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However, admission to the requested major will be subject to the acceptance
bv the Department of Art alter a portfolio review and hv the departments
ol Music and I heater after an audition Students will receive information
from the Alt, Music, and Theater departments concerning auditions and
portfolio reviews once the) have been accepted to 1UP.

Freshma n Applications

All persons expecting to appl) for freshman admission to IUP should plan
to take the SAT or ACT lesl during their junior and or early part of their
senior sear. The Admissions Committee recommends that students take the
tests more than once The committee considers the highest scores from all
tests taken.

Arrangements to take the SAT or At I tests can be made through the high
school counselor, bv writing to the College I ntrancc I \anunaiion Hoard.
Box 592, Princeton, NJ 08540 oi American College resting, P.O Box 168,

Iowa ( itv. I V "-2243 for an information pamphlet and a test registration

form, or on-line ai mvw.coBegeboard.coM

In order for the test scores to be received h\ II IP, the applicant should
designate 111 1 on the lest registration form (SAI code 2652, \( I Code:

il the universities to receive the scores, or the applicant can
request thai his or her school counselor forward test scores to the Admis-
sions ( Iffice

I he applicant should give the completed application form and the
nonrefundable 140 application fee payable to n P to his bet high school
counseloi I he counseloi should mail the application and complete packet
ol admissions materials to the M P i Vdmissions, Sutton Hall, Suite

il ■ 101 1 South Drive, Indi

Transfer Admissions

A student who has been attending another institution oi higher education
and wishes to transfer to Hi musi submit an application with the $40
application fl transcripts of all postsecond ional work

and an otiu i.ii high • hool b in i ipl

Ml admissions de< isions are made on a rolling basis h> the Admissions
< ommittee l 'nda a tolling admissions policy, applications are reviewed as

the) become complete. Decisions can range from automatic acceptance, to

request foi additional information, to othei alternatives

Transfei applications are reviewed on the basis ol academic college course-
work attempted 01 completed I his cOUISeWOrk should be nondcvelop-
mental .uk\ nontechnical in nature and he taken from an institution which
is accredited b) one of the six regional accrediting agencies transfers arc
requited to have al least a cumulative 2 II < 1PA on a 4 II scale (( average)
from all schools previousl) attended and to have met the minimum require-
ments established by the academic department to which the student is
applying Teachei education and nursing programs require increased
standards for admission and additional information (Praxis I scores for
education), Contact the office of Admissions for specifics. In addition, the
admissions decision considers other evidence ol students' performance and
ability to be a successful college student

I he evaluation of credits from oilier institutions of higher education is the
responsibility of the Office of Admissions and the academic college dean
who has jurisdiction over the Student's desired major. Normally, courses

considered foi transfer are only those taken from institutions which are
accredited by the si\ regional accrediting agencies Each course is evaluated
separately. The evaluation includes a review of the description, credits, and
grade of each course along with the applicability of the course to the
student's major at IUP. However, only credits transfer, not grade-poinl
average. It has been the policy of the universit) that only courses with a
grade of C or higher will he accepted, except for Iw o-year associate degree
graduates of stale-supported community colleges in Pennsylvania. No
matter how man) credits are transferable, the student must satisf) all of
the degree requirements falling into the categories oft I I universit)
requirements. l2l college requirements, ami (3) department requirements.

University Requirements: Since all students are obliged to fulfill a basic
program m Liberal Studies consisting of a minimum of 48 credits and there
is a reasonable degree ot flexibility in the liberal Studies requirements, the
transfer evaluator will look to this area first for applicable credits for
transfer. Most introductory courses are generally equivalent

Placement Test Policy

Entering students are required to complete placement tests prior to course
registration, Based on their placement results, students may be required by
departments to lake one or more additional courses in preparation for their
courses I hese courses mav he m addition to course prerequisites and the
minimum requirements for the Student's program of Study. Students who
believe then test scores do not accuratcK reflect their abilities should
appeal their placemen) hv contacting the Adv ising and resting Center.

