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the [UP Athletic Department or an affiliated cluneal site Specific skills
emphasized include, but are not limited to, those relating to communica-
tion, recordkeeping, planning, budgeting and purchasing, tacihtv design.

policies procedures, and othei athletic health care administra-
tive duties vthletk training instruction and guidance skills are also
addressed Restricted to students seeking certification bv the National

Athletic Iraincis Association

HPEI) 477 Athletic Training Clinical Practicum l\ 0c-2l-lcr

Prerequisites: lll'l D 446, 44S

Provides the OppOTtunit) to develop and demonstrate proficient psycho-
motor skills within the domain ol athletic injur) rehabilitation, in coordi-
nation with a one-semestei cluneal field experience I his clinical field
experience allows an opportunit) to practice and applv skills under the
direction of a clinical instructor within the IIP Athletic Department or an

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affiliated clinical site Specific skills emphasized in< ludc but are not limited
in. exercise, manual therapy, .mil othei advanced musculoskeletal screening
and therapeutic intervention techniques Restricted to itudcnts seeking
certification bj the National Athletic rrainers Association

HP1 I) 4ni Special Ibpici vat I <n

i'i 1 1 1 iqulslte: \s appropriate to course content

red "ii .in experimental 01 temporal) basis to explore topics nol
included in the established curriculum V given topic may be offered undei
an) special topic identit) no more than three times Special topics
numbered 481 are primarily lot upper-level undergraduate students,

mi D 483 Independent Stud) var-l-3cr

Prerequisite: Prioi approval through advisoi faculty member,

department chairperson, dean, and Provost's Office

Students with interest in independenl stud) ol .i topic not offered in the

curriculum ma) propose a plan oi stud) in conjunction with .i faculty

membei Approval is based on academic appropriateness and availabilit) ol


1 1 1'l I) 4N5 Student Assistance Program [draining 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: lunior standing and I DSP 102
Introduces the concept of Student Assistance Programs (SAP) in schools
Includes the history oi S AP, current involvement in public education, and
the educator's role as an s \l' member. Provides an experiential basis Ecu
preparation to assume the role ol an SAP membei Note Majors in the
It S Ed Health and Physical Education program have first opportunity to
enroll in class; an) openings in the class will then he offered to Elementary
and Secondary I ducation majors

HPED 492 Health Fitness Instruction 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: 111*1 li 41 1 with a grade ol ( oi belter
Students acquire the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to develop pro-
grams "i physical activity and fitness for healthy adults ami those with
controlled disease Experience in leading an exercise class, know ledge of

functional anatomy, and exercise physiology is also expected prior to

participation in the class

IIPKI) 44.1 Internship


Prerequisites: HIM n 4 in and 41 1 with a grade of C or better in each
An educational opportunity which integrates classroom experience with
practical experience in community sen ice agencies or industrial, business.
or governmental organizations. Junior standing required

1IRIM: Hospitality Management
Department of Hospitality Management
( allege of Health and Human Services

II KIM llll Introduction to the Hospitality Industry 3c-0l-3cr

A study of the development and current status of the hospitality industry
Majoi hotel, restaurant, and related area employers are profiled. Career
opportunities arc discussed Guest speakers from various hospitality
industry segments are featured.

IIKIM 115 Introduction to tourism 3c-01-3cr

Introduces concepts pertaining to international and domestic tourism.
I xammes the economic, social, and cultural aspects of tourism as well as
bovi destinations are marketed.

IIKIM 130 Hospitality Sanitation and Security 3c-OI-3cr

Introduces concepts and issues pertaining to sanitation and security man-
agement in the hospitality industry 1 xammes causes and prevention v\'
food-borne illness. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point food production
methods, and current government regulations Special emphasis is on crisis
management protocols dealing with critical incidents involving guests and
employees. Prepares students lor taking the National Restaurant Associa-
tion SetvSafe sanitation certification examination

IIRIM 1511 Principles of Hospitality Management 3c-0l-3cr

Introduces classic management theory and responsibilities, with an

emphasis on hospitality industry applications

iikim '4s Diversity and Multicultural Management la the
Hospitality Industi ) U 01 It >

