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to campus for completion of his/her degree program. Evaluation require-
ments may include on-site visitations by the faculty coordinator, consulta-
tion with the on-site supervisor, and a major progress report by the student
or the presentation of a detailed oral report before the departmental
cooperative education committee

PHYS 322 Electricity and Magnetism I 2c-0l-2er

Prerequisite: PHYS 222

Electrostatic potential theory, dielectrics, dipole theory, magnetostatics.
Maxwell equations for static fields, and Legendre's polynomials and other
approximation methods.

PHYS 323 Electricity and Magnetism II 2c-0l-2cr

Prerequisite: PHYS 322

Time-dependent form of Maxwell equations, electromagnetic induction,
vector potential, magnetism, radiation fields, and Poynting vector.

PHYS 331 Modern Physics 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: PHYS 112 or 116 or 132; MATH 122 or 124
The history of modem physics is covered. Particle and wave properties of
matter are explored using the ideas of quantum mechanics. Systems
examined using the ideas of quantum and classical mechanics are atomic
structure, solid state, and nuclear physics. The special theory of relativity
will also be covered. Some of the problems are solved using computers.

PHYS 342 Thermal and Statistical Physics 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: MATH 122. 124. or 128; PHYS 112 or 132
Thermometry, laws of thermodynamics, low-temperature physics, entropy,
properties of ideal gas. and an introduction to statistical mechanics.

PHYS 345 Optics 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: MATH 122. 124. or 128; PHYS 112 or 132
Geometrical optics and physical optics; including interference, diffraction,
and polarization. Quantum optics is introduced. (Offered as PHYS 242
prior to 2005-06)

PHYS 350 Intermediate Experimental Physics I 0c-6I-3cr

Prerequisites: PHYS 331; PHYS 242 or I OPT 120
Performs required fundamental experiments in areas of mechanics, optics,
modern physics, and heat. Speaking before olhei classmates and faculty, and
competence in writing scientific papers and reports is emphasized.
Effectiveness in the collection of data is important. Computers will often
be utilized to perform data taking and analysis.

PHYS 351 Intermediate Experimental Physics II 0c-6l-3cr

Prerequisite: PHYS 350

Increasingly sophisticated experiments in essential areas of physics. Digital
computers and the Van de Graaff are available.

PHYS 352 Applied Physics l.ahoratorv 0c-6l-3cr

Prerequisites: PHYS 231. 355. or instructor permission
An introduction to much of the fundamental equipment used in industry
Trains students in the operation and proper use ol this equipment through

a series of experiments that teach signal detection and analysis including
data acquisition by computer. Provides instruction on the proper methods
lo be used for various oral and written presentations.

PHYS 353 Solid State Electronics Laboratory 0c-6l-3cr

Prerequisite: PHYS 352 or instructor permission

I rtCOUnters a number of areas of Current interest in semiconductor tech-
nology. Student performs experiments and learns skills in such areas as
device process simulation, device simulation, measurements ol semiconduc-
loi materials, and measurement of device parameters. Also covers proper
presentation of written and oral reports.

PHYS 355 Computer Interfacing 2c-2l-3cr

Prerequisite: COSC I 10

Teaches the fundamentals of interfacing the personal computer to its phys-
ical surroundings, leaches how to collect data and to control experiments
in real time. Shows how lo use digital-to-analog conversion (DAC) tech-
niques and analog-to-digital conversion (A IX ) techniques. A graphical
software package (such as l.abVIEW) is also used to design icon-based inter-
facing tools, to learn how to use virtual instruments, and to analyze data

PHYS 399 Cooperative Education II var-l-3cr

Prerequisites: PHYS 299; PHYS 350; completion of 80cr with a
minimum 2.5 GPA and approval of the cooperative education coordinator
A second course in cooperative education Includes instruction that builds
upon learning experiences in college by combining and correlating them
with learning experiences at the training station to meet the student's
career goals. Evaluation requirements may include on-site visitations by the
faculty/coordinator, consultation with the on-site supervisor, and a major
progress report by the student or the presentation of a detailed oral report
before the departmental cooperative education committee. No more than
3cr of PHYS 299, 399, and or 493 may he used to fulfill Physics major
course requirements.

PHYS 432 Advanced Electronics 2c-3l-3cr

Prerequisite: PHYS 231

Digital measurement, switching circuits, logic circuits, counting, coding,
input and output. AD and DA converters, computer organization.

