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183. Winona — C. F. Camp, 7<8 Ind. Ave.:
Geo. Fitsgerald. 56? W. 5th St.. Winona, Minn.

184. Unity- Russell Quinn, 916 W. Van Buren
St. : Fred Jastram. 239 Walnut St. Meets second
and fourth Monday nights at Haymarket Theater
Bidg., Madison St., Chicago.

186. Iron Mountain— M. P. KUey: Jss. M. Wil-
son, Box 77. Meets first and third Wednesdaya
at Masonic Hall. De Soto, Mo.

136. Piedmont— L. M. Pagenhardt, Box 79; H.
H. Spedden, Salisbury, N. C. Meets second and
foarth Thursday nighU at Odd Fellows' Hall,
cor. Main and Fiske Sts.

187. Old Dominion— Walter J. Herrmann.
3609 Lafayette Ave.; Jas. B. Flvnn. 3600 Lafayette
Ave. MeeU every Tuesday night Reisfield's Hall,
Washington Ave., between a6th and a7th SU.,
Newport News, Va.

i:-8. Lowell — Frank Scott 54 Pleasant St.;
Lowell, Mass.

139. Line City— H. A. Wilson, Box 1191, Beloit.

140. J. a 8tephens-B. W. Fryer, 716 Bush St.,
Saat Portland, Ore.

141. Logan— Jas. A. White, Murphysboro, HI.

142. Salem— Hugh J.White; P. L. Pavlor Lock
Box 3a; Salem, Va. MeeU second and fourth Fri-
day nlghU in Odd FeUows' Hall.

143. Tucson— H. Jelf, Box 371 ; H. S. Perrill,
care S. P. Shops, Tucson. A. T.

144. James River— A. B. Fairweather, 112 Ca-
bell St., C. A. Murphy, 1015 Salem St., Lynch-
burg, Va.

147. Rhode Island— John Wasson; 378 Black-
stone St.; Frank Buckley. 22 Valaklava St.
MeeU second and fourth Tuesdaya at 98 Wey-
boasett St. Providence, R. I.

148. Springfield-C. K. Riser, 392 W. High
St.: H. P. Creighton, 23 W. Mulberry St. Spring-
field, Ohio. MeeU Thursdaya in Trades and
Labor Assembly Hall.

180. Invincible— Thomas P. Annan, 16 Wea-
ley St.; Cbas. Fleck. 233 B. Market St. Meets
e very second and fourth Thursday nighU at
Royal Arcanum Halt Huntington. Ind.

181. Lake Superior— Al Lyons, 3733 West St.,
G. H. Cole. 3309 W. ist St.. Duluth. Minn.

182. Queen and Crescent— Percy Marcrolt,
Lndlow, Ky.; WiU B. Pye, 1336 Russell St., Cov-
ington, Ky. MeeU first and third Tuesdays, Odd
Flows' Hall, Ludlow, Ky.

1 83. Bmpire— G. Bmest Harris, ao Wright St.;
C. A. KilU. X4 Washington St., Auburn, N. Y.

184. Glendale— B. T. Kleim, loii Kavne Ave.;
LewU Kleim, loii Kayne Ave., Nashville, Tenn.
MeeU second and fourth Tuesdays of each month .

1 86. Queen dtv- Dell H. Heron, 35 N. Market
St.; John Croxali, 34 B. Blm St. MeeU first and
third Tuesdays at Royal TempUrs' Hall, Titus-
viUe, Pa.

167. Springfield— O. A. Garber, 315 N. SUte
St.; W. H. Hawkins, 723 S. 9th St., Springfield,

180. PhiUdelphia— Wm. B. Churchill. 3537 N.
i6th St; J. N. Dietrich, 1806 N. 34th St. Meets
second and fourth Monday nighU at Post 160
Halt 1363 Ridge Ave., Philad^phU, Pa.

161. White River— Cari L. Olson, 308 Sand-
ers St; Chas. A. Crandall, 3ii Wolcott St. MeeU
Fridays at 9 De Soto Block, B. Market St., near
Circle, Indianapolis, Ind.

1 62. Queen (^ty— Geo. M. Lyon, 415^ Lakeman
St, SUtTon A, Cincinnati ; Peter Wingeter, iiso
John St. Newport,. Ky. MeeU every Monday at
GermaniaHaU, Court and Main Sts., Cincin-
naU. Ohio.

