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in-Furness, Lancashire.

1876. Crossley, William John, Messrs. Crossley Brothers, Great Marlborough

Street, Manchester.

1863. Crow, George, Messrs. R. Stephenson and Co.'s Works, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

1874. Curry, William, Locomotive Superintendent, Dublin and Drogheda

Railway, Dublin.

1875. Curtis, Richard, Messrs. Curtis Sons and Co., Phojnix Works, Chapel

Street, Manchester.

1864. Daglisb, George Heaton, St. Helen's Foundry, St. Helen's.

1869. Daglish, John, Mining Engineer, Tynemouth, near North Shields.

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1866. Daniel, Bdward Freer, Messrs. Thomewill and Warham*8 Iron Works,
Burton-on-Trent ; and 76 Branstone Boad, Burton-on-Trent.

1866. Daniel, William, Messrs. John Fowler and Co.'s Steam Plough and
Locomotive Works, Leeds ; and 37 Camp Road, Leeds.

1872. Danson, Thomas James, 3 St. Nicholas Buildings, Newoastle-on-Tyne.
1866. Darby, Abraham, Treberfydd, Bwlch, Brecknockshire.

1864. Darby, Charles B., Brymbo Iron Works, near Wrexham.

1873. Davey, Henry, Messrs. Hathorn Davis Campbell and Davey, Sun

Foundry, Dewsbury Boad, Leeds.
1866. Davidson, James, Boyal Arsenal, Laboratory Department, Woolwich.

1874. Davis, Alfred, Messrs. Hathorn Davis Campbell and Davey, Sun

Foundry, Dewsbury Boad, Leeds; and 4 Westminster Chambers,
Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W.

1868. Davis, Henry Wheeler, 11 New Broad Street, London, B.C.

1873. Davis, John Henry, Messrs. Nasmyth Wilson and Co., Bridgevater
Foundry, Patricroft, near Manchester.

1873. Davy, David, Messrs. Davy Brothers, Park Iron Works, Sheffield.

1874. Davy, Walter Scott, Messrs. Davy Brothers, Park Iron Works, Sheffield.
1874. Daw, Samuel, 6 Dock Chambers, Cardiff.

1849. Dawes, Qeorge, Milton and Elseoar Iron Works, near Bamsley.
1861. Dawson, Benjamin, Engineer, Haswell Colliery, Fence Houses.

1869. Day, St. John Vincent, 166 Buchanan Street, Glasgow.

1874. Deacon, (George Frederick, Borough Engineer, Municipal Offices, Dale

Street, Liverpool.
1874. Deakin, Thomas, Sandon Street Engine Works, Broughton Road, Salford,

1868. Dean, William, Great Western Railway, Locomotive Department,

1866. Death, Ephraim, Albert Works, Leicester.
1868. Dees, James, Floraville, Whitehaven.

1868. Dempsey, William, 26 Great George Street, Westminster, S.W,
1872. Denton, John Punshon, 3 Vansittart Terrace, Coatham, Redcar.
1868. Derham, John J., Brookside, near Blackburn.
1876. Dickinson, William, Messrs* Eastons and Anderson, 66 Southwark Street,

London, S.E.

1872. Dobson, Benjamin Alfred, Messrs. Dobson and Barlow, Kay Street

Machine Works, Bolton.
1868. Dodman, Alfred, St. James's Iron Works, Lynn.

1873. Donkin, Bryan, Jun., Messrs. B. Donkin and Co., Blue Anchor Road,

Bermondsey, London, S.E.

1866. Douglas, Charles P., Consett Iron Works, near Blackhill, County Durham.

1867. Pove, George, Messrs. Cowans Sheldon and Co., St, Nicholas Iron and

Engine Works, Carlisle.


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1873. Dore, George, Jun., Bedboum Hill Iron and Goal Oo.*b Works,

Frodingham, near Brigg.

1866. Downey, Alfred 0., Messrs. Downey and Co., Ooatham Iron Works,

Middlesbrough ; and Boyal Bxohange, Middlesbrough.

1874. Dredge, James, 37 Bedford Street, Strand, London, W.O.
1847. DUbs, Henry, Glasgow Locomotive Works, Glasgow.

1870. Dunlop, James Wilkie, 22 Leadenhall Street, London, B.C.

1867. Dunlop, John Maomillan, Holehird, Windermere.

1864. Dunn, Thomas Bdward, Eurhurballee Ck>llierie8, Chord Line Bast Indian
Bailway, vift Muddapur Junction, India ; and The Ck>ttage, Busper,
near Horsham.

