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said thirty-first day of December, one thoasand
eight hundred and sixty-three, the Captain oi*
Commanding Officer of the vessel on board of
which such death shall have happened shall forth-
with make a minute in the log book or otherwise
of the several particulars herein required to be
inserted in the register touching such death, so
far as the same may be known, and of Hie name
of the vessel wherein such death took place, and
shall, on the arrival of such vessel in any port of
the United Kingdom, or by any other earlier
opportunity, send a certified copy of such minute
through the post office to the Registrar-General
in Dublin, who shall file the same, and shall cause
a true and correct copy thereof to be entered in a
book to be kept for that purpose in the General
Register Office, to be called the " Marine Registfi*
Book of Deaths," and the Registrar-General shall
keep such book with the other registers accordii^
to the provisions of this Act.

41. The birth of any child of Irish parents, <r
the death of any person bom in Ireland^ which
shall take place in any foreign country, if inti-
mated to the Registrar-Greneral within twel've
months after the date thereof, in accordance, as
near as may be, with the forma prescribed in foms
(A) and (B) to this Act annexed^ and duly certified

* Pages 522, 523.

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Part 11 6.] Regutration of Bvrth$ atid Deaths, 523

by the BiitiBh Consul of the country or district *^^'f:*' "•
livithin which such birth^r death shall have taken tion ov
place, shall be entered in a book to be kept for the ^'jJ^^h^^^
purpose in the General Kegister Office, to be called i»63.
*' The Foreign Eegister ;" and all such intimations
shall be filed, and the relative entries verified by
the signature of the Kegistrar-General.

42. Every person by whom the information RcgUtor to
contained in any register of birth or death under Sje*iSfor! ^^
this Act shall Imve been given, except in the case «»"*. «'»<'<^p'
ci such information being given by the Coroner, sut^^"
or by the Captain or Commanding Officer of a

vessel at sea, or in the case of a person bom or
dying in any foreign country, as heixjinbefore
provided, shall sign his name, qualification, and
place of abode, in the register; and, except as
aforesaid, no register of birth or death according
to this Act shall be given in evidence which shall
not be signed by some person professing to be the
informant, and to be the person, or one of the
persons, required by this Act to give such infor-
mation to the Begistrar.

43. In case of the inability to write of any Person » may
person whose signat\ire is required or necessary JXk*bt*or«
under this Act, it shall be lawful for such person the ittgistrar.
to adhibit, in the presence of the Registrar, a cross

or other mark, who shall annex the designation of
such person to such cross or other mark ; and such
cross or other mark shall be in all respects as
binding and effectual as the signature of such
person if capable of writing would have been.

44. If any error shall be discovered to have Correction
been committed in the entry of any birth or death JnS*^"'
in any register, the person discovering the same

shall forthwith give information thereof to the
Justice or Justices presiding at the Petty Sessions
of the district within which such birth or death
shall have occurred, or if within the Dublin
Metropolitan Police district to a Divisional Jus-
tice or Justices within the said district ; and it
shall be lawful for the said Justice or Justices,
and they are hereby authorized and required
thereupon or upon otherwise coming to the know-

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524 Registration of Births and Deatlis, [Part EE. 6.

^■oiCTRA-^' ^^g® ^^ s^^^ erroneous entry, to summon before
TioN OF them the person who mSde and any person con-
DBATms " cemed in making such erroneous entiy or having
i«63. any knowledge regarding the same, and also any
l)erson interested in the effect of such erroneous
entry, and to examine all such persons on oath ;
and if the said Justice or Justices shall be satisfied
that any error has been committed in any such
entry, such Justice or Justices shall, by authority
in writing under his or their hands, direct the
Registrar to correct the erroneous entry ; and it
shall be lawful for the Registrar, and he is hereby
required thereupon, to correct the erroneous entry
according to the truth of the case by entry in the
margin without any alteration of the ongina]
entry ; and such marginal entry shall contain a
reference to the deposition upon which the said
Justice or Justices directed the correction to be
made, and shall be dated on the day on which it is
made, and signed by the parties applying for the
correction and by the Registrar ; and in every case
the Registrar shall make the like alteration in the
certified copy of the register book, to be made by
him as hereinafter provided ; provided that in case
such certified copy shall have been already made,
he shall make and deliver in like manner a separate
certified copy of the original erroneous entry and
of the marginal correction therein made.
Hogistcrsof , 45. Nothing herein contained shall affect the
Md^h^is registry of baptisms or burials as now by lav
"•y ^ ^*:p* established, or the right of any officiating Minister
' to receive the fees now usually paid for the pe^
formance or registration of any baptism or bunal