166. Roanoke— Dan Cunningham, 411 B.Bullitt
St.. N. B. ; W. L. German. 38 Third Ave. MeeU
every Wednesday at 8 p. m. G. M. I. Hall, Roa*
noke, Va.

1 66. New CasUe. Pa.— R. D. Forrest, 65 S. Bea-
ver St.; B. S. Hibbard, 3 Stewart PI., New Cas-
Ue. Pa.

168. National Park — Jaa. D. Graham, Box
373; Thos. Cutter, Livingston, Mont.

160. Bnterprise. John C. Lyons. C. Wilheln-
son. Meets ist and 3d Friday nights, McComb
City, Mif s.

170. Muskegon— Wm. Miller, 137 Jefferson
St.; Wm. H. Holden, 14 Mason Ave., Muskegon,

173. Ban aaire-W.N.Miller, 509 Putnam Ave.;
John Van Wagenen, 313 S. Barstow St. MeeU
In Banner IfiOf^, A. O. U. W. Hall, South Bar-
stow St, Ban Claire, WU.

174. Columbia— Arthur Chase, 408 Second St.:
Thos. B. Lear, 530 9th 8t 8. B. MeeU first and
third Wednesdavs in McCauley's Hall, Pennsyl*
vania Ave.. 8. B.. Washington, D. C.

1 78. Acme— Wm. MeUin. 305 N. 7th St, Olean,
N. Y. MeeU every Friday in National AssocU-
tion of SUtionary Bngineers' rooms.

178. Sioux City — Arthur B. Holder, 1314
loth St. MeeU second and fourth Mondays,
A. O. U. W. Hall. Sioux City. la.

180. North Platte— S. H. Grace. North Platte.
Neb. MeeU second and fourth Wednesdays in
First National Bank HaU.

182. Beaver— Wm. Rae, 1033 Se^-mour St; J.
Hurliman. Box 11 1. MeeU first and third Tues-
days at J1106 Cardova St.. Vancouver, B. C.

183. Charleston— J. H. Duane, 2 Washington
St.; John V. Schipman, 76 Warren St., Charles-
ton, S. C.

184. Wilmington — V. A. Perham, 419 Wash-
ington St; Robert T. McCleland, 1113 Maryland
Ave. MeeU Thursdays in Smith's Building, 6io)<
Market St.. 3d fioor. Wilmington. Del.

188. Maywood- Fred White. 76 7th Ave,: H. S.
Payson. Meets second and fourth Wednesdays
at Odd Fellows Hall, Maywood, III.

186. My MaryUnd — O. M. Peters. 315 N.
Broadway; Frederick C. Nies, 2106 B. Fayette
St. Meets Mondays Brick Layers' Hall, Fay-
ette St., near Gay St., Baltimore. Md.

187. Saginaw — C. H. Bverett, 432 McCoskey
St., Saginaw, Mich.. B. S.; Glenn Richardson,
433 Grant St.. Saginaw, Mich.. B. S.

188. Silk City— John G. Irwin, 451 Market St.;
Alex. Gray, 19 Garfield Ave., Paterson. N. J.

101. Grand Rapids— W. C. Mosher. 53 North
Ave.; Wm. Donker, 399 Davis St MeeU every
Tuesday evening in Hanishs' Hall, 74 N. Water-
loo St, Grand Rapida. Mich.

102. Odevine — M. B. Bradley, 337 B. Central
Ave.; W. F. Thompson, 364 B. Central Ave.,
DeUware, Ohio.

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194. OmrUnd City— Chat. J. Allen. 13 SUte
8t.; Geo. Grant. 6 Woodrnff St., Watertown. N.
Y. MceU e^rery Monday at DooUttle & Hall Blk.

I9B. Readinr — M. J. Pleniminjjr, 633 Willow
Rt. ; Henry Sctaabener. 816 Franklin St. Meets
Roaenbaom't Hall, ytta and Penn Stt.. second and
foarth Fridays of each month. Reading. Pa.

196. Waterrliet— J. F. McConnick, Y. M. C. A.,
Waterrliet N. Y.; Chas. B. Moore. 1303 Broad-
way. Meets first and third Mondays ui G. A. R.
Hall. Watenrliet. N. Y.