1876. Durie, James, 7 Lancaster Avenue, Fennel Street, Manchester.

1860. Dyson, George, Saltburn-by^the-Sea.

1866. Dyson, Bobert, Messrs. Owen and Dyson, Bother Iron Works, Botherham.

1869. Bamshaw, William Lawrence, Superintending Marine Bngineer, South

Bastem Bailway, Folkestone.
1869. Bassie, Peter Boyd, Messrs. William Bassie and Co., Bailway Saw Mills,


1868. Baston, Bdward, Messrs. Bastons and Anderson, Grove, Southwark

Street, London, S.B. ; and 7 Delahay Street, Westminster, S.W.

1867. Baston, James, Mining Bngineer, Nest House, Gateshead.

1876. Baves, William, Bngineer, Messrs. John Brown and Co., Atlas Steel and
Iron Works, Sheffield.

1868. Bddison, Bobert William, Messrs. John Fowler and Co., Steam Hough

and Locomotive Works, Leeds.

1871. Bdwards, Edgar James, Butterley Iron Works, Alfreton.

1866. Bice, John, Fhceniz Iron Works, Jersey Street, Manchester.

1876. Ellington, Edward Bayzand, Hydraulic Bngineering Works, Chester.

1869. Elliot, Sir Gtoorge, Bart., M.P., Houghton-le-Spring, near Fence Houses.

1869. Elliott, Henry Worton, Metal Sheathing Works, 10 Ooleshill Street,


1870. Elsdon, Bobert, 76 Manor Boad, Upper New Cross, London, S.B.
1869. Blwell, Alfred, Edge Tool Works, Wood Green, Wednesbury.

1860. Blwell, Thomas, Messrs. Yarrall Elwell and Middleton, 1 Avenue

Trudaine, Paris.
1876. Blwell, Thomas, Jun., Bngineer, Messrs. Yarrall Elwell and Mlddleton*s

Works, 1 Avenue Trudaine, Paris.

1867. Bvans, John Campbell, 8 Great Gheorge Street, Westminster, S.W.

1864. Bveritt, William Edward, Messrs. Allen Everitt and Sons, Kingston
Metal Works, Adderley Street, Birmingham ; and Finstal, Biomsgrove.

1866. Bvers, Frank, Cradley Iron Works, near Stourbridge.

1869. Byth, Max, Messrs. John Fowler and Co.*s Steam Plough and
Locomotive Works, Leeds.

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LIST or mhibbbs. xtH.

1889. Faija, Henry, 4 Oieat Queen Street^ Westminster, 8.W,

1868. Fairbaim, Bir Andrew, Wellington Foondiy, Leeds ; and Gtoldsboiongh

Hall, S^naresborongh.

1869. Fairleas, John, Forth Banks Engine Works, Newcastlo-on-Tyne.

1875. Farcot, Jean Joseph lAon, Messrs. Farcot and Sons, Engine Works^

Ayenne de la Gare, St. Oaen, France.
1867. Fardon, Thomas, Messrs. Hayward Tyler and Co.'s Works, 84 Upper

WhitecTOBS Street, London, E.G. ; and 31 Wilberforoe Boad, Finsbnry

Park, London, K.
1872. Feam, John Wilmot, Mining Engineer, 31 Devonshire Street, Chesterfield ;

and Newbold Boad, Chesterfield.

1870. Ferguson, Henry Tanner, District Locomotive Superintendent Great

Indian Peninsola Bailway, Egatpoora, near Bombay, India.
1864. Femie, Jolm, Bonchorch, Yentnor, Isle of Wight.

1866. Fiddes, Walter, Engineer, Bristol United Gas Works, BristoL
1872. Fidler, Edward, Piatt Lane Colliery, Wigan.

1867. Field, Edward, Chandos Chambers, Buckingham Street, Adelphi,

London, W.O.
1861. Field, Joshua, 110 Westminster Bridge Boad, Lambeth, London, S.E.
1874. Fielding, John, Messrs. Fielding and Piatt, Atlas Iron Works, Gloucester.

1866. Filliter, Edward, Besident Engineer, Leeds Water Works, 16 East Parade,


1868. Firih, Arthur, Leeds Iron Works, Leeds.
1868. Firth, Samuel, 16 York Place, Leeds.
1874. Firth, William, Burley Wood, Leeds.

