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Conunissioners shall declare in such Order, J^ifil^Sli,
the Nmnber and Qualifications of the OflScers o(omoen,
to be appointed for the Service of each such
Dispensary District, and shall likewise de-
clare in the said Order the Number of Persons
who shall be Members of the Committee of
lianagement of such Districts, as hereinafter^
is provided.


7. Within One Month after the Receipt con^tuuo.
of the said Order, the Guardians of the Union com'St^^
shall elect, if necessary*", a sufficient Number
of Ratepayers resident in each District, and ^"^^^^iJ^n^
liable to pay Poor Rates in respect of Pro- b«r..
perty therein of the net annual Value of
Thirty Pounds at the least, who, together
with the ex-offtdo and elected Guardians of
the Poor resident or being the Owners or
Occupiers of Property therein, shall be a
Committee for the Management of the Dis-
pensary of such District, so that the Number
of the Members of the said Committee shall
amount to the Number named in the Order

• And from the Hune date, as named in the Commissioners,
Order declaring the Dispensary Districts, kdj previous provision
for Dispensary Relief by means of Grand Jury Presentment or
Poor Rate, ceases and is superseded by the provision for aflbrding
Medical Relief onder the present Act : see § 10 (p. 206).

t '* If neeetmry :** Ce., if the number fixed for the Committee
In tlie Order nnder § 6, exceed the number of Guardians who
are made members of the Committee bjT this section *, in which
case ratepayers are to be elected by the Board of Guardians.

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Term of
Office of
Annual Ap-

204 Provision of Dispensaries^ MedicineSy ice, [Part I. 11

^*^^^^'*'of the said Commissioners; and shall
mbdical Time to Time fill up any Vacancies occu

after any General Election of such Commits
and the Committee so appointed shall

v»«ndoi^in Office until the Appointment of a new Oom-^
mittee after the next annual Election
Guardians in the said Union : and at the firs**'
Meeting of the Guardians after such annual

Kspe^^''' Election, or as soon thereafter as conveniently

Committees, may bc, the Committee of Management for the
said Dispensary District shall be appointed
in like Manner for th§ ensuing Year; and so
likewise in each succeeding Year.


8. The Guardians of the Union shall, as
soon after Receipt of the said Order as con-
vcDiently may be, provide a House, Building,
Room or Rooms, to be used as a Dispensary
or Office for the Medical Officer of each such
District, and for the Meetings of the Com-
mittee of Management ; and shall provide
such Medicines and Medical* Appliances as
may be necessary for the Medical Relief of
the Poor in the said District : and the Com-
mittee of Management shall appoint**, from
Time to Time, subject to the Approval of the
said Commissioners, One or more** Medical
Officers for the said District, with such Qua-
lifications as the said Commissioners shall
determine**, and with such Salaries as the

to provide
for eaoh

and MadS*
ctnes, Jco.

to appoint
Offioera, with
Salaries to be
by the Oaar-
dians :

Salaries and

a •' Medical," including *• Surgical ;" sec % 21 (p. 215).

b But see § 14 (p. 209) as to the first appointment of Medical
OfScers after the formation of Dispensary Districts in cases
where a Medical. Practitioner is in possession of a Medical Office
connected with a Dispensary in the District.

« One or more, according to the number of Medical OiBocrs
fixed by the Commissioners* Order under % 6.

<i For qualifications of Medical Ofllcers to be appointed by
the Dispensary Committees, see General Dispensary Regulations
of 29th Nov., 1869, in Part III.

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Pabt I. 11.] Medical Officers.— Medical Relief. 205

Ghiardians, subject to the Approval of the ^^* 5\^'**
said Commissioners, shall determine : and the iim>ic*i.
said Commissioners may, and they are hereby ac^
empowered, when they may see Occasion, '*'^'-
from Time to Time, to regulate the Amount "j^^«^
of Salaries or Allowances payable to such miad<men*
Officers respectively, and the Time and Mode ^^^J^'
of Pajrment thereof: and it shall be lawful tioneremtj
for the said Commissioners to remove any SKhI^;
such Medical Officer on sufficient Grounds, comni*-
and to direct the said Committee of Manage- '^Z^^^"^^
ment to apix)int another Medical Officer in nis ^^Jj^JJJ.
Stead ; and on Failure of the said Committee Appoint- '
to appoint a Medical Officer of such Dispen- g*,JJJ^„
sary District for One Month after the Receipt
of the Direction of the said Commissioners, it
shall be lawful for the said Commissioners
to appoint such Medical Officer by an Order
under their Seal.


