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social, and political manifestations, including indigenous cultural influences
Taught in Spanish; offered alternate years.

SPAN 350 Advanced Spanish Conversation 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 230 or equivalent

Extensive practice in oral communication skills. Emphasizes development
of fluency in speaking over a wide range of topic areas. Required for all
majors and minors. (Offered as SPAN 321 prior to 2004-05 I

SPAN 354 Commercial Spanish 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 230 or equivalent

Especially for majors in Spanish for International Trade. Has three focuses:
teaches how to do business communications m Spanish; teaches (he vocabu-
lary necessary for dealing with all aspects of trade and commerce; and
introduces the special concerns ami practices of business in the Spanish-
speaking world. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 362 Survey of Peninsular Literature 3c-OI-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 260 or permission

Introduces a careful and critical reading of literary texts from Spain, read
either in their entirety or in select passages. Taught in Spanish; offered
alternate years

SPAN 364 Survey of Spanish-American Literature 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 260 or permission

Introduces a careful and critical reading of Spanish-American literary texts.
read either in their entirety or in select passages Taught in Spanish, offered
alternate years

SPAN 382-389 Pcnnsylvania-Valladolid Program IHcr

Prerequisites: SPAN 23(1 and 2(>o or permission

Contact chairperson. Department of Spanish Courses taken in valladolid
include the SPAN 382-389 and SPAN 4s: (3cr) Descriptions follow.

SPVN 382 Contemporary Spain 3cr

Prerequisites: SP\N 230 and 2MI or permission

Gives a general view of Spain lodav in the areas ol society, economy and

political institutions (See SPAN J42)

SPVN 383 Geograph) and llistorv oT Spain 3«

Prerequisites: SPAN 230 and 260 oi permission
Introduces a p. hum. una ol Spanish physical, social, and economic geogra-
phy, including the recent autonomic division of the country and the
communication among the autonomies Also reviews the histOT) of Spain
from the fifteenth century to the present with special emphasis on today's
Spanish institutions

SPVN tS4 llistorv of Spanish \rt
Prerequisites: M'\N 230 and 260 "i permission


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INDIANA UNIVERSin ol PI NNSY1 \ \M A I ND1 Rt,R ADI Al I ( VTA LOU 2009-2010

I tpocure to the richnesa >>i ui in the Iberian Peninsula ind in particular in
the area ol Madrid and t astilla I eon Studies the evolution ol Spanish an
in history, giving more emphasis to contemporar) lendci

srw 185 Survej "i Spanish i Iteraturc lei

Prerequisites: SPAN 230 and 260 01 permission
Introduces .1 general stud) ..1 Spanish literature from its origin to the
present time; students learn to appreciate and analyze the differcnl literal)
genres Vn emphasis on twentieth centur) literature

SPAM 189 iim.iv .ind Practice "i Spanish Language ki

Prerequisites: SPAN 230 and 260 01 permission
Introduces Spanish syntax, morphology, and the Spanish language lexicon,
as well .is familial and formal conversation and idiomatic expressions
in everyda) situations

SPAN J90 reaching 0! Elemental*) ( ontenl rhrough the

Spanish 1 anguage 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: Passage ol .1 language proficienc) examination and
instructoi permission

Studies currenl theories of language acquisition processes in children and
develops foreign language instructional objectives and activities which
integrate language and cultural learning with the content areas ol the
elemental") school curriculum rhrough hands-on practice, students develop
techniques lor teaching functional language, planning lessons, testing
language skills, setting curricula] objectives, and selecting designing
materials appropriate to the needs and interests ol elemental") school
foreign language learners

sl'W 4112 translation and Interpretation 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: SPAN 230 and 150

Fundamental translation skill-, for use in business and industry .is well as in
academic and popular fields.