1871. Fisher, Benjamin Samuel, Locomotive Superintendent, Somerset and

Dorset Bailway, Highbridge, near Bridgwater.
1864. Fleet, Thomas, Crown Boiler and Gasholder Works, Westbromwioh.
1847. Fletcher, Edward, Locomotive Superintendent, North Eastern Bailway,


1868. Fletcher, Henry Allason, Messrs. Fletcher Jennings and Co., Lowca

Engine Works, Whitehaven. (Life Member.)

1872. Fletcher, Herbert, Ladyshore Colliery, Little Lever, Bolton ; and The

Hollins, Bolton.

1867. Fletcher, James, Messrs. W. Collier and Co., 2 Greengate, Salford,

1867. Fletcher, Lavington Evans, Chief Engineer, Association for the

Prevention of Steam Boiler Explosions, 41 Corporation Street,

1872. Flower, James J. A., Messrs. James Flower and Sons, Cape Town, Ci^

of Good Hope ; and 9 America Square, Crutched Friars, London, E.C.

1869. Fogg, Bobert, 11 Queen Anne's Gate, Westminster, S.W.

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1861. Forster, Edward, Messrs. Chance Brothers and Co.'s Glass Works, Spon

Lane, near Birmingham.
1869. Forster, Qeorge Baker, Backworth, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
1849. Forsyth, John 0., North Staffordshire Railway, Stoke-upon-Xrent.

1861. Foster, Sampson Lloyd, 2 Princess Place, Duke Street, St. James*, London,

S.W. ; and Callipers Hall, Chipperfield, Rickmansworth, Herts.
1866. Fowler, Gborge, Mining Engineer, Basford Hall, near Nottingham.
1847. Fowler, John, 2 Queen Square Place, Westminster, S.W.
1866. Fox, Charles Douglas, 6 Delahay Street, Westminster, S.W.
1875. Fox, Samson, Leeds Forge, Leeds.

1869. Eraser, John, 18 York Place, Leeds.

1852. Froude, William, F.R.S., Chelston Cross, Torquay.
1866. Fry, Albert, Bristol Wagon Works, Temple Gate, Bristol.

1866. Galloway, Charles John, Messrs. W. and J. Galloway and Sons, Knott

Mill Iron Works, Manchester.

1862. Galton, Capt. Douglas, C.B., R.E., F.R.S., Director of Works and Public

Buildings, 12 Whitehall Place, London, S.W. ; and 12 Chester Street,
Grosvenor Place, London, S.W.

1870. Gku'stang, James H., General Manager, Signal Construction Works,

Monmouth Street, Bridgwater.

1867. Gauntlett, William Henry, 9 Grange Road, Middlesbrough.

1871. Gibbins, Richard Cadbury, Berkley Street, Birmingham.

1870. Gibson, John, Engineer, Ryhope Colliery, near Sunderland.

1872. Gilbert, Ebenezer Edwin, Canada Engine Works, Montreal, Canada.
1856. Gilkes, Edgar, Messrs. Hopkins Gilkes and Co., Tees Engine Works,


1866. Gilroy, George, Engineer, Ince Hall Colliery, Wigan.

1874. Gjers, John, Messrs. Gjers Mills and Co., Ayresome Iron Works,

1862. Godfrey, Samuel, Messrs. Bolckow Vaughan and Co.'s Iron Works,

1867. Gooch, William Frederick, Vulcan Foundry, Warrington.

1869. Goodeve, Thomas Minchin, Goldsmith Buildings, Temple, London, E.C.

1875. Goodfellow, George Ben, Hyde Iron Works, Hyde, near Manchester.
1865. Goransson, Goran Fredrick, Steel Works, Gefle and H&gbo, Sweden.
1875. Gordon, Robert, Executive Engineer, Public Works Department,

Henzada, India : (or care of Messrs. Henry S. King and Co., 46 Pall
Mall, London, S.W.)

1871. Gowenlock, Alfred Hargreaves, care of Messrs. Jessop and Co., Railway

Contractors, 93 Clive Street, Calcutta.
1869. Grainger, James Nixon, Public Works Department, Chepank, Madras :
(or care of G. N. Henton, Newport, Isle of Wight.)

