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Steam Injectors, history and use. Pochet, 1877.

INLAND NAVIGATION. Betancourt, 1807 ; Egerton, 1818-20;
GouRY, 1827; Gray (J.), 1768; Phillips (J.), 1785-94,
1792-1803 ; Stevenson (D.), 1850 ; Sympher, 1886 ;
Vallancey (C), 1763; Zels, 1887. Map. Priestley (J.),

Canals and Inland Navigation. Wheeler (W. H.), 1889.

and Rivers. Lagren^, 1869-73 ; Guillemain, 1885.

Canal and River Engineering.

Stevenson (D.), 1858, 1872-86.
Canalisation by means of self-acting weirs. Carro, 1887.

Conference on Inland Navigation. Report.

Society for Encouragement of Arts, etc., 1888.
Congresso Internazionale di Navigazione interna. Fourth Con-
gress at Manchester, 1890. Bompiani and Luiggi,
Congres international de navigation interieure, Paris, 1892.

COENE, 1893.
Convention on Waterways. Proceedings held at Sault Ste.
Marie, Michigan, July 20th, 1887.

Waterways Convention, 1887.
Experimental researches on material. Mas, 1891—93.

History, 1766-69. Anonymous, p. 47.



Improvement of Waterways. Benefits to be derived from.

Vernon-Harcourt (L. F.), 1893.
International Congresses : Brussels, 1885 ; Vienna, 1886 ;

Frankfort, 1888; Manchester, 1890; Paris, 1892.

BoEHMCHES, 1890; International Congress on I. N.
Improvement and Extension of Inland Communication and

Transport. Grahame (T.), 1835.

Keeping canals open for navigation during winter through the

agency of artificial heat. Thurston (R. H.), 1873, p. 309.
Organisation. Marchetti (C), 1886 ; Schromm, 1886.

Normal profiles of Canals. Schlichting, 1886.

Political Economy of Inland Navigation, etc. Tatham (W.), 1799.
Prime Cost of Transport by waterways — France, Germany and

Austria. Nordling, 1885.

Regimen of Ports. Monet, 1892.

Stoppages on canals and canalised rivers. Coene, 1892.

Tolls and fees collected on Navigable Ways. Couvreur, 1892.

Dues. BEAURiN-Gressier.

Traction, different means of. RiGONi (G.), 1887.

Universal Inland Navigations and the use of all sorts of Mines.

Leach (E.), 1791.
Value of Inland Waterways. Peez, 1886.

Waterways (Inland), Transportation. Johnson {E. R.), 1893.

American Artificial Waterways between the Lakes and Hudson
River. Sweet (E.), 1885.

Arun (River), Act for the improvement of the navigation of.

Arun (River), 1785,
Austria and Germany. Navigable ways. Saint Hubert, 1881.
Belgium. Grangez, 1855.

Navigation of, towards Paris. Vifquain (J, B.), 1838.

Navigable Ways in 1893, Movements of Transports on.

Belgium, 1894. Add. 484.
■ Network of navigable waterways. Belgium, 1881, p. 116.

Belgium to Paris. Belgium, 1840, p. 116.

Voies navigables. Belgium, 1879, 1880, 1889, p. 116.

Bristol, Liverpool, and Hull. Inland navigation easily effected

between. Whitworth (R.), 1766.

Canada. Improvements of Inland Navigation.

Canada, 1871, p. 216.
Canadian Water Ways, from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic.

Keeper (T. C), 1893. Add. 513.

Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation Act. Chelmer, 1793.

Chicago International Congress on Water Transportation.

Reports, etc. Chicago, 1893. Add. 491.



Coleraine, Belfast, and Limerick, system which connects.

Durham to the River Wear and branches. Dodd, 1796.

Elbe and Oder Basins (Ports in the) Building and Working.

England. Cordier, 1819-20.

England and Wales, History of the Canal and River Navi-
gation of. Wells (L. B.), 1894. Add. 538.

Map of the Canals and Navigable Rivers of.

Wells (L. B.), 1894.
Europe. Navigable Ways. Hartley (Sir C. A.), 1885.