SPAN 403 Applied Linguistics 3c-0l-3cr

Prereqalsite: SPAN 230

An introduction to Spanish linguistics foi students who tunc had no
previous experience in linguistics. Studies the application of areas such as
phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics and explores issues in
psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics [aught in Spanish.

sp \\ 4(14 Advanced Spanish Grammar 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisites: SPAN 230 and senior standing or departmental permission
An in-depth stud) ol Spanish syntax and morphology. Taught in Spanish.
Required lor all majors

sP\N 411) Medieval Literature 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 2M> or permission

Reading and discussion of various medieval genres: brief prose narrative.

epic, lyric, and didactic poetry, prose, and medieval drama Taught in


SPVN 411 Golden Age Spanish 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 2<>0 or permission

An analysis of themes, motifs, and stylistic devices of Spanish poetry,
novel, and theater of the Renaissance and Baroque. Taught in Spanish

SPAN 412 I he Spanish Novel (if the Nineteenth and

Twentieth Centuries 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 2d(> or permission

An analvsis of selected novels from three major periods: the nineteenth
century, the Generation of 1898, and the post Civil War. Taught in Spanish

SPAN 413 Spanish Poetry of the Nineteenth and

Ivventieth Centuries 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 260 or permission

I he study and analvsis of lyric poetrv in Spain from nineteenth-century
poetry through modernism and its evolution to the present Taught in

I he studv and analvsis ol modern dramatic winks from spun tuid Spanish

\incik.i Particulai emphasis 1, 10 th ihc

wolks l.llli'lll 111 Sp.illl .li

m'\n 421 Modern Hlspank Short Storj <> 01 ki

Prerequisite: SPAN !60 01

1 he critical analvsis ol short simics In Spanish and Spanish Vmerican

authors raughl in Spanish; oiTcred in foui yeai rotation

s|'\n 4311 rwentletb-Centnr) Spanish-American Pimm 'i-iii ki

Prerequisite: SP/ permission

1 1. ices literal) expressions from the turn ol the centur) to the present in

the majoi piose expressions ot the essay the short sti.iv. and the novel

raughl in Spanish; offered in four-yeai

sp\\ 4H Spanish-American Poetr) k-M-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 260 .-i permission

\ siiuK ol Spanish American poetrj from its early manifestations through

modernism, post-modernism, and avant-garde laught in Spanish

sp\n 450 Conversation Forum 2c-ni-2er

Prereqalsite: sp\n 150 01 equivalent

Extensive work on the development ol speaking skills al the "Advanced
Low" level of oral proficiency, as defined in the Speaking Guidelines
developed hv the American ( ouncil <>n the reaching of Foreign Languages

focuses on paragraph-length discourse and narration and description in
present, past, and future lime frames within a varictv ot topics and
contexts. (Offered as SPAN 451 prior to 2004-05)

SP\N 453 Spanish Phonetics and Phonemics 3c-Ul-3cr

Prerequisite: SPAN 230

An introduction to the study of the phonological system ol Spanish and
emphasis on improving pronunciation. Includes a theoretical basis for
understanding the Spanish sound system, pronunciation practice and record-
ings, studv of Spanish dialects, and linguistic analyses laught in Spanish.
Required for Spanish Education majors; highly suggested for Spanish majors.
(Offered as SPAN 353 prior to 2007-08)

SPAN 4X1 Special Topics var-l-3cr

Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content
( Iffered on an experimental or temporary basis to explore topics not
included in the established curriculum. A given topic may be offered under
any special topic identity no more than three times Special topics
numbered 4SI are primarily for upper-level undergraduate students

SP\N 482 Independent Study var-l-6cr

Prerequisite: Prior approval through advisor, faculty member,
department chairperson, dean, and Provost's Office
Prov ides an opportunity to engage in an in-depth analysis of some topic-
dealing wuh the Spanish language and culture through consultation with a
faculty member. Approval is based on academic appropriateness and
availability of resources

SP\N 483 Honors Thesis var-l-6cr

Prerequisites: Admission to departmental honors program; prior approval
through adv isor. faculty member, department chairperson, dean, and
Provost's Office

An intensive, focused study involving independent research culminating in a
written thesis approved bv a thesis director and two faculty readers
committee members May be taken more than once to a maximum of f>sh

SP\N 4<J3 Internship var-3-l2cr

Prerequisite: One semester of study in a Spanish-speaking country
A supervised field experience in anv Spanish-speaking area of the world with
approved public agencies and institutions or private firms, no longer than
one semester and no less than one month Positions are matched as closely
as possible with the intern's personal interests and professional goals. For
more information contact the Spanish Department Maximum of 6cr can
be applied toward a major.

