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expect to hear at our banquet tonight.

The next meeting will be held at Saratc^a, New York,
August 17, 18 and 19th, of the present year, according to a rule
fixing it at that place every other year.

The International Law Association, with headquarters at
London, Eng., and which meets from year to year at various
Capitals, and to which the American Bar Association sends dele-
gates, was invited to meet with the Bar Association this year.
Your committee is imable to say at this time whether the invi-
tation has been accepted or not. If it has been it will make the
coming session doubly interesting to those who attend.

Hon. A. J. McCrary, of this Association, is a member of an
important standing committee of the American Bar Associa-
tion. Mr. J. J. McCarthy was made a member of one of its
temporary conmiittees, and Mr. J. H. McConloerue was made a

We each and all left with the set purpose of attending all
future meetings, believing that we were fully recompensed for
time lost and money expended.

All of which is respectfully submitted.

H. E. Deemee,

For the Delegates to the American Bar Association Meeting,

After reading report. Judge Deemer remarked: "The
only recommendation we have to offer is one which was adopted

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56 Iowa State Bar Association.

and recommended by the committee which has just reported;
that is, that we have annual addresses at our meetings, to be
discussed by those who attend." (Applause.)

Mr. Wade: "You have heard the report; what is your
pleasure ?"

Mr. Henderson : "Mr. President, I understand the order
of business was that upon the conclusion of the receiving of these
reports, that we then return to consideration of report on law
reform. It is now almost 6 o'clock, and I move that we adjourn
until 9 o'clock tomorrow morning and let that be the first order
of business in the morning ; and, if there is a morning paper in
the city, I would move that the report be published so that we
may all have a copy."

Upon receiving information that there was no morning paper
published, Mr. Henderson withdrew the latter motion.

Mr. Wade : "I believe the order of business for tomorrow
provides for general discussions — open to all — of reports of
committees, motions, resolutions, etc."

Mr. Swisher : "I move that the report just read be accepted,
filed with the Secretary and published with the minutes of the

Motion seconded.

Mr. Wade : "The motion just made and seconded I will con-
sider as being before the house ; it is that the report of the Dele-
gates to the American Bar Association be accepted, filed and
published in the minutes."

Motion carried.

Mr. Wade : "There is just one more report, that is, an addi-
tional report of Committee on Membership. Now, I urge that
the members remain .for a few minutes longer, and then we will
take an adjournment.

"The Treasurer informs me that he is ready to report, and
we will receive his report before the report on membership, and
we have several new members to take in before we adjourn."

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Proceedings. •'J?

Mb. Henky : "The report of the Treasurer closes before the
transactions of yesterday, and it does not show the receipts of
membership fees which have been paid in today."



July 7— Balance on hand as shown by last report $ 326 27

C. A. Carpenter 3 00

J. M. Parsons 3 00

M. W. Herrlck 3 00

F. O. Ellison 3 00

E. B. Hasner 3 00

Henry Rickel 3 00

J. A. Runkle 3 00

D. Ryan 3 00

Chas. W. Dutcher 3 00

J. D. Gamble 3 00

R. F. Jordan 3 00

W. G. Thompson 3 00

J. A. Rogers 3 00

W. E. Hooper 3 00

R. M. Witmer 3 00

Warren Harmon 3 00

J. J. Powell 3 00

B. L. Wick 3 00

J. M. Grimm 3 00

U. C. Blake 3 00

P. Stuart 3 00

B. F. Heins 3 00

Chas. T. Vail 3 00

H. M. Remley 3 00

John Adams 3 00

C. H. Beaton 3 00

W. H. Storrs 3 00

Chas. S. Bradshaw 3 00

D. T. Thomas 3 00

S. M. Weaver 3 00

0. Mosher 3 00

J. P. Steele 3 00

T. C. Legoe 3 00

J. R. Whitaker 3 00

J. C. Mabey 3 00

L. M. Shaw 3 00

W. H. Berry 3 00

P. E. C. Latty 3 00

J. A. Guiher 3 00

J. P. Beebe 3 00

R. H. Kirk 3 00

Chas. W. Chase 3 00

W. B. Quarton 3 00

C. E. Preston 3 00

H. D. Gale 3 00

1. D. Griffin 3 00

C. I. Deacon 3 Oa

W. E. Odell 3 00

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58 Iowa State Bar Association.