Part IV.
Medical Certificate 0/ Death,
Medical ^^- Whereas it is expedient to establish a r^ii-

to uSnsmit *^*^^^ ^^ ^^ causes of death : Be it therefor
certificate of euactcd, the Registrar shall furnish from time to

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Part II. 6.] EegUtration of Birtlis and Deaths, 525

time, gratis, to every duly qualified medical prac- 26 vic. c. n.
titioner within his district the necessary forms of tiom op
certificates of deaths in the fonn (Df hereunto ® p^"?,?^^
annexed, which certificates the Registrar-General i863.
shall cause to be printed and forwarded from time deatJnto
to time to every Registrar for that purpose ; and R«gi«tf*r.
the medical practitioner who shall have been in
attendance during the last illness and until the
death of any person dying after the said thirty-
first day of December, one thousand eight hundred
and sixty -three, shall within seven days after the
death of such person, transmit to the Registrar of
the district in which the death occurred a certifi-
cate of the cause of death in the form mentioned,
the particulars of which shall be entered by the
Registrar in the register : In case such certificate
Bhall not be so transmitted, the Registrar shall
transmit to such medical practitioner a form of
such certificate, and by a written or printed requi-
sition under his hand shall require such medical
practitioner forthwith to return to him such cer-
tificate duly filled up, and such medical practitioner
shall, within three days, after the receipt thereof,
return such certificate duly filled up to such

Part V.

47. In the months of April, July, October, and c«rtifiod
January^ on such days as shall from time to time J^Pj^'^j/^f
be appointed by the Registrar-General, every births «n<i
Registrar shall make and deUver to the Superin- ^^IJ^^uiJ.^
tendent Registrar of his district, on durable ^^i* »j»d
materials, a true copy, certified by him under his bo^kTwhon
lauttd, according to the form (E)* to this Act an- ^"^."''
nexedy of all the entries of births and deaths made tendent
during the quarter of a year last preceding the ^'•^irtmr

• Page £84.

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526 Registration of Birtfts ami Deatlis, [Part IL

2C Vir. o. 11, fij-st day of each of the several months herein4irf<

TioN ojr mentioned respectively, in the register books kepn
^Db"hI^^ by him, the first of such certified copies to bn
1863. ' given in the month of April, in the year asm
""^ thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, and tfao
Superintendent Registrar shall examine the same,
and if found to be correct, shall certify the samo
under his hand to be a true copy : If there shall
have been no birth or death registered since the
delivery of the last certificate, the Registrar shall
certify the fact, and such certificate shall be de-
livered to the Superintendent Registrar as afore-
said, and be countersigned by him : The Registrar
shall keep safely each of the register books furnished
to him as hereinbefore mentioned until it shall be
filled, and shall then deliver it to the Superinten-
dent Registrar to be kept by him with the records
of his office,
soperin- 48. Evcry Superintendent Registrar shall four

pirtwMto times in every year, on such days as shall be
send certified named for the purpose by the Registrar>General,
rcRistore send to the Registrar-General all the certified
deiths'to*"* copies of the registers of births and deaths whidi
Regutrar- he shall havo received from the Registrars of births
and deaths as aforesaid for the quarter of a year
last preceding the first day of each of the several
months herein-before mentioned respectively ; and
the Registrar-General, if it shall appear by inter-
ruption of the regular progression of numbers or
otherwise that the copy of any part of any book
has not been duly delivered to him, shall procure,
as far as possible, consistently with the provisions
of this Act, that the same may be remedied and
supplied ; the certified copies so sent to the C^neral
Register Office shall be thereafter kept in ih» said
office in such order and manner as the Registrar-
General, under the direction of the Lord LieO'
tencoit, shall think fit, so that the same may be
most readily seen and examined.
A>iNtr»ot of 49. The Registrar-General shall caice in -evM^
JJfiS?ln^ y©»r transmit to the Lord Lieutenant a general
p*^ijiimenr ^^^^^^^^^'^'^'^ ^^ ^^ numbers ^ birthaand deaths regis-
tered during the foregoing year in such form and