SP\N 420 Modern Hispanic Theater
Prerequisite: SP\N 2<>0 or permission


IN1H \N \ I NIX 1 RSII 1 Ol PI NNSYl\ \N1 \ I Nil! Ki.R \|)l Ml t VTA LOG 2009-2

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SPLP: Speech Pathology and Audiology

Department of Special Education and Clinical Services

College of Education and Educational Technology

SPLP III Introduction to Communication Disorders 3c-01-3cr

An introduction to study of physiological, acoustical, and scientific
processes involved in production and reception of speech. I he genetic
development of speech sounds and factors that hinder or facilitate speech
and language acquisition.

SPLP 122 Clinical Phonology 3c-01-3cr

A detailed study of the classification of American-English phonemes using
the physical and acoustical perspectives. Development of proficiency in use
of International Phonetic Alphabet for allophonic transcriptions of normal
and disordered speech.

SPLP 222 Introduction to Audiology 3c-01-3cr

The study of auditory function, anatomy of auditory mechanism, psycho-
physics of sound, types and causes of hearing loss, measurement of hearing,
and educational considerations for hearing-handicapped child.

SPLP 242 Speech Science I 3c-01-3cr

The study of the communication process with emphasis on physical
characteristics of sound production, transmission and perception of the
sound, and the evolvement and use of symbols for meaningful communica-
tion. The scientific principles of normal oral communication are stressed,
and language learning is recognized as a basis for oral communication.

SPLP 251 Anatomy and Physiology

of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism 3c-01-3cr

Consideration of genetic development, structure, and function of the organs
of speech and hearing. Anatomical systems involved in respiration,
phonation, articulation, and hearing and relationships between systems in
production and reception of speech.

SPLP 254 Classroom Management of Language Disorders 3c-01-3cr

A study of aspects of speech, language, and hearing problems pertaining to
classroom situation. Types of speech and hearing disorders, conducting
speech and language improvement lessons, classroom aids for teaching the
child with language, speech, and hearing impairment, and school and
community resources for these children. (Required for majors in Education
of the Exceptional and suggested for majors in Elementary Education)

SPLP 281 Special Topics \ar-l-3cr

Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content
Offered on an experimental or temporary basis to explore topics not
included in the established curriculum. A given topic may be offered under
any special topic identity no more than three times. Special topics
numbered 281 are offered primarily for lower-level undergraduate students.

SPLP 311 Aural Rehahilitation 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: SPLP 222, 3.0 GPA

Consideration of the effects of varied degrees of hearing loss sustained by
individuals at different stages of development and study of total education
and rehabilitative procedures for the hard-of-hearmg child or adult.

SPLP 334 Language Development 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisite: 3.0 GPA

The study of the development of an interpersonal communication system;
language as a system of symbols for communication: the structure of the
English language, including phonology, syntax, and semantics with emphasis
on the generalise evolvement of sentences. Highlighting the neurological.
social, and psychological bases of language development.

SPLP 342 Speech Science II 3c-0I-3cr

Prerequisites: SPLP 242. 3.0 GPA

Physiologic, acoustic, and perceptual characteristics of speech with special
emphasis on speech monitoring and controls Major lab instrumentation
and research techniques in current use are described and demonstrated The
status of present know ledge is summarized and discussed.

SPLP 4(16 Articulation and Language Disorders 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: SPLP III. 242, 251. 334, 3.0 GPA

An exploration of the processes related to developmental articulation and

language disorders from birth through adolescence. Instruction in the prin-
ciples underlying modification of these disorders Preparation <■! manage-
ment programs ami observation in the Speech and Hearing Clinic required.

SPLP 408 Stuttering and Voice Disorders 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: SPLP 111. 242. 251. 334. 3 GPA

An introduction to the developmental, psychogenic, and organic bases tor
stuttering and voice disorders. Instruction in principles underlying treat-
ment of these disorders with emphasis on anatomical deviations and
laryngeal dysfunction. Preparation of management plans and observation in
Speech and 1 [earing ( linie required.

SPLP 412 Organization and Administration of

Speech and Hearing Program 3c-01-3cr

Prerequisites: SPLP 111. 3.0 GPA (meets requirement for Professional
Education course)

Establishment and maintenance of speech and bearing programs within
various administrative organizations, particularly in the public schools. The
techniques of client identification, scheduling, recordkeeping, appropriate
referral, material and equipment selection, teacher and parental counseling,
and the development of coordinated professional and interdisciplinary

SPLP 420 Speech Clinic var-l-3cr

Prerequisites: EDUC 242, 342, GPA of 3.0 or better, all major courses,
program director's permission

An experience in working with individuals or groups of persons who exhibit
speech or hearing problems. Lesson planning, writing of reports, and case
histories of a detailed nature.