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing

I uplores whal happens when diverse people work tOgCthci in the hospital

us industry Also examines the effects ol international migration and ibe
changin vomen and othei minorities which lead to

urban centers within the I nited states and othei hospitality venues Also

ultural in tois affectin it) in the culturally

diverse hospitality environment

IIKIM 250 Human Resources la the Hospitality Industry lc-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: IIKIM i i0 oi I I and Nutrition majoi

I gamines human resources management in the hospitality industry fopics
include diversity, legal requirements, job analysis, recruitment and

Selection, training and development, p appraisal, compensation.

and benefits administration

IIKIM 25° Hospitality Purchasing U-(ll-3cr

Prerequisite: I l)\l 150 oi equivalent

Includes sources, standards, grades, methods ol purchase, and storage of
various foods, beverages, and fixtures 1 mphasi/cs the development ol
purchasing policies and specifications

IIKIM 260 Hotel Kooms Division Management 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: IIKIM 101. 15(1

Examines work areas, functions, and relationships pertaining to the rooms
division components Ol B hotel Ol resort Areas ol concentration include
front office, housekeeping, maintenance, uniformed service, security, sales,
recreation, and other relevant operations components Elements oi guest-
room lav out and design are also discussed ( I itled Hotel Sv stems Manage-
ment prior to 2005-06)

HKIM 265 Hospitality ( ost Management 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: ACC1 201

Identifies and analyzes the control of hospitality operation costs including
those in the areas Of food, beverage, labor, and material, and compares
those costs to industry norms. Students analyze income statements and
balance sheets

IIRIM 281 Special Topics var-l-3cr

Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content
( iflercd on an experimental or temporary basis to explore topics not
included in the established curriculum. A given topic may be offered under
an) special topic identit) no more than three times. Special topics
numbered 2SI are offered primarily for lower-level undergraduate students.

IIRIM 299 Cooperative Education (First Experience) Ocr

Prerequisites: Completion ol JOcr, 2o GPA

\ semester-long program designed to combine classroom theory with prac-
tical application through job-related experiences Student required to com-
plete two alternating experiences: only one may be a summer experience

IIRIM 300 Critiquing Commercial Restaurants lc-01-lcr

Prerequisites: IIRIM 130 and 256, junior status

Provides the student of hospitality management the opportunity to evalu-
ate operational characteristics of commercial restaurants from the perspec-
tive ol a dining patron Students, as members of dining teams, dine in a
variety of restaurant concepts and evaluate the business operation on a
battery of performance criteria, including site appearance, menu diversity
service competence, product quality, and sanitation I valuations and
recommendations for change are presented to the class lot discussion.
Students incur out-of-pocket dining expenses

IIRIM 310 Professional Development in the Hospitality

Industry 2c-OI-2cr

Prerequisite: IIKIM 256

Provides an opportunity to identify and design industry -specific job search

strategies, techniques, and skills including resume and cov er letter writing.

interviewing, portfolio development, and strategies to attain career success

within the hospitality industry


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HR1M 313 Food Production and Service lc-6l-4cr

Prerequisites: IIRIM 130. 150. ami instructor permission
Introduces the management of food service operations in commercial
kitchen facilities. Includes planning, preparation, and service of quantity
food production. Emphasizes the integration of sanitalion. menu planning.
i. ist controls, and application of computer software.

HR1M 320 Hospitality Marketing 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: IIRIM 256

Students gain an understanding of the principles and concepts of marketing
as the> appl> to hospitality management Analyzes consumer behavior
related to the hospitality industry Students leant to make effective
marketing decisions as they apply to customer satisfaction.

HRI.M 330 Applications of Food Production and Service lc-61-4cr
Prerequisite: HR1M 313 or FDNT 150 151

Provides training for the hospitality management student in advanced fun-
damentals of technique, timing, and management skills through laboratory
experiences, as well as the operation of the Allenwood Restaurant facility.

