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munity can often satisfy these needs effectively by them-
selves. However, in many cases, these needs can be met
more efficiently through the actions of a collective body
such as the association. In such cases, the association has
an obligation to provide the necessary services to the de-
gree permitted by its resources.

The association has historically provided lUP with a cam-
pus store, a campus union with meeting rooms, food serv-

ices, game rooms and other amenities, and outdoor
recreational facilities. It expects to continue these services
and to add others or refine the present ones as the needs
and desires of its members change. The association, in
cooperation with I UP, develops and provides support pro-
grams which enhance the extracurricular life of lUP.

In addition to providing services directly, the association
serves as a vehicle for funding and promoting the pro-
grams of other campus organizations that benefit the com-
munity as a whole. Staff support for these programs will
normally be provided by the university or the groups in-
volved, except in the case of programs that are primarily
operated at association-owned or operated facilities.

The association will continue to pursue cooperative rela-
tionships with other Indiana agencies, primarily recrea-
tional in nature, with the aim of improving opportunities
for its members, the students.

The association provides an opportunity for the educa-
tional experience of becoming involved in the governance
of the corporation. This is a significant role which helps
students prepare for leadership positions in society.

The association will continue to consider the development
of new services and programs and reevaluate those it cur-
rently supports. It recognizes that as a fiduciary of student
funds, it must channel its resources in a way that provides
maximum benefits for the university as a whole.

Facilities of the Association

Co-op Recreational Park

The Co-op Recreational Park is a 270-acre facility owned
by the Student Cooperative Association just two miles
from campus. The park is a multipurpose recreation area
serving many diverse needs and interests.

The two entrances are connected by trails which also go
through White's Woods, an adjacent 250-acre nature
preserve. The trails are widely used for hiking and cross
country skiing. A walk-in tent campsite is located at an
overlook point with more planned for the future. (Camp-
ing permits can be obtained at the Hadley Union Building
Front Desk.) Picnic tables and picnic shelters are located
along the trails and near some of the parking lots.

lUP community members may also schedule indoor and
outdoor meetings, ski downhill, rent garden plots, play
Softball, and carry out other activities which are limited
only by the imagination.

Co-op Store

The Co-op Store is located in the Hadley Union Building.
The store stocks a complete line of textbooks, supplies,
paperback books, and other requirements for class use. In
addition, the shopper will find an extensive collection of
records, college wear, stationery, jewelry, sundries, souve-
nir items, and computers.

The store is operated on a competitive basis with all profits
from operations used to support student activities. Hours
are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, with additional evening
hours at the beginning of each semester. The store's lUP
Shop is open extended hours, normally noon to 8 p.m.,
Monday through Friday, and noon to 5 p.m., Saturday.

The Co-op Store is a member of the National Association
of College Stores, through which many additional serv-
ices, such as student-rate magazine subscriptions, are


Hadley Union Building (HUB)

The association operates the Hadley Union Building for
the benefit of all members of the university community.
Facilities available in the HUB include a restaurant; com-
muter facilities; facilities for concerts, dances, symposi-
ums, etc.; a large-screen TV; several meeting and activity
rooms; student offices; lounges for informal gatherings
and study; a rec center with racquetball courts. Nautilus
area, aerobics studio, games area, and outdoor equipment
rental; and business offices of the association. Any recog-
nized campus organization may reserve meeting facilities
in the HUB.

Services of the Association

Campus Recreation

For those people who enjoy the great outdoors, the Co-op
rents Nordic skis, Alpine skis, canoes, and sailboats. The
equipment can be rented by all I-card holders for a nomi-
nal rate at the HUB, lUP Smallcraft Base, or the Co-op
Park ski slopes. Seminars and instructional trips, as well
as a Calendar of Events, are provided by the campus recre-
ational staff in cooperation with the various outing

Check Cashing and Banking

National Bank of the Commonwealth operates a full-
service bank in the Hadley Union Building. Hours are
10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Thursday; 10 a.m. to
7 p.m., Friday, and 9 a.m. to noon, Saturday. All
services, including checking and savings accounts, are
available. An automatic banking machine is available
twenty-four hours a day. Checks on all banks are cashed
upon presentation of a currently valid I-card. A limit of
$100 is placed on all personal checks cashed for nondepo-
sitors, as well as a nominal fee.

College Student Union Association, Inc.

The College Student Union Association, Inc., is a sister
corporation to the Student Cooperative Association. The
College Student Union Association has a membership of
all students and facuky members of the university. It is the
owner of the union buildings at all three campuses. The
College Student Union Association was set up primarily to
build and own properties for the use of the members of
the Student Cooperative Association.

Front Desk

The Front Desk provides many services, including ticket
sales, transportation pool reservations, I-card replace-
ments, room and lodge reservations, and Bell of Pennsyl-
vania payments. Located in the HUB, the Front Desk
hours are 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday with ex-
tended hours on Monday and Thursday. The telephone
number is ext. 2590.


