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forward the application and related records to the new college (01 action

( ondirJoni for .1 I resh Start Record: All credits and grades foi n P
coursework taken prioi to readmission undei ibis polic) shall remain on the
transcript I pon readmission, .1 new cumulative (GPA) is established based
upon credits and grades earned from the date ol readmission.

Prior Record: Pro iousl) accepted transfer credits and II T courses in
which grades ofC or better were earned prioi to readmission will be
reviewed in terms ol appropriateness (applicability, timeliness) to the new
degree I hose courses, approved b) the college dean or designee, \ull be
counted .is credits earned and applied toward graduation in the manner of
tr.insk-i credits

Academic standards: A student who is readmitted under the provisions ol
this polic) shall he required to meet current degree requirements. He she-
shall he academicall) rev iewed under the policies published in the academic
catalog al the nine ol rematriculation A student readmitted under this
polic) waives the right to exercise the cancelled semestei policj

Withdrawal Policies

Individual Course Withdrawal Policy

The Individual Course \\ itbdrawal Polic) provides students who are unable
to complete a course with the opium of withdrawing from that course. This
option should be taken onl) aftei other options have been discussed with
the instructor and 01 the student's advisor.

During the Fall and Spring semesters. Individual Course Withdrawals ma) be
processed using the computer registration system between the da) alter the

conclusion ol the drop .M period and the end of the lirst two-thirds of the

academic term During summer pans of term, the deadline is the two-thirds
point of each summer course lot which the student is registered. After the
two-thirds point of each semester or part ol' summer term, students ma) no
loniier process Individual Course Withdrawals

A student needing to withdraw from a course alter the deadline must process
a request lor deadline waiver through the office of the dean of his or her

college. Approval ol the waiver is contingent upon documentation of

catastrophic circumstances preventing the student from completing the

semester [fa waivei is approved, the college office will arrange foi
recording the '\\ " designation

Since instructors inform students ol then standing in class prioi to the two-
thirds point of the semestei (Midterm Grade Report Policy), students will

be able to discuss course withdrawals w it h instructors and Ol academic
advisors to assess alternatives Students, advisors, and instructors should also
understand the significant impact of course withdrawal on financial aid
eligibility (percent of completion ami eligibility to move to the ne\t class
level), athletic eligibility, and health insurance which requires full-tune
status Students are also cautioned lo consider the detrimental impact .'I
"\\ s" in ,1 transcript review hv a prospective employer or graduate school.

Total University Withdrawal Policy

iiv w ithdrawal 1 idents who

• 1 with the option ol withdrawing from all classes and
thus from the university, lor thai semestei During the fall ai
semesters, rotal I niversit) Withdrawals ma between the first

da) ol d the end ol the eleventh week ol the

summci paits ol tcim. the deadline is the two thuds poinl ol each siiiiiinei

course ioi which the student is registered Questions about academic impact

of withdrawal should be directed to the Advisii

"Process" below 1 Questions about the financial impai 1 ol withdrawal

should be addressed lo the Office ol ihe Hursai and 01 the < Iffice ol

I man., ial \nl

I aic Withdrawal: \nv undergraduate student who needs to withdraw from

the Universit) alter the deadline must process a waivei through the olh

the dean oi bis 01 hci college Approval of the waivei is contingent upon
documentation ol catastropl nstances preventing the student from

completing the semestei Approved waivers must he submitted to the

Advising ami lesimg Ccnlci and the total I nivcisiiv With-

drawal lorm foi processing as below

Involuntary Withdrawal'. Anv undergraduate student involuntaril) withdraw-

in the university as a result ol suspension 01 expulsion unrelated lo

violations of the Academic Integrit) Polic) will automatical!) have the

designation of "\\ " assigned to each registered course as a result of such

judicial action

Process: I ndergraduate students voluntarily withdrawing 1 loin the univer-
sity during the fall, spring, or summer semesters must process a rotal
I niversit) Withdrawal cither via the Web in»» ursa) or by form
completion with the Advising and Testing Center, Pratt Mall. ^24

4067 (V II). [email protected]) Once the Total I nivcrsuy With-

diawal has been processed, a withdraw designation ("W") will be assigned lo
all registered courses in the semester from which the student is withdrawing.