Europe, particularly England. Oddy, 1810.

Europe (Central), Water communication of.

Lanfranconi, 1880, '81.
Europe (Northei-n). Waterways. Weber (M. M. von), 1881.

Forfar and Aberbrothwick. Inland navigation between, by means

of Strathmore Canal. Stevenson (R.), 1817.

France. Becquey, 1820; Cordier, 1819-20; Dumont (A.),

1861; DuTENs, 1829; Fabre, 1797; France, p. 439;

Grangez, 1855; Molinos, 1875. Laws. Poterlet, 1820.

Canals and Rivers which traverse the departments of the

Meui'the, the Vosges, Meuse and Moselle.

Lacreulx, 1796.

Commercial Regimen of Ports in. DELAUNAY-Belleville, 1892,

Departement du Nord. Cordier, 1820-28.

Map of routes. Delaistre, 1812,

Rivers and Canals. Reynauld (L.), 1883.

Stoppages on Canals and Canalised rivers in the Northern

and Eastern regions of France. Derome, 1892.

Territories of the French Empire. Dupain-Triel, 1811.

Traction of Boats in France. Lasmolles, 1892,

France and England. Huerne de Pommeuse, 1822.

France, Belgium, and Provinces on the left bank of the Rhine.

Collin, 1865.
German Waterways. Reutsch, 1885. Map, 1885. Germany,

Navigable Ways, Tolls and Dues on. Sympher (J.), 1892.

Waterways of Prussia and adjacent States. Prussia, 1877.

Great Britain. Grahame, 1834.

Legislation. Grahame, 1836.

Hohensaaten to Spandau, Traction of Boats from.

Thiem (A.), 1892.
Hungary. Respective use of Waterways and Railroads.

Halasz, 1892.
VOL. I, 2 z



Hungary. Utilisation of Water and Rail Routes in, and their
competitive influence in reducing freight charges.

Halasz (A.), 1893. Add. 505.

Utilisation of the Watercourses. TiJRE, 1881, '85.

India. Waterways or Railways. Tyrrell (F.), 1874.

Ireland. Acts 1815, 1816. Ireland, p. 141.

Drainage and improvement of navigation and water power,

Ireland, Act, and amended Acts 1842-47.

Ireland. Add. 511.

Increase of Agi'iculture, Manufactures and Commerce by

its extension.
— - — Inland Navigation. Williams (C. W.), 1831, '33.

Papers, State, etc., 1800, 1806, 1812, etc.

Ireland, p. 141.

Reports, 1813. Ireland, p. 141.

Italy. Navigation between Venice, Padua, Verona and the
Adige. Wiebeking (C. F. von), 1810.

Knaresborough. Chapman (W.), 1802, p. 243.

Limerick Navigation. Chapman (W.), 1795, p. 241.

Liverpool and Manchester. Means of competing with railways.

Grahame, 1833.

London and Birmingham. Report on Improving the Water

Communication between. Marten (H. J.), 1886.

Lough Neagh to Belfast. Plan and Estimates of the intended

Navigation from. Whitworth (R.), 1770.

Lynn, Complaints of the Merchants, Mariners and Watermen of.

King's Lynn, 1724.
Lynn and Yarmouth, Mediterranean passage between.

Mathew, 1656.
Lynn, Wisbeach, Spalding and Boston, Navigation of the Towns of.

KiNDERLEY, 1751.

Michigan (Lake). Proposed Waterway from Lake Michigan to
the Mississippi River, via the Illinois and Mississippi Canal.
Bryson (A.), 1893. Add. 489. Henderson (T. J.), 1893.

Add. 507.

Proposed enlargement of. Cooley (L. E.), 1893. Add. 494.

Milan. Bruschetti, 1821.

Neckar Basin, relations between the Waterway and the Railroad

in the. Harttung, 1892.

Netherlands. Dues and Tolls on Navigable Ways.

DEKiNG-Dura, 1892.
New South Wales. Reports.

New South Wales, 1859-60, p. 401.
Newcastle and Maryport, proposed line between.

Jessop and Chapman, 1795.
Newcastle and Carlisle, Navigation between. Dodd, 1795.