The official student identification card of the university is
produced by the association. Under university regulations,
all students are required to carry their identification at all
times. Questions concerning replacement of I-cards may
be answered at the HUB Front Desk, ext. 2590.

Leadership Opportunities

Students are invited to participate as members and/or
officers of the Board of Directors and policy committees
of the association. Campuswide elections are held each
semester for board members, and committee members are
usually screened in at the end of the spring semester for

the following year. Further information may be obtained
from the executive director.

Student Activities Fund

Recognized campus organizations and activities may apply
for funding from the student fund for programs and serv-
ices which are of potential benefit to the entire student
body. Budget requests are due at the beginning of Febru-
ary each year for consideration for the annual budget
which runs from July 1 to June 30. The Finance Commit-
tee of the Student Cooperative Association also considers
revisions or additions to the budget throughout the fiscal

Information about the budgeting process and guidelines
may be obtained at the Student Cooperative Association
business office in the HUB.

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services serves the student body in an advi-
sory capacity, in matters of landlord/tenant disputes,
personal injury, consumer protection, property damage,
and contract and in the handling of civil cases.

The office in the HUB is open to all students holding valid
I-cards. The office is open Monday through Friday during
the academic year and hours as posted during the summer

Transportation Pool

The association maintains a panel truck and twelve pas-
senger vans for local use by campus organizations and a
sedan for local and out-of-town use. Inquiries and reserva-
tions may be made at the Front Desk of the HUB.

Policies and Regulations
Governing the Student Co-op

1. Co-op Recreational Park

a. A facility owned by the Student Cooperative

b. Members of the association, recognized campus
organizations, and the university have priority for
scheduling university activities located at the Co-op

c. Details on usage policies and reservation forms are
available at the HUB front desk.

2. I-cards

a. The I-card serves as identification while at lUP and
should be shown on demand to any regular repre-
sentative of the university or the Student Coopera-
tive Association. It is used for checking books out
of the library, for cashing checks at the HUB bank,
for use of HUB and lUP facilities, for checking out
recreational equipment at the HUB or the Field
House, for admission to all Student Co-op events,
and for payment of fees at the Business Office.
I-cards validated for meal plans are used to enter the
dining hall facilities.

b. The Co-op Store requires the presentation of the
I-card when paying for purchases by check, when
selling books back to the store, and when returning
merchandise for refund or exchange.

c. Students should be careful of the I-card and report
its loss at once to the Hadley Union Building Front


Desk. Alteration or misuse of the card is subject to
tines up to $25 and other disciplinary action.

d. Students who withdraw from the university during
any term will be required to turn the I-card in to the
-Student Cooperative Association office.

c. The I-card is a permaneni card, used for the dura-
tion of a student's career at lUI'. It must be revali-
dated for each semester session. Damaged cards
may be turned in and replaced for a fee of $2. lost
1 -cards will be replaced for a $5 fee. New or replace-
ment cards can be obtained at university check-in or
at the HUH Ironi Desk.

3. lludley Union Building

The following regulations apply to the Hadley Union
Building (HUB) and premises:

a. All regulations of the university apply at the HUB.

b. The HUB is for the use of students, faculty, and
staff of lUP and their registered guests.

c. Any person may be required to show identification
at any time to any employee of the university or the
Student Cooperative Association.

d. Entrance to the HUB may be restricted to I-card
holders and their guests with guest passes for dances
or other programs or circumstances. Guest passes
may be obtained in advance at the Front Desk.

e. There shall be no gambling in the HUB or on the

f. Possession or the use of alcoholic beverages or drugs
in the HUB is strictly prohibited.

g. Any student found in the HUB at any time in an
intoxicated condition or under the influence of
drugs shall be subject to disciplinary action.

h. Any person who appears to be in violation of uni-
versity regulations may be turned over to the Uni-
versity Judicial Board for appropriate action.

i. Any person or persons who appear to be in violation
of any federal or state laws may be turned over to
the appropriate civil authorities for legal action.

j. Anyone apprehended shoplifting in the HUB or the
Co-op Store will be turned over to the civil authori-
ties for legal action.

k. Anyone apprehended for defacing or destroying
property, such as walls, furniture, or windows, will
be turned over to the University Judicial Board.

1. No currently enrolled student may be denied the use
of Student Cooperative Association facilities unless
such privilege is removed by action of the executive
director of the Student Cooperative Association,
his/her designee, or the university judicial system.
Such action on the part of the director must be re-
viewed by the university Judicial system as soon as

m. Areas of Student Cooperative Association proper-
ties designated as public areas may be reserved only
for activities open to the entire university commu-
nity. Meeting rooms in the HUB may be reserved for
recognized campus organizations for private

n. Policy on signs and posters: university students,
staff, and organizations may place signs and posters
on bulletin boards in the HUB. The HUB staff re-
serves the right to remove notices that are in poor

o. These regulations may be revised or others may be
added by action of the Board of Directors of the
Student Cooperative Association.