PHYS 472 Nuclear Physics 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: PHYS 331

A survey of nuclear physics, nuclear size, nuclear mass, reaction theory,
types of radioactive decay, nuclear models, nuclear forces, and elementary

PHYS 473 Quantum Mechanics I 4c-0l-4cr

Prerequisites: PHYS 222 and 33 1

Quantum mechanics following methods of Sehrodingcr and lleisenberg: the
theory is applied to properties of harmonic oscillator, hydrogen atom,
electron in a magnetic field, and radioactive decay of alpha particles.

PUN'S 475 Physics of Semiconductor Devices I 3c-0I-3cr

Prerequisites: Pins 231. 242. 342. or instructoi permission

Develops the basic foundation for a study of the theory of semiconductors.
Elementary quantum concepts, the band theory of solids, electrical
properties of solids, effective mass theory, and principles of semiconductor
de\ ices are discussed.

PHYS 476 Physics of Semiconductor Devices II 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: PHYS 475 or instructor permission
Discusses the physics and operation of a number ol discrete de\ ices mclud-
ing bipolai transistors, M< IS1 l I s. n I I s. ( t Ds, various diode technolo-
gies, photovoltaic and photoconductive deuces, solid-state lasers, and
light-emitting diodes

PUNS 480 Seminar Mir-lcr

Speakers from within ami outside the university conduct a seminar on a
weekly oi biweekly basis on different topics of interest in the physics

1*11 N S 481 Special topics in Physics
Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content


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Varies i i semeetei lo semesta and covers diverse topics in specifii u

i>i physics I Ins course numbei is also used tooffei courses under develop


rius -182 Independent Study la Pbyslcs v.n i <>n

Prerequisite: Prioi approval through advisor, faculty member,
department chairperson, dean, .mil Provost's Office
Students with interest in independent stud) ol a topic nol offered in the
curriculum ma) propose .1 plan <'i stud) in conjunction with .1 facult)
membet Approval is based on academic appropriateness and availability ol
resources Work is supervised b) .1 Physics facult) membci but docs not
necessaril) involve regular lecture 01 laborator) hours

PHYS 4')d Solid State Physics 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisites: i-in S 123 and 131

Reciprocal lattice, crystal structure, the quantization >>i fields to produce
quasi-particles such .is phonons, magnons, excitons Fermi gas of electrons,
. bands, semiconductoi crystals, and photoconductivit)

PHYS 493 Internship in Physics var-l-3cr

Prerequisites: PHYS 150, completion ol 90ci with a minimum 2.5 OPA,
and approval of the internship education coordinatoi
\ supen ised professional work experience in physics and applied physics
I ocation, duties, internship, and hours are individual!) tailored to the stu-
dent's career goals \ maximum «\ Jci of internship in the student's major
ma) be applied toward the physics major area elective requirements Voli-
tional internship credit must be used .is free electives. Evaluation require-
ments include on-site visitations b) the facult) coordinator, consultation
with the on-site supervisor, and ,i major progress report h> the student 01
the presentation ol .1 detailed oral report before the
internship education committee.

PLSC : Political Science

Department of Political Science

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

PI s( 101 World Politics 3c-0l-3cr

\n analysis of contemporary (post-1945) state system and forces shaping
the world in which we live. Student is given a framework within which to
analyze contemporary international polities.

PLSC 111 American Politics 3c-0l-3cr

\n introduction to American national government and politics, emphasiz-
ing Constitution, party system. Congress. Presidency, courts, and problems
in national-state relations, civil rights, foreign policy, and social and
economic policies

PLSC 250 Public Policy 3c-0l-3er

Emphasizes dynamics of government as they .>u- e\ idenced in public
opinion, pressure groups, political parties, and our governmental institu-
tions; attention also directed toward the political-economical nexus within
American society

PLSC 251 State and Local Political Systems 3c-01-3cr

Institutions and processes of state and local governments, with special
attention to Pennsylvania; emphasis on the nature of federalism, state

constitutions, and role of stale and local government in an urban society

PI SC 280 Comparative Government I: Western
Political Systems 3c-01-3cr

Analyzes Western political systems with emphasis upon major contempo-
rary democratic governments of Europe. Analyzes and compares their
political cultures, political institutions, and political processes