Newcastle-upon-Tyne to the Irish Channel.

Chapman (W.), 1795, p. 242.

Newcastle to Haydon Bridge. Proposed navigation between tl;e
east and west seas. Chapman (W.), 1795, p. 243.

Norway. S^tren (G.), 1892.

Norwich Navigation Improvement Committee on the Norwich
and Yarmouth Navigation. Curtis (J. G. C), 1846.

Norwich to Yarmouth. Plan for making the river navigable.

Brown (C), 1818.

Rhine Basin. Waterways and Railroads ; their co-operation and
their reciprocal competition in the. Landgraf, 1892.

Russian Waterways enlarged to meet the demands of Commerce.
Hoerschelmann (E. F. de), 1893, '94. Add. 508.

W^aterways, Taxes and Tolls on. Sytenko (N. de), 1892.

Salisbury and Bristol, passage by W\ater between the two

Avons of. Mathevv, 1656.

Sheffield. Chapman, 1813, p. 243.

Stella to Hexham, and Hexham to Haydon Bridge, on south
side of the Tyne. Report on proposed line of navigation.

Whitvvorth (R.), 1797.
Stockton to Winston and branches. Dodd, 1796.

Thames and Canal Navigation. Report to the Committee.

Wiiitworth (R.), 1780.

United Kingdom, Taxes and Tolls upon the Inland Navigations

of the. Clem'^.nts, 1892.

United States. Cordier, 1819-20.

Internal Navigation, natural and artificial : present and

prospective. United States, 1826, p. 341.

The Levels of the Lakes, as afi'ected by the proposed

La,kes and Gulf Waterway, <kc.

WisNER (G. Y.) and others, 1889.

■ Relations between railroads and waterways.

North (E. P.), 1892.

Waterways and Railways: their respective positions in

transportation in the U. S. A. Roberts (T. P.), 1892.

Wisconsin and Fox Rivers. Report on the Transportation,

route along, between the Mississippi and Lake Michigan.

Wisconsin (State of), 1876.
See also Canals, Rivers.

INSCRIPTIONS. City Latin on the new Bridge at Blackfriars.

Birch (B.), 1760.

INSTITUTIONS. Bureau des Longitudes, situation of. Faye, 1872.
Sec also Societies ; Universities, etc.



Description and use of a complete set of Pocket Instruments.

Webster (W.), 1739. App. 580.
Instruments and machines of J. Besson.

Besson (J.), 1582, 1602.
Instruments of precision. Balbreck.

Notice on Instruments invented by Richard freres.

Richard freres, 1886.
Theory of certain indicating and recording Apparatus.

Hele-Shaw, 1888.
Treatise on new Philosophical Instruments. ' Brewster, 1813.

Anemometers. See Anemometer.

Arithmetical Instruments, description and use of two.

Morland, 1673.
Arithmometer. Kernot, 1885.

Astronomical and Physical Instruments. Magellan, 1780.

Astronomical Instruments. Method of dividing.

Bird (J.), 1767. App. 548; Ludlam (W.), 1786.

App. 566.
Azimuthal Circle. Airy, 1851, p. 19.

Bathometer. Siemens (Sir W.), 1879, p. 198.

Blundell's Agricultural Drainage Level. Blundell, 1848.

Calorimeter. Montchoisy, 1882.

Camera Obscura (Chevalier's), Advice on.

Chevalier (V.), aine, 1824. App. 551.

Celestial Compass. Graydon, 1825.

Chronograph, adapted for measuring the vaiying velocity of a

body in motion through the air. Bashforth (F.), 1866 ;

Bashforth (F.). Add. 484.
Chronographic Apparatus, with Huyghens' parabolic pendulum.

Ellery, 1885.
Chronoscope (Schultz). Benet, 1866.

Clinometer (Prismatic). Pole, 1853.

Collimator. Airy, 1851, p. 19.

• (Floating). Kater, 1825.

A new arrangement of a vertical collimator to the altitude

and azimuth instrument. Simms (W.), 1846.

Cosmosphere : an instrument substituting an orrery, globe, &c.