July 22— J. E. Craig 3 00

L. L. Mosher 3 00

July 23— W. A. Work 3 00

July 30— J. A. Travle 3 00

July 7— W. L. Read 6 00

Aug. 4— J. B. Weaver, Jr 3 00

Aug. 6 — John Shortley 3 00

July 7 — G. L. Johnson 3 00

W. J. Roberts 3 00

Aug. 7 — Milton Remley 3 00

E. C. Roach 3 00

Aug. 6— C. L. Wright 3 00

J. L. Kamrar 3 00

Nelson Royal 3 00

July 7— L. C. Blanchard 3 00

Aug. 18— C. H. Sweeney 3 00

Aug. 19 — Jacob Sims 3 00

Aug. 24— H. G. McMillan 3 00

Aug. 26- J. M. Parsons 3 00

Aug. 27— W. A. Preston 3 00

Aug. 30— H. G. Giddings 3 00

Aug. 31— A. C. Daly 3 00

Sept. 9— M. J. Wade 3 OO

July 14 — J. J. Stewart 3 00

M. W. Fricke 3 00

W. O. McBlroy 3 00

W. B. Lamb 3 00

J. C. Sherwin 3 00

J. A. Pritchard 3 00

A. D. Bailie 3 00

Leonard Everett 3 00

Sept. 11— C. S. Macomber 3 OO

Edmund Nichols 3 00

C. H. Keller. 3 00

J. S. Anderson 3 OO

B. I. Salinger 3 00

A. G. Stewart 3 00

J. M. Druer 3 00

C. E. Wheeler 3 00

F. F. Dawley 3 00

J. F. Martin 3 00

L N. Whittan 3 00

J. H. Crosby 3 00

T. B. Snyder 3 00

Sept. 16— J. D. M. Hamilton 6 00

Sept. 27— F. O. Hinkson. 3 00

Dec. 13— C. C. Cole 3 00


April 5— D. C. Shull 3 00

April 20— J. M. St. John 3 00

Wm. Conner 3 00

A. P. Fleming 3 00

Wm. H. Bailey 3 00

W. G. Harvison 3 00

R. M. Haines 3 00

H. S. Winslow 3 00

J. P. Lyman 3 00

J. B. Weaver 3 00

C. C. Nourse Z 00

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Proceedings. 59

April 21—Alfred Clausan ." 3 00

R. W. Pugh 3 00

C. B. Albrook 3 00

C. A. Carpenter .» 3 00

Chas. R. Clark 3 00

M. W. Beach 3 00

Lawrence M. Byers. . . 3 00

G. S. Robinson ^ 3 00

W. B. Collins 3 00

A. J. McCrary 3 00

C. H. Lewis .• 3 00

L. M. Kean 3 00

C. H. Van Vleck 6 00

L. M. Bicher 3 00

J. Edward Mershon 3 00

D. R. Alexander 8 00

J. H. Feenan 3 00

Fred Heinz 3 00

B. B. Kelly 3 00

T. A. Murphy 3 00

J. J. Chase 3 00

W. D. Evans 3 00

T. B. Taylor 3 00

J. H. McConlogue 3 00

B. C. Roach 3 00

J. H. Henderson 3 00

N. T. Guernsey 3 00

G. W. Cullison 3 00

April 22— D. J. Murphy. 3 00

Wesley Martin 3 00

A. T. Bennett 3 00

W. H. Wilson 3 00

S. F. Smith 3 00

Wm. Milchrist 3 00

W. H. Farnsworth 3 00

F. T. Hughes 3 00

April 23— B. M. Carr 3 00

Henry Jayne 3 00

E. M. Soper 3 00

WJ L. Eaton 2 90

B. P. Andrews 3 00

G. L. Johnson 3 00

H. G. McMillan 3 00

O. B. Bradsnaw 3 00

James C. Davis 3 00

April 25— Chas. Dawson 3 00

J. L. Kamrar 3 00

John Cliggett 3 00

R. B. Wolfe 3 00

C. W. Crim 3 00

J. W. Willett 3 00

S. C. Huber 3 00

L. G. Kinne 3 00

April 26 — John Shortley 3 00

P. B. Wolfe 3 00

E. W. Weeks 3 00

Chas. C. Warren 3 00

D. W. Higbee 3 00

J. E. Craig 6 00

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•60 Iowa State Bar Association.