HRI.M 335 Legal Issues in Hospitality 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: HRIM 256

Examines the concepts and issues pertaining to hotel and restaurant law.
government regulations, and their impact on the hospitality industry. A
special emphasis is on innkeeper-guest relationship, employee relations,
food laws and liability, liquor law and liability, and guest rights.

HRI.M 343 Fund-Raising for Special Events 3c-0l-3cr

Relevant management tools, techniques, and strategies used for acquiring
event revenue through fund-raising and special event management are
explored. Evolving legislation affecting sponsor and donor relationships is
examined. The contemporary concept of sponsorship is benchmarked
against a historical review to frame an understanding of how sponsor and
organizational needs change.

HRIM 346 Catering for Special Events 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: HRIM 313. equivalent, or by permission

A practical understanding of the management tasks of a caterer and their

relationship to the special event industry. (Offered as HRIM 406 prior to


HRIM 350 Introduction to the Casino Industry 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or instructor permission
Introduces the multibillion-dollar casino industry. Examines the gaming in-
dustry from a historical perspective and includes legal, social, and economic
issues. Also reviews the various games played in casinos and the current
trends, as well as the most popular casino destinations in the world. Special
attention is devoted to the growth of casinos on cruise ships, on Native
American reservations, and on riverboats in the United States. Includes a
field trip to Atlantic City or another casino setting, which occurs on a
weekend. This field trip serves as a catalyst to appreciate all of the
theoretical concepts discussed in the lectures

HRIM 35S Food Service Equipment and Facilities Design 3c-0l-3cr
Prerequisite: HRIM 313

Examines types and uses of food sen ice production and sen ice equipment
with emphasis on incorporation into an effective facilities design. Field
trips permit investigation of a variety of unit designs.

HRI.M 365 Hotel Facilities Management 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: HRIM 101

Analyzes principles (.if hotel design, construction, and physical plant man-
agement. Discusses housekeeping and maintenance department operations.

HRIM 400 Restaurant Revenue Management 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: HRIM 265

Promotes an understanding of the management of revenue in restaurant
operations through the application ol analytical tools to formulate and

implement strategics in response to daily operational complexities and
constraints to achieve budgetary objectives

HRIM 402 Beverage Management 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: Verifiable proof oi 21 vcars of age or permission

Examines the principles, processes, and theories of beverage sen ice.
Analysis of methods <>l alcoholic beverage production and examination of
Dries of spirits, malt beverages, and wine, as well as legal concerns of
service Development and marketing of beverage operations arc discussed.
Includes voluntary tasting and evaluation ol alcoholic beverage products.

HRIM 403 Wine and Wine Service 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: All students must be 21 vcars ol age <>i older
A siiulv ol the wine-growing regions, production, processing, and distribu-
tion ol domestic and international wines, lopics include types of wine

grapes, varieties of w me. proper storage procedures, the techniques of
proper wine service, and responsible alcohol service

HRIM 404 Brew Pub and Brewery Operations 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: Verifiable proof of 21 years of age or older
Addresses the art of brewing beer, beer styles, brew mg equipment require-
ments, responsible alcohol scnice. beer and food pairing, sales, and
marketing. Students w ill v isit local breweries and brew pubs. Students arc-
required to attend three day-long field trips

HRI.M 408 Institutions Management 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: ACCT 201, HRIM 313, 326. senior standing
A compendium of the concepts of managing human resources, capital, ma-
terials, equipment, and markets as related to various hospitality property
systems. Focus on concept development and managerial decision making

HRIM 411 Seminar in Hospitality Management 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: HRIM 360. 365

An analysis of the current trends and practices within hospitality industry
as related by industry professionals. Includes researching topics and writing
at least three research papers. (Writing-intensive course)

HRI.M 413 Advanced Food Production and Service lc-6l-4cr

Prerequisites: HRIM 330 and permission

A food and beverage systems course emphasizing restaurant front- and
back-of-the-house operations management. Students research, plan,
prepare, and present theme-oriented dinners showcasing selected domestic
and international cuisine. Students function as both operations employees
and managers within the department's food and beverage operation

HRIM 420 Hotel Sales 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: IIRIM 101 and 260

A practical approach to understanding the functions and activities of the
sales department within a hotel property. A thorough review of the organi-
zational structure of a typical hotel sales department and documentation
used by the department will be made. Identification of and approaches to
securing typical hotel market segments arc covered.