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1866. Gray, John MoFlftrlaBe, Boaid of Trade Steam Ship Snrrejor, St

Katharine Dock Honae, London, E.
1870. Qray, Matthew, 106 Gannon Street, London, E.G. ; and Silyertown

Telegraph Works, North Woolwich, E. .

1870. ChreaYes, James Henry, Albert Buildings, Queen Victoria Street,

London, E.G.
1861. Green, Edward, Jun., Messrs. E. Green and Son, Phoenix Works,

1871. Greener, John Henry, 14 St. Swithin's Lane, London, E.G.
1874, Greenwood, William Henry, 108 Stretford Boad, Manchester.

1865. Greig, David, Messrs. John Fowler and Go., Steam Plough and

Locomotive Works, Leeds.
1874. Grew, Nathaniel, 8 New Broad Street, London, E.G.

1866. Grice, Edwin James, Gwmbran Nut and Bolt Works, near Newport,


1860, Grice, Frederic Groom, Ansty's Lea, Torquay.

1868. Grierson, Henry Houldsworth, Messrs. Ormerod Grierson and Go.,
St. George's Iron Works, Hulme, Manchester.

1873. Griffiths, John Alfred, Messrs. Griffiths Brothers and Go., Toowoomba

Foundry, Ruthven Street, Toowoomba, Queensland : (or care of
Thomas Griffiths, Higher Grumpsall, Gheetham Hill, Manchester.)

1874. Griffiths, John R., Manager, Bbbw Vale Go.'s Iron Works, Pontypool.
1870. Guilford, Francis Leaver, Messrs. Gowen and Go., Beck Foundry, Brook

Street, Nottingham.
1870. Gwynne, James Eglinton Anderson, Essex Street Works, Strand, London,
W.G. ilA/e Member.)

1870. Gwynne, John, Hammersmith Iron Works, Hammersmith, London, W,

1863. Hackney, William, 9 Victoria Ghambers, Victoria Street, Westminster,

1861. Haggie, Peter, Hemp and Wire Rope Works, Gateshead.
1863, Hall, Joseph, Graa Iron Works, Graz, Styria, Austria.

1874. Hall, Thomas Bernard, Patent Nut and Bolt Works, Smethwick, near

1871. Hall, William Silver, Abbey Works, Nuneaton.
1871. Halpin, Druitt, Victoria Graving Docks, London, E.

1870. Hamand, Arthur Samuel, Stephenson Ghambers, New Street, Birmingham.
1860. Hamilton, Gilbert, Messrs. James Watt and Go., Soho Foundry, near

Birmingham ; and Leicester House, Kenil worth Road, Leamington.
1876, Hammond, Walter John, Resident Engineer and Locomotive

Superintendent, Paulista Railway, Gampinas, Sdo Paulo, Brazil.
1870. Hannah, Joseph Edward, New Exchange Buildings, Middlesbrough.
1874. Harding, William Bishop, Beverley Iron and Wagon Works, Beverley.

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1869. Harfield, William Horatio, Hansioii House Buildings, Queen Victoria

Street^ London, E.C.
1873. Harman, Harry Jones, Engineer, Buke of Sutherland's Colliery, Brora,


1869. Harman, Henry William, Adelphl Hotel, John Street, Adelphi, London,


1873. Harris, Richard Henry, Malyem Link, Worcestershire.
1866. Harrison, George, Canada Works, Birkenhead.

1871. Harrison, Joseph Edward, Woodside Iron Works, near Dudley.

1868. Harrison, Thomas Elliot, 1 Westminster Chambers, Yiotoria Street,
Westminster, S.W.

1866. Harrison, William Arthur, Messrs. Allen Harrison and Co., Cambridge

Street Works, Manchester.

1874. Hart, James, Messrs. David Hart and Co., North London lion Works,

Wenlock Road, City Road, London, N.

1872. Hartnell, Wilson, Rodborough, Stroud, Gloucestershire.

1871. Hartness, John, Lloyd's Inspector, Wear Chain and Anchor Testing

Works, Sunderland.

1872. Hassall, Henry Thomas, Messrs. Hassall and Singleton, Phoenix Fonndry,

Freeman Street, Birmingham.

1868. Haswell, John A., North Eastern Railway, Locomotive Department,


1867. Haughton, S. Wilfred, Greenbank, Carlow, Ireland. (lAfe Member,^
1878. Hawkins, Charles W., Locomotive Superintendent, Great Indian

Peninsula Railway, BycuUa, Bombay.