PLSC 281 Special Topics var-l-3cr

Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content
Uttered on an experimental or temporary basis to explore topics not
included in the established curriculum A given topic mav be offered under
an) special topic identity no more than three times Special topics
numbered 281 are offered primarily for lower-level undergraduate students

i'i s( 2x2 (tela 1 lc-0l-3cr

Provides a framework foi understanding sovereignty, national-
ism, power, security, dispute settlement, and diplomatic, legal
and military relations ol nation-slates

pi s< 28t American Foreign Polio lc-01-3cr

I namincs formulation and execution ol American foreign policy %s uli

attention to institutions, mass media, interest groups, and

public opinion, emphasizes contemporary problems

i'i s< 28> ( omparatJve Government II: Non-Western
Political sv stuns >c-0l-3cr

Analyzes major non-Western political systems with emphasis upon author-
itarian .mil totalitarian systems Analyzes and compares in a systematic

111. inner their political cultures, political institutions, and political


PI s< ton Research Methods in Political Science 3c-OI-3cr

Prerequisite: I'I si 101 or III

\n examination of the application >>i the scientific approach to the inves-
tigation ol social and political phenomena < oncentrates on approaches.

methods, and computet tools All political science majors and minors are
strongly urged to enroll.

PLSC .120 International Law >c-01-3cr

Prerequisites: I'I S( 101, 2x1. or instructor permission

1 he stiulv ol the development, nature, and function Ol international law.
iik hiding recent trends.

I'I s( 321 International Organizations 3c-OI-3cr

Prerequisites: PLSC 101. 2SI. or instructor permission
An inquiry into purposes, structures, and actions of contemporary inter-
national political organizations, such as 1 'tuied Nations, regional, and
functional organizations.

PLSC 346 Political Sociolog) 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisites: PLSC 111, SOC 151

I xamines a) who controls the state and state policy, b) the role the state-
plays in stabilizing capitalism and protecting the power of the upper class.
c) the political activities of the middle and upper class, d) labor, civil rights,
welfare rights, and social movements in America. Cross-listed as S< K 4

PLSC 350 The Presidency 3c-0l-3cr

An examination of the Office of President, with attention to constitu-
tional foundations, evolution, structure, powers, and functions; some
comparisons between presidential and parliamentary systems and between
offices of President and governor.

PLSC 351 Legislative Process 3c-0l-3cr

A functional stud) of Icgislativ e bodies and process of legislation, covering

organization of legislative assemblies, operation of committee system,
procedures, bill drafting, aides, and controls over legislation.

PLSC 353 American Political Parties 3c-0l-3cr

The role of people, parties, and pressure groups in politics ^i \mencan
democracy; attention to sectional and historical roots of national politics,
voting behavior, pressure group analysis, and campaign activities

PLSC 354 Metropolitan Problems 3c-0l-3cr

Analyzes multiplicity of problems facing our metropolitan areas Contem-
porary developments such as urban renewal, shrinking tax base, federal aid
to cities, subsidized mass transit, municipal authorities, and political
consolidation are examined

PLSC 355 Intergovernmental Relations 3c-0l-3cr

Explores characteristics of federal systems of government, with emphasis
on theories, origins, institutions, problems in intergovernmental relations
in the United States, federal systems in other nations, and trends.

Pi s( 356 Mass Media in American Politics 3c-0l-3cr

Variant theories of the symbolic relationship between American politics
and the press are examined in the light of the American colonial-national

INDIANA UNIVERSITY OF PlAXsl 1\ \N1 A I NDI RCiRALH ATI. CM \l <><,. 2009-2010

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experience. The special constitutional rights given to the media ait
explored, with particular attention to radio-TV.

PLSC 358 Judicial Process 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: PLSC 1 I I

I \plores nature and limits of judicial power, courts ;is policymaking bodies,
selection of judges, decision process, external forces impinging on the

courts, and role of Supreme Court in its relationship with Congress, the
Presidency, and federalism.

PLSC 359 Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: PLSC 111

A study of civil liberties and civ il rights issues through leading Supreme

Court decisions; topics treated include bust Amendment rights, procedural

due process and the Bill of Rights, and Equal Protection problems in civil


PLSC 360 Classical Political Thought 3c-0l-3cr

Restriction: Not for credit alter PHIL 323

The origins and development of Western thought from Plato and Aristotle

through Cicero and Saint Thomas Aquinas. Focuses especially on political

participation as a way of life, the unity of political and moral conceptions

in premodem political thought, and the relationship between order and


PLSC 361 Modern Political Thought 3c-0l-3cr

Covers the major representatives of modern political thought since the
Renaissance. Follows the development of the specifically modern notion of
the state and political action through the works of Machiavelli, Hobbes,
Locke. Rousseau, Marx, and Lenin. Emphasizes the "instrumentalist" state
and the idea of a political science.

