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Large 8vo, Cloth, pp. xxvi + 606. Price 70/6.






!_/»_/ Ui_.llN

Hum soctus



?6 5/ff A?e/



Descriptive and Historical Account of the College from
its Foundation, with 22 Full- page Plates, und 60 Illustra-
tions in the Text, consisting of Views, Plans, and Portraits
of Famous Members.



I. -IV. — From the Foundation to the close of the Eighteenth Century. By
the Rev. J. P. Mahaffy, d.d.
V. — During the Nineteenth Century. By the Rev. J. W. Stubbs, d.d.
VI. — The Observatory, Dunsink. By Sir Robert Ball, ll.d.
VII. — The library. By the Rev. T. K. Abbott, b.d., litt.d., Librariattf
VIII. — The Early Buildings. By Ulick R. Burke, m.a.
IX. — Distinguished Graduates. By W. MacNeilb Dixon, ll.b.
X.— The College Plate. By the Rev. J. P. Mahapfy, d.d.
XI. — The Botanical Gardens and Herbarium. By E. Perceval Wright,

XII. — The University and College Officers, 1892.
Ode for the Tercentenary Festival. By G. F. Savage-Armstrong, litt.d.

4fo Volume, Bound in Half Vellum, Qilt Top, with Embossed Arms on side.
Price 21s. net.


Held 5th to 8th JULY, 1892.,

A Full Narrative of the Celebration, from the First
Inception of the Preparations in February, 1891, to
the End of the Festival on July 8, 1892, containing a
Report of the Inaugural Sermon, Tercentenary Ode, and
the various Addresses, Speeches, Lists of Guests, &c., &c.

4to Volume^ Bound in Half Morocco. 70s. 6d,

HODaES, FiaaiS, & CO.. Limited, 104, &B.AFTON STREET, DUBLIJN
Booksellers to the University.

Digitized by dOOQ IC



©ni&^rsitB CaUnirar,





fritttjeir at i\t amirmiti? f «««,








Officeks op thb Univebsity and College, January 1, 1915, 1

School Committees, 19

Univbrsitt Council, 21

Divinity School Council, 22

Honors and Prizes at Entrance—

High Places at Entrance, 23

Entrance Prizes, 23

Junior and School Exhibitions, 26

Sizarahip Examination, 25

Board Exhibitions, 26

Exhibitions awarded to Students from South Africa, 26

. Honor and Prize Examinations, Hilary Tekm —

^isv Term Honor Examinations, . . . . . 27

^ '^ Premiums for Composition at the Term liOctures, 31

>v Catechetical Premiums, 31

5A Honor and Prize Examinations, Trinity Term —

^ Fellowship Examination, 32

1 Scholarship Examination, 32

CY^ Term Honor Examinations, . . ' . . . .32

Premiums for Composition at the Term Lectures, . . 36

Catechetical Pi'emiums, 36

"^ Honor and Prize Examinations, Michaelmas Term —
^~ Examination for Moderatorships, . . . .37

Studenu and Moderatorship Prizemen, .... 38

Term Prize Examinations, 39

>£:, Senior Exhibitions, 44

\^> Premiums for Composition at the Term Leotiires, . 44

)^^ Catechetical Premiums, 46


V Final Freshman Examinations, 48

^Sk^A. Dboreb Examinations, 50

, >^^^ZBS AND Examinations in the School op Divinity, 66

^^ Prizes and Examinations in the School of Law, . 60

^Pbizbs and Examinations in the School of Physic. . 63

s^Pbizbs, Examinations, and Class Lists in tub School of


^ Enoikbbriko, . 76

^Aaky School, 77

sS Indian Civil Sbrvick School, 78

^'DifIiOMAS in Education, 78

PifiiOifAs IN Economics and Commercial Enowlkdgk, . . 78

i^O^OOX Dig t zed by Google


Deguees Confbbked in the Tear 1914, . . .79

Continuation op Lists given in the Special SurpLSMENTAL
Volume poa 1912-3:—

Auditors of the Historical Society, . .88

Presidents of the Philosophical Society, ... 88

Auditors of the Theological Society, , . . .88
Successful Candidates at the Examination for the Civil

Service of India, and the Home Civil Service (Class I), 85
Junior and School Exhihitioners, . . . .89