9. Every Member of such Dispensary Power to
Committee*, and every Relieving Officer and Jldetii^nfti
Warden** acting for an Electoral Division in- JJ^'J*/
eluded in such Dispensary District, shall have Ticket* ;
Power to affi:)rd Medical* Relief, by the Issue how to bj
of a Ticket for Medicine and Advice, or a *^*^
Ticket, in such Form as the said Commission-
ers shall prescribe, addressed to the Medical
Officer of the District, directing him to afford
Medicine and Advice to or attend any poor
Person resident therein ; and it shall be the
Duty of the Medical Officer to afford Medi-
cine and Advice, or to attend such poor Per-

• 17.

» See MO Of 1 * S VI& 0. s< (^ S7), M to sppointment of
« ** Medical,** ladnding '* Surgical r tee 1 31 (p. 9U).

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206 Medical Relief: Powers of Committees, due. [Part I. 11.

^^I'caJ"^' ^^^> ^ thereby directed: Provided always,
MuncAL that if any Person who shall obtain a Ticket
"act. for Medical* Attendance from any Relieving
!f^* Officer or Warden, or from any Member of
cJi^tte© ^^^ Committee, shall, at the next or any sub-
to owoei sequent Meeting of the Committee after the
ilSldkaf*' Issue of the Ticket, be declared, by a Majority
Attendance, ^f ^j^^ Mcmbers thcn present, not to be a lit
Object for Dispensary Relief, the Ticket shall
be cancelled, and the Holder thereof disen-
titled to further Relief
^r'i^oM? 10. From and after the Day to be named

mldl'for^ as aforesaid in the Order of the said Commis-
SlaS^^of sioners declaring any Dispensary District, all
^r^^PoorR^ Provision now m/ule by Law for affording
tooMMwhen Dispensary Relief, from Poor Rate or by
brought Into means of Presentment from the County Cess,
2J wJSiiS. shall, except for the Purpose of defraying
Expenses incurred before such Date, cease as
to the Baronies or Portions of Baronies or
Places included in such Dispensary Districts :
^riJtit?'*** ^^^ ^^ Funds and Property derived or aris-
inrtitouon* ing for the Support of such Institutions^ from
Bequests, shall be applied to the Support
thereof according to the Trusts on which such
ptotuo m Bequests were granted : Provided always,
iifil°m^?M, that where, under the Provisions of an Act of
m«t^^" the Parliament of Ireland, passed in the Fifth
«r»nt«for Year of His late Majesty King George the
to cSS' with Third, intituled An Act for erecting and
hKJ : establishing public Inftrmaines and Hospitals
in this Kingdom!' y any Allowance or Stipend
is now payable to any Officer of a County
Infirmary or other Medical Institution, such

* ''Medical,*' inclnding "" Surgical ;** see § 21 (p. 315).
■ b It teems donbtf ul what the words ** such Institatioos ** hare
reference to. The Bill, as originally brought in, contained pro-
Tidons relating to Hospitals and ottier Institutions, but those
proTisions were struck oat in the progress of the Bill Uiroagta

« 6 A 6 Geo. 3, & 30 (I).

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Pabt L 1 1.] ContracU and Supplies : PenaUy. 207

respective Allowance or Stipend shall wholly ***^*(^^'^-
crease to be payable to or to the Use of sucn mkdu^i.
Infirmary or Medical Institution under the " ac?"
Provisions of the said Act, when and as soon ^*
as the Person holding such Office at the Time
of the passing of this Act shall wholly cease
to hold the said Office in the said Infirmary
or Medical Institution : Provided also, that B«t oiaiita
nothing herein contained shall be tjonstrued JJ«pi2ii\ot
to deprive of the Benefit of Aid firom any J^^'J^^^
Parliamentary Grant any Infirmary or
Hospital in the City or County of Dublin
now receiving such Aid, so long as such Aid
shall continue to be granted by Parliament.