197. North 8Ur— Frank C. Brassil; Bert Smith,
Box 1670. Meets alternate Mondays, at Union
Hall, Sixth St. South, Brainerd. Minn.

199. Duquesne— J. H. Diehl, 47 Terrace St.;
Thomas Green, 529 Second Ave., Pittsbnrg, Pa.

200. Yonngstown— P. A. Jackson, Commercial
Hotel; Geo. Kennedy, Yonngstown, Ohio.

203. Snmmit—Thos. Sommerville, 324 N. Union
St.; W. C. Armstrong, 117 Adams St. Meets
first and third Wednesdays at Emmett's Hall,
Akron, Ohio.

204. Dorpian— Corlis B. Buck, 936 Bmmet St.;
Bugene C Warner, 13 Quackenbos St. Meets
Mondays at Machinist Hall, oor. Jay and State
8U.. saienecUdy, N. Y.

206. Crystal I«ake— F. J. Pflum, ao4 S. Grove
St.. Urbana. Ul.

207. Bvanston— H. C. Christie, Box 3^3. W. 8.
Mnrrlan, Branston, Wyo. Meets Saturdays in K.
of P. Hall.

208. Bellamy— J. T. Neary, 322 W. 65th St.;
Jos. Mathews, 437JI»th St. MeeU first and third
Tuesdays .at 3900 Wentworth Ave.. Chicago, 111.

210. ^^Ikesbarre— Chaa. Pierce, 117 Mosrallen
8t; H. W. Leffler, 30Z N. Washlnjlon St. MeeU
first and third Fridays at 36 W. BCarket St.,
Wilkesbarre. Pa.

212. F. B. Ryan U>dge— W. H. Smith, 4a David-
son St.; J. 8. Birmingham, 66 Union St., Cumber-
Und Md.

213. Galcsburg— Bmil A. Bdoff, 49 Fulton St.;
Andrew Lanstrome, 9^ N. Cedar St. Meets first
and third Tuesday nights at Swanson's Hall,
Galetfbnrg, 01.

217. Kensington— Gus. Plate. 3922 Marshall
St.; D. R. Buckley, 2430 Sepviva St., Station B.
Meets Tuesdays at Textile Hall, Kensington Ave.
and Cumberland St.. Philadelphia. Pa.

222. Turtle Creek, Turtle Creek, Pa.,— J. A.
Beck, 1012 Trenton Ave.; H. B- Beck, 1013 Tren-
ton Ave.. Wilkinnburg, Pa. Meets every first
and third and fiah FHday iu BUck'a Hall,
Church St., Turtle Creek, Pa.

223. Bsgle Grove— M. B. Arcade
Hotel; W.H.Halsey,I<ock Box 641, Bagle Grove. la.

224. Mt. Royal— W. T. Barley, 301 Magdalen
St. Point St. Charles; John Burns, 596 Mullin St.,
Montreal. Canada.

226. Mutual— Daniel D. Bergk, comer Clinton
andNewSts.; Tos. Woodward, 259 Sycamore St.
Meeta every other Wednesday night at Trades &
Labor Assembly Hall, cor. 5th and Wayne Aves.,
Dasrton, O.

226. Keystone— Jas. H. Hassett, Box S33; Rob-
ert Kinney, Sayre, Pa. Meets second and fourth
Mondays each month.

228. Ft. Pitt. Manchester, Pa.— Chas. Bolt. S9
Sheffield St.. Wm. Lenaghan, 146 Franklin St.
Meeta every first and third Monday at Odd Fel-
lows Hall, Juniata and Beaver Aves., Alleghany
City. Pa.

229. Liberty— Joe Ne«8, ai8i N.Hermitage Ave.;
John T. Johnson, 1087 Wabansia Ave. Meets
second and fourth Thursdavs in Odd Fellows'
Hall. cor. Milwaukee Ave. and Carpenter St.,
Chicago, ni.

230. Blectric City— Wm. F. York. 434 N. 8th
St.; W. B. Kemp. 1301 Wyoming Ave., Scranton,
Pa. Meets first and third Fridays at Hulburt's
Hall. 117 Wyoming Ave.