1861. Hawkins, William Bailey, 2 SuiEolk Lane, Cannon Street, London, E.C.

1870. Hawksley, Charles, 30 Great George Street, Westminster, S.W.

1866. Hawksley, Thomas, SO Great George Street, Westminster, S.W.

1878. Hay, James A. C, Superintendent of Machinery to the War Department,
Royal Arsenal, Woolwich.

1862. Haynes, Thomas John, Calpe Foundry and Forge, North Front, Gibraltar.

1869. Head, Jeremiah, Messrs. Fox Head and Co., Newport Rolling Mills,

1860. Head, John, Messrs. Ransomes Sims and Head, Orwell Works, Ipswich.

1873. Headly, Lawrance, Manager, Eagle Foundry, Mill Road, Cambridge.

1867. Healey, Edward Charles, 163 Strand, London, W.C.
1872. Heap, William, 9 Rumford Place, Liverpool.

1864. Heathfield, Richard, Lion Galvanising Works, Wiggin Street, Icknield

Port Road, Birmingham.
1876. Heenan, Richard Hammersley, Executive Engineer to the Bhawulpoor

State, Bhawulpoor, India: (or care of Walter May, Suffolk Works,

Berkley Street, Birmingham.)

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1869. Henderson, David Marr, Engineer-in-Ohie( Imperial Maritime Customs

Service of China, Shanghai, China.
1875. Hephnm, George, Bedcrose Chamhers, Bedoross Street, Liverpool.

1865. Hetherington, John Muir, Vulcan Works, Pollard Street, Manchester.

1866. Hetherington, Thomas Bidley, Vulcan Works, Pollard Street^ Manchester.

1864. Hetherington, William Isaac, 2 Green Bank, Moss Lane Bast, Manchester.

1865. Hewett, Bdward Edwards, High Court, High Street, Sheffield.
1872. Hewlett, Alfred, Wigan Coal and Lron Works, Klrkiess Hall, Wigan.

1872. Hewlett, William Henry, Wigan Coal and Iron Works, Klrkiess Hall,

1871. Hick, John, M.P., Mylton Hall, Whalley, near Blackhum.

1864. Hide, Thomas C, Messrs. Hide and Thompson, 4 Cullum Street,

Fenchurch Street^ London, B.C.

1870. Higson, John, Mining Engineer, St. George's Chamhers, Alhert Square,


1873. Hlldehrandt, John Alhert Beinhold, Bow Chambers, 66 Cross Street,


1871. Hill, Alfred C, Boyal Exchange, Middlesbrough $ and Kewoomen Street,

Coatham, Bedcar.

1867. Hill, Henry Walker, 51 Hampden Street^ Nottingham.

1873. Hilton, Franklin, Ebbw Vale Iron Works, near Beaufort, Monmouthshire.

1869. Hind, Henry, Central Engineering Tool Works, Queen's Boad,


1874. Hird, Holmes, Engineer, Messrs. Bass and Co.'s Brewery, Burton-on-


1870. Hodges, Petronius, Yorkshire Steel and Iron Works, Penistone, near

1858. Hodgson, Bobert, North Eastern Bailway, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
1852. Holcroft, James, Norton, near Stourbridge.

1866. Holcroft, Thomas, Bilston Foundry, Bilston.

1871. Holiday, Joseph, Union Foundry, Cutler Heights, near Bradford.

1865. Holliday, John, Meyrick House, Hill Top, Westbromwlch.

1868. Holt, Francis, Midland Bailway, Locomotive Department, Derby.
1873. Holt, Henry Percy, Boyal Insurance Buildings, Leeds.

1867. Holt^ William Lyster, 7 Great Winchester Street Buildings, London, B.C.
1867. Homer, Charles James, Mining Engineer, Chatterley Iron Works,

Tunstall, near Stoke-upon-Trent.
1848. Homersham, Samuel Collett, 19 Buckingham Street, Adelphi, London,

1866. Hopkins, John Satchell, Tinplate Works, Granville Street, Birmingham.
1856. Hopkinson, John, Messrs. Wren and Hopkinson, London Boad Iron

Works, Manchester.

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1874. Hopkinson, John, Jun., D.So., Manager, Lighthouse and Optioal
Department, Messrs. Chance Brothers and Co.*b Glass Works, Spon
Lane, near Birmingham.