Readmission: Requests lor readmission lor academically dismissed students

or first-semester and transfer students who withdraw from the university
voluntarily during their fust semester of full-time enrollment will he
forwarded to the office of the dean of the college in which the student was
enrolled at the time ol dismissal, or total university withdrawal, for a
decision on the student's readmission

Decisions lor readmission ol students in university probationary or
dismissed status, regardless of whether the Student was dismissed by the
university or Ihe Student voluntarily withdrew, are the responsibility of the

Academic Standards < Ifficer of the college the student wishes to enter. If the
Student is seeking admission to a new college, the officer of the new college
will consult with the officer of the former college before making a decision

I he Registrar's Office will official!) change the major based on the officer's

readmission letter to the student.

Students should refer to the Readmission Policy for Students Who With-
draw from the 1 niversitv Voluntarily in the Admissions section of this cata-
log for further information about returning to II I' alter processing a Total

Universit) Withdrawal and for information about Applications foi

Withdrawal from IUP and Its Impact on Student Financial Aid

Students taking a total university withdrawal from all of their courses al
It I' may find their financial aid foi that particulai semester affected. The

1998 Reauthorization of the Highei Education Act requires educational

institutions to calculate a Return of federal Student Aid funds (Title IV aid)
for students who withdraw from all classes on or before Ihe 6(1 percent
attendance point in the semester A pro-rata schedule is used to determine
the percentage of the semester attended: thai percentage determines the
amount of federal funds earned The ( Iffice o\ the Hursar applies the federal
guidelines and returns the unearned portion lo the federal programs in ihe
following older 1 1 1 nsubsidized federal Stafford Loan. 2 1 Subsidized Federal

I 1 oan, 3) I edcral Perkins Loan, 4 1 federal PUS Loan. 5) Federal
Pell (Irani, and (> i Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunit) (Irani


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Example: [fa student withdrew on the 32nd calendar dav of a semester

which encompassed lOd ealendai davs (mil including breaks of five or more
days), the student would have attended 30 percent of the semester. There-
fore, the student would have earned 30 percent of his federal aid

In addition to impacting current eligibility, a total withdrawal can affect
future eligibility for financial aid. Please refer to the section regarding
satisfactory academic progress.

IUP Policy for Enrolled Students Called to
Active Military Service

IL'P provides two options for students who are currently enrolled but called
to active military duty before the end of the semester:

Option 1

The student may choose to do a total semester withdrawal from all his/
her classes, and under a Pennsylvania Stale Sv stem of Higher Education
policy, receive a full refund for tuition and fees: any university room and
dining hall contract fees would be refunded on a prorated basis for the actual
ser\ ices the student has received up to the date of the withdrawal. This
option requires that the student withdraw from every course and receive no
grade for any course taken in that semester.

To process a total semester withdrawal, undergraduate students must contact
the Advising and Testing Center. 216 Pratt Hall, 724-357-4067.
{ or e-mail at advising-testingta to
complete the necessary paperwork to assign the course withdrawal desig-
nations and to start the process for refunds: graduate students must notify
the School of Graduate Studies and Research, 101 Stright Hall. 724-357-
2222 (

Any student who has elected to use this option shall be granted readmission
for the next semester in which the student wishes to return to IUP. The
student's academic standing at the time of readmission shall remain as it was
prior to the call to active military duty.

For federal student aid recipients, the return of Title IV student aid will be

Option 2

If a substantial part of the semester (typically two-thuds to three-quarters
of the semester) has been completed by the time the student is called for
active military duty, he she may meet with each instructor to determine an
appropriate grade. Since assignment of grades is the responsibility of the
instructor, he/she may assign whatever grade is appropriate. If the appro-
priate grade is an "incomplete." IUP will extend the deadline by which the
incomplete must be removed to 180 days from the time the student n nuns
from active duty. Any university room and dining hall contract fees would
be refunded on a prorated basis for the actual sen ices the student has
received up to the date of leaving the university for active duty.