232. Joplin-W.J. Johnson; Webb City. Mo.,
Meets second and fourth Monday nights, Joplin,

233. Cleveland— J. D. Ferguson, 324 Permanent
Bldg., Buclid Ave.; Frank Lynett, 51 LeRoy PI.
Meets Friday evenings at Stocke's Hall, St. Clair
St., Cleveland, Ohio.

238. Toronto —R. H. Dee. 454 Bathnrst St.;
Thoa. A.White, as Gait Ave. Meets fint and third
Tuesdays at Richmond Hall, Ri^mond St^
Toronto. Canada.

236. Creamer— T. D. Stinson, sso Weatoo Ave.;
W.J. Krauter, 428 Benton St., Aurora. UL Meets
first and third Tuesdays at the Conductors' Hall,
cor. Main and Broadway.

238. Pearl — Bdwin Ainaleigh. 9 Woodtnidce
Ave.; W.C. Winkle. 227 Bridge St. Meets every
Tuesday at 865 Lorain St., Cleveland, Ohio.

241 . Hamilton — B. M. BeU, 334 8. ad St.;
Frank J. Liesner, 113 Heaton St. Meets alter-
nate Tuesdays in Trades and Labor Council Hall,
comer Court and ad Sta., Hamilton, O.

243. York— J. S. Jones, 611 B. BUaoa Ave.,
Curvin Thomaa. 190 N. Newberry St., York* Pa.
Meets first and third Thursdays in Condons
Hall. West Market St.

244. Potoai-Walter Rock, 2a Artilleria No. a.
San Luis Potoai. Mez.

246. Bnflfklo— Hugh J. Martin. 149 Lon^oecker
St., Buffalo, N.Y.; H. J. Finsterback, 1 Winona
St. Meeta Tuesday evenings. Council HaU, oor.
Huron and Blliott Sta., Bnfiiuo.

248. Corinthian— B. F. LeMar. Oscar B. Price,
Corinth. Miss.

249. Camden— Virgil B. SUckhouae; 23s N.
Front St.; Bphraim H. Wallen, 706 Spmce SL.
Camden. N. J. Meeta every Saturday evening
in MachiniaU' UaU, northwest cor. sd and Fed-
eral SU.

262. Vallejo-F. T. Dnnphy; T. B. Kavanaogb,

263. ReUable— L. Pool, 41S Monroe SC; L.
Jacobi, 23 WiUis Ct MeeU 853 12th 8t^ CtUcago.

264. Des Moines— Wm. B. Rich, 1357 W. istk
St ; D. B. Blder,.General Delivery, Des Moines,

266. Chihuahua— Manuel Parrs, en fSL dipo.
Chihuahua, Mexico.

258. Kooteoay— Jaa. G. Webster, Rerelstoke
Station, B. C. Can.

269. Bzcelsior — Wm. H. aebelbonr, 31 -A
St.: Bdw. Hass.. 80 Blizabeth St. Meets first snd
third Mondays in Central Labor Hall, BliaabeU
St.. Derby, Conn.

261. Columbia— Frank Barl, 1024 Lehigh St.;
Jas. Nowery, 59 Canal St., South Side, Sooth
Baaton, Pa. MeeU second and fourth Saturday
nighU, Jones Building.Central Square. Baston.Pa

262. Twin City— Wm. Schlecht. 121 N. ad St..
Bast; Chas. Morgan, 912 38th St.. Bast. MeeU
second and fourth Tuesdaya, Room la. Old P. O.
Block. Cedar Rapida. Iowa.

264. Boaton— Robert Corthell. 20 Humphrey
St.. Dorchester, Mass.; Joseph H. Robinson, 24
Columbia St.. Cambridgex>ort, Mass. MecU
Thursdaya, Wella Memorial Hall. Boston. Msas.

266. Grand Crossing — A. F. Nelson, 9434
Buroside Ave. : B. Berbeck, 7544 Dohson Ave.
MeeU first and third Fridays at Pusey Hall, oor.
Drexel Ave. and 7sth St., Ciilciu|0, UL

273. Baldwin— A. J. Olmated, 30X Tama St.,
Boone, Iowa.

276. ML Waahington— C J. Richardson, 53 S.
SUte St.; Walter A. SewaU, 80 Warren St. IteeU
at Central Labor Union Hall, second and fiMBtk
Tuesdaya, Concord. N. H.