1867. Hopper, William, Machine Works, Moscow : (or care of Thomas Hopper,

5 South Frederick Street, Edinburgh.)
1873. Horsley, Charles, 22 Wharf Road, City Road, London, N.

1868. Horsley, Thomas, King's Newton, near Derby.

1858. Horsley, William, Jun., Whitehill Point Iron Works, Percy Main, near

1868. Horton, Enoch, Alma Works, Darlaston, near Wednesbury,
1871, Horton, George, Messrs. Horton and Son, Steam Boiler Works, 63 Park

Street, South wark, London, S.E.
1867. Horton, Thomas Ellwood, Lilleshall Iron Works, Oakengates, near

Wellington, Shropshire.
1876. Hosgood, Thomas Hopkin, Manager, Plymouth Iron Works, Merthyr

1873. Hoskin, Richard, 2 Alliance Chambers, George Street, Sheffield.

1866. Houghton, John Campbell Arthur, Woodside Iron Works, near

1864. Howard, Eliot, Messrs. Hayward Tyler and Co., 84 Upper Whiteoross

Street, London, E.C.
1860. Howard, James, M.P., Messrs. J. and F. Howard, Britannia Iron Works,


1867. Howard, Robert Luke, Messrs. Hayward Tyler and Co., 84 Upper

Whitecross Street, London, B.C.

1860. Howe, William, Clay Cross Coal and Iron Works, near Chesterfield.

1861. Howell, Joseph Bennett, Brook Steel Works, Brookhill, Sheffield.
1867. Hughes, George Douglas, Queen^s Foundry, London Road, Nottingham.

1873. Hughes, Henry, Falcon Iron Works, Loughborough.

1871. Hughes, Joseph, Par ton Hsematite Iron Works, near Whitehaven.
1864. Hulse, William Wilson, Whalley Chambers, 88 King Street, Manchester.
1866. Humphrys, Robert Harry, Deptford Pier, London, 8.B.
1870. Hunstone, William Henry, Springfield Iron Works, Salford, Manchester.

1859. Hunt, James P., Corngreaves Iron Works, near Birmingham.
1856. Hunt, Thomas, 38 Nottingham Street, Sheffield.

1874. Hunt, William, Jun., Messrs. William Hunt and Sons, Alkali Works,

Lea Brook, Wednesbury ; and Aire and Calder Chemical Works,
Castleford, near Normanton.

1864. Hutchinson, Edward, Hurworth, Bournemouth.

1865. Hyde, Lt.-Colonel Henry, R.E., Master of the Mint, Calcutta : (or care

of Rev. H. M. C. Hyde, 184 The Grove, Camberwell, London, S.B.)
{JAfe Member.)

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1867. Inglis, William, Messrs. Hick Hargreaves and Ck).*B, Soho Iron Works,

1872. Inman, Charles Arthur, Messrs. Clay Inman and Co., Birkenhead Forge,

Beaufort Boad, Birkenhead.
1866. Ireland, William, care of Jonathan Ireland, Edward Street, Broughton

Lane, Manchester.

1872. Jack, Alexander, Messrs. James Jack, Bollo, and Co., Victoria Engine

Works, Boundary Street West, Yauzhall Boad, Liverpool.
1870. Jackson, John P., Mining Engineer, Clay Cross Coal and Iron Works,
near Chesterfield.

1859. Jackson, Matthew Murray, Engineer-in-Chief, Imperial Danube Steam

Navigation Works, Pesth, Austria.
1847. Jackson^ Peter Rothwell, Salford Boiling Mills, Manchester.

1860. Jackson, Samuel, Messrs. Charles Cammell and Co., Cyclops Steel and

Iron Works, Sheffield.

1873. Jackson, Samuel, Assistant Locomotive Superintendent, Great Indian

Peninsula Bailway, Byculla, Bombay : (or care of W. Albert Jackson,
1 Mulberry Street, Sheffield.)

1872. Jackson, William Francis, Hallside Steel Works, Newton, near Glasgow.

1873. Jacob, Edward Westley, Windsor Iron Works, Garston, near Liverpool.
1866. Jaeger, Herrmann Frederic, Messrs. Beyer Peacock and Co.'s Works,

Gorton Foundry, Manchester.
1856. James, Jabez, 40 Prince's Street, Commercial Boad, Lambeth, London,

1870. Jamieson, John Lennox Eincaid, Messrs. John Elder and Co., Engineers

and Shipbuilders, 12 Centre Street, Glasgow ; and Govan, Glasgow.