Residency Requirements for Awarding of Degrees

The universit) requires thai at least 45 credits, generally including the last
30 credits in a student's curriculum, must be earned by enrollment in II I'
courses; 15 of these 45 credits must be in the student's major. IUP courses
include all courses listed in the I ndcrgraduatc and Graduate catalogs.

It should also be noted that for community college graduates, a maximum
of Ml credits is transferable to this institution for the purpose of fulfilling a


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specific program of stud) Excess credits, if any, may be transferred but
cannot be used for fulfilling the minimum requirements for the degree.

To remain in good academic standing, transfer students must meet the same
GPA requirements as those specified for all other undergraduate students.
See section in this catalog entitled "Criteria Governing Continuance at

The university accepts credits associated with "D" grades only when they
are part of a completed associate degree earned at a publicly owned
community college in Pennsylvania. These "D" grades will be treated in
the same manner as those earned at IUP. This articulation policy was
adopted by the Board of State College and University Directors in 1973.

Act 101 Program

Students identified as eligible for Act 101 support may be admitted to the
Act 10I Program through the Department of Developmental Studies in the
College of Education and Educational Technology. Please see detailed in-
formation at the Department of Developmental Studies description in the
College of Education and Educational Technology section of this catalog.

Part-Time Study (Nondegree)

Part-time undergraduate study is available through the Office of Distance
Learning and Continuing Education (DLCE) to any high school graduate or
holder of a GED Equivalency Diploma. No SAT scores are required. Note: A
TOEFL Score is required as part of the application for an individual whose
native language is other than English. Those who are not U.S. citizens must
submit a notarized copy of their current visa and 1-94 card or alien resident

Applications are available from the Office of DLCE and must be submitted
with documentation directly to the Office of DLCE by August 1 5 for the
fall semester and December 15 for the spring semester. A $40 application
fee is required. Applications submitted after established dates are not
guaranteed consideration.

Transfer students may also apply to the Office of DLCE for part-time
study and must submit official transcripts for all previous college work
attempted. An overall 2.0 GPA is required.

A student in the Part-time Studies Program is limited to a semester
enrollment of no more than 1 1 credits and must apply for degree candidacy
for formal admission to a degree program before 30 IUP credits have been
earned. Applications for degree candidacy must be filed by the midterm
point of the fall or spring semester preceding candidacy. Specific require-
ments for GPA and IUP credit vary by degree program. The minimum
credit criteria to apply for consideration for degree candidacy follow:
High School Diploma or GED 15 IUP credits 2.0 GPA

Veteran (DD-2 14 required) 9 IUP credits 2.0 GPA

Transfer (with 1 2 or more credits) 9 IUP credits 2.0 GPA

Transfer (with 1 1 or less credits) 15 IUP credits 2.0 GPA

Program for Visiting High School Students (Dual Enrollment)

IUP permits the exceptional high school student to preview university life
and earn regular college credit on a limited nondegree basis. Students should
contact the Admissions Office to inquire about the Dual Enrollment

Postbaccalaureate Studies (Undergraduate)

The Postbaccalaureate Studies Program provides access to undergraduate
courses to individuals who have an earned baccalaureate degree. Students
may be seeking a second bachelor's degree, an additional teacher certifica-
tion, or personal enrichment. Students may enroll on a full- or part-time
basis determined by personal preference and availability of coursework.

Applications are available from the I Iffice of Distance Learning and
Continuing Education. A completed application and official transcripts of
all previous undergraduate coursework nuisi he submitted for re\ lew bj
August 15 for fall semester and December 15 for spring semester. Applica-
tions not submitted by established dates are not guaranteed consideration A
$40 application fee is required. The fee is waived for graduates of IUP.

Second Baccalaureate Degree

A student with an earned baccalaureate degree who wishes to complete the

requirements for a second or subsequent bachelor's degree must make
application and submit official transcripts indicating degree! s) awarded I he
Student must complete a minimum of thirty additional IUP credits beyond
those earned in his/her initial bachelor's degree and meet the requirements
for graduation established by the academic department and college in which
the new degree is to be earned. However, a student may complete one or
more secondary majors while earning the primary degree.