Muller (W.), 1829. App. 570.

Curve-delineator and extensometer. Frankel (W.), 1883, 1884.

Cyclograph. Price- Williams, 1849.

Cyclometer. Discovery of an universal principle for dividing the

Circum.ference of a Circle into a given number of equal parts.

Adamson (W.), 1815. App. 543.


I NSTRUMENTS— co«fiVmed.

Delineator, Moment, (Alexander-Thomson).

Alexander (T.) and Thomson, 1890.
Dipleidoscope, principles and construction. JBloxam (J. M.), 1846.

or double reflecting meridian and altitude instrument.

Dent, 1843 ; Dent, 1843, '44. App. 554.

Use in the correction of time-keepers. Dent, 1843.

Dynamometer, New. Froude (W.), 1857.
Indicator and Dynamometer, with their applications to the

Steam-engine. Main and Brown, 1864.

Mercurial Statical Dynamometer. Milne (John), 1830.

Electrometer, Capillary. Burch, 1890, 1892.

Eudiometers. MacLeod, 1879.

New Eudiometer. Cavendish, 1783.

Geometrical Instruments. HuN^us, 1864.

Globes, Armillary Sphere, and Orrery. Description and use of.

Martin (B.), 1736. App. 567.
Gonoclinometer. Bondis (A.), 1875.

Graphor : a new Mathematical Instrument. Longitude discovered
by it. Degravors (P.) and Ould, 1794. App, 553.

Hydrometer. Engineers' Manual. Swift (L.), 1861. Add. 535.
Hygroscope, description of an improved.

Arderon (W.), 1746. App. 545.
Induction Inclinometer, and its adjustments. Lloyd (H.), 1842.
Levelling Instrument (new form of). Cushing, 1879.

Levelling Instruments (Portable). Stevenson (D.), 1844.

Mathematical Instruments, construction and principal uses of.
Adams (G.), 1803; Bion (N.), 1758; Bion (N.), 1752, '58.
App. 548. Heather, 1851, 1877, 1888; Meredith, 1791;

Metius, 1632.

Engine for dividing.

Ramsden (J.), 1777, '79, '90. App. 572.

Engine for driving straight lines on. Ramsden, 1779.

With description and use of gunner's callipers.

Robertson (John), 1775. App. 574.

Mathematical Instruments employed in surveying, levelling and

astronomy. Simms (F. W.), 1836, p. 201.

Use of portable ones. Sleeman (T.), 1805.

Cantor Lectures. Williams (W. M.), 1879,

Measuring Machine (Whitworth). Goodeve and Shelley, 1877,
Mechanical Paradox, description and use of a new machine called.

Ferguson (J.), 1764. App. 556.
Micrometer (divided eye-glass double image).

Airy (Sir G. B.), 1845, p. 18.
Micrometer and Megameter, account of a new.

BoscovicH (R. G.), 1777. App, 549.


INSTRUMENTS— co////«//ef/.

Micrometer. Telescopical Mother of Pearl Micrometer.

Cavallo, 1793.

Micrometer for measuring small angles with the Telescope.

Cavallo (T.), 1791. App. 551.

Prismatic Micrometer, New Instrument for measuring small

angles. Maskelyne (Rev. N.), 1777. App. 568.

Description of two new Micrometers.

Ramsden (J.), 1779. App. 572.
Microphone. Du Moxcel, 1878, 1882 ;

ScHWAHTZE (T.), 1883, 1885, p. 172.
Microscopes. See Microscopes.

Nautical instruments. Hydrostatoscope. Periheliotrope.

Reitz (F. H.), 1882, '83.

Navigation Instruments at the Paris Exhibition of 1855.

Smyth (C. P.), 1855.
Omnimeter (Eckhold's). Eckhold, 1868.

Optical Instruments (New). Cantor Lectures. Lockyer, 1884.

Catalogue of Optical, Mathematical, and Philosophical

Instruments. Jones (Wm. and S.), 1817.

Orreries. How to construct. Ferguson (J.), 1778. App. 557.
Orthochronograph. Description of, an instrument for ascer-
taining correct time by equal altitudes of the s\in.