1861. Jeff cock, Thomas William, Mining Engineer, 18 Bank Street, Sheffield.

1863. Jeffreys, Edward A., Low Moor Iron Works, near Bradford.

1875. Jenkin, H. C. Fleeming, F.B.S., Professor of Engineering, University of

Edinburgh ; 3 Great Stuart Street, Edinburgh.
1861. Jessop, Thomas, Messrs. William Jessop and Sons, Park and Brightside

Steel Works, Sheffield.

1864. Jobson, John, Derwent Foundry, Derby,

1863. Johnson, Bryan, Hydraulic Engineering Works, Chester.

1861. Johnson, Samuel Waite, Locomotive Superintendent, Midland Bailway,

1872. Joicey, Jacob Gowland, Messrs. J. and G. Joicey and Co., Forth Banks

West Factory, Newcastle-on-Tyne.
1872. Jones, Charles, Messrs. John Jones and Sons, Marine Engine Works,

William Street, Liverpool.

1871. Jones, Charles Henry, Assistant Locomotive Superintendent, Midland

Bailway, Derby.


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1873. Jones, Edward, Drayton House, Trinity Boad, Birchfield, Birmingham.
1873. Jones, Edward Trygarn, (Consulting Engineer to the Commercial Steam

Ship Co., 32 Great St. Helen's, London, E.C.
1867. Jones, George Edward, care of Messrs. James Nicol Fleming and Co.,

Calcutta : (or care of Edward Jones, Wylde Green, near Birmingham).
1869. Jones, John, Iron Trade Offices, Royal Exchange, Middleshrough.

1872. Jones, William Biohard Sumption, Executive Engineer, Workshops

Division, Lower Ganges Canal, Narora, vilAligarh, India.

1867. Kay, James Clarkson, Phoenix Foundry, Bury, Lancashire.

1869. Keen, Arthur, Patent Nut and Bolt Works, Smethwick, near Birmingham.

1869. Keep, Alfred, Metal Sheathing Works, 10 Coleshill Street, Birmingham.

1867. Kellett, John, 27 King Street, Wigan.

1873. Kelson, Frederick Colthurst, Superintending Engineer, City of Cork

Steam Packet Co., Cork.
1863. Kennan, James, Agricultural Implement Works, '19 Fishamble Street,

1847. Kennedy, James, Cressington Park, Aigburth, Liverpool.

1863. Kennedy, John Pitt, Bombay Baroda and Central Indian Railway,

45 Finsbury Circus, London, E.C. ; and 29 Lupus Street, St. George's
Square, London, S.W.

1868. Kennedy, Thomas Stuart, Wellington Foundry, Leeds.

1875. Kenrick, George Hamilton, Messrs. A. Kenrick and Sons, Spon Lane,

1866, Kershaw, John, 9 Great Queen Street, Westminster, S.W.
1872. King, William, Engineer, Liverpool United Gas Works, Duke Street,


1870. Kinsey, Henry, Postern Buildings, Swansea. .

1872. Kirk, Alexander Carnegie, Messrs. John Elder and Co., Engineers and
Shipbuilders, 12 Centre Street, Glasgow ; and Govan, Glasgow.

1864. Kirtley, William, Locomotive Superintendent, London Chatham and

Dover Railway, Longhedge Works, Wandsworth Road, London, S.W.
1859. Kitson, Frederick William, Monkbridge Iron Works, Leeds.

1848. Kitson, James, Airedale Foundry, Leeds.

1859. Kitson, James, Jun., Monkbridge Iron Works, Leeds.
1868. Kitson, John Hawthorn, Airedale Foundry, Leeds.

1874. Klein, Thorvald, Works Manager, Messrs. Brown Marshalls and Co.,

Britannia Railway Carriage and Wagon Works, Birmingham.

1872. Laird, Henry Hyndman, Messrs. Laird Brothers, Birkenhead Ironworks,

1872. Laird, William, Messrs. Laird Brothers, Birkenhead Iron Works,


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1873. Lamb, William JameB, Newtown and Meadows Collieries, near Wigan.
1863. Lancaster, John, Billon Grange, Engby.

1870. Lancaster, Joshna, Darwen Iron Works, Darwen ; and 4 Leaf Square,

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