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he ' flofy : Spfnt is God.
Believe in the truth of harmony,
Let peace involve the heart to throb,
The love thought fill our memory.

Oh; guiding angels, hoverin<r near

With loved ones, not away so far,

A glorious message they will brin<r to you here,

As the golden gates in heaven stands ajar.

William Stead.

As we come from the unseen to this medium, we came
through her body and use her hand in these writings. I, when
on earth, as you know, was a writer, now, as this medium has
permitted me to come to her I shall give to you some of my
writings from this side of life.

My writing was given to me when on earth, through this
power and with the understanding that I now have gives me
great power to come to earth and present to you the same gift
of these writings through our medium.



A (SUiruuiB (Sift

What is tlii.-: gift you may ask

It does not seem to be such a task

To those who know the Golden Rule,

If they have not spent many years in school.

A glorious gift, yes, indeed,

Many could have it if they would heed

A glorious world, a glorious God.

He comes to you, but not always in voice aloud.

This gift is wonderful you can
When we can come and give to thee
Through the hand of another being
And write this without her seeing.

A gift like this, Oh, God bless those

That come to thee and this lite have chose

Not many care to give their time

For us to come and give a few words in rhyme.

A glorious gift to a glorious soul,

A gift that does not need to be moulded,

But to use this gift in the right way

Means to live in higher thoughts throughout the day,

God gives this gift to so many of you,
But it seems you do not care to know
That the unseen can come to you and say
So many things to you in a writing way.

Why do we come to those with this glorious gift?
We want to give to all humanity an upward lift.
Our coming to you from beyond the skies
Does not mean we must come in disguise.

This glorious gift means more than a fissure.
If it did not we could not be with you
Now dear ones heed what we say,
For we may come to you in some other way.

Not many come from the unseen and use the hand,
But the messages are the same from the promise land.
We who are writers prefer this glorious way,
For our messages we can leave to brighten the day.

Some poems we will give to interest you
If you care to look this little book through.
Our life in the unseen is not so far away,
And we can use this glorious gift every day.

W. S.

How glorious is this unseen,
When we rise above this earthly ravine,
You on earth may think you know
But your intelligence yet must grow.

What does phenomenon mean to you
Tt helps you study and this life renew,
To study your way with a cautious care,
You need not live your life in despair.

Be a philanthropist if you can

And live for the welfare of all man.

A man without hope, a man without care,

Will never rise and get anywhere.

Let the unseen guide you in a logical way.
Then you will live above all these mysterious phase
The unseen will come to yon in an instant
If you are not so prejudiced and persistent.

Your unseen friends will come to yon symbology
And you will not need to study theology.
The unseen power comes with the unseen friends,
And many a despondent way it mends.

This truth is not given to you through inheritance.
And life is too wonderful to come in malignancy,
You may think life means little to you in a way,
But you will know when you come over here to stay.

The unseen can come and give you all a call,

God granted this gift to one and all,

So it is not an inheritance to just a few

But those who use it are willing God's duty to do.

Your unseen friends and the unseen power
Can come to you at any hour
With the unseen God, and the unseen throne,
Is where you will dwell in your spiritual home.

W. S,

Peaceful day, means a peaceful rest,
Has been brought to this world with its test
How many bodies have turned back to clay.
To bring about one peaceful day.

What is the meaning of this Armistice day,
When millions of men were on their way,
Over seas and valleys, mountains and plane
Not traveling in peace, but for revenge.

Xo\v they are carrying them back from abroad.
As if this was the only world that belongs t< God.
The body is clay no matter where it lay.
But the spiritual life is {mother phase.

This world was created in a ! thought.

But many a hard battle man has fought
This world was created for all, not only for a few,
But man thinks that God they can outdo.

Beat the drum in peace on this Armistice day.
While thousands are marching only for display,
Peace on earth and good will towards man,
May it reign on earth until the end.

Rehabilitate this earth, Oh, God, we pray,
And let thy supreme power rule the day,
God created us all on an equal base,
It matters not the difference in human race.

Why must you battle under such a strife,
Every human being is created in the same God life,
Let peace be on earth as peace reigns in heaven,
You will mingle together in your spiritual home as God this
life has given.

Let the nations join hands in one great power,
It matters not what the nationalities are.
Let the one great flag in the heavens of blue
Kule all the nations as it covers all of you.

Then peace on earth and good will toward men
Will reign on earth as God had intend.
You know not what it means when a spirit comes to you
In a peaceful way and tries to guide you through.

This spirit if the life of God you know,

Many a soldier on earth here below

Has joined us over here where peace only flows,

For their great day of battle is over with the foes.

May peace reign on earth as peace reigns in heaven,
And let no man take this body that God has given
Let this Armistice day be now and forever more,
God is the one to call you on this side of the shore.

Peace, love, hope, and charity,

Should be the emblem for all humanity.

We from the spirit side of life can give the truth to thee,

That only peace and God 's love will reign all through eternity.

W. S.

Your body is substance, this is true,

But this inhabited life is willing to help you through ;

Supplicate a few hours in holy thought

And you will never suffer naught.

How glorious to live in this undoubted power,
For it assures us blessings every hour;
And you do not feel certain of spiritual return
Turn another leaf in life ;md he ready to learn.