Postbaccalaureate Associate Degree

A student with an earned baccalaureate degree who wishes to complete the
requirements for an associate degree must apply through the Office of
Distance Learning and Continuing Education and submit official transcripts
indicating degree(s) awarded. The student must complete a minimum of 15
additional IUP credits and meet the requirements established by the aca-
demic department and college in which the new degree is to be earned. A
student who holds a baccalaureate degree may not earn either an associate
degree in the same discipline or in General Studies.

Teacher Certification

A college graduate with an earned nonteaching baccalaureate degree who
wishes to complete the requirements for Instructional Level I Certification
must apply as a second bachelor's degree student. A minimum 3.0 cumula-
tive GPA and successful Praxis I (PPST) scores are required for consider-
ation for admission. Applicants must also meet the requirements of Step I
of the 3-Step Process for Teacher Education which can be found in the
College of Education and Educational Technology section of this catalog or
at the website

A Pennsylvania-certified teacher who wishes to add a new area of certifica-
tion may apply to the Office of Distance Learning and Continuing Educa-
tion for admission as a postbaccalaureate student.

Immunization Requirements

Students are required to complete a Student Health Form documenting
immunization status. Sec Health Sen ices information in section "Student
Programs and Services."

Readmission Policy for Students Who

With draw from the University Voluntarily

Undergraduate students who have withdrawn from the university, or were
not enrolled during the previous regular semester, must complete an
Application for Readmission. available through one ol the following

• By logging on to URSA (uuu ursd) and selecting the Apply for
Readmission to IUP option under the Student Services section

• By downloading a form from the Registrar's Office website at
www. iup. edu/registrar/forms.

• By going to the Office of the Registrar. Clark Hall 1 obbj

• By calling 724-357-2217. During evening or weekend hours, you may
call this same number and leave >our name and address and a form will
be mailed to you

The readmission deadline for the spring semester is December 1 and lor the
fall semester is Jul) 20.

Requests for readmission for academical!) dismissed students or first-
semester and traiislei students who withdraw from the LUliversit) voluntar-
ily during their first semester of foil-time enrollment will be forwarded to

the Office of (he Dean of the college m which the Student was enrolled at

the time of dismissal, oi of total universit) foi .i decision on

the Student's readmission.

Decisions tor readmission of Students in Universit) probationary or
dismissed status, regardless of whether the student was dismissed by the
university or the student voluntaril) withdrew, are the responsibilit) of the

Academic Standards Officer of the college the student wishes to enter. If
the student is seeking admission to a new college, the officer of the new
college will consult with the officer of the former college before making a

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decision I Ik- Registrar's Office will official!) change the majoi based on
the officer's readmission lettei i" the student

All outstanding Finani ial obligation i to thi univi i lit)

the Application foi Readmission will be processed Due to enrollment
restrictions, requests foi readmission to Nursing oi the * ollege oi I ine Vn
will be forwarded foi approval by a representative from that department 01

Readmitted students who have not been enrolled for two years or morx
may petition their college Jam for applii <»/<>// of the < '<///< elled Semester
Policy, whit It provides for 1 ancellation from the . umulativt >< 1 >"./ oj the
effects of one semester below aGPAof2.0 Students who haw
separated from the university for three . onsecutive 1 alendar years nun
petition their college dean to return under the I resh Start Polit \ Students
must pay fees and attend classes before a designated semester » ill be
1 ancelledor the Fresh Start I'olu 1 will take • ffet 1 See the U ademk
Polit ies set lion of this catalog for more information on these polk ies

Once the application for readmission has been approved, the student wi
sent instructions on how and when to registei


Students readmitted to H P are encouraged to complete the I ree Applica
Hon for Federal Student Aid 1 1 \i S \ 1 to determine financial aid eligibility.
Financial aid eligibility will be based on financial need, as determined bj the
I VFSA, and on the student's prioi academic record

The Summ er Sessions

I he suiiiiiK-i school program at HP is designed to meet the needs of many

Students Courses, workshops, and seminars are offered in the liberal arts.

teacher education, and other fields of study.