PLSC 362 American Political Thought 3c-0l-3cr

Covers a variety of American political ideas from the Puritans through
recent radical and conservative critiques of American liberal democracy.
Focus on the continuing development of the idea of individual rights, the
political theory of the Constitution, and the tension between classical
liberalism and popular rule.

PLSC 370 Introduction to Public Administration 3c-0l-3cr

Theories of organization and structural organization, personnel processes,
executive functions, financial administration, the politics of administra-
tion, public relations, and problems of democratic control of bureaucracy.

PLSC 371 Issues in Public Administration 3c-0l-3cr

An intensive study of the role of federal agencies and their administrators
in determining and developing public policy. Public administration in
practice is emphasized by utilizing case studies.

PLSC 376 Public Sector Budgeting and Financial

Management 3c-01-3cr

Addresses budgeting and financial management in public organizations vv ith
an emphasis on state and local government Theory and practice arc
integrated in the study of financial condition assessment, operating budget
preparation, process and analysis, capital infrastructure assessment, project
planning and budgeting, short- and long-term debt financing administration,
accounting and auditing as foundations for managerial oversight and
control, performance measurement, cash management and investments,
and pension administration.

PLSC 377 Political Behavior 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: PLSI 111, PSYC 101

An interdisciplinary course which investigates the psychological bases of
political behavior. ( 'ross-listed as I'SN, C 377.

PLSC 380 Soviet Politics 3c-0l-3cr

Essential features of Communist party and government of the former
U.S.S.R . including geographical and historical background and ideological
and theoretical foundations. PLSC 280 should he taken prior to this course
(( ontent is in revision to reflect changing structure)

PLSC 382-387 Political Systems

Suggested Prerequisites: PLSC 280 and or 2ss


\n intensive, comparative Study of the government and polities ol a

selected region. PLSC 382 Africa; PLS< J83Asia;PLS< 184 Middle!
PLSC 385 Central and Eastern I mope. PI SC 187 Latin America

PLSC 388 Political-Military Strategy 3c-lll-3cr

Prerequisites: PLSC 281 Or 283 or Ml S< 101-102
Deals with national security problems including decision making and
budgeting, levels of strategy, the utility of force, and the impact of the
military on American society

I'l SC 38') Developing Nations 3c-0I-3cr

Suggested Prerequisites: PLSC 2S0 and or 285

Political characteristics of emerging nations, impact of economic and
social change upon political structure: evolving patterns ol political
development; and techniques of nation-building.

PLSC 480 Political Science Seminar 3c-(ll-3cr

Readings and written assignments on a specific topic determined by the
instructor in charge.

PLSC 481 Special Topics var-l-3cr

Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content
Offered on an experimental or temporary basis to explore topics not
included in the established curriculum. A giv en topic may be offered under
any special topic identity no more than three times. Special topics
numbered 481 arc primarily for upper-level undergraduate students.

PLSC 482 Independent Study var-3cr

Prerequisite: Prior approval through advisor, faculty member.

department chairperson, dean, and Provost's Office

Students with interest in independent study of a topic not offered in the

curriculum may propose a plan of study in conjunction with a faculty

member. Approval is based on academic appropriateness and availability of


PLSC 493 Political Science Internship var-2-12cr

Prerequisites: 9cr in Political Science with 2.0 GPA; PLSC 111;

approval of internship director and chairperson

Practical experience in government and politics. Log and research project

required. Course grade determined by the instructor. Maximum of 6cr

applied to minimum in major; maximum of 3cr applied to minimum in


PNAF: Pan-African Studies

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

PNAF 131 Introduction to Pan-African Studies 3c-0l-3cr

A multidisciplinary introduction to Africa and the African diaspora.
Explores the effects of Africa's history, in particular colonialism and
independence, on present-day, Africa; ex. mimes the relationship between
Vfrica and the African diaspora with special attention to African arts.
social systems, and political ami economic development; looks al Unci's
contribution to contemporary culture in the Americas.