Senior Exhibitioners, 89

Prizemen at the Degree Examination, . . .90
Fellowship Prizemen, 90

Prizemen in —

Subjects connected with the Study of Divinity, . 91

Mathematics, 91

Classics, ........ 92

Mental and Moral Philosophy, .93

Experimental Science, 93

Historv and Political Science, .93

English and Modern Languages, .... 94

General Answering, 94

Oriental Languages, .94

The School of Divinity, 95

The School of Law, 95

The School of Physic, 96

The School of Engineering, 97

Graduates in Honors at the B.A. Degree Examination, . 98

Honorary Degrees, . 100

Doctors in Science, 100

Bachelors in Science, 100

Doctors in Literature, 100

Divinity Testimoniums, 101

Degrees in Divinity, 102

Degrees in Law, . . , 103

Degrees, Licenses, and Diplomas in Medicine and

Surgery, . , 104

Degreees in Dental Science, 106

Degrees in Engineering, 107

Professors and Lecturers of the University, . .108

Benefactors of Trinity College, .109

Provosts, . . , . .110

Fellows, 110

Scholars,' 110

Present Members of Trinity College, .111

Sbnatus Academicus, . . ... 127

University Electors, . 138

Index, 323




January 1, 1915,

Viscount Iveagh, K.P., LL.D.

Vice' Chancellor,
The Right Hon. Dodgson Hamilton Madden, LL.D., Litt.D.


The Chancellor (or in his absence the Vice- Chancellor).
The Lord Chief Justice.

John Pentland Mahaffy, D.D., Mus.D.

Senior Fellows,

Benjamin Williamson, M.A., Sc.D.

Thomas Thompson Gray, M. A., Regiitrar*

Francis Alexander Tarleton, LL.D., Sc.D., Viee-Frovost,

George Lambert Cathcart, M.A., Bursar.

William SnowBurnside,M.A., Sc.D., Senior Dean and Cateehist,

Louis Claude Purser, M.A., Litt.D., Auditor.

William Ralph Westropp Roberts, B.D., Senior Lecturer .

Junior Fellows,

[Those marked thus (*) are Tutor Fellows.]

Edward Parnall Culver well, M.A., Senior Froetor„

Alexander Charles O'SulUvun, M.A., M.D.

John Isaac Beare, M.A.

Robert Russell, M.A., Junior Bursar and Registrar of Chambers*

Matthew Wyatt Joseph Fry, M.A.

VOL. H. b

d by Google


* George Wilkins, B.D.
Henry Stewart Macran, M.A.

* Edward John Gwynn, M.A.

* Gerard Alston Exham, M.A.
William Edward Thrift, M.A.
Josiah Gilbart Srayly, Litt.D.

•George William Mooney, M.A.

* William Kennedy, M.A.

* Reginald Arthur Percy Rogers, M.A.

* William Alexander Goligher, M.A., Litt.D.
*John Eraser, M.A., Junior Dean,

Stephen Barnabas Eelleher, M.A.

* Ernest Henry Alton, M.A.

•Robert Malcolm Gwynn, B.D., Honorary Chaplain.

*George Randolph Webb, M.A.

*Robert William Tate, M.A.

♦Hany Thrift, M.A.

*Hugh Canning, M.A.

*Samuel George Stewart, M.A.

Arthur Aston Luce, B.D., Junior Proctor,

Joseph Johnston, M.A.

James Maxwell Heniy, M.A.

.Representatives of the Junior Fellows on the Hoard,

John Isaac Bearp, M.A.

Matthew Wyatt Joseph Fry, M.A.

.Re2)resent<ttives of the Professors on the Board,

John Joly, Sc.D.

Andrew Francis Dixon, M.B., Sc.D.

Representatives of the University in Parliament,


Right Hon. Sir Edward Henry Carson, LL.D., 1892

Right Hon. James Henry Mussen Campbell, LL.D., .... 1903

Honor Examiners for the Year 1915.

In Mathanatiei and Mathematical Physics.

Erasmus Smith's Professor of Mathematics.
The University Professor of Natural Philosophy
G. R. Webb, M.A.
S. G. Stewart, M.A.
J. M. Henry, M.A.