Undergraduate students must contact the Advising and Testing Center to
complete the necessary paperwork to start the process for refunds; grad-
uate students must notify the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

Any student who has elected to use Option 2 who wishes to return to [UP
must contact the Registrar's Office to have his her stains reactivated.

Questions may be addressed to the Registrar's Office, 300 Clark Hall, 724-
357-2217 ( registrar).

Academic Standards Policy

A. Purpose: The university establishes minimum standards for cumula-
tive grade point average (CGPA) to encourage academic accomplish-
ment and timely progress toward graduation

This policy applies to all undergraduate students Designated subpopu-

lations are subject to modifications listed in Section I

B. Definitions

1. Academu Good Standing: Students maintaining a ( GPA ol al leas)

2.00 arc in Academic Good Standing

2. Probation: Students whose < GPA falls below the - 00 standard are on
probation during the next fall, spring, or summer semester lor which
they are registered.

3. Extended Probation: Students who have been authorized to continue.
even though they have not achieved a 2.00 I GPA after one semester
of probation, are on extended probation.

4. Academu Recovery Plan: Students whose C GPA falls below the 2 00
standard must develop an Academic Recovery Plan for achieving
academic good standing.

C. Administrative Review and Enforcement of Standards

1 Each college, regional campus, and the Department of Development-
al Studies will designate an Academic Standards < Mficer who will be
responsible for academic review and enforcement ol standards.

2. An academic review is conducted at the end of each fall, spring, and
summer semester.

a. Students earning a 0.00 CGPA at the end of their first semester ol
full-time enrollment will be dismissed from the university

b. ( )ther students falling below the 2.00 CGPA standard will be
continued on probation for one semester and be required to
develop and implement an Academic Recovery Plan.

c. Students still below the 2.00 cumulative GPA standard after a
semester of probation are subject to dismissal. The Academic
Standards Officer may grant one semester of extended probation
to those w ho ( 1 I made progress toward academic good standing
while on probation or followed their approved Academic
Recovery Plan, and (2) have a reasonable mathematical chance of
reaching a 2.00 CGPA after one additional semester. Other
probation students will be dismissed

d. Students still below the 2.00 CGPA standard after a semester of
extended probation will be dismissed.

e. Students who regain academic good standing but again fall below
the 2.00 CGPA standard in a subsequent semestet are awarded
another semester of probation and. where appropriate, extended

D. Academic Recovery Plan: Students not meeting the 2.00 CGPA
standard must design and implement a comprehensive plan leading to
academic good standing. The plan must be developed w ith and approv ed
by the appropriate Academic Standards Officer.

1. Analysis: Students must identify the factors causing their
unsatisfactory achievement.

2. Planning: Plans must include a schedule of minimum grades needed
to achieve academic good standing

3. Commitment: Students must commit to the changes in behavioi
necessary to achieve academic success I his might include changes in
tune management, career exploration, and the use of such support
services as academic advisors, tutoring, the v\ riting (enter, the
Counseling Center, the Department of Developmental Studies
workshops on study skills and related activities, and any other
opportunities deemed important hv the Academic Standards Officer.

4. Documentation: Each plan must include a satisfactory method ol

documentation. Records ol attendance al classes and support

sen. ices, journaling of activities supporting academic success, and
conferences are potential vehicles lo be considered

I Dismissal and Readmission

1. Students dismissed under ilns policy maj not be readmitted for at

least one c.ilcml.u

2 Dismissed students arc not eligible for enrollment in anv session I in-
cluding summer sessions) foi al least one ealendai year. After one

calendar veil dismissed students mav enroll in summer courses, bin
the) arc cautioned against enrolling without consulting their

Vcademic Standards I Ifficer,

5 Dismissed Students mav. after one c.ilcml.u veil .ipplv loi readmis-
sion through the < Iffice of the Registrai
a. [hose students who, in the opinion of the appropriate Academic