11. No Guardian or Member of the Com- ouarditn.,
mitiee of Management, paid Officer, or other ^e""wS!*
Person concerned in the providing, ordering, J»g«. "»^
Management, Control, or Direction of the to bTwn-*
MediiSd Relief of the Poor in any Dispensary SSI?«£or
District, shall, either in his own Name or in Jj"*',"""j5,
the Name of any other Person, provide, fur- v^nmrs.
nish, or supply, for his own Profit, any Medi-
cines, Instruments, Furniture, or Goods, for
the Use of any Dispensary in any District for
which he shall act in any such Capacity as
aforesaid, during the Time for which he shall
retain such Office ; nor shall during such Time
be interested, directly or indirectly, in any
Contract relating thereto ; imder Pain of for- Penalty mi.
feiting the Sum of Fifty Pounds, wiUi the JJ^^^S^i.
full Costs of Suit, to any Person who shall ^y^''^ p*"
sue for the same by Action of Debt or on the
Case in any of Her Majesty's Courts of Record
at Dvhlin.

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208 Dispensary Regvlationa, — Vaccination, [Pakt 1. 1 1-

14 «E 15 Vic.

mto?^l begulation of dispensaries, and officers*

Charities DUTIES.


com^ 12. The said Commissioners shall aad

gioncrs to may, and they are hereby directed, with all
utSns^" reasonable Despatch after the first Appoint-
Jf Di^».* D^ent of Commissioners under the Provisions
jj2.i>uti«iof of this Act, to frame General Rules and Regu-
**^ '^^ lations for the Government of each Dispen-
sary District, and for the Guidance and Con-
trol of the Guardians, the Committees of
Management, and the several Officers to be
appointed in connexion therewith respec-
andmayaitcrtively ; and shall be empowered to alter or
frJSTtimo" ^^v^^^ s^^^ Rules and Regulations, and
time. make such new Rules and Regulations, from

Time to Time, as they may think fit*.


„ . ,. 13. The Medical Officer of every Dis-

to be per- pciisary District constituted under this Act
M™^^^ shall and he is hereby required to vacci-
2®JJ2^ric5. "^^^ ^11 Persons who may come to him for
that Purpose, subject to such Regulations
as may be issued by the Commissioners in
commis- that Behalf, and which Regulations the said
u^e Reguia- Commissioucrs are hereby required to make
v^USdS'ation ^^^ issue ; and that from and after the
Declaration of any such Dispensary Dis-
trict, it shall not be obligatory on the
Board of Guardians of the Poor Law
Union containing such District or any Part
thereof, to make a Contract with a Medical
Practitioner for the Vaccination of Persons
resident in such District, under the Provisions
of an Act passed in the Fourth Year of the
ihAYic, Reign of Her present Majesty, intituled An

ft For Commissionera* General Rules for the Management of
the Dispensaries, Ac, see Part UL

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Paet L 11.] First AppoitUmeni of Medical Officers. 209

Act to extend the Practice of VcLcdnation^ ; *^ * ^|/**^
and after the AppointmeDt of a Medical msdical
Officer for such Dispensary District, all ex- ^act[*"*
isting Contracts theretofore made with the ^"'-
Guardians under the Authority of the last- cmumeufoi
mentioned Act shall cease and determine, to^^^and
Payment being made to such Medical Prac- d°**«^»*
titioner of such proportional Simi for past
Services as may then be due to him^


