Louis M. Staben
90 Fred H. Rhodes
1004 Reinhart Aschenbrenner
848 Robt. Thompson
160 E. J. Clarke
39 L. F. Redfern
39 Lloyd Sperner

Which was adopted.

Whereupon the Grand Master conferred the Grand Lodge
Degree upon the brothers named in the foregoing reports.

The Grand Master also conferred the Past Grand's Degree.

39 H. A. Brooks

39 J. W. Suggitt

55 A. Ahlgrim
361 Alfred A. Norton

39 W. G. Kent
6 Jas. M. Alexander

22 Horace Dainton
166 John S. Fuller

29 T. M. Thomas
465 G. D. Nichols
288 Chas. M. Schollian

65 Orville M. Lowry
465 W. B. Goldsby
576 D. V. Horn
648 Herman Meyer
927 T. S. Jones


I Nov. 19. 1918.



To the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows of the

State of IlWwis:

De^vk Brotiikks: In submitting my report to the Grand Lodge, may
I first of all express to you my appreciation of the great honor you
conferred upon me, and the confidence you reposed in me, when you
placed in my hands the duties and responsibilities of the office of
Grand Master.


When I took office I found our membership and our lodge organiza-
tions much disturbed owing to war conditions and also because of the
fact that these conditions had brought about new situations which had
to be met and solved promptly. Added to all this, much new legisla-
tion was enacted at the last session of the Grand Lodge and these new
laws had to be put into operation by all of the lodges. Just, how
successfully the situation has been met must be left to others to


Many Brothers felt that the war would lay a heavy hand on our
lodges, with the result that the lodges would have a tendency to run
down, and that interest in lodge work would give place to war

T am glad to report to you that such has not been the case. The
members generally have been quick to appreciate that this great organi-
zation of Americans could be made to play a very important part "back
of the lines." For this reason, I believe more than for any other,
interest has been well sustained in lodge work. The lodges, as a whole,
have grown stronger, their financial condition has been improved, and
the membership strengthened.


This Order i^ blossed with many true and faithful workers. Brothers
who can be depended upon to render full measure of service to their

Nov. 19, 1918. ( 1 X

lodges and the Order at all times. They are in no particular section of
the state, but may be found everywhere. It is to these Brothers I wish
to pay my profound respects and tender my thanks for the loyal support
they have given me on every hand, not only making my load lighter,
but my efforts successful where otherwise I must have failed completely-


I have enjoyed open, frank and pleasant relations with my asso-
ciate Grand Officers during the year. To them, individually and col-
lectively, I desire to extend my thanks for the many kindnesses shown
me on all occasions.


Under date of Nov. 23, 1917, I issued my first official letter to the
Order, as follows:


Elective Officers.

Name and Residence. Lodge No. Title.

H. M. Blood, 224 W. Huron St.,

Chicago 645 Grand Master

L. M. Kagy, Salem 114 Deputy Grand Master

John W. Birney, Bloomington 77 Grand Warden

John H. Sikes, Springfield 465 Grand Secretary

Melvin P. Berry, P.G.M., Carthage. .412 Grand Treasurer

John J. Crowder, Peoria 21 Grand Representative

A. Otis Arnold, Quincy 12 Grand Representative

Appointive Officers.

Name and Residence. Lodge No. Title.

Rev. O. F. Jordan, Evanston 673 Grand Chaplain

Andrew G. Anderson, Chicago 812 Grand Marshal

C. Edwin Johnson, Paxton 418 Grand Conductor

E. A. Ridenour, Moline. 133 Grand Guardian

A. L. Bone, Greenville 3 Grand Herald

Owen Scott, P.G.M., Decatur 186. . . s' Grand Instructor

Charles M. Hunt, 568 N. Larabee

Ave., Chicago 11 Assistant Grand Instructor

Orphan's Home Directory.

Name and Residence. Lodge No. Term.
Wm; A. Hubbard, P.G.M., Carroll-
ton 342 ". One year

Arthur G. Nauman, Chicago 540 Two years

Wm. H. Pease, P.G.M., Harvey. ... 80 Three years

John H. Steiner, Quincy 12 Four years

John J. Crowder, P.G.M., Peoria. . . 21 Five years



\ T-

» XOT.



EB&i O. JohnsQii, P.F

Sadie CarMia

MjTtle W. Tandy. PJ"
Lara B. Latham. P. F
Arista Lapp

Advisory Board.



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