SPLP 481 Special Topics var-l-3cr

Prerequisite: As appropriate to course content
Offered on an experimental or temporary basis to explore topics not
included in the established curriculum. A given topic may be offered under
any special topic identity no more than three times Special topics
numbered 481 are primarily for upper-level undergraduate students

SPLP 482 Independent Study \ar-l-3cr

Prerequisite: Prior approval through advisor, faculty member.

department chairperson, dean, and Provost's Office

Students with interest in independent study of a topic not offered in the

curriculum may propose a plan of study in conjunction with a faculty

member. Approval is based on academic appropriateness and availability of


THTR: Theater

Department of Theater and Dance

College of Fine Arts

THTR 101 Introduction to Theater 3c-0l-3cr

An exploration of the theater arts, examining major periods of theater
historv. selected works of dramatic literature, and the primary theater arts
of acting, directing, design, and technical iheatci (lass experience includes
the analysis of at least two majoi vvoiks ot drama, attending two live
productions, and viewing of selected telex iscd plays and musicals

THTR HI Foundations of Theater 3c-01-3cr

A primary course for those engaged in theater and anv othei performance-
related area so as to define the nature of theater art. develop one's own

nuiiv idual system of analysis, and finally acquire an understanding o(

process, dramatic structure, composition, genre, theatrical sivles. and a

theory of pei formance.

THTR lift fundamentals or Theatrical Design 3c-0l-3cr

Introduces the fundamentals of scene, costume, lighting, and sound design

for theater and dance focuses on creative processes used hv designers to
make choices fbpics include script analysis, diiectot and designer
communication, and the integration Oi the design elements into a unified

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IM)I \V\ I MYI RMI Y oi PI \NS% l\ \\l \ I M)l RURADUATE CATALOG 2009-2010

ill ii< 120 Stagecraft )c 01 It i

An exploration oi the material, methods, and procedures utilized in
mi; .1 scenic environment rhrough instruction and practical applications
students lean the basis ol scenic construction and develop competency
wiili the basic materials and equipment used in .i theatrical scenery •-Imp

I II ik 122 4 oatame Workshop u ui-.Ur

Instruction and practical experience in the process ol building costumes fbi
die stage Activities include fitting, cutting, sewing, dyeing, and painting
Mso gives instruction in the maintenance of wardrobe, costume stock,
materials, and properties

i ii M< i <ii Stage Voice It 0l-3ci

Prerequisite: rheatei majors onl) oi instructoi permission
Instruction in basic development of the vocal instrument oi the actor in
stage performance I mphasizes resonance, quality, pitch, and projection ol
the voice wink- improving the student's ability to articulate

I II I K 131 Stage Movement 3c-OI-3cr

Instruction in basic stage movement and the physicalization ofcharactei
Includes work in charactei development through variety in movement,
introductory work in jugglii ombat, .mil mime, and the assessment,

awareness, and correction of individual movement problems

I II I K 132 Introduction to Acting 3c-0l-3cr

Introduces the art and crafl ol the theatre from the actor's point of view.
rhrough practical application, students develop personal and professional
skill-, that will enhance oral communication, self-presentation, ami self-
confidence. Students also develop the ability to respond knowledgeable to
theatrical productions as audience members

I II I K 205 (lassie I heater I 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: H IS I 145

\ comprehensive survev of western theater from its origins to the
beginning of the Italian Renaissance. Includes the stud) of significant plays
of the period .is well as the influence of playwrights, directors, actors,
designers, and theorists of the era.

THTR 206 (lassie I heater II 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: Ills I 195

\ comprehensive sur\e\ of western theater from the Italian Renaissance to
the end of the eighteenth century. Includes the stud\ oi significant plavs ol

the period as well as the influence of playwrights, directors, actors,
designers, and theorists ol the era

THTR 207 Modern Theater I 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: HIST 195

\ comprehensive survey of western theater from the time after the French
Revolution to the outbreak of the first World War Includes the stud) of
significant plavs of the period as well as the influence of playwrights,

directors, actors, designers, and theorists of the era.

THTR 208 Modern Theater II 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: Ills I 195

\ comprehensive sur\e> of western theater from the earl) twentieth
CentUT) to the present Includes the Stud) of significant plavs of the period
as well as the influence of playwrights, directors, actors, designers, and
theorists of the era.

