International Engineering Congress (1901 : Glasgow.

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Brebner, Alan, Improved Rapid Group-Flashing Lights, - - 96

Bruyerej Fernand, Gobbe's "Quenching" Producer, - - 283
Bumby, Henry, The Iron and Steel Industries of the West of Scotland :

I. Pig" Iron, - ... - 173

Cadell. H. M., The Oil Shale Fields of the Lothians, - - 217

., The Carboniferous Limestone Coal-Fields of West

Lothian, ... - - - 218

Campbell, A. H., The Problems of the Housing of the Labouring

Classes ; with Special Reference to Suburban Districts, - 270

Campbell, K. F., Researches into the System of Sewage Purification at

Huddersneld by Bacterial and Other Methods, - - 253

Carnt, E. C., The Modern Steamboat Equipment of Warships, - 162

Carpenter, Charles, Application of the Unit System of Gas Manufacture

to its Purification, - ... 300

Carus-Wilson, Prof. C. A., The Economy of Electricity as a Motive

Power on Railways at Present Driven by Steam, - - 32

Charruca, Evaristo de, Works for Improving the Bilbao River and
Making an Outer Harbour : also the Application of Large Cais-
sons as a Breakwater Foundation, - - 80

Chattel, J. van Rossum du, The Principles of Construction of a Pro-
posed Modern Gasholder for Amsterdam, - - 292

Chester, E. D., The Imperfect Pulverisation of Rocks by means of

Stamping, and Suggestions for its Improvement, - - 229

Chester, Wm. Reg., The Mechanical Transport of Materials in Gas-
works, - - - - 303

Committee, Notes on the Various Systems of Gas Lighting in use at

the Glasgow International Exhibition, .... 279

Committee of Iron and Steel Institute, The Nomenclature of Metal-
lography, - - 190

Crichton, James, and W. G. Riddell, Power Required to Drive a Marine

Engine Works, - - 134

Dick, J. R.. Electricity Supply Meters of the Electrolytic Type, - 323
Eissler. M., The Production of Copper and its Sources of Supply, - 229

Field, M. B., The Relative Advantages of Three, Two, and Single

Phase Systems for Feeding Low-Tension Networks, - - 331

Frost, G. Harwood, Agricultural Machinery in the Canadian Pavilion

at the Glasgow International Exhibition, 1901, - - - 140

Gansberghe, L. van, and J. Nyssens Hart, Zeebrugge Harbour Works, 83

Gould, R., Some Particulars of the Results of the Compound Loco-
motives on the Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway, - - 103

Gray, G. Watson, The Presence of Calcium in High-Grade Ferro-

Siliccn, ........ 200

Greenwood, Arthur, The Adoption of the Metric System in our Work-
shops, - - 124

Halbaum. H. W. G., A New Diagram of the Work of Mine Ventilation, 234
The Theory of the Equivalent Orifice, Treated

Graphically, - ..... 242

Hancock, H. Lipson, Mining and Treatment of Copper Ore at the

Wallaroo and Moonta Mines, South Australia, - - - 231

404 INDEX.


Harding, J. R., The Chinese Lighthouse Service, - 93

Hart, J. Nyssens, and L. van Gansberghe, Zeebrugge Harbour Works, 83
Hartley, W. N., and Hugh Ramage, An Investigation of the Spectra of

Flames at Different Periods During the Basic Bessemer Blow, - 204
Hele-Shaw, Prof. H., The Cooling of the Cylinders of High-Speed In-
ternal Combustion Engines, and its Effect upon the Power
Developed, - - 98
Hermann, Regierungs und Baurath, The Dortmund and Ems Canal, 56
Herring, Walter, Ralph, The Construction of Inclined Retort Carbon-
ising Plants, - 306
Hobart, H. M., Modern Commutating Dynamo Machinery, with

Special Reference to the Commutating Limits, - - 334
Hoskold, H. D., A New Civil and Mining Engineers' Transit Theo-
dolite, for Connecting Underground Workings to the Surface,

vice versa, and for General Surveying, - - 246

Jamieson, Prof. Andrew, Dangers from Trolley Wires and their Pre-
vention, - 321
Jones, Lieut. -Col. A. S., Sewage Treatment, - - 256

Kapp, Gisbert, The Rating and Testing of Electrical Machinery, - 107
Keighley, F. C., Coke-Making at the Oliver Coke Works, - - 237
Kernot, Prof. W. C., Australian Railways, - - 43
Kuhl, C. H. L., Recent Improvements Effected in the Navigable Con-
dition of the Sulina Branch and Outlet of the Danube, - 72

Langdon, W T ., Introductory Address : Section IX. Electrical, - - 310

Lasche, O., High-Speed Railway Car of the Allgemeine Electricitats

Gesellschaft, Berlin, - 317

Lenke, R., Some Experiences and Results Derived from the Use of

Highly Superheated Steam in Engines, - - 109

Lewes, Prof. Vivian B., The Utilisation of Water Gas in the Destruc-
tive Distillation of Coal, - 285

Lewis, Sir Wm. Th., Bart., Presidential Address : Section VI.