278. OverUnd— P. J. Gunther. R. R. Y. M.
C. A. Argentine; John Patton, 813 Bamette Ave.,
Kansas City, Kan.

279. Green MounUin— Bd Ryder, 41 Bngland
St.: E. L. Woodbury, 66 Pesrl St., St. Albans, Vt.

281. ShrevcpoTt — O. C. Kuetermer, care of
Kieib store, Texas St.. Shreveport. La.

281. Clinton— P. J. Moffat, 110 7th Ave.. Clin-
ton. Iowa.

287. Black Bagle— Geo. Blaon. Great PaBs.
Mont. MeeU first and third Saturdays, Tod

290. Maple Leaf— F. Connor, Oelwcin.Ia.

293. Parsons — B. W. Struve. I7a6 Clark St.
MeeU in Conductors' Hall, first and third Toes-
dav nighU of each month. Parsons, Kan.

294. St. Thomas— Thoa. Wellinger, Bok 1960;
John Heard, 17 Alma St., SL Thomaa, Ont^ Can.

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29ft. Blsin— Frank G. Hlbbard. 33 Union St.;
F. I^ Durant, 318 I**ke St. MeeU accond and
fourth Friday! at Hall A, Sparling Block. Blgin,

29ft Keystone— F. H. Carey, Box 613. New
Brighton. Pa; J. R. Conch. Box 693. New Bright-
on. Beaver County. Pa. , . .

300. Stnart Reid-John GoeU, lOoUncoln Ave.;
A^Mt pStrie, R. R. Dcpt. Y. M. C. A. M^U
finS and third Wedneadayt at Harmonic Hall.
CO? Wtat Ave. and Mineral St.. MUwankee. Wii.

301. Milwaukee-Oscar Bochert,55i 24^ St.:
Panl Felber. 694 9th Ht. Meets every second and
foSth BlSaay Sght at WUkes' llaU. cor. 12th
and Vine SU., Milwaukee, Wis. ^„ ^,

302. Pioneer City-Robt. H. BUir. 16 Robinson
Ave.; Francis Smith. 76 S. Church St., Carbon-

"^^'d^Weat Philadelphia - fibwi Beyicr, 5448
Merlon Ave.. SU. W, West ^^l^^iP^^i g- »•
Irvnn. 662 N. 33d St.. West PhiUdelphia.
MeeU first and thlSl Mondays in the month at
HMCOck Hall. 40th St. and I^ncaster Ave..

^304!1Sil^ aty. N J. Thos. J. Purcell 7a
Storm Ave.; W. Hoflfman, 107 Magnolia Ave.
MeeU Thursday nighU at aSa First St., Jersey

^Sl^'incoln Lodge-Fred Ziegenhardt, 1053
ItashaUAve.. Camp Wash.. Cincinnati Ohio;
SS BolUnd.1703 Western Ave.,Cincinnati^hio.
SSasecond and fourth Wednesdays at Work-
man's Hall. Cincinnati, Ohio.
312. McKieman-Bdgar RoberU, 3721 5th St.,

*'ll4?*WatSS^John Meggison. 127 N- Frank-
lin St^; DA. Hartnett. 321 Saxon St. MeeU second
KBdfoiirth Tuesdays at City Hall. Waterloo.Iowa.

31ft. Phoenix-John McOrall. 66 WaU St.
IfeeU every Thursday ** P»orp's Hall. cor.
Pinirth and B. Jersey Sts.. EUsabethport. N. J.

31 ft. Power City— John A. Tansley, 330 7th St.;

^Srl.'oem (5ty-willard Felker, ioi2>i SUte St ;
Frank Koetters, 20th and Vine Sts.. Qmncy, III.

320. West Side-Wm. E. KurU, 238 B. 45th St.;
Wm. SmaU, 266 West 131st St. Mcetseve^Wed-
nesday. 8.15 p. m., at 34a W. 4*^ St.. between 8th
and 9th Avea.. New York City.

328rswedish— Jas. B, Johnson, Room 107. 4
Colombia PI.: B. Valster 534 ^^Ave ^^ts
aecond and fourth Saturdays. 360 Fulton St.,
Peters HaU. Brooklyn, N.y.

327. MeadviUe-Frank BitUer B. Chest-
nvt St.; John Nunn. Box 7a, Meadville. Pa.

330. Builklo— German Lodge. Paul J. Reich-
lin. 87 Bogardus St.; Adam Peterson. 765 Syca-
more St., Buffalo, N. Y. MeeU every Friday at
Marter'a Hall, cor. Fox and Sycamore SU.