Webster (R.) and Son, 1844. App. 580.
Phonograph. Du Moncel, 1879, 1882.

Photometer. Dispersion Photometer.

Perry (Prof. J.) and Ayrton, 1880.

Photophone. History of Selenium and its action in the Bell

Photophone. Jamieson (Andrew), 1881.

Pirameter, or instrument for ascertaining the power required to

draw carriages over roads. Macneill, 1835.

Planetarium, or astronomical machine invented by Hahn and

Mylius. Description. Hahn (P. M.), 1791. App. 559.

Planimeters. See Integrators.

Proportion Compass, or, land surveyors called to order.

Rossi (G.), 1802. App. 574.
Proportioner (Concentric Circular), description of.

Lamb (J.), 1827 ; Lamb (J.), 1827. App. 565.
Pyrometer. Adie, 1835.

With table of experiments made with it.

Smeaton (J.), 1754. App. 576.
Quadrants. See Quadrants.

Radiophone. Du Moncel, 1882 ;

Schwartze (T.), 1883, 1885, p. 172.
Rain Gauge, self-registering. Osler, 1810.


INSTRUMENTS— coniiMwec/.

Range Indicator (Campbell's). Campbell (J. R.), 187-i.

Sextant (Hadley's), description and methods of adjusting the
improved. Ramsden (J.), 1775. App. 572.

Sectograph. Description of T. Jones's patent.

Englefield (Sir H. E.), 1811. App. 556.
Sector. Description of. AxonyiMous, 1697, p. 55.

for giving the proportionate sizes of Wheels and Pinions.

Pennington (R.), 1780. App. 571.

and Plain Scale Compared. Rea (R.), 1727. App. 573.

Slide Rule. Henderson (W.), 1879.

— — Combined circular Slide Rule and scale tables of natural

and logarithmic sines, rumb points, etc.

Dixon (T.), 1886.

Engineer's and Mechanic's Slide Rule. Coulson, 1842.

Practical manual. Pickworth (C. N ), 1894. Add. 528.

Sliding Rule (Roget's) of Involution, description of.

Gilbert (W. and T.), 1828. App. 559.
Sun, Astronomical Rotula for showing the Rising and Setting

of the.
Surveying and Levelling Instruments described.

Stanley (W. F.), 1890.
Tacheometry. See Surveying and Levelling.
Telemeter Company System. Telemeter Co., 1886.

Telescopes. See Telescopes.
Temperature, Instruments for ascertaining the mean.

Stevenson (T.), 1870.
Thermosiphon. Applications to horticultural and other processes.

Fowler (T.), 1829.
Topograph (Lendy's Patent). Lendy (A. F.), 1864.

Uranographia, description and use of the new.

Grant (C), 1800. App. 559.

Greenwich Observatory. Principal Instruments there in the

time of Halley. Rigaud (S. P.), 1836. App. 574.

Paris. Societe d'Encouragement. Instruments presented to, by

H. Robert. Report.

Hericart de Thury, 1833. App. 562.
See also Astronomy (Instruments).


Accidents. Mutual Assurance Offices. Gigot, 1892.

Engine and Boiler Insurance Company. Reports, 1880, etc.


Steam Boiler Assurance Company, Engineer's Reports.

Steam Boiler, etc., 1873-81.



Boston Manufacturers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company.

Boston Manufacturers, 1883, 1890.
Flour Mill (modern) Insurance. Simon (H.), 1890.

Globe Insurance Company. Act to grant charter, 1800.

Stonestreet (G. G.)
Law of Fire and Life. Beaumont (G. B. D.), 1846.

Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Act 1879.

Norwich Union.
Phoenix Fire Office. Dangers of Electric Lighting.

Heaphy, 1882.

INSURANCE (Life). Rankin (R.), 1830.

Account of population, law of mortality, and different systems of

Life Insurance. Burt (A.), 1849.

Doctrine of Life Annuities and Assurances. Baily, 1813.

Probability of human life in Glasgow and other large towns.

Cleland, 1836.

Regulations respecting Government Life Insurance and Annuities,

1865. Parliamentary. .Papers, p. 481.

Tables of Premiums, 1865. Parliamentary. .Papers, p. 481.