Henry Vollmer 3 00

Lewis Miles 3 00

Chas. D. Leggett 3 00

J. L. McKenney 3 00

April 27— N. M. Macy 8 00

F. C. Piatt 3 00

W. A. Ladd 3 00

April 28— C. W. Farr 3 00

H. L. Karr 3 00

J. L. Parish 3 00

April 29— A. B. Swisher 3 00

R. C. Ficke 3 00

April 30 — J. A. Henderson 3 00

H. C. Raney 3 00

B. F. Simmons 3 00

May 3— Geo. B. McCaughan 3 00

Z. A. Church 3 00

Emlin McClain 3 00

H. B. Deemer 3 00

E. S. Huston 3 00

E. E. McBlroy .- 3 00

May 4— G. W. Wakefield 3 00

C. W. Mullin 3 00

J. F. Clyde 3 00

E. Willard 3 00

May 5 — C. G. Saunders 3 00

H. G. Giddings 3 00

Hday 6 — Chas. Baker 3 00

Anthony C. Daly 3 00

J. J. McCarthy 3 00

May 10— G. W. Burnham 3 00

May 11— A. B. Cummins 3 00

May 14— Edgar A. Morling 3 00

W. W. Cardell 3 00

May 16— W. C. Strock 3 00

May 19— C. L. Nourse 3 00

May 25— A. N. Boeye 3 00

W. C. Gregory 3 00

May 27— S. R. Dyer 3 00

J. L. Stevens * . . . 3 00

May 28— A. J. House 3 00

Levi Keck 3 00

June 2 — Hon. Josiah Given 3 00

June 3— W. L. Lewis 3 00

June 4 — James H. Rothrock 3 00

E. C. Herrick 3 00

B. Y. Greenleaf 3 00

June 6 — O. H. Montzheimer 3 00

John T. Scott 3 00

June 7— J. A. Edwards 3 00

N. E. Coffin 3 00

June 9— C. L. Wright 3 00

J. W. Bollinger 3 00

A. H. McVey 3 00

H. O. Weaver 3 00

Wm. Phillips 3 00

C. W. Johnston 3 00

R. J. Williamson 3 00

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Procbedings. 01

June 11 — Geo. Wambark 2 90

Perry D. Rose ^ 3 00

Hon. S. M. Elwood 5 90

M. Remley 3 oo

Sam'l Hayes 6 00

C. L. Rouch 6 "00

C. B. Johnston 8 90

June 14 — J. M. Parsons 3 oo-

J. B. E. Markley .* .* 3 00

June 15 — O. B. Ayers 6 00

J. P. Hornish 6 00

W. J. Roberts 3 00

June 17— Jacob Sims 3 00

C. M. Harl 6 00

June 20 — C. E. Richards 2 90

J. Carskaddan 3 00

W. S. Stillman 3 00

June 21— E. S. Lockwood 3 00

H. W. Byers 3 00

Carroll Wright 9 00

J. W. Hammond ' 2 95

Parley Finch 3 00

J. S. Darling " 3 00

c. E. Pickett :;;:.:: 5 55

p. W. Burr 3 00

W. L. Eaton 3 qO

C. E. Walters .........','.'. 2 75

J. C. Scott 3 00

J. W. Scott 2 80

R. J. Wilson ,[[[ 2 90

F. W. Eichelberger 3 oo

E. M. Woodruff 3 OO

Shirley Gllliland '.'.'.'.'.'. 3 00

J. S. Sullivan o nri

R. M. Wright :*.; .'.'.'.■.*::::; : 3 oo

Geo. Conway 3 qq

E. H. Crocker 3 Oq

June 22— J. C. Longueville 3 oO

C. M. Brooks 3 00

G. W. Lester 3 oO

W. C. Putnam o aa

c. H Hubbeu ::::;:::::;::: 300

C. Nichols CK

J- ^Nichols ::::::::::::::: 2 85

£ Sells 2 90

M. Gaasch 2 90

J. C. Bryant. . . : " 3 aq

June 23 — ^J. A. Gallagher 2 90

J. J. Russell 2 90

J. M. Forbes 3 aa

E. F. Richman :::::*.:::::: 3 00

J. W. Carr o aa

June 24— F. E. Allen '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.]'.'.'.]'. 3 oo

8. J. Penn 2 85

Gea a Carr 1 ! ! 1 ! 1 ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! ! ! 3 00

C. A. Dudley 3 00

Nelson Royal 3 00

L. L. Ainsworth 3 oO

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02 Iowa State Bar Association.