Standards ( lllicci. arc hkclv to achieve academic success mav be

b Decisions foi readmission of students in university probation-

01 dismissed status, regardless of whether the student was dis-

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INDIAN \ I N[\ I RSin III PI NNSYI \ \\| \ I NDI R(,K \D1 Ml ( \I\M>1.. 2 '-20IO

mined by Ihe university 01 the student voluntarily withdrew
the responsibility >>i the Academic Standards Officci ol the col
lege the student wishes to entei It the student is seeking udmis-
sian to .1 new college, the ofTicci ol the new college « ill consult
with the officer of the form before mal ion

I he Registrai 's < Ifficc « ill oflic iall) < hangc the majoi based on
the officer's readmissjon lettei to the itudenl
i Students ma) be readmitted only once undei tins polic) Subsequent
readmission maj be available undei the! ancelled Semcstei Policy
aftej two 01 more years ol separation oi the I resh Start Policy aftei
three 01 more years ol separation

1 Special Populations

1 Department of Developmental Studies Vet lot Program:
Students admitted through the Department of Developmental Studies
remain under the direction ol the Department of Developmental
Studies until reaching the - 00 < GPA standard Students dismissed
aftei earning .i 0.00 i GPA in their Department of Develop-
mental Studies Vet MH program maj apply foi readmission only to
the next Department ol Developmental Studies \ct loi program

2 Regional ( ampuses: Students admitted through a regional campus
must remain at that campus until reaching the 2 00 ( id'\ si.uul.ird.

I Part-time Students: Continuing Education and Others:
I lus policy will be applied on a pro-rata basis foi part-time students
Students are considered to be part-time if, at the close ol the drop
add period of the given semester, the} are enrolled in fewer than 12
I tedits 'M classes

IUP Student Grade Appeal Policy

Grade Review Policy

li .i student disagrees with the evaluation ol his her work In Qie instructor
but has no basis foi .i charge of ''discrimination" oi "capricious evaluation"
or "error." the student should discuss the matter directl) with the instruc
tor. and if unsatisfied, with the chairperson of the department in which the
course offered, and if still unsatisfied, with the dean of the college in

which the course offered In such cases, the decision of the instructor

shall be final

It a student believes that an improper grade has been assigned, an appeal
may be filed on the following grounds:

I. Discrimination: On the basis ol race, religion, national origin, sev
age. ancestry, handicapped status, gender identity, sexual orientation. Ol

political affiliation

2 ( apricious Evaluation: Significant and unwarranted deviation from

grading procedures and course Outlines set at the beginning of the course

(ordinarily in a written statement during the fust week ol the course) oi
grade assigned arbitrarily on the basis of whim or impulse. The student
ma) not claim capriciousness if he or she disagrees with the subjective
professional evaluation of the instructoi
3. Krror: Demonstrable, objective determination that a mathematical or
clerical error resulted in the entry of an incorrect guide.

Procedures of Appeal
Level I: Informal Resolution

I very effort should he made to resolve the disagreement at Level I 1 he

student must first seek a resolution to the disagreement with the instTUCtOI
either in person or in writing If the student is not satisfied with the results,
the student must then speak with the chairperson ol the department that
oilers the course [f Still unsatisfied, the student must discuss the mallei
with the dean of the college in which the course is offered. A Student

Government Association membei may accompany and advise the student

during the Level I procedures < taly alter all attempts for resolution at
Level 1 have been exhausted may the student initiate 1 evel II.

Level II: Appeal Screening

V Composition: bach year there shall he appointed a Grade Appeals

( ommittee to determine the existence of the substantive basis for ap-
peal. The committee will be composed ol seven voting members three
faculty members appointed by \I'S( I I . three members elected bv and
from the Senate Academic Committee (one faculty, one admimsti

one student), and one student appointed bv the Student ( loveiiiiiient A quorum consists oi a majoril

action, a majoril present must be faculty members li a

quorum "i the I evel II committee is not available to meet within the

nated time limit I < mice will seek additional m

from the appoit II these bodies are " ! pond in ■

timely mannei elect additional members

from the appropriate groups
u Procedure to Initiate Vppeal: To initiate I evel II ol the appeal, the
student must file an appeal form with the Provost i Office rhis form
must be filed within sixiv (60) calendai davs oi the beginning ol the