In Clauics,

The Regius Professor of Greek.
The Professor of Latin.
W. Kennedy, M.A.
R H. Alton, M.A.
- R. M. Gwynn, B.D.

In Ethici and Logics,

H. S. Macran, M.A.
R. A. P. Rogers, M.A.
A. A. Luce, B.D.

In Experifnentai Science.

The University Professor of Chemistry.
Erasmus Smith's Professor of. Natural and Experi-
mental Philosophy.
H. Thrift, M.A.

In Natural Science.

The Professor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy.

The University Professor of Botany .

The Professor of Geology and Mineralogy.

The King's Professor of the Institutes of Medicine.

In History and Political Science,

Erasmus Smith's Professor of Modem History.
The Professor of Political Economy.
Miss C. E. Maxwell, M.A.

In Modern Literature .

The Professor of English Literature.
The Professor of the Romance Languages.
The Professor of German.
R. W. Tate, M.A.

Honor Lecturers/or the Year 1914-1916.

R. Russell, M.A.
G. R. Webb, M.A.
S. G. Stewart, M.A.


W. Kennedy, M.A.
E. H. Alton, M.A.
R. M. Gwynn, B.D.



Ethics and Logics,

H. S. Macran, M.A.
R. A. P. Rogers, M.A.
A. A. Luce, B.D.

In Legal and Political Science.

The Profeflsor of Political Economy.

The Regius Professor of Feudal and English Law.

The Reid Professor of Law.

The Board nominates Special Courts of Examiners for Moderatorships,
Fellowships, and Scholarships, which will be constituted as follows for
the year 1915, a Member of the Board presiding in each Court of
Examiners for Moderatorships ; —

Moderators hipSf 1915.

Mathematics, — B. Williamson, Sc.D. (Fresident) ; Erasmus Smith's
Professor of Mathematics ; The University Professor of Natural
Philosophy; R. Russell, M.A. ; G. R. Webb, M.A. ; S. G.
Stewart, M.A., and J. M. Henry, M.A.

Classics, — L. C. Purser, Litt.D. {President) ; the Regius Professor of
Greek; the Professors of Latin, of Ancient History and Classical
Archeology, and of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology ; W. Kennedy,
M.A. ; H. Canning, M.A.

Ethics and Logics. — The Vice- Provost {President) ; the Professor
of Moral Philosophy; R. A. P. Rogers, M.A. ; R. M. Gwynn, B.D. ;
A. A. Luce, B.D.

Experimental Science,— W, R. W. Roberts, B.D. {President); the
University Professor of Chemistry ; Erasmus Smith's Professor of
Natural and Experimental Philosophy ; H. Thrift, M.A.

Natural Science — W. S. Burnside, Sc.D. {President) \ the Professors
of Comparative Anatomy and Zoology, and of Geology and Mineralogy ;
the University Professor of Botany ; the University Professor of
Anatomy and Chirurgery ; the King's Professor of Institutes of
Medicine; A. C. O'SuUivan, M.D.

History and Political Seienee.—T. T. Gray, M.A. {President) ; the
Professor of Political Economy ; the Professor of Ancient History
and Classical Archeology ; the Lecky Professor of Modem History';
Miss C. E. Maxwell, M.A.

Modern Literature. — The Provost {President); the Professors of
English Literature, of the Romance Languages, and of German *
R. W. Tate, M.A.

Legal and Political Science.— O, L. Cathcart, M.A. {President); the
Regius Professor of Laws ; the Regius Professor of Feudal and English
Law ; the Professor of Civil Law and General Jurisprudence : the Reid
Professor of Law.



Fellowship, 1916.

Mathematics {Pure and Applied). — Erasmus Smith's Professor
of Mathematics ; the University Professor of Natural Philosophy ;
W. R. W. Roberts, B.D. ; R. Russell, M.A.

Clasiics, — The Regius Professor of Greek ; the Professors of Latin,
and of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology ; G. W. Mooney, M.A.

Ethics and Metaphysics. — The Professor of Moral Philosophy;
R. A. P. Rogers, M.A.

Experitnentai Fhpsics. — Erasmus Smith's Professor of Natural and
Experimental Philosophy ; E. P. Culverwell, M.A.

Mebrew.—The Professor of Hebrew ; R. M. Gwynn, B.D.