336. Alexandria -C. H. Pickin, 611 Queen
St.: C. M. Hancock. 130 S. Fairfax St. Meets
•econd and fourth Fridays of each month at
Sarepta Hall. King street. Alexandria. Va.

339. Worcester— F. E. I^avcrty. 21 Mendon St.,
Worcester, Mass. _ , « „ «

340. Newark -M.J. Ford. Box 122: H. E.
WillUms. 270 Ogden St MeeU second and fourth
Tuesday nighU at Masonic HaU. 481 Broad St.

342. Missouri Slope*— Jas. A. Brecn. Mandan,

343. West Superior— Geo. Woemer, 1606 Wash-
ington Ave.: H. B. Pegg. 1506 Belknap St. MeeU
first and third Wednesdays at Assembly Hall,
Tower and Winter SU., West Superior, Wis.

347. Edwards— Wm. Gillham, 60a B. College
St.: J«hn G. Taylor, 832 S. Main St. MeeU first
nnd third Tuesdays in Trades' Assembly Hall, 347
Seeberger Block. Jacksonville. 111.

348. United— Wm. Stanton, 832 Pen nock St.;
William Felix. 2963 Bdgemont St. MeeU Fridays
at Wiser*s Hall. N. E. cor. Frankfort Ave. and
Giraid Ave.. Philadelphia. Pa.

349. Brass City-J. J. McCarthy. 133 W. Main
St.; John Withey. 1162 Bank St. Meets first and
third Thursdaya in each month at Elks' Hall.
100 Bank St.. Waterbnry. Conn.

361. Blysian— John B. Cameron. 904 Garden
St. W. R. Wells. 200 West St.. West Hoboken, N.
J. MeeU first and third Mondaya at Quartette
Club, Washington St., between lotk and nth SU.,
Hoboken. N. J.

3ft3. St. Claire— Wm. J. Fenner. 516 S. Race
St; Edward Rutter. 198 8. Richland St. MeeU
second and fourth Tuesdays comer of Main and
High SU.. Belleville. HI.

364. Capitol City— Jas. M. Dow. 31 Affleck
St.; B. J. Grusch. 36 Woodbridge St MeeU
second and fourth Mondasrs. Central I«abor Hall.
iz Central Row, Hartford, Conn.

360. Peoria— E. Harry Mergy. 228 Wisconsin
Ave. ; P. J. Frey. 914 S. Adams St. MeeU first and
third Frida3rs of each month at Trades Assembly
Hall, comer Adams and Fulton SU.. Peoria. 111.

362. Ansonia— Charles Eastop. 28 Arch St.:
Henry Nugent 109 N. SUte St MeeU second
and fourth Thursdays, GermanU Hall. Maple St..
Ansonia, Conn.

366. Hope— Dennis O'Dea. 16 Orange St.;
Timothy Casey, New Haven, Conn.

368. Ontario— W. H. Webster, 85 Wellington
St., Kingston, Ontario. Can.

374. Binghamton— E. C. Skinnei. 22 Robinson
St. ; V. R. Soule, care Stow Mfg. Co.. Binghamton.
N. Y.

376. Hustler— Wm. Blakney. 13 Spring St.;
H. G. Harrison, 63 Bayard St., Seneca Falla. N.Y. •

377. Fort Scott— Chas. Anderson, P. O. Box
27: J. W. Swartz. MeeU every Friday night
in Walters' Hall. Chicago HeighU. HI.

378. Glenn— FredRyalls, i79CovelSt.; A. Jaa.
Burgess, 461 Division St., Fall River. Mass.

381 . Syracuae — Fredrick Sanderson, 307 W.
Willow St.; Jos. Crichton. 501 Third North St.
MeeU first and third Monday evenings of each
month at Klein'a Hall. James St.. Sjrracnse. N. Y.

382. Brantford— T. R. Neilson. Brantford.Ont.

383. I/>ndon— F. O. Ramsey, 179 Wellington
St., I/>ndon, Ont.. Can.

384. 1«ansing City— B. E. Morehouse, 819'chest-
nut St. I^anslng. Mich. MeeU in Trades HaU,
second and fourth Thursdays. Lansing. Mich.