Mining, - 212

Leybold, W., The Destruction of Gas Pipes by Means of Electricity, 298

Livesey, George, Chairman's Address : Section VIII. Gas, - - 275

Macaulay, Major C. B., Sudan Government Military Railways, - 39

M'Donald, A. B., Disposal of Sewage, - - 262

Maclean, Prof. Magnus, Kelvin's Electric Measuring Instruments, - 326
Mager, F. W., Coal-Mining Subsidences in Relation to Sewerage

Works, - 272

Mansergh, James, Address of the President, - - 10

Mansergh, James, The Birmingham Waterworks, - 259

Mavor, Henry A., Design of Continuous-Current Dynamos, - - 337

Mawbey, E. George, Introductory Address : Section VII. Municipal, 251

Molesworth, Sir Guildford, Uganda Railway, - - 28

More, James, Jun., Recent Tramway Practice, - - 266

Normand, J. A., Approximate Rules for the Determination of the Dis-
placement and Dimensions of a Ship in Accordance with a

given Programme of Requirements, - - 149

Obalski, J., Mineral Resources of the Province of Quebec, Canada, - 239

Ockerson, J. A., The Improvement of the Lower Mississippi River, - 69

INDEX. 405


Parsons, Hon. Ch. A., and Geo. G. Stoney, Trials of Steam Turbines

for Driving Dynamos, - - 101

Ramage, Hugh, and W. X. Hartley, An Investigation of the Spectra of

Flames at Different Periods during the Basic Bessemer Blow, 204

Randolph, Isham, Novel Plant Employed in Transporting the Excava-
tions on the Chicago Drainage Canal Works, - - 60

Ratrau, A., A Regenerative Accumulator and its Application for using

Exhaust Steam, - - 130

Ratrau, A., Experiments on the Escape of Steam through Circular

Orifices, - - - 132

Richmond, J. R., and Wm. Weir, Workshop Methods ; some Efficiency

Factors in an Engineering Business, - - 121

Riddell, W. G., and James Crichton, Power Required to Drive a

Marine Engine Works, - - 134

Ridsdale, C. H., The Correct Treatment of Steel, - - 195

Robertson, Robert, Electrical Power Supply in Shipbuilding Yards

and Marine Engine Works, - - - 155

Rochemont, Baron Quin. de, Recent Improvements in the Lighting

and Buoying of the Coasts of France, - 90

Rothenbach, A., Jun., The Automatic Lighting and Extinguishing of

Street Lanterns, - - - 289

Rowan, James, A Premium System of Remunerating Labour, - - 112

Sandeman, J. J., Gold-Mining in the Rossland District, British

Columbia, ..... . 242

Sawyer, A. R., The Tarquah Gold-Field, Gold Coast, West Africa, - 219
Savers, W. B., Notes on Some of the Chief Objects of Interest to
Electrical Engineers in the Glasgow International Exhibition,
1901, - 314

Schniewind, F., The Production of Illuminating Gas from Coke Ovens, 296
Schutte, Johann, A New Propeller, - - 166

Segundo, E. C. de, The Cassel Self-Regulating Water Wheel, - - 143

Smith, William, The Buffelsdoorn and Adjacent Districts of the

Northern Klerksdorp Gold-Fields, Transvaal, - - 226

Stead, J. E., Copper and Iron Alloys, - - 198

Stead, J. E., and F. H. Wigham, The Influence of Copper on Steel for

Wire- Making, - 199

Stevenson, David A., Recent Improvements in the Lighting and Buoy-
ing, etc., of the Scottish and Isle of Man Coasts, - - 85
Stevenson, D. and C., Improvement W T orks on the Clyde Estuary, - 77
Stoney, Geo. G., and Hon. Ch. A. Parsons, Trials of Steam Turbines

for Driving Dynamos, . IQI

Taite, J. C., Pneumatic Riveting and Other Useful Applications of

Pneumatic Tools, - . 137

Thompson, Prof. G. R., The Connection of Underground and Surface

Surveys, ...... . 2 ^

Thomson, William, Some Factors Affecting the Economical Manu-

factnre of Marine Engines, . n6

Thrupp, E. C., The Hydraulics of the Resistance of Ships, - - 151

Thwaite, B. H., The" Profixable Utilisation of Power from Blast-

Furnace Gases, . 2 oi

Timmis, I. A., Modern Practice in Railway Signalling, - - - ^5

Timonoff, Prof. V. E. de, Proposed Inland Waterway Between the

Baltic Sea and the White Sea, - . 65

406 INDEX.


Ussher, W. A. E., The Culm-Measure Types of Great Britain, - 228

Verschoyle, W. Denham, Gold Dredging, - 242

Wahlberg, Axel, Variations of Carbon and Phosphorus in Steel Billets, 192

Brinell's Method of Determining Hardness and Other

Properties of Iron and Steel, - - 208

Walker, Sydney, F., Alternating Currents and their Possible Applica-
tion to Mining, Part II. The Practical Application of Alternat-
ing Currents to Mining Operations, - 248

Weaver, William, Municipal Sanitation, - 265

Weir, Wm., and J. R. Richmond, Workshop Methods : some Efficiency

Factors in an Engineering Business, - 121

Whitwell, William, Presidential Address : Section V. Iron and Steel, 169

Wicksteed, J. Hartley, The roo-ton Universal Testing Machine, with
Variable Accumulator, at the James Watt Laboratories,
Glasgow University, - - - - 127

Wigham, F. H., and J. E. Stead, The Influence of Copper on Steel for

Wire-Making, * - 199

Willocks, W., C.M.G., Irrigation in the Nile Valley and its Future, - 64

Wingham, Arthur, The Internal Strains of Iron and Steel and their

Bearing upon Fracture, - - - - 210

Wylie, William, The Iron and Steel Industries of the West of Scotland :

II. Malleable Iron, .... - - 182




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