14. When, on the Formation of any Dis- Bxteting
trict imder the Provisions of this Act, a Medi- ^jJJJfof
cal Practitioner shall be in Possession of a '^^jJ^JJJ'**-
Medical Office connected with any Dispensary unuedlS"
subject to the Authority of the said Commis- c?mi^?*
sioners, and situate in the Locality included j^j*""" ^^^
in such District, it shall be lawftd for the
Commissioners, if they shall think fit, to
declare him to be, in the first instance, the
Medical Officer or One of the Medical Officers
of such new District ; and so likewise when
two or more Medical Practitioners shall be
circumstanced as aforesaid, in case the like
Number of Medical Officers is required in
such new District, it shall be lawful for the
said Commissioners, if they shall think fit,
to declare such Persons to be the Medical
Officers of such new District : but in case a orseiecuo*
smaller Number of such Officers shall be re- SJi^er***"
nuii'ed for such District, then it shall be law-
nil for the said Commissioners; if they shall see
fit, to nominate such Persons, or any of them,
as the Persons from whom a Selection shall
be made for a Medical Officer or Officers under

» The 3 A 4 Via c 29, and the Acts amendfaig it, are repetded
bjr the 30 It 81 Vie. a 84.

b See fulber prorisioiie as to Vaccination in Ireland in the
nStn Vie. & 64, the 26 a 37 Vic. c 63, and the 31 & 83 Vie.
6 87 (Fart U. p, 648).

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Lunatics, BridewdU, ike. [Part I. 11.

14 k 15 Vic.




the Provisions of this Act, by the Parties en-
titled to appoint to such Office : and it shaJl
not be necessary for the said Commissioners,
unless they think fit, to reject any such Medi-
cal Practioner so in Possession of any such
Office before the Formation of such District,
by reason of the Want of such Qualifications
as may be required by them in other Cases.

Officers of
-examine and
eertify Mto
Lnnatica ;

and to At-
tend Bride-
wells or
Houses of
-within their


15. It shall be the Duty of any salaried
Medical Officer of a Dispensary District under
this Act, or if more than One then the nearest
of such Medical Officers (save in the case of
his Sickness or necessary Absence, and then
the other nearest of such Medical Officers),
without any further Fee or Reward, to examine
and certify under the Statute in that Behalf as
to the Case of any dangerous Lunatic brought
before a Justice of the Peace, within his respec-
tive District, when summoned by such Justice
so to do* : and also to give his Medical Attend-
ance and Care, so far as shall be necessary, to
the Prisoners or Inmates in any Bridewell or
House of Correction situate within such re-
spective District, and to supply to such Pri-
soners and Inmates the necessary Medicines,
the Account of which Medicines shall be sub-
mitted to the next Meeting of the Committee
of such respective District, who shall make
Provision for the Payment thereof; and it shall
be lawful for the said Commissioners, if they
shall think fit, to take into account the proba-
ble Extent of such extraordinary Duties with
respect to any such Bridewell or House Of

* Under the 10th sec. of the 30 A 31 Vic c. 118, the Jutieet
may call to their asfiistance for this purpose, if the Medieal Offlecr
of the Dispensary District is not available, the nearest available
Medical Officer of any nd^booring Dispensary Distriet, wbo is
required to examine the supposed lunatic without fee or reward.

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Pabt I. 11.] FowerM of Inquiry and Inspectum, 211

Correction, in fixing the Amount of the Sala- " * JJ ^^'
lies of the Medical Officers of such Districts, ubdi^v