Continuing university students, including newly admitted freshmen, who

w ish to accelerate their program of Studies W ill find both Liberal Studies and
speeial eouises in all fields of Study. Students from othei colleges and

universities may take courses at IUP; however, they are advised to first

ensure that their home institution will transfer such credits earned at IUP.

reachers-in-service will find courses in the summer program to serve a

variet) Oi needs I he\ ma> enroll to quality lor permanent certification,
satisfy Vet 4N requirements, lake refresher courses in their field of speciali-
zation, or lake eouises for the purpose of extending their certification to a
new field.

I he summer sessions schedule can he \ icwcd at the website
summer. Contact the Office of the Registrar. Clark Hall (toll-free number:
888-800-3190). for more information on undergraduate courses Contact
the School of Graduate Studies and Research ( 724-357-2222 ) for more
information on graduate courses

Attendance at summer sessions undergraduate courses is open to all students
but docs not constitute admission or readmission for continuing registration
in the fall and or spring semesters II IP students with less than a 2.0 cumu-
lative GPA must receive approval from their dean's office before attending
summer onuses Non-IUP students (graduate and undergradtite) can submit
an electronic form that can be accessed at the website www.iup edu
summer Students who desire readmission for the fall semester should apply
to the Registrar's Office by the preceding July 20 and by December 1 for
the spring semester

English Language Programs for
International Students and Visitors

1 he American language Institute (Al.ll offers several noncredit. intensive
English programs for international students and \ isitors from beginning
through advanced levels each semester. The ALI Provisional (ALI-P)
program is for applicants who waul provisional admission to an IUP
undergraduate program preceded b\ full-time English instruction.

The English for Academic Purposes Program ll Al'i is foi applicants
seeking to prepare themselves foi study at any U.S. college or university
Enrollment in fall and spring semester is for fourteen weeks (20 hours per

week) Midsemcsicr admission is possible with the approval oi the director

In summer semester, programs are offered foi ten weeks. Students are

iimci. intermediate, 01 advanced levels by proficiency lesls at

the start of 1 im An institutional HUM is administered at the

conclusii 1 each semestei

Qualified students can lake a Bridge Program < 1-6 credits and ESL) through
the All Contact the director at 724-357 6944 01 e-mail ali-
inquiries^ iup edu

i ocurriculai social and cultural programs are uttered to all students I 01
further information, visit the website

l\IH \\ \ I \l\ I Rs| IV OI PI WSVIA \\f\ I'NDERGRADl'ATE CATALOG 2009-2010

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Institutional Fees*

*The university reserves the right to change its fees without notice. The
tuition and lees set forth in this section were those in effect in May 2009
The fee schedule is subject to change; these figures are to be considered
simply as an estimate. The most current fee schedule can be obtained by
writing to the IUP Admissions Office, by phoning 724-357-2230, or by
\ lsiting the website


Tuition covers the keeping of student records, use of the library, student
welfare, and laboratory facilities. The tuition for full-time in-state students
is $2,777 per semester. An additional $23 1 per credit will be charged for
undergraduate credits scheduled in excess of 18. The tuition for part-time
in-state undergraduate students is $23 1 per credit. A part-time undergraduate
student is one taking 1 1 or fewer credits. See the sections on Admissions
and Registration and on Academic Policies for further information con-
cerning part-time students.

Out-of-state full-time students pay tuition of $6,943 per semester. An addi-
tional $579 per credit will be charged for undergraduate credits in excess of
18. The tuition for part-time out-of-state students is $579 per credit. The
definition of an in-state student is based on domicile. An in-state student is
one who has been domiciled in Pennsylvania for at least one year preceding
attendance at any institution of higher education in the state of Pennsylva-
nia. A minor is presumed to have the domicile of his/her parents or legal
guardian. Students who have any questions concerning their domicile should
read the official text of the rules, as published in Volume 22, Pennsylvania
Code, Section 507.1 through 507.1 1.