aestei immediately following the semester in which
received Ihe Provost's Office may extend the sixty-day hunt only in

unusual circumstances when equity demands it and when the student's

own procrastination or misunderstanding did not substantially contrib-
ute to the del. iv (Note < ».u\c appeals will not generally be processed
during the summei ["herefore, the appeal "t any grade received in the
spring oi summei sessions normally will be processed in the fall A
iev icw will be scheduled in the summei only when the student's academic
ibility is jeopardized by the grade in question or when the student is a

graduating senioi | Ihe PrOVOSt's Office will notify the appropriate
dean, department chairperson, faculty member, \I'S( I I president, and
the Student Congress president of the student's initiation ol the Level II

( Procedure to Process Appeal: Ihe student will he expected to submit
written documentation of his/her complaint, and the faculty member
will be expected to submit in writing the course grading procedure and

any oilier pertinent information Appeals based on discrimination will be

review eil according to current standards of nondiscriminatory action
Appeals based on capriciousness will be reviewed in light ol the faculty
member's announced evaluation and grading system Ihe committee will
review the materials to deny or confirm appeal continuance Denial ol
appeal continuance must be by a negative vote ol lour members of the

committee I his committee will inform the Provost's Office of its

findings. Within live (5) class davs of the receipt of the committee's
report, the provost or designee will notify the student and the faculty
membei >>l the findings. If the basis lor appeal is determined to be
substantive, the provost oi designee will schedule a Grade Review Panel
within fifteen ( 15) class days to be convened prior to the conclusion of
the semcstei

Level III: Appeal Review

A. Composition: ihe Grade Review Panel will consist of five voting
members: one academic dean or associate dean and tour faculty mem-
bers. Ihe Student Congress Executive Committee designee may advise as
requested by the student. The affirmative action officer will advise in
appeals based on discrimination. Ihe panel will be constituted from the
Grade Review Pool bv random selection. The panel chairperson will be
elected by and from the panel before each review

H Membership: The C irade Review Pool will be established in the spring
term to serve lor the following academic year I sing random selection
methods, the pool and rotational order within the pool will be estab-
lished by the Provost's ( Hike A pool of three deans or associate deans
and twelve full-time faculty members will be maintained. In establishing
the membership for each rev icw panel, prior to each rev lew the names
of those designated as primary members of the specific panel and avail-
able as alternates will he supplied to all parties involved A panel member
may request (to the provost Ol designee) disqualification due to a con-
flict of interest. The student and the faculty member may eliminate
names in proportion to the composition ol ihe panel I ach may elimi-
nate only one dean associate dean and four faculty members. The
instructor and the student will be supplied a hsi ol all primary and scc-
ondary pool members ["he opportunity to disqualify panel members will

take place only once Resulting vacancies will be tilled from the appro-
priate pool of alternates so that the panel will be composed of one dean
associate dean and lour faculty members. II through scll-disqualilication
and challenges a panel cannot be constituted from the pool, then the
Provost's Office will supplement the pool using appropriate random
selection methods.


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C. Procedure:

1. Boih the student ami the instructor will have the right to appear be-
fore the panel, present witnesses, and offei evidence. In addition to
those specified in Level III. Section A, each may also bring one
observer, with whom he or she may consult but who may not
participate in the review.

2. The panel shall determine its rules of order lor internal operation
Aftet healing the evidence brought forth, the panel will privately
deliberate and render a decision. 11 the grade appeal is upheld, the
panel will constitute a committee oi three appropriate (acuity
members (know ledgeable in the discipline hut excluding the faculty
member against whom the complaint was lodged), who will review
the student's work and recommend the appropriate grade or suitable
remedy. The panel will incorporate this information in its deter-
mination, which it then forwards to the Provost's Office foi
implementation. ordinarily within thirty days. The Provost's Office
will initiate the processing of grade changes resulting from Lew el III
decisions. The Provost's Office will notify the student of grade
changes resulting from Level 111 decisions.

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