16. The Commissioners, or any One of P^w^f
them, and also any such Inspector acting in Bio?en and
Execution of this Act, by Summons under the JJ,t^Ji,„ to
Seal of the Commissioners, or under the sepa- ^"4«*'***
rate Hand and Seal of any Commissioner or niating to
bspector respectively, as the Case may be, nn^S^uT
may require uie Attendance of all such Per- ^*^*
sons as they or he shall think fit to call before
them or any of them respectively, upon any
Matter connected with the Execution of this
Act, relating to any Dispensary subject under
this Act to the Au^ority of the said Commis-
sioners, at such Time and Place as shall be set
forth in the Summons : and may make Inquiry ^j «»»foii
and require Returns, and may administer witncwMw
Oath, and examine all such Persons upon JJ^^^iiJ*
Oath; and may require and enforce the
Production upon Oatii, of Books, Contracts,
Agreements, Accounts, Maps, Plans, Surveys,
Valuations, and Writings, and Copies thereof,
respectively, in anywise relating to any such
Matter as aforesaid: or when the Commis-
sionoB, or any One of the Commissioners, or
any Inspector, shall think fit, instead of requir-
ing sucD Oath as aforesaid, they or he may
reqwre any such Person to make and subscribe
a Declaration of the Truth of the Matter re-
specting which he shall have been or shall be
80 examined : Provided always, that no Person ^^•^ '
shall be required, in Obedience to any such not to b«
Summons of any of the said Commissioners, ^Sf^nd'
to go more than Thirty Statute Miles from JjJJST*
tJie Place of his Abode, or in Obedience to
any such Summons of an Inspector, to go
mote than Five Miles from the Place of his

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212 Powers of Inquiry and Inspection, [Pakt I. 11 .

^^VesT'*^ Abode: Provided also, that nothing herein
Medical contained shall empower the Commissioners
ACT. or any Commissioner or Inspector to require
^^ the Production of the Title, or of any Papers
in**u? ' into ^^ Deeds relating to the Title, of any Lands^
Tuio'^f ° ° Tenements, or Hereditaments, not bein^ Pro-
Prop»rty. perty under the Authority of or vested in the
said Commissioners by this Act*: Provided also,
that nothing herein contained shall authorize
the said Commissioners or any of them or any
such Inspector, to exercise such Powers of
Summons, Inquiry, Examination, or other such
last-mentioned rowers as aforesaid, in the
Case of any Hospital, Infirmary, or Medical
Institution supported by private Endowments,
Bequests, Property, or Subscriptions**.
Penalty for 17. Evciy Persou who upon any such

ETiafni"* Examination as aforesaid under the Authority
of this Act, shall wilfully give false Evidence,
or wilfully make or subscribe a false Declara-
tion, shall be deemed guilty of a Misdemeanor;
PoMity for and every Person who shall refuse or wilfully
wglM^gto neglect to attend in Obedience to any such
Ji>S°ktu Summons as aforesaid of the Commissioners,
<ienoe,4c., or any One of the Commissioners, or any
moJ^?™' Inspector, or to give Evidence as aforesaid, or
shall wilfully alter, suppress, conceal, destroy,
or refuse to produce any Books, Contracts,
Agreements, Accounts, Maps, Plans, Surveys,
Valuations, or Writings, or Copies of the same,
which may be required as aforesaid, to be pro-
duced for the Purposes of this Act, to any
Person authorized by this Act to require the

» See note ^ on § 10 (p. 306). The Act does not contain anj
proviBlon vesting lands, tenements, or hereditaments in the

^ Bat under § 18, the Commissioners and Inspectors are em-
powered to inspect and report upon any Infirmarjr« Uo^Ital, or
Medical Institution, supported in whole or in part by any public
fnndSf rates, or assessments: sec also powers of inspection of
Hospitals and Infirmaries, from time to time, under § 47 of 1 ft 2
Vic c. 56 (p. 85).

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Put L 1 1.] CommiMumers and Oficers for Nuisances Acts. 21S

Production thereof, shall be liable to forfeit a ^< */^7*^-
Sam not exceeding Five Pounds, to be re- mmical
covered liefore any Justice or Justices at Petty "Ict?^**
Sessions under his or their Warrant, by Dis- *i^*
tress and Sale of the Groods of the Party so
offending, returning to such Party the Over-

18. Every Inspector acting in execution Medical
of this Act shall be entitled to enter at allmarvu*!^
Times into and to inspect every Dispensary ^j^att^d"
or Building used for the Purposes of this Act, Meeting, of
and to attend the Meetings of every Board of anTcom^it-
Quardians or Dispensary Committee, on all**^
Business arising in the Execution of this Act,
SDd to take part in the Proceedings, but not
to vote at such Meeting ; and the said Com- commiMion-
missioners, or an Inspector by their Order in STe^m may
Writing, shall be empowered (when they shall }SJSJfu"i
deem it expedient) to enter, inspect, and re- j^'^^'
port upon any Infirmary, Hospital, or Medical ceiTing sop-
Institution supported in the whole or in part Jibiio'pinds
by any public Funds, Rates, or Assessments. «'«**"•