386- lonU— L B. Speaker, 530 N. Jeff St.
Ionia. Bfich.

388. Tri-City, Moline. Rock laUnd and Daven-
port — A. F. Lockhart. 108 5th Ave., Moline,
111.; L. A. Swartz. 4A9 44th St., Rock Island. 111.
MeeU second ana fourth Wednesdays of each
month in the Rock Island Industnal Home,
Rock Island. HI.

393. Centralia — J. I«. Ezby, Box 482; Fred
Baumer, Box 267. MeeU second and fourth Fri-
daya, Centralia. HI.

394. Germania— M. Sendig. 5245 Belleview St.
Lndwig Winter. 1800 Broadway. MeeU every
Tuesday in Ma<;hinisU' Club rooms, 1310 Franklin
Ave.. St. Louis. Mo.

401. Columbus— Daniel J. Jennings. 150 Smith
St.; Jos. Rorke. 521 ixth St. MeeU second and
fourth Fridays of each month at Bergen Hill
Hall. 411 Court St.. Brooklyn, N. Y.
. 402. ManhatUn— Wm. M. T. Pike, 967 E. I33<i
St.: Charles Hakin. 141 B. 96th St MeeU first
ana third Fridays at xio B. X2sth St.. Horton
Bldg., New York.

404. Comet— Albert W. Naurot, 333 Bast nth
St.; John Hurt. 300 B. 9th St.. PorUmouth, Ohio.

406. New York City — Henry Hershoff^, 1203
Brook Ave.; Geo. G. Cameron, 91 Centre Ave.
MeeU every Tuesday night at Weber's Hall. 444
Willis Ave., near 145th St., New York City.

406. The Loyal— Jas. P. Keogh, 117 Roebling
St. Brooklyn; Henry Smith. 173 Willis Ave..
New York City. MeeU Fridays at Stuyvesant
Halt 351 B.i7th St, New York City.

408. Yoakum— F. R. Bertrand. Box 95. Yoak
um, Tex. MeeU second and fourth Thundays of
each month at K. of P. Hall.

416. Hudson Valley -A. L. Kreefl, Lock Box
"D"; F. Wertheim, Lock Box, "D" North Tarry-
town. N.Y.

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41 •. Paragon— Clias.W. McKnight, W. K. Carl-
■on» P. O. Box «a, Oebnnie, Tex.

418. Oln^nriUe— Wm. T. Kitchen, 84 Dorches-
ter Ave., Olneyville. R. I.; W. Franklin, 347
Manton Ave., Prorldence, R. I. Meets aecona
and fourth Mondays at Library Building, Olney-
▼Ule Square. Olneyville. R. L

421. mmlra— Patrick Pljrnn, 344 Irvine PI.;
Geo. H. Thomas, 330 South Ave.. Blmira, N. T.

422. Bradford- R. L. Sillman, 1 1 Blaisdell Ave.;
Robt. W. Ray, 14 Bishop St. Meets Wednesdays
at MalU Hall, Main St., Bradford. Pa.

424. Green Point— Wm. J. I/>velace, 11^ Newell
St., Brooklyn. B. D., N. Y.; Sylvester Black, 245
Lee Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

428. Kewanee— Wm. Cranston, Box 946; C. B.
Moore. Box 935, Kewanee. HI. Meets second and
fourth Fridays of each month.

429. Seaboard— Lewis Blount, AbbeviUe, S. C.
Meets first and third Thursdavs at B. L. B. Hall.

432. Meteor— John A. Swanson, South Mil-
waukee; W. P. Lawler. Box 425, South Mil-
waukee, Wis. Meets first and third Tuesdajrs at
Odd Fellows' Hall.

434. Bureka- Joseph H. Greene, 929 Kent Ave.;
Chas. C. Parish, 3" ». 4th St.. Brooklyn, N. Y.
Meets Thnrsda]rs at loi Grand St., Brooklyn, N.Y.

436. Unity— Geo. S.TourteUotte« 432 N. SUnley
St.; Lewis Hanford, 145 Winthrop St. Meets
first and third Tuesdays at Tuniof O. U. A. M.
Hall, comer West Main and Main SU., New
Britain, Conn.

