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The banquet of Dun na n-Gedh and The battle of Magh Rath : an ancient historical tale now first published from a manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin online

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Online LibraryIreland). Library. Manuscript. H.2.16 Trinity College (DublinThe banquet of Dun na n-Gedh and The battle of Magh Rath : an ancient historical tale now first published from a manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin → online text (page 1 of 31)
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At a General Meeting of the Irish Arch^ological Society, held
in the Board Room of the Royal Irish Academy, Grafton-street, Dub-
lin, on Monday, the 13th day of June, 1842,

Geokge Petrie, Esq., M. R. I. A., R. H. A., in the Chair.

The Secretary opened the proceedings by reading the following
Report of the Council, agreed upon at tlieir Meeting of the 2nd of
June :

" The Council, at tlic end of their year of oiEce, are liappy to be able to
announce that the prospects of the Society are such as to leave but little doubt
of its futvu-e success.

" They have still, however, to complain that the nobility and gentry of Ire-
land have not joined the Society in sullicicnt numbers to enable It to undertake
the publication of the more voluminous and difficult of our ancient records.
The total number of Members now on our books being but 241, besides thirteen,
who have not yet psiid their subscriptions.

" One cause of this has doubtless been, that the objects of the Society have
been but little known, and where known, have been but imperfectly understood.
In Ireland, where every thing is unhappily viewed, more or less, through the
medium of party, it seemed to the public difficult to conceive how any Society
could be formed without a leaning to one side or the other, and many persons
very naturally held back until the real character of the Society should more

a fully

fully develope itself. It is evident, however, from tlie mere inspection of our
list of Members, tliat these feelings have had but a partial operation ; and the
Society may congratulate itself in having been one of the few successful attempts
in this comitry to induce men to forget their differences, and unite together in
the promotion of a great national xmdertaking.

"In addition to this temporary cause of prejudice against the Society, it has
unfortunately happened that several accidental circumstances have retarded the
completion of our publications during the past year ; so that we have had, to
the public, the appearance of doing nothing, and many were led to doubt whether
we were in a condition to fulfil our engagements to oiu' Members.

" These and such like difficulties, however, which have probably kept back
many who ought naturally to have joined us, must gradually be removed by the
publications of the Society ; which, it is hoped, will not only eifectually convince
the public of the purity of oiu" intentions, and of the possibility of carrying out
our design without any party bias, but also make known the great value and
interest of the historical documents which it is the object of the Society to bring
to light.

" It is necessarj^ however, to explain to the Society tlie cause of the delay
that has taken place in the appearance of the volumes, which have been an-
nounced as the intended publications of the jJast year.

" The idea of establishing a Society for the publication of the ancient his-
torical and literary remains of Ireland was first seriously entertained at the close
of the year 1 840 ; and a Provisional Council was then foimed for the purpose
of ascertaining, by correspondence with the literary characters of the day, and
by circulating a brief statement of the object proposed, whether a Society such
as that to which we now belong would be hkely to meet with support from the

" Several months, however, were necessarily spent in these preliminary mea-
sures, and early in the year 1 841, the Provisional Coimcil had received promises
of such respectable support, as to convince them that success was reasonably
certain, and that they might safely proceed to the regular formation of the So-

" A Meeting was accordingly called in May, 1 84 1 , at which the fundamental
laws of the Society were agreed upon, and your present Council appointed for
carrying your designs into effect.

" Up

" Up to tliat time, liowever, scarcely any preparations liad been made for
printing. The Provisional Conncil had been in a great measure occupied in
the correspondence necessary for tlie formation of the Society : nor was it pos-
sible for them, until tlicy had ascertained how far jiublic support could be ob-
tained, to enter upon the engagements necessary for the preparation of man)-
wo)-ks with a view to the future publications of the Society.

" All this, therefore, became the duty of your present Council : and they
have endeavoured to make such arrangements, as they hope will ensure to the
]\Iembers the regular appearance, within reasonable intervals, of the Society's
books. All the works intended for the present year are in the hands of the
])rinters, and those in progress are many of them ready for the press, as
soon as the fluids at the disposal of the Council will permit their being under-

" The Council, in addition to the volume of Tracts, and tlie volume of
Grace's Annals, already in the hands of the Society, have resolved that the
Book of Obits of Christ-Church Cathedral, edited by the Rev. ]\Ir. Crosthwaite,
shall also be given to all who were Members in the j'ear 1841, or who have
paid the subscription for that year.

" This latter work, though far advanced, is not yet completed ; and from
the peculiar difEculties it presents, the necessity of the most exact and carcfid
collation with the original, and the laborious index and notes which the Editor
is preparing, and which will greatly enhance its value, its progress through the
press must necessarily be slow.

" It is probable, therefore, that some of the works announced for the year
1842, will be issued before the Book of Obits is ready for delivery. But this
inconvenience the Council are convinced the Society will gladly submit to,
rather than run the risk of doing injustice to the Editor of a volume of such
singular difHculty and interest, by any attempt to hurry its publication.