19. The said Commissioners shall be the fhJ'jJ^J^"
Commissioners for executing in Ireland the ce« Removas
Powers and Purposes of " The Nuisances Re- ReTeniST*
moval and Diseases Prevention Act, 1848," ^;fe„«dto
and an Act of the following Session of Par- commis-
liament amending the same* ; and all Com# offiwra"
mittees, Inspectors, Medical Officers, and other Kr°thi
Persons appointed or employed under the -*«^
Powers of this Act shall and they are hereby
required, within their respective Districts, to
aid the Guardians of the Poor, and such

* TheM Aeti are repealed by the Sanitary Act, 1866 (29 ft
M Vic e. 90X which, however, fiontaing similar provisioDS. See
MoiUry Acts hi Part II. (p. 891).

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214 Annual Report of Gommimonen, [Pakt I. 11*

>***^vic Officers or Persons as they shall appoint or
mbdkLu. employ, in the Superintendenceand Execution
^"act?"* of any Directions and Regulations which may
!?!i at any Time be issued by the said Commis-
sioners for the Time being under the Authority
and*by virtue of the said Nuisances Removal
and Diseases Prevention Act and the said Ad
amending the same, or under or by virtue of
Kxponse* the Provisious hereof in relation thereto; and
oi'pSSJ rltos all Expenses which shall be incurred on
to ISe^IfT* accoimt or in execution of the said last-
i*nd to**£' i^^entioned Act or Acts, and chargeable upK>n
l^ubjeot to the Poor Rates shall hereafter be charged on
^''**"' the Poor Rates of the respective Electoral
Division situate within such District, in like
Manner, and be ascertained, paid, and audited,
in all respects, as directed* for the Expendi-
ture imder the Provisions and for the Pur-
poses of this Act*.


Annual 20. The Said Commissioners shall once at

pJSlJdinp least in every Year submit to the Lord Lieu-
*"'^.?*; K. tenant a General Report of their Proceedings
m»detoLord xinder the Provisions of this Act, including
.leuMnant . ^j^^ total Expcuses iucurred in Ireland and
in each Union in carrying this Act into
execution in each Year, together with a List
of all Districts and Dispensaries imder this
Act, and the total annual Expense of each ;
uid £f*^ ^^'^ every such General Report shall be laid
pwiuuT^t. i>efore both Houses of Parliament on or before
the Thirty-first day of March in each Year,
if Parliament be then sitting, or if Parlia-
ment be not then sitting, within Six Weeks
after the next Meeting of Parliament.

» There does not appear to be in *' this Act/* any such direo-
tion as is here referred to : see note >> on § 10 (p. 206). But all
expenditure ont of the Poor Rates most be chai^^ed in the
acoounts of the Unions, and most therefore come under the eog^
nitanoe of Auditors iq>pointed under the providons and for the
purposes of the Irish Poor Relief Aot.

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?ASX I. 1 2.] A holttion of Qfice of Secretary. 21 5


21. In the Interpretation of this Act, the ^^Sl^i
Words " Lord Lieutenant " shall extend to a^^.
and include the Chief Governor or Governors —
of Ireland for the Time being : and the Word J^^^T^-
"Medical" shall be construed to extend to«Lo„i
and include the word " Surreal" unless there Lie«t«~»'."
be something in the Subject repugnant to"*****"^
8uch Construction.

22. This Act shall commence and take J[*^^**'^,
effect firom and after the First Day of October 2iid October/
One thousand eight hundred and fifty-one. *'**'•

19 Vict. Cap. 14. 19 vice, u,


An Act to abolish the Office of Secretary to ^^^f^-^^
the Poor Law Commissioners in Ireland, ^^i^^^"'

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