W. J. Alnsworth 3 00

I. M. Fee 3 00

June 27 — J. L. Kennedy 3 00

G. B. Phelps 2 90

Arthur M. Lewald 3 00

June 29— W. L. Read 6 00

L. Klnkead 6 00

O. M. Brockett 3 00

E. T. Morris 3 00

J. H. Blair 6 00

G. R. Struble 2 75

H. J. Stiger 3 00

D. A. Wynkoop 3 00

June 30— Geo. C. Scott 3 00

J. H. Quick 3 00

July 1— T. A. Cheshire 3 00

E. M. Sharon 3 00

July 2— W. G. Clements 3 00

B. R. Sayles 3 00

H. H. Radifer 3 00

Thos. Arthur 3 00

July 5— W. A. Hoyt 2 90

S. M. Ladd 3 00

A. R. Dewey 3 00

C. M. Brown 3 00

J. L. Geigher 3 00

J. K. P. Thompson 3 00

G. B. Marsh 3 00

Geo. S. Hatley ^ 3 00

J. W. Brown 3 00

L. B. Fellows 3 00

J. L. Carney 3 00

C. A. Pratt 3 00

B. P. Ripley 3 00

Chas. E. Ransier 3 00

A. N. Hobson 3 00

Chas. A. Clark. : 3 00

James W. Clark 3 00

J. M. Read 6 00

Geo. F. Henry 3 00

$1,346 72

July 6— N. E. Coffin, Secretary $ 15 00

July 7 — By J. H. Henderson, President's expenses. 7 65

July 9 — Hon. John Gibbons, expenses 25 00

July 7 — Postage for Treasurer 6 24

Aug. 5 — Postage for Treasurer 1 60

July 7— N. B. Coffin, Secretary 2 85

July 24 — N. E. Coffin, Secretary 1 45

Wallaces' Farmer 13 75

A. W. Gumming 23 87

Aug. 9— Kenyon Prtg. & Mfg. Co 8 10

1898. Kenyon Prtg. ft Mfg. Co 2 00

April 1—

April 30— H. G. Healey 6 00

May 25 — N. B. Coffin, Secretary 20 00

July 5— Cheshire Bros 1 50

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Proceedings. 03

July 30— Kenyon Prtg. & Mfg. Co 274 00

Postage for Treasurer 12 66 | 421 67

Balance on hand $ 925 05

Mb. Wade : "What shall we do with the report V

Moved and seconded that it be adopted.

Mb. Henby : "It has been customary, — ^and would certainly
be desired by the Treasurer in this instance — that a Special Aud-
iting Committee be appointed and that the report be submitted
to them and compared with vouchers and books."

Mb. Hendebson : "The rules require, Mr. President, that
such a committee be appointed by the Chair. I will make that
a motion."

Mb. Wade : "The Chair will appoint Judge J. H. Hender-
son and J. J. McCarthy and A. E. Swisher as that Auditing
Committee to examine this report and report in the morning.

"What will be the further pleasure of the assembly ? The
next thing in order, as I understand it, is th't? discussion of the
report of the Committee on Law Reform."


Mb. Scott: "The Committee on Membership desires to
supplement report submitted and approved by this morning's
session. Since that time there have been handed in the following
applications for membership, regularly recommended :

(This report will be found on page 216.)

"Are there any applications which have not been handed to
the committee ? If so, please bring them forward."

Mb. Wade : ^'What shall we do with this highly gratifying
report of the committee ?"

Some one in audience suggested that the name of L. M. Shaw,
which was read in the above report, appears on the roll in last
year's report, and that he is already a member.

Mb. Henby : "Perhaps he has not done business with the
Treasurer. Where is the Governor ?"

Digitized by VjOOQIC

04 Iowa State Bar Association.

Mr. Huston: "Mr. President, I move that the supple-
mental report of the Committee on Membership be approved, and
that persons named in the report be accepted as members of the

Motion carried, unanimously.

Mr. Wade : "What is your pleasure now ? To discuss the
report on law reform ?"

Mr. Henderson : "I now renew my motion."

Mr. Wade : "Judge Henderson's motion is that we adjourn
to meet at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning and take up the report
of the Committee on Law Reform at that time."