Various Institutions. Babbage (C.) 1826.

See also Annuities.


Lloyd's. Act to amend Lloyd's Act, 1871. Lloyd's.

Register. 1848-49, etc. Annals, 1884. Lloyd's Register.

Marine Insurance (Lloyd's). Aukland, 1893.

Underwriters' registry for Iron Vessels. List of Iron Vessels,

1870-81. Underwriters' registry for Iron Vessels.

INSURANCE (National).

Necessary and possible. - Ede (W. M.), 1889.

Patriotic Assurance Company of Ireland. Act to define and

extend its objects. Patriotic Assurance, 1890.

What is it? Blackley, 1890.

INTEGRATORS (Mechanical). Abbott (W.), 1886.

Amsler's Planimeters. Hirn, 1875.

Hohmann-Coradi's Precision Planimeters. Coradi, 1855 ;

Reitz (F. H.), 1878, 1882, 1884.

INTOXICATING LIQUORS. Cape Colony Report of the Liquor
Laws Commission. Cape Colony, 1890, p. 221.


Causes. Deutsch (J.), 1877.

Means of prevention. Deglaude, 1872 ; Poibee, 1858.

Ardeche, Rivers of the. Mardigny, 1860.


INUNDATIONS— conimwefi.

France. Lombardini, 1858. From the sixth century to the

present tune. Champion, 1858-64.

Hungary. Prevention from. Lanfranconi, 1882,

Mauritius, 1865. Report. Mauritius.

Valencia, 1864. Boix (V.), 1865.


Adumbration of Inventions. Hardingham, 1893.

Birmingham Inventors and Inventions. Prosser, 1881.

Century of Inventions. Worcester (Mai-quis of), 1825 ;

Worcester (Marquis of), 1825. App. 581 ; Dircks, 1865.
Chats on Invention. Martin (J.), 1894. Add. 518.

Cultivation of the Inventive Faculty.

Thwaite (B. H.), 1894, p. 311.
Designs and descriptions of machines relating to arts, manu-
factures, and domestic life. White (James), 1822.
History. Beckmann, 1846; Plat, 1653; White (F. S.), 1827.
Improvements in the useful arts. Counsel to the Inventors of.

Turner (T.), 1850.
Mechanic : or compendium of practical inventions.

Smith (James), 1816-18. App. 577.
Philosophical, Mechanical, Chemical and Agricultural discoveries.

Anonymous (1806-11), p. 54.
Property in Designs and Inventions in Arts and Mctnufactures.

Webster (Thomas), Q.C., 1853.
Remarks on the right of property in mechanical invention with
reference to Registered Designs. Turner (Thomas), 1847.
Repertory of Patent Inventions.

Periodical Publications, p. 23.
Western Review of Science and Invention.

Periodical Publications, p. 26.
See also Patents for Inventions.


Application of Iron for defensive purposes, 1861-64.

Parliamentary. .Papers, p. 482.
Art of working iron. Landrin (L.), 1829.

Behaviour in great cold. Kopcke and Hartig, 1892.

British and Foreign railway rates on Iron.

British Iron Trade, 1885.
Carbon, modifications of, in iron. Ledebur, 1893.

Carbon and Silicon in Iron. Condition. Snelus (G. J.), 1870.
Carburets (Iron), Electrical and Magnetic Properties of.

Barus and Strouhal, 1885.

• ■ Physical properties of. Barus and Strouhal, 1886.

VOL. J. ;; A

3G2 iRox.

IRON — continued.

Changes in the internal structure of iron independent of and
subsequent to manufacture. Hood, 1842.

Chemical analysis of Iron. Blair (A. A.), 1888.

Chemistry of Iron. Notes. Troilius (M.), 1886.

Coke, preparation of, for the manufacture of cast iron.

Crace-Calvert, 1852.

Constructions in, execution of. Brandt, 1865; Cornd, 1887;

DuPUY DE Lome, 1843. Pattern Book. Schrarowsky,


Material of Construction, 1872. ' Pole, 1872.