I'HTR 221 Basic Stage l.ijihtin" 3c-0l-3cr

An introduction to lighting instruments, color media, control boards,
physical laws of electricity and optics, graphics, and conventional
techniques used in lighting theatrical productions

THTR 223 Makeup for the Stage 3c-01-3cr

Deals with practical application of straight and character makeup and may
include instruction in creating beards, wigs, prosthetics, and masks

THTR 240 Acting I 3c-0l-3cr

The study of the primary elements of the Stanislavski system of character
development Includes text analysis and the development of physical action

through a character's subtext, as well as motivational and improv isational

I II I K 2X1 Special lupus * ., t | <, ,

Prerequisite: Vs appropria ntenl

Offered on an experimental oi temp." not

included in the established curriculum A given lopil aider

anv special topic identity no mote than three tunc. Special lo|

numbered 281 arc offered primaril) lor lower lc.

I II ik HO I in an r ( iiticisin lc-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: lunioi "i scnioi rheatei majoi latus or pcrmi

l uves students Ol theatei BJ1 Opportunity to use what the) have learned in
the areas ol theater (acting, dire ; n. and plav wiighling | toward the

critical process ol responding to theater productions I vainines differences
between theatei criticism and theater reviews while learning to write critical

responses to live performances both on md ofl campus

I II IK 3211 Scene Design 3t-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: I II IK I I (> or permission

An introduction to scenic design that applies the fundamental principles ol
theatrical design topics include an overview of current scene design
practice, design conceptualization, graphic communication methods, and a

method of designing theatrical scenery Practical applications are empha-
sized through a series ol class exercises

I II IK .121 Stage lighting Design 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: I II I R I Id or permission

\n introduction to stage lighting that applies the fundamental pnncipl
theatrical design. Stage lighting topics include an overview of current
lighting methods and equipment, the controllable properties and functions
of stage lighting, learning to see light, a creative approach to stage lighting,
and design graphics Practical applications are emphasized through a scries
ol class exercises

THTR 322 Costume Design 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: THTR 116 or permission

\n introduction to the discipline of costume design for the theater with an
emphasis on script analysis, figure drawing, character definition, and
control of the design elements, supplemented by an oven icw of costume

THTR 323 Sound Design 3c-01-3cr

(overs the basic principles and theories ol designing sound for the theater
Through demonstration and practical application, covers the following
principal areas basic electronics, recording techniques and equipment, musi-
cal and effects integration, theater acoustics, designing sound, and sound

THTR 324 Advanced Stagecraft 3c-OI-3cr

Prerequisites: THTR 12(1 and 221. or permission

An advanced exploration of materials, methods, and procedures involved in

operating a scenery studio and theater facility < Hlcrs intensive practical

experience in technical problem solving, studio planning, and project


THTR 340 Acting II 3c-lll-3cr

Prerequisite: THTR 240

A continuation ol the study of Stanislavski svstcm. focusing on his primary
texts, towards a development ol individual student techniques. Emphasizes
scene Study through applying techniques to scene rehearsal and role prob-
lems and exploring the relationships between psychological states, physical
action, and truth in acting

THTR 341 Acting Styles 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: lillR 130 131, 24(1 or instructor permission
v stud) and practice ol advanced acting skills, with special emphasis on
stvle and period Possible areas of locus: (ireek classical. ( ommedia
DeU'Arte I farce). French Neoclassical. Restoration Comedy, Melodrama.
High Comed) l Wilde Coward), or Theater of the Absurd.

THTR 342 \cting Shakespeare 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisites: THTR 24(1. v4ll or instructor permission
\n advanced acting studio which prepares students to perform in
Shakespeare's plays Provides a background overview of the Elizabethan


Page 251

period in addition to various methods towards approaching the movement,
language, and verse tonus from an actor's point of view

THTR 345 louring Young People's Theater 3c-01-3cr

Introduces the fundamentals of young people's theater for audiences aged
Bve through fifteen years. ( lass members select appropriate children's
literature, develop a script through improvisation, and rehearse and tour
their production to the surrounding schools

I II I R 347 Playwriting 3c-0l-3cr

Prerequisite: THTR 111 or instructor permission

A practical exploration of the craft and process of playwriting. Focuses pri-

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