Mr. Henderson : "Make that to adjourn now."

Mr. Wade : "Well, there are one or two little matters that
I want to speak about. Is there a second to that motion ?"

Motion seconded and carried.

Mr. Wade : "As you understand, the banquet tonight is at
9 o'clock and we expect everybody to be there promptly at that
time. The expectation is that it will be served on time at the
Odd Fellows' Hall.

"Xow, in order to expedite seating the guests, I have
appointed the following gentlemen to act as ushers to seat the
guests: Mr. John D. Glass, Mr. J. E. E. Markley, Mr. Sam
S. Wright, Mr. McCarthy and Mr. B. H. Mallory.

"Mr. Coffin and Mr. Younker w^ill be at the door to sell and
receive tickets.

"Gentlemen, let me urge upon you again the necessity of car-
rying out the programme in the morning just as nearly as we
can. We have to elect our. officers, and I hope you will meet here
promptly and proceed with the programme and be ready for the
afternoon's entertainment tomorrow.

"The meeting is adjourned until 9 o'clock tomorrow

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Convention convened at 9:30 on Thursday morning, June
7th, 1808, with President Wade in the chair.

Mr. Wade : "If the gentlemen will come forward now, we
will begin the work of the morning. The matter for discussion
this morning is the report of the Committee on Law Reform.

"The report was read yesterday and I have had a conference
with Judge Blanchard and have gone over this report and picked
out the parts of the report which are in the nature of recommen-
dations. In the absence of the Secretary, I will read the first
recommendation myself. I suppose these might as well be taken
up in their order.

"The first recommendation relates to the salary of County
Attorneys. It is stated in this report, ^The law abolishing the
system of District Attorneys and establishing a system of County
Attorneys in each county, with power in the Board of Super-
visors to fix tlie salaries of County Attorneys, has, in the opinion
of your committee, been a great detriment to the public service.
The increase in the number of District Judges in most of the
districts necessitated some change in the District Attorney sys-
tem. But experience has shown that in the great majority of
the counties the Supervisors have provided such meager salaries
that competent attorneys will not accept the office. Often attor-
neys without experience, and who are just commencing the prac-
tice of law, are elected to this office. The Board is thus deprived
of proper legal advice, often resulting in much loss to the county,
while the criminal prosecutions are placed in inefficient hands.
The losses to the counties on account of this system are far
greater than is generally known.

Digitized by VjOOQIC

06 Iowa State Bar Association.

" *If the present system is to be maintained, then we believe
that the Legislature should, by a general law, fix the salaries of
County Attorneys, graded according to the population of. the
county, and thereby secure the services of able and experienced

"Now, what shall we do with this recommendation of the
committee ?"

Me. Henderson : "I move the adoption of the recommenda-
tion of the committee as read."

Motion seconded.

Mr. Wade : "It has been moved and seconded that the rec-
ommendation of the committee be adopted, as read. Are there
any remarks 1"

Mr. John Adams, of LeMars: "Mr. President, as far as
the law touching the salary of County Attorneys is concerned, if
I remember correctly, it is graded now according- to population
of counties. The Board of Supervisors are confined to a certain
limit. They cannot exceed a certain sum nor they cannot get
below a certain sum, it being left with the Board of Supervisors
to fix the salary according to the work that may be needed in
that county. I know that in our county the Board of Supervisors
have fixed the highest amount that they can. But it would seem
to me, Miv President, that as far as this resolution, or whatever
YOU might term it, if there is to be any change at all, it does not
go far enough and not in the right direction, because what that
recommendation calls for is practically what we have got at the
present time. Any member of the Bar looking at that section
relating to this matter will see that the recommendation is sim-
ply practically covering what we have already got at the present
time, and I don't see any use making a recommendation unless
you make a recommendation."