General Information

Intercollegiate Athletics

lUP has developed a reputation among colleges and uni-
versities on the local, state, regional, and national scales
for its highly competitive athletic programs. In 1988, The
Indian football team, posting an 8-3 record, met Millers-
ville in the first NCAA Division II playoff game ever
hosted by lUP.

Women's gymnastics won its second consecutive national
championship in the spring of 1989. The year before both
baseball and women's track and field won Pennsylvania
State Conference championships. The golf team was 1989
champion in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference
(PSAC), and its coach, Don White, was chosen PSAC
Coach of the Year.

Nearly all I UP teams are perennially respected for their
records. In women's sports, the Indians are recognized as
the leader in the tri-state area in terms of number of sports
sponsored, the emphasis it places on them, and the ambi-
tions it has for their success.

lUP varsity sports are as follows:




Cross Country




Swimming and Diving


Track and Field



Cross Country

Field Hockey



Swimming and Diving


Track and Field


All lUP athletic programs are affiliated with the NCAA,
ECAC, and Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference
(PSAC). For additional information, contact Frank
Cignetti, director of intercollegiate athletics, at 357-2751;
Herm Sledzik, associate director, 357-2751; or Vivian
Fuller, senior women's administrator and associate athletic
director, at 357-2751. Athletic offices are located in Memo-
rial Field House.

Sports Information

lUP's Sports Information Office, 102 Memorial Field
House, covers and promotes interest and support for the
university's intercollegiate athletics and individual student

To achieve its goals. Sports Information produces a variety
of publications and game programs, serves the media
(newspapers and radio and television stations, ranging
from campus to nationwide) with ongoing information,
and is involved in projects designed to raise interest as well
as funds for lUP sports.

Students may secure information concerning the univer-
sity's eighteen varsity sports, their schedules, and upcom-
ing events by calling 357-2747. Sports Information offers
several internship and student employment opportunities
for writers, office staff, statisticians, and others interested
in covering particular sports and welcomes applications
for these positions.

Intramural Athletics

The aim of the intramural program is to provide a broad
recreational program that will meet the demands, needs,
and interests of every student at lUP. The program is de-
signed to develop skills and recreational activities which
can be utilized throughout life. Physical activity is an es-
sential aspect of well-rounded university education.

The lUP intramural program conducts an annual all-
points race. The intramural competing units are made up
of sororities, fraternities, clubs, church organizations,
residence halls, and independent organizations. If your
organization is interested in competing in the all-points
race or needs additional information concerning the intra-
mural program, please feel free to contact the Intramural
Office at your convenience.

Intramurals exist to foster friendly competition and team-
work and to practice good sportsmanship. An invitation is
extended to all students and faculty to take part in the
varied program. The rewards and benefits of participation
help make lUP a pleasant place.

Fall Sports






M, W


M, W




M, W


M, W


M, W


M, W

Cross Country

M, W

Table Tennis

M, W

Foul Throw




Speed Football


Winter Sports






M, W




M, W

Pocket Billiards

M, W




M. W


M, W


Spring Sporls







Soli hail

M. \V


M, W


M, W(l)


M, W



M. W(l)

Inner Tube VV;



M. W


M, W

Note: M = M


W =


(I) =


InCnimunil Office: 101 Memorial liekl House (Telephone:


Office Hours: 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4.M) p.m.,
Monday through Friday

Bulletin Bourd: Memorial Field House, West Ind, and
Zink Hall

The Recreational Services Handbook contains more de-
tailed information on rules and regulations concerning the
intramural program. It is available in the Memorial Field
House, Room 101.

For a telephone-recorded message of all intramural activi-
ties in action Monday through Friday, please dial 357-2725
after 4:30 p.m. or on weekends.

Athletic Facilities

Memorial Field House

Building Open 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Monday through

Equipment Issue 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through

Room Friday

Training Room 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday (varies with

athletic schedule)
The Pool University swim hours will be posted

outside the pool two weeks after the

beginning of each semester. Call ext.

2771 for information.

Zink Hall

Building Open 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Monday through
Saturday. Students must be out of the
locker room by 10:30 p.m. No one is
permitted to enter Zink Hall after
10:30 p.m.

Gyms A, B, C 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Friday

8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Sunday. Limited
free play when intramurals, varsity
competition, and special events are
scheduled September through April 1.

Dance Studio 6:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Friday

through Saturday. Available only for
students who are currently enrolled in
a dance class. Procedure for requesting
permission to practice will be given by
instructor. Special events scheduled by
Mrs. Dakak (limited).