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Pabt II. C] RegistrcUion of Births and DeaJiha, 527

at such date as the Lord Lieutenant shall from *^V'^«-J J*
time to time prescribe ; and every such annual tion op
general abstract shall be laid before Parliament ^5«ato^'*
within one month after receipt thereof, or, if i863. '
Pariiament shall not be then sitting, within one ^~
ni<mth after the commencement of the next

50. The Registrar-Greneral shall cause indexes f"**^**** ''^
of all the registers herein mentioned to be madeoenemi Ho-
and kept in the General Register Office ; and every f^.'^^.J^J'^*^ '
person shall be entitled to search the said indexes allowed, and
between the hours of ten in the morning and four ^p^e^J'gi^pn,
in the afternoon of every day, except SundaySy ^Ji^y^^f^
Christmcu Day, and Good Friday, and to have a M^cd.'^"
certified copy of any entry in the said registers ;

and for every general search of the said indexes
the sum of twenty shillings, and for every parti-
cular search the sum of one shilling, and for every
aich certified copy the sum of two shillings and
sixpence shall be paid to the Registrar-General or
sach other officer as shall be appointed to receive
sach fees on his account, in addition to the stamp
duty of one penny imposed by an Act passed in
the twenty-third year of Her Majesty, chapter

51. Every Superintendent R^istrar shall cause indexes ta
indexes of the register books in his office to be oro^'su^V-
made and kept with the other records of his office : jntondcnt
Every person shall be entitled on such days and at Sfic'trSd*
such reasonable hours as shall be directwl by the ^f,^^ ^
Kegistrar-Creneral to search the said indexes, and ooarc^h them
to have a certified copy of any entry or entries f/ci'hcre?n
in the said register books, under the hand of the named.
Superintendent Registrar, on payment of the fees
herein-after mentioned ; that is to say, for every
general search the sum of five shillings, and for

eveiy particular search the siim of one shilling,
and for every certified copy the sum of two shillings
and sixpence, in addition to the stamp duty of one
porny imposed by aii Act passed in. the twenty-
third year of Her Majesty, chapter fifte^i.

52. Every Registrar who shAll have the keeping searches
lor the time being of any register book of births iS*^^^^,***

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*528 Registration of Births and Deaths, [Part IL

!j« Vic. c. u, qj. deaths shall, subject to such regulations as i

HON or be made from time to time by the IlegistTa^ |
^ draths!^ General, with the approval of the Lord Lieiitenanc, !
1863. allow searches to be made of the register book in
bookTand ^^s keeping, and shall give a copy certified undcr
tertifioates ^is hand of any entry or entries in the same, ob
tJSTtherSn payment of the fee herein-after mentioned ; (thai
hy Regiatrars. £g ^q qslj,) for cvery such search the sum of one

shilling, and the sum of one shilling for everr

single certificate.


superin- 53. Every Superintendent R^^istrar shall make

RcgiatM out an account four times in every year, on such
^9^ p*jgifor days and for such periods as shall from time to
copies aont time be appointed by the Registrar-Greneral, of the
RoSrt«** number of entries in such certified copies so sent
offlw. by him to the Registrar-General as provided by

this Act, and shall send the said account to tlie
Registrar-General : If on examination and com-
parison with the certified copies of the registers or
certificates received by the R^istrar-General siwh
accoimt shall be foimd correct, the Superintendent
Registrar shall be entitled to receive twopence
from the Registrar-General for every entry in
such certified copies of registers of births and
Slle'^?*** 54. Every R^fistrar shall make out an account
accounts four timcs in every year, on such days and for sad
quarterly, periods as shall from time to time be appointed bj
the Registrar-General, of the number of births ani
deaths which he shall have registered in pursuanci
of the provisions of this Act, and the Supeni>
tendent Registrar shall verify and sign the ssme:
The Guardians of the union in which he shall b<
Registrar, on production of the said account 84
verified and signed, shall pay to the said Registrat
out of the monies in their hands or power as sack
Guardians at the rate of one RhilHng forever/
entry of birth or death included in such account
and the same shall be charged to the union at

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Part IT. 6.] Registration o/Birtlts aiuJ Deathe. 529

26 Vie 0.1 1.

PaktVI. «^^„-^-

Penallies. ''SL"?-''

55. Every person who shall wilfully make or 1^
cauae to be made, for the purpose of being inserted ^f,°*jf ^ *°*^
in any register of birth or death, any false state- giving f»iao
ment touching any of the particulars herein re- «'«>rmation.
quired to be known and registered shall be subject

to the same pains and penalties as if he were guilty
of perjury.