Scholarship, 1915.

Classics, — The Regius Professor of Greek, the Professors of Latin,
and of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology; L. C. Purser,
Litt.D. ; G. Wilkins, B.D. ; G. W. Mooney, M.A. ; W. Kennedy, M.A. ;
E. H. Alton, M.A.

Mathematics, — Erasmus Smith's Professor of Mathematics ; the
University Professor of Natural Philosophy ; W. R. W. Roberts, B.D. ;
G. R. Webb, M.A.

Experimental Science, — The University Professor of Chemistry:
Erasmus Smith's Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy ;
H. Thrift, M.A.

Modern Languages, — The Professors of the Romance Languages, and
of German; J. P. MahafEy, D.D. ; R. W. Tate, M.A.




Arranged under subjects and schools,

[Figures added in brackets after the title or name of any officer
denote the period in years for which the^ election is made. Officers
marked (*) are elected annually.]

The follo\Ting Offices become or have become vacant at the dates
respectively affixed to them ! —

Professorship of I rish , 1 9 14 , July 1 3 .

Professoi-ship of Oivil Law and GeneralJurisprudence, 1914, Oct. 21.

Professorship of Music, 1915, April 1.

Professorship of Education, 1916, May 17

Professorship of Pastoral Theology, 1916, July 1.

Regius Prosessorship of Surgery, 1915, Nov. 16.

Matukmatical, Physical, and Katukal Science.

First Last

Election. Election

Erasmus S7nith*s Professor of Mathematics,
[Founded 1762.]
T 24 I Stephen Barnabas Kelleher, M.A.

Donegal Lecturer in Mathematics,

[Founded 1676.]

r^^?^i'o ] Robert Russell, M.A.
Oct. 22. j '

University Professor of Natural Philosophy.
[Founded 1847.]

Jun^e^SO } M*^t^®w "^y^tt Joseph Fry, M.A.
Assistant : — John Eraser, M.A.

Erasmus Smithes Professor of Natural and
Experimental Philosophy,

[Founded 1724.]

Mar^^23. } ^^'"^^"^ Edward Thrift, M.A.

Assistants: — Harry Thrift, M.A.

Horace Hewitt Poole, M.A., Sc.B.
James Austin, fi.A.



Firat Laat

Sleetioa. Sleetion.

Roi/ai Astronomer of Ireland, on the Foundation of

Dr, Andrews*

r Founded 1788.]

1 9 1 2 i

Mav 4 S ^®°^'y Crozier Plummer, M.A. (Oxon.).

Assistant: — Charles Martin.
University Professor of Chemistry, (7)

[Founded 1711.]

oS. } Sydney Young. ScD. [ ^^^\^

Assistant : William Cecil Ramsden.
Demonstrator : Hans Erall, B.A., Sc.B.

Professor of Applied Chemistry,

[Founded in 1841 as a ProfessorBhip of Chemistiy and Geology applied to the
Arts of Constimction : discontinued in 1881 ; re-established in 1904 as a
Professorship of Applied Chemistry.]

Xov^*i9 } ^™*^ Alphonse Werner, Sc.D.

University Prof essor of Botany , (7)

r Founded lill.j

A^rii^ie. } H«"'>' H-™"" i>«°"' So-D- { Ap'rilVe.

Assistant: — WiiUani Ringrose Gelston Atkins, M.A., Sc.D.

Professor of Geology and Mineralogy^
[Founded 1844.]

oir 16. } ^^^^ ^^^"f* ^•^•' ^^•^*

Assistant: Louia Bouvier Smyth, Sc.B.
Research Assistant : Joseph Rogerson Cotter, M.A.


Professor of Zooloyy and Comparative Anatomy^

[A Lectureship in Zooloin^ was established in 1857, was made a Professorship
in 1872, and was permanently united in 1895 to the Professoi'ship ot Com-
panttiTe Anatomy, which had been founded in 1872.] \

NoT^^29 } ^^'^''5^ William Mackintosh, M.A.

Lecturer in PalaoiitoUtgy,

[Founded 1913.]

1913 1

March 1 I Louis Bouvier Smyth, Sc.B.


8 univkksity and collkgk offickkir.

Languages and Litreatuue.
Reyius Professor of Greek.