Notes on Iron constructions. Romand (A.), 1842.

Corrosion. Irvine, 1891.

Experiments upon the Action of Sea and River Water upon

cast and wrought iron. Mallet (R.), 1839, '43.

Preservation of Iron in sea water.

Becquerel (A. C), 1864.

Railway bar corrosion. Mallet (R.), 1850.

Electric resistance of iron and its alloys to high temperatures.

Le Chatelier (H.), 1890.
Experiments on the strength of rolled and forged iron.

Lagerhjelm, 1827.
Fabrication of Iron for defensive purposes.

Barnard (J. G.), etc., 1871-2.
Pounder (Iron), art of moulding. Bolland, 1893.

Furnaces, forges, and rolling mills of the United States.

Lesley, 1866.
Girders. See Girders.

History, properties and processes. Fairbairn, 1861, 1869, p. 402.
Homogeneous Iron, production of, in large masses.

Pendred {V.), 1870.
Improvements in the manufacture of iron. Larkin (J.), 1869.

Interest of Great Britain in supplying herself with iron.

Anonymous, p. 47.
Invention of grooved rollers for the manufacture of bar iron.

MusHET (D.), 1855.
Iron : Journal of Science, etc. Periodical Publications, p. 17.
Iron and its derivatives rendered inoxidisable by the electric
current. Meritens, 1886.

Iron in all Lands. Pechar (J.), 1878.

Iron Economics. Skelton (H. J.), 1891.

Iron merchants' guids and assistant.

BuRLiNSON and Simpson, 1865.

Iron-Minium, Manufactory of, situate in Anderghem, near

Brussels. Cartier, 1860.

"Iron question" vindicated. Anonymous, 1857, p. 47.



IRON — continued.

Iron and heat. Armour, 1874.

Iron century. Schweiger-Lerchenfeld, 1884.

Ironwork. Baude, 1829.

Ironwork and retaining- walls. Smith (Chas. G.), 1875.

Practical designs of Structural Ironwork.

Adams (H.), 1894. Add. 479.

Employment of Ironwork in building construction.

Burn (R. S.), 1874.

Handbook. Appleby Brothers, 1869, 1877.

Iron, work in. Handyside (A.) and Co., 1868. Add. 505.

Magnetic and other physical properties of Iron at a high tem-
perature. HoPKiNSON (J.), 1889.

Magnetization of. Hopkinson (J.), 1885,

Electro-chemical effects on. Andrews (T.), 1887-91.

Different Magnetic Properties of hot-rolled and cold-rolled

Malleable Iron. Airy (Sir G. B.), 1862, p. 19.

Malleable. Martens, 1887. Practice and theory. Wedding,


Manufacture of, with special reference to the Richardson

process. Day (St. J. V.), 1868.

Manufacture of Iron. Ansiaux and Masion, 1865 ;

CouAiLHAC, 1860; Overman, 1854.

Use of Anthracite. Johnson (W. R.), 1841.

Crane's patent for the combined use of hot air, blast, and

anthracite. Rowland (D.), 1842.

Method of improving the Art in Tuscany. Cini, 1849.

Means of extending the use of Iron. Belgium, 1880, p. 116.

Melting of. Kirk (E.), 1878.

MetaUum Martis. Dudley (D.).

Metallurgy of. Bauerman, 1868, 1874, 1882, 1890; Beckert,

1885; Day (St. J. V.), 1868; Jordan (S.), 1881; Jullien

(C. E.), 1861 ; Karsten, 1830; Ledebur, 1884; Percy (J.),

1864; Saint-Ange (W. de), 1835-8.

Molecular Changes produced in Iron by variations of Temperature.

Thurston (R. H.), 1873, p. 310.
Morewood and Rogers' Patent Galvanised Tinned Iron.

Morewood, 1846.
Oxidation of Iron. Crace-Calvert, 1872.

PuddUng. Baylis, 1866; Siemens (Sir W.), 1868, p. 198.

by machinery. Various plans as a means to effect.

Yates (W.), 1868.

Mechanical Puddling. Nursey, 1874.

Properties of Puddled Iron, ingot iron and steel for

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