56. The thirty-sixth and thirty-seventh sections Penalty f..r
of an Act passed in the twenty-fourth and twenty- orSSfyfng
fifth years of Her Majesty, intituled An Act to regbter
consolidate arid amend the Stattde Law of England

and Irekmd relating to indictable Offences by
F&rgery^ shall be incorporated with and form part
of this Act^.

57. Every Registrar who shall refuse or without ^\^1 ^"^^
reasonable cause omit to register any birth or death registerfng
of which he shall have had due notice, or to make J'^^Jj^g^o,.
any addition to or alteration upon the register in tor i«>hing
accordance with the provisions of thLs Act, and J^tori!**^
every person having the custody of any register

book or of any part thereof who shall carelessly lose
or injure the same, or carelessly allow the same to
be injured whilst in his keeping, shall forfeit a
sum not exceeding ten poimds for every such

58. Every person who under the provisions of Penalty for
this Act is required to deliver the registers of births to!!«d*°*
and deaths, or copies of such registers, to any ^^5,
Superintendent Registrar or to the Registrar- suporfn-
G^eral, and who after being duly required to ^^gj^J^r.
deliver such registers or copies as aforesaid shall
refuse or during one calendar month neglect to do

so, shall be liable for every such offence to forfeit
a sum not exceeding ten poimds.

59. Any person who shall knowingly register Penalty for
or cause to be registered the birth of any child ^gbtir of
otherwise than is by this Act required after the ^^h, after
expiratioii of three calendar months foUovnng the

» See p. ft4e.


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530 JiegistrcUion of Births and Deaths. [Part U. 6.

*R«owTRA-' *^y of the birth of such child, or who shall know-
TioN or ingly i*egister or cause to be registered the birth
^Deaths"* ^^ ^^7 ^^^^ ^^^^ *^® expiration of six months
1863. ' following the day of the birth of such child, except
in the case of children bom at sea or in a foi*eign
country, shall be liable for every such offence to a
penalty not exceeding five pounds.
Penalty tor ^^- -^^7 Person required by this Act who shall,
uiiinf to within the period specified by this Act, fail to
of birth or give uotice of any birth or death to the Regis-
death. Jj.j^j. of the district within which such birth or

death shall have occurred shall be liable to a
penalty not exceeding twenty shillings.
PoMitT for ^^- -^^y person required by this Act who shall,
auing'to within the period specified by this Act, fail to at-
mltiou to' tend personally at Uie place specified by the Begis-
^Jj^j trar of the district within which such birth or death
Mrth or shall have occurred, and to give information to such
death, *c. Registrar of the particulars required by this Act to
be registered touching such birth or death, or shall
refuse to sign the register in the presence of the
Registrar, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding
forty shillings.
Penalty for ^2. In the case of finding exposed any new-born
"hfo TOt"* ^ child, or any dead body, any person who shall be
to RMistrar required by this Act to giVe notice, and who shall
iiew°tom ^^^ &^^ notice forthwith of finding the same, and
chud^orany of the place where the same was found, to tlie
^' Registrar of the district in which the same shall
have been found shall be liable to a penalty n«t
exceeding twenty shillings.
Penalties not 63. No penalty imposed by this Act on persoBS
nwSo'giTOT. f'^^^g *o give any notice required by this Act
shall be exacted, if any of the persons so requiroi
Notieee may shall have given such notice ; and whenever m-
bej^ven by ^ice is required to be given by this Act, the persop
bound to give the notice shall be held to have sufl-
ciently discharged himself, if he shall have p«c
into the post office, before the expiration of tlie
period within which the notice is required to le
given, a letter addressed to the person to whosi
and containing the particulars of which the notice
is required to be given.