HRIM 433 Educational Study Tour \ar-2-6cr

A comprehensive program of directed activities permits firsthand
experiences in the historical and cultural aspects of the hospitality industry
worldwide. Visits to renowned operations are included in the tour.

HRIM 470 Hospitality Business Model 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: Seniot stains and instructor permission
Provides the opportunity to integrate and appl) hospitality operations
management concepts into the development of a working hospitality
business model.

IIRIM 4SI Special Topics \ar-3cr

Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content

Offered on an experimental or temporary basis to explore topics not
included in the established curriculum. A given topic mav be offered under
am special topic identity no more than three tunes Special topics
numbered 4SI are primarily for upper-level undergraduate students

HRIM 4S2 Independent Study in Hospitality Management var-l-6cr
Prerequisite: Prior approval through advisor, faculty member,
department chairperson, dean, and Provost's Office

Students with interest in independent studv of a topic not offered in the
curriculum mav propose a plan of study in conjunction with a faculty
member Approval is based on academic appropriateness and availability ••!
resources Must apply a semester in advance and have 60a earned.

Page 210 W A 1 \l\ I RNII y (>1 IM"\\syi\ \\| \ l \|)l Ri.R \IH Ml- CATALOG, 2009-2010

iikim 493 latenublp vat I I2ci

I'M i equlsltes: 57cr i imcd !.0 GPA, and completion ol in ipproved

ioui pre Internship experience
Provides an opportunity to work in .1 supervised experience directly related
to the Hospitality Managemenl majoi Must nn.-i.-i univcrsit) and depart internship requirements Minimum ol 400 hours required

\uii-: \\ hue uniforms including white shoes arc required foi all

where food is prepared Students must meet the professional dress require

mi-ins ui the department

ll MG: Information Managemenl

Department of Managemenl Information Systems

and Decision Sciences
Eberl) College of Business and Information fechnology

Vonr: 1 ncepl foi VccountJng, Business Education, and nonbusiness majors
who have met the required prerequisites, students scheduling 101
courses are expected to have achieved junioi standing .is described in the
I berly College of Business and Information rechnology Academic Policies

IFMG 101 ( omputer I Iterac) 3c-0l-3cr

\n introductory course designed to provide .1 understandinj
computers I amiliarizes students with the interaction of computer hardware
and software Emphasizes the application ol microcomputers, the use of
productivity software (word processing, spreadsheet management, file and
database management presentation graphics, web browsers, search strate-
gies, and e-mail), and the social and ethical aspects of the impact ol
computers on society (Does not count toward Computet Science majoi 1
Note cross-listed as BTED and COS( HH Any of these courses may be
substituted for each other and may be used interchangeably for D or F
repeats bui ma) not he counted for duplicate credit.

IFMG 2111 Internet and Multimedia 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: Hll l>< OS( IFMG HH or prioi exposure to
word processing and electronic mail

Focuses on the evaluation of information and multimedia resourecs axaila-
ble on electronic networks when doing research in an area of one's choice.
Information literacy course is designed foi students to gain a more m-depth
understanding of the information resources available electronically and of
how to utilize them more effectively m communicating. Students learn how
to aeeess and utilize these resources lor two-way communications and sup-
port for decision making while incorporating selected elements in multi-
media presentations of their own design. (BTED ( o\l\l ( 1 »S< IFMG/
LIBR 201 may be used interchangeably for D or F repeats and may not be
counted for duplicate credit 1

IFMG 205 Foundations of Mis 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: BT1 IX OS( II MG 101

An introductory course providing a fundamental understanding of MIS.
Systems theory, quality, decision making, and the organizational role of
information systems are introduced Information technology, including
b.isu programming skills, is stressed. Introduces concepts oi organization,
information system growth, telecommunications, and re-engineering.