Mr. Blanc hard : "Mr. President, I do not desire to appear
as special champion in favor of the adoption of any part of those
recommendations, but I do not understand that the law is exactly
as my brother states it here. This report recommends that the

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Proceedings. 07

Legislature fix the salary and fix it so that it will be consistent
with the duties of the office. We all know that the present law
is not satisfactory. I understand that in a county in this State
which has the second largest amount of criminal business the
salary of the County Attorney is only $1,000, and it is entirely
inadequate, so much so that none of the active practicing lawyers
desire the place at all, and it gets into the hands of young men
who have had little or no experience. In the Congressional Dis-
trict in which I live a County Attorney has been elected who was
not, I believe, at the time of his election a member of the Bar.
He was a bright sort of a fellow, — he was a coal miner by pro-
fession, — and perhaps will some time make a very good lawyer,
but at the time he was elected I think he was not then a member
of the Bar. There is another case of the same kind that my atten-
tion was called to by the Attorney General, in which a party was
elected to this office who was not a member of the Bar. He after-
wards stood an examination at Des Moines and would have
utterly failed to pass, but from the fact that he had been elected
to this office, and, as a matter of course, he was admitted to the
Bar. Now, the duties of this office in some of the larger counties
requires as good ability as there is in the county, and to say that
it should be left in the hands of three men — that is the ordinary
number of members of the Board in the Southern part of the
State — it is simply to say that you should have men elected to
that office who are not qualified, and if the Legislature will fix
it, rate it as it ought to be, according to the population, and afford
a good salary in these other counties, then they can procure the
best ability. That is the idea. They don't do it now, and they
don't pay what it is worth. There are other instances quite
•decided, but this matter is so well understood by the profession
generally that I deem it unnecesasry to mention it. The idea,
however, of the recommendation of the report is to take it out of
the hands of the Board of Supervisors and let the Legislature fix
the salary ; and if the salary is to be graded, that is the common

Digitized by VjOOQIC

()8 Iowa State Bar Association.

way to grade it, according to the population of the respective

Mb. J. J. McCarthy, of Dubuque : "I think the chief dif-
ficulty with the recommendation is that it is not sufficiently spe-
cific. At the present time, it is true that there is a maximum or
minimum salary. As I understand it, the maximum is $1,500.
I have not examined this matter particularly, but that is my
understanding. In my own county, Dubuque county, the Board
of Supervisors allows our County Attorney $1,500 per year. It
is well known in the lawyer's experience that it is not sufficient
in a county of 75,000 people, where large public interests are
involved, very important trials, both civil and criminal. And it
very often happens that our Board of Supervisors are called upon
for the purpose of employing other counsel to assist the County
Attorney. I should favor the recommendation, recommending
to the Legislature the enactment of a law fixing the salary, the
maximum salary of at least $2,500 per year. I understand that
in times of depression that their salaries are being cut down. A
proposition of that kind is unpopular, and, speaking for Dubuque
county, and I believe for other counties in the State, I believe it
will be the best kind of economy to pay $2,500 or even $3,500 per
year for the best man ©f the Bar to hold the office of County

Mk. Wade : "Are there any further remarks ?"

Question was put to house and the motion in favor of the
adoption of the recommendation was unanimously carried.

Mr. Wade : "The next recommendation is, 'We believe that
the law requiring the State at its own expense to provide an
attorney for a defendant in a criminal case should be repealed.
There is a palpable inconsistency in the law which requires the
State to employ an attorney to prosecute and procure the con-
viction of a criminal, and at the same time employ at its own
expense an attorney to prevent the conviction. The State is
under no more obligation to provide an attorney for one accused
of crime, than to provide an attorney for a party in a civil action.^

Digitized by VjOOQIC

Prockedings. 09

That is the substance of the recommendation. The other is
simply explanatory of the principles. What shall we do with
this recommendation ?"

Mr. Jordan, of Boone : "I move that this recommendation
be adopted."

Mr. McConlogue, of Mason City : "I second that motion."

Mr. Wade : "It has been moved and seconded that this rec-
ommendation be adopted. The matter is now open for discus-

Mr. Evat^s, of Hampton : "I desire to amend that motion ; I
move that the last clause be stricken out. I doubt very much the
logic of the proposition that there is no more reason why the
State should employ counsel in criminal cases than it should
employ counsel in civil cases. I would rather vote for the rec-
ommendation with that statement out."

Amendment seconded.

Mr. Jordan : "I did not understand that that was part of
the recommendation. It is simply one of the reasons which were
given for the recommendation and it is not included in the rec-
ommendation. The recommendation is that this law be repealed
and that is a reason set forth for the repeal. As far as I am
concerned, as in favor of the original motion, I would accept the
amendment, but do not think it makes any difference."

Mr. Wade : "The paragraph wliich contains this recommen-
dation is, ^We believe that the law requiring the State at its own
expense to provide an attorney for a defendant in a criminal
case should be repealed. There is a palpable inconsistency in

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