437. Belle City— A. J. Linck, 703 Mead St.; John
Moe. 1235 Racine St. Meets every second and
fourth Wednesdays at Trades and Labor Council
Hall, Main street, Racine, Wis.

438. Canton — Ira A. Aungst, 532 Prospect
Ave.; Charles R. Jndd, Canton, Ohio.

439. Lock City — O.Van Wyck. xix Park Ave.,
H. A. Johnston. 57 Webb St.. Lockport, N. Y.

440. Progressive— G. G. Bishop, care IngersoU
Milling Machine Co.; Geo.Reimer, 809 First Ave..
Rockiord. HI.

441 . Portsmouth— Chss. W. Sydnor. 56 Court
St.; W. L. Thomasson. 42s King St. Meets Fri-
days, Blkf ' HaU, High St., Portsmouth, Va.

444. UtUe Falls— W. A. Roulette, 84 Church St.,
Little Falls. N. Y. MeeU first and third Toes-
days in each month at Rojral Arcanum Rooms.

460. B. V. Debs— B. H. Carter. Meets first and
third Wednesdays, in Forestert Hsll, Hoopes-


Union workingmen and workingwomen and
sympathizers with labor have refused to purchase
articles produced by the following firms. Labor
papers please copy :
American Biscuit Companjr's biscuits.
American Tobacco Company.
Apsley Rubber Company, Hudson. Mass.
Berger Bedding Company, A. Weigel 9l Co.,

mattresses, Milwaukee, Wis.
Banner Cigrar Company, Detroit, Mich.
Bals Brewing Co., Philadelphia, Pa.
Boston Pilot. Boston Republic.
Boston Belting Company.
Brown Bros. Cigar Company, Detroit, Mich.
Buffalo Barrels.

Chas. H. Busbey's cigars, McSherrytown, Pa.
Clement, Bane & Co., clothiers, Chicago.
Consolidated Steel and Wire Company.
C. Schreicr, Shebojrgan, Wis., maltster.
Cumberland Flour Mills and Liberty Flour Mills,

Nashville, Tenn.
Daube, Cohen & Co., clothing, Chicago.
Detroit Cigar Company, Detroit, Mich.
Derby Bicjrcle Company, Tackson, Mich.
Deuicher Company, Hamilton. Ohio, maltster.
Deutsche Post, Cleveland, Ohio.
Donohue & Hennebery, Printers and Publishers,

Chicago, HI. .

Bitel & Cassebohn's cigars, Louisville, Ky.
Farrar & Trefts. Boiler and Machine Works,

Steam Bngines, Buffalo, N. Y.
Fauber, W. H.. manufacturer one-plecs bicycis

crank hanger, Chicago, III.
Foote. Schultce & Co., St. Paul, Minn.
Freie Pressc, Chicago, III.
Fuller & Warren Stove Company, Milwaukee.
Geo. Bhret's lager beer.
Geo. Modes Cigar Company, Detroit, Mich.
Gobeill Pattern Works, Cleveland. Ohio.
Gordon Bros.' Cigar Company, Detroit.
Gormully & Jeffrey Bicycle Co., Chicago. HI.
Gould & Walker, booU and shoes, Wcstboro.
Gregory & Shaw, boots and shoes. South Fram-

ingham, Mass.
Gross & Co.. cigars. Detroit. Mich.
Hamilton-Brown Shoe Company, St.- Louis.
Harding & Todd, shoes, Rochester. N. Y.
Harrington & Ouclette Cigar Co., Detroit, Mich.
Hart, Schaffner & Marks, Chicago.
H. Diet* Cigar Company, Detroit, Mich.
Hetterman Bros. Company, cigars, Louisville, Ky.
Imperial Mill Company, Duluth, Minn.

Kerbs. Werthelm & Schiffer, cigars. New York.

Kidder Printing Press Co. Boston, Mass.

Kipp Bros., mattresses and spring beds. Mil wan

Larkins Soap Works. Buffalo, N. Y.

Maple City Soap Works.

Metropolitsn Life Insurance Company.

Moek'a Ci^r Company, Detroit, Mich.

Monmouth Mining and Manufacturing Company
(Sewer Pipe).

Monmouth (111.) Pottery Company.

Overman Bicjrcle Company, Chicopee Fa]ls,Maas.

Ottenberg Bros., Cigars. New York City.

Plant Mining Co., Geo. P.

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