IFMG 210 Introduction to Front-End Business

Applications 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: Hll D/COS( II Ml. 101

Provides an introduction to systems and development concepts, informa-
tion technology, and front-end business application software Explains hou

information is used in organizations and how mis enables improvement in

quality, timeliness, and competitive advantage. As part of this course,
students learn how to design and construct .1 ftont-end business application
using a programming language

IFMG 2311 Introduction to 1 ml Business

Applications 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: IFMG 210

Introduces the back-end business programming language as it applies to

business organizations and their applications. Structured hack-end business

concepts and methods aic taught as the student leanis how to solve business

probl omputcn Involves u

produi of outputs utilized in mess

acti\ iocs

II MG 2*11 Business Systems technology << 01 lei

Prerequisite: II v COS! 110

Presents a functional review ol computing equipment and the organization

.it components and devices into configuration

the principles ol system software and builds an und

nous oi hardware and software within architectural desi

11 MG 251 Business Systemi Vnalysls ami Design U 01 lei

Prerequisite: IFMG

Involves leaching ihc tools and techniques required lor analysis and design

oi business systems I he majoi steps in the system's development life

cycle arc presented along with practical applications from the majoi

subsystems ol typical business organizations Issues related to personnel.
hardware, software, and procedures are explored as students work indiv idu-

ally and in project teams to solve typical business application problems

Mis majors may count tins course towards then graduation requirements
IFMG 255 Business Applications in ( OBOl »c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: II M(, 205

Introduces the ( * )H< >l programming language as it applies to business
mizations and theii applications. Structured ( < >ls< il concepts and

methods arc taught as the Student learns how to solve business problems
using computers. Involves using files, reports, and tables to produce a
variety of outputs utilized in operating and managing business activities

IFMG 261 Micro Database Systems 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: BTED I 1 »S( II MG 101

I he fundamentals of database management, including different database
models and database design issues, arc examined. Emphasizes the use of
\arious tools of relational database software, including report generators,
screen builders, and query facilities. Design techniques and software tools
arc used in creating a database application Intended as an elective for
business students who arc not majoring m MIS MIS majors may not count
this course towards their graduation requirements

IFMG 2SI Special Topics var-l-3cr

Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content
< Iffered on an experimental or temporary basis to explore topics not
included in the established curriculum. A gixen topic may he offered under
any special topic identity no more than three times. Special topics
numbered 281 arc offered primarily for lower-level undergraduate students

II MG 300 Management Information Systems:

Theory and Practice 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisites: COSC BTED/IFMG 101

Includes basic MIS concepts, fundamentals, and practices. Broad areas ol
coverage are principles, the computer as a problem-solving tool, computer-
based information systems (CBIS), organizational information systems, and
Information Systems management.

IFMG 330 Ad\anccd Back-End Business Applications 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: II MG 230 01 ( OSC 220

Explores back-end business programming language as il applies to business
organizations and their applications Shows ways to embed and link a

variety of techniques of back-end business concepts and methods to solve
business problems using computers and web technologies The student
implements back-end business and user interface techniques in managing
business activities.

IFMG .152 I \\ Design and Installation 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: BIS I 273 Ol II MG 250 or any COSC course
numbered 300 or higher

\ study of fundamental local area networking concepts A detailed study of
the basics of local area network 1 1 AN I technology. A comparative study of
commercially available LAN systems and products features a hands-on
laboratory implementation of a I AN Cross-listed as t'OSC 352. Either

course may he substituted for the other foi D I repeals but may not be-
taken for duplicate credit


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IFMG 354 Testing and Controlling LANs 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: COSC ?52 or IEMG 352 or equivalent
Explores loeal area network (LAN) topologies and then associated proto-
cols. Introduces ways of interconnecting, securing, ami maintaining I U»Js
Provides hands-on experience in the interconnection of multiple LANs.
\lso presents a hands-on approach to design, testing, and administration of
interconnected I ANs. Cross-listed as COSC 354. Either course ma> be sub-
stituted for the other for I) I- repeats but may not be taken for duplicate

IFMG 368 E-Commerce Security 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: IFMG 352

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