Equipment Issue 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through
Room Friday

9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday

The Pool University swim hours will be posted

outside the pool two weeks after the
beginning of each semester. Call ext.
2773 for information.

Supply Room

(Memorial Field House and Zink Hall)

The supply room does not give out athletic clothing or
shoes. Lockers are available for semester use to those with

a validated I-card from the attendant in the supply room.
A seven-dollar lee is required, lor which you will receive a
small locker, lock, and towel. A three-dollar fee will be
charged for use of a small white locker only. Students are
allowed to put their osvn lock on a locker while participat-
ing in the building. Individually owned locks will be cut
off if left on lockers overnight.

lennis C'ourl.s

Courts are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Courts may be used for one hour at a time, unless there is
no one waiting for them. If no one is waiting, courts may
be used as long as the student desires.

Training Room Procedures

A. The Sports Medicine Rehabilitation hours for thera-
peutic evaluations and rehabilitation services will be
Monday through Friday, noon-8 p.m.

B. The Training Room hours for men's and women's In-
tercollegiate sports will be Monday through Friday,
noon to 8 p.m.

C. Nonvarsity athletes and faculty members may receive
physical therapy and Sports Medicine Rehabilitation
services with a physician's referral. The patient's insur-
ance company will be billed directly for the services.
Students and their families will be responsible for un-
paid bills from the insurance companies.

D. An Orthopedic Clinic for varsity and nonvarsity stu-
dents is available on Tuesday evenings at 7 p.m. Non-
varsity patients will be responsible for all fees.

Guidelines for Contact

University-sponsored and -recognized groups or organiza-
tions that wish to conduct or sponsor contact sports/
activities, other than as a part of the lUP intercollegiate
athletic program, the intramural program, or required
class activities, on the lUP campus or Student Cooperative
Association property must present to the Campus Recrea-
tion office information concerning the procedures and
conduct planned for the activity. Before any contact
sport/activity such as touch football or rugby will be ap-
proved to be conducted on the lUP campus, the specific
guidelines below must be followed for the event. Determi-
nation of whether a particular activity is to be considered
a contact sport/activity will be made by the Campus Rec-
reation office. These guidelines include

A. All sports/activities must be conducted in an area free
of obstacles and other hazards that is sufficiently re-
moved from the playing area to avoid possible injury
to participants.

B. Such activities must be conducted under proper light-
ing conditions to insure clear visibility by all

C. The playing surface for such activities must be condu-
cive to safe participation by all participants. Inclement
weather must warrant postponement of the activity.

D. Rules and regulations, which clearly define measures
of safety, must be available to all participants.

E. A faculty or staff supervisor must be in attendance at


F. Workshops/clinics must be conducted to train student

officials concerning techniques and rules of officiating
the sport/activity.

G. Personnel knowledgeable in athletic training and/or
currently certified in advanced first aid training must
be on duty at all contests.

H. A student injury report form must be completed at the
time of all accidents/injuries.

I. The director of campus recreation is responsible for
administering these guidelines.

J. Alleged violation of these guidelines shall be referred to
the Recognized Organization Review Board for


Student Rights, Freedoms,
and Responsibilities

General Statement on Student
Rights, Freedoms, and

The university commits itself to guaranteeing its students
the rights discussed in the following paragraphs, insofar as
1) they do not contradict either state or federal statutes, all
of which are binding upon lUP as a state-owned and oper-
ated institution, and 2) they are not incompatible with the
instructor's freedom to teach.

A. Freedom of Access to Higher Education

lUP welcomes students from all racial, religious, and
socioeconomic backgrounds. All facilities and services
at lUP are extended equally to all enrolled students. In
addition, the university seeks to guarantee all its stu-
dents equal access to public facilities within the com-
munity. The university will not condone racial or
religious discrimination directed at its students.

B. Freedom of Expression

The faculty has an obligation to encourage free inquiry
and expression, and students should be permitted ra-
tional and orderly disagreement with data and views
expressed in or out of the classroom. The student,
however, has an equal obligation to be responsible for
learning the content of any course of study for which
he or she is enrolled. The university should provide
reliable mechanisms to protect the student against
prejudiced or capricious evaluation of academic work,
the latter functioning as the sole basis on which the
student is graded, unless the plan of course of study
explicitly states otherwise.

C. Freedom of Assembly - Demonslralion Policy

Demonstrations may be held anywhere on the campus,
so long as they do not disrupt the normal operation of
the university or infringe on the rights of other mem-
bers of the university community, except that no dem-
onstrations are permitted inside university buildings.
Any use of sound amplification equipment on the
campus must have prior clearance through the Sched-
uling Office.

In order that demonstrators not interfere with the op-
eration of the university or the rights of others, they
shall not

1. Obstruct vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian or other

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