We are so happy to come to you,

If we are an undeniable friend to a few,

But our spiritual life is all the same

If it wasn't we would not all in heaven reign.

W. S.

dls Heath

When the great white mist around you roll,
And the angels come to receive the soul;
When this great mist is cleared away
Then you know you have left the body of clay.

Oh : Death where art thy sting

None with the strains of the golden harps as they ring;

What is death, we do not know,

It's only when the body gives up the soul.

The angels comes and draws aside this thin white veil,
That the glories of heaven our eyes can reveal
And to see our dear ones on the other side,
Standing waiting to help us in space to glide.

What is this death? To lay the body aside
While the spirit passes on and the body on earth must abide
To separate the body from the soul, what a glorious thing ;
If this is death it has no sting.

When separating from the body comes to you

Trust in the guiding angels, for they will see you through ;

The spirit and soul is one great life,

Nothing on this side of life to cause any strife.

For as you live on earth here below

That is your sphere in heaven, you know;

There is no confusion, for we are assigned to our place

When the guiding angels meets us and takes us through space.

Oh, mother dear, our love remains so true to you,
For we have persecute this life and we know it's true
That you can come back to us in spirit from above
And place a kiss on our brow with the same motherly love.

If your face we can not see, but oh ; how sweet

To reveal your presence and know we can meet ;

Why grieve for this mother in heaven so near,

When she comes to us in the same motherly love so dear.

W. S.

If omnuarb

Hark ! Do I hear a voice,

As I am homeward bound,

Saying, are you ready the river to cross,

And live on a higher mound.

Over this river you must come

And bid earthly follies farewell,

For when your earthly life is run

It is in heaven you must dwell.

What did we do while we were here?
Helping humanity, or living in mirth.
Were living life here we need not fear,
What life is beyond when we leave earth.
Hark It seems I hear a voice
And so suppressive it seems,
My mind has been so very gross,
I do not understand what it means.

Where am I? Does any one know?

1 7 m apparently leaving mirth.

A voice is calling. Where am I to go ?

Is there a life beyond this earth?

Yes, dear one, this body has a soul ;

Together they travel to a certain age,

Then life leaves the body to reach the goal,

This separation brings you to another life ? s stage.

You are traveling homeward
If the voice you do not hear,
Slumbering in darkness, hushed unheard,
And the glories of God lingering so near

Seek to know the truth beyond.
Hearken to the voice beyond the skies
Before life's journey on earth is run,
For Heaven is Paradise. Oh, Paradise.

Traveling life's path to our unseen home,
Means more than just a spectator to some.
Side by side through life we roam,
God will call all, not just one.
Listen ; to the truth, do not live in dismay,
Supplicate your thoughts in pride,
For God's voice you may hear any day,
Go Homeward, bound in a glorious stride.

W. S.


Oh ; this glorious world

With it 's love to overflow ;

Very accurate earth moves in a whirl,

God's love is the power, you know.

A glorious life when of love
Is a human here on earth.
They are attune with God above,
And from love they can not shirk.

Accumulate love; Oh, God, you know,
Can not be immanent within
The work symbology that you do
Is with this love for all kin.

To live in love is exaltation,

But so many are not understood

For their love reaches out for all nations ;

Others say they don't see how they could.

Oh, the glorious love in my soul
Could I reach out to all of thee,
And help you reach the higher goal
In eternity. God's love is eternity.

Sacrifice for this love ; Oh, no,
Your living in love nothing to demand
So reflective is the mind; is this not so?
Then in love immaculate the mind.

Oh love, thou art the living God
And the lives of every dear soul
Consecrate our mind in love thought
For heaven holds the love goal.

Reach out with this mighty love

You all who understand.

A message in 1 v- from the dear on-< above,

As we come from the jinmiised land.

Accumulate this lo - rflow,

While in earthly life you roam,

ilate this lov- tin* litV Imat to row.
Love in heaven will he vour home.

W. S.

Why live in fear, dear ones,
When on earth God has shown his beauty ;
Abide by God's law and nothing will be done
To substitute fear with your duty.

A harmonious life brings you peace,
Contentment rules the day.
In God 's glorious life we will feast
Fear in its flight has passed away.

How happy the hour ; how happy the day,
When I cherished the sacred moment
When doubt and fear both passed away
I can see clearly. Oh, how content.

Illuminate your life with this glorious light,
And fear not the home beyond.
Illusory fear only darkens the night
When heaven is like the rays of the sun.

Oh fear, what art thou aim?

When God has made everything so glorious.

Fear ; you have not a holy name,

How are you agoing to be victorious ?

Fear ; says we should be pericurious.
Why When God with his love created
No, doubt; no, fear; oh, how precious
To God in this life we are related.

Do not substitute fear, my friends,

You have many dear ones over here

To play for you the harp with golden strands,

If you will let them come to you without fear.

Search for the truth in what I have given you,
Don't be so prejudiced in what you don't know.
Seek and be sincere in what you do.
Your friends can come from heaven here below.

Oh God, we leave these glorious thoughts
To our dear friends here below,
With our guiding angels we have brought
The truth without fear some will know.

Heaven above and earth bel<-w.

You need not substitute fear ;

Live within the colors of the rainbow,

And learn more of heaven, it is vnv near.

w. s.




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