PNAF 281 Special Topics 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content
i iffered on an experimental oi temporary basis to explore topics not
included in the established curriculum. A given topic may be ottered under
.iiiv special topic identity no more than three nines Special topics
numbered 2SI are primarily for lower-level undergraduate Students.

PNAF 481 Special Topics 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: Instructoi permission ami program coordinator

( Ulcrcd on an experimental or temporary basis lo explore topics not
included m the established currit ulum \ given topic ma) be offered under
anv special topic identic] no moic than three limes. Special topics
numbered 481 are primarily foi upper-level undergraduate students

PN VI 482 Independent Study \ar l-to-3cr

Prerequisite: Prior approval through advisor, faculty member, program

coordinator, dean, and Provost's Office

Students with interest in an independent siudy of a Pan- African Studies-
related topic not ottered in the curriculum may propose a plan ol siudy in

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INDIANA I M\ I KM n < U PI WsYLVANIA I \DI K( ,R \Dt Ml I VTALOG 2009-2010

conjunction with .1 faculty membci Approval is bated on academic
appropriateness and availability ol resources

PNAI 493 Pan African Studies Internship ' I2ci

Prerequisites: 1 n-.t 1 n^ t. >t permission; 9ci completed and/01 with

coordinatoi 's permission

Offers practical experience in a field where know ledge ol and understanding

of the Pan Vrrican world and/01 people ol African descent are directly


PSYt : Psychology

Depai imiiii ui Psychology

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

PSY< 101 General Psychology lc-01-3cr

An introduction to the scientific stud) ol behavioi and mental processes

PSYt 180 Psychological Inquiry 3c-OI-3cr

Prerequisites: PSY< 101, Psychology minors
Introduces students minoring in Psychology to issues central to carrying
out and interpreting empirical research in the field. Students become more
sophisticated consumers ol empirical research findings. Course may no) be
taken tor credit aftei successful completion of PSYt 290

PSYC 290 Research Design and Analysis I 3c-2l-4cr

Prerequisites: \l Mil 217, PSY( 101

\ laboratory course devoted to designing, conducting, ami evaluating results
oi psychological experiments.

PSY< :*»l Research Design and Analysis II
Prerequisites: Psi C 101, grade of( or better in PSYC 290
A continuation of Research Design and Analy sis I



PSYC 310 Developmental Psychology

Prerequisite: PSYC 101

A comprehensive study of all factors that contribute to human develop-
ment from conception to death, particularly as they relate to psychologi-
cal development of individuals A survey course directed at students not
planning to take PSYC ; l I or 312 May receive credit towards the
Psychology major or minor tor only one of PSYC 310, 311, or 315.

PSYC 311 Child Psychology 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: PSYC Id I

The studs of Factors that influence total development and behavioi oi

child. Current theories and research are considered, with locus upon
optimum development of individual. Students may receive credit towards
the Psychology major or minor tor only one ol PSYC 310, 311, or 315.

PSYC .312 Adult Development and Aging 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: PSYC 101

A survey of physiological, cognitive, emotional, and social issues affecting
the young adult, the middle-aged, and the elderly. Includes an examination
of significant adult hie crises

I'SY C 315 Experimental Development Psychology 3c-2l-4cr

Prerequisite: PSYC 280 or 290

Studies human development from conception to death with emphasis on
the physical, cognitive, and emotional domains. Students arc involved in
observation and data collection Students may receive credit towards the
Psychology major or minor for only one of PSYC' 310. 311. or 315.

PSYC 3211 Personalitv 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: PSYC 101

Provides comparative analysis of major representative traditional and
contemporary theories of personality.

PS\C 321 Abnormal Psychology 3c-0I-3cr

Prerequisite: PSYC 101

The description, causes, and treatment ol behaviors labeled abnormal in our
society arc studied from experimental and clinical points of view.

PSY< 325 Psychological Testing and Measurement 3c-2l-4cr

Prerequisites: MATH 21" and PSYC 101. sophomore standing

Presents a series ol fo< used discussions on principles, methods and
psychological measurement Use describes the majoi psychological tests
currently in use and illustrates the and scoring ol these <
I he laboratory activities are intended to provide hands on experiences in

computerized analysis and evaluation 1 ■■ dei 1

sti.ite lest administration and scoring in practical settings and to enhance

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