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Pabt II. 6.] Jiegistratian of Births and BecUhe. 631

64. No penalty Bhall be exacted in any case ^tY^^ "• ^**
when it shall appear to the satisfaction of the tiono^
Justice or Justices that the person failing to comply ^'dJTths"*
with the provisions of this Act, in relatic«i to the isea. *
giving notices or information under the same, has no peninj
not wilfuUy been guilty of such failure, but that T^
such failure has been occasioned by unavoidable wUfoi.
accident, or by circumstances over which he had

no control, and where he had used every reasonable
endeavour towards compliance with such provi- •

65. Any penalty recoverable under the provi- Penaiticf
sions of this Act, shall be recoverable in a.summary cownibie.
way, with respect to the police district of Dublin
Metropolis, subject and according to the provisions

of any Act regulating the powers and duties of
Justices of the Peace for such district, or of the
police of such district, and, with respect to other
parts id Irelomdf before a Justice or Justices of
the Peace sitting in Petty Sessions, subject and
according to the provisions of " The Petty Sessions ^^ ^ ^^ ^.^
(Ireland) Act, 1851," and any Act amending the o. 9a


2 A 2^ T

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Registration of Births arid Deaths. [Part II. 6.









o a





:5 -


S * fl ,




^ i








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Part IL 6.] Registration of Births mid Deaths.







2 ^










cy 5




CI «






>3 • 1

fin's. -S




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534 Begigtratvm of BvrtJis mid Deaths. [Pabt IL ^.

«6 Viae. 11. Fokm(C).

«oH OF I ^ of , do hereby certify, that I have this

^DeSm*"* ^*y baptized, by the name of , a [stote tke tex] child

1863. produced to me by , as the child of A. R and C. IL

— '- of , and declared by the said to have been born

at , in the county of , on the day of ,

one thousand eight hundred and

Witness my hand this day of , one thousand

eight hundred and


To the Begistrar of the district of , in the union
-of in the county of

I hereby certify, that I attended , who was apparently

aged, or was stated to be aged years ; that I last saw

him [or her] on the day of , 18 ; that he

[or she] died on the day of , 18 , at :

that the cause of his [or her] death was ; and that the
iliaease had continued

Witness my hand this day of , one ^ousand

eight hundred and

Profusion^ Residence^

Form (E).

I , Registrar of births and deaths in the district

of , in the union of , in the county of , do

hereby certify, that this is a true copy of the Registrar's book
of births [or deaths] within the said district from the entry of
the birth [or death] of , No. , to the entry of the

birth [or death] of , No.

Witness my hand this day of , 18

, Registrar.

Form (F).

I do hereby certify that the child named was bom

Jit , in the county of , on the day of ,

18 ; that A, B. and C. D., of , are the parents of the

said child ; and that the name was given to the said

child on the day of i 18 , acconling to the rules

or usage of the sect or persuasion of , to which the said

parents belong.

Witness my hand this day of , one thousand

eight hundred and

(Signed by parent or guardian of child.)

[The words in Ttaltet and the blanks for words and figures in
the above forms to be filled in as fhe case may be.]

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Fjurr IL &] Uegtstration of Marriages, 536

26 k 27 Vict. Cap. 90. *** V"'

An Act to provide for the Registration of now or

Marriages in Ireland. i8m.

[Passed, 28<A Jtdy, 1863.]

Whereas it is expedient that a system of regis-
tration of such marriages as are not within the
jirovisions of an Act of the Session ho] den in the
seventh and eighth years of Her pi'esent Majesty,
chapter eighty-one, should be established and
maintained in Ireland: Be it enacted by the
Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and wiih the
advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and
Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parlisr
ment assembled, and by the authority of the same,
as follows :

1. This Act may be cited for all purposes as^^®'*'*"*
'*The R^istration of Marriages (IreUmd) Act,

2. This Act shall commence and take effect Commcnw-
from and after the first day of January one thou-
sand eight hxmdred and sixty-four.

3. The following words and expressions in this interpreu-
Act shall have the meanings hereby assigned to **"** **""*'
them ; that is to say,

" Lord Lieutenant " shall mean the Lord Lieu-
tenant or other Chief Governor or Govern-
ors of IreUmd :

*' General search" shall mean a search during
any nimiber of successive days, not exceed-
ing six, without stating the object of

^' Particular seai'ch" shall mean a search over
any period not exceeduig five years for any
given register of marriage.

4. This Act shall extend to Ireland only. Act to extend
.*>. The Registrar-General of marriages appointed in//!**"**

under the provisions of the said first-recited Act Registrar-
shall, in sufficient time before the thirty-first day ^^•"•'*^ *•

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bo«>k8 to be

^^^ Registration of Marriages, [Pabt II. 6.

^ \%q!^^* ^f ^^evnher one thousand eight hundred an^l

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