" Cormac's Glossary, which has been for some time in Mr. O'Donovan's
hands, is ready for the press. But it has been held back, partly because the
funds of the Society will not at present admit of its being proceeded with, and
partly because there arc some MSS. in England, which ought to be collated
before such a work shoidd be put forth. The collation of these MSS., how-
ever, would be attended with great expense, as it woidd be necessary to send
over to Ensland a competent person, and to support him during his stay in the

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neighbourliood of the Libraries where the MSS. to be consulted are preserved.
The Council have therefore thought it better to defer the publication of this
work for the present ; and in the meantime tliey are engaged in such iuqidries
as they hope may ultimately lead to the satisfactory accomplishment of their

" The Royal Visitation Book of the Province of Armagh in 1622, has been
for some time ready for the press, but as it will be a volume of some bulk, and
from the quantity of tabular matter it contains, expensive in printing, it has been
deferred, until the funds of the Society are Increased.

" For the same reason Mr. Curry's translations of the ancient Irish historical
tales, 'The History of the Boromean Tribute,' and 'The Battle of Cairn Chu-
naill,' liave been postponed, although both are ready for the press.

" There is one other topic upon which it will be necessary to say a few

"The number and value of the works which have been assigned to the
Members of the last and present years, very far exceed the actual means of the
Society ; nor will it be possible for the Council to bring out books of equal
value, in future years, unless tlie number of the Members be very nuich in-
creased. The Council, however, have thought it better to proceed on the sup-
position that the full number of jNIembers, at present limited by the Rules of the
Society to 500, will ultimately be obtained, and, therefore, they have not hesi-
tated to rim the risk, in the first instance, of drawing somewhat more largely
than they would be justified in doing hereafter, on the capital of the Society.
They have every hope, however, that the publication of the volumes now in
progress will bring in a large accession of Members to the Society ; and they
would press upon the existing Members the necessity of exerting their influence
with tlieir friends for this purpose.

" It is desirable to have it made known, that Members now joining the So-
ciety can obtain the books for the year 1 84 1 , on paying the subscription of One
Pound for that year ; a privilege which the Council have allowed to such
Members as have joined since the last annual Meeting, and which they would
recommend to continue for the present year. However, they are of opinion
tliat hereafter, the books of past years, if any should remain, ought to be sold
to new Members at an advanced price, to be determined by the Council for the
time being.

" Since

"Since the appearance of our iirst publlcatiun, tlie i'ollowinf( noblemen and
gentlemen liave joined the Society :

The Right Hon. Lord Eliot.

The Right Hon. Lord Albert Conyngham.

Sir Montague L. Chapman, Bart.

Sir Aubrey De Vere, Bart.

John Ynyr Burges, Esq.

Thomas Fortescue, Esq.

Rev. James Kennedy Bailie, D. D.

Clement Ferguson, Esq.

Thomas Hutton, Esq.

Rev. James Graves.

Rev. Classon Porter.

Rev. Charles Grogan.

Samuel Grajme Fenton, Esq.

Colman M. O'Loghlan, Esq.

William Hughes, Esq.

Robert Ewing, Esq.

Rev. Matthew Kelly.

James W. Cusack, Esq., M. D.

Thomas Kane, Esc|., M. D. (for the Limerick

Edward Wilmot Chetwode, Esq.
Rev. John N. Traherne.
Edward Magrath, Esq. (for the Athena?um

Club, London).
Colonel Birch.
William Ciu'ry, Jun., Esq..

" The name of William Torrens M'Cullagh, Esq., was omitted, by an acci-
dent, in the list of original Members, published with the last Report ; and the
name of John Low, Esq., was inserted in the same list by a mistake.

" During the past year the Society has lost one of its original Members, the
Rev. Caasar Otway, by death.

" In conclusion, the Council have to announce that his Excellency the Lord
Lieutenant, upon being informed of the objects of the Society, was graciously
pleased to accept the office of Patron, and the Council have had the honour of
presenting to his Excellency copies of the Society's publications."

The Repoi-t having been read, the following Resolutions were
adopted unanimously :

" I . That the Report now read be received and printed, and that the thanks
of the Society be given to the Council for their services."

" 2. That the respectful thanks of this Meeting be presented to His Excel-
lency the Lord Lieutenant, for his gracious condescension In accepting the office
of Patron of the Society."

"3. That Dr. A. Smith and Mr. Hardiman be appointed Auditors of the
Accounts of the Society for the ensuing year, and that their statement of the
accounts of the Society be printed as an Appendix to the Report."


His Grace tlie Duke of Leinster was then elected President of
the Society for the ensuing year, and the following Noblemen and
Gentlemen were elected as the Council :

The Rir.HT Hon. the Earl of Lei-

The Kight Hon. the Viscount
Adare, M. p., M. R. I. A.

The Lord George Hill.

John Smith Furlong, P]sq., Q. G.

Rev. Richard Butler, M. R. L A.

Rev. J. H. Todd, D. D., V. P. R. L A.

James Mac Gullagh, Esq., LL. D.,

Sec. R. L A.
Gaptain Larcom, R. E., M. R. L A.
Aquilla Smith, M. H., M. R. I. A.
George Petrie, Esquire, R. H. A.,

M. R. I. A.
Jos. H. Smith, Esq., A.M.,M.R.LA.
James Hardiman, Esq., M. R. LA.

It was then moved by tlie Rev. J. C. Ckosthwaite, and seconded
by George Smffh, Esq.,

"That die thanks of the Society be presented to the Coyncil of the Royal
Lish Academy for their kindness in giving the Society the use of their rooms
for the present Meeting."

And then the Society adjourned.














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Online LibraryIreland). Library. Manuscript. H.2.16 Trinity College (DublinThe banquet of Dun na n-Gedh and The battle of Magh Rath : an ancient historical tale now first published from a manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin → online text (page 1 of 31)