Firit iFouiiued 1761.] Las:

Bleotion. Electioi -

De 18 \ ^^^^ Isaac Beare, M.A.

Professor of Latin, (7)


jLne';. ) J^"»^ ^i^^'^'-^ Smyly, Litt.D. | jJ^J^*

1908. \
xNov. 7. /

Lecturer in Classical Composiliou.
[Founded 1896.J
Robert William Tate, ^I .A.

Oct. 20

Professor of Hebretc, (7)
[Founded by the Board of Erasmus Smith, 1724.]
I George Wilkins, B.D. | ^Jf^*;.

Lecturers in Hebrew,

Feh^%. \ Newport John Davis White, D.D. (5) i ^e^\

♦William Kennedy, M.A. Nov. 20.

♦Ernest Henry Alton, M.A. Nov. 20.

Professor of Arabic, Persian, and Hindustani, (7)
[Founded 1856.]

M^r.^^'k } ^^^" ^^'^^^® ^'"8' ■'^^•^- { Mar.^2.

Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology. (6)
[Founded 1858.]
dIc.^V9. } ^"^^^ Cannin.?, M.A.

Professor of the Romance Languages, (6)

[Founded 1778 as Professorahip of Italian and Spanish.]

1909. \ Thomas Brown Rudraose-Brown, M.A. i 1914.

Nov. 16. j (Aberdeen). D.Litt. (Grenoble). \ Nov. lb.



First Last

SleetiOA. EtoetioB.

Professor of German, (6)

[Founded in 1778 as Professorship of French and German t the Chair of
French is now merged in that of Romance Languages.]

ji'elll Bobert Allan WaU.mB.Litt.D. {j^iu

Profeeeor of Irish, (6)

[Founded 1840.3

Aprll^. } ^^^^ Edward Harnett Murphy, M.A. | JiU^*3

Frofeuor of Modern East Indian Languages, (5)
[Founded 1918.].
June 18 I ^^^^ v*i^ Someren Pope, M.A, (Cantab.).

Lecturer in Celtic Languages,
[Founded 1907. j
Nov%*4 I Edward John Gwynn, M.A.

Lecturer in Anglo-Saxon,
[Founded 1907.]
Nov^'ia. } ^o^rt AUan Williams, Litt.D.

Professor of English Liter aturt,
[Founded 1867.]
Nov^^'22 } Wilbraham Fitzjohn Trench, litt.D.

Erasmus Smithes Professor of Oratory,

d 1724 as a Professorship of Orator>'
Modern History was made aseparat

Nov^\4 } ^^^"^^ Curtis, M.A. (Oxon.)

[Founded 1724 as a Professorship of Orator>' and Modem History; the
Modern History was made a separate Chair in 1762.'j

Menial and Moral Science.

Professor of Moral Philosophy, (5)
[Founded 1837.]

Nov.''30. } 2^^ 8^^*^ ^*^'^' ^•^- { Nov^ao.


d by Google


First Last

Slsotios. Slsstion.


Professor of Political Econofuu,
[Founded 1832. J
Mar^^25 } Charles Francis Bastable, LL.D.

Erasmus Smithes Professor of Modern HisU*ry .
'Founded ITfiJ.;
June 27 } E<1™^"<1 Curtis, M.A. (Oxon.).

Lechy Professor of Modern History.
[Founded 1913.]
June 2*5 } Salter Alison Philips, M.A. (Oxon.).

Professor of Ancient History and Classical Archeeology. (5)
rPoanded 1869 as a Profeasorship of Ancient History. Title altered in 1909.]

June^i. I WiUiam Alexander Goligher,M. A., Litt.D. I ju^e^.

Lecturer in Modern History
[Founded 1911.]
June 2*4 I ^^ Constantia Elizabeth Maxwell, M.A.


Regius Professor of Divinity »
Founded 1607 (? 1600) as Professorship of Divinity ; made a Regius ProfesiiorMliip,l761.

^\l.] JohnGwynn.D.D.

Permanent Deputy for the Regius Professor of Divinity,

it?^17. } Newport John Davis White, D.D.

Assistants :

♦James George Carleton, D.D. Nov. 20.

•Hugh Jackson Lawlor, D.D., Litt.D. Nov. 20.