Dining Plan Fee

On-Campus Dining Plans: Indiana and Punxsutawney

PlanA/F+ 19 meals per week + $150 in Flex money $1,218

PlanB/F+ 14 meals per week + $200 in Flex money $1,209

Plan B 1 4 meals per week $1,009

Plan C/F+ 165 meals a semester + $200 in Flex money $1,205

PlanD/F 1 meals a week + $200 in Flex money $1,167

Plan K/F 1 25 meals a semester + $200 in Flex money $1,161

Dining Plans: Off-Campus and Indiana Apartments

Plan E/F 75 meals a semester + $150 in Flex money $736

Meals provided through these plans are for the use of the contract holder
only. Flex money can be carried from fall to spring semester; however, any
portion not used by the end of the spring semester will be forfeited. Flex
may be used for guests.

Health and Wellness Fee

The mandatory student health and wellness fee is assessed each semester
based upon enrollment status at the university.

• Health and Wellness Fee A: $155 (mandatory for full-time under-
graduate students with 12 or more credits). Fee A provides access to all
the services of the Center for Health and Well-Being (CHWB) including
Health Services. Counseling services, Alcohol. Tobacco, and Other Drug
(ATOD) services, the Nutrition Connection, I itness and Recreation pro-
gramming, and other programs and sen ices within the center I his fee
also provides for annual flu \ accinations, a self-care cold and wound
center. TB screening clinics, and local ambulance service coverage lot
out-of-pocket expenses Charges for health service visits 01 medications
are posted to the student's IUP account and collected b> the Bursar. For
details about any services or charges, sec the web page for the CHWB at
www.iup edu chwb or link to the individual department website

• Health aiul Wellness Fee />' Sis (optional for pan-time undergraduate
students with 1-5 credits; mandatory for part-time undergraduate
students with 6-1 1 credit', and lull-time graduate students), Students who
have paid Fee B are also eligible for all health education and interven-
tion programs and services ottered by the Center for Health and Well-
Being. The basic fee provides access to all the programs and sen. ices

described in fee A. and for additional charges, students who pa) I ee B
may have access to clinical health sen ices. Students enrolled in Health
Fee B would have the option of upgrading their sen ice by paying Fee A.
or they may pay per-visil Ices Spouses of IUP students may enroll in
Fee A or Fee B or pay per-visit fees

The student health and wellness fee may be waived by request on a
semester-by-semester basis only for students driving more than 25 miles
(one-way) for an internship or student teaching, or driving more than a 50-
nulc (one way) daily commute from home Instructions on how to request a
health and wellness waiver arc available from the I RSA website Students
attending regional campuses have health and wellness fee options and
should contact their regional campus director For further information on
this campus fee. contact the Center for Health and Well-Being at 724-357-

Instructional Fee

All students are charged an instructional fee to support academic equip-
ment, library resources, maintenance and repair projects, recreational
facilities, and the advancement of technologies. The fee is $267.90 per
semester for full-time students and $22.30 per credit for part-time students

Miscellaneous Costs

In some courses, students are required to obtain supplies and materials to
complete course projects. In many courses, a student may make a voluntary
contribution to a cooperative fund established for the purpose of obtaining
these supplies and/or senices at a lower cost. Examples are art courses, field
trips, etc.

Registration Fee

All students are charged a registration fee of $32 per semester

Late Registration Fees

Late registration fees are assessed to students whose initial semester
registration occurs during the following timeframe


• $100 will be assessed if the initial fall registration occurs after the last
day of the previous spring term.

• $200 will be assessed if the initial fall registration occurs on or after the
first official day of the fall term.


• $100 will be assessed if the initial spring registration occurs after the last
day of the previous fall term.

• $200 will be assessed if the initial spring registration occurs on or after
the first official day of the spring term.

New students and transfer students are exempt from this tec their first term
of enrollment Readmitted students are exempt from this fee their first
term of readmission.

Residence Hall Fee

I his academic year's room Ices for residence hall students are $1,930 a

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