•Denton Charles Green, B.D. Nov. 20.

Archbishop King^s Professor of Divinity,

[Founded as a Lectureship in 1718, changed to a Profesaorshlp by a Decree dated
Decembers, 1906.3

Nov!^*4. } *^^^" ^^^^ Fitzgerald Gregg, D.D.

*Hugh Jackson Lawlor, D.D. Nov. 20.

♦Robert Malcolm Gwynn, B.D*. Nov. 20.

"^Edward John Young, B.D. Nov. 20.

•Arthur Aston Luce, B.D. Nov. 20.



First I<Mt

Sleetioa. Slcictioii.

Professor of Biblical Greek. (5)

[Fonnded 1838.}
Ocl^"26.} Newport John Daris White. P.D. {qTIb.

Temporary Deputy :
Dec^^'z. } ^""^^^ Wilkins, B.D.

Professor of Ecclesiastical History. (5)

[Founded 1850.]

^^^^^ I Hugh Jackson Lawlor,D.D.,Litt.D. | ^l^^)^

Professor of Pastoral Theology, (3)

[Founded ISSS.]
y , * I John Andrew Jennings, M.A.

Lecturer tn the English Bible. (5)

[Founded 189S.]

Feb.^5. } ^"^'ewport John Davis White, D.D. [ ^ll]\

Wallace Divinity Lecturer. \
[Founded 1901. Jl
Mar's ( *^ohn Andrew Jennings, M.A.

* Donnellan Lecturer*

[Founded 1794.]'

The Rt. Re
Dec. 6. } ' D.D.

Caiechists — Presbyterian Church .
1886. John Love Morrow, M.A. (R.U.I.).

1903 aamuel Prenter, M.A. (R.U.I.), D.D., LL.D.

Regius Professor of Laws.
[Founded 16«8.]
D ^u ^^io \ Charles Francis Bastable, LL.D.



Fint Last

SleotioA. ElMtioB.

Regius Professor of Feudal and English Law, (5)

[Founded 1761.]

00^^21.} James Sinclair B«ter,LL.D. | Q^fl*;

Professor of Civil Law and General Jurisprudence, (o)

[The duties of this Chair were, prior to 1V08, attached to the Regius Pi'ofessorship
III 1906 it was re-organised as a separate Chair.]

OcL ^2 1 } C**ai4es Matuiin, LL. B .

Retd Professor of Penal Legislation ^ Constitutional and
Criminal Law, and the Law of Evidence, (5)

[Founded 1888.]
1914 ^
J ■ 27 } JameS Anderson, LL.B. (Lond.).


Regius Professor of Physic^
[Founded 1637. jl'

bIc^\:. } ^^^^ ^^*^®' ^•^•

Regius Professor of Surgery, (5)

[Founded 1862.]
1895. I Sir Charles Bent Ball, Bart., M.D., M.Ch. { ^ ^^^^,V

>ov. 16.) ' ' ( ^OV. 16.

Professor of Surgery, (7)

[Founded 1849.]

^Tl.) Edward Henry Taylor, M.D. { jJW'-^

Assistant: William Pearson, M.D.

University Professor of Anatomy arid Chirurgery, (7)
[Founded 1711.]

June'io. I A"^'^ !"»»«" ^"»"' »'»•' «-»• { sZ\

* Chief JJemonstrator .
June ^26 } Jol»»^ I^^^ert Dunn Iloltby, M.B., B.S. (Dun.lm).

* University Anatomist,


April*19. } ®"' Cliarles Bent Ball, Bart., M.D., M.Ch. Xov. 20



PlMt. LMt

EloctioB. EleotioB.

* Lecturer in Medical Jurisprudence,

[Founded 1888.]

Aprir?. } ^®"^y Theodore Bewley, M.D. Nov. 20.

Lecturer in Pathology,
[Founded 1895.]
June °'>'> } -A.lexander Charles 0' Sullivan, M.D.

Assistant : — Joseph Theodore "Wigham, M.D.
Research Assistant: — Adrian Stokes, M.B.

King* 8 Professor of Practice of Medicine,*'
[Founded 1717.]
1910. James Craig, M.D.

Kiny^s Professor of Materia Medica and Pharmacy,*'

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